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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a real shock, when all the sudden his hands were all over me. >> he was like an october pugs, that's a quote from that woman. multiple women claiming donald trump sexually assaulted them in almost the exact same they describe in that access video. how donald trump is responding to the new york times. >> and a developing story out of boston. two cops rush to the hospital after being shot while responding to a call. the suspect now dead. we have an update on the
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officer's condition. and d jack coming back? with chip gone, return desean. i'm roaming today. what desean jackson had to say about the possibility of coming back to the eagles when his contract is up at the end of the season. good day everybody, would you welcome him back? it is october the 13th, 2016. look who is herement it is alex holley. >> look at you, little slow this morning. >> what? >> rapping. >> oh, i'm spitting. because you're always hitting. >> always hitting when i'm spitting. >> anything else? >> that's it. >> okay. >> yesterday was it a ten yesterday? >> it felt amazing. >> i think we should do another one. >> please? >> no. >> okay. >> all right. >> it is great. it is eight. >> oh,. >> eight out of ten. >> oh, you're rhyming, too. i won't be late. >> fog out there this morning, just little bit, and it is patchy. bus stop buddy here with temperatures in the 40's, and 50's this morning, depending on where you are.
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and, there, it is foggy in trenton, we have reduced visibility in lancaster, pretty foggy around millville, new jersey and wildwood, as well. so the fog comes and goes, but the visibility at the airport is fine right now. sunrise time is official at 7:10 this morning. and there is a cold front coming our way. so clouds will increase, and some may get a shower north and west of the city, little later on this afternoon, which is why we have a eight. so, 72 degrees before all of that happens. then tonight, the clouds will clear. and we will get to low of 48 degrees, so we're back to chilly temperatures once again, what about the weekend? we'll let you know coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> you got it, sue. good morning, 6:02 this thursday, we are dealing with some fog and an accident on the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound schuylkill, right at gulph mills, between 202 and gulph mills, off to the shoulder, but the old gaper delay, tapping the brakes, to see what's going on as go on by. try to see what's going on here. look at this, a live look i95
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northeast philadelphia, sock in with some fog. as the fog kind of rolls in to work with us here this morning. part of what's on our breakfast buffet. and it is leaving behind like a fine mist wet roads this morning. an accident in the northeast, roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue. fire location in collegeville, at fifth avenue and main campus drive. then yesterday's water main break on the campus of temple at 13th and norris, the water situation is turnoff. but you want to use broad or susquehanna this morning, because they're going to be out there throughout the morning rush hour making repairs, and with the fog, could bring delays at philadelphia international airport during the morning rush hour. mike and alex back over to you. >> let's get into this. we have to. more drama this morning for presidential candidate donald trump as the new york times publishes interviews with at least two women, who said they were touched inapropriately by donald trump. >> so let's get to dave kinchen live in malvern, where donald trump's daughter ivanka is expected to be later today. >> oh, yes. >> yes, mike and alex there is will be an event where ivanka trump will be trying to focus on the campaign likely while
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the campaign itself fights these accusations, two women coming forward, claiming ann prepare re at contact by donald trump. and now, the campaign wants to area traction from the new york times which reported the story, 74 year old jessica leads is one of the two accusers, she told the new york times that she wanted to, quote, punch the television screen when trump said in this past sunday's debate that he had never groped women. she says that in fact she was on the flight to new york sitting next to trump at first class more than 30 years wag she alleges he lifted up the armrest and began touching her ann prepare re atly. this comes just days after a 2005 video surfaced with trump bows being that his fame allows him to kiss and grope women. >> it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared and it was a real shock when all the sudden
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his hands were all over me. so, when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it, that was it. i was out of there. >> i would like to think that sharing this story would make a difference, both in the election and in society's view of women to change some of the behavior, the sexual behavior, between men and women and both directions. >> well, meantime, the trump campaign lawyers say that they want a retraction, and the campaign said quote this entire article is fiction, and for the new york times to launch completely false coordinated charge assassination against mr. trump on topic like this, is dangerous. this bridges the total to five women who accuse trump of similar behavior. meantime, hillary clinton's campaign says that these accusations fit everything known about the way donald trump treat women. mike and alex? >> all right, 6:05. >> well, as dave just mentioned, trump's oldest
