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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i'm looking for a new look. i think this is it. the justin beiber inspired this new look.
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why fans can enjoy it. well, up close. he will get in your face with your new look. >> i like this song. >> karen hepp has joined us. >> good morning,. >> good day it is monday october 10th that would be make it 10/10/2016. do you know taraji p henson is on good day philadelphia she opens up about a powerful new book, story of her life, what she reveals about her experience with domestic violence. she had had to up and leave a relationship because he hit her. >> and we use pumpkins as decorations and all kind of food but did you know they are good for your hair and also for your skin. we will show you the beautiful benefits of pumpkins. >> um-hmm. and also, so many moments everyone talking about the the big presidential debate, lit up on twitter. it is fascinating, it is almost like a sports event where people tweet scores and is what happening and every single line everybody is tweeting the same information. >> it makes no sense because
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i'm watching it so why am i reading the same things that i'm watching. >> i like to see it on twitter because i like to see people reacting and that is what i appreciate more. >> if you watched last night at 9:00. went on for 90 minutes. donald trump answer to go crude comments he made about woman in 2005 recorded on tape. it is from a conversation with access hollywood's billy bush, one of the correspondents on that show 11 years ago. the here's the deal if you haven't seen it, i don't know where you have been but either way, they are going to go interview a soap opera star and premise is that billy bush is going to help donald trump become a soap opera star. lets go interview a female soap opera star. access will hollywood had this big bus they with go from location to location to do these celebrity interviews. well, inside the bus billy bush has a microphone on, donald trump has a microphone on but no camera person on the bus. camera person is rolling
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outside of the bus, so they get their arrival and stuff. >> woman walking up to the bus. so billy, who should know better, donald because there is no cameraman in their face forget that the outside camera guy is recording all this and they heard them talking about the the woman they are about to meet, and they also discussed the host of access hollywood nancy odell and how attractive she is. >> and when you are star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> grab them by the bleep. you can do anything. >> well, this went on for a couple minutes. >> video is like three minutes long total. >> can i, fascinating part also is who kept it. when they were listening, someone was so offended at that moment ape still recorded on tape either a friend of nancy or someone on the the crew and said i will keep this
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forever. >> archive video. >> that is not archive. >> no, no. >> some shows save all footage. >> for 11 years i feel like someone put that in the drawer this he were so mad, when that crew, there was six people in the crew, someone friend with nancy or literally pulled over and said can you believe what they said and they waited. >> i heard there was a cameraman, who had saved it all these years. >> we will find out more on that one. >> but talk in it, that is what america is talking about. >> let's talk about that. conversation was men and women about this since friday night and sometimes, the conversation is much different, according to gender. trump calling those comments locker room talk. he said that all weekend a pol guying. he did address it last night early in the debate calling it locker room talk. >> it was locker room talk, i'm not proud of it. i am a person who has great respect for people, for my family, for people of this
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country. certainly i'm not proud of it, but that was something... >> so other guy on the bus, billy bush, by the way if we can find out when they come off the bus when billy and donald come off the bus. billy bush has been suspended indefinitely from nbc because in the long ago he was name to the today show and his career was on the rise, will he ever appear on the today show again. >> a lot of people are wondering that. >> suspended indefinitely. >> i brought up nancy odell, one of the anchors of access hollywood. they were talking about all i went after this married woman but she never let me have sex with her. it was disappoint to go hear such object case have of women. conversation need to change because no female no person should be subject of such crass comments or not cameras are rolling or not. >> i think what is interesting about this is the fact it kept coming up with the whole
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locker room talk, locker room talk. i was talking with some friend. that what guys talk about? is this how it goes. she is a syndicated talk. he has an interesting take. i didn't cringe when i heard trump say that. i was embarrassed because i know how we talk about women in public and in private. he went on to say being a woman and saying i will blank her is entitlement to a woman's body and that has nothing to do with it. yule mad at trump for saying just that. but act like they are so, and if you are, to better because your are just like him. >> well, another person said this, i have been on this earth, for 62 years. i have made some jokes, and some things, but i have never said anything like that. i will say this, i'm a fan and have been for years of the body talk. you two know me. i like body talk. but i got to tell you i have
