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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the stage is set. it's round two fort presidential debates to night and it's sure to heat up a mid controversies coming from both camps. we'll have the latest on the race to the white house. let's go. it's time for the eagles to get back after a bye week and face off against the lions, but can the birds continue this amazing starter to the season? >> and suspect in custody this morning after shooting and killing two officers in california. what police say happened right before the shots rang out. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ and it is going to be a good day. good sunday morning. not great weather. we have so many things going on just stay inside and watch us, right. >> show us your eagles green. we're so excited back to eagles football once again. it will be great weather in that
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it's raining so we can all stay inside. >> absolute. no problems in detroit obviously they play indoors at ford field but here locally we're talking about cloud cover and also showers and daal and and dreary. take live look right now across the area. we're dealing with the clouds and, yes, we have those showers. we talked about that front inter acting with that tropical moisture from matthew yesterday and that's what we have onion going across the area on this sunday morning. so showers out there. cloud cover, temperatures kind of chilly. clearing later on in the day and of course we have the latest on matthew. weather bite numbers scale one to 10 today, we will give it a six. right now keeping tabs on 75 miles per hour winds associated with post tropical matthew. no longer hurricane characteristics but none less still bringing very heavy rainfall across parts of the delmarva peninsula even into our area. so look at ultimate doppler. a wall of water north and west suburbs. philadelphia, i-95 corridor. down the shore right now all of
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delaware looking at moderate to heavy rainfall. so, yeah, as we wake up this morning you're look at all of the rain across dover, moving toward cape may, atlantic city seeing almost 2-inches of rain. so hour by hour, we're still looking at those clouds and showers. at least farther inland. around philadelphia probably until about 11, maybe 12. showers tapering off as we move toward the afternoon and then we're looking at temperatures today only topping out around 64 degrees. we'll talk much more about the timing of that rainfall coming up but here's a look at sunday traffic. ♪ good morning, everybody. got a 5,000-yard dash today begins along delaware avenue. takes you through center city, spruce street, the trail and then market street back on to columbus boulevard. so watch for local detours this morning and then the old city festival going to take over arch street later on today. going to shut that down between second and fourth. have great rest of the day. we'll see he you back here bright and early for "good day
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philadelphia" tomorrow morning starting at 4:00. thank you so much, bob. as we take a look at you decide politic. second presidential debate just hours away as controversy surrounding gop candidate donald trump it continues to swirl. the release of video recorded in 2005 caught trump making offensive comments about women. many of the candidates supporters decided to turn their back on donald trump. but not everybody. last night donald trump greet the supporters outside trump tower in new york. he was unphased by the video. while some say the republican nominee's apologies were enough to stick with him, many republicans have decided to bail on the billionaire. >> mike pence does not condone the remarks can't not defend them. mitch mcconnell says they're repugnant and unacceptable in any circumstance. paul ryan also condemned them. then we heard from the woman that he was talking about allegedly nancy o'dell says it was disappointing to hear such object toy if you indication of women. the conversation needs to change
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because no female new york person should be the subject of such crass comments whether or not cameras rolling. somebody other big named republicans have withdrawn their endorsements from trump. among those who will no longer vote for him carly fiorina, arizona senator john mccain and even former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. of course donald trump took to twitter to respond yesterday evening. he tweeted and i "quote the media and establishment want me out so badly. i will never drop out of the race. i will never let my supporters down! ♪ so the stage is set. the second presidential debate hours away later on this evening. you can watch it all right here on fox 29. it gets underway at 9:00 o'clock from washington university in st. louis. we know that one man is recovering in the hospital after being shot overnight. police say this happened on the two -- 2600 block of north franklin street about 1:30 this morning. this is all in north philadelphia. the victim was raced over to temple hospital where he was treated for gunshot wound to the shoulder.
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we have been told he's in stable condition l have been no arrests associated with this. also, how about this for bizarre accident. a 68-year-old man from lower merion is dead after falling into a trash pitt. the police there say the man was unload something trash as part of one those local fall clean up events all of a sudden he fell 45 feet. he was raced over to lankenau hospital where he was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. we're taking a look at a developing story out of california. after a standoff that lasted 12 hours, the suspect in the killing of two police officers was captured alive just before 1:00 a.m. two police officers were killed in palm springs. slain police were 27-year-old leslie, she was the mother of a four month old baby. and 63-year-old jose gill vega who was only two months from retirement. a third was injured and is in the hospital this morning. the officers were simply responding to a domestic dispute call when sudden al man pulled out a gun and started shooting.
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the gunman was taken into custody and right now police have not released the suspect's name. you're looking at some new photos that were just released showing scary train derailment in new york. it happened last night on the long island railroad. officials say it happened near new hide park shortly after 9:00. after hitting a work train on the tracks. three cars derailed and the train that was hit then caught on fire. at this hour, service has been suspended in both directions. the wreck sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital. 600 total people were on the train when it crashed. we've got more of the latest on hurricane matthew. storm is weakening but still caused record-breaking flooding in several southern states. >> it's been deadly. we've had 10 people die just in this country and we know that hundreds more in the carribbean. 2 million people are still without power right now. now they're dealing with the streets that are flooded and the beach erosion and some parts
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like in florida like disney they're already back up and running the storm has gone out. other places like charleston, south carolina are just beginning to assess all the damage there. happening now, following local information, now, donald trump vowing to stay in the presidential race until november 8th leck but right here in our area one of the most recognized properties that bears his name closing its doors and closing them soon. >> it is the last weekend for people to go down to the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. we've got our steve keeley who just arrived there witness very latest. steve? >> reporter: well, we are in the final 23 hours of what was the biggest and busiest casino in atlantic city at one time and you see two of the strikers here still walking a picket line up until the last minute. it is completely dead inside. we're looking through the glass doors and we can't see one customer. we just arrived here. i'll get a better look throughout the casino floor but everybody says it's been
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completely dead in there for days if not weeks sips the strike began back in july. the service members all walk out a month later. the owner carl icahn said he was shutting this down. an end to another casino here. an end to thousands more jobs here, and an end to the trump name you see it but you won't see it much longer. it was once on four casinos. the trump world fare, former playboy, the trump castle turned trump marina now the golden nugget. trump plaza still shut down next to boardwalk hall. the biggest trump taj mahal in its last hours. it was the top earning casino in the '90's and most of the early 2,000s. the place shuts down. 5:59am but it's been quiet, mostly empty for days. everybody tells us here the service staff went on strike this summer. the blackjack dealers, they under another casino union and a month later carl icahn said there was no way anybody would
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make a deal here. everybody thought it would be last minute deal. but no last minute deals. so 3,000 jobs will end atlantic city already bleak unemployment picture is going to get even worse and so with our being here, you can see more strikers showing up from the tent and here of what scott talked about what a miserable weather day to go with the misery here in atlantic city on this end of the boardwalk that's going to see an end to so many more jobs and see how these people try to survive after that. a lot of people think maybe the taj mahal will try to reopen after this shut down for while with non-union workers. we'll have to wait and see with that, but if not, the ironic thing is, they have the white elephants here as a symbol and this is going to be the biggest white elephant in atlantic city after this place shuts down. guys? >> thanks so much, steve. that's really sad. thousands of people unemployment, but many of us kind of recent when that started when it opened up and everybody was so excited about the new --
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that's shocking that could happen that fast. all right. moving to happier news. coming off the bye week the undefeated eagles get back to business at 1:00 o'clock today in detroit against the one-three lions. uninspected undefeated start the performance of carson wentz and the dominant week three win over the steelers have many in our area wondering if what was supposed to be a throw away season could actually lead to the playoffs. >> yes. >> do we dare say that? >> yes. >> we'll have all the answers today right here "game day live" kicks off at 10:00. eagles take on the lions. the all here on fox 29. all right. i want to show you something you don't see every today. symbol of our country. a bald eagle. stuck in the front of a car. this does have a happy ending. we would not bring it to you. how police were able to rescue our iconic bare. and it is in fact debate night the gloves are off, damage control is in effect. we'll break down what the candidates will need to do in