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daughter, at three different spots today, will start at chester county at the desmond at 9:30, move to drexel brooke, delaware county at noon, and her last event will be at the spring mill manor bucks county and that's going to be at 2:30. >> boy by the end of the day she will be hyped up on coffee. >> a lot of coffee. what's happening today, governor mike pence will also be here, republican vice presidential candidate has a closed event in bethlehem tomorrow night. he'll speak to the northampton county gop at hotel bethlehem, and that's going to be at 7:00 p.m. again, it is a closed event, 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> 6:06. well, now to developing story out of boston, where the boston police department is asking for prayers after two of it officers were shot in the line of duty. police got called out to report of someone with a gun. officials say when the officers made it on scene, the gunmen started shooting. police fired back, hitting and killing the suspect. boston police say both officers were shot, one of them several times, that officer's being treated for life threatening injuries. >> yes, police officer got
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shot in baltimore last night, too, in the wrist. he'll be fine. >> okay. >> well, developing story out of lawncrest this morning, where philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting. >> steve keeley joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters, we call it the round house, steve? >> well, mike, our viewers know by now, if i'm standing in front of the rounds house, it is never for a good reason. and let's show you the video of two locations, real close to each other, just block separates alcott street and cheltenham avenue. they both runoff rising sun avenue, and both residents in the 500 block of these two streets called police, just as they were sitting down to watch the 11:00 news, because the 11:00 news came to their doorstep. two shootouts over what looks like marijuana. so on the street, you see cash. you see bullet casings. and injured guy at one, shot in the groin, he'll be okay. and at the other one, as we go to the second vet yo, cheltenham avenue, very not-okay situation.
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man dead on the scene there. shot several times. you see bicycle, a shoe, even see a gun 5 feet from the dead man's body sadly another drug-related killing. he had no id on him. his family has no idea he's gone because police don't know who to call as they try to figure out and get fingerprints from the morgue on this guy. another sad situation, i guess the only thing to tell you two guys is that no innocent victims were hit by gunfire because it was after 11:00 and everybody smartly was in their houses here. >> okay, steve, well, here's another one though. the search is on for the person who shot and killed a man last night in hunting park. philadelphia police say a 22 year old man was shot execution style outside of his home on the 4200 block of franklin street. two men were seen running from the scene. and back to this story, a beloved actor passed away. how tommy ford's former martin
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co-stars are remembering him this morning. used to watch that show all the time. >> plus the second time in less than a week, major hurricane expected to make landfall in the atlantic. find out which islands are bracing for hurricane nicole.
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>> another blow for the kids who play at the football park in camden, public works crews are preparing to fix the field that was rip up by someone in a truck over the weekend. someone noticed a symbol of hate spray painted on the
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concession building. we noticed this yesterday during the show. >> yes, is a sticker. >> police are investigating this, as a hate crime. the swastika was discovered yesterday on yom kippur, the holiest day of the jewish year. >> you know what? it is a discusting symbol. and i think jews and non-jews would agree with that. this was probably as equally as offensive to the african-american community, i would think. dozens every children, ages five to 14, play on the football field, you can see some of them there, those children have to play their games elsewhere this saturday, and coach rob kelly, and some of his players, will join us live in our 8:00 a.m. hour to talk about the impact this vandalism is having on the team. >> they have a go fund me page though we will tell you about if you want to help you can. >> back to where it all began. desean jackson is a free agent at the end of the season. find out what he said about the possibility of coming back to be an eagle again. >> plus, another reason to love carson wentz. the rookie quarterback taking care of hits own during the bye week. what he did off the field that
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is edger him a lot of praise. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe.
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i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. how do we measure greatness in how america? you? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them.
