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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i'm iain page. tonight a plea for help from a mourning mother and community members who are just fed up with all the violent. bruce gordon joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. bruce, this is just heartbreaking. >> reporter: yeah, it sure was. mayfair neighbor where this violence actually played out the sound of gunfire is frank allot more common than it used to be. so tonight, police are trying to find some justice for mother torn apart by tragedy. look into the eyes of philadelphia's latest teenaged murder victim. now look into the soul of his grieving mother. >> what goes through your mind are the now as a parent? >> i'm angry. i'm hurt. i'm confused. i'm numb. i'm lost. >> reporter: 17-year-old quantic company brunson moten among five young men hanging around outside a corner store around 9:00 o'clock monday nig night. security cam footage shows the group heading down the street past barnett to the holly beyo beyond. gunshots rang out and seconds
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later two men are shown running from the scene. it's not clear whether either one was involved in the violen violence. but brunson moten's mother heard the shots ran outside to find her son dying in the alley. >> with his mouth open. blood everywhere. i just -- i cuffed his head and i was holding him and i actually seen him take his last breath, and that was it. >> reporter: police recovered a handgun from the scene and also a sneaker. it's not known how either fits into this puzzle but there is plenty of surveillance video and plenty of eyewitnesses to the shooting. >> you don't think this was random kind of scenario. >> no, they were targeted. we're in the really sure why but they were definitely targeted. >> reporter: residents tell us violence is on the rise in this neighborhood. drug use is rampant and street corners are full of loitering teens. she did not want us to show her face has had enough. >> you want to get out of here. >> yes, most definitely. yes. it's not even want to.
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i am. i am. for the livelihood of my children because i have teenagers. >> reporter: this teenager is gone too soon. his mother can harley bear the loss. >> what do you want them to know about quinn tiko? >> that he can the pants off anybody. real could. they going to miss that big old smile. that big old cool aid smile. >> his father spent part of his morning with a mop cleaning away the blood from the alley where his son died. we mentioned the two other shooting victims both are in critical but stable condition. 16-year-old boy and a 21-year-old man. police hope to be able to speak to both of them to try and piece together exactly who was targeted and why. iain? >> bruce, thank you. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. students at temple enjoying a nice cool fall day. item did warm up quite a bit since overnight. in a couple of days we might be
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seeing a cold front. let's head over to meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right, iain. it's kind of that time of year up and down with those temperatures. but nonetheless, it was cold across the he john this morning. upper 20s in the pocono mountains. mid 40s in philadelphia. but 30s elsewhere. right now we have mostly sunny skies. it's going to be nice sunset this evening. close to 6:30 right now it's 62 in philadelphia. after a seasonal high temperature right around 67. and winds right now are out of the east southeast at about 5 miles an hour. but look at the low temperatures across the area. folks were bundled up north and west. we had 34 degrees in the lehigh valley allentown. reading about 37. upper 30s in wilmington, delaware. philadelphia center city right around 45 degrees. so it's not going to be as cold as it was this morning tonight and look at the temperatures right now. still pretty comfortable. we have 64 degrees in allentown. low 60s in reading and pottsto pottstown. 62 right now in wilmington. 61 millville upper 50s currently
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in atlantic city. so if you're stepping outdoors, grab that jacket or fall sweater. we're looking at upper 50s by 7:00. by 9:00 o'clock mid 50's. low 50s with a few scattered clouds arriving by 11:00 o'clock tonight. there could be some patchy fog that develops overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morni morning. coming up we'll talk about a midweek warmup then a cold front that will bring some cooler changes for the latter part of the week. yes, we still have another hurricane to talk about in the atlantic and the weekend weather what to expect more changes with that seven day forecast. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. well tonight investigators in north philadelphia are hoping some clear surveillance video will lead them to a robber. take look at this. police say this guy walked in to a dunkin' donuts on the 2300 block of north broad street on august 29th. he points a gun at the teen employee behind the counter and demanded money. the bad guy got away with some cash. he was last seen running on york street. if you recognize him please call