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never said that it is cool, it is okay because i'm well known in the philadelphia area and delaware valley. i never said i will grab a woman's genitals. >> never. >> is the conversation different because i think it is much, you love woman but you are a respectful person to the person in your life. >> so. >> do you think there is a difference between what you say with your guy friend at that moment, you know, as opposed to, i have never heard you talk, disparagingly about someone in your life you actually love. >> no. >> but he wasn't talking about someone he loved he was talking about another woman. >> nancy odell. >> and also soap star about to walk up, they addressed her too when they started to walk up. i think we know women and men talk differently about us. for me it is like, how far does that go, you know. locker room, the way it has been put and how he said it,
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it doesn't really carry weight to me. >> you don't want to go in there. >> if that is what is going on and being talked about. >> can we talk about eras peck of it. so the busies rolling up. billy bush is in there. i don't know if he was married in 2005. donald trump had been married two or three or four months. >> the mother was pregnant or just about to have tiffany. >> no he was married to medical an a. >> okay good they were married one months or so. >> yes. >> wife number three. >> so, they come rolling up, and where billy got in trouble was he was going yeah, look at her legs, hey short i, come on over here but when he got off the bus and he knows he is on camera now the first thing they say to this woman is, i know you are impressed with donald trump because he is powerful, rich and all that stuff but how about giving me some love and ask her in the first two minutes would you rather date, me or donald
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trump. why is that the first? is that an appropriate thing to say. they just met her. >> i think he was, they were feeding on each others whatever in appropriateness and like i dare you, i dare you, he was talking about hugging woman. why don't you hug her. >> i had tic tax because when i see a beautiful woman i want to kiss her right away. >> i think that men, truth is, working in male field, men do talk, men talk. >> we talk. >> men talk good that is just, i grew up with men in live trucks and men talk and i think. >> i'm telling you i have talked a lot. i have talk. but i have never said to another man, you know, i noah lot of women. i have never said that. >> you didn't take that it far. >> you know what i have to say, i could walk up there and grab her genital use. >> but what was interesting in the the news room, this morning before the show started we talked about this and say i talk to some guys
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and they a that is how talkings. from my perspective guys i talk to they say we never go that far. it depend on what locker room you you are in and what issuing is will of friend for some guys that seems to be the normal and for other it is not. >> conversation start to change. i remember working in restaurants. if you are in a kitchen that is another rowdy place. will beer room, kitchen, that was something that was acceptable. things change. people have conversations like this. that is not appropriate. it changes dialogue. people would be more conscious because they don't always realize. we are in the the safe zone and only talking about us people here. this offend other people. >> because he is so well known and rich and he can have anybody abe he was surprised he could not get nancy odell. she was married, at the time. but i also relate it to billy bush. lets say you are in a bus with donald trump trying to get a interview with him and have a fun segment. he is just playing along. >> to make sure.
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>> he is laughing. >> connecting. >> yes. >> and she would do anything about it because i'm rich. you can hear billy laughing about it. >> what do you think. >> what are you saying. >> i think he wants to be accepted by donald trump in that moment. >> that is what everybody says. >> instead of going that is so inappropriate donald, don't you ever say that. >> hey, is what up, good to see you, access hollywood. >> yes. >> he did say he was embarrassed by those comments and he is different, it was 11 years ago. >> yeah. >> let us know what you think. >> that is the truth. >> politics you don't want to go there. >> yes. >> can i just on a lighter note say something, you know this two because you watch the whole debate. when they came off the stage, did you see what people were passing out is this on the debate stage? disposable cameras. when was last time you saw a
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disposable cardboard cameras. >> they wind up, they wind it up. >> i see it at wedding receptions. >> even to today. >> i haven't seen it in a while. >> cell phone camera. where do you buy a disposable camera. >> yes. >> this is for security reasons because they have in cell phones and they want to have a way to take a picture. >> on twitter i talk about this last night. when was last time you saw one of those. where will you get it developed? someone asked me can you still get film developed. >> can you, does anybody know. >> i think you can at a pharmacy. >> but remember they had that film department, two or three guys, yeah. >> and then one hour photo, that was so cool, you can get it back in an hour. >> delayed gratification of having to wait a week, this is how oldy am, we had to wait five or six days and open up little rapper and pull it out. oh, look at that. look at that. >> yes. >> are we miss ago this. >> do you miss that at all.
