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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. right now at 11:00, someone is torching cars and their on the run name imagine waking up tomorrow to find your victim scorched cars like these clearly impossible to drive. it happened to at least seven cars in overbrook leading people to wonder when or where it will happen again. good evening i'm lucy noland a string of crimes not only expensive incredibly inconvenient it is dangerous. let's get straight to fox 29' dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and the philadelphia arson task force are now involved in this investigation ton night detectives believe the suspect in this case is acting alone. >> that's always dangerous. fire notice no limits. >> reporter: neighbors in
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overbrook section of philadelphia are on edge after police say someone touched off a string of arsons overnight that left seven cars torched and this home damaged after a dumpster fire spread to the building. >> i hope they catch the guy zero jumps. >> reporter: fox 29 obtained surveillance video of the man at 56th and master as he set the dumpster fire outside a corner grocery store then returned seconds later and reignited the fire which led to a roaring blaze. >> somebody knows something, knows this individual and please give us that information so we can get this guy off the street. >> it doesn't make sense for somebody to just go around epp danger themselves and the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: that was one in a string of arsons over five hour beard that destroyed four cars and seriously damaged three others. the fire left victims like this woman who didn't want to be identified struggling for answers. >> i opened up the gas tank and there was fire physically inside of my gas tank. makes me mad. makes me scared. >> i could have blew up and blue my truck up.
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>> reporter: now investigators believe the suspect may be using a can of lighter fluid to start these fires. the damages so far have been estimated about $150,000. lucy? >> all right, thank you dave. hopefully they can catch that person quickly. gone, robbed, killed, young father's family left heart broken and so are the popular lawn crest barber's customers. >> speechless right now. speechless. i bought him a little -- like a little thing to go on his key chain from miami. stopped in to see him just now. serve crying. i'm like shocked right now. >> police say two men confront 28-year-old johnny, behind his home on 5100 block of f street right around 10:30 last night. the men shot him over and over again. he later died but was able to tell police that the men stole his gun. so far no arrests. developing in center county one of the star witnesses that helped convict jerry sandusky of child sex abuse getting his day
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in court. former penn state assistant foot batch cole mike mcqueary wants $4 million in lot of wages he claims penn state should pay for retaliating against him because he testified in the sandusky case. in 2001 mcqueary says he walked in on sandusky molesting a boy in a team shower. today a former lawyer for penn state testified that he told a top official at the school to call the department of welfare about the incident. but he doesn't know if the call was ever made. defense attorneys for the university claim the public turned against mcqueary because he did not step in to stop sandusky in that shower. on your radar tonight, record-breaking heat in mid october. goodness, could it get even hotter kathy orr yes. >> it's mazing. i don't remember an october like this. >> yeah. >> in almost 20 years i've been forecasting in philadelphia. it's just amazing. i remember 70s -- >> right. >> but not record-breaking warmth in consecutive. take look the mall the doppler. a few showers well to the north through new york and new england
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we stay in the clear overnight tonight. that translates into comfortable temperatures and then sunshine and warmth tomorrow. right now you can see in the poconos cooling down it's 59. 61 degrees along the northeast extension. allentown pottstown 61. philadelphia 68. millville is 64 degrees. throughout the northeast in southeastern nan today little bit cooler ottawa 52. burlington, 55. quebec 48 but there is where the cold air is locked to the north. that's where our jet stream is. we'll watch this huge rid of high pressure build in the east it will be feeling and looking like summer. on our weather maps, a summer like pattern temperatures soaring well above normal but not just 5 degrees. not 10 degrees. but about 15 to 20 degrees above normal. when you look at the numbers, it's pretty incredible. in the city overnight 62. the suburbs 57 degrees with clear skies. tomorrow the high 85 degrees. the record is 85 and that was set back in the early 1900's. these are the numbers to be for