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tonight's big town hall meeting. >> it is game day. we're so excite after the two weeks off. show us your eagles colors. eagles pride out there. your pets, your children, whoever in your life, use that #fox29goodday. we'll be back. ♪
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♪ all right. rainy day. we're taking a look out in old city. >> rainy soggy start to your sunday morning, but we are going to have hot day with all kinds of football action and of course political debate tonight. let's get to the latest on. race for the white house. the big second debate as karen said 9:00 o'clock tonight. >> it will be town hall format of course donald trump and hillary clinton will be facing off experts say trump will have a lot of ground to make up after some of those offensive comments surfaced. he's already trying to point attention elsewhere. >> what we were expecting for this debate was to see whether trump could do better. he had lost the first debate. now what we're going to see is, whether trump can do the biggest damage control effort he's ever had to make and perhaps any
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other politician has had to ma make. >> we know that hillary clinton is going to be getting the first question because that's the way the format goes but that's all we know right now. let's talk about all the big issues on this one. we have two good friends republican strategist renee' am more and also democratic consultant eleanor dezi. >> good morning. >> thanks for having. >> renee', we have to start with you. >> controversy going on, the leak video. a lot of people jumping ship. how do you feel about it? >> bottom line i'm very disappointed i'm not surprised because people will do whatever they can to get him out the race and that's not going to happen. drum is that not getting out. let me be clear. >> you're not surprised it leak or surprised he said it. >> i'm in the surprised he said it in the past. this was, what, 2005. look what he's saying now. i mean, it's not like he's going to change all of a sudden who he is and what he's about. he's toned some things down and this is surprise it was leak for him. >> as woman, what do you think and do you back off your support because we're seeing lot of heavy hitters say before i was all in but i can't do it now. >> first of all, i'm glad you
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think i'm a heavy hitter. you know what, it's difficult. it's real difficult for me because we really don't want hillary or a democrat in the white house. but, you know, pence is g let me leave it like that. >> move to pence. >> eleanor you're down there shaking your head. >> yeah. >> i'm guessing i can figure out how you feel about that video. >> please. >> with all of these things happening with donald trump, hillary clinton still hasn't been able to pull away. now there's another e-mail leak. her own demon. what does chef to do to address it. >> here's the thing. she has 30 year record. that's got news. the bad news s she has 30 year record. >> right. >> the longer you're in office and the more you try don things you're going to have people that like what you do and don't like what do you. that's the problems with hillary but tonight she's going to shine. this is her format. i think shell communicate with the people in the audience. these are undecided voters. i'm not sure donald will be able to handle the questions tonight because he hasn't been preparing. i mean they've been distracted with this.
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i mean how can you not be distracted? you have mostly all of the former nominees for president republican party have jumped ship. john mccain is a war hero whether donald thinks it or not. i admire john mccain personally. >> when he said he's not voting for him he won't vote for hillary, he is going to name conservative that will give a lot of people pause. this man is highly respected on both sides of the aisle. >> he still has lot of support. >> donald trump has lot of support. i don't care what anybody says. look at the crowds, look at the numbers and hillary should be like booming like winning, okay, and she's not. >> i want to see your opinion on this one. what do you think of the strategy where donald trump one of the ways that he's handling to say look over here and pointing the finger now at hillary clinton's husband bill and some of his past inn discretion. >> bill is not on the ticket. >> do you think that will work? what do you think about people saying look at that? >> it has been working because it's true. look at all the allegations. look what he has done. people hear that also. let's be clear it's not like
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they don't hear it. some people are saying, um-hmm. >> but shouldn't. >> if he does it, why is donald being so blamed for what he's doing. okay? all did he was say it. that's what people are saying. >> here's the thing. what hillary -- they're saying hillary went after these women. you tell me a woman that wouldn't like -- another woman, you know, her marriage had some problems. that's all hear same we've got smoking gun out there with donald trump. there is a video and an audio with that language against women. assault language. that's really bad. what bill did, everybody was appalled by what he did. but it was after he was elected and he was punish. he was impeached. >> come on. eleanor, please. >> we'll see more fireworks tonight. what's crazy this is election turned to something that happened 11 years ago. >> thank you. >> on both sides. >> and 20 years ago. >> you're right. we'll see what actually comes out of this. >> it's personal. let's talk about jobs.
7:19 am
let's talk about economic development. that's going to be a hard thing for donald. i hope he stays in his seat. remember how al gore jumped up in bush's face. i'm concerned. >> we'll see him his temperament tonight. >> so much more to say. >> will you come back tomorrow. >> i've had it with eleanor. >> thank you ladies. >> i'll be back. >> of course you can watch the debate tonight it will be right here on fox. we'll be showing you the debate it kicks off at 9:00 o'clock. let's get right to see what chris is going to have. >> this week on fox news sunday explosive leaks just before the second presidential debate show what hillary clinton really told those big bankers and donald trump making lewd remarks about women. we'll discuss whether trump can recover with his campaign manager kellyanne conway and we'll ask john -- clinton's campaign chairman about the stark contradictions between what she was saying in public and private plus a conversation with bill o'reilly about the election and media bias.
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all this week on fox news sund sunday. ♪ all right. scott, we've got so much going on with the weather. we have some of the effects of massive storm that was down there certainly coming up the whole coastline that sort of playing havoc certainly down the shore. >> indeed. tropical moisture karen inter acting with that frontal boundary that finally will push all of this moisture out to sea later on in the day. we'll go hour by hour and talk about where locations will clear out first to last. 57 degrees right now at the philadelphia international airport. winds out of the north 17 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. humidity at 87%. so the front stelle off to the west but look at some of that moisture from matthew kind of running up against that front creating almost a wall of water right around the delaware vall valley. we have light showers north and west but look at the i-95 corridor on this sunday morning. wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, so through those early church services, allow extra
7:21 am
travel time and use caution on the roads, delaware we're looking at moderate to heavy rainfall also still down the shore we have some heavier rain bands kind of inter acting with that front. atlantic city down to dover. we have flash flood watches in effect for kent county, sussex county until 12:00 o'clock and wind advisories parts of south jersey and delaware until 6:00 o'clock this evening with those strong wind gusts. so we'll go hour by hour. what will the radar look like by 10, 11:00 o'clock we're still looking at maybe light showers right around philadelphia moving down the shore. still moderate to heavy rainfall by 11:00 o'clock likely around atlantic city and cape may. that front trying to push some of that moisture to the south. parts of south jersey, the last to clear out by this afternoon, 3:00 o'clock still looking at some of those showers hugging the coast but by dinnertime, it looks like most of the rainfall will be out of here for everyo everyone. as far as the forecast, we'll talk about some temperature changes over the next seven da days. you can see low 60s tomorrow. mid 60s as we move toward
7:22 am
tuesday and upper 60s again by the middle of next week. tuesday and upper 60s again by the middle of next week. ♪ taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. brookside. how do we measure greatness in how america? you?
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the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' ♪ welcome back. i just heard this song for the first time yesterday. tim mcgraw he's got his philly
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connect. humble and -- i thought it had such a nice message. >> talking about before we even game down. >> you need to hear this song and voila it ends up on the sh show. you got power. >> big time. yeah, sure. all right. there was a birthday bash yesterday and i actually went to the birthday bash. it was in south philadelphia at the wells fargo center. they're celebrating the big 20 years old as you can see. fans coming out they were taking shot on the flyers ice. you can shoot at the sixers basket. go down there and get in the penalty box or sit on the bench. really cool. lots of fun for the 20th anniversary of wells fargo. >> it's the half court what you're looking the ice side it's panning over to the basketball side they almost never do that. that's so social where he have half and half. >> back in the day in the old arena i did i shot on goalie and trying to show off i slipped on the ice and face planned in front of everybody there. not one of my better moments. >> tell us your wells fargo memories over the years. i can believe it's been around for 20 years. we remember the vet and of course jfk. share your memories.
