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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 19, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking news out of the gate at 11:00. to rittenhouse square right now. it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, of course, but tonight it is a crime scene. officers are right now looking for clues in a shooting on the 1800 block of walnut street. police tell us the victim a 39-year-old man was just trying to break up a robbery when someone shot him at least four times. police rushed him to the hospital but expect him to be okay. witness heard the gunshots ring out but says she's not surprised. >> their concern was, you know, am i going to get shot and people started running into the hotel because they were afraid. and i just -- i just kind of was
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shocked for the moment but then again i am not surprised by th this. you know, i figure it's going to -- would come to this point. >> police say they do have good idea of who they're after. a lot of businesses in in that busy shopping and restaurant area. means a lot of surveillance cameras. officers say one of the people they believe was involved they know already quite well. to our other breaking story on very busy night. skyfox over a tragic scene in philadelphia's wynnefield heights. this is where a four-year-old boy fell from the seventh floor balcony of his apartment building tonight. the child is dead. it's not clear how any of this happened. good evening, i'm lucy noland. it is just a heartbreaking story with no clear cut explanation right now. our dave schratwieser has been on this since it broke. live now near the scene. dave. >> reporter: lucy, investigators and police still on the scene here at the imperial tower apartments in
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wynnefield heights. investigators from southwest detectives the special victims unit and homicide unit looking how this four-year-old boy died here tonight when he fell from the seventh floor balcony. it. >> happened just before 6:30 tuesday night a four-year-old boy fell from the seventh floor balcony of this apartment complex in the 3800 block of conshohocken avenue in wynnefield heights. >> they arrived on scene. they saw four-year-old child laying on the blacktop here face up with multiple people around him. >> reporter: the boy was race to do children's hospital and initially listed in critical big. employees say he died just after 7:00 p.m. >> the child lives with his parents up here on the seventh floor. so about eight stories because because the first floor is parking. >> reporter: detectives arrived on the scene as stunned neighbors heard the news. investigators are trying to determine exactly what led up to the boy's fall and how this could have happened in the first place. >> the child comes to the screen
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of the apartment and he lands at some point on to the decking area of the detectives they have here which are settlement. and we're not quite sure how he gets from the decking area over the fencing at this point. both parents are with him at children's hospital. >> reporter: now, investigato investigators are reviewing surveillance video from cameras here at the imperial towers apartments. we're told that the little boy and his family are from saudi arabia and may have been in the country seeking medical attention again investigators still working on this tonight. we'll bring update as more details become available. >> lucy. >> makes your heart heavy. thank you dave. tonight atlantic city police are trying to figure out who shot up a jitney and why. skyfox over the scene around 6:00 tonight on the 1100 block of adriatic avenue. bullets crashed through the glass window of this bus march rolly missing a woman inside. she ended up with cuts but medic treated her on the scene.
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police are still searching for the shooter. you decide 2016. donald trump and bill clinton hitting the campaign trail hard. >> get ready to go to work. get ready to go to work. you want to go back to work? you're going to go back to work. your jobs will come back under a trump administration. >> i know what great again mea means. it means vote for me and i will make all your problems go away by giving you the economy you used to have. >> hillary clinton sent her husband to our area. he stumped today in montgomery county community college in blue bell. she's off the trail preparing for tomorrow's final debate and trump has been in colorado, a battleground state. you know we are exactly three weeks from election day. keeping very close eye on the polls especially here in pennsylvania. the key swing state as you well know. real clear politics which averages all the polls shows clinton ahead of trump by just about seven points nationally. here in pennsylvania, real clear politics has that spread just
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about the same as the national average. the tightest race right now in ohio where trump is ahead by less than point. the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night at 9:00. hillary clinton and donald trump will face off if the university of nevada in las vegas you can watch it all right here on fox 29 and then the news right afterward. on your radar tonight, breaking a sweat in mid october. >> um-hmm. >> record-breaking heat could still be on the way. what? meteorologist kathy orr, what is going on. >> when you look at these records they date back to the early 1900's. so many of us cannot remember when this happened before in october. present company included. take look outside. beautiful evening in old city philadelphia. just a great knit to be outdoors and a lot of people enjoying it temperature 70. the high today 84 degrees. not a record in philadelphia the record was 80 close but not quite close enough look at the numbers poconos 66. reading 72. the same in lancaster. and millville it is 68 degrees. so we're going to watch as that high pressure system we've
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talked about for the past several days will slowly move out to sea. we have one more day of record warmth and then things are going to change around here. high temperatures will once again be well into the 80s overnight in the city 65. the suburbs 60. clear skies light winds and that means a huge warmup tomorrow by the noon hour we're well into the 70s. by the afternoon it's 85 degrees and the sunsets shortly after 6:00 not a lot of time to heat up during the day. so it's going to happen very quickly the record in philadelphia 80 set back in 1947. these are the numbers to beat. philadelphia i mentioned 80. reading 84. atlantic city 80. trenton 83. allentown 82 degrees. wilmington 81. i think all of these records will be broken by tomorrow afternoon. you can look ahead and see clear skies tonight. some showers getting close to the lehigh valley. tomorrow but they will just wash out just fall apart with the front we stay in a good deal of sunshine another batch of rain moving in for thursday.
