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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i don't know hat bet was but i had my legs waxed live on the air. >> i don't remember why we did it. >> i think it was some kind of a sports bet. do you have that footage? >> it took the entire hour, we torture you for the entire hour. >> yes. >> so. >> there it is happening. >> then i went on a trip to miami. i went back to this woman to her hair ripping off salon, rittenhouse square and she took it all the way up my thigh. >> do you see how high it is. >> wow. >> you did not mean to show that. >> a lot of guys are doing that. this is just weird. >> wow. >> it is all smooth? here's my concern. >> would the man told me that it would all grow back in 40 days, tops, 40 days.
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>> it has been 60 days, it is, feel my calf, go ahead. >> it is nice and soft. >> there is a little bit. >> it is like a bald chicken. >> yes. >> i told you this when you first got your legs waxed if you get them waxed you will need to lotion them to maintain moisture. right now. >> i'm a little crusty, asche. >> look at that. >> it will smooth thing out. >> i don't think i have ever put lotion on my legs in my whole life. >> i will get upright now. >> you have a tub of lotion. >> it is a tub of lotion. >> appreciate that. >> hold on. >> i don't think you are moving in that dress. >> but apparently more and more men are doing this on
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purpose, getting their legs waxed. >> it is on the desk. >> it is not just for athletic reasons. >> bikers, swimmers. >> no preventive you are a trend setter. >> yes, all right, hold on. >> this is body cream. >> it is just lotion. >> go for it. >> no, you need to do it yourself. >> didn't it seem like she would apply. >> that is what i thought. >> you should to that. >> it smells good. >> i can smell it over here. >> it is like peanut. >> i think we have some right here. over trend at that swimming pool this northern liberties. >> monarch. >> monarch. >> thank you for bringing them in. >> you know is what cool. >> i know right now it makes sense that they have a new pool. they have a tent over it. >> wow. >> you can be swimming in the winter. >> it will be year round at monarch. >> hey megan do you have a picture of monarch.
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>> they have a picture of new pool they have posted yesterday, maybe we can show that. >> what is this i'm drinking. >> a pumpkin peanut colota. >> that is good. >> i have the pine apple juice, i know i have yours, do you want to switch. >> that one is yours. >> you are so disgusting sometimes. >> it is like a trap. >> people that are celebrating, a lot of them have the best bodies, is there a woman with unbelievable abs. >> i saw this woman her picture yesterday. >> what. >> my goodness. >> i'm never showing my stomach again. >> she's on our show today. >> i wish i could be here. >> and then there is us. >> and then there is me. >> ugh. >> but she does amazingly even with that ripped body, she
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does eat cheat foods. she will have which one is better rather than pizza or fries. is there one she still eats. >> yes. >> and looks like that. >> i think it is pizza. i would say pizza i. >> i would go pizza over frenchfries. >> oh, shoot i just thought of something, i was going to say, darn it. >> pizza, halloween, food. >> you know what i did in miami, i went on the beach and i horrified people and children were running. >> do you ever -- do you remember that lifetime roberto was on and we tried to melt crayons on to a white pumpkin and have it melt down over the pumpkin. >> it was like watching paint dry. >> it was, it was a total disaster. for some reason we have asked this woman to come back. >> she will bring us amazing halloween food, treats for the arty setting up for the kid.
