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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 20, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. held a number of big rallies where he said that he could not possibly have done those things to those women because they were not attractive enough for -- >> i did not say that. >> for them to be assault. >> i did not say that. >> you went ton say -- >> her two minutes -- her work minutes. >> nobody has morey spec for women than i do. nobody. nobody has more respect -- >> please, everybody. >> she mentions this. which is all fiction. all fiction. probably or possibly started by her and her very sleezy campai campaign. >> just when you thought things could not get any nastier we just witnessed the third and final presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. in the midst of the jabs, the
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nominees did have some time to talk about the supreme court, immigration, gun control, abortion and so much more. good evening, i'm lucy noland with a mere 19 days to go the election day one of the final big tests for the presidential nominees is now over. we've got your highlights and low lights. >> my social security payroll contribution will go up as will donald's assuming he can't figure out thou get out of it but what we want to do is to replenish the social security -- >> such a nasty woman. >> by making sure that we have sufficient resources. >> you talk but you don't get anything done, hillary. you don't just like when you ran the state department, $6 billion was missing. how do you miss $6 billion? you ran the state department. $6 billion was either stolen, they don't know, it's gone. $6 billion. if you become president, this country is going to be in some mess. believe me. >> in the 1990s i went to
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beijing and i said women's rights are human rights. he insulterred a former miss universe alicia machado called her an eating machine. give me break. >> on the day when i was in the situation room, monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice he was hosting the celebrity apprentice. so i'm happy to compare my 30 years of experience what i've done for this country trying to help in every way i could especially kids and families get ahead and stay ahead. >> we're keeping a close eye on the poll numbers in this final stretch to november 8th. real clear politics which averages the big polls out there currently has hillary clinton 6.5 points ahead of donald tru trump. in pennsylvania which is of course a key swing state this election, her lead just slightly more than six points over the national average. all right. so our election coverage continues on that's where you'll find debate highlights and each nominee's next move. in mayfair, police say an
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officer opened fire on a man who refused to drop his gun. police responded to the home on the 6300 block of krav ton street right about 5:45 this evening. after reports he was having an argument with his wife. now once police got there they say he refused to drop his rival. police shot him once in the arm. medic took him to the hospital where he's stable. no word though on any charges. a kensington police say a dirt bike not even supposed to be on the streets crashed and sent two people to the hospital. police say about 7:30 tonight near the intersection of a and indiana streets, a 24-year-old was driving the unregistered bike with a 16-year-old on the back when they hit a car. they're both at temple university hospital. the man is in critical conditi condition. the teen is stable. the car's driver has minor injuries. happening right now, police are on the hunt for the teen who they say shot a man in rittenhouse square. the gunshots rang out last nig night. left good samaritan trying to help the victim shot several times. and all of this happened in the
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middle of one of the citi' move exclusive neighborhoods. 24 hours later, police say they know who pulled the trigger. they just haven't found him yet. fox 29's dave schratwieser has been on top of this since it happened. live now outside central detectives. dave. report roar lucy, police are not only just trying to find that gunman in this case, they're also trying to identify and find a second suspect in this botched robbery and shooting. meanwhile the good samaritan who tried to break up the robbery, he's still in critical but stable condition and folks at rittenhouse square admit they're still on edge. >> it was horrible. it was 9:30, you know, at night. everybody is walking around. it's a nice night. >> reporter: debra williams was out walking her dog zoey in written house park wednesday night. she was glad to hear of the quick work by detectives in identifying the suspect the gunman in tuesday night's botched robbery and shooting here but she was still worried. >> you kind of think that you're safe being here, you know, in here all the time, but that's not so. it's a wake-up call. it's everywhere. >> reporter: there was relief
