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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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clinton face off in their second presidential debate, the biggest moments everyone is talking about right new. plus, months after hitting the picket lines for higher wage is it is end of the line for trump taj mahal employees, to be out of the job today, why they are keeping up this fight to the bitter end. oh, the monday morning, when we don't win, we will break down all of those frustrating moments and how it collectively is feeling right now. we have a pretty chilly, windy start as many are celebrating columbus day. sue serio has your weather forecast in just a moment. good day, everybody it is october 10th, lauren johnson is off this morning. i'm karen hepp. so lets get over to you. i was struck by the wind on this day. >> yeah, yesterday was pretty windy as well so just expect a day like yesterday if you were outside you got blown around for sure. it is eight out of ten because it is chillier then average
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and windy, off to a chilly start with buddy wearing a hoodie to take, may have to held on to that hat though. temperatures starting off in the 40's and 50's this morning, moisture from matthew, gone, and we have clear skies, which is why it is chilly, it is 30's in mount pocono. forty-five allentown. forty-seven reading. forty-nine in lancaster. the trenton has 47. so does atlantic city and 49 degrees in wilmington. then we factor in the breeze and it feels chillier then that. but clear skies also mean sunshine for the rest of the day, it will stay breezy, maybe not as windy as it is right now, wind will eventually diminish but much cooler afternoon then we have been used to with high temperatures in the lower 60's. now your unsunset time is 6:28. untaughtly you have net ised it is getting dark earlier and earlier. >> and staying dark later in the morning here. good morning. 5:01 object this monday morning. live look at an accident behind me southbound lanes of
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the blue route and the northeast extension right at mid county. here's mid county toll plaza, so it is right before you get to the lanes of the toll plaza. we have an accident, it sound like a car struck a deer on the north east extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale. ben franklin bridge looking good. no problems coming over patco high speed line. speedometer is where it should be, schuylkill expressway in the the 50's. i-95 northbound we had an early morning accident at girard avenue they have just cleared out of the way. be careful in the construction zones. we will have lighter volume then normal due to the holiday and mass transit market frankford and subway using shuttle buses the rest of the morning, karen, back over to you. dramatic, heated moments during the second presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton both fighting late breaking scandals. debate started off with an apology from trump over tape where he made vulgar comments
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about would men. >> they let you do it. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the bleep. i could do anything. >> hillary clinton is answering to a document dump she has her own problems from wick i leaks, this could damage her politically on trade and middle class issues. trump making a point to mention former president bill clinton and all of those recent allegations. it got personal and nasty. dave kinchen breaking it down with those moments, dave. >> it got really, really ugly, political calling it ugliest debate ever and a lot of people agreed with that. when hillary clinton and donald trump came out to a gathering of 40 vote hours had questions, these were uncommitted voters in washington university. they didn't even shake hand but the gloves were off very early into this like when trump brought up former president bill clinton's affairs with bill clinton in the room, you just to have see hillary clinton responds.
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>> but what president clinton did. was impeached, he lost his license to practice law, he had had to pay a $850,000 fine to one of the women paula jones who is also here tonight. >> when i hear something like that i'm rebehinded about what my friend michelle obama advised us all when they go low you go high. >> look, i respect his child ren. his children are incredibly able and dereceipted and i think that says a lot about donald. i don't a gree with nearly anything else he says or does but he do respect that and i think that is something that as a mother and grandmother is very important to me. >> i will say this about hillary. she doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is.