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>> local sports that's what's going on let's expand sports in a minute. ♪ >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean brace. eagles looking to go four and zero talking on the detroit lions catch that game here on fox 29 at 1:00 p.m. last night preseason hoops sixers taking on the dee pepping nba champs cleveland cavaliers joel embiid show. embiid with the monster one hand jam right here and if you don't know, now you know, joel has that in his bag good from three. 76ers lose 108-105. over to the ice flyers in their final preseason game taking on the bruins in boston. this one went to overtime. three on three hockey and ryan spooner is ready for the regular season he goes top chef. bruins win it one to zero. flyers open the regular season next friday at the la king. penn state looking to build off last week's overtime taking on four-zero maryland team and barclay says see you later. he goes 45 yards up touched. penn state all over the terps 38-14 and finally, villanova,
7:27 am
looing for win number five in a row taking on rhode island all nova quarterback zac bed far sick beautiful 8-yard touch down pass and the cats win 35-zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean brace. thanks so much sean. 7:27 in the morning. we're talking about tradition that can make or break a party all about making a toast. late on in the show we'll tell you the top reasons why you should never give another spee speech. >> don't do it. plus ladies i need your opinion on this one. what do you think is the best age in the bedroom for you? 20s, 30, 40s, 50s better as you get older? senior citizen. >> why you looking at me. >> weigh in on this one. you're in the a senior citizen. you're in your prime. >> question for the ladies folks. >> i'm in the prime. you had me at prime. leave it there. we're getting -- look at that. be dawk jump out of bed like let's go eagles game day. thank you, joe, for the tweet. >> thank you tamara. we love your cat.
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sunday but cat urday keep them coming we love to see your comments. use our #fox29goodday. we'll be back.
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♪ welcome back. it's exactly 7:30. let's take look at your top stories in the news. u.s. navy's newest am fib wuss war ship has been commissioned at penn's landing. history there.
7:31 am
lots of familiar and famous basis, bobby brady, nancy pelosi paying tribute to the john p. murtha named after the late congressman who represented the 12th district right here in southwestern pennsylvania for 35 years. of course, he was longest serving congressman in pennsylvania. he also served as marine and if you would like to check it out, really neat opportunity, bigs pre on top very cool the ship is open to tours today. atlantic city taj mahal casino taking its final bets this weekend. the once crowned jewel of the trump family business was bought by billionaire carl icahn in february of this year. the 26-year-old hotel will close its doors for good. early tomorrow morning. it will be the fifth casino to close that less than three years in atlantic city. leaving more than 3,000 workers without jobs. good news for people who use trains at the hoboken, new jersey, terminal. they'll have limited service resuming tomorrow. hit been closed there ever since that commuter train crashed on
7:32 am
september 29th. the incident caused one woman's death and injured 180 people. ntsb released the terminal back to new jersey transit after the train was just pull out of the station this weekend. scott williams always trying to find a positive spin on the weather. so, yeah, you're telling us about rain. but it's eagles sunday so it's okay to stay inside. >> stay inside. watch the game right here on fox 29. i mean we're talking about temperatures this morning, bill, in the upper 50s much it's damp and and dreary. look at the numbers right now. with the winds. north at 17. gusting up to 30 miles per hour. across the area the remnant moisture associated with matthew is headed in our direction. in association with that front. winds right now gusting to 31 miles an hour in the poconos. 32 miles an hour gusts right now in dover. we do have wind advisory for parts of the extreme south jersey and also central and southern parts of delaware. so here's the front. it will eventually push and kick all of this moisture out to sea so across the area today, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies,
7:33 am
morning showers tapering off right around lunch time for center city a-only 64. 64 degrees down the shore. the showers will linger there for much of the day unfortunately. lehigh valley mostly cloudy a couple of early showers but most of the rainfall has stayed to the south of the lehigh valley. now weekend wendy is head down the shore. atlantic city the walk to end alzheimer's along the ac boardwalk, rain or shine, she has the jacket and the rain ge gear. registration starts at 9:00 a.m. the ceremony at 10:15. and the walk begins at 10:30 our own hank flynn will be the emc emcee. so rainy and windy down along the boardwalk for the walk to end alzheimer's. let's talk little bet about that seven day forecast. 64 degrees for the high temperature today. columbus day, we're looking at a morning start in the 40s. low 60s for highs. moving ahead to tuesday, 65 for the high. upper 60s nearing 70 again by the middle and lat part of the work week. back over to you.
7:34 am
>> thank you so much, scott. no athlete in recent memory has played into the hearts of our philadelphia fan base as quickly as this guy. kind of love him. you know, wednesday vain ya. we're on the wentz wagon all across the city we're pretty happy. >> even a wentz street. did you know about that. >> our own hank flynn he went to check it out. ♪ you grew up with carson wentz he you played with him as kid anding. >> i wish die. i wish i did. >> reporter: real love some football. >> love some football and definitely going to love this. ♪ >> reporter: it's like any on the street in the north not a bad place, nothing to brag about, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> came april 28th the day eagles drafted carson wentz young quarterback who hasn't put a foot wrong in three games now it's not just wentz street, it's carson wentz street and the party is on. >> it will be big thing. every young man and woman of
7:35 am
this block is going to be celebrating big time. >> i was sitting on my porch what is it about this pole? and and that i looked up and said oh, carson wentz has a street right here in philadelphia. >> that's it. >> look at that. >> he's the eagles quarterback and we're winning. >> reporter: philly smart about putting the sign up in the air about 15 feet because you know as well as i do it would be gone by now if it weren't. now you know carson wentz didn't grow up here he's from north dakota. there's no real indication he's ever been to wentz street which is a block long running between mishear and front street a block away from olney. qb may not know the street but the street knows quarterback just fine. >> i look at that sign on the pole and i say wow, man. we got a quarterback carson wentz on wentz street. can't get no better than that, baby. winner, winner chicken dinner baby. >> eagles square off against one and three detroit on sunday so the fun may just continue. hard part of the schedule coming, however, minnesota the
7:36 am
23rd, dallas on the 30th. so wentz street is proud but not too loud. not yet. >> i do not like jinxing the eagles when we be having all those rowdies and pep rallies and stuff, i hate that. because now we going to start lose see. >> easy now. things are looking good. the eagles are comin coming offy week. injuries have been minimal. the birds might just have found that rarest of thing in the nfl a franchise quarterback. i just don't want to get ahead of myself. hit me up on twit at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly and if you roll down wentz street say hi for me. ♪ >> tweeting hang right now. i'm wondering if he's wearing flip-flops down the shore in atlantic city. >> look who else is on the wentz wagon. the clintons are on board. chelsea clinton was in up north dakota his home state the senator there gave chelsea a special gift, a war son wentz jersey. so this is the tweet that came from the senator heidi, can't come to nd without getting
7:37 am
caught up in wentz mania. give chelsea clinton a be lated baby gift while she's in north dakota today. he's chelsea response. thank you for the warm welcome heidi and for the wentz jersey for mark even if one of our kids will be wearing it on sunday. i love she throws in the hash tag fly eagles fly. >> they know what's going on. wentz vain y wentz madness is spreading. >> there's video of taylor swift honoring her best friend in wedding. was her speech mistake. the top reasons why you shall never make another toast it's a bad decision. >> i need to you weigh in. i'll start check your tweets right now. the pours the times for love in the,, what do you think it is? if you've had experience you can weigh in, 20s, twits, 40s, 50s, 60s. >> love or relations. >> i guess that means relations. we'll be back. planned parenthood.
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learn more at ♪ now we've all had to sit through them at one point or another a speech to the bride and groom at a wedding. now experts are saying you should never make toasts. remember this awkward scene from wedding crash schers? >> as you all know my sister and craig are both lawyers at big law firms in new york. but that's not the only thing they have in common.
7:41 am
they both like the color green like craig' eyes and money. [ laughter ] >> auction war. >> awkward. >> so top etiquette guy says the reason you shall never make speeches at a party are it can be really anti social and kill the vibe of an event as we just witnessed right there. and also you can obviously make fool of the host or the bride or the groom. i see that so often trying to be funny but it's not because -- >> i did that. yeah, at one of my friend's wedding i spoke way too long and there was bunch of us a group of us. best mens. so all of us spoke and we all spoke like we were the only one and -- my brother was in the audience going -- >> it's not roast. it's a wedding. elevate them, not tear them down. >> i lived with that for life. >> people just want to get on the dance floor and have an adult beverage. they don't want to hear long speeches. >> find a little romance as well. short and sweet.