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that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> norths in north carolina urging folks to evacuate before flooding gets worse. police officers and firefighters made their way through low-lying areas shouting on bullhorns. thousand haves been ordered to
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evacuate as flooding trying eude by hurricane matthew moves n hurricane matthew killed more hundreds of people in haiti, and 35 people in the united states. well, another hurricane is making headlines and she is big. nicole has strengthened to a category four storm, look at the size that far thing, us national hurricane center in miami expects nicole to pass near or over bermuda, sometime in the next couple of hours. the hurricane warning has been issued for that island, beautiful island of bermuda a look at the size that far sucker. >> amazing view, isn't that, from space? i know. here is another picture that we have. this is 3d satellite picture, of this storm, and you can see the well defined eye of the storm, it just really strength ends dramatically overnight. a category four storm has never hit the island of bermuda, they've been brushed by major hurricane before, but never, landfall, as a cat four. and that could happen, because
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it is only, actually, less than 100 miles away from burr meade a. the eye of the storm right now, already feeling the effect. so, sometime today, that will happen again in the next couple of hours for official landfall. but the effect will be felt for the rest of the day. and it could be devastating. we saw what happened in haiti, they got landfall, as a category four hurricane. >> back to our situation, seeing some more fog form, in a few areas this morning, lancaster, millville, around trenton, wrightstown, it is pretty foggy in atlantic city, and wildwood, as well. a lot of moisture in the air in advance of the colds front coming through today. 52 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 51 in mount pocono, and it is 50 down in wildwood. wilmington has 49 degrees, so temperatures aren't quite as chilly as they were yesterday, at this time. here is the rain from the cold front. found in the western part of the state it, will move toward us, we think most of the rain will dissipate by the time it gets to philadelphia. so here you see in the future cast, north and west of the city around lancaster, around
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allentown, pocono mountains some rain north and west around 1:00, 2:00. but then it goes away by the time it gets here. having said that, if you see a shower or two, this afternoon, shouldn't and big deal. but will be indication that that cold front is happening. before all of that happens, 72 degrees, another nice temperature day today, chillier and windier tomorrow. so you'll know the effect of the cold front for sure friday. it will be bright sunshine, not only friday, but saturday, and sunday, as well. and we have nice warming trend going on, as we head into the middle of next week, we could see temperatures in the upper 70s, bob kelly? >> sounds good. good morning, everybody, 6:17. dealing with some fog this morning, not only in the shower but also out on the roadways here, live look at 202 and bristol. up there in near doylestown, you can kind of see the fog kind of hanging over the overhead street lamps, we're socked in northeast philly, don't adjust your screen. this is i-95, southbound hitting the brakes into cottman avenue. the poor viabilities, with
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that fog, leaving that fine mist, some wealth roads out there this morning, as the fog rolls through. as you head-on the pennsylvania turnpike, this sent out from one of the buddies out there, one of the early morning truck drivers, the turnpike at the philly bensalem interchange, again, the interchange rest stop area there, dealing with the fog. you know what thursday means? i like to go breakfast, right? we're going italian style, you ready? you got this pronunciation? grounds cafe l ' aquil a on chestnut street. here's what happened. these guys had restaurant over in italy, destroyed by the earthquake. so they couldn't rebuild. they pack it up a up -- packed it all up, everything shipped over from italy. little cafe, italian pastry today beginning at 9:00. no problems from new jersey the freeway or two the a, and looking good on mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> i like that place, that restaurant really good. 18:00. >> the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey, and
6:19 am
new york, is expected to answer to a judge later today. ahmad khan rahami's hearing is scheduled in elizabeth, new jersey, the problem? well, he's still in the hospital. so he will have to make a video appearance from his hospital bed. ahmad khan rahami accused of making pipe bomb along the route after charity race in seaside park new jersey and pressure cooker bomb in new york city on september 17th. rahami charged with five counts of attempted murder every a police officer and several weapons offenses. >> 6:19. happening today, the philadelphia city council and the philadelphia flyers will honor ed snider. >> yep. let's go flyers, first game tomorrow night, matter of fact, tribute part of the flyers celebrating 50 years of hockey in philadelphia. members of snyder's family and players for the flyers will attends the special congratulations today at city hall. now, tomorrow, fans are invited to kick off the team's golden anniversary year in dilworth park at noon for a pep rally. that's because the flyers play their very first game of the
6:20 am
season tomorrow against the los angeles kings. now, i know it is in los angeles, but still, this is the start of the season. >> i'm ready for it, too. >> yes? >> yes, we have two players who are teenagers now. teens. >> going to be interesting to see. we'll have to do something to celebrate. >> let's do something tomorrow. more than just wear orange. actor tommy ford who played martin laurence's best friends on the show martin, martin, has died. >> his family announced his passing on stain gram page along with a picture, the actor starred in all five seasons of martin, appeared on new york under cover, the jamie foxx show and the parkers. here is a picture that they showed announcing it. aneurysm ruptured in the actor's abdomen he had been in the hospital since sunday. he was only 52 years old. >> all right. yesterday on the show, we made what? >> an hour-long segment basically out of the guy who is replacing lane johnson on the offensive line. >> we did.
