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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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field but hasn't been damaged and isn't currently under repa repair. first, of course, there was the garden variety vandalism now what camden county police are calling a hate crime. fox 29 has chosen to blur the image but the discovery of a nazi swastika spray painted on the concession stand is all the more heinous on yom kippur the hole left yesterday day of the jewish year. >> a disgusting disgraceful message. >> message still being sent in our history. >> in 20 almost 17 i don't suspect that in my lifetime the swastika will ever go away. >> reporter: public works crews quickly power washed it off the wall went back to work repairing the damage done sunday afternoon when someone carved up the football field by driving on its rain soaked grounds with four by four pickup truck. camden police say multiple security cameras mounted on the milandra hall community center right next door captured images
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of the truck believed to have been used to vandalize the field. >> you've got a lot to work with. >> yeah, that's correct. our detectives will be taking a hard look at all the evidence that's been presented, and they did. (us with a number of different thing. >> reporter: video. >> correct. >> reporter: despite the best efforts of repair crews, dozens of kids age five to 14 who use this field will now have to play football elsewhere this saturday. that sickens robert kelly a volunteer coach who must not only explain that vandals damaged their sport sanctuary, but that someone even more hateful defaced it with a symbol of mass murder. >> what was your row act to the swastika. >> i said wow. who would actually come out here in this community and put something up like that? so it's kind of -- it hurts. it hurts to see that. >> lot of hate. >> lot of hate. ain't no place in the world for that. >> reporter: we told you that security cameras at the community center next door have already identified the make and model of the pickup truck used in that field damage.
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it is not yet clear whether that footage can be of any help in trying to figure out when that swastika was spray painted and by whom. iain? >> thank you, bruce. a new jersey state trooper was treated for my nor injuries after hitting a tree in millville. sky fox over the scene on the 2400 block of main street just a short time ago. state police the trooper hit a tree about quarter of four al this afternoon that trooper was taken to inspira hospital. the accident is u investigation. the head master of a private school on the mainline is out. at least for now. police have charged haverford school dr. john nagl with assaulting his son. >> the school has now put him on administrative leave. fox 29's jenn for joyce is live in haverford with reaction from the community. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, dawn. according to court papers that started as disciplinary action from father to son, turned physical. dr. john nagl was charged with simple assault. people in the area have mixed opinions. >> he did a stupid thing.
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head of school, he shouldn't know better. >> it was a family issue, and it's unfortunate and it's a shame it had to become public like this. >> people on the mainline are reactioning to news that the head master of the haverford school john nagl seen here on the school's website was charged with assaulting his son and is now on administrative leave from the prestigious all boys school. >> i was surprised because of his position. i know he's from the military and has that kind of background but, you know, i was surprised. >> reporter: no one answered the door at the head master's house which sits behind the haverford school. according to court papers the father and son got into a fight after nagl took the boy's cell phone away as punish many for finding marijuana in his backpack. court documents indicate nagl's son initiated a physical fight, dad responded by putting the boy in a choke hold to quote end the altercation quickly. >> i've got five kids and raising six grandchildren but put your kid in a strangle hold.