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she's a fighter. i disagree with much of what she's fighting for. i do disagree with her judgment in many cases. but she does fight hard and he doesn't quit and she doesn't give up. >> part of the debate where each candidate was asked by an audience member to say something nice about her, painful but there were more revelationness this 90 minute plus exchange including a policy difference between donald trump and his running mate mike pence. we will look at that at 5:30. ninety minutes before all that donald trump turned the attention to accusations surrounding former president bill clinton. impromptu press conference were four women who accused the former president have of sexual assault. those women gave statements about sexual misconduct, clinton has long denied allegations, earlier president obama weighed in on the leaked tape of trump's remarks there 11 years ago. >> in one of the most disturbing things about thise
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lex just the unbelievable rhetoric coming from the top of the republican ticket. i don't need to repeat it. there are children in the room. >> now, heard on that tape right there billy bush, he was doing the interview with trump in the tape released on friday. there is fall out. he has been suspended indefinite thely by the nbc network. 5:06. happening right now u.s. navy says two missiles were fired in the direction of the american destroyer in the persian gulf. territory held by shiite remember medicals yemen. navy says missle launch landed in the water before getting near u.s.s. mason. spokesperson says it the is unclear if the mason was specifically targeted but missiles were fired right in its direction. remnants of the hurricane matthew moved out to sea but now southwest is dealing with all of the clean up from that devastation. hurricane matthew is now out there, and so there is flooding and homes that were damaged and we know this was
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deadly in this country, 17 people lost their lives in this country over weekend five more missing, eight died in north carolina alone. the mostly from the simple accidents out there in the flooded road, more than 800 the water rescues had to be carried out near fayetville after 16 inches were dumped by matthew. further south when they had blue skies, people could go out and look at the damage. >> this cat trove think weekend is something else, i'm waiting for electric company to come and company the pole and maybe i can find someone to start cutting the tree. >> at least a million homes and business where is damaged in florida, georgia and carolinas, the president and his team are working to make sure those states get the money and resources that they need. 5:07. trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city will close its doors for g end of the era. this is fifth casino to close in the the few short years and
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just about every time, steve keeley has been there, and he is with us now, steve. >> reporter: karen, i covered ground break to go this big 2 billion-dollar building and i can't believe we are covering closing of tonight 50 minutes. he was a cook here on day one. he got recruit todd come here. he was a cook at caesars for ten years. one of the best people in the casino industry when this place opened. he was considered one of the best cooks on the boardwalk. here he is, started here, at opening and now he is here with closing day. can you believe this take came. >> no, i could not even think bit. i plan honorary tiring here in another ten or 12 years and wouldn't believe this would ever happened especially taj mahal as grand as it is you work here since its started. can you believe how much it is falling down. >> i could not imagine that. i was count nothing my head how many casinos and properties we happened, 13 casinos throughout the city.
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i think they are down to seven and they are dwindling away. i could not imagine taj mahal. >> reporter: this place everybody is convinced will reopen with non-union lower paid staff. are you thinking that as well. >> it the may be reopen, we're looking forward to it. as farrah it being non-union if we open non-union we will fight to make it unionized. that is what we need in atlantic city g jobs and benefits. so we will be out here. we're not going away. >> reporter: is atlantic city a good place to work, live and visit anymore. >> yes, it still is. they have to rebrand them self. they have to give back to the customers that come here but it is still i good place. >> reporter: we're in the historic spot. on the other side is great steel pier you don't get any more historic then this location. this is like something in times square in manhattan shutting down. >> that is true.
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it opened with the grandes thing and they build it as eighth wonder of the world and people came, and customer base has gonna way, management has switched up, so they need to get new management in here, new blood in here and fresh eyes and rebrand it, the city and rebuild it, yes. >> reporter: good thing is all you people i'm talking to are positive and optimistic about the future and that says something about the people here. >> thank you. >> reporter: no severance for these people when they shut down. today they can apply for unemployment and plans to go to unemployment office immediately after he leaves here and that is a sad thing when you are 60 years old and too early to retire and you you are not rich enough to retire and he has to find something else at that age. that is tough when 8,000 other casino workers have been laid off from other shut downs before you. >> truth, steve for so many people life can be just so difficult. it is 5:11 on this monday
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morning. so it was down to the wire, my gosh we were screaming at the television. our eagles faced their first loss of the the season. our perfect record unraveling in the final three minutes of the the game a begins those lions at ford field. man that is bearing the blame right now is ryan matthews. i mean we will see what happens here. >> he fulled in the 45-yard line and then, of course, carson wentz has been so great. he has been playing so well. it was bound to happen, there it is, he fires it off trying to go deep and long throwing his first career interception, lions take advantage of those opportunities walking away with the win, 24-23. so we have strong opinions about our team and let's hear from the fans. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah, yeah. >> number one baby.