6:21 am
>> i can't -- >> most of it was on how to say his name. >> yes. now we just are going to call him big v. but there he is, big v, taking big step forward for the eagles, how the rocky is prepping to fill the hole left by suspended tackle lane johnson. we have a johnson hole.
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♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing.
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>> good morning, without lane johnson, eagles going with halapoulivaati vaitai, to start at a right tackle against washington. you can call him big v. big v is a rookie fifth rounder who hasn't even dressed for a game yet. yesterday the team talked about believing him despite the lack of reps. >> focus, jason peters tells me all the time, trust his technique, trust offense, and be fine. don't over think anything. >> offensive lineman a position that can take some time, some adjustment coming from college, to the nfl. kind of the opposite. a running back usually the fastest position, the easiest to transition, offense line ma is usually the hard he, really from the day he got here, kind
6:25 am
of improved every day until now, so i'm excited to see how he performs once he gets out there on sunday. >> desean jackson thinking about being an eagle again. he said now that clip's gone, it could be a possibility. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> there is a little more evidence that desean jackson still thinks about philadelphia because he talked about it on a conference call yesterday. >> and there were reporters on that conference call, of course, and he said he and former running back, lesean mccoy, still talk about what could have been if they were still playing together in philadelphia. and it is worth note that mccoy will face his former coach, chip kelly, when the bills play the 49ers, this sunday. >> i have to watch that. let's say this, if desean returns to philadelphia, he'll do it under a new title: dad. now, see, i didn't realize he had a child now. he and his girlfriend, are the parent of that little guy. it is desean jackson, jr., who turns one on october 26th. >> kind of old news.
6:26 am
>> but it is new to me. i didn't know that he had a child. >> well, he had a reality show and stuff for awhile there. i think it was mentioned. >> that already off? his reality show? >> i don't know, i haven't seen it for awhile. but i know at one point he had one with his girlfriends. >> and opening up what it means to be a dad. he said it has really matured him. he said his son, desean jackson, jr., really has caused him to grow up. he also hopes that his son could follow in his footsteps and play football. we have to see. >> awe, that sweet. >> and his friends shady mccoy is inviting police officers to his next home game against the 49ers. that's sunday to show respect to the police officer and the tough job they had to do. shady said while yes there are some bad cops out there, there are also a lot of good ones. he said his foundation plans to bring some inner city kids out to the game, as well. shady highlighted his recent incident involving two police
6:27 am
officers here in philadelphia saying for him to want to invite cops to the game given that situation proves he's jen you inch, and one thing has nothing to do with the other. >> and also the fact which is interesting, too, it is against the 49ers. kaepernick, now the starting quarterback, and so it is kind of, you know what i mean? invite them to that game? >> oh, ya. is kaepernick starting now for the nineer? >> he is starting. >> he is? >> he doesn't believe -- >> i finally -- chip finally got fed up after losing four straight. >> look at that evil laugh. >> let's get back to this. 6:27ment stunning new allegations, against donald trump, several women claim he sexually assaulted them, hear how trump is responding to those allegations. some of them, from many, many years ago.
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>> when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it. >> stunning allegations against donald trump, just weeks away from the election, several women, accuse him of sexual assault, hear, how he's responding to these allegations. >> plus, this out of boston overnight, two police officers hospitalized after being shot. suspect is now dead. what police say led to the shooting and an update on the officers' conditions this morning. >> eagles star quarterback carson wentz leaves it all on the field every week.