7:42 am
>> speeches have had too many adult beverages before they give the speech. >> moving on, what do you do at a wedding or at lunch or line dance but in the middle of the city? >> let's all do it right now. we can do our best shuffle, electric slide, look at these ladies, having fun. all right. so where and when you can get into the action. ♪ >> snl shouting out delco tina fey was in town friday. did you hear what she said last night? >> we're going to play it for you. >> we hope you have the winning lottery numbers. ♪
7:43 am
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7:45 am
♪ taking a look out on rainy day in philadelphia. lots going on. that's okay. have an umbrella go out after the show experience the city. make sure you're back in time for the eagles. moving on it's time now to introduce to you another one of our fox 29 junior reporters or to say hello again to ashley from temple university. good morning. >> thank you for having me. so i was out on assignment one day in center city. it was the mill of the week. it was a wednesday i hear this loud music. i see people setting up speake speakers. so of course i had to to go
7:46 am
check it out. take a look at what i found. >> every wednesday. >> those roaming around city hall on wednesday may just run into the energetic dancing duo. she doesn't work for the city she sets up her office in the shadow william penn. patrick is a certified line dance teacher. >> ♪ >> for over decade she's been teaching once a we can in center city for may through september. >> what i'm doing is try to bring little comradery, exercise and natural friendships and music altogether, and stress relief. >> after having two kids in the '70's she went through a time in her life she felt stagnant she had to get up and do something and something introduced her to line dancing in 2002 she wept from student to teacher. >> it helped me get through the years of working. you never work day if you doing something you love. that's no joke. it's the truth. >> what patrick is report here teaching line dance to go others at lunch hour, and although
7:47 am
she's only out here once a week on wednesdays, many people look forward to it as a highlight of their week because it helps them both physically and mentally. >> it gets me a sense of relea release, stress release. >> once i come out here, i'm probably all stressed up. but by the time i leave here i feel so great. i love it. >> while patrick is all for giving back she says helping others also helps herself. >> i love what i do because overall it helps others. and it's the kind of help i needed, too. >> she's just an inspiration to the city of philadelphia. i wish there was more people like her. i really do. >> happy wednesday. ♪ >> i want to go next time. do to the left, to the left. to the right, to the right. any way she's been doing this for while couple different locations. >> she has sure has. prior to last 84 she was teaching at love park. right now she's outside city hall. but come 2017 when the renovation is expected to be
7:48 am
completed she'll be back to where her lunch hour line dancing all started. >> nice. we'll go. >> yes, of course. >> outstanding. great job. >> thank you so much. >> dance on off the screen. scott tell us about what's going on. the rain lingering around. but not all bad. >> we are going to find clearing bill as we progress throughout the day but it is still damp and dreary in old city right now. of course, we're dealing with the cloud cover. we're dealing with those showers and also a frontal boundary that tapped into some tropical moisture associated with matth matthew. but in the pocono mountains we're looking pretty good. we have the cloud cover and dry weather but let's focus in on those weather headlines for your sunday. we're looking at that front and showers clearing later today and of course we have the latest on matthew. but if you're planning your day hour by hour, at least the first half bet on some clouds, bet on some of those showers we'll keep mostly cloudy skies by 3:00 in the afternoon i think most of the rain is in parts of the shore. 64 degrees for the high. by dinner clearing out we're looking at temperatures by
7:49 am
7:00 right around 62 degrees. so look at the water vapor imagery it tell the story. drier air finally moving into the carolinas. a lot of moisture right now from the mid atlantic into the northeast associated with matthew. so take look at this wall of water right along the i-95 corridor. parts of delaware, south jersey, we are looking at moderate to heavy rainfall but as you move toward land cast, berks county, the lehigh valley, the poconos, we're actually looking dry but we have that moisture right along the i-95 corridor. wilmington, philadelphia right now trenton looking at some of that heavy rain. down the shore some locations have picked up an inch to half almost 2-inches of rainfall and that's where we have some flood concerns as well this morning. so matthew right now still 75-mile per hour winds. it's lost its tropical characteristics. moving to the east northeast at about 14 miles an hour so as we go hour by hour, by 11:00 o'clock, 12:00 we should be drying out along the i november corridor. but look at the moisture. still down the shore atlantic city cape may that front trying
7:50 am
to push all of the moisture out to sea by later on din are in time most of the rainfall will be gone from places like atlantic city and cape may and that front will be moving in drawing in some drier conditions and also some colder air. temperatures for tonight will bottom out in the mid 40s in philadelphia. so by 2:00 o'clock an additional inch perhaps an inch and a half for some of those coastal communities. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you morning clouds and showers around philadelphia. 64 for the high temperature. tonight's low 45 degrees. chilly start to your columbus day. 63 by the afternoon. mid execs on tuesday. moving ahead middle latter part of the week. mid to upper 60s right around 70 for thursday. now here's a look at jenn fred with momologue. ♪ i'm jenn frederick this is momologue and this is quincy from "the q". >> weekdays fox 29. >> here's the situation. would you have kids they can both work a smart phone. >> yes. >> if the kids can work a smart
7:51 am
phone why can't they work broom arc dust buster, a can of spray. >> can your kids work a phone. >> two-year-old. i know you're slick. i know what you do. i know what you do. >> can he -- have you had him do any chores? >> yes. they clean the room. they clean -- they have a small table in the dining room because it's too high. they clean that off. they pick up their toys. they sweep a little bit and water the grass outside sometimes. >> if they're smart enough to use the phone they're smart enough to get it done. >> the older one jordan five years old. >> yes. >> can he work a smart phone. >> yes he work the computer. he sneaks the computer and watching cartoons. >> again, why can't they rinse the dishes. >> you have to. >> on stool. >> when i was doing this i was babysitting at age seven. don't tell anyone. >> hello. >> bottom line time to get kids to do some work. >> if they can use the smart phone, smart enough work your home. ooh, ooh. ooh. >> see why i invited you. >> momologue. >> in the house.
7:52 am
>> momologue. ♪ the time right now is clicking over to 7:52. absolute tragedy in california. people are stunned after two police officers killed in the line of duty. the call that put the officers in harm's way and where the accused gunman is right now. and matthew still causing problems in parts of the us. how the storm is actually impacting our area right now. ♪
7:53 am
will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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could your age be the cause of a dull love life? i'm not looking at you. researchers at university hospital cleveland say that women in their 40s suffered the most negative effects on their love life. >> um-hmm. >> well the reason experts say is that women have more concerns about their bodies than older women. you feel more comfortable the older you get. maybe a self-confidence exponent that has significant impact apparently on their love life. many of the women in the survey not talking to their doctor about it what do you do? it's kind of embarrassing. i knew i had too many of this or whatever. women in all age groups 40 and above believe that sex was more important to their quality of life. >> listen, we've been talking about this off and on. we did facebook live about this. men don't know. because we don't go through all of that. we look at you and say you're beautiful it doesn't matter what
7:56 am
age. >> see how wise he is. that bill anderson is a wise m man. >> it doesn't impact us. love the ladies. >> men think every age is a good time. >> yes. we do. what's the perfect age for relations? this age. >> save you some money shopping good changesare comin coming fo, bath and beyond. i like the 20% -- >> a stack of those things they honor them forever. >> that's what i love. they take anything back. they're cutting out some of those coupons, but coming up with new idea. it might be better. i want to see what you think about this one. we'll explain it all. >> all right. i'll wait. eagles are back after a bye week. can they continue their winning streak today against the lions in detroit? fly, eagles, fly. ♪
7:57 am
i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy?
7:58 am
creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' it will be a showdown. the second big debate hillary clinton and donald trump scare off this time it's a town hall and we'll tell you how the
7:59 am
latest controversies will play out. and people in california stunned after two police officers are killed in the line of duty. the call that put the officers in harm's way and where that accused of gunman is right now. matthew still causing problems across the area. mostly flooding. millions are without power. how the storm will cause problems locally later on today. from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. good morning to all of you on this sunday. it is straight up 8:00 o'clock right now. little rainy outside but, you know arc lot rainy outside. >> a lot rainy outside but show us your eagles green. we're up lift each other's spirits together. >> it's going to be beautiful day inside or out, scott much the day is what you make of it. we will make it great. >> absolutely. we have football right here this afternoon on fox 29 as well. stay inside, you know, have some soup, and watch us right here.