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ain't nobody better, yeah. >> thanks, monte g. >> we were at chickie and pete's to hear from those bleed green. we are all disappointed, fair to say but we are very optimistic about the rest of the season. >> it was a good game but refs called everything on us. >> yes. >> penalties and that one turn over just killed us. >> carson wentz is great. >> played very well. very impressive. >> awesome. >> but we will get them next time. >> we have love it. penalties killed us. bird will be taking on washington next week huge game, you the can watch it right here on fox 29. time right now 5:12 on this monday morning columbus day, coming up next a cold blooded crime that has so many people in one community on high alert what investigators right now in delaware county are doing. plus community in mourning after two police officers were killed in the line of duty one just had a baby only other
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months from retiring, call that puts cops in harms way and where that suspect is right now.
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you've had this snack. but have you ever had a snack within a snack within a snack? three levels of snack time at the same time. reese's snack mix is pretzels, nuts, reese's pieces and reese's peanut butter cups. snacka-snacka-what? hershey's and reese's snack mix. snacks on snacks on snacks. it is not called hurricane matthew anymore it is post tropical matthew. we got last advisory last night. continuing to move out to sea as post tropical low pressure system still with hurricane force wind but it is not expected to bother any land mass, not even bermuda but we
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cannot say the same about nicole, which is a tropical storm and could possibly strengthen back into hurricane status even as much as a two as it goes right over bermuda. that one still bears watching but aftermath you we still have flood warnings in effect, north caroline, parts of the coastal virginia, maryland, and even parts of the delaware with flood warnings but look what is in store for tomorrow morning. we will go from sweater wet ter coat weather with a frost advisory north and west of the city and in south jersey, i-95 corridor will have the frost but still chilly tomorrow. so right now we don't have any rain or clouds to show you really on ultimate doppler radar. looking at the future cast we will get ready for dry weather pattern through middle of the week and it doesn't look liken when cold front comes through on friday we will get any rain from that. right now prepare for temperature around 50 degrees in the city. thirty-eight in mount pocono. forty-nine in lancaster.
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50 degrees in wildwood. forty's in other places. then factor in the wind, 18 miles an hour sustain wind in philadelphia, gusts of 29 miles an hour. that is pretty windy. it will stay that way throughout the day, with sunshine for your columbus day, tomorrow sunny and nice high of 67 degrees and then we will warm in the lower 70's by thursday but cold front gives us high temperature in the 60's, all the way through the weekend, but we will stay dry, dry, dry that whole time, bob kelly. >> leaves are falling. hopefully that wind today will dry up, the roadways. look out for those slippery wet leaves in the neighborhood live look here, somebody is having a rough start to their day disabled vehicle southbound on the boulevard right before ninth street as we role in the canyons there where the boulevard takes you under and over to the skew you kill expressway. an accident southbound on the northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale. it sound like a deer verse a car on the extension there. i-95 not bad at all through
5:18 am
the city, i don't think we will see any crews because of the holiday. we had a earlier accident northbound near girard avenue but watch yourself in the construction zones that the lanes are less, not a lot of wiggle room there in to girard avenue. south on the admiral wilson boulevard looking good, up and over ben franklin bridge there, in problems on the schuylkill expressway, blue route is looking good. mass transit, regional rails, they have added more cars, no problems there, and both market frankford and broad street subway trains are running on board mass transit, karen, back to you. speaking of the trains, ten days after that deadly trash at hoboken train station trains will be rolling through there again today. new jersey transit officials say nine of the 17 tracks will stay closed. this crash killed one person and injured 108 others, new jersey transit office says if you left your property behind after this tragedy there you
5:19 am
can go back and now claim it. jury selection begins at harrisburg for former penn state assistant football coach whistle blowers, a against mike mcqueary because he says he was wrongly retaliated against because of his role in the trial against convicted child sexual abuser jerry sandusky. it was mcqueary's testimony that he saw a young boy in the showers with the former defensive coordinator that helped put sandusky in prison. when penn state hired a new foot batch coach in 012 mcqueary lost his job because he came forward and he had been unable to get another coaching position. developing right now 5:19. german police say they have detained a a 22-year old syrian man who was subject of a nationwide crime in that country. he was believed to have been preparing a bomb attack. police tweeted that the suspect was captured. german media is reporting that the man is connected to
5:20 am
islamic extremist group. developing from palm springs, california, now we're learning more details about that suspect in custody after a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of those two police officers. "fox news" correspondent kelly wright has more. >> reporter: deadly shooting investigation in palm springs, california. police coming under fire responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home there saturday. investigators say 26 year-old john felix, suddenly pulled out a gun, killed two officers and injured another. >> wounded officer is alert, cooperating with investigators. >> reporter: police arrested felix following a lengthy standoff, before the shooting the father reportedly told a neighbor his son had a gun, wanted to shoot police and was quote, acting crazy. one of the officers killed was six three-year old, jose gill vega, gill vega, scheduled to retire in december of this
5:21 am
year. thirty-five year veteran. he extended his career for this year because we called upon him as a training officer. >> reporter: other officer was relatively new to the force. >> just gave birth to a baby daughter four months ago. she came back to the department early to help out. >> reporter: she is's identified as 27 year-old leslie zereby. >> to see her laid out with her eyes opened and to witness her husband kits her on the forehead for the last time it is tough. >> court record show felix is a gang member with a lengthy violent record. previously sentenced to four years in prison in a failed murder plot. in washington, kelly wright, "fox news". time right now is 5:22.
