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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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donald trump under fire again, for sexually charged comments he made about women. what he said that could be used as ammunition in tomorrow's presidential debate. plus, hurricane matthew continues to take its told on parts of florida and now threaten many of the south historic cities. we'll have a live report. new jersey drivers have been used to paying some of the lowest gas prices around the country. not anymore. why governor chris christie says he approved the new gas tax and exactly when it will take effect. ♪ from the to fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. good morning, welcome to good day, happy saturday to you. the weather is not great but i'm excited. karen good morning karen.
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>> guilty plea of good morning. we do want to know about the rain we have this beautiful stretch of weather >> most of the rain will hold off until this afternoon and evening, we're watching a cold front and also a shower chance and be tropical moisture with hurricane matthew but a live look at trenton showing you we have the cloud cover already on this saturday morning but it is a dry start for breakfast, walking the dog, look at the infrared satellite, that is hurricane matthew, it is a category 2 hurricane nearing land fall right now around charleston, south carolina, look at some of those clouds all the way to the delaware valley. let's talk a little bit about what's happening right now with matthew. take a look at the at that center of circulation, the northern eye wall right now, some of those bands impacting charles, south south carolina, we're talking about a storm surge of around six feet.
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gusting close to 90's miles per hour, hilton head island south carolina. numerous reports of damage and power outages. for us, weather by the numbers, scale of one to ten, it's a seven. humidity up that at the 90 percent looking at mostly cloudy coworker first re first half will be dry, but we're tracking cold front, showers and matthew, about a 50% chance for showers primarily later on this afternoon, we'll time out motorist rain and have more matthew coming up. here's traffic. good morning, everybody, hopefully get this event into friends rittenhouse square having big annual 18. walnut over oh locust. the sisters at ca mill la hall holding their annual west from 10:00 to 4:00 if you're looking for something to do with the kids. on the heels of hurricane
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matthew, airline travel advisories and all cancelations if you intend to fly later or through the weekend, make sure you check with your airline. enjoy rest of your day, i'll catch you back here bright and early on good day philadelphia weekend. you decide 2016, more controversy for republican presidential donald trump following the release of a video clip from 2005, where there was a mic picked up from billy burglary, the host of access hollywood >> he detailed how his celebrity interacted with women using extremely vulgar language. >> you can do anything. >> whatever you want >> grab them by the -- do anything >> the trump campaign full on damage control >> last last evening donald trump addressed the controversy. >> i've said and done things i
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regret and the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. >> meanwhile, trump's opponent hillary clinton tweeted his, quote, this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. tomorrow night hillary clinton and donald trump will face off at the second presidential debate. house speaker paul ryan said quote i'm sickened. women are to be championed and reveered, not object if i did i hope mr. trump treats this that he has greater respect for women than the clip suggests. he added that trump has been dis
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invited from gop in wisconsin. he lot of the endorsement of at least one fellow republican, there's a utah congressman he don't told our fox station in salt lake city this >> i'm out. i can no longer in good conscious endorse this person for president. it is some of the most ab hor rent and offensive comments you can imagine. my wife and i have a 15-year-old daughter and if i can't look her in the eye and tell her these things, i can't endorse this person, i'm out of the endorsement here. i don't know who i'm going to go vote for, no way. but i cannot offer an endorsement, to whatever that means of donald trump. >> to republicans in senator mark kirk and off congressman mock kind of man called for him
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to step aside >>. >> wikileaks made some of the speech hillary clinton made. the campaign passed around a list of troubling things hillary said for which she was paid upwards of $200,000 each. they're grouped for a subject lines like clinton admits she is out of touch, needling wall street funding and pro trade. in one speak, she referred to supporters of her primary opponent bernie sanders is, in quote, a bucket of losers. senator bernie sanders will be in pennsylvania stumping for hillary clinton. sanders will appear at scranton high school at 10:30 and head over to philadelphia here to speak at the university of the arts. speaking about education reform, raising it's minimal wage and global warming. the latest right now on hurricane matthew. forecasters say the storm continues to hammer parts of the east coast as it is traveling to north >> check out this video from
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jacksonville florida where high waves and raising waters are common in the city, about half a million people were told to evacuate. look at this. look how easily the waves climb over the walls. this hurricane is now blamed for at least four deaths in the united states and in the historic town of saint augustine this video shows people were trapped by rising water. at this hour, 1 million people in the state are currently without power. hurricane matthew is expected to hit south carolina later this morning then travel to north carolina by this evening. people in the florida keys are helping out people in bahamas to recover after this. fewer than 24 hours, people gathered more than 25,000 bottles of water. you can see, diapers, things people need. food, things to send to the island. you can stay on top of the current weather conditions and get the latest forecast on our website, we're going to have a live report coming up in a matter of moments. one person is under arrest
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in contact with a double shooting in philadelphia's port richmond section of the city. police were called to the area of cambria street and rose hill just before midnight. they found an 18-year-old man and a 22-year-old man both is not in the leg. they were taken to temple university hospital and are expected to be ok. in a terrifying home invasion, police say they now have video of two men who broke into college students home. you can see the suspects creeping around the house is the 5600 block of woodbine avenue on wednesday. police say the men broke in through the woman's window. then they bound her mouth with duck tape zip tied her hands. investigators say it men did manage to steal her phone, money, car and last seen in that 2006 honda is not at a. the u.s. navy's ship is
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going to be put into service. the ussjohn will be commissioned at penns landing. in attendance, nancy pilosi. >> the ship so massive. so much pomp and circumstance is there. jenny. >> reporter: to be here so close to the ship within feet you can truly see how massive it is. this commissioning ceremony will kick off at 10:00 this morning, house monitor leader nancy. it is a 680 foot long advanced war ship named in honor of the late congressman who was a retired marine corp officer.