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pinterest idea. >> what is this. >> those are feet. >> monster feet, your every day meat feet. >> um-hmm. >> she has onions there. >> you do eventually bake that. >> yes, absolutely. >> you just can't eat raw meat here. >> real quickly here lets put up monarch the pool over there in northern liberties because you are right, it is opened year round. >> and it is heated. >> that is a nice place. >> you want the lotion then. >> yes. >> they used to call that thing across the street piazza. >> yes. >> now it is called something something else. >> it is hard to say without getting in trouble with the fcc. >> schmidt's commons. >> i brought you some sand, these were in my kid stuff, so we have real sand in the beach. >> if a woman would bring a buck net their their kid use you would clean out the sand. >> it is invisible bucket. >> green bucket. >> they cannot even see you
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are holding anything. >> boy this smells good. >> you are rubbing but it is not soak in. >> look at how knoby my knees are, that is gross. >> i heard you asking sue if she ever treated on billy, and she obviously said no, never once. >> she laughed at the notion of it. >> do you think she's telling the truth. >> yes, i think she's telling the truth. >> so you found this monogamy survey. >> how common it is for people cheating. some people find it advising, the numbers are, 40 percent. one out of every five. one out of every five persons in the united states. >> admits to cheating on their partner. >> wow. >> 21 percent of young a adults and 17 percent of folks 30 to 44. they say they cheated at least once. >> have you ever had an affair. >> i never had an affair. >> i'm sorry. >> i started to move, so i'm
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not going to move. >> they are my little kid chairs. i have the octopus and the crab. >> yes. >> there we go. >> nothing to see here. >> that is cute. >> so lets talk about, it says cheating is more common. >> i'm here for you. >> by the way what are the little chunks in here. >> they are not chunks. >> papaya. >> no, is there some chunks in there. >> i feel something. >> there is not chunks in there. >> what you are saying men cheat more than women still in this day and age. >> they do. >> women would like the idea of having relationships that are completely monogamous. >> 59 percent of women said their ideal relationship is monogamy and only half of men said it is like it 51 percent like being with one person.
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>> all right. >> is that about right 52 percent. >> half of the guys are cheating. >> that seems about right. >> i would think it was higher. >> i said i'm's surprised, it is 51 percent. i thought it would be lower,. >> alex, i believe in situational ethics. there is probably half of the guys in the country, just can't get any. >> please hand me my phone please. >> another 50 percent say they are not doing it and maybe have no opportunity to do it, if they were presented with the opportunity, would they do it. situational ethics. >> yeah. >> i have to tell you this if i'm in a relationship i don't want to be with anybody else. >> which is why you got into a relationship because in the beginning if you are dating but if you are exclusive and. >> that is the way to go. >> i don't have desire to be with anybody else.
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>> you are a serial monogamy. >> there is not like, there is - >> what? >> i'm interested, karen. >> there is what. >> karen does want than the to get anybody in trouble here. >> one by says no, i think, some people say it is not human but human nature is not to be with one person and that is a big debate. >> it is the hunt. >> the thrill of the chase. >> we're like animals and if we see a cheetah or a giselle. >> is that how it is, for you. >> yes. >> but one in five, that is kind a lot. >> 50 percent. >> one in five number, men and women, one in five cheat. >> have said they cheat. >> usually it is worker in the work place people meet someone. most bad decisions happen after too much alcohol i believe. >> you got the that right. >> you know what you you are
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doing. >> you person in front of my face, you know. >> karen is drinking right now. >> you are drinking. >> i am not. >> weigh in on twitter and facebook and instagram, what do i think. >> one in five. >> that is horrible. >> let's talk about the leg thing. >> so silky smooth legs which i have now. >> they are beautiful. >> why is it not. >> it is not going in his skin. i don't understand, i wear this all the time. i don't know why it is not going in. >> your skinnies repelling it. >> i am repelling it is supposed to look like normal legs, but i'm probably like a old crocodile. >> it is probably smudge. it will get in there. >> more men are a parentally shaving their legs or getting
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waxed or whatever. yeah, leg waxing. it is a thing for guys. >> is it happening now. >> yes, it is. >> are you okay. >> was it painful to watch. >> it is painful to have happen. >> he was holding my hand and i could not feel my hand, he was numb. >> get this, half of the men being surveyed admitted to trimming or shaving their leg hair and not for sports according to the survey by mens health mag seen. that study was done by the, well, i just said that. so goody said it twice. let's go. >> what is interesting you semen, it is that whole expansion of the man scaping. men started to cut down the chest hair or back hair and dry beneath and trimmed and it extended. i think it came from more men that were athletes like the swimmers and bikers that
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shaved so they are more aero dynamic and now spread main stream. >> i know man scaping has been around but i didn't know it went to legs. >> what are you talking about. >> what do you mean. >> your chest. >> yes, what do you think i'm talking about. >> when people say man scaping, you think. >> it is not just a certain area, but any type of landscaping, that you you do on yourself. >> i guess there is that. >> if you want to go there it is on you. >> no, that it is fine. >> more of a trend now too. >> i have noticed guys that shaved their legs, maybe i'm in the looking at legs. >> even though it is warm, it will get cool and it will keep you warm. >> no, hair keeps you warm i guess. >> do you think there is a difference between married people and single people in the scaping. >> yes. >> really. >> is there.
