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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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jill biden on her way to philadelphia a day after clint clinton, kaine and trump were all here in the keystone state trying to rally voters. plus, he's back. seam sleeve sam bradford and the minnesota vikings come to town to square off against the eagles k our birds get a much needed victory? plus, tomorrow is sentencing day for former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. will she face prison or house arrest? >> ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. begun morning, happy sunday. we're so happy you decided to start your day with us on -- can we call beautiful october 23r october 23rd? >> good morning. >> it's going to be way. >> good morning. i think it's seasonable. certainly a shock to the system because it's so much colder and so windy last night. >> seasonal? it was cold last night.
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>> you were out light the night. scott, how about the winds, have they died down. >> we had winds gusting over 40 miles an hour yesterday. it's still going to be blustery today. we'll talk about how those winds could potentially impact the game coming up it's still pretty breezy taking a live look at the art museum of course bill anderson was there last night. i was there last night for the light the night. it was chilly. it's a chilly start this morning as well. weather the by numbers on this sunday, scale of one to 10, we are going to give an eight. the reason being, it is not going to be as cold as it was yesterday by this afternoon and also it's going to be a dry and sunny day. so that will be the good news. yesterday we were dealing witness clouds, those showers. it was kind of damp and drear row to start the day. but it will stay breezy as we focus in on your forecast it's a cold start. 37 right now in the poconos. 45 in pottstown. 45 wilmington. along with atlantic city. so that cold front it is well out to sea.
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so here's the bottom line for your sunday morning. it's chilly, temperatures will be in the 40s. so bundle up. by this afternoon, look at that. a high temperature right around 64 degrees. which by the way is seasonal for this time of year. back to you. >> all right. thank you scott. following breaking news right now in port richmond. there was a fire overnight that sent one woman to the hospital and she was burned pretty badly. firefighters were called out to the 3100 block of memphis street just about 3.5 hours ago to find the first floor of that two-story home on fire. investigators say they made very quick work. they knock it down in just about 15 meant, but there was one woman that needed to be raced over to temple hospital with burns on more than 50% of her body. a fire official tells us there were no smoke alarms in the home that were working. we encourage the residents to make sure they have one working smoke alarm on every levelly their home. practice home escape plan and also like i said temperature
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change characterize it make sure they have home heating appliances checked and then be safe and get ready for cold weather that will be approaching shortly. >> two animals were also rescu rescued. we're not sure if the woman's condition at this time and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. political news right knowledge advocates for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will continue to campaign in pennsylvania today. this time dr. jill biden and vice-president nominee tim kai kaine's wife ann will be in town. jennifer joyce live at the community college of philadelphia will they be this afternoon. it's early has the excitement started yet, jenn. >> good morning. >> not yet unfortunately. we are the only two people here right now. but we do know that people will be arriving here to the pavilion on the campus of community college of philadelphia as you mentioned dr. jill biden and ann holton wife of vice-president nominee tim kaine will be here to speak. this democratic party push comes
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hours after hillary clinton campaigned in west philadelphia. last night our cameras were at the university of pennsylvania where clinton and tim kaine discussed plans for the economy and job creation. she promised higher wages for workers and women. she told the crowd drum is that not qualified to be president. she monie monied it's finances d referenced his business dealings in atlantic city. >> this is coming from someone who has done everything he can to avoid paying taxes, has not paid anything to support our military, our veterans, pell grants for students, our roads, education, health care, but instead claims that makes him smart. well, honestl honestly i don't w smart it is to lose a billion dollars running a casino. >> reporter: today dr. jill