8:00 am
as far as what's happening outdoors, it's cloudy, it's damp and dreary just nasty temperatures are in the upper 50s. look at the live shot at the philadelphia international airport. wet weather kind of breezy those winds have been gusting at times up to 30 miles an hour. temperature wise right now, 56 degrees. look at the wind out of the north at about 22 miles an hour. so weather bite numbers scale of one to 10 definitely not 10 give 86 because the rain will finally start to push out to sea depending on your locate. but the latest on post tropical matthew right now you can see max winds still 75 miles an hour but lost its hurricane characteristics as that frontal boundary continues to push on out to sea tapping into that moisture so that's why we have some flood threats across parts of our area. as far as ultimate doppler look at all of that rainfall. kind of wall of water north and west we have lighter rain but where you see that yellow right along the i-95 corridor that's moderate to heavy rain still places like trenton, philadelphia, moving toward
8:01 am
wilmington, hokessin, newark, delaware, down the shore right now atlantic city, brigantine, moving toward avalon, wildwood very heavy rainfall down the shore. so hour by hour, the first half of the day inn lapped we're looking at clouds, some showers around, but decreasing clouds and also temperatures still staying below average. 64 for the high temperature. weekend wendy is headed down the shore for the walk to end alzheimer's in atlantic city. rain or shine. so she has the umbrella and the rain gear. that walk begins at 10:30. temperatures by that time in the low 60s. it is going to be rainy and windy. we'll talk much more about that rain and when it finally moves out coming up later in the broadcast. but here's a look at traffic. >> good morning, everybody. got a 5,000-yard dash today begins along delaware avenue, takes you through center city, spruce street, the trail and then market street back on to columbus boulevard. so watch for local detours this morning. and then the old city festival going to take over arch street later on today.
8:02 am
shut that down between second and fourth. have great rest of the day. we'll see you back and early for "good day philadelphia" tomorrow morning starting at 4:00. ♪ second presidential debate is just hours away as the controversies surrounding the candidate donald trump continues to swirl after the release of that video from 2005 where he's heard making offensive comments about women. now, some supporters are turning their back on him. but certainly not everybody and in fact a big crowd donald trump greeted supporters outside trump tower in new york not fazed by the video. >> some say the republican nominee's apologies were enough to stick with him, many republicans have decided it's time to bail on the billionaire. >> running mate mike pence does not condone marks and cannot defend them. house speaker paul ryan says he's sickened by trump's comments and mitch mcconnell calls it quote repugnant and unacceptable in any circumstance. some other very big names withdrawn their endorsements republicans for trump among
8:03 am
those say they'll no longer vote for him, carly fiorina, arizona senator john mccain and even former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. >> former access hollywood nancy o'dell has broken her silence on the graphic comments made about her by donald trump. she said in part, when i heard the comments, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women. everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender much as a woman who has work very hard to establish her career and as a mom, i feel i must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better ". >> donald trump took to sweater to respond. yesterday evening he tweeted i quote the media and establishment want me out so badly, i will never drop out of the race. i will never let my supporters down! ♪ >> that second presidential debate now tonight of course you can watch it right here on fox 29 getting underway at 9:00 o'clock. it is going to be at the washington university in st. louis.
8:04 am
and given all of that in the news right now coming up on 8:04, it's the end of an era for a casino in our area that bears trump's name. in fact it's the final call. >> that's right. the trump taj mahal in atlantic city is closing. steve keeley is live there bringing us the latest. it's been quiet for while, steve, but the protests are picking back up. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that you just said the trump taj mahal is closing. i remember opening day michael jackson was here with donald trump. always brought in celebrities but michael jackson was about as big celebrity as you can get at the time at the height of his popularity and this place just as popular the number one draw for atlantic city for years. the 1990's it was popular. 2,000s very popular. and then the gore combat at a opened in 2006 and it started falling off since. and then the philadelphia casinos opened. and all the other casinos around all the other states started showing the trump taj mahal that
8:05 am
it was no longer up to par. these workers went on strike july 1st. month later the owner carl icahn when there was no deal to met said he was going to shut this place down. here we are right hours before the shut down. 22 hours and counting. these people among 3,000 workers our cameraman tom beck showing you through the glass doors hardly anybody inside and that's the way it's been for weeks. i just went inside with my phone. they don't allow pictures but i snuck some. here are still pictures to show you how dead it is in there. i saw two women playing a sea of slot machines there used to be line to sit at a slot machine in here. now you have your choice of hundreds, and then on the blackjack tables, you could throw a bowling bowl down the eiffel of blackjack tables and not come close to hitting anybody. you can throw 500 bowling balls and no one would notice. one man sitting at one blackjack table there were three tables with dealers, two of the dealers had no players.
8:06 am
now i know it's early but this a weekend. this is a saturday into a sund sunday. and then you thought maybe people might show up just for the last hours. i did see a man who works as one of the volunteers here on the boardwalk to help people figure out where they're going. he went in there to buy a dollar chip so he could collect add to his collection of chips of casinos no longer open. we had four casinos in atlantic city shut in 2014. none in 2015 but now this one in 2016. how do these workers feel? well, we talked to three of th them. >> threatened to close the property before. and didn't. so i'll believe it when i see it. tomorrow 5:59 i'll be here to witness and then whatever happens, whatever i see, that's what i'll believe. >> i've been looking for a job i have four kids to take care of an wife and a family, bills. got to fine something else now.
8:07 am
>> they need to bring more stuff here for the kids. that's what i say and bring the people in. that's what i say. more stuff for the kids. not just -- i think it should be a family thing, too. like a family resort. >> reporter: so three of the soon to be 3,000 people out of work when the trump taj mahal shuts down at 5:59am tomorrow with little fanfare. and a sad picture you're looking at now, a sad ending after a very sad beginning because in a very extremely sad coincidence the date of the closing octobe october 10th the same date 27 years ago when a trump helicopter en route here crashed on the garden stat parkway's median. three trump exec testifies and two pilots killed and the taj mahal president among them. october 10th, 1989, just six months before this casino opened in april of 1990. the showroom here coincidentally named in honor of the deceased
8:08 am
taj president mark e-z tes at the time and the trump taj mahal promising him the portrait and the plaque that hangs by the showroom that has been quiet for while as well. it is just sad everywhere and these people dee finder till the end bill and karen still chanting still wanting a contract and maybe somehow holding out hope that some last minute, last second announcement and deal will be reached but it doesn't look that way according to people who follow us. >> that's the end of an era. city, thank you very much. all of that history you can't believe it will be coming to an end t tomorrow. >> one man is recovering at a hospital after being shot overnight. ithe vick testimony was rush to temple hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. we hear he's in stable condition. right now there have been no arrests associated with this shooting. and this is a very odd case.
8:09 am
68-year-old man from lower merion. he's dead after he fell into a trash pit simply doing what so many of us doing unloading his trash one of those fall clean ups he goes there to get riffed the extra stuff and he falls in 45 feet. they rush him right over to the hospital lang ken gnaw hospital he was a pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. from california there was a standoff that lasted 12 hours. the suspect in the killing of two police officers captured alive just before 1:00 this morning. the two police officers were killed in palm springs. the slain police officers were 27-year-old lesley zerebny of the mother of a four month old baby and 63-year-old jose gilbert vega who was only two months from retirement. there was a third who was also injured who was in the hospital this morning. the officers were responding to a domestic dispute when suddenly a man pulled out gun and started shooting. the gunman was taken into custody. police have not yet released his name. the storm is weakening but
8:10 am
matthew still caused record breaking flooding in self southern states. >> we lost 10 lives alone in this country. hundreds more in the carribbean. 2 million people are without power still right now throughout the southeast and there's so many communities who are dealing with high winds now the beach erosion also, the flooding in the streets certainly the downed trees which is creating i was the power problem. there are some parts further inland disney closed down because of the hurricane when it was there back up and running. other places like charleston, south carolina, are just now beginning to take stock of all the damage. happening now, the father avenue cued new jersey terrorist akmed rahami is speaking out. the father of new york and new jersey bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami says that the fbi made mistake after mistake in handling the case. he claims the bureau did not take his concern seriously back in 2014 when he contacted investigators about his son possibly being a terrorist. mr. rahami also claims officials
8:11 am
are pun machining his family for his son's wrongdoing by banning them from traveling to the united states. the time receipt now is 8:11. one of the great things right now having saturday night live back to land pool was happening in hold politics isn't what did snl do with the trump tape. they went there. tackling the opening mike moment. you'll want to see it. ♪ it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
8:12 am
and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:13 am
all right. 8:13. hi, welcome to bed, bath and beyond we've got all your special.