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police. police in delaware have arrested two men they say stole packages right off of people's doorsteps. prosecutors have charged 23-year-old christopher panier row and 19-year-old david psycho vets with theft and conspiracy charges. police say the pair stole packages from the darylly green community in claymont last week. they say that tips and surveillance video helped them find the pair. paulsboro in gloucester county was the sight of another train derailment today. but this one was minor. it happen between west jefferson and monroe streets. conrail says the wheels of four cars slipped off the track. a crane had to lift the freight train back into position. conrail says the derailment did not pose a hazardous threat. of course a train derailment in 2012 created a large hazmat situation in paulsboro. man who lost a figure in nn.j transit crash is now filing a lawsuit. lawyers for sheldon kess say he was in the front car of the crash that crash not hoboken station. he just didn't loss part of his
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finger. he broke his his knows and the impact cut his head and face. he was a passenger in the front car of the train and debris from that crash killed a woman and injured more than 100 others. while the investigation continues, the ntsb has said the train was speeding as it entered the station. new jersey transit has declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. torments night philadelphia's controller crediting surveillance cameras with stopping taxpayer dollars from going right down the train. alan butkovitz his office discovered 10 people who work the ale fill's male center were fudging their timecards and claiming overtime when that did he not work it. he says surveillance video shows the employees coming and leaving at different times than they claimed they did. in the eight-week period where the city controller monitored employees, the city paid out nearly $10,000 in fraudulent overtime. the district attorney is now deciding whether to press charges. happening now, police in community are coming to together to make kids safer. they're taking their lives in
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their hands against drivers when they go school. there are no crossing guards. >> and parents are not just frustrated. they are very worried. fox 29's bill anderson was in grace furry to see what was going on for himself. bill, what did you see. >> it was problem. i saw it. nearly 1500 students all get out of school nearly same time. add in it's near an i-76 exit and a warehouse where 18 wheelers are in and out all day. parents say it's too dangerous to not have dedicated crossing guards and their demanding solutions. >> it's really quiet out who are right now. but they say at like 2:00, 2:30, parents and neighbors in grays ferry neighborhood have an interesting dilemma. it's a good thing that children are focused and going to school. but at around 8am and then again at 2:00 or 3:00 they say 32nd and dickinson and tasker they're overrun with students and platt flat out dangerous. >> you'll see a bunch of kids being disorderly crossing in the
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middle of the street going every which way but the right way there's no organization. >> as long as there's no crossing guards out here, our community is going to be out here to make sure our children safe. >> two schools nearly 1500 students from two universal charter schools all get out right around the same. the community says with that many kids it's dangerous at the very least there should be cro crossing guards right about now when they're getting out of school. >> police department, other one told me it's charter school problem. i don't know who problem it is. i want it solved. >> philly police higher crossing guards and apparently a general shortage in the city is the problem. captain francis of the 17th district agrees that this block needs to be safe but said it's not about finger pointing it's about cooperation. >> we are all part of the community. >> we will do our part but the community when they see a need like this, then they should come
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out and volunteer, step up and be a part of to be a solution. >> reporter: all right. so that's the end of it today. police said there will be a police officer out here until they can find some sort of solution or crossing guard. >> that ain't going to work. i want traffic light of the traffic light don't get sick good we'll see. >> as you can tell people aren't exactly sure what the solution is, but i was told there's a shortage of people applying for the crossing guard job. actually need more possible. the police hope to fill the void soon because in all honesty placing a police officer there is temporary fix. but we all know that lucy if the police get a call, they've got to go. so that's not permanent soluti solution. >> that's right. all right, bill. keep posted. in camden a truck driver is ruined a neighborhood football field. look at that. what the community planed to now after all of that destruction. >> bad news for dizzy drake fans we told you it was canceling his concert in philly. when he's finally going to return to the big stage. sean.
