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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> cookie is hanging out with a new guy. what's this mean in has she left lucious forever? is this the end of the empire for his family, the empire team? >> is angelo a good fit for her. >> that's the question, do you think they could actually work? >> she goes for the bad boys. >> a lot of women do. >> bad, bad, bad, bad boys. >> you make me feel so good. ♪ >> was that mace? >> i know the bad boy reunion tour, doing that, probably. deathy? >> it was mace. high, sue. >> well with bad boy, though. >> oh, zooming in on my velvet. >> and it is lined with leather. >> oh,. >> leather piping on it, sure. >> oh,. >> did you realize this? well, i don't want to give this away. but velvet is the new trend for fall, and jen has that covered. having some regrets? it turns out, your parent may actually hate your name.
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and they named you. how many moms and dads regret giving their kids maybe the trendy name of that particular year? >> and billy bob thorton is live on good day this morning, we will talk to him about his new show called golieth. why he says his new project may and little life imitating art. >> and that's maria bellow of philadelphia as his ex-wife. oh, he looks beat. and i don't mean in a good way. jen, yes, here we go. velvet's back, baby. >> okay, i heard that you have a green velvet jacket on. i can't see you. but i don't think you have a green velvet jacket on like mine. okay? because this is a little, shall i say, extra? okay? not just jacket, pants, you saw the shoes, we will talk about fall fax, and again, i'm feeling a little extra. little extra this morning. >> oh, you're extra every day.
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>> you guys are definitely matching. same shade and everything. >> we talked about it, yes, in the meeting yesterday. >> brings oust your eyes, the color of your eyes? >> thank you. what, the black piping? >> , no the green. >> oh. >> the pupils? >> cents you peak out. so nice. so handsome. look at that, they look green. more haze snell. >> they are hazel, yes. all right, here we go. now, what's red it again? a website? >> it is a website. >> well, red it using hear sparked an interesting debate on line. when do you stop being naked in front of your children? so, in this original post, the mother said her family is an open family. it is impossible to read on tv. so let me get no this. she said she wants her seven year old son to know what a real woman looks like. so she will often change her
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clothes, get butt naked right in front of this seven year old. but she turned to the internet to find if other thought that was appropriate. so, most parents i noticed on this site were supportive of her. one quoted nudity is not a big deal, and being make at home isn't going to make your child not understand boundaries, or any of that. but, if he starts feeling uncomfortable about it, i think it is good to respect his feelings and then cover up a bit more. >> another said: nudity no big deal in the house bye i try to keep it discreet. and another said: my kid doesn't like it when i'm make and loudly tells me to go put some clothes on. i've taken to warning him when i'm going to be naked, that way he can avoid seeing me that way. >> mommy! >> well, we live in at our house little bit. >> oh, what? >> well, no, i mean, not that big after deal. but when our daughter was a baby, we have a big bathtub, when she was really little my
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husband would bring her into the bath with him. >> well, yes. >> she would play with her little bath toys. then one day i went in and he was wearing a bathing suit in the bathtub because he realized maybe it wasn't a prepare reap at any more. >> she was 19? >> last week. college? >> right. so that happened. >> you know? my parents are no longer with us. i never saw my mom and dad naked. >> nor did i ever, ever. >> have you? >> you don't remember? >> , no i don't think they were ever make around me. i'm quite sure maxine and fritz were never naked around their children. >> it wasn't a habit back in the day. >> have you seen your parents naked? >> i'm sure i have at some point. >> what? >> because i think the same as you, they have a bigger bathroom, i was only child. i remember when i was younger i would like to go in the mornings, like to get dress in
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the their bathroom because it was bigger, bigger mayor ores, probably didn't want to be alone, something like that. >> so you were old enough to dress yourself. and they're naked in the bathroom? >> no, because, i mean, don't we start dressing ourselves, you can start putting on clothes at like four, i was maybe not picking out my clothes. >> but you don't have an actual memory of nudity? >> don't have mental image, no. >> what you have is like naked? >> oh, my gosh. people have been weighing in though. >> okay. >> one says: good age five years old, after five they start asking questions like mom what i are those. cheryle says: i wouldn't let me boy see me make after age 11. it is my choice. my girl is ten, and she still does. and then the last one here: i don't think it is an age, i don't think there is an age where a kid can't see parent make it, should within they feel un comfortable. i feel putting a age on kids make teaches them to hide and be uncomfortable with her bod. >> i she just wanted to show her kid not everyone looks like the model that magazine. >> right.