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but concern in rittenhouse square wednesday after police put out warrant for the 17-year-old gunman in tuesday night's shooting that left one man seriously wounded. >> there's way too much violence all over the place every day. it's ridiculous. somebody is ge getting shot somewhere every day now. >> i was shocked. i mean it doesn't surprise me but i was shocked. >> reporter: less than 12 hours after gunshots rang out in the park central detectives identified the alleged shooter and obtained a warrant for his arrest. >> come on. i mean really? 17. i mean that's just, you know, the state of what's going on right now. >> the park has gone down. tra today tis like. it's scary sometimes walking through here. >> reporter: now, the good samaritan who tried to break up the fight was shot four or five times. police hope to talk to him in the next few hours. once he recovers from surgery and being sedated. they're also reviewing surveillance video from the cameras in the park hoping to catch as much as they can of this on tape and continue to
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build their case against the two suspects. lucy. >> all right, dave, thank you. on your radar tonight, record-breaking heat nearly a month into fall. meteorologistth birthday girl extraordinary kathy orr is here. with her first forecast at 11. >> we've been celebrating all evening. i'll tell you with the weather, what day. i know october 19th very very well. i've never seen one like this. take look at this. records today wilmington 87. philadelphia 86 degrees. and it felt like a summer day. trenton 86. atlantic city 86. reading 85. allentown 84. shattering records everywhere. these records set back in the early 1900's. take look right now. 57 in the poconos. cooling down to 73 in philadelphia. 69 in millville. 66 in pottstown. that much cooler air is coming in. you knew this couldn't last all that long when you look at new england and the northeast some 50s, some 40s and that will be the trend. so temperatures slowly cooling
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down. it's not going to happen overnight. it will be a slow decline and temperature. that high pressure system brought us the 80s slides off the coast. allows this trough that was out west to build in the east. really temperatures bottom out by saturday. and we will feel a huge chill f you're going to the temple game, down in south philadelphia, you will definitely be feeling the difference by friday. the big chill settles in saturday and sunday and here's a look where we see the temperatures trending. average is about 65. above average tomorrow. friday slightly above average and then saturday we bottom out and slowly rebound on sunday. so overnight tonight, temperatures still pretty good. 62 in the city. 56 in the suburbs. mild partly cloudy skies. tomorrow some scattered showers especially north and west. but not a wash out by any stretch partly sunny with temperatures that will be mild. we'll watch the showers build in sue serio will be talking about them tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". those showers especially to the north and west in the morning and quiet scattered in the
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afternoon just a mix of sun and clouds and a few more showers are expected on friday. when we look at the precipitation as whole, heff yesterday rain in upstate new york and parts of western pa. central pa get something rain in state college over the course of the next couple of days but for philadelphia about a quarter of an inch to half an inch max over the next couple of days. take look at the seven day forecast. transition day thursday into friday in the seven day -- in the 70s rather, saturday 59. that's it then sunday, monday, tuesday into next wednesday temperatures warm back up into the 60s. lucy, that's where we should be but a huge range in temperature today 86. next week 62. >> wow! >> wardrobe change. >> all right. birthday girl, thank you very much. >> thank you. developing story now in camden county. two people are mack us willy alive tonight after their small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood this afternoon. that plane narrowly missed a home in lindenwold and right now investigators are trig to figure
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out what exactly happened. fox 29's chris oh o'connell outside cooper university hospital in camden where the victims are recovering. chris? >> reporter: lucy, that's right. the pilot and passenger still recovering tonight here at cooper university hospital. but they are still alive. amazing considering they survived a midday plane crash when their two seater went down right in the middle of a lindenwold neighborhood. >> all of the cars, the yellow tape. wow what's going on? they said you just missed it. a plane just crashed into your yard. >> dorothy williams just got home from work when a neighbor told her the news. a plane had just crashed in her linden woman backyard. the single engine two seater just took off from medford airport when it went down around 1:15. >> i'm actually still very shocked. um, i don't know. i'm just dumb founded actually to know that, you know, you just come home and there's plain in your yard. >> reporter: sky fox was on