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biden and ann holton are going to continue to push clinton and kaine's message. while also urging pennsylvania voters to make their voices heard in this election and make sure that they are registered to vote by going to the website i will this event today is open to the public. people have been able to reserve a seat to be a hillary clinton's campaign website again jill biden is expected to speak here around noon today. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, jenny. meanwhile republican presidential nominee donald trump also focused on pennsylvania. >> he's been in our area and also in gettysburg yesterday. he was along with top adviser rudy guiliani visiting the historic sight where lincoln deliver the gettysburg address. his pitch to our state included plans to wipe out what he called wasteful government spending also focusing on the women who a been a cushion him of sexual assault. said after the election he plans to sue them. >> every woman lied when they
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came forward to hurt my campai campaign. >> yes! >> total fabrication. [ applause ] >> the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> if the events never happened then another event that never happened came forward. a new controversy for trump right after he made that statement in gettysburg yet another woman cues him of sexual misconduct. jessica drake an adult film star says she met republican presidential candidate in las vegas a decade ago. drake says that trump kissed her without asking and then tried to pressure her into sex. yesterday she spoke next to attorney gloria allred. drake explained why she's coming forward now. >> in order to lend my voice, my strength and my support to the other women who are coming forward collectively his words
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and his actions are a huge testament to his character. that is uncontrocontrollable miy entitlement and being sexual assault apologist. >> drake is now the 11th women to speak out claiming donald trump made unwanted sexual advances. 7:07. let's take look at the other top stories making news. back at home, fire spreads to several houses in west philadelphia. crews were called to the 5,000 block of race street at about 3:30 think morning to a three three-story home that was being renovated. you can see right there a lot of flames. investigators say no one was home at the time. the heavy winds caused that fire to spread to houses on both sides. neighbor has to be evacuated. we know one person had to go to the hospital with some injuries. police say that five people have now been displaced by this fire and investigators are trying to figure out the cause. there's a teenager who has turned himself in for the shooting of good samaritan. remember this one from rittenhouse square this week? officers say the 17-year-old surrendered early yesterday
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morning. police say the victim got off bicycle on tuesday night to try and stop an armed robbery happening out there everyone was eating dinner at all of those sidewalk restaurants right next to the park. investigators say the teen grabbed a gun from a co conspirator and shot the victim multiple times. thankfully, that victim surviv survived. and today the eagles take on the undefeated minnesota vikings at the linc. sam bradford will be back on the field but now he's playing for the rival team and bradford knows this team well. after spending most of the pre-season as the eagles top quarterback before being traded to make way for carson wentz to be the starter. of course, you can catch all the action today 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. 7:08. a philadelphia firefighter honored for making the ultimate sacrifice. people paint add mural in lawn crest yesterday in memory of lieutenant joyce craig. she died while fighting a house fire back in december of 2014. first responders were also on hand discussing fire safety
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tips. mural will be on the north facade of the law crest branch of the free library. and last night art museum steps illuminated the entire city. look at that as thousands gathered to light the night. now, fox 29 we were proud sponsors and participants. people carried illuminated lanterns of different colors. white for cancer survivors. red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. the event was hosted by the leukemia and lymphoma society and aimed to bring light into the dark world of cancer and raise money for research to find a cure. you were there. and some members of the team. >> there we are. that's me, mike and steve. we were all out there showing our support. met people, shook some hands. there of course is scott williams. and that's ashly from chasing news that airs on fox 29 as well. so we were out there showing our support and that's what it looked like. >> so beautiful. >> they lit the night. i took that picture. >> look at you fancy apartments. that is beautiful night. >> there you go.