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>> i had friend got divorce and they were out dating again. it was a culture shock about how they need to change it up, the scaping that needed to happen. >> yes. >> somebody in trouble, you have a little too much there. >> yes. >> if you did it before, you got married and you got a guy or a woman wouldn't you want to keep that up. >> times have change. i have been married so long, times have changed. it was a different era. >> let me get all tightened up now. >> i'm not in that. >> we go there. >> why would single people do it. >> that is what i'm trying to figure out. >> women that were my age, the women that are my age, my contemporaries there wasn't a style back in the day. now things are totallitive rent. >> i would think, how would you break it down,
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millennials, 30 years old, probably. forty's. >> you always have that conversation, awkward conversation, you talk about silly girl things, hair, make up but you don't go into that, what are you doing. all that. >> you don't talk about that when you are out with your friend. >> when we are having our sleep over party doing our hair. >> and painting each other nail. >> girl fights. >> yes. >> all right. lets get into this, there is a magazine called t. >> yes. >> just the letter t. >> new york times, their style magazine. >> t magazine. >> i have seen that. >> it is kind of gloss i. they have released the great issue and it is picked some big names to grace seven different covers but the one people are talking about a lot is this one, that is michelle obama. >> she looks so young, it looks like niomi campbell so beautiful with these cheekbones and i love it is
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minimal list in the make up and all it is is that cute, you know, spaghetti strap like calvin kline top and those earrings and really sleek look. no make up. >> okay, that is just gorgeous. i don't know how you top that. lady gaga is she on one of them. where are we going. go back to lady gaga. do we have a picture. >> that is why we don't have have it, we don't have a picture of lady gaga. >> okay, better known as pioneer of color photography. >> i don't know if we have pictures of those people. we have six covers. but we are talking about michelle obama who looks so amazing. >> a lot of people were talking about this and posting about this yesterday. >> great. >> are you all right there. >> excuse me. >> you posted a picture on instagram down in dallas at texas state fair. >> before we show it, i was with my godfather's house and we were hanging out. he said do you want something to drink.
