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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> how the firefighters were able to make it out alive. >> i don't want his support. i don't care about his support. what i want to do is win for the people. >> the shackles are off. donald trump attacks those in his own party, who no longer support him. why he says, it is actually better for his campaign. >> no lane, no gain. adjust to go life without lane johnson for the next ten games. eagles lineman, lane johnson, loses his appeal as you know, and will now have to sit out ten games. so where does that leave the eagles? yikes. and what is the name of his replacement? if you can say it, i'll wash your car. our experts are in the studio this morning, to talk about that. and look at this. oh, just like the good old days, couple of former phillie's coming through, in the playoff for the dodgers,
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how chase utley and joe blanton, yes, i said joe blanton, led the dodgers to victory. >> that's not the phillies, though. it hurts -- >> blue and white? dodger blue? hi everybody. it is, is it wednesday? >> it is wednesday. >> october the 12th, now, back in the day, october 12th was columbus day. but that was monday. which makes no sense any more. >> it doesn't? >> nope. >> okay. good columbus day. did he really discover america? let's in the get into that whole controversy. >> little early for. that will you know what does make sense? >> what? >> going to sue to get some weather. >> you know, that's never made sense to me. we've done it for 15, 20 years. >> you must endure anyway, i'm afraid. this might help. ten, yes, ten out of ten. make it feel little better? here is bus stop buddy. another chilly start this morning, he is wearing a jacket, but he may end up leaving it at school because it is going to be little milder today once the day is through. temperatures are mostly in the
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40's this morning. we have 39 degrees, though, in allentown and pottstown. fifty in the city. forty-five in wilmington. forty-seven in wildwood. there is your ooh degrees at the airport with 7:09 as your sunrise time. just little bit after breeze, it is going to be nice one today, high temperature of 70 degrees, mix of sun and clouds. but how long will this stretch of gorgeous autumn weather last? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast, coming up the good morning being bob kelly. >> hey sue good morning, everybody, 6:02, this wednesday, off to a quiet start, at least right now, here is a live look at disable there is guy off into the bushes here. this is the blue route off ramp, to ridge avenue, some folks kind of going around, we got penndot arrow truck just pulling up to the scene here. again, so just watch yourself if you are headed that way again the blue route at ridge pike. then, the ben franklin bridge looking good, no problems up and over into downtown, speedometer readings pretty much in the 50's for all of the major roadways, and we slide on down to delaware where we have an accident
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involving two overturned tractor-trailers. this is southbound lanes of route one. right near the smyrna interchange. which is exit number 119. so for the morning rush hour, if you are headed south, route 13 is the way to go. try to get more info as the morning goes on, hello shaders, maple shade new jersey, route 73 and fellowship, everybody out headed at the same time, cumberland farms in the background, no problems if you are headed up toward the talcony palmyra bridge. then in chester county route one crews are coming our way later on today right at route 41, mass transit looking good with no delays. mike, alex, over to you. >> thank you, bob. 03:00, fire in hunting park causes part of a home to collapse. it happened on the 1300 block of west pike street, around 1:30 this morning, at one point, firefighters were told to evacuate the building when it started to give way. parts of broad street in the area also had to be closed, as crews investigated, it has since reopened, and they are still determining the cause of this fire. and now to talcony where firefighters battled garage
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fire. it happened at magee avenue and edmond street around 11:00 last night. you can see from this video, not much left of the garage. and, we do know, though, there are no injuries. 6:04. a murder mystery in delaware county has left a community shocked and sad end. >> police there say someone stabbed a mother to death inside of her own home. dave kinchen, live at darby borough, at the police department there. dave? >> mike, alex, big questions here for neighbors and police trying to investigate all of this. police talking to these neighbors. they are investigating the deadly stabbing after woman, she was found stabbed to death in the basement of her spruce street home on sunday. neighbors say that they saw the victim's daughter outside on the street. now, here is the thing, the neighbors are saying that the victim's daughter in her 20's, has special needs. they say it is strange for the daughter to be outside without her mother. something they've never seen before. so the neighbors called police. and that's when investigators made the discovery of the