5:22 am
police in chester are searching for the killer, who shot and murdered a man, 20 year-old man over the weekend. investigators say 20 year-old christian jenkins was shot outside his own home in the 2100 block of west third street yesterday morning. he ran inside to get help from his home. neighbors say he was surprised of the street violence, police say circumstances surrounding the shooting unclear. we do not know motive. police are investigating an abduction that occurred last night on the 600 block of east erie avenue. this is a strange one. this is in the juniata neighborhood. police say there was a white male suspect who struck a woman overhead and forced her in the car between 8:30 or 9:00 o'clock. not much information being released. we do know suspect was last seen heading toward roosevelt boulevard, if you have any information please call the police. 5:22. also investigators in new jersey are trying to figure out what started this heavy fire in the apartment building, this happened on the 100 block of west hampton
5:23 am
street in pemberton just before midnight, people forced outside and it took crews about two hours to knock that one down, this is pine meadow apartments. good news is nobody was injured. allegations of racism dividing one of our communities in philadelphia. why protesters interrupted a flag raising ceremony at city hall and what they are demanding, but first some good news lottery numbers.
5:24 am
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developing at 5:26. protesters interrupted a flag raising ceremony at city hall. they would like justice for lb gt citizens of all races they say. last night in the gayborhood, out fest largest city lb gt event. some say is there institutional racist am begins black and minority patrons in the several prominent gay nightclub and businesses. it is happeningering activist who stormed the flag pride raising ceremony at city hall earlier in the day. mayor came face to face with the demonstrators who say city is in denial about racist am begins white gays who hold prominent positions in city government ape businesses. >> this is our faith based and now you you are telling us we cannot be who we are and safe in these places because what
5:27 am
we don't look like them. that is unfair. >> no, no. >> reporter: mayor kenney release aid statement says there is no denying racism is a issue in the lbgtq community and attending a hearing on the commit i commission of human relation toss investigate this problem to see what can be done. 5:27. lets get to dave because he is covering everything that happened in the big debate. >> trading barbs with donald trump and hillary clinton but interesting exchange where donald trump seemed to have confusion and disagreement with his running mate we will tell but that after the break but first, here's steve. >> reporter: dave, it is not like new years eve but it is opposite, sad count down here final half an hour in the life of the name trump here in at atlantic city, as the last trump casino is about to shut down at 5:59 a.m.