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it was great night. we were very happy both the station to be a participating sponsor but all of to us show our support. >> 7:10. former attorney general kathleen kane big day for her tomorrow. she will be going before a judge inn it is sin tensing day. >> will she face jail or will they be able to convince the judge that she's worthy of just house arrest? major merger in the communications business. time warner and at&t is it good for consumers? >> we want to hear your opinion. sam bradford's return to philadelphia vote throughout the show. the votes are already coming in. are you happy with carson wentz or should we have stuck with sam bradford? we'll be able to update life exactly what's going on your votes use the hash tag sam bradford or the hash tag wentz wagon to tell us what you prefer. >> we'll have a lot of fun. >> we got to get the wentz wagon out there to get that number up. >> absolutely. let us know what you think as we
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take a look -- wow, look at that. ♪
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♪ welcomwelcome back. it's 7:13. 47 degrees. bundle up. the temperatures will be down right seasonal and pretty nice today. perfect fall sunday. you know what it's football
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weather. >> it is perfect football weather. >> did you hear about the huge merger that is going to be shaking up media landscape? at and t has agreed to buy time warner in deal worth $86 billi $86 billion. this merger will give at&t control over channels like hbo and cnn. of course time warner huge up in the new york city area. federal communications commission has signed off on this merger but there are numerous consumer groups who do plan to challenge that. 7:14. tomorrow is sentencing day for former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane of course was convicted for leaking grand jury documents and then lying about it under oath. saying she's been humbled and embarrassed by the case. she's hoping to avoid jail time to care for her children. kane faces anywhere from probation to 12 to 24 years in prison. that is a huge range. the fox 29 legal analyst ken rothweiler joins us now by skype. good morning, sir. >> good morning, bill.
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>> as i just said, that's a huge range. so for just one second, let's take her status out of this. what would be the expected sentence if it wasn't kathleen kane? >> well, it's kind of hard to say, because there is a big range here. the judge takes into a lot of -- a lot of things into consideration. i mean, you know, you can serve time in jail. you could have probation. you could have house arrest. there's a number of different things. so what the judge will do is look at all of the factors and weigh them all and then make a decision so it's totally in the hands of the judge here. >> one of the things i was listening to the argument that is they're presenting for the reasons why they believe kathleen kane should get house arrest. negative impact on her children. the fact that it will turn her life uptied side down. fact that she has no previous record. all of that is true, but it's also not that unusual. how much does the judge weigh all that because anybody who goes to jail who's a parent it will turn their children's live upside down. >> you're right. one of things which is also true, bill, i believe she shares
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custody with her husband. so her husband, you know, has the children half the time as well. some of that will be taken into consideration. also, the fact like you said she had to resign her position as attorney general. she has been humiliated this has been the biggest public humiliation you can have, and she also has her law license suspended. but other side the prosecution says wait a minute, she be trade the public trust. her conduct was agregious. she wasn't really remorseful and for perjury denyin did he nine s she's been convicted of two points of counts of perjury and seven counts of abuse of power and objection instruction of justice she deserves to spend time in jail. my prediction, bill if i had to make a prediction, she will be sentenced to some jail time. i don't believe it's going to be a long period of time, but i think to send message she will be sentenced to some jail time probably followed by some type of house arrest prone base. >> i'm not sure we can call former attorney general a celebrity but we can say she's
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very high profile. being discussed and debated going forward. do you think that is helping or hurting or will it help or hurt are they going to give her harsh zen sense to send a message or does her status help her get the lighter sentence? >> i think the fact that she's a public official and a semi celebrity i think it actually is going to hurt her, because i think you're right, i think the judge is going to want to send a message. there's political considerations here. i mean there's a big spotlight on this judge because it's going to be her call, and people are going to be looking at the sentence she's going to give. i think she'd be criticized actually if she only gave probation or house arrest because if it looked like she was giving favored, you know, favored sentence to this former public official. so i'm looking at this as probably like i said some type jail time. but not a significant amount in my view. >> always interesting debate the public think you get a lighter sentence behavior status. you my think it might be more harsh. i do. >> thanks, ken. appreciate you breaking it down.