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victim at the house. now, police have not yet under kate dollars whether they have a suspect or a motive in this murder. we will check back with investigators today, working, and back out in the neighborhood taking a look at things again, but very strange situation here. murder mystery, and police trying to solve it. mike anal next. >> dave, more on that in a little bit. 6:06 now. >> bucks county, officials from the neshaminy school district are warning parents about an attempted abduction. police say man with silver hair driving black toyota camry pulled up to elementary school student yesterday. police say he asked the boy if he needed a ride. the boy said no. then the man took off. if you know anything about this, call police. well, with the presidential elections just four weeks away, and republicans divided over donald trump's character and candidacy, the billionaire now blasting house speaker paul ryan for saying he will no longer defend or campaign with donald trump. but, focus instead, on protecting the republican party when it comes to the
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house majority. so, donald trump went to a tirade on twitter. trump took to twitter yesterday and said this, despite winning the second debate in a landslide every pole it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. then this one: it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off of me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. well, paul ryan has not responded to these tweets. >> and hillary clinton says the fbi is investigating the hacking of the democrat's top campaign advisor. clinton is still feeling good following what many people are calling a strong performance at the second debate. she campaigned in miami along another former nominee, al gore, as she focused her talks on climate issues. real clear politics which averages all of the polls in florida shows hillary clinton ahead nationally by six points. >> moving on here at 6:06. children who play for the camden raiders are devastated that somebody ruined their playing field. >> when players and coaches for the youth football team
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showed up for practice they found that someone had driven a truck all over the field behind the hall community center. the turf ripped up, look at that, coaches started this team a year ago to keep children off of the streets. and they're just heart broken. specially the coaches, the kids, everyone involved. >> why would people do this? it was for us, like for the kids. >> they loved it. they enjoyed coming out here. half of them never played a day of football in their life. just the fact that they have something to do, and they're learning, and around a bun of men doing something positive. >> the city will be at the field this morning putting on top soil so their field of dreams will grow again. but their home game saturday now has to be an away game. we have link on the website if you want to help the kids fix their field with more information. >> so what we will do, take camera over there, watch this re-sod g. steve used to play football himself. steve keelie? >> on the very field? >> on the very field. gal over there with a camera so we can watch this refurbishing of the field. anything we can do to help we
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will. tragedy of different kinds in the wake of the hurricane matthew. why police say they opened fire on a man in north carolina, as they were trying to rescue people from the flood. >> plus, local parents concerned for their kids safety. take matters into their own hands. what they're doing to ensure students get to and from school safely.
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>> busy intersections causing a lot of concerns. parent, neighbors, in grays ferry very concerned about children crossing streets, because there is not a crossing guards there. >> while they look for permanent solution, pitching in to keep student safe. every day nearly 1500 students leave school and cross 32nd street here at dickinson, due to shortages, no dedicated crossing guards. community activists, charles reed, has been volunteering himself while also reaching out to the community leaders and police. >> one time the police department, told me, i don't know who promised. just click the caution button. >> traffic lights don't do this. >> mr. lays uniformed office their during the busy hours but hope to hillary clinton more crossing guards, finds permanent solution in the near future. >> sometimes you got to do it yourself. >> all right, 6:10,. >> man shot and killed by state trooper during flood rescues in north carolina, what the governor says led to
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the shots being fired.
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>> during search and rescues missions monday night, officer has been placed on administrative leave. no further details of the shooting have been released but the governor said it happened under very difficult circumstances. meanwhile the death toll now stands at 18, in north carolina, as flooding continues in several areas. >> president obama also has declared a major disaster in south carolina. providing federal aid to areas hit hard by hurricane matthew, in that state. fema is transporting food, water, blankets, to help those impacted by hurricane matthew. the president is urging people who live in the area affected by the flood in south carolina to follow the directions, of their local officials. i guess that's obvious. 6:14. >> i've been checking in with some of the my friends in south carolina they say they're still without power, still waiting for it to be turned on. >> as you know alex holley worked here for couple of hours in myrtle beach right on the coast there. >> i have a lot of close friends and family friends. >> they are okay? >> okay, but ready to get home so they can see the damage and get everything together.