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5:31 am
higher wages trump taj mahal will be out of job in half an hour from right now. why they are keeping up this fight until the very end. our eagles, it was so close, big daddy graham will be joining with us the frustrating moments, what we think and what the take away was from yesterday's game. good day on this monday, it is october 10th, 2016, lauren johnson is off, i'm karen hepp. lets get over to sue because we have kids that do have school and philadelphia schools, they do have school but many don't as well. >> if you are going to school you will have to hold on to your hat at the bus stop today because it is pretty windy out there and make sure you have jacket, sweater or sweat shirt on because you will need it, temperatures in the 40's and 50's as buddy shows you. in rain, matthew rain is gone, and the of aftermath unfortunately remains we will have more on that coming up 506789 degrees in philadelphia but we have 18 miles an hour wind gusting as high as
5:32 am
29 miles an hour, so very windy morning out there, sunrise at 7:07. 38 degrees in mount pocono. very chilly there. a lot colder then that tomorrow. forty-seven in trenton. we have 40's out to the west of us, 49 this wilmington and dover. forty-seven atlantic city as we get started with this windy morning, and we will stay windy all day with plenty of sunshine. it will look good with a high of 63 degrees. forty-three tonight in the city, but kind of frosty in some of our suburbs. we will talk about that coming up, good morning bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:32 on this monday morning. speedometer reading right where they should be on a monday morning holiday. i think we will have lighter than normal volume. as we mentioned the kids are off from school, 55 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway, looking good up and down blue route, an extent south on i-95 at exit number ten which is harvey road just south of the delaware state
5:33 am
line. also a disabled tractor trailer southbound lanes of the boulevard, right before you get to broad street and then there is a disabled off to the side at ninth street. they have blinkers on there but that will slow you down. southbound on the northeast extension just a warning sign that the deer are out there we have had an accident involving a deer here between quakertown and lansdale. ninety-five coming up from delco coming up through center sit the any problems or delays at all just look out through construction zone here between girard and the cottman avenue. the mass transit running with no delays, karen, back over to you. yes, there were fire works to be expected and it happened, very personal attacks touring the second show town between donald trump and hillary clinton. both are facing late breaking scandals that led right up to the debate last evening. it all started off with an apology from donald trump over tape where he is heard headaching comments about women. here it is. >> when you are a star they let you do it.
5:34 am
you can company anything you want. grab them by the bleep. i could do anything. >> here's trump's explanation and apology that he gave yesterday evening. >> that was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i'm a person who has great respect for people for my family, for the people of this country and certainly i'm not proud of it the but that was something that happened. if you look at bill clinton far worse, mine are word his was action. his what he has done to women there has never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that has been so a pews i have to woman. you can say anyway you want to say it but bill clinton was abusive to women. >> if this were just about one video maybe what he is saying tonight would be understandable but everyone can draw their own conclusions at this point about whether or not the man in the video or the man on the stage respects
5:35 am
women. >> clinton is dealing with the document dump that came from wikileaks revealing excerpt from his her wall street speech that he is could damage her politically on trade and middle class issues. syria was a major topic during this debate. the lets get to dave kinchen with some confusion between trump and his running mate on this one, dave. >> running mate not even on the stage but confusion none the the less at least that is what many in the audience was scratching their heads about this was part of the debate where donald trump advisingly split with his running mate indiana governor mike pence. for most of the night debate was about hillary clinton and donald trump as they went after each other including foreign policy but when trump was asked what he would do about syria and humanitarian crisis in aleppo he was remind that had his mike pence said provocations need to be met with american strength and that the u.s. should be prepared to use military force if russia continues its involvement there.
5:36 am
pence said as recent vice-presidential debate. so here's how trump answered last night. >> he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. we need to income out isis. right now syria is fighting isis. we have people that want to fight both at the same time. syria is no longer seer, yeah it is rush, iran who she made strong. >> i would not use american ground forces in syria. i think that would be a very serious mistake. i don't think american troops should be holding territory which is what they would have to do as an occupying force. >> there are many more highlights and low lights depending upon how you feel about all this last night and we will go back to the beginning with the testy exchange between trump and clinton over the controversial comments you just heard on that hot mike recorded in 2005. karen. >> all right dave, thank you you. here's something happening in our area, business that bears the trump name closing
5:37 am
in just minutes. more than 3,000 workers at trump taj mahal in atlantic city will be facing unemployment line in less than half an hour because that casino is closing. steve keeley there right now with this historic event seven in a sad sense, steve. >> reporter: biggest number yet of people losing their jobs are watching this shut down in person here. they want to be here to see this and you can hear them. they are letting their voices and their be heard. it is still open. unlike other casino we saw shut down before trump plaza with the similar trump name and revel, the security staff does not have anything ready, like the lasting chains or the doors anything that looks like they will shut this place down somehow other than maybe turning the key on the locks on the doors.