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sure, bill. good seeing you. >> always a pleasure. a have good one. >> 7:18 as we take a live look outside. it's so gorgeous. the leaves delayed by about a week, scott williams, because we had wampler temperatures right now we are settling back in to what it should feel like in fa fall. >> a seasonal day on tap, karen, across the area but, of course, we are looking ahead and we do have a chance for some frost in that seven day forecast. if you're stepping outdoors on this sunday morning, maybe to walk the dog, head to church or grab some brunch temperatures be going to be chilly. it's 47 right now in philadelphia. but look at the winds still kind of breezy out of the west at about 16 miles an hour and visibility is good. we are expecting clear skies. look at the chill across the east coast. we have 45 in raleigh, 39 degrees in atlanta. colder there than it is here. temperatures area wide right now, 45 wilmington. 47 in dover. along with millville. 45 in atlantic city. we have 37 degrees right now in the poconos with all of that
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beautiful fall foliage. as we look at ultimate doppler we are dry and quiet so get ready for a lot of sunshine out there today. jackets, sweaters, along with the shades he is special physical you're headed to the linc for the game. wee go hour by hour you can see a lot of sunshine for today. maybe a few passing clouds later on this evening and overnight and then for tomorrow, we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds arc little clipper will be up to the north. maybe a spotty shower early tomorrow around the pocono mountains but mainly dry as that weak little system comes through reinforcing the colder air by tuesday night. temperatures across the area 64, sunny, breezy center city. down the shore low 60s. 61 in the lehigh valley. weekend wendy is headed to the link tailgating weather temperatures in the upper 40s by first kick. we're looking at windy conditions. winds could still gust over 25 miles per hour so we'll watch for that. breezy and bright by the fourth quarter. temperatures in the low 60s. partly cloudy not as cold for
7:20 am
tonight that seven day forecast showing you chilly again tuesday, 50s. look at tuesday night into wednesday. we could have some frost across the area. >> back to you. thank you so much, scott. we know all about androids, i phone, blackberries and old school flip phones there's a new option out there. >> google now entered the cell phone game. let's find out what they're bringing to the table. checking out in tech tank. ♪ i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. a little known company out there called google is going to get into the phone business. you might say they released android software on our sorts of phones much guess what? they're take the apple model. >> we call it pixel. >> they're going to make their own hardware, their own phone, and it looks fantastic. what this phone boasts unlimited photos and videos. it will store all your stuff for free. you'll never run out of space much secondly, we all complain about having to charge up these
7:21 am
phones. within a 15 minute charging period, google claims that the phone will last for seven hours and the battery will last all day. last but not least, we have siree here. google will create going get assistant and this artificial intelligence is really smart. you could ask it to book a dinner using open table or if you're going to need to use sunglasses when you go outside. so google entering the market and they're going to make it and i think it's going to be a very tough challenger for apple. talk more about the google pixel, reach out to us, hash tag tech tank and we'll continue the conversation online. ♪
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♪ lottery, you could be the lucky winner. wouldn't that be nice. >> it would be nice. look at the gorgeous sunrise that is happening. that is absolutely stunning. doesn't it just make your day. >> the whole world is sunny and bright it. >> looks wonderful. next time we need to get up there some windex. >> and clean off our lense. >> it will be all good. >> 7:24 is our time. former phillies pitcher jim bunting recovering at his home in kentucky. he had a stroke. he's 84. he was taken to the hospital on tuesday. he's well known for pitching a perfect game for the phils back in 1964 inducted into the
7:25 am
baseball hall of fame back in '96 with a phillies hat on his plaque. his number 14 was retired bite fills in 2001. he served two terms in the u.s. senate for the state of kentuc kentucky. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean brace the eagles welcome the five-zero vikings to the linc this afternoon in return of sam bradford catch the game right here on fox 29 at 1:00 p.m. college football penn state down in the fourth, ohio state attempting a field goal and it's blocked. grant hill picked it up and takes it 50 yards to the house. penn state a ept 24 underdog they win 24-21. flyers action taking on the hurricanes. jacob vorachek between four hurricane players slot to give the flyers a three goal lead. vorachek had two goals an an assist he surpassed his 300-point as a flyer. flyers win six-three.