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and there are different parts that boys have that girls don't have. >> exactly. >> okay, wife daughters, i was never naked around -- well there is one time they walked into the bathroom when i was make. and jessica says: look, daddy looks like an elephant but only smaller. (laughter). >> that did not happen. you made that up. >> it is an old joke. >> oh, my gosh. >> now, my mom stopped being naked around me when i turned, i think it was, 51. but of course men, it depends on the nakedness. seinfeld once told us, there is good naked and bad naked. >> the thing you don't realize is that there is good naked and bad naked.
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naked hair brushing good. make crouching, bad. >> that wasn't really necessary. i don't ride. it is just for show. >> hold this. >> please don't crouch. >> ouch. >> so dating this woman who likes to be naked in his apartment all the time. she just didn't like clothes. so she's repairing his bike, and then he can't open ajar of pickles. >> tough one. >> please, stop. let me help with you that. >> oh,. >> see, that's bad naked. >> because she is crouching? >> doesn't look good crouching. >> specially when you're naked. >> all right. let's get back to this story. i find this fascinating shakespear's famous lines may come true and come back to haunt. latest survey, almost a fifth of parents, is that what i am
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trying to say, regret the trendy names they gave their children. it was trendy that year when the kid was born, so lets guess with it. in some countries children's names are spree strict dollars legally to save the embarrassment later in lifement like in iceland parent have to choose from a pre-approved list of names. i remember this story from years ago. >> wow. >> they have to say special permission in iceland, all right, or iceland, to choose outside that far list of names. last year a french judge wisely stepped in, and vetoed a couple's attempts to name their baby nut ella after the chocolate spread. >> i love nutella. ella, ella. >> could call her ella for short. >> what you name your kid really? >> it shouldn't be in my mine. shoot, i thought we were going to have example, besides nutella. >> i met someone named develop vita ones.
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>> that's cheesey. >> i remember growing up i went to camp a girl her name was beautiful. >> that's nice, actually. >> but some of the kids would make fun of her. >> but she was extremely un attractive as i understand. >> what? stop it. >> because everybody could say hey beautiful. >> and it was like a thing, and she got really tired of t and then i don't know if this is true but i remember one of my friends who is a teacher she said she heard there is a girl in the class and her name is absentty. if you spell it it is abcd. >> what? >> wow. >> that seemed funny at the time. oh, listen to this seinfeld episode. megan, can you find this one? george wanted to name his child if he ever had one the number seven. and so somebody heard that, his friends stole it from him, i think it was after mickey mantle as new york yankee number, he was a fan of the yankees.
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so oh, epic. we had make up artist who would work on my face every day, her name was seven. >> it was seven? >> where that show blossom? >> yes. >> her best friends was named six. >> her best friend, the character's name was six. >> six. >> all right. but i mean, still. still a name. >> if you were going to be named after a number what would you go with? >> i kind of like seven. >> i do too. i like seven. how about one? >> one? what about nine? >> nine is cool. >> hi, i'm nine. >> what about double digits for a name though? >> eleven? >> how about 99. that was a character on get smart the tv show. >> she was agent 99. but he called her that all the time. >> ninety-nine. hey, 99. >> that was her name. do you regret? no, i like them. >> got a little cute sy, and i didn't mean to make it all j, jessica jerrick, jill jerrick,
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joy jerrick, little too precious. >> almost like you knew what was coming because then jill had a son named jack and now it is jack and jill. >> that's little weird. >> is it weird? i think it is cute. >> just like the name jack. and then really didn't put it together until we started saying it, jack and jill. here is a picture of jack and jill. >> i like it. >> tan does make you wonder about gwyneth paltrow. >> she named a kid a.m. >> i and moses. >> but the apple one was the one people got on her about. >> even tuesday, people named after the days of the week. >> oh, wednesday on the adams family. >> yes. >> and bee and a has blue ivy. >> yes. >> and there was an actress years ago, tuesday weld. >> january jones. >> january jones. they started naming people after towns, brooklyn, who was bill for -- big for awhile. david beckham's kid, isn't he brooklyn? >> i wonder if there is anybody named philadelphia, phil for short. >> do you know anybody named philadelphia, let us know.