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tomorrow. reading 85. atlantic city 83. trenton 82. allentown and wilmington 81 degrees. and most of these records will be broken tomorrow and that's not all. it's going to be hot again during the day on wednesday. now watch tomorrow clear skies. no issues. some showers get close. but then they just fade away with weak front much during the day wednesday it's dry. plenty of sunshine but then another front moves through and brings some rain on thursday and that is the beginning of the end of the heat. take a look at the seven day forecast. you can see the heat for tuesday and wednesday. the showers thursday. friday lingering showers. saturday, sunday and monday, highs in the 60s. lows mainly in the 40s which is more typical for this time year and once that cool moves in i think it's here to stay, lucy. >> all righty. it is that time of the year. thank you very much kathy. unbelievable act of bravery out of new jersey. a woman alive tonight after her car overturned and pinned her
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underneath it. the helpless woman was running out of time under her smokey car but she now has a bunch of heroes to thank. look what's happening right here. it could have been an entirely different out come if the good samaritans did not rush to the scene. fox 29's sean wilson live in hamilton township with the 411 on this amazing story. shawnette. >> reporter: it is amazing lucy, and it is also very hard to believe that this woman is still alive after what the good samaritans describe and it's all because of their quick thinking. >> i saw a car with its wheels up in the air the car was smoking. the horn was blaring. >> i was complete panic but like i have to get her out. like i didn't even worry about my own safety. >> reporter: marie and harry gallagher got the news a woman they helped save is expected to recover. this police dash cam video shows the chaotic scene on weymouth road in hamilton township around 1:30 sunday afternoon that the
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gallaghers drove up to. they were the first on scene. police say the woman lost control, her car hit a tree, she was ejected and the car landed on her. >> i could see her face, her legs were like kind of in a strange position, her arms were out and she kept trying to lift her head up and move but she was like moaning and i'm like it's okay. it's okay. >> another lady pulled up. little bit and then we three lifted the car. >> reporter: in all, eight good samaritans helped lift the car and free the woman as emergency crews arrived. >> just happened by chance that we were down that road or by g god. >> reporter: so let me explain the gallaghers say that because they were on their way to pennsylvania for a family reunion. they were on their way when they found out it had been canceled. lucy, they were on weymouth road just from a simple change of plans. >> isn't that amazing how things work out? shawnette, thank you so much. you decide 2016.
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we've had one october surprise after another in this improbable race for the white house. so what's next? donald trump continuing narrative that the media and local election places are rigging the election. and that was once again his claim campaign stop tonight in wisconsin. he tweeted today "of course there's a large scale voter fraud happening on and before leck day. i have to tell you this is unprecedented for republican for any presidential nominee to say something like this. the prep can nominee also tweeted about allegations of sexual misconduct against him. he says they are 100% false. meanwhile, mel lane ya trump sells fox tonight all the women who are making those claims are cole looting with quote the opposition. >> why three week before the election? um, and what accusing my husband that is not the person that i know. they want to damage the presidency of my hub.
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and it was all planned it was all organized from their positions. >> catch the full interview tomorrow morning on fox and friends on fox news channel. we'll also have more tomorrow morning on good day beginning at 4:00 a.m. and new controversy for the clinton campaign tonig tonight. the scandal surrounding her private e-mail server continues. the fbi released records today that show a clinton state department aid was trying get the fbi to reclassify some of her e-mails. the records show the state department patrick kennedy offered to deploy more fbi agents in iraq in exchange for the reclassification that would be called quid pro quo. not good. meanwhile the poll released by monmouth university today has clinton leading nationally by 12 points. she's off the campaign trail until the final presidential debate on wednesday. but her husband stumping for her tonight. bill clinton spoke win this past hour in new york city. tomorrow the former president will speak at montgomery county community college in blue bell
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and that begins at 3:00 in the afternoon. so the presidential campaign isn't the only hotly couldn't testified race we're watching. right here in pennsylvania we're keeping all right eye on the virtual tie between incumbent republican senator pat toomey and democrat katie mcginty. the two faced off in their first ever debate today in pittsburgh. they disagreed on just about everything. both mcginty and the moderator hammered toomey on his resist to either support tour denounce donald trump. and mcginty got some heat from the incumbent about relationship to hillary clinton and washington, d.c. but thing got really interesting when the conversation turned to climate change. >> i am all about the full use of our energy resources. we have to tackle climb change but here's how i go about doing that. in a pro jobs a jenn today. we can't be a climate denier like the senator is. we got to be honest about real problems and challenges. >> any honest objective look at