5:38 am
so, we look to see hundreds now, striking workers, these are among 2800 staff, not all of the workers went on strike. these are service workers, casino dealers and others on the casino floor in the united auto workers union. they are losing their jobs as well even though they didn't go on strike. 2800 people added to the 8,000 people who loss their jobs at four previous, casino in 2014. we are here at north end of the boardwalk and now you this end is going to be deadened other than resorts, you have got show boat the now a hotel not a casino, revel shut down trying to reopen and taj mahal. these three in a row are shut down and how about that resorts who we thought was first to die is still alive, first opened and only one alive and still in business on this end in the boardwalk. we will see you at 5:59 when the shut down takes place. >> all right, steve, we will be there. it is 5:38 right now.
5:39 am
the in the next hour storms gone, recovery just beginning. we will go live to some of those areas so hard hit by hurricane matthew over the weekend. ♪ it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. after 40 years of making soup at progresso, we've learned chicken is king. and so we're now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups.
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eagles have been on cloud nine are but now you they get their first dose of reality their first run in adversity. down 21-ten, eagles came storming back in the second half. wentz hits josh hoff for the
5:42 am
touchdown, he went five for five for 64-yard in that drive. eagles storm back to take 23-21 lead. all they need to do is run it out but ryan hat yous, fumbles the ball. they took the lead with the field goal, in the last drive carson wentz goes for it all but throws an interception, eagles lose, 24-23. >> personally i feel like he has short term memory. he will look at the tape, make corrections and he will be on ton next week. i am glad he got interception. we throw the football the way we do. he has played great in these four games and he stood in there again tonight. >> up next, next week it is washington. that is sports in a minute.
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welcome back. did you see the parade? a lot of fun in south philadelphia, they had parade down broad street, of course. as a reminder your child's school may or may not be opened depending on the district. they are opened in philadelphia, all city offices however are closed in observance of the holiday. hi, there bob. >> string band, everything going on there yesterday, columbus day parade. i have to say hi to the kid that invited me out to the water fest at palmyra cove park on friday. they had fun right there the on the new jersey side of the tacony palmyra bridge right underneath the bridgette self. no problems the up and down the blue route. we are off to a quiet start this morning.
5:46 am
i think holiday will set the tone there, holiday will set the tone with light volume, kid off from school. no problems on the the schuykill expressway, we are looking good on 422 from collegeville into king of prussia, in problems on the turnpike looking from valley forge over to bensalem, is there one accident, southbound on i-95 right at exit number two which is harvey road just south of the state line, down into wilmington. watch for disable tractor trailer right before you get to broad street. otherwise mass transit, buses, trolleys are looking good. what is forecast like for our columbus day? sue has tonight 15 seconds there is a tropical storm out there. the it is expected to restrengthen in the hurricane
5:47 am
as it head right for island of bermuda as a category 1t post tropical math the you hurricane center is issuing advisories on that one anymore but remnants remain and effects remain, especially with all that flooding. flood warning continues in north carolina all the way up the coast through virginia, maryland and parts of the southern delaware. tomorrow morning though with our dry weather and our clear skies and chillier air in place frost advisory in effect for tuesday morning, between two and 9:00 a.m. so, we will have a cold one for you tomorrow. now we have, hardly a cloud in the sky at the moment, and in rain in the forecast, so at least through middle of the week and probably in the for the rest of the week so be prepared walking out the door this morning because you will need that sweater, or jacket the, that cooler weather started yesterday after the cold front came through saturday night into sunday. 50 degrees in philadelphia, only 38 in mount pocono. forty-nine in dover but factor in these wind and it feels chillier. 18 miles an hour wind in the
5:48 am
city, gusting as high as 29 miles an hour and wind gusts in the mid 20's in other places as well. our average high is down to 69 . we were below average saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 60's. today about 63 degrees. cooler then it was over the weekend but then gradual warming trend as we head into wednesday, thursday and then friday, it cools off again as we all go into the weekend, while it stays dry, karen. >> thanks, sue. tough one, coming off the bye week little rusty there eagles off to a slow start but they have battled back from being down 14. even took the lead in the fourth quarter. but you then there was that fumble, you know, ryan matthews had to hold on to it. last chance. it is just one of the touchdowns. that is good moment right there. interception at the even. we were so frustrated. we have big daddy graham joining us this morning. >> i said, you know what eagles will lose me the game i
5:49 am