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it's to advanced amphibious assault vehicles and other aircrafts to trouble spots around the world, the ship's capabilities make it effective in regional security and deterrent and also make it most reliable, capable, survivable and habitable amphibious fleet. u.s.s john pfrm my client urtha supported antipirating options and foreign disaster release operations in haiti. we are expecting a tour of this ship later this morning and we will be able to give you a glimpse of all of its glory later on fox 29 news. karen and bill >> one of the neatest things is that people can come out and check out the ship for themselves today and tomorrow as well. >> they will. i believe they have hours
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through late morning, through mid to late afternoon, all day, so we'll get you that information as well. >> so exciting. i'm totally geeksed out by this. it's so cool to have this commissioned. thank you. >> we look forward to seeing that later on. they were banned, now they're back. ride sharing services uber and lyft allowed back on the road. >> something that happened late last evening to bring that change. a new type of beer is turning heads in colorado. customers just can't seem to get enough. find out the flavor causing all the buzz. it is saturday. we have the rain holding off longer than expected. let us know what you're doing. are you ready for halloween? do you want to see some costumes from the past or suggestions? use our hash tag. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you weren't up before, i guess you are now. it has been confusing with uber and lyft and all the ride sharing aps. for a moment, it was illegal again, for certain uber and lyft drivers to operate in the city. that's not the case anymore. late last night, an appeals court judge allowed the services
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to keep operating in philadelphia. the ruling comes a day after another judge halted services. drivers would have been punished. state law makers gave them temporary authorization to operate in the city before the dnc but that legislation expired last week. they were facing up to $1,000 per ride fine. what do you believe, about this? there's a new type of beer causing quite a buzz in colorado. there's a brewery created a new line of cannabis beer. it's first in the whole country to produce the hybrid cannabis beer. it doesn't contain the thc. which is the stuff that would get you high. that you have the enthusiasm of its, will test it. it's called general washington secret staff and it's supposed to come all across the country prepare to pay more at the pump in new jersey. they will be raising the gas
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tax. after 28 years without a tax hike, it's now coming next month, governor chris christie will soon approve the 23 cent increase bring it to more than 37 cents a gallen. still less than pennsylvania but more than delaware. this will help fund improvements to the roads and bridges >> i drive all the way over here to get my gas, now i might as well stay in philly >> sometimes we have to pay for things that are important to be paid for. in terms of taxes are used for helping good program for the state. >> that's part of the idea. is to call for a slight decrease in the state sales tax and also to benefit low income people, veterans, retirees, this increase is expected to attack effect november 1st it's not exactly a secret that college costs a lot of money. what there's millions of dollars of aid available. you just have to know how to get it. let's go to danry ricado to explain how to get money for
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college. let's cash in. >> reporter: did you go to your high school homecoming dance >> of course. >> who did you go with >> instead of worrying about your dance, now high school have to worry about the financial aid. can you imagine? used tore january, now it's october thanks to new federal rules. how about tips on how to get done early so you can worry about more fun things >> i don't know what everyone is crying about the i heard there's something about >> 2.6 billion dollars unclaimed. first tip, apply early because colleges are first come first served. get it in now you have a better chance of getting money. >> i will never be first on this stuff because i get so -- it's too complicated for me >> it can be but the good news is there's a website the government called
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>> financial genius expert super hero, but what if you have like a little situation or you have a question, who do you call. >> call your college financial aid office. remember be jen, their job is to help you figure out how to get the money so they can keep their job. >> i thought you were going to say call your congressman >> call the college financial aid counsellor. >> are you telling me the girls and the guys, the non, nerds can't go to the homecoming dance >> go to the homecoming but be careful who you brink i brought the first lady many years ago, we're still married. she had big hair. >> you look ok, with hair. >> cashing out. excitement from jen fred, great tips in saving money, doesn't look too bad out there so far. >> i think we're getting good news: i thought it would be
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more of a rain-out, wash-out. scott, we do have a cold front moving in but not right now >> it's still off to the west. it's not going to be a wash-out of a day. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we'll talk about the rainfall chances coming up. first thing is first, look at ultimate doppler. we have hurricane matthew nearing a land fall right now around the south carolina coast but here's that cold front off to the west of us right now. also, we'll kind of tap in to some of the tropical moisture associated with what's happening with matthew. it's still a category 2 hurricane paralleling the coast. you can some of those bands gusting winds right now, heavy rainfall moving into the south carolina low country. as we look at those spaghetti plots with matthew, taking it parallel to the coast. it could make that potential land fall in the carolinas then that he does re heads back to sea and goes back down towards the bahamas as a tropical storm. weakening to a depression.
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as we time out what's happening with that front and also matthew, we'll go hour by hour, mainly dry for much of the day, couple of spots, he said really not widespread activity. by 8:00 this evening, you can see down the shore we're looking at scattered showers continuing with that front not overnight and early saturday morning -- i mean, sunday morning, costume, we're watching most of that rainfall pull away and temperatures will be dropping behind that front. so as we talk about that seven-day forecast, 70 for the highs, clearing and cooler for tomorrow. 65, columbus day 64, mid to upper 60's for the remainder of the seven-day forecast. back over to you. i got to see this. there's a man who manages to drive a childhood toy on to one of the highways in our area. >> this is ridiculous. take a look. here's the man, we'll tell you what other drivers said when
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they saw the unorthodoxed vehicle on a big wheel? >> you know something? no soup now, come back one year. >> do you remember that from seinfeld, that actor, larry thomas, he's in our area, he was the guy they slinging the soups, he will be joining us live in studio today. please join us because this is our first walk to end alzheimer's in the boardwalk in atlantic city i've been there in the past. hank flynn, he's going m seeing this one. >> >> we got more coming up. the final walk is in philadelphia saturday november 12th. we will make it to all the different events. we hope you'll come out and join it >> here's your winning lottery numbers.
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numbers. this is fox sports in a minute >> the eagles will take off for detroit this afternoon, tomorrow, they will looking at four and 0 against the lions right here on fox. kickoff 1:00. yesterday the eagles practiced inside to get ready for the indoor conditions at ford field in detroit. eagles are coming off a with week, it's a good week to get a
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lot rest but easily distracted. >> they handled it well this week. energy has been great, all week long at practice, spirited, what you love to see coming off the by. the work-out on monday was good to see them come back and be focused. i think they understand there's still a long season. >> american league division series yesterday in text, watch the line drive off the neck of blue jay's pitcher, it goes all the way into center. watch it again. hits his neck. lariano would leave the game taken to a local hospital. later released and the blue jays won 5-3. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek.