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>> they will be affected by this for month for sure. coming up in three, two, one, it is 15:00. >> here we are, looking at much better weather pattern. not quite as cold, in the 30's in allentown, 43 degrees in lancaster, 50 in the city. forty-two in hazleton. reading has 41. pottstown, 39 degrees. fifty-four in ocean city, new jersey, 45 in millville. waking up in lewes, to 50 degrees this morning. watching closely, hurricane nicole, which strength ends this morning to category two, and is headed right to the island of bermuda there. you see, pretty much a direct hit, at least the agreed upon path of the storm, and with 105-mile per hour winds, and heavy, heavy rains, another day of destruction that we have to look at after all what we saw with matthew. now, first tomorrow is concerned, we've been telling but this cold front coming through. and that we probably wouldn't
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get any rain. well, now there is a chance of some rain, maybe two, 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. should pass through pretty quickly if you get any at all from that cold front. and it will take temperatures down a little bit. here we get to 707 degrees today. after 60s yesterday. seventy-two tomorrow. cold front comes through. it is mid 60s for friday and saturday. but saturday and sunday both look like beautiful autumn days. so if you are going to do some pumpkin picking, bob kelly, this is your weekend. >> you got t i'll drop the kids off at your house and i'm sure they would love to go pumpkin picking with you and sue, going there. 6:16, morning, a live look, the blue route off ramp to norristown. what look like first an addition able vehicle, turned into a vehicle fire. fire crews are on the scene there. looks like maybe just an engine overheating. nonetheless, a lot of activity on the blue route off ramp to norristown. then septa having some delays this morning on the norristown high-speed line. because after disable train,
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allstate, all passengers between the radnor and the bryn mawr station, need to board on the out bound platform. so that's going to throw some delays into the norristown high-speed line this morning. and we have overturned tractor-trailer, involved with another tractor-trailer, accident here, southbound lanes, route one, being told there were chickens in one of the overturned tractor-trailers. this is all southbound route one down in delaware, right near the smyrna interchange. which is exit number 119. no report of any injuries. to drivers or the chickens, good news, for all motorist this is morning, if you are headed south route 13 is the way to go for the gang leaving south jersey into problems yet on the freeway, or 295. and we are looking good on mass transit. alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 6:17. medical examiner says oklahoma man was on drugs when he was shot dead by police officer last month. now, an autopsy shows 40 year old terrence crutcher pcp in his system, also shows he died
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from gunshot wounds in his chest. officer betty joe shot crutcher unarm after his car broke down, prosecutors say, the officer reacted unreasonably when crutcher didn't follow her orders. she has pleaded not guilty to first degree manslaughter and she had told investigators, she thought he was on pcp. and the drama surrounding billy bush continues. there are reports that the "today show" host is negotiating his exit from nbc. the move comes less than a week after recording was released of bush talking to donald trump. it is a hot mike situation of course they are referring to on the bus as they were filming for access hollywood. donald trump made leud comments about women. bush has since apologized for the remarks and said he was quote embarrased and ashamed. right now bush is suspended indefinately. and he's only hired three month ago as an anchor for the show. 6:18. samsung electronics says it is sending fire resistant packages to its customers, precaution against possible fires or explosions from gal, i note seven's as they return to their retailers.
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samsung says it is offering pre-paid shipping boxes as an option for us owners of the phones, which are prone to over heat and catch fire. the company has recalled all of the phones and said it was discontinuing the devices. not sure you can still use your phone through a fire resistant bag, but at least it won't, i guess, blow up on you. >> it is hard to use it when it is shut off. >> that's also true, mike. talking about toyota. recalling more than 340,000 cars around the worlds. this is because of defect in the prius hybrid parking brakes. toyota said it has received reports of crashes, injuries, death. the japanese auto maker refuse to provide details saying it was still looking into the report. >> residents of small street in west philadelphia say they have a big problem. >> speeding drivers are crashing into homes. it has happened twice in the last month alone, and they are begging the city to do something. the problem areas located on the 900 block of marko street. if help doesn't come, just matter of time before someone
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gets killed. >> i had got to the point where i put a stop sign up there myself. >> you put a stop sign up there? >> i put a stop sign on the pole. i don't want to be sitting in my living room, having to turn over and somebody is in the car watching it. v with me. >> late last night we place add phone to find out what can be done about the street. we are awaiting the city response. residents say all it would take is speed bump two to slow down the traffic in that area. >> talk about speed bump, the eagles have one, life without lane johnson. something the eagles will have to adjust to for the next ten games. officially suspended now by the nfl. the response from howie roseman. coming up.