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>> somebody named al us. >> sure, a lot of dallas. >> dallas, conshohocken. >> manayunk. >> yes. >> okay, i found this, and i thought of you instantly yesterday, couple of the people very close to me in my life right now. taking selfies may be good for you. researchers found that selfies make you happy, because you feel more confident and comfortable. yes. >> why does this make you think of me? >> you're a fan of the selfie. and i love yourself east. >> clean that up. >> yesterday you took a picture with a pumpkin. you looked so cute. >> it wasn't a selfie. >> no, it wasn't. >> groups reported positive moods following this four week study from california.
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they felt better after taking a selfie. >> four whole weeks they studied this? >> yes. >> university of california. >> well, one thing about selfies -- >> that's not a selfie. >> i know it is not a selfie, but picture of your face. >> oh, thank you. >> but i think the thing is you have control, over how you look in the selfie. you can change the angle, you can change your smile. >> that's true. >> and when someone else is taking a picture of you, yes, you can hope for the best. >> true. >> but sometimes your eyes are closed or whatever. and you have total control with the selfie. >> when you know, when you look at picture, there is a group shot, right? >> knowing they look good, not worried about you and all of the other people. >> i know exactly how that happens. >> how? >> like five people in the show. they've taken the selfie. >> or someone taking the picture. >> because they've only looked at themselves.
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>> yes. >> haven't even look at the four other people. >> like i look good, so we'll leave it at that. >> i'm posting it. >> the worse. >> you want to see a cute videotape? >> whether my children are growing up, jessica, jim, both took dance lessons. oh, four hour dance recite else recital. so teddy my granddaughter five and a half just started taking tap dancing lessons. >> oh, boy. >> she is in a black leotard, for ground, long blonde hair. >> here she is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> i think misty cope lands is safe in her career. >> she is ballet dancer. >> yes, ballet dancer. so, i mean, she has some work to do. but just getting started. >> these are the basics. shuffle, shuffle flat, shuffle flat, shuffle flat. >> shuffle ball change, i think that's next lesson, i'm sure. >> hey, alex, are you in the empire studio yet? >> i can hear you, i'm over here. >> down the hall? >> way down the hall, hall, hall. >> let's talk empire. hopefully you'll have special guest for this empire wrap. >> i do. so why don't we bring in the quincy harris. >> hey. >> hello, how are you? >> hello mike. hello sue. >> hi, hey there. >> okay. >> know what you're doing? >> what? >> nothing. >> okay, there they are. >> let's talk empire. >> so finally cookie and
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angelo who we all know is k addition character, love k addition, they finally go out on a date. and it is safe to say, cookie felt a little out of place. she hands it will in the only way that cookie could. here we go. >> actually cookie, spent the first summers running her family's multi-million dollar corporation. >> actually ... federal correctional institution for women. >> oh. >> i like that. >> he liked t but she was cringing. people trying to show us cookie and angelo maybe they -- >> yes, well, here is the thing, don't try -- don't try to make cookie, don't try to make her cookie crumble. you know, when you date women, like a cookie, cookies always going to be a cookie. mike, mike knows what i am
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talking about. and the thing was, i didn't like how they were looking who are you? you're our crazy cousin. stop looking like that. >> and came in, didn't have the right dress. >> and in the bathroom, you all didn't like that, did you? >> yes. they didn't like that at all. got real. >> yes. >> let's talk about andre. i felt like he was major player this episode. a loft interesting things that happened with him. and he got sucker punched. you know what, he didn't go down without a fight. >> what's up, andre? >> stopping now? >> so i popped him. i got this. >> well, i didn't go down, but he got back up. you know, he was fighting. is this andre that we used to know. is he back? >> he's back. but he needed. >> this you know,'s been going through a lot of stress with the cops, just lost his wife. no, common.