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and this is the beginning of a major change. we get showers during the day thursday. a few more showers on friday, with a front and then a much different air mass moving in. so when we look at the rain we're talking about generally a quarter to half an inch of rain over the course of thursday. thursday night and friday the bulls eye goes up into williamsport up toward upstate new york and into new england. so as we look ahead on your fox 29 exclusive seven day forecast from your weather authority. some showers thursday that's transition day. cooler friday. the big dip comes on saturday the high 59. sunday, monday and tuesday high temperatures in the 60s. lucy and that is where we should be for this time of year. so and joy the 80s tomorrow. >> loving it. thank you so much, kathy. to a developing story out of south jersey. parents concerned about gun violence in millville are a step closer to safer city. tonight city commissioners pass add resolution asking county free shoulder to pay spore shot spotter. the technology tells police where and when shots go off so
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they can respond faster. residents are happy witness vote but are concerned the county won't cover the costs. one barn says if they don't, she is willing to pay higher taxes so the city can take care of it all. >> i'm willing to spend the money because i can afford to lose my child but i can afford a few extra bucks. >> yes. >> city official would install shot spotter in areas have that had serious problems with crime for the past three years. happening right now, suspension over tense of thousands of pennsylvania students will have class tomorrow. we are now less than six hours away from a strike deadline for thousands of faculty members and coaches in the state university system. union representatives and the state have been sparring over health care and work rules but the impact of the strike could go far beyond tomorrow's school day. fox 29's chris o'connell's live in west chester. chris? >> reporter: lucy, students here west chester university are preparing for a night off maybe
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even more as a strike looms. eleventh hour negotiations failed tonight between the faculty union and the state university system meaning by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow teachers will hit the picket line. >> hopeful for an 11th hour deal west chester university faculty filed out of the union meeting with no contract and prepared to hit the picket lines tomorrow morning. they are among 5500 faculty, teaching at 14 state run universities who have been working without a contract for the past 15 months. in the event of a walkout, students at west chester and nearby chaney university are being told to come to class but if teachers are a no show after 15 minutes, students can leave. >> i just hope that, um, like, it doesn't go on too long to where we start missing assignments and then we can't finish out the semester of classes. >> prolonged strike could mean december graduations, financial aid, even some of this weekend's
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homecoming activities could be affected. >> if we do go on strike for a very long what about tuition reimbursement. i'm paying for this and i'm lose it on my money. >> media blackout between the union and the state university system left students in the dark. they won't know until 5:00 a.m. whether teachers will be coming to class. >> no one knows anything really. we'll wake up tomorrow it's like a snow today. nobody knows if there's an inch or 12 outside. >> reporter: well, as you can see on the teacher's union website the countdown now remain at five hours, 55 minutes and 34 seconds before 5500 pennsylvania state university faculty go on strike here at we have chester university students have been told to come to classes tomorrow but if your teacher doesn't show up, you're free to go. lucy? >> and chris i just love what that guy said. it's like a snow day. you don't know if there's an inch or 12 coming tomorrow.
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>> no one knows. >> all right. you've got all kinds of reasons to switch to a vegetarian diet. but if you're doing it to be healthier we may have some disheartening news. the new information meat eaters will probably fave. >> these old abandoned septa trucks run right by holland northampton township and right by these folks yards. they got a lot of reasons w
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gloucester city man behind bars night for vandalism that damaged a youth football field in camden. police say 28-year-old alexander peters deliberately drove his pick up on to the rain soaked field earlier this month and spray pain add swastika on the cop segment stand nearby. surveillance video and tips from the public helped catch peters. >> we brought the suspect in to be interviewed end confessed. >> all i can do is pray for the guy. that's it report roar you'd pray for him. >> we'll pray for him. he's still our brother at the end of the day. >> prosecutors have charged peters with criminal mischief. he was already locked up at the time of his arrest. last friday a judge sentenced him to thee years for aggravated assault. these old septa tracks in bucks county haven't seen a train in while. so what's next? some people in the area want to make them into a trail for bikers and walkers and really what could be wrong
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with that, right? well you might not be so enthusiastic about the idea if those tracks ran near your home. our hank flynn went to northampton to check out the trail trouble troubles. >> these trails are to protect our children and other township residents not the special interest groups. >> taking this old fox chase septa line and making a hiking and biking trail out of it very hot topic at a community meeting richboro middle scoot last nig night. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: why not? rail to trail projects have become popular utilize abandoned rail corridors and give way to bikers and walkers that are hard to find. >> in my opinion and i think in the pin of many many people in this community it is time to
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move forward to make decision and to vote yes for non binding resolution of support to make this a trail. >> reporter: what about the people who live bite tracks they want to newspaper a public trail. bob says respect the while life and his privacy. >> we should be able to enjoy the wildlife and sit on my patio and watch the deer and have everybody looking at me when i'm having picnic in my backyard. >> that's had you close my house is to the trail. >> others will have to take out more liability insurance. >> they call it attractive nuisance and the insurance said tombaugh there will be more people back here it will no longer be secluded that we'll have to carry another million dollars in liability insurance. >> other opponents especially parents say clearing out the wooded over track behind the backyard paving it with stone and opening it up to the public makes them feel vulnerable. some peer fear it will tank their property values. northampton board of supervisors had hoped to decide on green lighting a fact finding study