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>> nancy schultz of haverford heard wonderful things about head master nagl. she believes it's a family issue and hopes the misdemeanor charge does not affect his future at the school. >> his cv is impeccable. road scholar. he's been a goodman in the community from what i can see. so it's just tragic all around. >> reporter: haverford school issued a statement about dr. nagl simple assault charge saying "the haverford school realizes the serious concerns this charge raises in our community and has dedicated resources toward assessing the situation in its entirety, both fairly and deliberately". >> and the school says that dr. john nagl is fully cooperating with the investigation. in the meantime, the sift tan head master will serve as acting head master. iain? >> all right, jenn for, thank you. let's check in on your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a live look at wilmington tonight. it was nice mild day out there. it wasn't as chilly early evening. we expect one more dave those comfortable temperatures before
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a change. let's get you over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> iain washington beautiful d day. i'll give it a perfect 10 with that chris cal clear deep blue sky. in center city philadelphia pretty quiet out there. folks have jackets on and sweaters, but during tomorrow afternoon you may not need that. the high temperature for the day believe it or not made it to 72 degrees. in the shade it may have felt cooler in the sun it was beautiful. see the item which are right now 68 degrees. sunset at 6:00 25. and elsewhere across the region mainly in the 60s now. temperatures falling fast as the sun gets lower in the sky. allentown 66. trenton 66. in millville it is 64 degrees. as we look ahead to the evening fare skies at 7:00 p.m. pretty quiet at 9:00 put temperatures falling fast after sunset. some patchy fog expected late night and during the overnight hours with a temperature of 56 degrees. we will be seeing warm southerly winds picking up ahead of that cold front that will be moving in tomorrow afternoon. we had a few showers from this and behind this cooler air as we
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head into the weekend. coming up, we'll have more on your weekend forecast and of course scott will have the latest on hurricane nicole could cross right over the island of bermuda exactly over the island by tomorrow morning as a category three hurricane. we'll have that as well later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks. two wild traffic accidents in our area today. one in delaware. the other in new jersey. first, skyfox was over the scene early this morning on route 1 in north smyrna where two tractor trailers collided and one of them had chickens and they flipped over it happened around thee 45:00 in the southbound lanes at exit 119 and blocked the road for hours but thankfully no one was hurt. sky fox over this accident in winslow township around noon where a car crashed into a stand alone garage of a home on route 73. police say the car went into the home after it was hit in the rear by another car. the driver was taken to the hospital. there's no word on how badly he was hurt but no one else was injured. philadelphia city leaders
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are responding to complaints about a road deemed dangerous by some residents in west philadelphia. >> they're requesting the neighbors draw up a petition so that the city can formally dig into this issue. we showed was the huge concern is along the 900 block of marco street. on sunday, a speeding car crashed into a home there. sunday's collision happened just three weeks after another car hit a home across the street. neighbors say speeding is an o on-going issue. some are suggesting speed bumps be put in place now officials from the streets department say neighbors need to come together and put their concerns into a formal petition. >> what we want is for neighbors to talk to each other and to figure out amongst themselves what they can agree on. and traffic coning takes different shapes depending on what we're looking at these speed cushions are useful this may be a good candidate for that kind of intervention. so we will determine that when we do the study. >> the city says residents can go to the streets department
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website to learn what steps they need to take to draw up and fill out the petition. the petition would go to city council which would then refer it formally to the streets department for study. meanwhile the city's hell department is trying to stamp out smoking. >> specifically city leadersare concerned about tobacco marking to kids and low income residen residents. the mayor and health department announce add proposal that would take steps to cut down on the stores selling cigarettes in low income neighbors or next to school. the rules will limit how closely stores can be placed together if they sell tobacco products and also create a tobacco free zone within 500 feet of schools. mayor kenney talked about the negative influence adults smokers can have on children. >> 26 years ago i smoked, um, not often, occasionally with a beer or whatever i would smoke cigarettes. more than i did when i didn't have anything to drink, and i remember sitting in my basement of my house and my son was one
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years old. his name is brendon. not brandon but brendon. he came toddling by in his purple onsie, um, while i was watching a flyers game smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. and he had a crayon in his hand which he mimic me. and i put out that cigarette and enerve picked up one again. >> public hearing on the anti tobacco proposal set for next monday. comedian bill cosby has failed again to have the sexual assault case thrown out against him. the state supreme court denied an appeal filed by his lawyer that argued cosby's cues sore should have testified at a preliminary trial. they argued that he had no chance to confront his accuser. cosby is accused of of sexually assaulting constand in his home back in 2004. the trial is set to begin in montgomery county court in june. >> the ce officer mels fargo has
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resign immediately. john stump had been in charge of the bank since 2007 and came under fire and testified before congress. after it was discovered that wells fargo employees had opened millions of bank accounts without customers permission. the company has agreed to pay $185 million to settle those allegations. the controversial video of donald trump making lewd comments about women ignite add major debate and forced him to apologize. but he wasn't the only one in that video. what's next for billy bush, the tv host also heard on that recording. >> plus darby police officers take to the streets. who they say is putting their job in jeopardy because of social media posts. >> next man up. for the eagles a guy who never even dressed for an nfl game before. meet your new left tackle later in sports.