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do we really like exhibit's charger? >> i was going to say. that because all last night when i was watching, hold your back, hold your back, he was giving like these mean mugs, just intense, right, threatening everybody. and every time i looked at him i started laughing to myself. >> and he looks so different. >> i wanted fish tank in my car. >> always smiling laughing making jokes. look at him. i mean -- >> this is who we know. >> i mean, i know he's always been hard, you know? >> oh, he is not one of those hard guys. on empire, ugh, ugl. >> he's intense. >> we love him anyway. his character is called shine on the show. >> oh, exhibit's character. >> let's talk about jamal. one of the things i love about i he is such a bick heart, great voice, but such a big heart. and you know at the end of last season he got shot. that's the reason why he has ptsd, has trouble getting back on the stage and doing his music. even with that, the fact freda shot him, he still it will
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what towed do in toward get her out of jail. >> i'm telling you she was about to end that cycle. but we failed her. so yes, i took a bullet. but while freda sleeps in a cold cell in brooklyn, i'm recooping in my luxurious townhouse. i'm sorry that just doesn't sounds like justice to me. >> given the danger to miss gathers and mr. lions statement support, the court agrees to grant bail. >> people object, your honor. >> duly noted. >> jamal, oh, jamal, grated he was a sucker as we later found out, the fact he was too long do that. >> last night when that happened i was like thank goodness. because we love freed a i mean, you know, her music is really good on the show, adds another layer. listen they brought her in, they stirred her up, that's what you are supposed to do. >> lucious was behind t see little more how much freda was in on that. let's talk about the ends, though. because it got intense with
9:20 am
andre once again. he was making moves this episode. and he made a move all right. and then it got kind of weird. >> (movie clip). >> okay? >> i want to. >> it's okay. i know you logs your wife. >> and you were like oh, it hasn't been that long since rhonda died. but we're going to keep playing it out here, i am gay this way. so then rhonda shows up. they keep going. rhonda still there. and then it kept going. the three of them. it got kind of weirds. >> weird. i just said, man, i was like, man, this could happen if she wasn't a ghost. strange. but we see the theme. that she will be on the show. >> uh-huh.
9:21 am
>> you snow just kind of like, you know, altering his decisions. >> one thing to stand there and looking all creepy but another thing to be sleeping with the ghost? >> like whoopi goldberg, patrick swazy. so i guess it could happen. that's why they got the inspiration. with a did you guys think about that moment? little weird? >> ya. >> all right. that's great. that looks little better on the show. >> yes. >> so if you want to continue the conversation about last night's episode, let me know what you think. do you think cookie and angelo, could they be together? is andre going to re march which his new wife? can a ghost get pregnant? >> how crazily this get? tweet me alex whom i fox 29. >> and then watch, fox, 12 noon today, season love comedian extraordinary. >> season love. okay. well, let's get to bob at the grand cafe l ' iqua. throw back thursday, we take you back to l ' quila italy
9:22 am
this morning. can i get a coffee? >> in italian, cap china. step on up. cappuccino for robert. (speaking italian). >> ya, what he said.
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>> we get to pick different spot for breakfast every thursday, today we're going to italy. little history lesson. my buddy ricardo, good morning, and we will go back to italy. >> bonn journo. >> actually historic cafe in italy n2007, it was cafe of the year for the entire country of italy. >> okay? >> this is the mural you have on the wall here. >> yes there is actually is a photo of the cafe in 2007, when they won the award. >> where is the cafe, right here? >> right here. in 2009, this entire city including this piazza here was destroyed in a tragic
9:26 am
earthquake. >> boy. >> so the earthquake came. you guys were able to take the furnishing and all of that from the restaurant, bring it over here to philadelphia? >> what we decided to do because we realize it would take 20 years to rebuild this city we said let's bring the historic cafe to philadelphia. >> information here. >> so everything here, yes, everything here was either brought from the original cafe or designed or built from italy. it took about 18 contain tears bring everything over here from italy. >> come on over here. let's talk about the coffee on the wall here. >> so, in italy, the coffee sort of changes as go down south. so, this is torino. in it. orino the coffee is little french style, a lighter style, our city, laquia in center of italy, they drink it medium dark, medium high caffeine. finally we have napoli. if anyone is into naples, little crazy, part of it is dna, the other thing they have very high caffeinated coffee. so this is the strongest, the darkest. if you want a cup of coffee
9:27 am
that will basically get you through the day it is nopoli. >> let's seat watch do we have here in the case? >> in italy, breakfast, little different. it is different. so cappuccino is typical beverage item. only have it in the morning. then they go into basically this. we go from sweet to savory. this is nutella filled, this is almond, this is sort of like italian omlet but on a cornet, like a croissant. >> come on down here real quick. i got something waiting for me down here. stefano? >> i just asked for a coffee. okay, so, yes. >> leaquila here at 1717 chestnut streetment check the place out. just cappuccino in the morning, that's all we have, right?