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>> when i went on vacation last weekend i got a a go pro camera. i'm a photographer. i have one you could not see what you were doing and no l cd. >> you are cheap. >> basically. >> so, when i had that i was taking pictures and i had in idea what was coming out. i was annoyed but then i said i like this. you don't to have do anything. later you found out, you know, how good they are. >> yes. that was my little will throw back. >> empire season three is already off to a great start, cookie, is trying to take care of her boys, all while trying not to put a beat down on luscious. >> why don't you just tell me what it is, that you need. >> what i need is for to you respect my boundary. >> stop it with all have of this nonsense it is not working. you handled business i handle music that and my three sons that is all we need to to. >> done. >> from here on this is
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strictly business. >> strictly business. >> cookie knows how to handle her business. >> so lets get to taraji p henson now, good morning. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it is so good to see you, okay. we're loving season three and the way it is going so far. reaction from everybody we're so glad to have you back. >> thank you, good to be back. >> so let's talk with then the way things are going with cookie because it looks like, with td, and he is back on the show there might be something on. i think she's liking the good boy. >> yeah, interesting thing thaw will find out about cookie this season, is that she doesn't come from the side of the tracks that you think that she does. she fell in love with a bad boy and... that is why she's really likes tay digs character because that is lifestyle she knew you before
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terence, i mean before luscious. >> what has reaction been to mariah carry, because i made sure i was home on wednesday, of course, because of you, tar why i but i want to see mariah car ey, how was it working with her. >> it was fun. scene i did with her she just sang. i had a front row seat to her private interest math concert private just for me. who want to be in that seat. >> i will flip top inning because in the middle of the show there was a psa, public surface towns. , it was actually a commercial for hillary clinton. how did that happen? why did you want to do it. >> you see what is going on, don't you you? you don't see the urgency? so as a collective we decided we started to hearing people say they will not vote, they will not care so it is just to get the moral up again because if we don't save this country
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we're doomed. >> you said everybody came in for collective there were some people messing, we didn't see terence howard as a part of it. >> everybody was recorded that day so i don't know why that happened. >> so they just -- >> terence howard is one of the main people on the show. >> you you know what, that is not a tar why i question, i have no idea. >> because i watched that debate last night, and you are right, discussion in this country, men and women issues how to treat a woman right, can i just say thank you you and congratulations, i have raised two daughters. you had a domestic violence issue in your life, and when you were struck you would not put up with it and that is way women need to be. men are the perpetrators of this we are the ones that can stop it, is that the point you you were trying to make in the book, you cannot, you should not put up with this. >> absolutely. you know, and that is no love loss to my son's father.
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things happened in relationships and you have deal breaker and for me that was one. i know it is unfortunate people find themselves in the situation where they captain leave but you know, you got the to take care of you. you must take care of yourself. in one else will take better care of yourself then you. hopefully people get that message. >> that is great thing about celebrity though is women who were struggling with that even while they are watching our show right now maybe they have been, hit by their boyfriend or husband and they don't know what to do. i think they can look to somebody they can respect like you and say see what she did i can dot same thing. >> it is never easy when you are in love especially when your children are involved but at the same time you have to do what is best for everyone, you know. i don't want to put my significant other in the situation where he feels like he is combative. so as adults you walk away. you walk away and do you what
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is right for everyone good we put up a picture of your son, nice selfie you took together. you're writing this memoirs, did you think about what this might mean to put some of this out here for everybody to hear and to have everybody know what you went through. >> well, they kind of already knew. i don't hide anything in my interviews and that is why the story the book, how it came to be because once social media became very popular, you know people started reading my interviews and i was very candid. i have always been candid in my interviews. it was like the fans asked for this book. they are like your story is so powerful, inspirational so fans ordered this book. i felt like i had to do it because god put me on stage for a reason, he gave me a mike what willie say and how willie push humanity forward. >> i have been interviewed before you are a great
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candidate. is it possible you gotten more candid. >> i'm not going to give everything away turf keep something to myself but i did a very good job of giving just enough away that can still inspire, help people, that is what i want to do help people, little girls growing up, even little boys, you can do it, it doesn't matter where you start, it only, people only care about where you finish. >> all right. i hate toably this up. well, we have to rap. >> there is so much more to talk about with you. we love talking with you. >> that is okay, i'll be back you will have that big movie and we have to promote that. >> please i with love to talk about that. it looks like such a great film. >> bye taraji. >> bye-bye, thank you so much philly. >> how great is she. >> wonderful. >> she also talks about her son being pulled over driving
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while black that kind of thing. >> she talks about how during that police stop that happened there and backlash. >> it seems like a great memoirs around the way girl. let's lighten things up what do you say. >> okay. >> is there a reason why you are doing that. >> you know i love a good hamburger so why would i go to a hamburger joint on girard in fishtown and get vegan burger why would i do that? because it is darn good fish face and why would they call it sketch. wait until you see the drawing i do while i'm eating my burger. i'm an artist. >> are you. >> i have to see this. katie v/o: she works hard.