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i have got something for you you height want, it is delaware punch. i said delaware punch. you live in philly, isn't that near delaware. i said yes. he gave it to me. there is a soda called delaware punch. i started freaking out. i have been here three years now. no one has ever told me about delaware punch. i have been to delaware. hang out in wilmington. no idea. i posted it. it is like a grape based fruit punch. >> like hawaii punch but they used to name delaware but we don't have it up there but they have it down there. >> do you they say had wiz pun inch hawaii, canada dry in canada. >> how did canada dry get it name, sue was it named for part of the can inadequacies. day it wasn't raining in canada. >> canada dry. >> thank you, weather person. >> people should find a way to find it. >> can you get on twitter and see if delaware is saying, of
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course, it is delaware punch. >> when i posted it, a lot of people said no. that is what happens when you stay in the bar too late. >> delaware punch. >> no, they have heard of the schuylkill punch. >> i have heard, it taste like joe biden. stop it. that tastes like wilmington. some people said it is like a delaware, somewhere else that can i think alabama or something. >> there is a delaware town. >> yes. >> maybe it is from that. >> do you take the can and look at where it is made. >> made by coca cola but that is where they bottle it. i knew that wasn't it. >> sue, is there a delaware alabama. thank you. >> canada dry by the way is dry because it is like dry wine where it is ginger ale is not as sweet as other drinks. >> oh. >> like you order a dry
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champagne. >> yes. >> so canada dry. >> brut. >> as opposed to ginger ale. >> okay. >> what am i looking up now. >> delaware -- >> delaware punch is named for delaware grape for which its flavors derive. in delaware county, ohio. >> it is wrong delaware. >> right. >> but who knows delaware county, ohio. >> we have a delaware county here. >> in new york there is a delaware county, delaware avenue. >> when we look the at places they sell it, it is texas, louisiana and arkansas. main we will bring it to delaware. >> i think you should. >> just because go out on the street corner and start selling it. >> thinks the real delaware because it is first state. >> my point is, i was in texas and it fascinating me. >> it is delaware county ohio where they grow grapes. who knew they grow grapes in ohio. >> did you satisfaction this about madonna bye billboard
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magazine has named the top, well, the top, well, women of the year. billboard magazine knows that she's the highest grossing female touring artist of all time. it praises madonna's charity work, her raising, malawi charitable organization is constricting a pediatric surgery unit, intensive care unit in that african country of malawi. >> how about that. >> very nice. >> i heard they made this announcement yesterday afternoon. i said who is it. madonna. >> it cost surprise you. >> she's madonna fan and i just think that whatever she's really talented but this year like why would you pick, sometimes you pick people maybe that was different. like bob dillon and noble prize but why pick him for literature this year. that could have been something maybe 1975.
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>> hold on tour face there for a minute, karen, didn't madonna tour over last 12 months. >> she does tour and highest grossing female touring artist but i don't think of her as i love madonna. >> right. >> as the biggest break out star but there are years where it is kate i perry or someone that is what. >> he is easily distracted. >> i'm like a cat. >> laying out a tablecloth, there is something fun. >> we will get to it. >> he is distracted by the tablecloth. >> yes. >> let's go to bob kelly, he is in warminster, it is tuesday, and kelly's classroom. >> good morning, i'm here at william tenant high school. i have a green screen i invaded their television studio. i think i found our replacement for vacation next week wait until you see what we have when we come right back. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania
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was she expecting to find ther perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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would be kelly is in warminster at william tenant high school. >> hi there, gang. >> hi, good morning, everybody. i'm here, in the television studio, that they have the at school. i have to give a wave. we're behind the scenes here, okay, i'm looking for our replacement, so we can go on vacation. >> wow, wow, hold on we are about to get started. go ahead. >> unaudible. >> there is a jam he street road centennial road. give yourself extra time. >> expect delays in the hall, traveling to class this morning be sure to take
9:25 am
alternate route due to a cluster of ninth graders blocking the main entrance. >> how about that, give them the big round of applause, they have a live tv sued ohio with the green scene. you guys even have one of our "good day philadelphia", mugs, up here, on the anchor desk. these guys are doing a fantastic job. here, at william tenant high school up here in warminster. now also during the course of the summer, they did a program called centennial x and i will come over here, tell he about that. >> centennial x is all about partner, innovation, through the power of partnership and this summer we got the amazing opportunity to partner with eli lily pharmaceutical and pr health sciences in order to create educational kid, to spread awareness for clinical trials, and, we got to make, each group got to make a group to focus on specific diseases and, that is what you are seeing right now. >> that is great.