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. spinning the tunes today. it is 7:28. so much news happening from overnight. it is quick moving and fast developing, donald trump to coming under a storm of criticism after the "washington post" released a video of him making derogatory comments about seducing women. it was recorded ten years ago wail on the bus with access hollywood host billy bush. trump released a video yesterday apologizing for the comments
7:29 am
>> service at the hoboken terminal will resume monday. eight of the 17 tracks will reopen at the busy station near new york city. investigators are now examining the new jersey transit trains to determine why was travelling twice the speed limit before it slammed into the station. it could take up to a year for the final report to be complete. the impact killed a woman on the train platform and injured more than 100 others. it's about 7:30, investigators in camden new jersey are working to figure out what caused a house fire early this morning around 3:00 a.m. crews were called to a vacant home along clementon road. firefighters took around half hour to get the fire under control and they're still looking into the cause of neighbor. let's get a check on our forecast right now. and what we think the temperatures are going to be? >> karen, we're looking at temperatures right now in the 50's, low 60's currently in philadelphia. it's not going to be a wash-out of a day. we do have the mostly cloudy skies for saturday. afternoon evening scattered showers, heavier rainfall likely
7:30 am
at the shore. 70 for the high. look at tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 60's behind that cold front. so as we talk about what's happening with hurricane matthew, still a category 2 hurricane, kind of paralleling the south carolina coast i could make land fall this morning near the south carolina low country but those rain bands bringing heavy rainfall storm surge already around six feet. here's the frontal boundary and here's what's happening with matthew. watch the front approach. we already have the cloud cover once again afternoon and scattered showers. 61 right now. at the philadelphia international airport. humidity up there at 90 percent. 57 in trenton, low 60's right now in millville, 62 in atlantic city. so planning your saturday mostly cloudy skies for breakfast walking the dog, looking dry and quiet. by lunch mostly cloudy 66. by the afternoon into your evening, grab the umbrella.
7:31 am
we're looking at a couple scattered showers, weekend wendy. a lot of events out there for your dogs. as far as those temperatures, we're looking at upper 60's there, mostly cloudy and once again, there could be a stray shower. that weather authority seven-day forecast, 70 today. tomorrow, clear and cooler, mid 60's. bring the fleece. for the walk to end alzheimer's. 67 staying pretty seasonal for much of next week. back over to you. >> thanks. let's get the latest on hurricane matthew. more than a million people are still without power. thousands still in shelters. at least four people in this country have died and more than 800 in haiti. now, the storm is churching off the coast of south carolina. >> live in savannah georgia this morning, there's a storm surge going on. all sorts of issues going on and we believe the storm has touched done in that area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you
7:32 am
guys. anyone says it's past we're all fine, is its is wrong, we have power outages, downed trees. tens of thousands of folks here on the georgia coast and 18 further inland without power, that's the convention center across the road. you see those emergency lights flashing. they lost power very early in the game here, you might hear the buzz of their emergency sensors going off. the westiin hotel running on generators as well. as we are here during the height of the storm, the power went off, we saw transformers with the classic pop, the noise and what looks like fireworks and part of the grid going down happening here. we don't know how long it will be before that he is workers can get in and restore power. they're waiting till the roads are safe. here on river street. i don't know if you're familiar with it, it's historic gorgeous and covered with water during the worst of the storm here. the park behind me, which is now
7:33 am
dry, the savannah river came up, there was water with white caps all through there. even though we're pretty high, elevation is pretty high compared to some of the low lying areas. things a looking good, the rain let up at least for a little bit. what's going to happen with the storm surge, all of that water has been pushed up into the little inlets and the islands are going to be trying to make contacts with tidy island which had 94 miles per hour winds throughout the day. big message today. if you did hunger down, even though there was a mandatory evacuation, they're asking don't get out on the roads, the just too dangerous out there. let the crews come in, clear the roads and make it safe before anyone ventures out on the streets today, here in savannah and the surrounding areas here in georgia >> thank you so much. we had such devastation from that storm from so many different areas and states thank you. you can stay on top of whatever is happening with the weather, we put all the
7:34 am
information on our website it gets pumped out. come to check out this video, we have been talking about it throughout the morning. what is that? a man on a big wheel down a local highway. police tell us this was on route one near henry avenue and as our bruce gordon reports, really, this is something you'd likely see only in philly. i'm bruce gordon, seems like motorists in just about every city like to claim their drivers are the worst of all. nobody is as rude aggressive crazy as our drivers. they insist and you're never quite sure whether they're complaining or bragging. there seems to be a sense that goofy behavior makes your towns a little cooler. and since there are few academic studies on the subject of bizarre behavior, we're left to argue it out with little hard
7:35 am
evidence to back up our claims. until now. philly posted a facebook video of a man riding what looked to be a grown-up version of kid's classic big wheel on the roosevelt boulevard. in fact. these things are called drift bikes. let's face it. a tris kel by any other name is still a tries kel. bear the. no one seems to know how he entered the boulevard and after a few brief interactions with frustrated motorist, he seemed to disappear. when your friends from new york or boston or any other, our drivers are the craziest city tries to out bizarre you, show them the video. in our town, guys don't just claim to be a big wheel, they drive one. only in philly. ♪ >> it's funny.
7:36 am
that person is lucky to be alive. on a positive note, are you looking for the perfect match? >> experts say your shot at love could be right here in philadelphia. why they say university city is where you need to be to find romance. >> one mother's quest to find the perfect halloween costume for her triplets. we'll show you why her actions may have some people think she went a little bit overboard >> it's really worth it. we'll be back.
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♪ i think it's a good thing when we're getting tweets of people asking about songs. what was that song going to last break? i like that song. is that a good thing or peculiar song selection. >> we're just trying to get the morning started. 7:39. are you hoping to find someone who will slight life in your dating ap. head on over to university city. there's some really beautiful people there. >> this was done boy the dating ap tender. the university of pennsylvania has the hottest students at any of those ivy league schools. to figure it out. tinder looked at people who put them on their profile and ranked them based on yes swipes.
7:40 am
they also hold the distinct of all of of those those schools, the most billionaire alumni for 21. i don't know if the two are related. but interesting. >> i was going to say, do they list on there, aside from thinking they look good and listing they went to u penn they list their income and jobs? >> i'm sure they go to the list of billionaires and compare all the ivies. >> are you on, can you look for that one? i'm a billionaire on tinder. some of the world's best table tennis players will be in our area this weekend. can you play? >> no. poorly. poorly. depends how many if it's appear pong. tell you how to get the chance to play against some of the greats, plus this >> very good. no soup for you. come back one year
7:41 am
>> everybody seen that. actor larry thomas that mean soup slinger from seinfeld will be here with us live on good day. we'll tell you why he's in town and how you can come meet him later on today. take a look at some of the comments and things that you are sending in on this saturday. look at that cat. thank you so much. does he want to go back to sleep. >> look at the baby watching getting financial tips. watching the show nonetheless. thank you for that.
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them.