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it's all of this, this, and this. and especially that. waaat? yep, add this and you've got strawesomeberry. "oohh!" honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. this. is. everything. >> good morning, lane johnson will be suspended ten games. johnson can practice, be around the facilities, or even talk to the coaches until he comes back in week 16. because johnson went to arbitrator, it was all or nothing. maybe if he appealed to the nfl co-have got the suspension reduced, but he did it, and the worse thing about this,
6:24 am
with him being suspended they're taking on washington and minnesota in the next two weeks. in college basketball, it is around the corner, villanova still on cloud nine. media day coach jay wright talks about using last year to become even better. we have to take all of the positive lessons into -- that we learned from that experience, and we have to translate that into being better basketball players, better men. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> see philadelphia headlines speaking of sports, there you go, things are bad for the sixers. just flat-out. >> wasn't that positive. >> ben simmons, is he ever going to play next season? but it could be much much worse. hey, ben, good luck with that surgery, the surgery went well. now, three, four months of recovery. will he play? or do you just hold him out the whole year? speaking of the sixers,
6:25 am
everyone thought joel embiid was going to have tough time against big tall dude by the name of marcus. now, did he fine. did he fine. even though the grissly's spanked our sixers 121 to 91, it is pre-season. so it wasn't on tv last night i was looking for, couldn't find it, then i found out hey mike it is not on. joel embiid continues to impress. he had 13 points, five rebounds, and how many blocks? a block? one block? i guess one block, in just 13 minute, sixers did lose by a lot but still it is pre-season. joel did very well against -- >> pre-season, just saving up their energy, not trying to do it all. >> is that right? look at this headline. things are bad for the sixers. >> read it and weep. >> weep. does that upset you? this might make you sick, too. to the baseball playoffs.
6:26 am
nationals versus dodgers. we have former phillies on both teams. lots of former phillies to go around, including, chase utley. chase, coming through with a clutch two-out. single in the bottom of the eighth inning to bring the go ahead run in. dodgers win, dodger win six-five, tying the series at two. former phillies pitcher get this joe blanton got the win for the dodgers, of course jayson werth playing for the nationals. just shake your head. >> that's all you can do. >> just shake it. and who is the only winning quarterback undefeated quarterback in the nfl? say it. >> sam bradford. >> sam bradford. >> steve keeley speaking of sports, steve, did play if the ball in high school. >> steve? >> yes, you can call it a feel of schemes. i'm scheming no good err. thought it would be fun on
6:27 am
football sunday during the rain to drive some vehicle in circlings along a kids football field ruining the field for their games this weekend. we'll have an update.
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...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> scary moments on north broad overnight. firefighters forced to rush out of burning home before part of it collapses, the fire is out, but the investigation is just beginning. >> why the fire marshall has been called to look into.
6:30 am
plus the murder of a mother has left community shocked and saddened, the clue that let neighbors know, something was horribly wrong. >> i think i'm better offer maybe without their support if you want to know the truth. >> donald trump firing back at party leaders who will not support him. hear his harsh words for paul ryan. plus, what we learned from the latest batch of clinton emails from wikileaks. >> so he's battling his opponent hillary clinton. but now, battling his own party. >> i know. >> wow. >> we have about 26 days before the election. by the way, i'm registered to vote, thank you. >> wonderful. >> good day everybody, it is october the 12th, 2016. >> and you did that yesterday, or were you already registered? >> i just found out for sure where it is i need to go, it is the old pine community center i'm glad. >> which is on lombard, not pine. >> not pine. >> freak i shallly. >> things we learned yesterday, sue. >> also learned it is attached to the olds pine episcopal
6:31 am
church? >> church. >> and the church takes you from lombard to pine. so that whole property extends. >> are we over selling this? >> anyway, they watch and they're excited to see you on election day. they're so excited. we're excite that bus stop buddy not quite as cold as he was yesterday. our temperatures are in the 40's, we no longer have a frost advisory, we're anticipating beautiful sunrise, which happens officially at nine minutes after 7:00. there you go. 50 degrees, with 3-mile per hour breezes out of the northeast, we have 40 degrees in mount pocono, only 39 in allentown, 50 degrees here in philadelphia. forty-two in wrightstown. forty-seven in wildwood. high temperature today, 70 degrees, another beautiful autumn day. hope you get a chance to go out and enjoy it, tonight, some fog rolls in after midnight. and low of 53 degrees. we will talk about what happened when a cold front comes through, and then the