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new offer for customers that go there a lot. they're trying out this thing it's going to be invitation only for customers who spent, you know, hundred 50 bucks around there or more in their store every single year. it will be a special loyalty program which will give you 20% for every single purchase not the highest priced item. you don't need a whole stack of those coupons. everything will be 20% every purchase and free shipping. it's kind of look amazon but only $29 year. you pay 29 bucks you get free shipping for the whole year and 20% off and they're also thinking about getting rid of those weekly coupons. >> we'll have to talk about that at another time. i wonders how you can offer 20% on just about everything. doesn't that mean you're charg charging me 20% too much all the other time. >> you're going to buy a vacuum cleaner and you can compare the prices if it's same at wal*mart and target and then you get 20% off, and they take it back. thank you. >> it's bargain filling our tanks with gas it's a necessary evil and often big expense and
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boat load of dough by if youing less money in your tank and keeping more money in your purse. that way you'll have money to do other things like pay for parking tickets. i'm cashing out. ♪ it is 8:16 right now. take live look outside. we have so many walks and events today. owe wonder if they'll be canceling. my kids got a soccer tournament. we played in the rain, scott, yesterday it looks like once again today. >> probably mud pitt by now. of course we are still looking at a lot of rain and wind across parts of the area. but it is going to taper off, but depending on your location we'll talk about that coming up. but look at ultimate doppler right now. all of south jersey, all of delaware and then as we move right along the i-95 corridor, we have that wall of water. north and west, we're doing okay. it's dry in lancaster county, berks county also toward the lehigh valley but we'll take a tour across the area. north and west suburbs light to moderate rain. still heavy rain right along the i-95 corridor.
8:17 am
wilmington, hokessin, newark, delaware, bear moving toward salem county cumberland county, millville, vineland looking at moderate to heavy rain. atlantic city damp, dreary, wildwood, avalon as you move down the shore we have the wind advisories, we also have flash flood watches for central southern delaware until about noon as we continue to watch how that front inter acts with tropical moisture from matthew. so about an inch already philadelphia. 2.5, 3-inches down the shore. but look at parts of kept and sussex county. closing in on 5-inches of rainfall. so that's the flood concern especially the farther south and east you are away from philadelphia. winds right now gusting up to 30 miles per hour. we'll time out that rainfall taking you hour by hour. here's a look at what the radar will potentially look like by noon. we're still looking at rain. parts of south jersey, down the shore, still moderate to heavy rainfall, and then as we move toward the afternoon, still hugging the coast right around 3:00 o'clock we're looking at some of those showers, atlantic city, cape may, but we're drying
8:18 am
out north and west eye around the i-95 corridor tine your south jersey. then by dinner all of the rainfall should be out to sea. we'll dry out and temperatures will drop for tonight. so across the area, once again, we're looking at that cloud cover. morning showers center city a high of only 64. showers linger unfortunately much of the day down the shore. lehigh valley looking pretty good. temperatures top out in the low 60s we'll talk much more about that weather coming up later on in the broadcast. >> scott, say water. >> water. >> how do you say it. >> water. >> so we debate about how you say thing. >> water. >> it's water ice. >> soda or pop, obviously it's soda. seriously weevil have an official of how everybody in the country says certain things. >> yeah. >> it's our tomato tomato mome moment. >> there's map. big white spot over pennsylvan pennsylvania. what do you think is basically only we say and nobody else in
8:19 am
the whole country does? >> let's check it out. what does the country call that long sandwich that couldn't tapes cold cuts, lettuce and tomato. philadelphia is the only place we all know this where it's called a hoagie. the rest of the country calls eight sub. select few areas actually call it a hero. >> connecticut they call them grinders. >> ears another one watch do we call the things that we wear on our feet that rubber sold for like jim class and sports. >> sneakers. >> i've had kicks before, too. >> kicks, sneakers. we say sneakers right here. but -- i date add guy unfortunately from texas and he called them tennis shoes. >> my cousin calls them gym shoes. >> that's odd. we call them sneakers. this is all based on a harvard dialect survey. what the study didn't conclude is we're right. >> thank you, bill. it is 8:19 right now. so when you take look at this picture it's kind of unbelievable. luckily it has a happy ending. i'll show you.
8:20 am
>> bald balance eagle stuck at the front of car. we'll tell how the poor eagle was able to get rescued and what put him there in the first pla place. we want to take look at this one. i saw this one and it blew my mine. we all know matt damon way looks like, he can travel through time but we have a picture that has fans thinking maybe he's born again? >> we'll check it out. >> and you should take look at these lottery numbers. look closely you could be the lucky winner. stay tuned.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ welcome back as we take live look at wilmington every day you should be watching good day. >> 8:23. there's bald eagle symbol of our country that got stuck in the grill of a car. police say the bird flew right into the car and then got wedged in the front of the bumper. so they did the police investigators down p florida they work altogether they managed to get the bird free. they took the bird over to wildlife sanctuary in jackso jacksonville. they said it is okay and it's expected that make full recovery despite being hit. ♪
8:24 am
taking a look at west philadelphia neighborhood to neighborhood festival. it's back after six year hiatus and as you can see it was just a big party. little rain couldn't drown out the fun in west philadelphia. 5,000 people took part in the all-day event. this event goes back to 1989. takes up a five block radius around that area around 50th and baltimore and that whole area big names there taking part grammy and oscar award winning artist common was there. people looked like they had great time. >> good food. one of the best thing about the city is the music and we can all come together and celebrate. we go to barbershops. you couldn't just walk in all the time. >> we. >> you don't go to the barbershop. >> i go to the barbershop. what you mean we. >> i got kids. i got a hub. i have people. you used to have to make an appointment but not any more. >> that doesn't seem to be a case thanks to new technology you don't have to do it. we'll definitely into the world of personal services on demand in this morning's tech tank.
8:25 am
note no. >> i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your tech bite if from the tech tank we talk about all sorts of great apps, uber, grub hub anything you need to have personal services delivered to you. but now, what about beauty? our friends over at northern liberties aka philadelphia based technology company have made and are continually updating main stream. it's an app that allows you win 45 minutes to have personal services done. you immediate that haircut a manicure, maybe a massage you log into their app, and from there you can actually see what talent is available that can actually come to your house and within 45 minutes get you ready to go. so maybe i should have used main street to get haircut before doing this. look what philadelphia technology companies are doing. good stuff. you want to talk more about product, applications, reach out to us hash tag tech tank and we can continue the conversation online. ♪
8:26 am
sean brace is in the house. we're so excited. e-a-g-l-e-s! we'll hit them low, hit them high -- >> and watch our eagles fly. plus, from act to the grid iron to the political recent in a, another face off for the ages at the big debate. coming up tonight. not going to miss it. coming up tonight. not going to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing.