9:28 am
>> in italy, after 11:00 a.m., they don't have chap chino. >> all bets off. back to you guys in the studio. >> you know why it is so crowd in the there? >> because it is so good? >> so darn good. billy bob thorton joins us on good day philadelphia after the break. how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities...
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not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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9:31. am on has a new series called goliath and it stars billy bob thornton as a disgraced lawyer searching for redemption, which he thinks he found in his next case. here it is. >> best trial lawyer, ever. >> what happened? >> michelle left, and that is when bottom fell out. he drank too much. >> it is not accurate. i drank just the right amount. >> go ahead.
9:32 am
>> billy created this term. >> turn this into david and goliath. >> step out of your vehicle. sir, turnaround and put your hand behind your back. >> crossing boundaries. >> i'm actually doing this again. so get ready for it, will you. >> oh, man this looks good. billy, welcome to philadelphia. >> hey, thanks for having he. >> in that trailer, right there i saw maria bella she's from philadelphia, you know. >> sure is. >> what is it like to work with her i think i'm in love with her. >> i'll pass that along to her. she's great. she is a really good girl, and, you you know, reallies i to work with, no sweat there. >> well, it seems like you talked about this role goliath and you said thinks art imitating life for you, why is that. >> well, it is funny, because i think lawyers and actors
9:33 am
have some similarities, you know, a lawyer is trying to convince a jury, abe a actor is trying to convince an audience, and there is, you know, some showmanship to both of them. i think most actors at some point want to play a lawyer, it is kind of like a perfect forum for an actor to, you know, show their stuff and, also, you know, this is a guy who is, you know, been at the top and has had hills, valleys, and he is trying to claw his way back and i think every actor has felt like that at some point, you know, so i think everybody has hit bottom in some way. >> yes. >> that is true. >> myself included. >> when i see you, billy, i go to, everybody has when they see you on the receipt they go to different favorite roles to you do you play but i got to go back to sling blade.
9:34 am
do people still do the voice when they see you, that. >> oh, absolutely, yeah, a lot of people think they are really good at the that. >> they think. >> yes. >> some people are, i got to tell you, i saw you know, a thing on the internet one time where some guy was doing it, and it was like at a fast food thing or something. >> yeah. >> and the guy was really good. his wife was mortified, but, it is a pretty funny role. but, you you know, i get sling blade, bad sanity, try night lights, monster's ball, it depend what area of the country you are and what kind of people you are talking to. when i'm in texas it the is all about alamo and friday night lights, but sling blade, it is, it is still a classic. >> women sitting next to me, the beautiful alex, grew up in texas and she is a fan of bad
9:35 am
a santa. >> i love the bad santa, i love the next one. it is so bad. it is so unexpected. >> yeah, it has become iconics, it the is very strange, we had the new one coming out, november 23rd, actually. >> i can't wait. it has to be a fun role too, isn't it. >> oh, yeah, it is definitely fun to play, i mean, i guess it would be the equivalent for deabout on theory of someone who has to gain weight and they get to drink milk shakes and eat cheese burgers all the time. for a few months you just get to act how you want to act. >> well, good luck with this, i will be watching, goliath, and congratulations, billy. >> hey, thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> tell maria we said hello from philly. >> oh, absolutely she has a suiter in philadelphia. >> give her a hug and a kiss. >> you got the it, buddy.
9:36 am
>> thank you. >> you know, another movie he was this love actually, he played a president. >> a woman icing president, isn't that interesting, in this day and age. >> that is interesting. >> i was talking around the news room and so i was asking people different ages do you you know billy bob thornton and you know what a lot of them said in their 20's, the fact that he dated angelina jolie. >> that was the first thing that came up. >> that has to be five or 20 years ago remember when they went to the golden globes together and they hade love in the back of the limo on the the way there and they each had a vial of blood around their neck. >> were they ever official? were they married. >> sue would probably know that, i don't know if they ever got married. >> they were just dating. >> they were tight to be making out in public all the time. >> maybe that is more intense then getting married. when your marriage, with them they switch blood. >> they were married. >> okay.
9:37 am
>> so it was official. >> oh, yeah. >> here we go why do i have velvet on today? because it is the latest fashion trend. touch it, feel it. >> it feels good. >> oh, yeah. >> jen insists this is the new trend for fall. >> or it is come back. >> but it is just one of the fall trend, another thing is there is a new color you know how we say blah, blah, blah is the new black. but we will tell you what the new color is, yes we will talk about your velvet problem and one more trend we need to know about.