6:32 am
weekend forecast is coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning shall everybody, exactly 6:32 this wednesday morning, skyfox over the scene of this accident we've been talking about all morning, first word in, was that it was overturned tractor-trailer, caring chickens. and i think that's what we're seeing here. >> this could be the containers caring the chickens, mike no chicken dance this morning. >> no? >> no. >> we don't have any report of any injuries. so we can have some fun with this, but involves overturned tractor-trailer and i believe another truck, dump truck involved in the accident. i'll step aside here and let skyfox just kind of pan. they just pull up to the scene. now, this is route one southbound near smyrna, delaware, which is exit number 119. all right, what you see right there, okay, there is the tractor-trailer, that looks like that rearend there, kind of crashed in, maybe, hit from behind from another vehicle. but, all of those boxes along the side of the roadway there,
6:33 am
i'm guessing, contain the chickens, that we had reports were in the road. now look at the skidmarks in the grassy median there. wonder if that had something to do with it, as well. also, dump truck involved. maybe off to the side there. nonetheless, this is route one, southbound, in smyrna, delaware. so if you are headed south this morning, let's go to the maps. you're route 13 probably going to be your best bet. we will try to get better confirmation and keep our fingers crossed. first word is no injuries. that's good news there. but, it is going to set us for a detour this morning, route 13 as you head down south in toward dover. now, north on i-95, accident, right near girard avenue. you got the penndot arrow trucks out here. this is the headlight are headed northbound at girard. in that construction zone, look how the barrier just kind of comes in and squeezes you out of no where, i went through here yesterday, same scenario, you really have to pay attention in the construction zones, norristown
6:34 am
line, out bound platforms between radnor and bryn mawr, all because every disable train. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. fire in hunting park causes part of a home to collapse. it happened on the 1300 block of west pike street around 1:30 this morning. no one was inside the vacant house. part of broad street had to be closed down temporarily after results it is now back open. the fire marshall is investigating a cause. and developing right now, out of darby, pennsylvania, a mother is dead, killed inside of her own home. >> now, the hunt of course is on for her killer. dave kinchen with this story. dave? >> yes, a loft questions here that police are trying to put together. and they will likely pick up this case when they get back to work this morning. they're dealing with investigation of a deadly stabbing after woman inside of her home. police tell us, they found the victim stabbed to death, in the basement of her house on spruce street, on sunday, neighbors actually say that they saw the victim's daughter, now, here is the thing, they say that the
6:35 am
victim's daughter in her 20's, special needs, was outside. they say they never see her outside without the mother, so that's why they called police. we spoke with heart broken neighbor. >> she is beautiful person. loved her kids. had three kids, raised, youngest daughter, she was beautiful, beautiful woman. respected in the community, been here for ten, 15 years. she didn't hurt nobody. she let everybody in the house. >> just a sampling of the pain on spruce street here in darby borough. now, we did can tell you police have not yet indicate philadelphia they have motive or suspect yet. hope to get more answers today, mike, alex? >> 6:35, people looking for answer there is for sure. police are still on the hunt for who ever pulled the trigger in a triple shoot that we told but yesterday. >> seventeen year old boy died
6:36 am
monday night, in his mother's arms in mayfair. security camera footage shows 17 year old quantico brunson moton outside corner store at hawthorn and burnette, he and other young people headed down nearby alley suddenly shots rang out. his own mother heard the commotion, ran outside, only to find her dying son. >> we'll have her comments in just a little bit. little technical issue. what's going on in the political race, because there is a lot going on, donald trump is very upset. let's go to the footage of donald trump. donald trump is very upset over thiemia on the left, paul ryan. lack of support from paul, and other republican leaders, the gop nominee attacked him, house leered, the speaker, in appearance yesterday. and then he went on bill o'reilly's show on fox news channel last night. and he -- >> i think we should get.