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the scene as 66-year-old pilot and 72-year-old passenger were pulled from the wreckage. both were semi conscious at the time. the faa says the single engine 1946 vintage coupe 415 like this one had barely missed several hours around the 500 block of linden avenue. it crashed into trees, flipped over, the fuselage snapped in half. investigators with the ntsb and faa will now try figure out what caused that plane to crash. >> all in all, very fortunate. you know, whatever injuries they sustained, they're still very fortunate. this could have gone whole lot worse. >> reporter: now the victims should be released from the hospital in the next couple of days. meanwhile, that plane's wreckage should be removed from the backyard sometime tomorrow morning. as investigators continue to search for a cause. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris o'connell. day three has come and gone in the civil trial against penn state brought on by former
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assistant if the ball coach and whistleblower mike mcqueary. today a former investigator in the jerry sandusky case took the stand. here's the back drop. investigators say the school received threatening e-mails and calls about mcqueary. well, today anthony, told jurors that they concluded mcqueary never faced an actual risk before penn state made the decision to suspend him with pay in 2012. penn state had also just fired long time head coach joe pater paterno. mc inquiry rear claims the university did not renew his contract because of his testimony that helped put away sandusky. he's all after $4 million in damages. attack caught on video as a man stabbed a taxi driver during a ride. we're talking with the victim of about how he survived the orde ordeal. an suv flipped over and began to burn with people trapped inside right next to gas pump. hard to imagine the situation getting much worse but good samaritans still ran toward the um impending disaster. could you do the same?
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♪ a philadelphia cab driver is back on the job that is incredible because what happened to him at work over the weekend could have killed him. a man stabbed him again and again inside his cab. this is dash cam video from inside bryson matthews taxi. he says sunday in north philly a
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passenger named james grabbed him by the neglect and demanded money. matthews says when the -- he started fighting back the guy stabbed him seven times. that sent him to the hospital but he's already back at work tonight. cops say the man holding the knife is still out there. so if you know who he is, call police. how can you stop the violence in your neighborhood? block by block. well one philadelphia community is organizing proactively to stop adding names to the list of victims. a group called the fathers day committee holding two-day conference this weekend aimed at curbing violence in black communities. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the story. >> i get up in the morning look at the news and there's a murder every day. >> reporter: dorian helms lives in north philadelphia in neighborhood known to the people who live here as the bad lands. he says crime in this neighborhood and other parts of philly is unlike any other place he's lived. >> senseless mures. killing children. >> reporter: scenes like this are all too familiar on the 3100
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block of north sheraton street someone toting ak47 open fired shooting several people. jose maldonado lives a few cars doors away. he has an eight-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. >> when they see something they already know to go inside the house. >> reporter: violence in the city is the reason the father's day rally committee will spend this weekend discussing crime in philadelphia. the national black violence conference. >> nationally shootings and homicides is down in america except for african-american communities. shootings and homicides is up. >> reporter: mile is the event organizer. he says the conference will focus on reducing black violence over the next few years. >> clear until philadelphia one of the majors is intervention. when you know who is potentially doing shootings, we need to get in those neighborhoods and have dialogue with potential shooters. it's that simple. but we need resources to do th that. >> reporter: he's also gotten people from different cities to attend sessions.
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he says one new york community hasn't had a shooting in 600 days and one chicago community he says has reduced shootings by 30%. >> so they are models that are working in the country, we want to highlight those models and that model like he can erika what she's doing in new york maybe canan work in philadelphia or wilmington or washington, d.c. >> the conference will be held here at audenried high school. for more information go to >> you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. iain? >> lucy, a fresco user was on the ground at west chester university where faculty hit the picket lines this morning. the same thing happened at pennsylvania's other 13 state universities. the strike is disrupting classes for more than 100,000 students around the keystone state. the union that represents more than 5,000 faculty and coaches are at odds with the state system over health care and raises.