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that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ ♪ i don't know any of the words but you still there and try to sing along with it >> odell? >> like it allot but don't know the words >> it's time to take you in focus, some of the world's best table tennis players will be right here in philadelphia this weekend. >> if you want meet an olympian pretty cool putting her skills on display. invite people step right on up. photo journalist bill has the story. >> reporter: moving 50 to 60 miles per hour. u.s. olympian jennifer woo was holding center court
7:45 am
>> she wasn't giving me anywhere near what she had. >> reporter: anyone could challenge her. >> i don't want to play her, just want to experience again. >> reporter: score a point against one of the world's best will win you a ticket to the women's world cup of table tennis in philadelphia. this weekend 20 of the best foam table tennis stars are competing for a chance at $150,000 inside temple's center. some of the challengers can hold their own maybe. rear the finalist was lucky enough to get three during his game. >> saturday, sunday and monday, i am set for the weekend. don't go easy on me. >> reporter: not so well. >> reporter: you said don't go easy
7:46 am
>> maybe they need a little bit more practice, in philadelphia, bill rohrer, fox news. >> challenging possibly from the media, i should have gone down there and played. >> where did everybody go? that's supposed to be cam he will back in the poconos mountains. the view from the camera above the clouds. above the fray >> we're looking at some of the cloud cover karen rolling in but you can still see a little bit of sunshine in the poconos mountains. the rainfall yet to arrive with that front. as we look at hurricane matthew. look at some of the cloud cover spilling all the way to the delaware avenue. it's paralleling the south carolina coast. a category 2 hurricane right now nearing land fall, look at some of those rain bands associated with that northern eye wall within these bands, we're talking hurricane force wind gusts, trees down, power is out and also a dangerous storm surge right now with all of that water just kind of piling up along the
7:47 am
carolina coast. we have that tropical moisture to our south, we have the cold front off to the west. some of that tropical moisture could move in down the shore. once again, folks in the carolinas right now are dealing with that hurricane just powing all of that water up against coast. we're talking about the deadly and dangerous storm surge taking place in parts of the carolinas. as we look at the forecast, across the area for today, once again, it's not going to be a wash-out but we will see mostly cloudy skies, temperatures upper 60's, right around 70, we'll time out the rainfall, by 8:00 tonight, you can see we're not talking about a whole lot. maybe a ten. of an inch. philadelphia wilmington dover. we can see enhancement down shore as the frontal boundary stalls and some of that tropical moisture moves up. maybe by early tomorrow morning, places like atlantic city up to an inch of rainfall. the seven-day forecast, 70,
7:48 am
cloud cover around today, clear and cooler behind that front, 65 tomorrow. staying cool, 64 on monday, upper 60's, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. that's average, karen, for this time of years ago >> i'll take it. thank you, scott. a woman in utah did i doed dressing her triplets up for halloween wasn't enough. she had so many costume ideas she wanted to share. good thing social media exists. >> this is a celebrity tribute. you know who it is, david bowie, jean wilder and of course the purple one, prince >> next the king all decked out. that may be my favorite. >> how about politics? pretty cute. bernie sanders, donald trump and hillary clinton, adorable. >> finally three blind mice dressing up the babies, good sports. they sleep, great costumes. >> you got triplets, you got -- >> did you ever do this
7:49 am
>> i don't have time in my life. i here's my kids actually from halloween, one of our favorite holidays because it's all about the candy and dressing up. we like to dress up. we need costume ideas for our family and good day cast, so what do you think bill scott and i i'm not sure halloween. >> that's good effort by you. and karen for people who don't know, she efforts our halloween costumes. last year, karen was all about it. rest of us were kind of like we'll figure out. she said no, you need to put some thought into it >> let us know what you think what we should do. we appreciate the help. thank you, i personally thank you. fox 29 good day. >> you all know cheese steaks our staple here in philadelphia is our thing. >> we have a big festival. you can have as many as you want. how will you be able to get your fix? next woke, cheesesteak festival.
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>> many consider their pets to be part of their own family. it's hard when one of their health starts to do. what others can do during this difficult time. stay tuned. tuned planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. so many walks and runs today. they have a wonderful event. >> keep you informed. keep watching, we have the details of all the great events. right now, it's time to introduce our fox 29 athlete of the week, we have a high school football star from south jersey. >> junior reporter is from rowan university. neary rodriguez has the athlete of the week. >> reporter: 17-year-old edward archie of sicklerville playing for timber creek high school, fast, tall and i allusive, but the aspect of the game he shines most in, dedication, love, and patience.
7:54 am
these are what make edward archie. >> since freshman year, i shine at the creek, and playing a lot of teams they did, i thought i could trip the same way. once my name was called, i just seized the opportunity. >> sometimes when guys have that opportunity, they take advantage of it. he seizes that moment, becomes our guy. >> he's great team mate and player, hard working player, one of the guys everyone looks up to on the team and we follow his way, whatever he does, we follow behind it. >> aside from being a star, he's a great student with a love for school. he will continue playing next year at the university of pennsylvania. something he and his family have looked forward to for a very long time. >> the new recruit by a school like penn, harvard, columbia, brown, dartmouth, we couldn't ask for anything more.
7:55 am
>> he's just a joy to watch. he's got a great hands, it's exciting, and you know, i'm his biggest fan >> i want to go into pre premed. an orthopedic doctor. >> a great football player and a greater person, that is what you get with az ur archie, i'm ad ward rodriguez. >> >> tweet us or post on our fox 29 facebook page, use fox 29 good day. >> donald trump under fire for open mic comments he made a decade ago. what he said, how he's reacting now and how the world is responding this morning. we're tracking the latest on hurricane matthew. we know that more than a million people still without power. we can the storm surge huge concern, hundreds died as a result of this storm and where the impact could still be felt.