6:31 am
but it is what he just left on a restaurant table in north dakota that's got a lot of people talking. >> now what would he have left on a restaurant table? >> what would you leave on a a restaurant table? >> tip, probably big tip, something like. that will but maybe it was something shocking? like his under pants or something? i mean, i want it to be a more exciting story than a tip. >> a tip isn't exciting snow. >> how about the play book for the eagles next game? oh, no. >> i don't want that out. i don't want someone take that. >> exactly my point. it would be a shocker. >> well. >> what else could he have left? i don't know. >> good day everybody, october the 13th, 2016. it is somebody's birthday, of course it is, mike. >> every day is. >> that's true. >> but somebody in my life who has an october 13th birthday, and i can't come up with it. >> you better figure it out. is it one of your siblings? >> not one of my four sisters or my brother. i'll figure it out. >> okay. >> sue? >> okay, and if you are watching and you know mike, and you know whose birthday it
6:32 am
is. >> please. >> help. >> all right, little bit of fog out there this morning, it kind of comes and goes, bus stop buddy has sweatshirt on today, not the heavier coat, because it is just little bit milder temperatures in the 40's and 50's, but we have fog in lancaster, pottstown, trenton, wrightstown, new jersey, little bit in millville, a lot in wildwood. like i said it, comes and goes. at the airport, we have great visibility. so no problems there. just 3-mile per hour winds, and 52 degrees, and sunrise doesn't happen until over about, yes, 40 minutes from now, i'll get it out. here's rain, that's the leading edge of cold front that's going to come through today. but for most of us, we won't see the rain. we will get high in the lower 70s, and sunset at 6:24. the latest on a powerful hurricane, nicole, and your seven day forecast, it is all coming up, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:32, yes, dealing with the fog on the breakfast buffet this morning, here is a live look at route one, up
6:33 am
near neshaminy mall, right by the neshaminy interchange there. route one, philly bensalem, dealing with fog, and it is leaving behind a fine mist, wet roadways out there this morning, here is a live look at i95 delco for the folks with the brake light-headed up in toward the commodore barry and philadelphia international airport. i just checked with the airport, no delays yet, fingers crossed on that one, good morning cherry hill new jersey big mall in the background as light turns green, route 70 and 73, looking good coming in and out every south jersey, an accident this morning, on the roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue. that's big intersection there. and then collegeville, fire location at fifth and main campus drive. then yesterday's water main break, on temple's campus, at 13th and norris, now, they turned the water off, but looks like construction zone there. so you want to use broad or susquehanna if you are headed into or through temple's campus this morning. mike and alex back to you. >> thank you, bob kelly. 6:33. >> well, here we go again. more controversy surrounding donald trump. >> this is going to be
6:34 am
interesting. because with these new allegations and stories, ivanka trump will be in our area having several events. dave, i wonder if she will have to address it? >> that's today. >> reporter: yes, big question whether she will address it, especially if she's trying to keep the focus on her father and positive row lakes ships he's -- he's had with women. we know ivanka will be theater desmond conference center this morning around will the 30. meantime trump campaign wants the new york times which is reporting these newark ooh sayings toss retract their story. seventy-four year old jessica leads is one of the two accusers, and she told the times she wanted to quote punch the screen of her television last sunday night during the debate when trump said that he had never groped women. when he was questioned about that tape that came out. now she says that she was on a flight to new york sitting next to trump more than 30 years ago in first class, when he allegedly lifted up the armrest and began touching her ann prepare pre atly. this following the 2,000 knife ville yo -- video from access
6:35 am
hollywood that surfaced with trump boasting his fame allows him to grope women. >> i sat down next to a young man, blonde, tall, and he introduced himself as donald trump trump. it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared, and it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. so, when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it, that was it. i was out of there. >> well, lawyers for the trump campaign are demanding a retraction from the new york times. the campaign says in a statement quote this entire article is fiction. and for the new york times to launch completely false coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on topic like this is dangerous, the second accuser also spoke with the times. this is now five accusers
6:36 am
making similar statements, and by the way, hillary clinton campaign, they are weighing in on this saying that these accusations confirm what is known in terms of how trump treat women. back to you. >> all right, three more weeks to go. so donald trump's his oldest daughter to, right, ivanka? yes, she will be in town today, alex. >> she is, and she is holding coffee with ivanka event at three different spots today. she will start in chester at the desmond 9:30, then mo move to drexel brooke at noon, her last event is at the spring mill manor in bucks county, and that's going to be at 20:00. >> i think i will gay to all three and just get a.m. up up on coffee. >> she didn't say free coffee. >> oh, never mind. i would go to this, but it is closed. so i'm not sure why i am telling you about it, anyway, governor mike pence is also in town. actually, it will be in bethlehem tonight. he'll speak to the northampton county gop at hotel bethlehem
6:37 am
at 7:00 tonight. >> maybe they're saying it because that way people like to be outside the hotel, maybe they'll get a chance to shake his hand or meet him. >> true. and reminder everybody who is invited to that that it is tonight, okay? okay, you knew this would happen. yesterday afternoon the pentagon in washington dc said we've had. this is breaking news. us military launched crews missile strikes overnight to knock out coastal radar sites in yemen. the strikes were authorized by president obama. they are retaliation for two failed missile attacks this week back-to-back days on us navy destroyer. says the strikes conduct today protect our personnel, our ships, our freedom to navigate the open waters. more on that. they said they would fire back and they d boston police department is asking for prayers after two of its officers were shot in the line of duty last night. police got called out to a report of someone with a gun. that person did have a gun.