9:26 am
fantastic. you guys having fun being on tv each and every day. they broadcast to the whole school, each and every day and guys, i think i found our replacement, if we want a couple of vacation days. look, they have rahmer operator, they have camera operator, green screen, anchor desk. so from all of us here at william tenant high school,. >> alex and karen, back to you. >> nicely done. >> i love this. >> how come their lighting is better then ours. >> they are hired. >> i did that when iowaness high school in texas and that made he want to be a news anchor. >> so you read the announcements. >> the school announcements. >> it was a big thing. try out, every day, whole school had to vote on who they wanted. yeah, yeah. >> that inspired me to do it. >> your mom, sharon. >> yes, is she watching. >> she might be, yes. >> we need to see that tape. is there tape. >> there has to be tape.
9:27 am
>> there has got to be tape. >> please send it to us. >> trick or treat. >> how about meat life feet. >> i like when people see crazy ideas, you never seen and bring it up a level, we have amazing things that will impress your friend and be gross, scary, awesome. >> how come you have a rolling pin on a straw. >> rolling out burgers. >> you are squirting out worms. >> hi there roberta. >> you're back. >> i did. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away
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republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name. brian fitzpatrick supports a radical republican agenda, including defunding planned parenthood, just like donald trump. a hundred and sixty miles down the road in dc, brian fitzpatrick will put his party first, not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey anhave plenty in common --. they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we wired the wagner'house th 100 meg internet.
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on october the 18th? >> and don't it feel good. >> it feels so good. this may be as warm as it's been since 1908 today. so enjoy. halloween party coming up. you want to make weird looking stuff. now, we will put up picture of uncooked meat love that's ground beef, i guess, with onion for the bone o john slices for the toenails. >> i hope that's catsup around the bone? >> so, we will show that to you, what it looks like, in just a little bit here. after roberta, homemade delish. com. good to see you, roberta. >> i would -- so i'll lick your feet. >> are you? >> in this segment. >> they're quite taste. >> i i meet even bite them.
9:32 am
but first worms? >> like halloween parties, great little thing. little trick is you're going use these guys. use heavy cream, use gel continue, use un flavored gel continue, as well, then put them in these straws, set them in the fridge for eight hours or overnight. >> i guess you kind of scoop it? >> no, you actually just pour them in. >> oh? >> you set it in the fridge. >> okay? >> so you put it in a higher cup or whatever, let them sit in there. >> so there is gel know there? >> you can squeeze it with your fingers. >> oh, look at that. >> or use this, makes it little bit, you know? i would think -- >> more cleanly. >> cleaniness, just put it like that. >> oh,. >> but it is fun. >> these are rice crispy, little pumpkin. could you use little green
9:33 am
like to make the little leaf part of the pumpkin. fun, kids take them to school, too. >> you could call them eyeballs. >> actually do look like -- >> bloodshot eyeballs. >> oh, well. you. >> take them, match them up. >> did you take them, mash them up then? >> yes, you put food color, dye in them. >> i like. >> then we have some fingers which are hotdogs. so what you will do, you will cut them, cut out the little fingertips and stuff like that, then put them in the microwave. that will will make it shrivell up instead of boiling the fingers? you talk about finger food. >> really? >> and finally? >> here it is, the meatloaf feet after it's been baked, cooked. >> yes, there is it. there you go. >> oh, discusting. >> just make the traditional meatloaf, then you're just going to cut out the toast, put the onions on there, put the ends of the onion up here so it looks like a bone part,
9:34 am
then catsup on top. >> you have to make sure you space it out. see, when i'm baking stuff i'm afraid it will expand and won't look like individual toast. do you have to space it snout. >> space it out. actually when they do cook, they do actually form the fat from the meat, stuff like that? >> oh,. >> yum. the toast are good. >> how about the toenails? >> did you get the toenail in there? >> got the toenail. that's good toenail. yum. >> my kids were not -- they were like eww, that looks so gross. >> my son actually thought it was really cool. my daughter was a little -- >> it is cool. maybe it is better to look at? mike seems to like it. >> pretty darn good. >> okay. >> thank if you. >> thank you, roberta. >> thank you, guys, pretty cool. so that's there is the before and there is the after. >> i don't know which is worse? >> both look really good. >> my feet actually look like
9:35 am
the one. >> either one is not a good one to look like, yes. roberta, your dad's birthday? >> i want to wish you lappy birthday, dad. >> he's watching in brazil? >> watching in brazil live. >> (speaking brazilian). >> what's going on? >> oh, talking to me in my ear. where are these kids? the day we're going to get the coats? oh, giving away the coats today. >> oh, i love this. >> okay, we will take you there live just after a bit. jen's coming up. hi, jen. >> hi, guys. i want to introduce you to my new friends, yes, she makes a gooden trans, she is a ninja, also hear all about it, by the way, she is my twin. just saying. she is my twin. come on back. we're at athletics this morning.