said get me karen. get me in here and they delivered. it was a tough game yesterday. they had to lose a game soon are or later this was pretty winnable. you brought up ryan matthews fumble. they will have to address him. he is their remere running back. darren sproles is, do you see the fumble right there. you have to hang on to that football but despite that fumble he is only average willing 3.3-yard a carry on the season. gets bulk of their karen. i don't know why barn error smallwood didn't touch the ball yesterday. it is ryan matthews birthday what a great way to celebrate it. you have to hang on that that ball. other big play of the game that was the the play after that, eagles do get the ball back. >> they get it back? most eagles fancy just spent talking to for four hours were thrilled that carson wentz through that interception. >> he went long to get it the
5:50 am
out of the way. it went right to the receiver it it just went to the guy on him. the guy made a hell of a play, he did. what eagles fans are saying is they want that gunslinger mentality in their quarterback. a guy willing to go for broke. my take on a play is he is a rookie and he will learn number one he is throwing to it nelson agholor, next great catch he makes will be his first one. so he has to learn who he is throwing the ball too. they only needed three. they did not need seven. there is a big difference. he is a rookie. he had another great game yesterday despite the loss. >> fourteen penalties. >> we all watch the game. >> fourteen calls begins our bird, two against them rotten communist lions. i don't know about that but it sound god. >> it is hard to go undefeated. it is one of the things they
5:51 am
had to lose one game. i thought you the before this game started, this team will go to the playoffs. i thought they were going to lose this game. >> i thought they were going to win but not the by blow out that everybody was predicting. one last thing turf bring up they did didn't play nigel bradham. they are in the saying that is the reason with you you have to assume that is the reason because he is one of the best defensive players. so they win the coin cost and they elect to kick off instead of receiving yet they knew one of their best defensive player was sitting on the bench. it kind of bothered me. >> that whole first quarter it was all lions. three long drives that chewed up the whole quarter. >> why do you need me? why did i come. >> you got a big event here. >> yes. >> so now you are saying i just came for the plug. well, you are right. two funny philly guys with joe conklin and our daughters.
5:52 am
>> when does that start. >> well, his daughter casey, a great singer, singing for morning show for years. they had my daughter ava works for morning show ape she has mced some shows for us in the past. so two funny philly guys and their daughters, saturday night november 5th at media theater. but it was just a pleasure to talk football with somebody who really knows football. >> well, thank you. >> we love you. we appreciate it. place your final bets, this is sad, can you believe, down to about seven minutes, seven and a half minutes, they will be closing the front taj mahal for the final time, the end of an era, steve keeley will have a live report. planned parenthood.
5:53 am
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would
5:54 am
be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:55 am
we are live, in atlantic city outside front doors of the trump taj mahal casino. you see velvet ropes are up and security guard standing by the doors. last gamblers are leaving casino floor, last betting is being done and last for the name trump in atlantic city as last of the building is about to shut down in seconds, karen. steve, thank you. nothing off limits as donald trump and hillary clinton face off in their second presidential debate, the biggest moments that everybody is talking about right now. also in the next hour, storms gone, recovery only
5:56 am
beginning we will be going live to some areas hardest hit by hurricane matthew over the weekend. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone
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i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' we are live where 3,000 employees of the trump taj
5:59 am
mahal, they said they were closing at 6:00, it its about 602nd away from straight up 6:00 o'clock after this long, long strike: workers standing outside the demise of the trump taj mahal, what a way to start your week. >> it is good that someone like donald trump is not the in charge of the law in the country. >> because you would be in jail. >> the second presidential debate, filled with personal attacks and insults, making it uncomfortable for some to watch. hear biggest moments people are talking about this morning. and for the first time, under doug pederson the eagles have lost a football game, they could not stop the lions, we're roaring through the first half and wiggling in the end zone. eagles coming up short with the lions despite that second half come back, reaction from
6:00 am
the players, the coaches, and from you, you, lets get out to the taj mahal because it is shutting down. they have said again it will, happen right at straight up 6:00. it is five seconds past six. it is closed. so after this long strike, hoping to see begins hope, that this hotel and casino opened, it is now closed. >> doors are lock. last patrons being told to walk around casino floor. the doors are lock. yellow velvet ropes put up, security guard taking pictures themselves and we will take and turnaround. they rushed the doors at closing time chanting we will be back. here comes more security staff out to these outer doors with the last patrons being told they have to leave. so another casino in atlantic city is shut down. this is fifth since 2014, for that year, and now this one and two of those five had


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