6:38 am
officials say when the officers made it to the scene the gunmen started shooting at them. police fired back hitting and killing that suspect. boston police say both officers were shot, once several times, that officer's being treated for life threatening injuries, in fact, he's in extreme critical condition. >> 6:38. we are following developing story out of lawncrest. >> yes, right now, police are investigating a deadly double shooting there. >> steve keeley live from police headquarters, me? >> a lot of people think marijuana is not a big deal. and it is only a gateway drug as people like to say, meaning it could lead to bigger, badder things, and that's what happened here. two different scenes, in the same neighborhood, just block apart. the first scene here on alcott street, 500 block, runs right off around the corner from rising sun avenue, near the forman mills and rising sun shopping plaza. police finds a wounded guy there, after a bunch of people
6:39 am
on alcott street heard gunfire, called the cops, right at the 11:00 news starting. not only did they find the wounded guy but they find the hooded sweatshirt with cash in the pact, then a lot of cash, and a bunch of bullet casings. now, they also go where more calls come about more gunfire, just a block over right around the same block 500 block again there is one on cheltenham avenue. the scene here, a lot worse. more bullet casings, and the guy they find on the ground there, is dead. not even alive any more. just shot, but shot enough to kill him almost instantly. they find the gun 5 feet from his body, a bicycle, a shoe, and more marijuana evidence that this might be all a drug deal gone bad over little vials of pot. >> it is possibly narcotics related. where we found the initial victim in the 500 block of east alcott, we found a wad of money, we're not sure how much
6:40 am
money it is because we are not touching it, it is part of the crime scene, but also found several small containers after green weed-like substance that appears to be marijuana. >> reporter: so as marijuana gets legalize in the certain states, still not legal here in pennsylvania, and that's why you have the illegal pot trade and it is still a deadly trade as we see in this case. alex, mike? >> okay, thank you will, steve. 6:40. more breaking news this morning, 21 of the school girls kidnapped by boca who are and are now free, islamic millitant group kidnapped more than 200 girls this is back in april of 2014. you may remember because it smashed a huge global media campaign using the hashtag bring back our girls. officials say their release result of negotiations boca who are and. we'll keep you updated as more information become available. twenty-one school girls have been freed. >> let's get all of the rest of them back.
