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but clearly, thes the focus jersey legislative repairs and new jerseydge gate. >> it's a. the developments to play omplaint an he was tmayor. christie dushing the christieje.
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he s think about this? how wou astem which is independent. . >> reporter: governor' office lane realignmeing. this matter has already bee investigations.tor loretta weide gate. e meet that over in northfront e
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not exactly them those you've heard so far and there not name them.m his press persoe de. others hop. .>> live in trenton, i'm jeff >> thank you very much, jeff. accusations against gov. pent this morning onding retracd
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stories. one of the the 1980s mazine claims in 2005..hem we've seen this first hannity hillary clinton meets in s the destruction of u.s.he new york timeswn the story sayie
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meanwhile trump's support for her father. ivanka told support and profess authority. a much warmer mornin are getting some rights n chang. n to do any damage orer the very pleasant afternoon in old city philadelphia. you can see in allentown there was money tee sunshine and most of us will be seeing that
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sunshine before sunset. the temperature right now 66 degrees. the high today 68. didn't make it into the 70s because the clouds rolled in, of course, we had those showers. winds already out of the west northwest at 9 miles an hour. as front is moving through the entire region. ultimate doppler shows some breaks in the overcast for sure with skies giving way to some clearing. 66 in philadelphia. 67 in dover. 55 in the poconos. you can see the cooler air beginning to work its way into our region. as you look a little bit further to the north and west you can see cooler temperatures already. upstate new york through western pennsylvania in the 50s. ottawa 46. so this is the chill that is coming. autumn chill overnight and through tomorrow. so here's what shaping like. if you're going out this evening 7:00 o'clock 63. mainly clear at 9:00. grab light sweater or jacket if you're heading out. 11:00 o'clock the temperature only 56 degrees. coming well take closer look at that fall foliage.
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scott will be along to tell us how we're doing with the drought as well. we still need some rain. back to you. >> it's been nearly three years after a lower macungie township woman disappeared now police have made arrest. michael horvatts facing kidnapping and homicide charges. prosecutors say he was a co-worker of holly grim. she disappeared in november of 20 thrown. police got a search warrant in september and combed through horvatt's property. they found bones of holly grim. a preliminary report oh out now on the new jersey transit crash in hoboken last month. but inspectors say more testing needs to be done because some electronic parts in that train were destroyed in the wreck. >> the ntsb says among the parts destroyed what you were just talking about. what they do, these electronics they control the train's brakes and propulsion system. >> investigator say the train was traveling twice the speed limit when last month it hit that concrete bumper at the end of those tracks and impact sent part of the hoboken terminal
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roof crashing down. a woman died on the platform. 100 others were injured. police say thieves in one new jersey town have stooped to new low. targeting seniors in their own homes. take look at these surveillance pictures that police in east greenwich township are looking for organized group of burglars who distracted an elderly couple by posing as water department employees. it happened sunday morning the police chief says one man distracted the husband and wife who were in their 80s while the two other guys snuck inside and pocketed gold coins and some other valuables. police think the thieves may have targeted seniors throughout the tri-state but they didn't count on the elaborate security system this couple had set up. >> most houses still don't have sid yo surveillance. but in this particular instance we were lucky enough and fortunate enough this familiar dull install video at some point and it is key to this investigation. >> if you recognize these guys, call east greenwich police.
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next time you drive through a toll at the pennsylvania turnpike just got another option for payment. now you can use credit cards instead of just e-z pass or cash. you can use yourre began receivg after she says a restaure says s rt >> it's heartbreakingays her restaurant off of routeverbal s. the woman sa was trying to calm hemorry, youo leave.r her son just needed some
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embarrassed and hurt. >> when somebody is mean to him, or somebody is discriminatory. he uns. they feel emotions. and actually what they did violated the american with disabilities act. we get looks all the time but i refuse to stay home. we go swimming. we travel. >> we reach out to friendl compy is aware of whager of this and we are confident tha she's all about pro the treatment of chihre autism
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co and with dignity. this friendly's family says they won't be comr joyce, foxant and pride open an away with. in style with brand new sean bell.division and not in jim schwartz says tht against pay that helps hard working families get ahead
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i'll fight for ealfamilies need; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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♪ more you decide 2016 tonight. first lady michelle obama hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton today. >> she got voters fired up in new hampshire. she's hearing donald trump. she said enough is enough and that has to stop. what he said on a leaked tape about women were much more than just lewd conversation. mrs. obama called it sexually predatory behavior. hillary clinton was in san francisco today. the democratic presidential nominee echoed the first lady's comments. >> and we cannot let this pessimism, this dark and divisive and dangerous vision of america take hold in anybody's heart. we have to keep lifting up this
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campaign. >> clinton currently facing yet another e-mail controversy. wick key leak released more e-mails yesterday that appear to show some people on her campaign talking negatively about catholics. it has religious leaders very angry. >> that includes at least one church leader here in our area. weekly column philadelphia arch with shows charles chaput responded to the e-mails and said in part it would be wonderful for the clinton campaign to repudiate the couldn't at the present time of these ugly wick lee leaks e-mails. all of us backward-thinking catholics who actually believe what scripture and the church teach would be so very grateful ". >> in west philadelphia police are looking for three people who stole a cash box from an atm. police say earlier this month, two men and a woman stole about $1,700 from a chinese restaurant on the 200 block of south 60th street. police say one of the guys ran inside where the other two acted as look outs. if you have any information about this please call police. >> big honor for at city hall.