6:37 am
we don't get the sport from guys like paul ryan. 'd phonecall yesterday with congressmen, hundreds of them, they practically rioted against him on the phone. one person stuck up for him. so i'm just tired of non-support. and i don't really want his support. >> so he called having to behave for the gop. he felt like he was in chains, so he tweeted yesterday that the shackles are now off. now, that paul ryan ask not supporting him. >> and yesterday, hillary clinton campaigned with al gore in florida. and while the two talked about climate change of course, another story was the scandal of the democratic party in done a brazil, head of the dnc, wikileaks dump of emails revealed pervasive clues between done a brazil's predecessor, debbie wasserman shultz, and the clinton campaign against the bernie sanders for cents. done a brazil has since said
6:38 am
she support both clinton and sanders. well, sanders. >> because i'm the -- on the ballot is not just my name, but every issue you care b it is our values as a country. climate change needs to be a voting issue. we need to elect people up and down the ballot at every level of government who take it seriously, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get something done. >> al gore eventually got up and said his peace. real clear politics. com, which is a website, which averages all of the polls out there, shows hillary clinton ahead nationally now by six points. 6:38. crews will be out today in camden to clean up a football field. >> after somebody did that. look at that. somebody looks like a truck drove around ripping up the grass leaving these ruts. it is a muddy mess over there. >> so steve keeley, you have played on this field?
6:39 am
>> reporter: yes, i played football here in 1970. we were the fairview ramblers back then, now called the raiders. slight change in name. no change in heart though. and mud is the reason because we had all of that weekends rain, couple of inches every rain, and somebody that new this area, because you really have to know the back alice of camden to even know how to get into this field, you can see on both sides now we have little bit of sunrise, that's newton creek on the other side of the treason both sides. so nobody's really going to be able to see this unless they are looking out the back windows of merry mack road. and grace got the headlights on here at one goal post. you can see this is not like somebody lost and making u-turn, the circles you see in front of the headlights are nothing compared to the hundred yards of damage, you can't see it, we should have got helicopter out here yesterday from the air. because this is the entire lent of the field. because it was raining, and this field was so saturated, who ever drove on here was doing donuts, knowing that the
6:40 am
vehicle was singing deep down four, five even 6 inches of mud. let's go to the video, and our camera people out here with dawn yesterday took a walking shot. you can see how deep this is, and how bad the damage s you wonder even if they had the lincoln financial field eagles crew over here today, i don't know if they can get this field ready in time for these little kids to play a decent game on it any time soon in this season. so they'll hit the road and play pemberton just like i did as a kid, greenbay packer uniforms on. but the kids couldn't believe what they saw when they came out here. somebody did this sunday when no one was out here, and they did it, knowing that they were doing this kind of damage. >> why did you all do this? i don't like that. >> angry, i don't know why anybody would do this. >> frustrating, because this is where they play at, like i don't know why somebody would come out there and do this to their field. >> we practice five days a week, two hours a day, they come out here, a lot of stuff
6:41 am
going on as part of the city where we try to keep these kids active. that was the whole purpose of us coming out here, so to come out here, see somebody should take that time out and the mess to fill up where they can't practice or play the games at, kind of upset. i just don't believe that somebody would have the heart to do something like that. >> that coach, his name if you were watching, bob kelly, so we have two good guys named bob kelly that we know of for sure. and that guy is good, the reason he is so good, because if this was during my days, aid guy named smokey dillks fresh out of viet nam as a coach, probably still dealing with damage from viet nam. smoke i would have went around camden looking for any vehicle, a truck, suv, with mud all over it, and woe have figured this out on his own and would have took his own kind of punishment out on who ever did this to this field. good thing smokey is no longer with us, he would probably do that today. but the crew will get out here today and try to fix this up somehow. and i don't know how, but hopefully they'll do that,
6:42 am
maybe some other people watching will pitch in and maybe get this field, field-ready, for these little kids. >> okay, yes, we need somebody like smokey to take care of this, surveillance cameras. >> who would do this to kids? just kids. >> jerks. ridiculous. >> good they're going to fix it, though. >> so we need now to adjust for the next ten games to life without the big guy, lane johnson, on the offensive line. he lost the appeal. we new this was coming. he has to sit out ten games, he will be back for what the last two games against the giants and the cowboys, big games. our experts are weighing in on the impact it will have on the eagles. before we do, who is directing in the control room right now? michael, are you ready? can we go to a wide shot here? can you get rid of this? the back in here to the studio, because i'm going have into guys. is g cobb here? >> they're both here. >> dave? when they come back, this is lane johnson says replacement.