6:41 am
well, we know he has a big arm. i mean, that means he can throw the ball a long way. but, it appears, he has a big heart too. more on carson wentz's generous gesture during the bye week, in his home state. >> and familiar site no more. the controversial item that's been taken down at one of philly's most famous cheese steaks shops.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> kevin hart was in town last night. >> he was, for his premiere of what now. >> flew in on private jet. >> must be nice. >> i think he'll on un "the q" show today matter of fact. >> quincy was posting some pictures. they're like best east. >> very close for years. well, the pennsylvania turnpike now takes plastic. credit cards will now be accepted at toll boots across the state, the pennsylvania turnpike commission spokesperson says cash and e-zpass are still the preferred methods of payment but with fewer people caring cash, alex holley, this gives drivers another option. in fact, i've got most of the women in my life never have carbon them. i want you to explain what that is about. >> who, me? >> yes, you're representing all women now of the world. >> i can't really speak on that, the first thing i thought about when i saw this, is it going to take up the
6:45 am
line, put in the chip, we all know how long that takes, you wait, then you get a receipt, and you have to sign. that is just going to cause traffic. >> what? >> either way. >> do you have do all that? >> think about it, at least probably swipe or something. >> you have to swipe. >> that will take -- you know, roll down the window -- >> here is the thing, there will be a credit card lane, right, bob? >> probably not. >> what? >> probably not. >> no, has to be a credit card lane. >> right now to begin with big lane on the cash lane, then you have to give him a five. then they have to give you change. >> then you drop the change. >> right. >> then you get out of the cards. >> put in your coyed, hit debit, credit, there go. >> unless it is a chip. have you been to the store when you put in the chip? you have to wait forever. >> i know, do you have slide it in, you have to wait, wait, wait, wait. >> don't pull it out. >> don't put it owl yet. >> don't pull it out. okay, pull it out. >> then none not to mention some stores take it, some stores don't. then i put in the chip, no we don't do that here.
6:46 am
then next store, i swipe. oh, no, don't swipe. >> here is the thing, why is it so hard? >> world problems for sure. >> i just got the chip on my card, and on my first chance to use it they said the chip machine was breck glenn oh. >> speaking of chip. 6:46 everybody. got a tractor-trailer accident here on the turnpike at the lansdale interchange. it is at the off ramp right at the toll plaza. probably deciding whether he'll use his plastic or cash here, but he crashed into the concrete barrier, right at the toll plaza. so, exiting lansdale, is where we will have some problems this morning. take a look at this cool shot. look at how the clouds are just kind of laying over delco all three, red, ooh, ahh. >> one, two, three. ooh-ahh. >> postcard in delco. here is a accident east on 422, rid near the observation interchange. couple of cars there, typical fenner bender. but again, dealing with fog, no delays yet at the airport,
6:47 am
but depending upon how long this sticks around, we could start seeing some early morning delays down at philadelphia international airport. yesterday's water main break, causing a detours around 13th and norris this morning. crash still being work on, the boulevard, and harbison. and for the gang down in wilmington, watch for work crews along 495 at route 13 dew point highway. how long is that fog going to hang out? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> another look at hurricane nicole, bears down on the island of bermuda. giant hurricane, well defined eye, strength ends greatly overnight to category four, still less than 100 miles away from bermuda a it will make landfall, right over the island, it looks like, as a
6:48 am
major hurricane. meanwhile, you saw the fog in delaware county with bob kelly. you know fog is a cloud on the ground. and we saw that demonstrated so noisily, lancaster has fog, trenton, wrightstown, wildwood, and these are just the places where we measure the visibility it, could happen to you, driving along, and just run into a bank of fog. so be careful. >> 52 degrees in philadelphia right now, 51 in mount pocono, 54 degrees, in dover it, is starting out little bit warmer than it was yesterday, just a little bit. and we will get to 72 degrees with most of us getting increasing clouds north and west of the city, you could see, a stray shower as a cold front comes through, and it will make big difference in our temperature tomorrow. bright sunshine, but high of only 64 degrees, and winds gusting up to 20 miles an hour, we will have chilly start on saturday morning, but, lot of sunshine when we get started for our walk to end altzheimer's in wilmington, delaware, we will be right down by the riverfront, guys, on saturday morning. and we will be squinting but we will be happy to be there. >> i don't mind squinting.