7:56 am
. taking a look at some of the comments coming in. look at this one, will liss is waiting, watching, chilling, getting ready for halloween. >> i asked what you're going to do today. he's going to pennsylvania. >> more info today. keep your comments coming in. love to see them, use #fox good day.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. donald trump under fire, about comments he made more than ten years ago on women. . more than a million people currently without power, hundreds dead. where is it now can and the impact that it could still have. no soup for you. the soup man himself, the actor who plays him, larry thomas is joining us live in studio. how you can meet him today. ♪ from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. really fast first hour with a lot of information. a lot of issues we're addressing, good morning, karen, good morning scott. >> good morning >> good morning to all of you, there's a great event. it's going to be from noon to 8:00 in west philly >> good day to get up there. >> it's not going to be a wash-out. don't cancel plan, most of the rainfall will be light. could be a little heavier parts of the shore as we watch a front
8:00 am
and maybe tropical moisture moving in. right now, it is a mostly cloudy start to the day. we are dry, temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's across much of the area. but let's focus in on what's happening on ultimate doppler. you can see all of that tropical moisture associated with matthew right now just kind of pummelling parts of the carolinas, those rain bands and here's the cold front off to the west. we're looking at showers toward the western central part of pennsylvania and the tropical moisture, take a look at what's happening, a category 1 hurricane situated just to the south of charleston south carolina. the northern eye wall. feeder bands continuing to move into the south carolina low country. flooding right now, also a storm surge of about six feet has been reported. take a look at some of the current wind gusts right now in parts of the carolinas and georgia, savannah still 53 miles per hour gusts. near 90 miles per hour gusts
8:01 am
hilton head. >> weather by the numbers, we'll give today a seven at the airport. cloud cover right now, the temperature is 62. humidity is up there at 90%. so a chance of showers about a 50% chance mainly this afternoon and into this evening, once again, it is not going to be a wash-out. we'll time out more rain and have more on the latest track with matthew coming up. here's a look at traffic. good morning, everybody. hopefully we get this event into friends rittenhouse square having their big father event 18th street blocked walnut to locust throughout the day. watch for a local detour. the sisters at camilla hall holding their annul october fest, from 10:00 to 4:00. lots of fun if you're looking for something to do. and again, on heels of hurricane matthew, airline travel advisories and all the cancellations if you intend to fly later at any or through the
8:02 am
weekend. make sure you check with your airline. enjoy rest of the day. catch you back bright and early tomorrow morning on good day philadelphia weekend. big bombshell you decide 2016 >> more controversy for republican presidential candidate donald trump following the release of a 2005 audio and video clip where a hot microphone picks up trump talking with billy bush. host of access hollywood >> trump talks about his celebrity and how that impacted his interaction with women. >> when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. whatever you want, grab them by the -- you can do anything. >> right now, the trump campaign is still on damage control mode >> last night donald trump issued this statement on twitter trying to address the controversy. >> i said and done things i regret and the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these
8:03 am
words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. >> meanwhile trump's opponent hillary clinton responded, she tweeted this out in response to the video, this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. tomorrow night, of course, hillary clinton and donald trump will face off at the second presidential debate at that washington university in st. louis, missouri. lots of back pedalling right now. members of his own party. paul ryan i am sickened by what i heard today, women are to be championed and reveered. i hope mr. trump treat the situation with the seriousness it deserves and hopes to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women. adding he was dis invited at the gop event today. he lost the endorsement of
8:04 am
at least one fellow republican. listen to what he said in salt lake city >> i'm out. i can no longer, in good conscious endorse this person for president. it is some of the most ab hor ent comments. we have a 15-year-old daughter, i can't endorse this person, i'm out of the endorsement. i don't know who i'm going to vote for. i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. there's no way, under no scenario. but i cannot offer an endorsement for whatever that means of donald trump. >> words released today >> as the backlash continues to grow, two republicans in tight race, illinois mark kirk and michael mike kaufman, asked for him to step aside
8:05 am
>>. wikileaks released speeches made by hillary clinton. before she ran for president. her own campaign they had done on things she had said. as she she was paid a lot of money for these speeches, $200,000. they grouped problem areas for her into how she admits she's out of touch. admits needing wall street funding and pro trade. in one speech, she referred to supporters of her opponent at the time bernie sanders as buckets of losers. in an interesting twist, senator bernie sanders will be in pennsylvania at a stumping for hillary clinton. they're appeal at scranton high school at 10:30 then head to our area to speak at the university of the arts talking about education reform, raising it's minimal wage and global warming. to the latest on hurricane matthew. forecasters say the storm continues to hammer parts of the east coast and as it continues to travel north. >> we have video from
8:06 am
jacksonville florida where heavy waves are surging right there, right about the surge right now, flood waters are in that city, we got about a half million people to evacuate. we know there's at least a million people without power in that vicinity. you can the flooding on the streets overwhelming there. we know at least four people in this country have died about 800 in haiti. saint augustine very hard hit. we had a lot of people you can see them up there on the balcony trapped by the flood waters. matthew is expected to hit -- he's right by the coast of south carolina right now. it's just been lowered. it's now just a cat 1 storm, still creating a lot of damage. residents in the florida keys are helping people in the bahamas recover from matthew in less than 24 hours florida keys residents gathered more than 25,000 bottles of water, thousands of diapers, food and tools all to send to the island trying to help out. of course, we'll keep you informed. you can stay on top of the current weather conditions and get the latest forecast on our
8:07 am
web, just go to, 24 hours a day. 8:07. one person is under arrest in connection with the double shooting happened in port richmond. police were called to the area of cambria street and rose hill. this was just before midnight and that is where they found two victims an 18-year-old man and a 22-year-old man both shot in the leg. they were taken to temple hospital. they are expected to recover. in a terrifying home invasion is caught on video. police say that it shows two men who broke no a woman's home in overbrook, tied her up then they robbed her. you see the men right there creeping around the home. that's along the 5600 block of woodbine avenue. that was wednesday morning. police say that the men broke in, they bound the woman's mouth with duck tape and zip tied her hands. thankfully she was able to run out of the house, she got help. cops say the two men got away after stealing the woman's phone, cash, her car. if you have any information, let
8:08 am
police know. they were last seen in the 2006 honda sonata. the u.s. navily newest ship is going to be put no service, the u.s.s. john murtha will be commissioned a little bit later on today. >> you can see the ospreys on it. i saw it coming up the delaware. it is so large it makes the battleship new jersey look small. this is a huge event happening in our area. >> karen is geeksing out. our own jennifer joyce is live getting ready for the ceremony. you can see the tail end of that helicopter. there is a commissioning ceremony for the ship at 10:00 this morning, nancy pilosi will be speaking at the ceremony along with naval leaders will place the ship in active duty,
8:09 am
the u.s.s. john p murtha is a massive 684 foot long advanced war ship named in honor of the late pennsylvania congressman also a retired u.s. marine corp officer, the main mission is to transport the u.s. marine corp's mobility, that is advanced amphibious assault vehicles and other aircraft to troubled spots around the world. the ship's capabilities make it effective in crisis response support regional security and deterrents and also make it the most reliable, capable, survivable and habitable amphibious ship in the fleet, according to naval officials. in addition to working it's main mission, the sister ships have supported anti-my rise operations and provided human assistance and foreign disaster relief operations in haiti. . karen we have the time for public tours happening today and tomorrow. anyone who wants to can come out here to see this magnificent
8:10 am
ship from 11:30 to 4:00 and tomorrow from 8:00 to 11:00 and 1:00 to 4:00. you will tightened a government issued id to get board this ship karen and bill. >> i think it's such an opportunity. it's so rare for something like this to happen right here at penns landing. thank you, jenny, it's so cool. prepare to pay more at the pump in new jersey. state lawmakers there have voted to raise the gas tax. after 28 years without a gas tax hike, new jersey lawmakers say it's coming next month. we will tell you about that and also we will tell you about the dog story you just saw. >> and what that's like and we'll bring you some of that coming up in a moment. also, we want to bring larry in? >> very good, very good. no soup for you. come back onier.