6:43 am
this is the name. this is the last name? this is the first name? of lane johnson's replacement. so halapoulivaati. if he does anything big, he'll says had i name. and i have no idea how to say this. from the islands of tonga. he is a tongan. who how would you say that, al next. >> do i have to say it right now? >> let's go. >> okay. halapoulivaati vai tai? >> we'll see. we have it on tape. the man himself saying his own name. but how would you say this? we'll figure this out. because we're going to have to for the next ten games. >> i blame the handwriting. vai tai. vai tai.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
good morning, live look at the accident down in delaware of this tractor-trailer, which was caring chickens. luckily, everybody's okay. if you look off into the upper portion of your screen there, that's the crates that were caring the chickens. this is southbound lanes of route one south of smyrna, delaware. not that far from dover speedway. so all southbound lanes are closed. this truck here was involved, as well. looks like dump struck of some sort. but again, nasty accident. the southbound lanes are closed. actually there is looks like the truck that was caring the
6:47 am
chickens here. maybe box of eggs all over the roadway here? >> many ' hungry for an omlet. is everybody okay? >> let's head down there, have everybody clean up. everybody's okay, everybody's okay, so just having little fun here this morning. but going to the maps, not going to be fun if you're head that way, southbound lane every route one closed at children a use route 13 as your alternate this morning. than is an accident south on i-95 right at the betsy ross bridge ramp. so we have an accident southbound at the betsy, also northbound accident, little further up here, near bridge street. so, rough go on 95 through the city, and route one down in delaware, but i think we got some good news from the weather department. sue is standing by, she will be near in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
>> riding off into the sunrise, similar to yesterday just not as cold. still high and dry. high pressure in control. anticipating this cold front for tomorrow. and of course, keeping a close eye on hurricane nicole, as it bears down on the island of bermuda a these are some of your temperatures wacking out the door this morning. 41 degrees in reading. ooh in philadelphia. in cape may, it is 49 degrees. we have 41 in ross weeing owe lake, 41 med forwards lakes in burlington county, new jersey, doylestown chilly 38 degrees, and 37 in perkasie. so this is what we expect for tomorrow. when this cold front comes through, you see it kind of moving from west to east in the morning. in the afternoon, it arrives, maybe, 2:00, 3:00 with possibility of some showers. we didn't think that was going to happen, even if you get one it, shouldn't and big deal. and it is more likely north and west of the city. but we could see a sprinkle or two here in the city. so that's our big weather event. otherwise, it is cool, it is comfortable, it is beautiful, autumn weather.
6:49 am
all the way through the weekends of course saturday morning we hope you will join us for a walk to end altzheimers', mike and alex, that one's in wilmington, delaware. >> thank you. it is official, ladies and gentlemen. the eagles will be without one of their top offensive linemen for the next ten games, lane johnson suspension for violate action -- violation of the drug performance enhancing drug policy in full text for the next ten games. >> we new this was coming but now that it has happened, we need to revisit this. i need to make sure we'll be okay. ten games is a lot. >> let's talk to our guys here, dave, that guy right over there, g cobb, garry cobb what's the website. >> g cobb. com. >> how do we forget that every time? >> common, this is good talk. >> it is publicity. >> i pretends not to know. so the thing, see that, what do they call that? >> grease board? >> dry erase board. >> is this is the right spot
6:50 am
in we can get a shot of this? that is the name of the man who is going to replace lane johnson on the offensive line. hold on. we've misspelled. >> this the interns? >> what? >> we have misspelled the name. >> hold on. what is the correct spelling? what's wrong here? >> in their defense. >> what is it? >> it is vaitai. >> oh. >> you know? okay so we've got to learn thousand say this name, certainly our announcer merrill reese will have to do that, we'll get your take on how to say that. >> actually we hope he doesn't have to say it, if he does it is probably because after penalty. >> oh, that's right. >> let's hope he doesn't have to say it. >> no, he has to say it at the start of the game. >> hopefully that's the only time they say his name when they announce the starters test beginning of the broadcast, that's it, because
6:51 am