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she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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not just a tip but a sketch and is there burgers that the burgers they have special causes that are big draw too. mike says you have to try this. >> hi everybody.
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i've come to fishtown, and, today is about, well, me. >> i should say burgers. >> at this cool place on girard, called sketch. now why would you call it sketch, because sketchers, because sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch. >> thousands of sketches on the wall, where it was created by the owner, a women by the name of phyillis. >> hi mike. >> she has a hamburger on your shirt here. >> i know you had a place across the street called canvas. >> correct. >> when that closed you went from canvas to a piece of paper. >> paper where artist shown and cuss hers. >> idea while waiting for your food you draw a sketch. >> yesy will start mine i will have have crayon, crayola, and i will get started on mine. i'm a little crazy. i would come here for a vegan hamburger. do you know why i came here
9:25 am
for a vegan hamburger. because i hear it was good. how many ingredient in that darn thing. >> there has to be at least 16. >> sixteen. >> try to fire off some. >> okay. >> well, we have 12 different grains, potatoes, onions, potatoes, celery, cumen, pap rick, salt, pepper, garlic, lentils, black beans and chick peas. >> that is the sites of my face. i will bite into that in a second. there are seven sauces to dip theberg inner or frenchfries. >> that is right. >> boom. >> vegan barbecue. >> chipotle, wasabi, hot mustard, ayola, green goddess. >> now back to the veganberg are. >> yes. >> can i put any sauces on. >> you can put them all on there. >> there is 20 ingredients i'm about to shove in my face, which includes bun, lettuce tomato. >> almost 20. >> good luck.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> is he let's see, that is fantastic. >> you like it. >> yes. >> famous with this mushroomberg are. >> that is truffle butter burger, 8-ounce, chop burger with a homemade truffle butter and sauteed mushrooms. >> look at the size of this will my jaw come unhinged, seriously. >> you are a proud. >> phyillis do you find this attractive. >> laughter. >> give me a kiss, i'm done. >> that is impressive, isn't it. >> nearly professional. >> yes. >> while eating i did that. >> so, sketch is the name of it. i guess a cross the street, from columbia. >> correct. >> and fishtown. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much, mike. >> it was very nice having you. >> you are pretty cool
9:27 am
yourself. >> we know you didn't do that one mining, that was too good but that place looks good. i want to try those sauces. let's talk pumpkins we are in fall and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkins you put out and decorate but what about making pumpkins part of your beauty routine. karen, this makes sense, doesn't it? you have to explain. >> forget coffee, you got it, i will get pumpkin treatment and slather it all over ape smell like a big giant pumpkin pie. real treatments happening in our area, pretty cool will make you feel very thanksgivingish. >> we will be right back. katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it.
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katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> before we move on, can we share some awesome news here? our fox 29 family just got little bitter, a lot cutie.
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his daddy, terry finnegan, works in our finance department, wonderful wife maria gave birth to baby reese, by the way, reese is spelled rhys. which is the gal i can way of spelling the name,. >> so rhys is so cute. oh. >> and by the way of course the fcc requires me to say mom and baby are doing just fine. >> of course. >> love it. every time we do that. >> thank you. speaking of mommies, moms, here's a way to have more fun. you can eat pumpkin, drink pumpkin, dress like a pumpkin, on halloween. >> but did you know that there is a lot of pumpkin beauty treatments out there that you might twenty's on your skin? >> rub a pumpkin on your face, karen hepp. >> we're getting ready, but how about pumpkin schrat nerd your hair? here north third street,
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monday evening mason, good morning to you. >> hi, good morning. >> now, you have hair scalp oil treatment. let's see. how do you do it? and why would i want to do it? >> this is pimp kin seed oil mixed with oil, vitamins a, k, e in it, great for your hair, strengthens your hair, gives it nice shine. what i'm going to do here is put a little bit on reason i's hair. and just work it through. we like to slatter this through on the hair. and we have scalp treatment that we do here, than is part of our scalp treatment. i really love the benefits of pumpkin oil on the hair, especially mixed with hoba, really great. >> is it going to make my hair too greasy though? >> no, because oil's, natural oils do, not make the hair or skin greasy. synthetic oil it, does have the ability to do. that will but natural oils mimic the hairs, and skin's natural, so really great, and they assimilate into your hair and skin. >> do you smell or feel like a giant pumpkin?