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the record shows that the surface temperature of the planet has risen over the last hundred years and common sense suggests that human activity has contribute to do that. but it's a fact that we don't know exactly how much human activity has cribbed to it, and the costs that katie mcginty and others advocate for incurring is unbelievable. >> the two will face off again here in philly on october 24t october 24th. people have been glimpsing a cat in a local neighborhood. no big deal, right? what's going on? this is no stray and it looks really big. we're on the hunt for the new neighbor that's got a lot of people talking to night. and -- for the working women of kensington avenue the prostitutes business as usual is scary enough, but now they're more frightened than ever. they'll tell you why coming up. ever wonder how everyone's favorite the philly phanatic got to be so pop land be loved in our area and beyond? well, guess what? tom has been the
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phanatic's best friend for 28 years. he just released a new book and celebrated to night with a par party. says it's love that has helped the phanatic grow. the book is called pheel the love. coauthored with evan marsh. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ so was a mountain lion or a house cat wandering around winslow township, new jersey? that's what many residents want to know. several sightings large cat in that paw print right there a big one has grab the attention of wildlife officials. the owner avenue hammonton vineyard says he's convinced it is a mountain lion. look at that thing right there, right? trail camera captured another shot of the big cat a day before. although wildlife officials doubt it's a cougar, witnesses think otherwise. >> no average house cat. no, it was between 50 and 60 pounds. >> i didn't know if it was a bobcat, mountain lion, i didn't know. i didn't know what it was. it was in and out of the woods and it was getting dark and, um, i just knew it wasn't a dog. >> definitely not. officials are trying to very if i the siting but at this point the think the animal was a big house cat. i know kitties that ain't no house cat. so it's a hard thing. for many to wrap their heads around and it's a part of life sadly in some philadelphia
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neighborhoods. though it carries an inherent risk but now long kensington avenue someone is making the profession even more dangerous. our hank flynn hit the streets to find out what's going on with prostitutes. >> reporter: you think you've seen this guy you personally. >> i did. i did see him. and by the time you call somebody he's gone. he's gone. he might be laying amongst up somewhere. >> a whole lot of fear. >> reporter: donna price is terrified. somebody has been brutal liesing prostitutes along ken sipping ton avenue. philly police say it may be the same man who attacked nearly half a dozen women since april but they're not certain. either way donna wants to see some act. >> now they're saying it might not be this guy. what are you talking about? if the guy is wearing gloves. you don't have nothing to go on because there's no dna this took
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took a being there's got to be something under their fingernails. there's got to be more police work on this to get these -- this crazy maniac off the streets. >> reporter: most recent attack objection first kensington call girl was choked unconscious after a date. another was sexually assaulted at knife point in the same area two weeks prior. attacker might be the same guy who or the same person who attacked and murder add prostitute back in july. >> it's really terrifying. you feeling like you're being hunted like an animal or something. you take risk out here every day getting into any car really but now it's like you know really scary feeling because you never know. it's like almost like it's not if but when really. >> reporter: it's a tough gig on the best of days turning tricks and casey says she's been at it for thee years. you have to be save she says because whether there's one attacker out there or more there are a lot of sick people she
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says who would do the same thi thing. always, f this work is so dangerous why do you consider couldn't to do it. this is for you. >> well drugs. drugs are real problem, you know, unfortunately i have a drug problem, and you know i can't keep a job and this is how i support myself and feed myse myself. how i take care of myself. >> reporter: every working woman that i spoke with on this story four in total confessed to similar heroin dependency and desperation are constant at kensington and lehigh. >> good luck. you're welcome. >> as for the attacker he's described as black in his 20s or 30s wearing a baseball cap and often on a bike. but the girls say he's ditched the bike. >> was he on like the bike that the cops always say he's on. >> no, he was on foot. he had the baseball cap on. and i'm still obviously wearing the same sneakers. >> philadelphia police told us that they continue to investigate but there have been