8:11 am
next. the guys, the place, the super nasa. larry thomas is right here. good morning, sir. >> no soup for you. >> no soup for you. >> we will be telling you about why he's in town, exciting things going on. everybody knows this man. >> we'll find out what his favorite soup is. coming up, some of your comments are coming in right now. a lot of people have skeletons in the closet. can't predict the past or future. >> in response to the donald trump issue. we from wayne and from dj enough said. >> we got it. yeah. >> what's your favorite soup? ♪
8:12 am
will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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♪ . doesn't look too bad, scott says it will be decent day. >> welcome backing thank you for joining us, we're excited about this because we have a character that you know and love. iconic character. >> let's hear why we know him. >> didn't get any bread. just forget it better go. costume, i believe you forgot my
8:15 am
bread. >> bread, $2 extra. >> everyone in front of pe got free bread. >> you want bread? >> yes, please >> $3. no soup for you. >> joining us in studio is the actor who played what we call the soup nasa larry thomas. >> good morning. >> welcome to philly >> thank you for having me. >> that is amazing, it was almost 21 years since that happened. do you have any idea it would make that type of impact on people's lives >> no. and no one ever does. you do a part. you get through the week, you know, you wait for your paycheck. >> i'm cool. but year by year, seinfeld machine is like a snowball and i judge the took a picture out in the lobby with two kids this high that watch seinfeld. >> it's such a great show. how did you get hook you wanted with the actual guy
8:16 am
>> based on a real place in new york. >> life imitates art, art imitated life in that case and now life is indicating the art. what happens is al yagney, the man on the box he opened up in eighth avenue in manhattan. he's such an incredible cook and his soup was so good, soon new yorkers were lining up around the corner around lunchtime to get the soup. some of those new yorkers were the letterman writers and one of those letterman writers got hired on seinfeld, and he was pitching ideas, nothing was going very well. then one day at lunch time he said i wish we had soup nasa here, and larry david said write that. he wrote it. i got to play it. and through the years, what changed my life >> didn't he yell at larry
8:17 am
seinfeld. >> he doesn't like the n word, you know, and understandably so. he's from a different culture, i'm a jewish american, a jewish new yorker. to me, when i heard soup nazi i got it immediately. he's overly strict. so al's soup was renowned and continually renowned and i think boltstered up. when this came out, this is called tetra carton, it became known how fresh the ingredients can be and it's got a shelf life of like two years. >> it's delicious. >> it's amazing you're saying and we'll talk about this and we'll tell people where they can get it and meet you. initially they weren't happy about the way it was presented, and now, it's kind of >> let's >> let me tell you a brief story. 100 years ago i used to work on
8:18 am
the cbs morning show and i was i was an in person and they used to send me, the studios are almost right by that location. so they would send me over to get soup and i was feel all intimidated and it was before the episode came out. i think this is so neat. you have places people can meet you today in our area. let's take a look at these acme locations around. >> devon, g o s h e n. i will be at the first one from 11:00 to 12:00, and devon from 12:30 to 1:30 and goshen, from 2:30 to 3:00. most importantly you can sample the soup. >> good day for you. >> soup for you. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. thanks for coming in. you can check it out. it is a great soup day as well. scott matthew?
8:19 am
>> no scott matthew. no scott for you. >> no good weather now, karen, to good weather. let's talk about this weather. we have the cloud cover right now. taking a live look at the art museum. we're dry, it is muggy to start on this saturday morning, temperatures in the low 60's, currently for philadelphia. it's not going to be a wash-out. don't cancel plans, we're watching a fronts and watching tropical moisture associated with hurricane matthew. it has weakened now about 20 miles south of charleston south carolina to a category 1 hurricane right now. look at the winds, 85 miles per hour, museum to the northeast at about 12 miles per hour as that pressure continues to rise. the wind speed will continue to decrease, 62 at the airport, humidity at 90%, we'll look at temperature around the region, 67 wildwood. 62 in wilmington, north and west coatesville good morning to you,
8:20 am
58, waking up to 57 phoenixville, 56 in doylestown. mainly the second half of the day into the afternoon and evening, high tops out around 70. so we'll time out the rainfall as we move toward 2:00 in the afternoon, once again, a couple of spotty showers, exempt, sussex county moving into cumberland and cape may county. as we move toward dinnertime, it looks like most of the coverage will be in parts of south jersey and also central and southern delaware into this evening and overnight. the seven-day forecast, high today, 70 degrees. behind that front, temperatures only in the mid 60's for tomorrow. then we stay cool for monday but seasonal highs for the remainder of the work week. back to you. re. >> thank you so much. karen still eating soup. >> it was good. >> a family vacation can always be amazing but a trip to disney world maybe not in the cards >> why staying home may be the
8:21 am
best thing that you can do with your family. >> so are you looking to get into the dating game? we'll tell you why you may want to do it right now. hurry up. >> let's say happy birthday to some folks. tori is 74 >> i had no idea she was 74. good for her. see men cowl 67. taylor hicks, coming in at the big 4-0. >> we'll be right back.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
♪ . time for silly science. researchers are studying this week. this may be bad news for some. if you're planning a family photo shoot, dinner appear or class reunion do it now. this time of year, it's the best shape that you'll be in all year. researchers at cornell university and university in fine land look add the yearly weight patterns of 3,000 i believe from germany, japan and the united states. study found your figure is at its peak at the end of september and october. here in the united states, waist lines begin getting bigger around thanksgiving. that's not necessary surprising, peak after the new year.