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but it didn't happen last night. >> we anticipated when asked, l would be more give and take with the planning commission. we thought they'd be here tonight to answer questions. they did happen. >> reporter: what happens next is unclear. are you for the rail trail? why? asking yourself is it ru running behind your back fence? many rail trails don't border reasonable neighborhoods as this one would but you tell us on twitter at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly. >> you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain. >> lucy some sad news tonight philadelphia police department is mourning the loss of an officer who had a heart attack on duty. officer douglas bam berger was working at the crimina kim juste center this morning. medics rushed to the hospital. fresco user vincent weldon took the video of this procession as police left the hospital. the officer was 41 years old and
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an 16 year veteran of the force with a wife and two children. a friendly competition at a shop rite in burlington, new jersey. this video from fresco user nicole johnson shows shop rite staff nearly two dozen stores competing for title of best bagger. race against the clock the bag groceries within of the contest heads to las vegas that's where the national best bagger championship is held. downward dogs with a flying eagle today in south philadelphia. eagles and mascot swoop hosting yoga class at the novacare complex they're raising breast cancer awardness and promoting app active lifestyle and those affected by it. great moves there by swoop. when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you so much iain. to your health now, and reason to change things up at the gym. you mavie to change up your workout as you age. columbia university researchers say older hearts benefit from exercise that's not -- varied not so intense.
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they analyze data from 4,000 older americans and frequent and varied exercise seems to help people live longer. the team hopes their work will help doctors give more specific advice to their older patients how to stay active and healthy. all right. car any of course take heart. vegetarian diet may be no healthier than a meet eaters. of course as we know that's not why a lot of people choose to for go meat. wretchers look at national survey data of 12,000 adults. vegetarian were thinner overall heart risk wasn't actually different. study authors say vegetarians do have lower risks of obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, though, which are all risk factors for heart disease. to me it sound like it's healthier, doesn't it? i don't know. they're presenting they are findings however during the american college of gastroenterology national meeting you need to do editorial on this sean. >> i think do you. >> i need to do editorial on all
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the sam bradford hate he's going to get. >> is he getting hate? >> of course, lucy. he's getting tons of it. and tons of it. it's ludicrous. hypocritical for lot of people it's ludicrous. hypocritical for lot of people to give bradford why do protein drinks taste chalky? it's ludicrous. hypocritical for lot of people to give then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back
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- period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪
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if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. >> all righty. sean bell has real talk for eagles fans. his commentary in a mere 15 seconds. ♪ sam bradford is coming back to philly this weekend and people are going to boo him like there's tomorrow. after bradford asked for trade in the off season everyone in philly got angry. called him baby. wanted him out but you're all complete hypocrites. let's be honest bradford was the number one guy after carson
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wentz was drafted it was clear the organization didn't believe in him. brrr'd forward one the future and his days were number. so why won he want to leave? if your job hired someone else to take over your spot, you'd be looking to leave too. if it was a dead end job with no chance of growth, you'd be gone. there would be no question about it, and that's exactly the situation bradford was in. so i don't blame him one bit. it wasn't about not liking competition. it was about needing to be somewhere where you have a future. guess what the reason why bradford wasn't successful when he played here wasn't on him. it was on his talent on chip kelly. bradford -- boo bradford because he's with the end knee not because he wanted out of philly all of you would have wanted out, too. >> yup. all right. sean, thank you so much. things are getting serious for hollywood cut you will james franco he's facing an assault of battery lawsuit. a photographer says he head butted him in 2014. the paparazzo filed court
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documents seeking monetary and punitive damages for the attack claiming he has permanent and physical emotional injuries. no comment as of yet from fran franco. tupac shakor, janet jackson chaka chan among the nom nace for the rock and roll hall of fame. 19 musician scored nominations. pearl jam and yes. de pesce mode. to be eligible artists must released their first recording a least 25 years ago. we'll see the list of winners in december. there you go. >> cool. >> yeah. >> that made me feel a little 25 year part. feel a little above what i thought i was. >> made you feel little old. >> 25 years ago. >> don't even start. you feeling old. whatever. >> you were 10 or five. >> we're back here for you fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sigh serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered it will be glorious day.
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spend time outside.
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their concern was am i going to get shot in people start running into the hotel. >> shots fired in the middle of rittenhouse square. the new information we're learning as the story develops right now. plus a young child and a tragic accident following several stories off his family's balcony. the evidence police hope had led on exactly what happened. than. >> graduation day will be pushed back. >> what about tuition reimbursement? i'm paying for this. >> thousands of professors are preparing to strike affecting more than dozen colleges in our area. what staff say they're fighting for and what the threat of no class could mean for more than 100,000 student. >> also, keep your sweaters in your closet. but enjoy the summer like weather. why it will feel more like


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