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♪ some students at temple university woke up today to find a water main break on campus. sky fox over the scene near
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13th and norris today as crews worked on that scene outside annenberg hall. two dorms were left without and were told it should be fixed by 8:00 p.m. tonight. officials say erosion is to blame. billy bush suspension could be more than temporary. the today show host and nbc are reportedly ready to part ways permanently. the network suspended bush for his appearance on that video with donald trump making inappropriate remarks about women but now the two sides are said to be negotiatin negotiatia separation agreement. bush has apologized online for his comments comments. trump calls the comments quote locker room banter. in you decide 2016, donald trump continued his campaign trail in florida today. >> the republican presidential nominee told supporters had hillary clinton should not be allowed to run for president. trump addressed voters directly from the tarmac in lakeland. he spoke about a new batch of hacked e-mails from clinton's campaign manager he says this is just more proof that his rifle
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and her family are corrupt. donald trump says clinton should not be a loud to run for president because of her crimes. >> this election is simple choice. it's a choice between putting our faith in a corrupt establishment or putting our faith in you the american peop people. >> the next presidential debate will be in las vegas on october 19th it will be moderated by fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. meanwhile hillary clinton' campaign is on the defensive today. >> after an alleged e-mail exchange between senior campaign officials the republicans are condemning as breath taking anti catholic bigotry. alleged conversation was between campaign chair john, communications direct jenn palmieri and another clinton ally. it mocks conservative catholic. palmieri told reporters she didn't recognize the e-mail and suggest it's russian hackers trying to hurt the campaign. >> dozens of police from the
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darby and surrounding area took their concern over a darby court clerk to the delaware county council today. they say she is putting officers lives in jeopardy. the group marching from the fraternal order of police office in media to the government center wearing t-shirts that are ill us will strays tiff of hateful facebook post made by that worker. the officers si that clerk tipped off a drug dealer about a sweep. she cannot be tryst of front offed and they're asking council to have her moved out of they are core. >> the hate she's putting out she's making people scared of police and she's truthfully making the police scared of people, because you're just putting all this hate out. so now the police are like, you know, i got to be careful going everywhere. >> council said that it sides with the officers but the situation still needs to be investigated. that worker was not willing to comment when we first did this story about the hateful facebook posts a couple weeks ago and we were unable to reach her today. back to your fox 29 weather authority. nice comfortable day out there across the area. kathy, i thought after it warmed
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up. >> after it warmed up. you like that part of the day, right? that early morning cool down wasn't so great. but you can see the clear skies out there. wall to wall sunshine from new england all the way down to the mid atlantic to the west we have a front and it is marching eastward through the great lakes and through the midwest. this is going to be moving in tomorrow with much cooler air behind it. so tomorrow our last real mild day of the week, but it look like we're in for very pleasant weekend. temperatures mainly in the 60s right now. 68 in philadelphia. after a high of 72 this afternoon. new york, new england, very pleasant. buffalo and pittsburgh warmer than philadelphia with strong southerly winds ahead of that front. so tomorrow another mild day before the front moves through. sunshine for your morning rush. so of course bob kelly will be talking about sun glare. by the afternoon the clouds role in and spotty showers associated with a front in the afternoon but mainly to the north and west of philadelphia. temperatures will be up and down this week. up tomorrow, above the average of 68 and then below average friday and saturday. sunday looking pleasant.