6:49 am
>> it will be fun. >> well, gino took the sign down over geno's cheese steaks. got so much attention all of these years. >> sign apparently gone. the sign outside of geno's south philly red this is america, when orders erring speak english. gone. back in 2006, geno's founder the late joey vento put the sign up on the main window, after international outcry, and a 21-month deliberation, the philadelphia commission on human relations pulled the sign. the vento family has not said why this sign was removed. ask gino about that. >> yes, jean so friend of the show. >> philadelphia star quarterback is getting lot of attention for what he did during the bye week. what did he do? he went back to his home state of north dakota? >> got to spend some time there. >> nice. >> so he throws down a lot of cash, and north dakota restaurant will likely never
6:50 am
forget it. >> what kind of money are we talking about, al next. >> made some waiters happen any north dakota he was back home. what do you do? you go out to eat, hang out in some of the places you like to hang out. also did some hunting, you know? but, when he went to his favorite hometown place, bar heard and horns. >> bar heard and horns is the name of the restaurant. >> oh, heard and horns. favrile hometown bar space. >> space, heard and horns is the name of it. and this is in downtown fargo. is there a downtown? >> yes, there is. >> okay. you know, it is the state capitol. no the state capitol is bismarck. >> so he went there with his budd us. >> his friends. >> all hanging out. thousand dollars tab right? so of course when it came time to do the tip, guess how much tip he left? $500. >> ooh% tip. 50% tip. >> carson being carson, fun to let him let loose a little
6:51 am
bit. >> look at that, 500-dollar tip. so now everyone is so happy like oh, our hometown hero he came back, he gives grapes tips. >> here is one weird -- about. >> what did i say? >> people in the town to support him all wearing number 11 jerseys, of course you got to support him. then on restaurant menus there, cheese steaks are starting to pop up. >> they're even calling themselves the philly of the upper midwest. >> what? >> yes. the whole town of all of fargo roots for the eagles now. >> that makes sense. >> sure does. >> but to call it philly? you can't be philly. you don't know what it is like to be fill. >> i in fact, all three of them watched the game together the other day. >> oh, you're terrible. >> no, fargo is actually pretty big town, it has 500,000 people in it. ryan in the control room, what's the population of fargo, north dakota? >> here is the thing though. how do we feel about these tipping stories? great did he it, it is wonderful, but isn't it private what you tip?
6:52 am
>> you don't think we should do tipping stories? hold on, population of fargo north dakota is 113,000 people. >> little less than what you thought. >> i thought it was 500,000. >> little less. >> wow. >> okay. so let's talk about more about that at the meeting we shouldn't do tip stories? >> i'm not saying us as fox 29, in general, when stories are done about people and how much they tip. it is like -- is that right? >> you know what i think this is? >> what? >> probably really bad tipper. >> really mike? that's not the case. >> you're afraid of getting in the philadelphia inquirer or the daily news. >> no, that's not the case. >> did you see the crappy tip alex holley left? >> let's mover on. >> look at me. >> no, that's rude. >> is it? >> to imply i'm a bad tipper, yes. >> you realize that's a joke. >> what, anchor people?
6:53 am
no 6:52. >> i'm going to get my list of stereotypes, i figure i do a lot at this age. >> shooting like a child in the pros. the granny shot is back in the nba. >> oh, ya. >> finds out which rookie scored his only two points on the underhanded shot.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> there is that rookie forward, there he is over in beijing. he broke out an old school play here, the granny shot. shot three throws underhands dollars last night in china. he said underhanded free throws is the way he shot them in college when he played at the university of louisville. the rocket beat the new orleans pelicans 116 to 104 if you cares. now, as i remember, one of the first players i ever saw do you this was philadelphia's own wilt chamberlain. look how bad he was over handed. and now, is it even legal in the nba, ryan, do you know? i think you can still do it, right? just? china? like she knows nba rules. what? were you a referee for the
6:57 am
nba? >> no. >> did you know that di was a basketball referee? >> no, i did not. >> is that where you got your whistles? yes? it is three minute before 7:00. okay, the top story, believe it or not, is more sexual allegations against donald trump. so we will play one woman's interview with the new york times, this happened on an airplane about 30 years ago. we'll philadelphia international airport that after the break. how tall are you?
6:58 am
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>> he put his hand up my skirt, and that was it, that was it. >> several women say donald trump sexually assaulted them, some in the same way he described in a access video. some say and how he is responding to the report. plus: this is just the latest in a string of disturbing allegations, and personal attacks from both sides of this campaign. for some, it is too much to handle. >> and you can tell them to go beep themselves. out. >> you can put half of trump support nears what i call a basket of deplorables. >> the racists, homo folk innings, jen owe folk innings, a you name it.


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