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>> i feel great. i love it, i love mocha so i love this. >> she owns boutique never too spoiled next-door, so comes over frequently for a treatment. and we notice a great difference in her hair quality. >> always nice for someone to massage your head and make you feel like a little girl. i'll step into one of the treatment rooms, i would die for there is pumpkin facial. sam, good morning. >> good morning. >> so, what are you doing? who is my poor victim down here? >> kylie. >> hi, kylie. what's in this pumpkin, what is it, a mask or what are you putting on? >> just herbs, mixed when water. super easy. you can make it at home, we make everything organic here. so, you know, good for you, good for your skin, no chemicals. and it has pumpkin, nutmeg, and a little bit of water, and some yogurt powder. >> so coy take the pumpkin from a can and mix in like the pumpkin pie seasoning?
9:34 am
>> no, not for pumpkin pie. just regular organic like unfiltered, that would be the best thing, you don't want to put pumpkin pie. don't stick your face in any pumpkin pies this season, that won't help you. >> and what are the benefits of this? >> similar to what monique was saying about hair, it is also has a lot of antioxidants, it has gotten symms in it, it will help resurface your skin, and it will be great for anti-aging properties. it is got some really good stuff going on there, fatty acids, all kind of awesome. >> how does it smell and how do you feel? >> it smells amazing and i feel really recommender and rejuvenated. >> last, i have the most rathje hands, my hands all chipped, is there anything you can possibly do for my hands? >> yes, we actually have a moisturizer, we can use this at home too. it is super easy. you just get pumpkin seed oil, mix it with some shea butter, and mix it real well, throw it in the microwave if you want
9:35 am
to warm it up, and you are good to go. >> and i'm no longer all ash i, dry, gross. ladies thank you, absolutely amazing, i appreciate t we have all of these treatment here, but all the rage at salons all over, here at mocho55 north third, mike and alex, back to you, i'll bring you some oh, pumpkin oils and creams and stuff. >> oh, yes, would love to try some pumpkin oils. >> yes, bring your gord back over here. >> i'm little ashy anyway. >> what did she just say, she is ashy? >> no, i said i was ashy. >> she just did, too, karen did. ashy, gross and lame, something like that? new law firm. i try to keep a pumpkin in my pocket. >> oh, really? >> all day long. let me get it out of my pocket. here. i find that it keeps my thighs more supple. >> because it is beating against them as you're walking? >> yes. >> kind of hard to keep a pumpkin in your pocket. >> yes, just happy to see you. so saturday night live, it was
9:36 am
all about philadelphia at one point on saturday night. it was the spotlight was put on delco undecided voters. and there they are. >> tina fay, jimmy fallon. acting as if they live in delco. >> ♪ >> ♪ planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would
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be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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upper darby tina fay was on the show, representing delco, in a skit, and jimmy fallon joined her as a woman who lives in delaware count. >> i of course, pivotal voters watch do you think of their
9:40 am
accents? i don't know. >> his was not good. and hers could have been stronger, but who am i to say? >> let's listen and see. >> thank you so much. so how does it feel to be the most sought after voters in the country right now? >> and have you decided who you're going to vote for. >> i'm torn from a scooter accident, but i also -- >> yes, me neither. i think they're both bad. >> whatever. you love trump. >> i don't love trump. >> ya, well stop acting like it, everyone thinks you love trump. you're always like oh, his hair is real, you know? >> (laughter). >> did i it one time. get off my bra strap. i don't like trump. i don't like that he called alicia fat.