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edging a little bit above average. other big story in the weather is definitely hurricane nicole and for more on that i want to send it over to scott. scott, this storm could be completely engulfed in the eye of the hurricane or bermuda could be engulf in the eye of the hurricane by tomorrow at this time. >> really hard to believe considering that the island of bermuda is only 20 nos tical miles and the center of circulation the eye associated with nicole is about 35 miles so it could go directly over the island. the last time that happened was back in 2014 with gonzalo. as far as the distance away from bermuda take look here. only 240 miles. look at that textbook eye the center of sick circulation right now we have hurricane force winds extenting out wards from that center of circulation about 45 miles and it looks like they will experience tropical storm force winds overnight. the front of the storm hurricane force winds during the day
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tomorrow. so damage will likely be a problem out there. power outages as well over the next 24 hours. let's talk about where we stand as far as the list of names. nicole the 14th named storm if you're keeping tabs. next up would be otto followed by paula. by the way we're actually in the second peak of hurricane season as we move toward the latter part of the month. so we could continue to add to that list of names. kathy? >> it's unbelievable. thanks very much, scott. i'm glad we're at the peak at least of second round and then we can look forward to some quieter weather. outside, we're looking at a pretty quiet evening across the delaware valley. overnight tonight temperatures will be falling. 53 in the city. 46 in the suburbs. not quite as chilly as this morning. we will see patchy fog. be aware of that. 72 tomorrow. morning low clouds and then of course that front moves through in the afternoon with few spotty showers on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday more sunshine as promised. saturday we have the walk to end
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alzheimer's, that is in wilmington. gorgeous day. sunday looks great. next chance of rain comes on monday. and then cooler tuesday and wednesday i should say cooler in the morning but afternoon highs looking real nice. back in the 70s. if this is the way october is going to end, it's okay with me. what about you? >> yeah, not bad at all. thanks kathy. >> me too. i'd like november to start that way, too. >> we need to end with a couple eagles victories right now. >> we do. >> right now they're dealing with lot of controversy going into that washington game. lane johnson suspended for 10 games now it's time to meet his replace many a guy you should only call by his nickname and i'll tell you why next in sports.
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lane johnson suspended for 10 games doug pederson has decided to go with a fifth round rookie in a guy who's never even dressed in an nfl game before. that man is halapoulivaati vaitai. i'm never getting that name right. like ever. look at that. how can you? >> so we're going to call him by his nickname big v that's what they call him. that's we're going to use. funny part about it his youngest brothersare will and kevin. come on. how does that happen. >> you just want to make it difficult for us. big v first nfl action he talks about the advice he got from his teammates. >> just focus before each play. that's what jason peters tells me all the time. just your technique. trust the offense and you'll be fine. dover over think everything.
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>> really it's going to be the defensive line that can tell if you this guy is really ready. he's been going against the starters sips training camp. connor barwin since this kid from day one and knows how difficult it is to make that transition. >> offensive lineman is a position that can take some time. some adjustment coming from college to the nfl. kind of the opposite of running backs usually fast test -- easiest transition but offensive lineman is usually the hardest and he's really from the day he got here he's kind of improved every day until now. so i'm excited to see how he performs once he gets out there on sun today those big guys up front those bears are going to have to protect their young cub carson wentz made his first couple mistakes again the lions they don't want that to to spiral on. so we went and focused on cleaning up all those things in the locker room and keeping everything positive. >> we were frustrated with the loss. we weren't thrilled about it but one of those things we knew we had to clean up some things.
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we couldn't take any plays for granted and we just came back to work. there's been a lot of excitement around here and we're not letting that fade away. >> of course howard eskin gary cobb, dave spa tear dare row and myself will break it down on gym day live at 10:00 a.m. on sund sunday. eagles/redskins at 1:00 followed by dallas at green bay. once again big v. >> don't try anything else. >> okay? >> you want to try it anybody? >> no. halapoulivaati. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> join us tonight at 10:00. ladies you may not talk about it. you may not but many of you may notice your brain getting a little foggy once you reach a certain age. you are definitely not alone. why those memory lapses aren't all bad news. >> hmm. >> find out tonight at 10:00. >> what do you mean by that. >> that will do it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great night edition is up next. thanks for watching. next. thanks for watching. ♪ how tall are you?
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> was it an act of terror? >> aircraft on fire on main street. >> the foreign student at the controls. then, the disturbing video that sparked the nationwide manhunt. [screaming] >> what we've learned about the knuckleheads who shot the video. [screaming] >> it completely sickened me. and welcome home becky! >> thank you for bringing me home. >> deborah: the kidnapped girl's heart warming homecoming. then, donald trump and the miss usa pageant. >> did he really walk into the dressing room unannounced? >> he came strolling right in. some girls were topless. others girls were naked. > plus, janet jackson and her baby bump. and tim tebow, he's praying for a stricken fan.


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