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do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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well, let's, you know, every segment relates to seinfeld for me. >> yes. >> george, draped in velvet. he was dating in a woman liked it. >> laughter. >> oh, my god. >> what the hell is this? >> don't tell me, velvet. >> real deal. >> she has seen you in this thing. >> that is right. we just had sex. >> yeah. velvet was a big deal, and it is as far back as fall fashion is concern. jen is at the a place called skirt at rittenhouse square, hi there jen. >> favorite store, lily is here, good morning. >> good morning. >> you will keep us looking
9:42 am
awesome, prices are mostly good. >> we have some pieces under $20 so lets get started with the first trend. >> so, it will in the die. you saw this all summer long and what is great about this look it transitions nicely to fall. what are we looking for, we're looking for florals but we want them to look for a darker color floor willal. you want bell sleeve like this has from and you want a flare on the skirt to keep it, and then we draped the jacket the over shoulders. that is new way to wear jacket. it is from under 70 bucks. over the knee boots are the most have boot of the season. they are available at steve madden under a hundred dollars as well. check out your geum liz turquoise very fashionable. >> so cute. >> thank you very much. you look gorgeous. >> okay, we teased this. brownies the new black. >> brownies the new black. everybody wants to know what is the color i should wear for fall. this is new color to incorporate this your wardrobe, what is amazing it
9:43 am
is mono crow matic so it is sophisticated, elevated. this sweater from forever 21 is under $20, 19.90, pared with the suede skirt and it is all about the tights. where do i get them. these are legs ties. they are 7.99. they are my style secret weapon. if you wear a lot of black don't be afraid to mix black tights like these from legs, with an all brown outfit and booty has a snake print so it ties it all together. once it starts to get cold you cannot go bear legs. you do need them. i'm wearing them today. little bit of coverage. easy way to update your look. that little bag a railable at kohl's,. >> and you don't to have use self tan error shave. >> good news on the tights. >> so this is a look mike has been talking about. >> yes. >> i have to tell you our executive producer, stylist at work, they are loving velvet. >> everybody has fallen in love with velvet. it has gotten a major upgrade.
9:44 am
not velvet from the 70's, austin powers and these pant are available at skirt boutique. they are from frame, one of my favorite brand and they fit like a glove. what is cool is it is complete thely layered. women think if they are layered they will feel really bulky but we went with slim layers. the stripe top here is a tank top we layered that under a cashmere sweater but notice that wetter is thin, which is why it worked so well and leather jacket, of course, and what is cool you can throw a jacket over that look and with flats because we have talk about that, they are so important for fall and as you said tiny beautiful detail right town to the necklace. thinks a brand new collection, and, all fine jewelry, super affordable and it is that perfect finish off to the look. >> i love those shoes. >> i know, how great are those. it is mens wear inspired shoes and. >> are you ready to give me your style tip. are you ready for this. you should hold on. >> yes. >> for the over the knee boots, you know how you we're so short. >> yes.
9:45 am
>> these are regular boots for regular people, but on short people, they are over the knee i have to tell you my friend, helped my sister buy these last christmas. that is my style tip. 5 feet or under you don't need to to splurge over over the knee boots but just get regular boots. >> but they are in. >> so in. >> that is my girl. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> okay. >> she's great. >> she's amazing. you know her you have seen her a thousand times. police are investigating eras peck of kim's robbery in paris. why they are looking into a new piece of video taking after the the heist, there is video. tina for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions?