if you say it during the game, probably because every holding penalty. >> it might be because after good block. >> they never talk about good blocks. >> yes, they do. >> are we getting ahead of ourselves. let's talk about lane johnson, what he means to this team. necessary charge of protecting our rookie quarterback. >> on the right side. >> on the right side of the offensive line. >> he is very good at it. >> so this could be bad for wentz? >> could be, it could be. >> if wentz gets hurt, knock on wood he doesn't get hurt, they'll play halapoulivaati vaitai as the reason why. >> you just through that in there. >> you're not supposed to say that that early like that. >> well, let's talk more about this guy. he was born in the state of texas. >> no. >> but he is tong. as i remember tong an is islands in the south seas closer to australia than it would be hawaii or anything that we would -- i think it is way down there in the south seas. is that the red mark? >> you can't even see it. the
6:52 am
red mark? >> it is so small. he's bigger than the actual islands. >> this guy is huge. >> how big? >> six-six, about 345, something like that. >> what? >> for the love of god. >> big dude. he's as big as his name. >> but fifth rounder, right? >> fifth rounder, that's right, but shown a lot of promise. he's been coming along in practice, blocking against the eagles defensive line, to the point, to where they say, you know what? we need to let this kid have a shot. that's why probably he'll get the shot. they don't have to move as many guys if they put him in there for lane johnson. >> he went to ccu by the way, texas christian university in dallas. >> at the same time doug pederson said at this time last week he had him practice with the one's yet recalling only playing against first team defensive line. whole chemistry i shall thousand may come into effect. >> not big deal. mainly got block one guy. it will be ryan kerrigan for the redskins. he has to block. >> i don't get that though. why wouldn't they practice him
6:53 am
with the one's, if we new this possibility was out there. >> because they weren't sure. >> should be preparing for this. >> see his main john job is blocking one guy, he won't have to do a lot with the other guys for the most part. >> lane johnson did a lot more than just block one guy. lane johnson communicated when brandon brooks about certain audible recalling formation works go from one guy to another guy, would block up field, would block multiple levels. lane johnson did a lot more than just block one guy. >> but for the most part his most important job is pass protection blocking. that's why they didn't want to disrupt things until they were sure that they're going to have to make a change. and, you know, they might have been able to do more, but the big thing they wanted to do is to goat this kid up to speed so he's ready to go, you know, because it is time now. >> are those yours? >> no, those are dave's notes. i put that on my snap chat. i was amazed. >> dave, you ran notes for this three minute segment. over here? look at all of this.
6:54 am
really, you wrote all of that out for this three minute segment. >> yes. >> see good day at the top there? lovely. >> keep in mind though. >> okay, so i know we're supposed to rap watch could be more important than this? di, you fixed this now, we got the last name spelled right. that's really sad. all right, dave, you say this guy's name halapoulivaati vaitai. >> gare? >> halapoulivaati vaitai. >> going to big v, what i call him, big v himself in that's what they call him. >> big v. >> here's big v saying his own name. >> big v, would you be so kind to pronounce your first name for me? >> high maple is halapoulivaati vaitai. >> halapoulivaati? did dow it right? how about that? >> halapoulivaati. halapoulivaati. halapoulivaati vaitai. >> you know what?
6:55 am
you guys, grade school. >> halapoulivaati vaitai. >> g, good to see you. dave, thank you. >> can we keep this here? >> of course. >> why not? >> preparation, ladies and gentlemen, 65:00, a coming up on the 7:00 hour. hang with us here on "good day". how tall are you?
6:56 am
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6:57. able to check out some homes in a unique way. look at this. so, this is the grand opening of the presidential city virtual apartment center. designed to walk people through the apartment complex, before they even stepped into an apartment. so you can kind of get idea what you are getting here. this is video from arlenelee, so she got $50 for taking this video. she did it through fresco. if you don't have fresco, i highly suggest do you it. wonderful thing. 6:58. youth football fields in camden, ruined. >> i used to play here in 1970, and called midge its football, mental midge its did some damage for the lent of 100 yards. katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women,
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