9:41 am
>> i know, right, like does this guy have in his house? he looked like opened a case dill a to take the chicken out. >> and what do you guys think of hillary clinton? >> i'm on the fence. >> really? >> she lied about her emails. she lied about began -- benghazi. >> tina almost laughed at that one. >> yes, benghazi. >> when she said house, it sounded like delco-ish, little bit. but that was fun. >> what? >> you know what i realize? >> oh, that was fun. >> i got so cold last night walking home. >> how colds was it? >> i found squirrels warming their nuts in washington square park, no. i realize, i've lot all of my coat. i don't have the beautiful blue coat that i got. i don't have my black kind of wind breaker type coat.
9:42 am
i've lost my coat. >> isn't that how it goes when you change seasons, like the next year? it is always a process when you go to the next season, like finding everything from last year, making sure you know where it is, and putting on. so maybe you just don't know where you put it? >> that's my point, why. >> do you have it in a box? >> i don't know, if i new where it was it wouldn't be lost. >> i know. that will i'm just trying to help you. >> thank you. >> did you put it in a box. >> i don't know. i don't know, if i new that i would know where it is. >> you know what, i can't help you. >> so let's just buy a new coat? >> what? no. >> let's just buy a new coat, jen. >> i think you should buy three, four new coats, again, i'm with alleys, thinks you should buy 19 coat. talking about fall treat concerned, finally the cold is in the air. we have great options, which are do's, which are not so much. let's talk about it, we're at century 21 this morning.
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hey make me look good. keith, our floor guy today, just found one of my jackets. it was a throw back last year and got little let letterman's jacket. it was in the back room? >> pop storage. >> look for a blue coat, it is really nice. >> so the answer is you left all of your stuff here? >> i think glow that makes sense. great storage place by the way. >> yes. so let's buy a new coat. fall coats. >> let's do it. >> jen? >> lisa is here, you know she works with us here on fox 29 on style and fashion and trends. good morning.
9:46 am
>> good morning. >> you say mike could probably use a new coat? >> i think mike needs an update. >> these are coats for women. and they're fall trends. >> correct. >> we begin with jill. jill, come on out, show us what you have. jill looks little familiar to yours, tell us what she is doing. >> so jill has what i consider the must-have trend of this season, it is a satin bomb america jacket. you can see she is wearing it a little more casual with pants, i'm wearing it a little bit more dressed up. but these are easily accessible, they're so cute to throw on rather than a jean jacket. you just look fancy without even trying. >> so that's the question that i have. like where am i wearing this? you are wearing it like would you wear a jean jacket sort of over skirts andress in. >> correct. i'm wearing it like this, perfect work look. she is a little bit more casual, so when she is running around town. >> you said you put yours over the top of like a fancy dress, and killer shoes? >> that's right. so i've worn mine with black couldn't i dress, killer heals, pop up my sleeves, super sheik. >> we've seen it all over many stores. >> that's right.
9:47 am
>> right here at century 21, thank you, jill. so madison coming next. and i love this. this is like the updated down filled coat? >> correct. what i love about this, the staple item. you cannot deny the winter is cold. you have to be warm. you can't run around in something that's not warm. i love that hers has the fur trimmed hood. so cute. >> that is like instagram famous right there, with the hood? >> instant famous, the other thing amazing about there is down coats used to be so expensive and not accessible to everyone, now there are so many different versions, 50-50 mix, alternative fill. so if there is accessible price point for every person and you can stay warm. >> and like you said, it is going to get cold. so we have to remember, you got to be cute. >> you have to be cute. this is a way to be cute and also i love it covers if you want to sit, her bumm, nothing worse than cold bumm. >> ya, can't have a cold bumm. so get your hot bumm over there. >> now, savannah, she has cool coat on. this is like the updated?