7:26 am
finally nlcs cubs three-two in the series. five cubs five to zero. grounds into a six-four-three double play. cubs win five-zero and advance to the world series for the first time since 1945. that's sports in a minute much i'm sean brace. ♪ and be sure to join us all day for the best eagles coverage at 10:00 a.m. whole team comes together for fox "game day live". at 1:00 p.m. the main event. the eagles and the vikings and it's the return of the fox 29 post game show. sean brace will be there, along with sean bell, g. cobb, everyone will break down all of the game's action immediately following the game. you don't want to miss it. >> also get your opinion about this one because the first time undefeated who would have thought vikings come back with sam bradford at the helm he's coming back to philly. should we have kept him or are you on the wentz wagon. are you happy with that choice right there? you can vote right now. we're having a hash tag battle,.
7:27 am
>> this is madness. >> what do you mean. >> look at people already jumping off the wentz wagon. you want sam bradford back. >> we couldn't drive that guy out of the down fast enough and now we're on sam bradford. >> undefeated all of a sudden you look a lot better. >> get to tweeting folks. >> there's also a local man. this is a story that it makes you want to do something better in your own live to make a positive change. he saw something, you know, i'm not going to just walk by. i'm going to try to make a difference and choose to help. >> it takes only one person to do something big in someone's live and we'll tell you the story coming up. and if you're a wine lover, little bit of bad news. you may want to stock up on your favorite bottle of wine right now because there's something happening to the price of vino. most people owe the bank.
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but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ it is a beautiful morning. you have the whole day. it's all fresh. you can write a new page. >> you surprise me all the time. you just pull stuff out. you're very well read and cultured woman. >> i had that on a mug once. >> a blank slate. blank piece of paper. scott, what are we writing on this day. >> we're writing a perfect eight.
7:31 am
how about that? >> we'll take it. >> it will be an eight. yesterday was pretty lousy with the clouds, the showers to start but i mean beautiful sunrise out there. beautiful fall foliage as well send us your fall pictures if you have colors popping in your yards across the area. temperatures this morning right around 47 degrees. that's about average actually for this time of year. we were kind of spoiled last week with temperatures each and every day in the 80s. as we take look at the numbers right now, we have 45 in pottstown. 47 waking up in millville with us. 46 in west chester. mid 40s right now in the doylestown area. dry, quite a lot of sunshine. still kind of breezy across the area poconos gusting over 30 miles per hour. so by one in the afternoon still looking at kind of breezy and gusty conditions winds gusting over 20 miles per hour then they relax as we move toward tonight. so planning your day temperatures this morning in the 40s. jackets, sweaters fall fleeces, 64 degrees by this afternoon for
7:32 am
the high temperature. back over to you. all right, scott, this is a story that really just inspiri inspiring. a person who just knows he made a-difference in the family's life. they were homeless and i just can't keep walking by. >> lucy noland shares what he did next. it caused a huge response right here in the city of brotherly love. ♪ >> reporter: in this fast paced world sometimes the hardest thing to do is just slow your roll. ♪ >> reporter: stop and listen. >> anybody like to buy a newspaper to help the homeless today. have a great day everybody. >> i was just walking to my office i get off the train every day at 30th street station and i ran into amy and lilly anna and walked past them a couple of times. >> reporter: on the third day this havertown dad stopped. drawn in by three-year-old lilly anna's beaming smile.
7:33 am
she's three and she's homeless, you know, just endlessly homeless, and i got to be with amy and john the thing that i was struck by they're working. they're making an effort. like to buy a newspaper to help the homeless today? have a great day. >> joe took pictures thon day he stopped. he posted them along with the plea. >> as soon as i said facebook i don't know what to do with this. do you have any better ideas? people just chimed in. i can help with clothing. is there a gofundme? how can i contribute. >> reporter: which is what grabbed me. i posted their story on my facebook page and that family's empty gofundme took off. >> he sent me a text message. yeah, we made $800 in an hour. that's craze seem we're crying. we're in tears right now. >> reporter: jasmine edwards reached out saying she couldn't afford to donate money but she could absolutely donate a shave and a haircut and she did.