8:25 am
most people don't start seeing results until april. what can you do? keep looking this good, as good as you look right now, have a small snack before going to a party so you don't show up hungry and make poor decisions. make sure half of your plate contains veggies, always order a small, always when ordering out start the meal with a salad or soup. both fill you up with low calories and leave less room for the main course. so you go ahead, there's a bunch of tips and things you can do to stay looking your best. >> they're all good tips. >> i'm a little concerned this is as good as it's going to get for me. many people consider their pets, most people consider their pets to be part of their own family. this will be hard when one of their health starts to go >> he talks about his struggle with his personal pet and what others can do during some
8:26 am
difficult times. ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ . they almost got you to free style rap on good day during the week. don't make me call you out again >> it was so embarrassing and fortifying something a white woman of my age should never be caught doing. let's get the latest on the storm >> the storm is still packing some heavy wind and strong rain, at least for deaths. we will get into the details of that. scott williams is here to break down how it is influencing weather all over the country >> it's been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane. we're still looking at torrential downpours, heavy rainfall along the south carolina coast. it has yet to officially make landfall, still paralleling the coastal sections of carolina bone re bow 20 miles of category you south carolina. max for maximize sustained wind at 80. movement to the north and west
8:30 am
about 12 miles per hour. it may not make landfall despite all the problems that it has caused for the southeast coast. re take a look at the spaghetti plots. most models take it back down to the bahamas as a tropical storm into a tropical depression by next week. mostly cloudy skies, not a wash-out. 70 for the high. tomorrow, temperatures cooler, highs in 60'ss for philadelphia. some folks will likely stay in the low 60's. back to you. >> thank you so much. that storm really is still packing heavy winds, strong rains, to the left four deaths in florida are being blamed on the storm and from florida up through the carolinas, the threat of potentially deadly storm surges are still topping concern. let's get the latest from another area hard hit by this savannah georgia, that is where we have carolyn shivley joining us. carolyn. >> the worst of it was this
8:31 am
morning about 2:00 a.m. when we started the shift. heavy winds and rain, definitely seeing a few more gusts but the worse has passed over us. they're asking people if you did evacuate please stay out of town. they need to make sure things are safe and we are getting some of these gusts. they shut down emergency services at 11:00. even if you called 911, they would answer but had no way to get to you because of the heavy winds. we have seen police officers in the last hour back on the street. we're also seeing the folks who need to come clear, the roads as well. make sure things are safe. just walking around our crews have seen some down, a stop light and stop signs down, not the heavy damage we've seen in other areas in florida and elsewhere. the big question, high deisland had a gust, they refused to
8:32 am
leave, savannah took the hard not as hard as those barrier islands. police are back on the street, the crews are back. if you try and get back in here after the evacuation, you better have your driver's license, they only want people that have a reason to be here to get back in their homes >> do you know how many people lost power and what's the situation florida? >> reporter: the last number we checked here in georgia, it was in the 10s of thousands, when we first god here trans responders were popping, we saw a pop and a flash to the left. i don't have those florida numbers, they're still working. their crews have been able to get back in. they've been able to drive back and start working on those. we haven't quite reached that stage of the to game here. they have to wait till the winds die down so there's no debris on the streets before they start
8:33 am
fixing power. we're still without it here. we're lucky we have a generator we're running on. but they did lose power in parts of georgia. >> you can all stay on top of the weather conditions and get the latest on our website, go to we're always keep you informed. 8:33. it's inevitable when we have our furry family member puts part of our lives but they will eventually move on the rainbow bridge on the other side? so when your beloved pet part of your family starts to get old or has a sickness, you don't always know what to do or what happens next, if you explore options and sometimes you have to make tough choice >> fox 29 hank flynn understands he's facing that situation right now with his own dog, murray. >> still got plenty of juice left.
8:34 am
where is the squirrel? it's not really a squirrel. he's willing to get active. >> that's my dog, murray. for the sake of the story, let's say he's yours. ten years old, amazing dog, beloved family friend. couple of months back he starts pooping under the bed every day. nobody knows why. >> what's the matter, old man? poop. you got to go outside. what are you doing in here? what do you do? first step is obvious, you take him to the vet. but you're worried. none of us are getting younger, the possibilities freak you out a little. >> we do get a hard diagnosis
8:35 am
and we know we're dealing with cancer and the prognosis isn't good. >> that's the doctor who gave murray a good going over. she said for now, murray seems good, just tough to tell if there's deeper issue. >> i can't determine if there's any cancer in his spine that potentially could be progressive of something. his symptoms seem pretty minor at this point. it's hard to know how things might progress. >> she add that she could order up neurological test, blood work but that ads up >> americans spend more than $60 billion a year on their pets. but how much is in your budget? dr. howard bloom, in southampton strong human clientele but he says he's seen a dozen dogs a week. >> i've had a couple of people saying they tried a
8:36 am
chiropractor. >> dr. bloom did his thing and told me the old boy needed an adjustment. this was off. that could be one of the reasons why he's doing it in the first place. here's the verdict. chiropractic worked, sort of. over the weeks since we seen dr. howard, murray pooped in the house once and not under the bed. that's progress. we're going to go ahead and get the test. you can call me callous for asking. i don't care. how far are you willing to go? how much will you spend to keep a beloved old dog around? get in on the conversation on twitter at hank fox 29 and here at fox 29 philly. >> my parents went through that not too long ago. dog arnie had cancer and it was thousands and thousands of dollars to keep him comfortable and treat him. he eventually passed away but it
8:37 am
is a situation that people have to face at one point or another. >> i spend $1,000 on my chicken, still alive. >> let's talk about food, cheesesteaks >> now you'll have a chance to try as many cheese steaks as you want. >> we have >> there's a cheesesteak wandering around outside and we will tell you why is all of this going on coming up. >> also you don't have to go away on that expensive vacation, the very best most worthwhile times may be staying at home. what we call a stay cation. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
. prepare to pay more at the pump in new jersey. state lawmakers have voted to raise the gas tax. after 28 years without a gas tax hike, new jersey's lawmakers say it's coming next month. governor chris christie will approve the 23 cents increase bringing the tax to more than 37 cents per gallon. it will help fund the bridge and roads improvement and expected to take effect november 1st >> if you want to keep your family happy, you don't have to go to disney, harry potter world, just stay home
8:41 am
>> according to a study done by baylor's robins college of health and human services, visiting new places and meeting new people can leave families exhausted. >> makes you feel black inside. what you should do is spend time together as a family and do things at home. that quality time. >> staycation >> you can't even enjoy the moment you're in because of all the new things are overwhelming you're not enjoying the special moment with your kids >> that's a dumb study. >> you don't have kids. let's ask you out there. what do you think? have you done a staycation with your family? heck, yeah. >> that's a different question, i've done the staycation but i prefer going away. >> i'm not talking to you. we want to hear from you out there. comment any way you want. house the #fox29goodday. >> i'm not talking to you either, i'm going to vote no >> i'm going to eat
8:42 am
8:43 am
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that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ it's these types of songs i wish we had another camera focused on karen so you can her dancing behind the scenes >> too bad >> it's time to introduce you to one of our amazing fox 29 junior reporters. he is here. going to tell us a little bit
8:45 am
about a cool story, of course, it's kellyanne from temple university. what do you got for us >> rebuilding together philadelphia is an organization in philadelphia they bring volunteers together to repair homes all around philadelphia. so in west philadelphia, they do what's called a block build approach. they repaired 19 homes and i have a feature on one of them. >> this was caused boy the. >> reporter: ruby beck kety's ceiling was in need of repair, there was a giant hole. >> it was did devastating this was the place i grew up. >> reporter: fixing the hole wasn't the only thing on their to do list. >> we can put out a lot of money that we had saved up and gathered from family. it was a botched job and actually made it worse. >> reporter: that's when rebuilding together philadelphia stepped in and offered to re-do parts of their home >> it was like a blessing right up there with having a baby and
8:46 am
having grandkids be born. they let my house be reborn again. >> reporter: volunteers are still rebuilding but they have help. the beck it family has been working right next to the to professionals. >> it was a family affair because we all knew the pressure and felt the anxiety. >> reporter: stephanie said they're working together so homeowners can learn to fix things themselves >> it's important we help homeowners not come back to us. >> reporter: and she said this learning experience changed their lives. >> it was like an angels coming in. my mother calls them an angels >> now they can focus on the simple things >> every time the rain starts instead of worrying about the roof i can just folk on the rain. >> they're not even close to being done >> they have another one in north philadelphia, the same block build approach and it's actually a she build.