9:48 am
>> updated trench. this is an investment piece. what i love about this is her swing collar, there is no buttons, traditionally trench coats were double breast dollars, they have all of these buttons, like this is not your mama's trench coat. so many different patterns, versions, colors, i think really great investment piece, and to me fancy without being fans. >> i okay, when we look over here, thank you, ladies, like this right here isn't exactly a coat. more of like a throw, even though it looks like a coat? >> more of like an option instead after sweater. i love it. i think it has amazing leather sleeves, and the swing collar. but this is something you can throw in a office when cold, wear it as a jogger, so many different ways to wear this instead of big open cardy. >> i didn't ask you this off camera, this is a test, what's the one-the cote we should not wear this season? which one are we retiring? >> good question. we are going to be retiring -- >> like the military inspired one? >> i think we could retire that until spring, those kind
9:49 am
of green canvasy jackets. i think we can take a break from those until spring time. >> i love it, thank you. and mike, what kind of coat do you want him to get? >> i have to work with mike personally for that. >> i'm happy to do that. >> oh,. >> she said i need an up great to my look. >> i know. >> high school, letterman jackets? >> this was kind in for about three days last fall, and i went for it. but you know what i'll go back to? >> what? >> i'll go back to the 80s, karen, and get a members only jacket. >> oh, nice. oh, look at that. i like that silky feel. >> i had an electric blue one back in the day. >> i know people who still wear members only jacket. that's like did your durant, the hooters. >> seinfeld used to wear them, too. you have to have that up top. >> or like the parachute pant on the bottom? tight? >> i owned a pair of pants to work out in, "hammer time",
9:50 am
sure, i had those. you know somebody who still wears members only? >> yes, couple of people. they haven't probably done it in the past year, but more recently than the 80s, people have been wearing members only jackets. >> under the age of 30. >> cool. >> listen, i'm not the authority on cool, okay? so it is fine by me. >> stylish? i think i cut myself shaving again. >> that's not good. >> or it is a zit. >> that's not good either. >> let's move along to this one. >> that's not interesting? >> only little bit. >> gel us? >> oh, my god. >> no, you don't have to zoom in ton. >> don't worry, they do that to me too. i feel your pain. >> it is gone? >> no, see, one goes away, another one just comes right back up in its place. >> yes, zits travel in groups. >> they do? >> kind of like family. do dads really have more fun than moms? new survey says, you know this is true, dads will have more fun, because they are the ones playing with the kids while mom is doing the work and doing the laundry and chores. >> that's fair and objective.
9:51 am
>> you had at this came from the university of minnesota says dads are happier parent because they spend all of the good happy fun times going to the games with the children, activities, birthday parties, moms, you know, we're stressed out because we're the one packing lunch bags, don't get any sleep at all, just doing so many of the every day activities. >> i hate to say that i probably agree that study. >> don't pick at it, it is distracting. >> if it is there i'll pop it and pick at it. >> oh. no. sorry. >> what? >> do you ever like to pop somebody else's? >> what? no. >> no. if i do it, it is just going to be mine. >> would you like the honor, karen? >> no, no. there is a whole website dedicate today that. >> a website? wait a minute. >> popping zits? >> and people enjoy? karen, is that what do you with your day? >> i want to talk about a young flawless face. >> what's better. >> what's better what? >> than popping a zit. >> someone else's? i'll handle my territory.
9:52 am
>> i you know what? i used to get these on the crease of my jaw. >> what? >> zipping out. >> no, it wasn't herpes or anything. >> oh, no. >> what? >> like a cold sore. >> cold sore. >> oh, my god, relax. >> isn't cold sore a form of herpes? >> yes, it is a form of herpes. >> herpes simplex. he know -- i know a lot about that. justin, justin bieber has got -- this is the most important story of the day. >> is it? >> justin -- justin bieber's got a new look. why fans can enjoy it up close. you can even maybe touch it. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:53 am
she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery.
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katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> my favorite justin bieber. madam touseux in london premiers the official justin bieber wax figure. he's shirtless, showing off his abs. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i got to say, this freaks me out. these wax figures are so life-like, you think justin westbound is her standing next to you. the only way i'm ever going to get abs; if madam touseux makes them out of wax. >> and they made it rain on there. i remember when i was in
9:57 am
myrtle beach, they opened up this hollywood wax museum will we were there, so they let me be inside for the opening, like before it was open for the morning show. when we were in commercial, and when we cut everything off, it was just me and a photograph their. >> weird? >> i was so freaked out. i did not want to move. i didn't want to be left alone. it was just us in there. >> it looks like real humans. oh, by the way the american music award nominees announced 30 minutes ago. so let's talk about some of the cat googlies artist of the year? >> that's adele. >> beyonce, justin bieber, drake, rihanna, 21 pilots, carry underwood -- there is? that the of people in one category. mad on, a bruce springsteen and the e street bands, and favorite, what? >> that's going to be springsteen and beyonce. >> yes, because really long concerts. >> favorite male artist, drake -- >> adele, selena gomez, rihanna. >> does selena have enough songs out? >> maybe. >> so have a great monday!
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. ♪ ooh ooh >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: that's as good as it's going to get. thanks for watching. say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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