7:34 am
rolled up a chair right there outside 30th street station and gave john and amy and little lilly anna a little center loving care. >> social media can sometimes bring out the worst in people. it brought out the best in people. >> bout out the best in people. >> reporter: take this post by john's eye looking like it needed medical care. that caught the eye of his elizabeth town college buddies including doug wisner. >> dug wife' mia became aware of this within an hour or something, and just reached out, hey, doug will take care of th this. >> the i z look better. >> thank you. they feel better, too. >> reporter: did he right there at wills eye hospital where he's an ophthalmologist. >> he was wearing one contact that he had for a year and he was sleeping in it. he didn't have any way to clean it. it was causing an early stage of infection. >> look up. >> reporter: looking up, that's most definitely the shape of things for john and amy and
7:35 am
lilly anna. >> yes a daddy kitty an mommy kitty. >> reporter: mommies and daddies lilly anna mae know more than most three year olds about how precious her time is with her parents. for a month, they've had to kiss her goodbye every single night. >> what has it been like dropping off your baby at one place and then having to go to another place to spend the night so that you're separated every night? >> it was terrible for all of us but amy would just cry. lilly would cry and scream every night. ♪ >> reporter: but not any longer. because of joe and hard working folks at volunteers of america they can now sleep under one roof in a shelter together awaiting their very own apartment and dreaming about the day they can help others. >> when you see that next person selling a paper or needing a lift, what are you going to do. >> pay it forward.
7:36 am
pay it forward. ♪ >> reporter: it's not just their lives that have changed, so as joe's whose soaking in his family. his little boy even more ever since he stopped that one day. >> every night a little three minute argument about i want to have bath. you're going to have a short bath. since that moment there have been no arguments about any of that. yeah, let's take a minute. yeah, let's read an extra book. just finding more ways to get little bits of joy out of life that are just there to be taken. ♪ >> reporter: in the hustle and bustle of our world, sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is just stop. >> would you like to buy a newspaper to help the homeless today? >> a lot of people just walk by, say rude things. >> have great day. >> look up, walk right passed you. just look somebody in the eye. let them know their human beings. ♪ >> let them know that you care and want to know about their
7:37 am
situation, give them a dollar. ♪ >> that's a great story. the thing that touched me most about the story was the line where just look somebody in the hi and acknowledge they're human being. all too often, too many of us, we see somebody and -- >> try to avoid eye contact. >> look away, yeah. i'm glad they got help. >> cherish and chirp and help them enough. >> job well done coming up gone seeming are the days of the empty nest. more and more college graduates are moving back in with their parents. >> so coming up, what you need to do to make sure they don't become total mooching living off you forever. >> we'll tell you how to keep them out of the house. you may scream when you're scared but you're probably doing something good for your health. how fear can actuall actually ma healthier person? >> ♪
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ that sound you hear is jenn fred and myself crying. the cost of wine is going up. product it turns out all across our planet is going down over the last year because of the weather according to the international of 59 and wine. a lot of severe weather flooding, drought, frost, hurt this year's grape crop and we're talking in the big producers of
7:41 am
wine. in france and also in south america. but the group says the quality of the wine from 2016 that shouldn't suffer, just the pri price. >> there you go. you'll be all right. just buy a little bit less. not a bad thing. this is troubling. close up of karen you have to buy a little less wine. >> moving on the days of college kids moving out after they graduate apparently may be a thing of the past. you have this to look forward as your kids get older. more more than kids are moving back in with their parents. >> what they're feeling my foot on their back side. get out! you need to set some rules they say. your kids do not become too much of a mooch. let's cash in. ♪ they're back! according to recent survey 21% of millennials moved back in with mom and dad. list stone this. two-thirds of them say they actually like the idea. not sure mom and dad do. how about a few tips how to get
7:42 am
them out of your fridge and into their own pad. ♪ >> first, mom and dad, you got to agree timeline. i'm not talking years, let's talk about months. sit down with your kids and agree to some milestones. kids, crashing after college for a few months, that's cool, still there when you're 30 drinking dad' beer not cool. next mom and dad you got to have the talk. no, not that one. you should have had that one a long time ago. i'm talking about the money talk. who will pay for what bills while your adult child is still living with you. it's important to have that understanding going into it and it's important to stick with it. finally, we're all afraid of the r word. not that one. the other one. rent. do you charge the kids rent or not. ? instead of calling it rent let's call it forced savingsly how about this. 500 bucks a month after they year six grand that's enough to get them launched on their own. there you go, mom and dad, with just a few easy tips and some good communication, you can stop
7:43 am
from becoming an enabler and enable them to buy their own beer. i'm cashing out. ♪
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything.