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>> the eagles have a lot of charm now. lane johnson is about to be gone for long time and it's happening at a terrible time. the team reacts to johnson's bad decisions later in sports.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ♪ look at this mess on a field for local youth football team. someone destroyed the field. dozens of kids use it all week long. >> now the children, the coaches and community are trying to rally back. our dawn timmeney talk to those players and coaches today. dawn, this is a lesson i guess in resilience. >> reporter: well, this is just so heartbreaking, lucy. the coaches are devastated. this is a volunteer group. everybody chips in what they can. they do what they can so these kids can play football. so this is a real blow to the community. >> angry. i don't know why anybody would do this. >> reporter: 10-year-old avery
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kelly can't believe that someone intentionally ruined the football field where his team the camden raiders practice and play. the league has 80 enthusiastic players from ages six to 14 who look forward to coming out here six days a week, and now their field is unplayable. >> the field was -- it was for us. like for the kids. >> i'm thinking that i wish we can fix it. >> reporter: it happened sometime sunday. a truck used to tear up these children's fun. rob kelly is one of nine guys who started this league a year ago at no cost to the players to keep these young guys off the streets. >> they love it. they enjoy coming out here. half of them never played football day in their life. just the fact they have something to do. they learning around bunch of men doing something positive. >> good job. >> the team even has 20 of why cheerleaders who are equally sad do you what happened here. >> i'm like really disappointed. >> despite the set back the coaches say nothing can keep the camden raiders down.
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>> i talk to them. one kid came, said what we going to do? we what we going to do now. i said we're going to be okay much that's all i can tell them. where there's will, there's a way. >> what would you say to whoever did this? >> why did ya'll do this? i don't like that. >> reporter: nobody likes what happened here. this field is behind the milandra hall community center in camden. it hadn't been used for some 10 years. the league started using it. the city says it is on this. it plans to be out here first thing tomorrow morning. it's going bring top soil and rakes and get this field back in shape. unfortunately it won't be ready for saturday's game. so the team will have to play their game away they're going to have to come up with the money so they can get buses and revs for their away game. but even though this is sad story, it highlights the good that's being done in this community. lucy. >> it is bringing folks together. too bad it had to happen, though. dawn, thanks so much. one-two below for drake fans we told you last week the
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musician canceled his philadelphia show on thursday. >> it turns out he's postponing the rest of his summer tour. the reason, he's got an injury ankle. his spokeswoman says doctors have advised him to cancel the three remaining dates of his summer 16 tour and drake is not going to hit the stage until 2017 when he heads to europe for his boy meets world tour. it's not clear when or if any of the shows will be rescheduled. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. it's very fall like. i like that. it is in fact fall. also talking about wintry things like frost advisories. >> 43 whoa took my kids outside this morning. >> iain, you're already complaining about the fall chi chill. i know you were bundled up. >> i think it's a fact versus a complaint. [ laughter ] >> that's right. lucy, it was 45 in philadelphia. but we did have some areas in the 20s. poconos mountains frost advisory into the growing season for the pocono mountains. we had upper 30s in parts of delaware. mid 30s in south jersey. so it was a cold start. but the temperatures they
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recover particular tight nicely. 67 degrees was the afternoon high retama ask sun will set in about 10 or 11 minutes. right now high pressure still in control. it will shift a little farther to the east. so winds late tonight and tomorrow mainly out of the south. so it's not going to be as cold as it was this morning. this cold front well to the west we'll reinforce some of that fall air by the latter part of the week. it will arrive thursday afternoon and evening. there could be a couple of isolated showers with it. but not a whole lot of moisture to work with once it heads in our direct. we have upper 50s atlantic city. 61 in wildwood. 61 pottstown. 64 in allentown. after 34 degrees your morning low there. 60 right now in the pocono mountains. parts of south jersey we have 61 in voorhees much bordentown 60. 61 beach haven and avalon checking in at 60 degrees. so as we go hour by hour, by 11:00 o'clock tonight, philadelphia right around 52. upper 40s north and west.