9:36 am
i can't believe we're doing this.
9:37 am
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>> you know that show american ninja warrier, features some of the strongest women around. jesse? >> yes, jesse. >> rocking the red white and blue outfit once again. she is a performer. >> oh, yes, she is a performer, matt. it is show time for jesse gram. >> jesse five-eight, 130. this trapeze, switch to the pendulum, has been increased by a foot. no problem. remember, she does stunts on super girl and other tv shows. >> oh, my gosh, so amaze to go watch this. like she wonder woman. >> man. and this is one of jesse's biggest fans, that's melody. she's getting her chance to
9:40 am
show the world what she is made of, too. and we get to have her on our show first. hi, jen. >> reporter: okay, you're going to know this name. melody sofield, good morning. >> good morning. >> basically i want to tell people how i've found you. i've been stalking you on instagram. you and i are up at the same time, the crack of dawn every morning. okay, so you did participate in the ninja warrier audition, competition, in philadelphia. >> i did. >> didn't go very well? >> no, welshing i got to the fifth obstacle, i didn't get air time so -- >> then you got a call from this team in l.a. so you're going back to ninja warrier? >> yes. >> that's where you met jest me? >> yes. >> and how do you finish? >> i can't till you. >> oh, man, all right. >> you have to watch. >> so your story is kind of cool. so you work on here at fearless athletics to look at you you, you don't look like all that your story might tell. you are an athlete in recovery. >> yes,. >> i am so you are helping other athletes in recovery with a special class on saturday days?
9:41 am
>> yes. so we started a class called human strength. every saturday at 3:00 it is free to anyone in recovery, as long as they have 48 hours of sobriety, our long-term goal to open up a school fledged multi school, a gym for people in recovery. so -- >> i love it. so i'm glad the people know this. because it tells people who you are on the inside, we want to see who you are on the outside. show us this first trick over here. so what's this thing called? >> so i will be doing a rope climb. >> okay. >> this is one of the things that prepares you to be a ninja? >> yes. so you really need a lot of grip strength, upper body strength, spinning in the air a lot. >> go for it. >> and you make it look like it is nothing. you say you will eat french fries but not pizza? >> i will. i don't eat cheese. >> oh, my gosh, you are so crazy. >> how are you going get down? >> like this. >> what was the hardest part about competing ninja warrier style? >> it is really for me getting over the nerves of just being
9:42 am
on big set and kind of under pressure. >> you ready? >> ready. >> oh, look at that! >> okay, that's all i have. okay, so then, you have some other moves for us over here. what do you call this thing? >> so this is a windshield. >> okay? >> core exercises. >> i think you've been working on your core, girlfriend. oh, my goodness. how long did that take you to figure out? >> not too long. it is really just about building strength. >> okay? >> so do you think i can do anything here? i haven't really attempted this thing. here you go, ladies and gentlemen. >> just raise your legs. >> and i'm hanging. >> you got it. >> and i'm up. >> you got it. >> you say if we do want eastbound like yours, planning are the place to start. >> planning. >> is this a move? could this and move? >> yes. >> okay, planning are good place to start? >> what i'm hearing, i can eat french fries. >> well, moderation. >> once a week?