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the last faculty contract expired in june of 2015. viewers in penn's landing had fun tonight watching the debate. fresco user hall takes us inside where guests enjoyed $3 tacos while they were watching the debate on the big screen. the organizers made this event in response to a trump supporter's threat of taco trucks on every corner. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure you use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. >> lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. take lock at this risky rescue in florida all captured on camera. good samaritans pulled two people from a car after it crashed into gas station. took out gas pump then caught fire. now some witnesses screamed for everyone to get away. they were very worried the whole station might blow up at any second. that's when heroic group of people including herbert ran straight into the danger. >> when i see that, that's not going to be on my conscience. like i have to go over there and do something. i hope other people, they get
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row warred for that, too, not only me, but the it's just the right thing to do. >> sure is. miami dade police are investigating. it is unclear exactly how the car ended up crashing into the gas station. but someone did pull the emergency shut off at the station and that could be why a bigger explosion did not happen. in your money tonight, good news for travelers. the obama administration's is hoping to make it easier for when you when you fly. department of transportation is proposing a number of consumer protect rules including a refund on checked baggage fees when bags are significantly delayed. the dot also calling on airlines more accurately report on time rival rates. these new regulations are part of a larger plan from when the president first took office and meanwhile the airline industry says this will only lead to higher ticket prices which is i suppose no surprise. all right. sean bell, what you got? >> lucy, nfl ratings are tanking in their fearless leader has decided to come out and address
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some of the issues. hear some of the nonsense that he had to say and i'm going to tell you why it's
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sean bell takes on the nfl ratings trouble. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ all right. nfl ratings have steadily declined and this year it's getting even worse. down 11%. so today roger goodell decided to come out and address the issue. >> our ratings, you know, are something that we'll continue to look at and try to make sure we're doing everything not just to get them tuned in but to get them to stay. >> roger goodell needs to get out. someone needs to take over he can't be the commissioner any more. you want to know why people
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aren't watching any more? because it's not fun any more. you sucked the fun out of the game. he's taking the no fun league to an entirely different level. this weekday voice was penalized and fined for shooting the football like it was a basketball. they said he can't use the football as a prop. you joking, right? are you kidding me? last of the reason why people watch this game for the celebrations and oh, by the way, not only can you not celebrate any more, you're also not allowed to hit anyone either. listen, he's made this game completely soft. half the reason why people watch this game are for the violent hits and for the celebrations. roger goodell has taken both of those thing out of the game. he was great for the nfl years ago but it's finally time for him to be replaced. time for him to go. lucy, i'm sick of him. >> yeah, i know you are. you've been on this one for while. we'll see if he listens to you. we'll see. two tabloid magazines are saying sorry to tom hanks for saying he and had us wife rita wilson were splitting up. national inquirer and star
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magazine apologized to the hollywood couple after claiming the pair was divorcing because hangs was in love not only co-star meg ryan but also felicity joan. both publications issued statements changed their stories online and say corrections will run in the upcoming print editions. hangs and wilson are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. there you have it. >> i would never think they would divorce they seem like a solid couple. >> i know they do. >> what do you think sean bell. >> just tap loyd's. >> i know. >> they need to sell papers. they need to do what they do. no one actually believes them dork they? >> i think some people do. >> i'm people do. >> you'll learn the truth here and nothing but the truth. >> especially the as far as the birthday girl is concerned. cold weather right around the corner. >> it's comin coming. get the sweater, get the jeans, get the fleece. i'm getting my down. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio
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>> your runningmate, said sunday, his words, you and he will acceptly except the result of this election. >> look at it at the time. i'm not look at anything now i'll look at it at the time. >> every time doubled things things are not going in his direction he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> a donald trump bombshell rocks the third and final debate. why he says he may not except the results of the election and who hillary clinton is calling the most dangerous person in america. and breaking right now, fire erupts in the middle of the night in south philadelphia. fierce flames consume a home sending at least one person to the hospital. a live report from the scene as new information pours in. >> plus, a man is shot after a social media exchange goes terribly wrong. a


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