8:47 am
>> i add an and we know, kelly antonachi. >> great job, always pleasure. if you have somebody you would like us to focus on make sure you send us that information facebook twitter, use the #fox 29 good day. . we can see the clouds they're already moving in over many people's heads. >> clouds indeed but the rain is holding off for now. it's not going to be a wash-out. don't cancel plans, most of the rainfall chance comes by this afternoon and evening. looks like the heaviest rain could occur down the shore. 58 in allentown, ketch in wildwood. we'll's zoom in a little closer, upper 60's voorhees, upper 60's right now mild on the boardwalk. hour by hour, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. by lunch, 66, still probably
8:48 am
dry. maybe by the afternoon, a couple of spotty showers moving towards the dinnertime frame. weekend window is headed to neshaminy state perform the in bensalem for dog fest walk and roll. temperatures will be in the upper 60's, could be a stray shower but i think the rain will hold off for the event. let's take a look at the carolinas, hurricane matthew churning about 20 miles south, southeast of charleston, south carolina. it could make landfall or it could stay out to sea altogether. the damage has already been done. we're talking about 70 today. mid 60's for sunday into monday: back to you >> i'm so excited and i'm so hungry and we have an amazing executive chef who's going to be making us a fabulous dish. what are you making. >> gnocci, and blue cheese
8:49 am
>> you made a sauce, what's in the sauce >> gordon's sauce >> we're going to go -- the gnocci, do you make it yourself? >> we do >> can you make that at home. >> i would personally go to make it yourself. >> how long do we cook it for. >> the pares, add blue cheesesteak and butter, a little bit of salt and basile >> the pares, you scooped them out almost like a melon baller >> yes. peresian, scoop, whatever i love fresh basile. you put it in doing the cooking process. >> it's the oil in the basile in
8:50 am
the you also put was notes in it walnuts in it >> we have excellent produce in his area and availability for things like this. we put a little butter on top. >> i didn't know the walnuting were local. >> we get that from a farm in lancaster. sprinkle on top. >> you made it seem so simple. that's the thing i love about italian cooking. you put it out it's so fresh, fresh ingredients. if i had a fork, i'm going to use my fingers because i'm classy like that. thank you, what's your favorite part about the dish >> the pairs and walnuts. it's cream mi, rich, pairs,
8:51 am
sweet. >> i love the gorgasola. >> we got bill outside for some of our most famous cheesesteak dudes of all time. >> we also have beer and wine. >> we put it right on the website thank you, love it.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ welcome back. we take a live look at the parkway. the cheesesteaks are so intra gall to philadelphia. let's see what they're cooking up right now. we got scott williams getting his order in right now. scott, what are you ordering. >> i'm going to order one whiz cheese and onions >> what are you going with >> the provolone >> cooking up the steaks here and a whole bunch of the famous faces of all of steak dom >> ordering the special steak, it's with, without, you know that if you're from philadelphia, if not, we will
8:55 am
teach you about it. we got a cheesesteak fest coming up and we got everybody who represents all the best of cheesesteaks throughout the area. tell everybody good morning to you first of all. >> good morning. >> frank old vary are a from pat's steaks, my family invented the steak and cheesesteak sandwich. i'm making them for you right now. . >> we want that one, he's claiming to have invented. >> that's true. my grandfather invented the steak. he's the king and i'm the prince. i'm the prince of steaks. >> we're stirring up controversy out here >> i love it. >> we got the inventor, the prince >> i'm tony from tony lukes and we're changing up this 84, we're not doing steaks, we're doing pork italian. >> that's my favorite, extra sharp provolone, off the charts amazing >> was do you got. >> a cheesesteak also. >> what's your sell.
8:56 am
>> old fashion is really good, provolone >> i'm sorry, distracted because there's a cheesesteak dancing behind your head. you guy will be doing big things. >> this is my mother from phillip's steaks, we're doing a lot this year. old fashion which is my mother was just saying, sweet hot peppers provolone cheese, onions, with or without, it's delicious, we hope to see everybody there. >> i'm surprised you're not eating yet. >> i will be. >> let's do this. what is fen hope philly >> who's got the best steak, they're all helping to raise awareness, they're all rock stars. for kids that node a home. thank you. >> we've gone down the line and talked about the sandwiches, the fun, what's exactly going on? we want everybody to get out and see >> phillies cheesesteak and food festival. the greatest cheesesteaks in philadelphia that are going to be there, it is a cheesesteak center event now we've added tony lukes famous roast pork,
8:57 am
soft pretzels, rita's water ice, tomato my, popcorn, great live entertainment, cheesesteak challenge eating competition, al. we got everything that makes philadelphia great. you have to be there, cheesesteak get your tickets. >> it's all love. >> absolutely. >> karen got cheesesteak juice going down her arm. this is philadelphia right now. karen is eating, scott eating. come on over, erin, let's check it out. come on out to cheesesteak fest. everyone is invited. >> we love you guys. >> october 15th, 11:00 to 5:00 cheesesteak it will be great time and raising awareness for find hope philly in helping children around the world and here at home. >> thank you and thank you out
8:58 am
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