9:43 am
>> i would say once a month. >> okay. you look amazing. >> thank you. >> your whole everything is awesome. i look forward to seeing you. >> grassias. >> on the instagram and on the show. >> okay, seriously, a lot of people when i walked in they said are you melody's twin. and i said no. even though we dress alike. >> now, if you blur your eyes. (laughing). >> so amazing what they can do. >> such an inspiration. i'm so motivated. i worked out, i went for tiny little run yesterday. so today is my second day of trying to be a better person. >> good for you. i walked yesterday. >> did you? >> there is that. >> i walked to work today. >> look at you. >> yes. >> two blocks, but -- >> does that still counts? -- count? >> i'm going to walk after the show. >> look at youment back home? >> well, up to the news room. >> and that's like on an elevator? so you won't take the elevator you'll take the stairs?
9:44 am
>> did i this interview with philadelphia magazine, they have the back page, a minute with whom ever. so i'm in the current issue. thank you, philadelphia magazine for put that little thing together. and they said what do you do to stay in shape? i said i watch exercise videos. >> not doing anything? >> no, no. okay. this is great day, every year. you're going to see some of the cutest kids getting coats, winter coats, even though it will be eight a degrees. it will get cold. >> so they'll hold onto t lawyer send there watching this right now. >> guys, look, i tried this on. it is not my size. why? who is it for? >> a kid. >> these kids will line up, get free coats. we'll tell how is responsible and behind this event, but look how many kids are waiting. this is huge. we'll have it coming up after the break. we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come.
9:45 am
[ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:46 am
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
9:47 am
we have update to the story that dave kinchen broke earlier this morning. police have confirmed a suspect the drug house in delaware county to be a methamphetamine lab. reporting on this earlier this morning, but at the point we were reporting it it wasn't confirmed yesterday yet. now we can confirm a methamphetamine lab, enough to make a pot at a time. it is certainly dangerous enough, house located mcdade, collingdale, someone tried to steel products containing methamphetamine making
9:48 am
ingredients. officer was nearby, and spotted the person, which led them to this house, dave kinchen reporting earlier this morning, there was a lot of officials that were out there. they had a chemical team. now they have confirmed it was a meth lab. >> interesting, the cvs where they were stealing and sometimes buying the stuff is like 200 feet down the street. >> 100 yards? tops. 100 yards away from the house. >> they didn't go far. >> convenient. it may feel like summer. that's why we're all dressed up like this. but inside more than 7,000 student in philadelphia are getting winter coats. >> because we will need it soon enough. >> you got t convention center where lauren is. >> hey, mike, alex, karen, what's up? so look, this is the way of the land. the coats are ready in boxes and waiting for thousands of kids. kevin joins me to talk about this event. who is responsible for this good deed? >> the auto dealer caring for kids foundation, auto deal that's give a coat for every car they sell in september. we distribute them in october. over 7,000 coats will go to
9:49 am
school district, 45,000 overall. so, 262,000 over nine years. so we do the auto show. we do the black tie tailgate. this is our favorite day, as you can see, the energy and the kids, just wonderful. >> because they're so excited. okay, we got four of them out of the line. we're going to get you guys new coats. how excited are you? >> yeah! >> okay, and i pick you, because you're getting all a's in school, right? let's go get a coat. let's start with kevin. so wait. what size do you wear. >> i wear eight. >> a eight. how do you know that already? >> because i always check my size before i wear my clothes. >> you wear a ten. we need a eight and a ten. let's see. oh, going over here. oh, hi, iaian. this little star studded guy is a straight a student who needs a coat. he wants a size eight. i asked him what color. guess what he said? he doesn't matter it's free. >> nice. >> isn't that awesome? >> i know, so he gets to choose what he wants. oh, this is fun.