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♪ welcome back much it is exactly 8:29 on your sunday morning. let's bring you -- your top stories for this morning. the stage is set now round two of the presidential debate. it is tonight. the candidates hillary clinton and donald trump will have their showdown right there in st. louis washington university. they're going to have a town hall format with undecided voters asking most of the questions. the rest will be asked by the moderator who will be anderson cooper and martha rad dicks. you can watch it all right here on fox 29 at 9:00 o'clock. in california a gunman is in police custody after police say he shot and killed two officers and wounded another in palm springs. the slain police officers were 27 eighty three old lesley zerebny. the mother of a four month old baby. and 63-year-old jose gilbert gill vega had was only two months from his retirement. the officers were responding to a domestic dispute when suddenly
8:30 am
a man pulled out gun and just started shooting. the gunman was taken into custody and right now police have not released his name. another train crash that happened. here's new pictures just released showing pretty scary derailment this happened in new york last night on the long oy land railroad. officials say it was right near new hide park about 9:00 o'clock after hitting a work train on the tracks three cars derailed. the train that was struck caught on fire. at this hour service has been suspended in both directions nearly a dozen people had to go to the hospital. 600 people in total were on that train when it crash. all right. scott, we've been talking about the weather throughout the morning. saying rain but there is kind of a light at the end of the tunnel. it's supposed to clear up. >> we will see clearing, bill, from west to east throughout the day as that front kind of pushes the clouds and the showers down the shore. bet on that later on today. but it will take some time of course we have the latest on matthew as well. no longer classified as a hurricane though it still has
8:31 am
winds at about 75 miles per hour. it's lost its tropical characteristics so it's post tropical matthew right now moving on off to the east northeast. look at that pick up some speed at 14 miles per hour but some of that tropical moisture running into that frontal boundary so enhancing some of the rainfall across parts of the our area. we have heavy rain right now parts of delaware, down the shore, live along the i-95 core do we're looking at pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall moving toward places like drexel hill, media as we move north and west radnor, narberth looking at some moderate to heavy rainfall. trenton as well as we move toward hokessin, newark, bear, delaware, looking at some that moderate to heavy rainfall. down the shore right now brigantine, atlantic city, avalon, wildwood, waking up to a wet scenario. some locations in central southern delaware up to 5-inches. two to 3-inches already down the shore. right around an inch toward the philadelphia area. so we'll time it out, nine, 10:00 o'clock still looking at those showers by lunch time parts of south jersey still wet,
8:32 am
drying out though around the i-95 corridor around lunch time. then by in the afternoon look still hugging the coast we're looking at showers atlantic city to cape may. then by dinnertime most of the rain for everyone it is out of here. the those temperatures drop for tonight as well in the wake of that front. so as we look at your forecast, breakfast, brunch, headed to church services it's going to be damp and dreary by lunch 64. that's it for the high temperature this afternoon around 3:00. look at the chill for tonight. low to mid 40s behind that front. 45 for the morning low. 63 by columbus day afternoon. 65 on tuesday. and then upper 60s more seasonal by the middle and latter part of the week. back over to you guys. ♪ >> thank you so much, scott. some might say that was football weather a good segue. they are back after the bye week the undefeated eagles get back to work today in detroit against the lions. philadelphia has been impairly waiting to is he if the birds are for real. after an impressive win over the
8:33 am
steelers two weeks ago. >> so here's the thing sean brace is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you didn't think they were going to win. i was so happy when they wouldn't. >> she was waiting for to you come back so she can gloat. >> along with half the city as well. steelers are a good football team. they went out there and pref the following week. so you got to give where credit do you feel eagles went out there handled business rolled on the steelers. hey, you know, right now, it's all about carson wentz. nobody was able to predict the way he's been able to play so far throughout the course of three games it's just incredible to watch and hopefully it continues today. >> so we saw them play against a very good team. talk about carson wentz. have we seen enough to believe that the eagles are for real? is it time to start talking about the eagles doing something this season. >> definitely is when you start to see them three and zero you're in the drivers seat for the nfc east. long way to go. haven't played a division opponent. six games in the division will be the difference maker.
8:34 am
eagles defense is good enough. i think they have some play makers on offense. doug pederson the head coach his offensive scheme carson wentz is just spreading it around nine total receivers have caught passes in thee games. so and plus you got four healthy running backs carrying the load out of the back field. so there's lot of things working in the eagles favor. they are a good team, root now but we got long way to go. >> i think it's the coach and the chemistry and leadership and this grounded kid. i need predictions for this day. what will happen. >> i think they run. i think they roll against the lions. give me 30-17. i wanted to see close game but the lions are struggling right now they're one and three but i will say this. lions don't sleep on them because they have three straight home games. if they go to one and four this season is basically cook. this is desperate ball club that needs a victory really bad tod today. >> you had me at eagles win. >> yes. >> that's what we'll stick with. this is all day fox 29 thing. so join us for eagles coverage we kick things off at 10:00 a.m.
8:35 am
with fox "game day live". the game, of course, is here on fox 29 at 1:00. and we wrap it up karen we got our fox 29 post game show and who is on board. >> sean brace will be here. sean bell and one of my favors ritz gary cobb. my other favorites. bill is wearing -- both of you wearing lions colors. >> we're not in lions colors. >> seriously. >> we're in business professional cool colors. >> exactly. >> we bleed eagles green. we don't need to front,. >> look the this nonsense. that's our control room rocking it, lions jersey. >> had you been that. >> can you cut away from that shot? >> all right, guys. you need a new jersey. >> forget the rain. it's going clear up 1:00 o'clock today. where you going to be? right here in old city because it's time to party like it's 1799. it is the old city fest plus look at this. >> you want to play squash? you mean withs championship is happening and we'll give you all the details coming up next. >> that looks wicked cool. >> i tried that once. once.
8:36 am
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♪ welcome back. i saw this picture yesterday and it bugged me out. we weren't to see what you think. wedding photo going viral online because the person in it looks exactly like matt damon like he traveled back in time and married someone else's mom. >> okay. check out this photo. it was posted to read it. user goes by coffee and to you posted the picture he said it's
8:39 am
from his parents wedding day and he notes that his dad like matt damon end real doesly. the man in the photo is 75 and lives in seattle causing one person to ask if the user can post a picture of his dad now we can see what matt damon will lock like in 50 years. >> time travel. >> that's pretty spot on right there. >> i think it's so cool. i love matt damon. i love our bourne identity movies and everything. >> everybody looks like somebody else. >> did you ever see my person. >> my doppelganger. >> i saw mine one time at a flight in germany the fly attendant. >> did you take a picture. >> we didn't have cell phone cameras. have you ever senior person. >> no. >> you're a twin. >> no, i'm not. >> sorry. >> she really wants to mack i was twin. >> that's the second or third time on this show she said that. scott you're a twin. >> you keep trying to make you twin. do you have any siblings. >> i do. >> do you look like them. >> i look like my older sister and younger sister.
8:40 am
>> i look just like my brother. >> he's so not a twin. >> do you have person that looks like you. they call a doppelganger. tweet us and let us know your thoughts on social media. >> are you twin? >> you can use the hash tag fox 29 good day. moving on. you know the writers on vnl were busy with lightning fast rewrite for the show after all the drama with donald trump. alec baldwin came back as donald trump making fun of that hot mike moment. let's see what they did. >> we'll have all of that for you. you'll actually be able to hear what happened as we're coming back in just minute. ♪ somebody is taking pictures of us while we do the show. the baby is watching the show. wesley thanks for being fan. we appreciate it. ♪ [ roars ]
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ up tempo music ]
8:43 am
dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. ♪ >> welcome back. construction on market street in old city. old city fest is happening tod today. we have a pirates that are studio right now. all kinds of food and fun. don't look at that rain by 1:00 o'clock it will be sunny and you'll want come down for all of the fun. let's check in with chris wallace. >> this week on fox news sunday, explosive leaks just before the second presidential debate show what hillary clinton really told
8:44 am
those big bankers and donald trump making lewd remarks about women. we'll discuss whether trump can recover with his campaign manager kellyanne conway. and we'll ask john, clip's campaign chairman about the stark contradictions between what she was saying in public and private. plus a conversation with bill o'reilly about the election and media bias. all this week on fox news sund sunday. so chris is going to talk about that and trending right now you know that saturday night live is going to tackle this as well. and they went right in. take look. >> mr. trump, this leaked audio showed you saying, um, i can't -- i can't quite say it on live television. but basically you said you wan wanted to -- to -- >> grab some bleep. [ laughter ] >> oh, my god.