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low 50s in mill 53. then by your wednesday morning, we're looking at temperatures in allentown in the low to mid 40s. maybe couple of upper 30s in lancaster and berks counties. but upper 40s philadelphia, even low 50s in parts of south jers jersey. so a chilly start tomorrow but a milder end. high temperatures once again in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. there could be some morning clouds or some patchy fog out there tomorrow giving way to mixture of sun and clouds. another seasonal day. temperatures top out in the upper 60s. look at hurricane nicole. very well-defined buzz saw right now about 350 miles from bermu bermuda. it will likely intensify to a strong category two maybe even reach category three status before potentially making landfall on bermuda or near bermuda as early as thursday afternoon. we'll certainly continue to watch that. the weather authority seven day forecast showing mid to upper 40s tomorrow morning. upper 60s for highs. then on thursday out ahead of
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that front temperatures warm to around 70. maybe isolated shower late thursday. behind that front temperatures top out in the low 60s then we rebound again back to the low to mid 70s iain as we move toward tuesday of next week. >> all right. scott, thank you. well today septa and philadelphia's fear department joined forces all in the name of fire safety. fir responders, firefighters and students from holy redeemer highness catholic school 2,000 cards on buses, trains and trollies. their team this year is smoking hazards and how they can endanger lives, homes and health. they hope it will educate citizens to be more aware and practice fire safety in their homes. you'll fine these cards all over the city throughout the fall season. all righty. we've got sports now with sean bell. >> eagles dealing with a lot of controversy. >> yeah. >> a lot of problems right now. lane johnson got hit with the hammer. we knew it was coming but we didn't know and it's here at the worse possible time. joel embiid healthy.
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i think we can throw a parade for that. they have another game night and he talked about continuing to improve coming up next in sport. planned parenthood.
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♪ lane johnson fought the law and you know how that goes. the law won. johnson 10 game suspension was upheld and it starts immediately. that means johnson has to leave the novacare complex and he can't come back until suspension is over. he can't practice with the team. he can't look at film. he can't even talk to the coaches over the phone. exiled from the entire squad.
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johnson also losing out and a lot of money. he won't get paid over the next 10 weeks and has to give up millions of dollars from that fat contract he just got over the off season. when you can pobbly lose that much money i don't know how you make a dumb mistake like that. the team says... >> for the sixers joel embiid he's still not hurt. i don't know about you but that's win for me. that's a win in my book. aft not playing for the first two seasons and constantly making situations worse on
6:25 pm
himself tonight the sixers take the grizzlies on and joel embiid talk about, you know, trying to do things to improve his game. >> i still need to -- stay trying to lose couple pounds. [ inaudible ] >> we can correct mistake. >> last night we said goodbye to legend. i don't know you guys i love me some pig poppy david ortiz. the red sox were swept but in his final game he had a sac fly and great applause. the guys love him. listen i love anybody who destroys the yankees. anybody. okay. i love poppy. may be a borderline hall of famer he's a hall of famer in mylar. big poppy see you later. he doesn't have to row toy he was absolutely great this year. big poppy. i love him. >> i love his tv commercial. >> love him. >> big personality.
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>> absolutely. >> he probable won't be hall of famer because he had some ped issues borderline. and also designated hitters don't get into the hall of fame. >> but still big poppy he can hit. >> plus he just got a good nickname. >> exactly. >> love the guy. >> all right. to night at 10 teens and metal braces have gone hand in hand. they you've to be the source of closed school pictures. orthodontists are fixing teeth. how young people are getting a straight smile without anyone noticing. >> as a parent is this costing more money. >> you better believe it does. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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mystery over the girl behind the door. >> who is she? could she be this missing girl? new video after kim kardashian was robbed. there she is as cops swarm over her hotel suite. >> plus, was this singer trashed by trump over her bad skin? >> you are not supposed to say those things. >> the makeup artist accused of trump groping her. what she said he did to her when nobody was looking. >> he is pushing me up against the wall. >> a star is born. >> one more question from ken bone. >> the debate dude in the red sweater. >> do you have any idea how adorable you


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