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his love philadelphia flyers began their 50th anniversary season tomorrow. the legendary flyers owner was honored with resolutions by the city council and the mayor on hand for today's ceremony members of the night family and representatives from the flyers. halloween came earl daal for some very deserving children. >> patients at children's hospital of philadelphia dressed up for a special halloween party. kids enjoyed holiday activities got visit from the teenaged mutant ninja turtles. put on their favorite costumes for the fun event. the party was put on through the spirit of children program which raises money for kids hospitals across the country. last year they raised -- more than 95,000 for chop. >> i love that. >> good stuff. all right. to your fox 29 weather authority now. speaking of good stuff. >> yeah. pretty nice out there. i know -- i saw sneak peek earlier it will warm up next week. but i'm not going to steal your thunder. >> thank you iain. we're looking at a slight warm
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um end then we're lock tag huge warmup in that seven day forecast. wee get to that. first let's talk about the clearing skies. this is actually part of that weather puzzle fare weather high pressure builds in gets cooler tonight. but then we begin the warmup. slow but steady. that's the way we like it you can see hurricane nicole after a passed over bermuda accelerating tour the northeast. cold front moving through our region helping to kick out and keep it well offshore. fair weather high pressure building in. so it will be a cool start to the day tomorrow with morning temperatures in the 40s. but as this high continues to build to the south and east off the coast, we see a return flow and that means some warmer temperatures. each day it will be getting warmer in the seven day. i have to mention nicole as it packed maximum sustain whipped of about 130 miles an hour last night. it moved right over the island of bermuda. something very rare, and on the island they clocked 122-mile app hour win much this storm continues to accelerate toward
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the northeast. right now mack mum wind at 110 miles an hour. it's moving northeast at 21 miles an hour. losing its tropical characteristics. and take a look at where nicole is headed it's interesting the same model that looped matthew back toward florida it's kind of looping this one around, too. doesn't know where it's going. but most of the models taking it toward green land and ice land. pretty interesting. as far as our weather goes we're just talking about quiet, mess san weather. we can use a little rain. scott has been looking at all the numbers and is looking at how this kind of fits in to our fall foliage puzzle. something we're looking forward to this fall. >> absolutely kathy. doing little leaf peeping. we'll talk about the drought and also some of the locations that we'll see some pretty have i bran colors over the next several days. as far as that rainfall update for the month of october, we've seen some rain gains across the area. improving conditions around wilmington along with philadelphia just a little over tenth of an inch below where we
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should be for this the month. trenton still about an inch below. but take look at atlantic city. a surplus there almost an inch over. as far as the latest drought monitor the update came in tod today. we still have dry conditions for parts of bucks county also moving toward the poconos. but take look at northern parts of burlington county, mercer county also as you move toward the bensalem area, northeast philadelphia. still in that moderate drought category. so that drought could mute some of those colors across the area. take look at the leaf peeping forecast. still pretty low color around parts of south jersey also delaware but vibrant color. we are nearing peak and also the high categories as you move toward the lehigh valleyly the pocono mountains. so places like delaware gap, also moving toward the poconos this weekend great have i bran colors for a little leaf peeping. kathy? >> wow. that sounds great. looking forward to it. so we need a little rain but we
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have the sun and we have the clear, cool nights as well. you're lock tag bout full picture of trenton. overnight tonight worry looking at cool temperatures as i mentioned. mainly 40s. autumn chill. during the day tomorrow, highs in the 60s little bit below average and as we look at the seven day forecast, wow! here's your warmup. saturday 67. sunday 72 another beautiful day. a to you showers monday. but then look what happens. tuesday and wednesday it feel like summer. and thursday 69. and parly sunny skies. >> all right.d looking october >> as always. coming off that losim schwartz d ide receivers have tsh talk planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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college. will not be verneeds to look out for him,
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think he said one word to mhink and he said hi aio brown. he. for the eagles d. not somhichwartz said might actualhat may serve us well from before. ourning in the fourth quarter on the side liney tight games
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in the n >>t down on "gam dallas at g treo win thet game t up i light hits the game winw you t. >> that's an iain move right n now. bring out a car, bring the lights on and i'm putting this thing. >> that's it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you at 10:00. have a great night. next inside edition.
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