8:45 am
>> i would like to take this time to formally apologize -- >> what are you saying? >> i deeply apologize. >> are you trying to say apologize? >> no i would never do that. what i am doing is pose crying to all the people who were offended by my statements but more importantly to the people who were turned on by them. i hear it's really 50/50. [ laughter ] >> okay. but mr. trump, why would you say these horrible things in the first place? >> come on, brook, i was trying to look cool. i mean, what normal red blooded american doesn't want to impress the billy bush? you have to admit it's kind of funny that the only bush that matters in this general election is billy. [ laughter ] >> that doesn't really excuse what you said. >> listen, okay -- >> and it kept going. it got local. tina fey and jimmy fallon repped delaware county in this exit
8:46 am
last night as voters from pennsylvania could mean a lot for election. >> hi there. >> we brought you some -- thank you very much. thank you. ladies, how does it feel to be the most sought aft voters in the country right now. >> have you decide hood you'll vote for? >> colin i'm torn from a scooter accident, but i also -- i don't know who i'll vote for. >> i think they're both bad. >> whatever you love trump. >> i just villanova eagles the accents. so much fun. delco represented. >> you can get all the information the debate joking about happening tonight right here on fox 29 at 9:00. make sure you stay tuned. >> beautiful. i can see the clearing now it looks like, scott. how about that? >> pocono mountains right now dry, quiet, also, areas far north and west but we still have some time to go before we finely dry out around that i-95
8:47 am
corridor. take look at ultimate doppler right now moderate to heff vo rainfall where you city yellow and orange also all of delaware and look at this tropical moisture in association with matthew kind of running into that frontal boundary so we have that wall of water still taking place across the area. 10 didn't right now clouds, showers, wilmington, hokessin, delaware, moving toward media drexel hill and delaware county as we move into new castle county right now newark, wet, bear, delaware, moving toward smyrna down the shore right now atlantic city wet conditions cape may as well. wind advisory southern sections of south jersey until 6:00 this evening. flash flood watch still in effect for kent and says sucks counties in parts of south jersey as we time out this rainfall you can see how radar looked as we go hour by hour. pushing some of those showers a little farther to the east. after about lunch time it's still raining places like millville,ly also burlington county as you move down the shore by 1:00 in the afternoon, two, 3:00 o'clock we're still
8:48 am
looking at rainfall down the shore but that front will finally push everything out of here especially down the shore by dinner hours and thereafter. so across the area for today, we're looking at temperatures only in the low to mid 60s at best. morning clouds, rainfall, center city. as we move after lunch time start to go finally dry out around the city but down the shore showers linger for much of the day unfortunately. we'll see early spotty shower in the lehigh valley. temperatures for tonight, drop into the low to mid 40s in the wake of that front it stays kind of breezy. as far as that seven day forecast, 64 that's about it. the walk to end alzheimer's is going to be wet and windy down the shore in atlantic city on the boardwalk. 45 tomorrow morning. columbus day we're looking at low 60s, mid 60s on tuesday, then kind of back to average by the middle and latter part of next week. back over to you guys. >> sounds good, thank you so much, scott. now, you may not know this but philly has hosted the world series, the stanley cup and us open. >> i knew that.
8:49 am
>> you know all that. >> you didn't know we had the stanley cup. >> i knew we had all of that stuff. but this weekend there's more culling up. we've got the us open, squash champion coming right here to philadelphia. >> it's a racket. remember these. >> it's a rack happening this week. we brought in some of the stars of the game and a person that's with us squash right now dax, allison and miguel. when i look at the video it looks like it's so high tech. whoo. what is it like? come on down here to play in a stadium like that before all of those people? >> it's great because squash court is playing like in three walls but here in big tournament we have a glass court that you can see all people like in the stadium and you can have like 2,000 people watching squash patch. >> it's not distracting you sitting there -- with everyone around. >> the glass on the side from the front they have especially like little points they don't distract the people who is outside watching.
8:50 am
so it's fun for us, yes. >> what's the secret to put it away. >> i'm still learning that. you get used to playing on glass courts. it takes while to get used to. i play them on quite a lot now. i've been playing professionally for 14 years. get out there and enjoy it and it's a great and we love being back in physical. >> i think people underestimate what great athletes you guys a are. as i was saying during the break i tried this because the ball doesn't bounce like you would expect you have to be in great shape to get all over the court to cover it. >> strength, speed, time sense stiff game. have to be at the top of your athletecism. >> what's going to be going on, where is it happening? >> so we start play yesterday. these twenty four modest both top five in the world. absolute legends incredible athletes. our six many year here with drexel university with the event. we'll be going all the way through saturday the 15th we
8:51 am
try to get carson wentz to play apparently ease busy today we'll have squash players out there and we encourage people to go to us open, pick up tickets and watch these amazing athletes down at drexel. >> i'm not sure he's enough of an athlete to keep up with you guys. carson want any of this. >> we'll give him the chance aft he takes care of business today. >> from your mouth, of course, upstairs we hope that happens today. thank you so much for coming in. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if it hadn't rained i was going to play. the weather was little bit problematic. >> we have a full balls for you. it clears up, you can come out and play. >> i don't have to play the legends. i can play karen. >> what's coming up next? we'll go to break.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ welcome back. don't be fooled by all the rain over your heads right now it is clearing out. we already see it's dry in the poconos and it is going to be dry this afternoon and you'll want to come down to old city and take part in the old city fest. we got whole bunch of squash bucklers here joining us right now. what's going to be happening today. >> it's our third older city fest at the intersection of third and arch street and we have so much to do.
8:55 am
starting around noon and then 1:00 o'clock hour we have two fashion shows, we have family fun programming and our family fun zone all the restaurants in old city participating about 25 or so. it's just a great time. >> you brought some food thank goodness. bill, i'll hasn't this over a woman making what? >> we have woman who is making what. what's going on here. >> i'm making chocolate. my name is mary krassner and i'm chocolate maker. not your time but in mine. 1750s. if you'd like to try some of this chocolate you can come to the festival and thank mars for that and even buy some of our chocolate there. >> you're making chocolate. give us a quake overview of how you're actually doing this? >> this here is called a matatae an manno grind down the cocoa that come from the cocoa pod after they've been dried and roasted and grind them and we add spices and use friction to make chocolate. >> let me see it. >> she's grinding it.
8:56 am
>> green into the stone. it's not a job that you have if you wanted to have lady like hands. >> i'm smelling all the food and one of my favorite things alcohol. [ laughter ] >> the pirates agree with you. >> aye. >> what we got here? >> from sassafras thanks for our sponsors from dog fish and favor rum. favor rum and apple cidar punch as well as dog fish 60 man ipa. >> gosh. >> i'll take this one. you take this one. >> pirates are like share. >> cheers! >> share with the pirates. >> there we go. >> we'll be eating, making chocolate. a lot of things going on today it's going to be owing rain or shine, correctly. >> absolutely. we plan to be out there rain or shine. it's supposed to be clearing up 1:00 o'clock. >> good day for it right. >> what's happening after 1:00 o'clock. >> i'm going to see pirate sho
8:57 am
shows. >> pirates. >> pirates are drinking. >> pirate needs more now. >> share with everybody. >> pirates took my drink. >> all of this is going on today rain or shine events going out 32 out today. eat chocolate, pirates, what are you eating. >> i think i got roast pork sandwich. is that what i'm going in for. >> roast pork sandwich. long hots and provolone. >> we have sandwich sausage, bratwurst and kielbasa all with sauerkraut. >> all right. >> amazing. we love it. thank you guys so much. we're so excited. >> let the pirates kill it as we end. >> do your thing. >> thank you very much for star your sunday mornings with us. we have such big day ahead. >> arr! >> "game day live", big eagles
8:58 am
right here on fox 29 and the debate. we'll be covering all of it. come on over. >> we're pirates!
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. explosive leaks just before the second presidential debate. more hacked e-mails that show what hillary clinton really told those big bankers. and donald trump apologizing after release of a tape of him making lewd remarks about women. >> i moved on her and i'll admit it. i did try and [ bleep ] her. >> now some top republicans are jumping ship. >> i respectfully ask you, with all due respect, step down. >> there is a bit of an elephant in the room. it is a troubling situation. i'm serious, it is. >> we'll discuss whether trump can recover with top advisers rudy giuliani. >> he's in the race to win. then, hacked e-mails show


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