9:46 am
at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:47 am
9:48 am
you caught me. >> yes. >> hey, busted. >> egg, croissant. kim kardashian. >> yes, she's still recovering have after being recovered there gunpoint during a robbery but now is there word there may be a video moments after robbery happened. so casey carver. >> we have to see this video. hi there stacy. >> hi, good morning. >> so what does this show. >> well, so we're told someone actually secretly recorded inside the apartment where kim was robbed, right after as police were there, kim was wrapped up in a blanket, face timing with someone during this and person walk around and kim was completely unaware
9:49 am
this was happening. police did not realize someone was secretly video taping. this is illegal secretly videotape someone in the private setting without their consent, and in france. so now kim is working with the authorities to try to figure out who did this. they did release it to a web site that kim obviously went after that web site and it was immediately pulled town because it was illegal. we are told that it is a person that was found they could face up to one year in prison and 50 you this dollars fine. >> i have a question, casey, how is this possible? does she not know there is somebody else in the room with her or in the apartment with her. >> it is a good question, there were a lot of people in there because police were in there. there were people coming and going. at the time they were coming in investigating trying to figure out what happened, how people got in. obviously a robbery. police were investigating that. kim was otherwise occupying face timing with someone
9:50 am
sitting on the couch. >> well, often when i get rob of ten million-dollar worth of jewels, i immediately go to face time. >> that is one way to do it. >> that is the thing to do you wouldn't have a nervous break down but face time your friend. >> get some selfies darn it. >> we will be watching you and your fans and trend there at tmz later this afternoon right here on fox. thank you for that. >> fifty shades of gray gets a muppet make over this cannot be true. >> oh, no. >> kermit the frog, miss piggy. >> oh, my god. >> we have to show you this. there is the original. but watch out, for the way the muppets do it.
9:52 am
9:53 am
all right.
9:54 am
by the way really quickly there is a gaming school in hershey pennsylvania called milton school. my friend robert send me a text. he sent me that school with twins, their names are philadelphia and pennsylvania. >> really. >> people told us that, danny garcia his daughter is philly swift. >> yes. >> you have seen them on the big screen but never like this, miss piggy and kermit are looking to 50 shades of gray to get their romance back. >> oh, no. >> to what do you owe your success. >> i have success, control, wealth. >> it must be really boring. >> ♪ >> oh, man. >> no, no. >> that will be out on valentines day. >> i want nothing to do with it. >> it is not real. they are not making a movie. >> someone put it together.
9:55 am
>> i was going to say. >> that is just a parity. >> well, they are on the cutting edge. >> lets get back to something real jay-z announced his plans about mini series about army's first african-american snipper. >> nicholas irving aka the reaper, they is in the middle. first african special ops snipper and one of the deadliest. jay-z announced this project, nicholas irving announced this on his facebook page. it will star m.a. ward winning actor and star of people verse o.j. simpson sterling kay brown on the right there. >> yes. >> six hour mini series will be based off his autobiography and jay-z is teaming up with harvey weinstein so it will begin early next year. lets get to this because, if you are one of those ladies out there wanting disney theme wedding, a lot of people apparently do then you are very excited this morning. disney released its princess theme wedding dresses. oh, a first else a.
9:56 am
>> this, of course from the movie frozen. there is else a on the left ape your inspire dress on the right. very pretty dress, on the right. >> i don't see the similarities at all. >> maybe because is there a sleeved covered. >> let's move to tiana. >> on the left you see her from the movie, why not put tonight blue. original dress is on the left, anyway, there it is on the right. >> that one doesn't make sense. >> how about bell. >> this one is a little bit more like it. >> beauty and the beast, that is a favorite halloween costume, my daughter was bell one time. >> i was bell. >> you can dress like that, only in white. >> okay. >> lets see what they did with mulan. >> yes, she saved china. >> sure that is not enclose at all so this whole thing blows. >> anyway. >> wonder how much they are, if it is disney. >> they will charge you a lot because it will be a disney dress. gwenn stefani is opening up but her divorce there gavin rossdale. >> inning iser says even
9:57 am
though that year was challenging it was one of my favorite things that ever happened to me. she tells people magazine she's in a good place. >> that is gwenn stefani and may have helped her current husband blake shelton. >> that is gwenn. >> that is gwenn stefani. >> no way. >> i cannot see from where i am but i think it is. >> it is definitely her. >> well, she has a different look. >> she change her hair. >> wow. >> what is that barbara streisand movie where he leaves her and she starts working out and changes her hair, puts the on make up, no, nobody. >> streisand. >> the way we were. >> no, no not the way we were. >> yentle. >> somebody on twitter will help me out. >> guy fieri plans to bring his signature style of cook to go our area he will open a restaurant.
9:58 am
once we get word where it is, and all that we will let you know but i hear it may be in atlantic city. > live from new y.
9:59 am
10:00 am
it's the "wendy williams show." >> it's going to be -- ♪ >> now here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪ >> wendy: there we go again. welcome welcome to the show. thank you so much for watching


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