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no brake in the case and no solid confirmation they're looking for only one attacker but what do you do? attack on prostitute or the killing of one is just the same as an tack on anyone else, isn't it? >> senatisn't it? tweet me was think. let's talk about it. hank fox 29 us or fox 29 philly. >> you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain what's going ton night? >> fresco user raheem harvey saw this in university city a taxi somehow got stuck in the penn presbyterian medical center park he tells us the driver drove right through the park. you can see a crowd of people gather on the scene we called police and they're checking to find out what happened and if anyone was hurt. if you see something shoot it and send it to our fresco you could video -- video could end up on the user. kevin malone in vineland new jersey for a special ground breaking official from the see and local organization organizag
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their shovels into the ground future home of the landis square senior apps it will consist of 71 affordable luxury units. officials say it will have positive economic impact on the greater cumberland county community. take out your phone and shoot it. and use the fresco app to send to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you very much iain in peps si company making major change to bum of products. cutting the amount of sugar, sodium and fat and drinks like 2025 in response to the growing demand for healthier foods. pepsi owns gatorade and tropicana. all right. sean bell, you got the eagles up. >> that's right lucy of eagles lost to washington i see a lot of people screaming at big v. blaming him or the eagles of offense looking terrible. i'm going to till why you should be screaming at the coaching staff and not big v. that's coming up in the sports commentary. [ roars ]
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♪ ♪ sean bell takes on eagles blame game. his commentary in a mere 15
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seconds. ♪ everyone wants to play the blame game. monday morning quarterback. who is at fault for the eagles debacle. did there's plenty of blame to go around and you know what, i can't blame vaitai. everyone wants to blame him. and you're dead wrong. you're dead wrong. there's one thing that should have happened and doug pederson and coaching staff should have protected him. it's almost like they didn't even respect ryan kerrigan on the very first play of gait game they let a tight end blocker are you began. pederson led big v go one-on-one with kerrigan and got absolutely toasted because of it.
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pederson rarely gave bv very help. no chip from running back. no double team. no tight end help much just let big v naked out there i hear people saying it's nfl he's a big boy he's got to be ready. give me a break much he's a fifth round rookie that never suited bup this game. you needed to treat him just like you treat any other rookie. give him some help, ease him into the game. just like did you with carson wentz. hey, that's a thought. instead they through vaitai in the fire and eagles severely got burnt because of it. doug pederson will not make this mistake again or he'll get destroyed once again. >> all right. sean bell, thank you so much. a major honor for madonna. billboard magazine named the pop icon woman of the year. billboard notes she's the highest grossing female touring artist of all time. magazine also praises ma don in's charity work in malawi her raising malawi charitable
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organization currently constructing an pediatric nicu. >> beyonce' may be taking her devotion a bit too far. after the super star accidentally ripped out her earring on stage during her brooklyn concert saturday night, queen b fans flooded social media with disturbingly graphic picks of their own self inflicted injuries we'll spare you. under the hash tag bleed for beyonce'. >> hmm. >> i don't know why. why do you write a thing on that? >> people are so stupid, man. [ laughter ] >> how do you feel about that, sean bell. >> i just can't. >> stewed did the in this world. good okay. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered all morning long. ♪
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a bunch of donald trump supporters and it got really ugly. >> she ends up telling people if you boo, you're going to get thrown off the show. >> did she think that like everyone in the audience was going to be on her side? >> when she says that as well, that kind of turns me into a trump supporter because it kind of makes me want to fight against amy schumer. [laughter] >> russell crowe has a dinner party at the beverly hills hotel. azealia banks doesn't like what parent lit whatever music they put on. one of the other females guests says to azeal ya, you should stop. azealia picks up her wine glass. i will break this and slash out both of your throats and you will bleed all over this table. at that point everyone is like, whoa! but then -- >> lohan nightclub opened up over the weekend in greece. she took the stage.


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