9:50 am
what do you guys think about this? >> awesome. >> i play football and i been on the news couple of time. >> look at you, you star. here he goes. let's try it on, see how it fits. >> a brand newspaper coat. now i know today, mike, alex, karen, doesn't seem like the day for a brand new coat. but this guy will love this in a few weeks. what do you think? >> fits perfect. >> what do you say to everybody who is making sure you get a free coat today? >> thank you. >> you are the best little kid ever. you can't beat it. these kids are so cute and so grateful. so of course, we want to say thank you to everyone here making this all happen. >> i love it. >> amazing. see, so cute. >> well, it took time. but we're learning more about what actually happened to kim kardashian in that hotel room in paris. the inside knowledge the thieves had and how long they
9:51 am
stuck around to get the job done. >> and also you'll be busy tomorrow. you'll be bringing love back together again. >> that's right. i'm officiate ago wedding live on the air. look at my giant head. love is in the air for 106.5's she an in the morning, philly radio favorite is re marrying his ex-wife, live on our show, tomorrow. it is all happening at the beautiful water works over behind the art museum. you know it is a wedding venue now. used to be a restaurant. >> i wanted to get married there and they weren't doing it then. now big amazing events, it will be off the charts. >> gorgeous. >> so the wed willing officially take place at 9:00 tomorrow morning. but we will have to get the ladies hair blown out, and the tuxes on the guys and stuff. so the show, it will go all morning long. so watch chio get married again to the same woman. see, they were married for 24 years. and then they split up.
9:52 am
>> and now back together. >> back together. and who else would you want to marry them than me? >> well, maybe not. but, just kidding, no, certainly will be entertaining. have you been practicing? are you ready? >> i've not been practicing but i feel like i'm ready. >> you might want to do that tonight then. you don't want to mess this up. >> i have all of the material, ready to go, have to read it over few times. >> might and good idea. >> okay, what am i doing? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ planned parenthood.
9:53 am
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:54 am
vo: donald trump and pat toomey anhave plenty in common --. they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment"
9:55 am
toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women. >> ♪ >> oh, i love jesse jay. >> bang bang. >> ♪ >> hey, quincy here. hey, q. >> how are you all doing.
9:56 am
>> you look sharp. >> thank you, guys. >> look at that. >> i mean, sometimes, you know? you're the man. >> ya? >> man at day and a man at night. >> oh. you know ryan lochte getting another reality show. >> i know. no one cares about this guy. >> first one was really dopey. >> okay, so, quincy, are you going to do this or shouldy? >> ya, whatever. >> kim cards ash yan, why don't you start. >> okay, then i will de t we have new details what happened to kim kardashian in paris. group of men who tied up and robbed kim kardashian of the million dollars worth of jewelry they were inside her private room for almost an hour. >> what? really? >> that's scary. i didn't realize they had actually tide her up, put her in the bathtub, for the entire time had he -- they were in there for an hour and had so much time. made it seem like they were amateurs, but had the special code to get in, came in different shifts, they got into the room. so they just had all the time in the world. >> why is this just coming out? she is such a public person.
9:57 am
wouldn't that be like one of the first things we hear? >> would you think. >> for an hour i was in this room terrified for my life. oh, my gosh. >> they had the main code. so i mean to the doors? >> to the doors. >> which is also interesting. >> has she talked publicly? i think the reason we haven't learned about it is because i think she was so rattled. can you imagine being anybody and tied up for an hour while they're working over your snuff. >> no, no, scary. >> non-concentual roberts in. >> yes. >> and she was saying she was thinking about the fact she is a mother and everything, she thought she wouldn't live. >> i would be scared. >> who is on the show today. >> oh, cheo, we have cheo, good friend of mine, on the radio, getting remarried. you're doing the wedding. has to come up and say hey. >> are you getting ready then? >> him and his wife, sean is coming, as well, yes. >> married for 24 years? >> married for 24 years, he moved to san diego, blah blah blah, ya. >> and now they're back. >> see you at noon, 12 noon.
9:58 am
>> and enjoy the warm weather today, folks. >> 85 degrees.
9:59 am
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