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♪ welcome back. nothing says beautiful like
7:46 am
factory dust. >> fog and smog. beautiful. >> it is beautiful morning. it is 7:45. let's get right over to scott with a check on the forecast. hey, scott. >> hi there, karen and bill. beautiful center city skyline there. we have lost sunshine out there. so don't forget your shades if you're stepping outdoors. yes, you need the jackets and sweaters. temperatures this morning 47 degrees in philadelphia. still breezy winds out of the west at about 16 miles per hour. we're in the 30s in the poconos right now. 45 degrees atlantic city. 51 in wildwood. that's kind of the warm spot. 44 in downingtown right now. we have 45 in newtown square and west chester reporting a temperature right now of 46 degrees. no clouds, no rainfall like we had yesterday morning, kind of damp and dreary start to your saturday but a lot of sunshine on tap for your sunday. current wind speeds right now we're looking at westerly winds around 14 miles an hour in wilmington. 23 miles per hour winds sustained right now in the poconos and as we go hour by
7:47 am
hour, look at future wind gusts kind of breezy and gusty by this this afternoon winds gusting over 20 miles an hour but not as high as yesterday. we had winds gusting at times over 40 miles an hour. for tonight, those winds still a little breezy but more out of the south. so not as cold for tonight with that wind component more out of the south and west. 64 the high in center city today. down the shore low 60s. it stays kind of blustery and breezy. low 60s in the lehigh valley. hey, tailgating weather, jackets needed, temperatures in the upper 40s by first kick. still kind of breezy. we'll watch those winds upper 50s by the end of the game. we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s. back to you. >> thank you scott. we'll take it. good football weather. here's a story that's all over social media. a woman says she was inspired to change her life after she saw her own engagement photo. >> so we'll show her. her name is haley smith and she posted these side by side photos on instagram. there's the day she got engaged back in 2015 and then her wedding day. she wrote that she was about
7:48 am
280 pounds when she got engaged heaviest she ever was. so she decided when she look at that, i'm going to try to make a huge life tile change don better and there you go. look at that. year later she walk down the aisle 115 pounds. >> wow. >> lighter. it makes her feel proud when she looks at that picture how far she came and how she did it for herself. >> she's a pretty woman in both pictures it's amazing though she also knew that she had a quality man who loved her and wasn't just looking at some sort of image of how you should look. so she goes ahead and loses the weight for herself after you already found somebody who loves you for who you are. that's a good thing. >> that is a good thing. you have to do it for yourself. you can't do it for anybody el else. >> 115 pounds in a year. >> i can't imagine losing five. >> that's crazy. we'll go from that to talk about something that will make us really fat and spend a lot of money to get that. >> segue. bag of chips to go with your beer, may cost a buck. not here. >> we'll show you some luxury
7:49 am
chips. what makes them so special and how much just five of them will cost you. it's in a black box. >> that's got to be expensive. >> got to be expensive. >> five, that's ridiculous. the tweets coming in. yup. halloween nails from joe. >> there's you're wentz wagon. i shamed people night. >> wesley still on the wentz wagon looking forward to seeing the birds getting back on the winning track. thank you john and thank you wesley.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
♪ welcome back. beautiful start to this super sunday on this football game day. we'll get to all of that coming up in just a moment. let's go around the house right now. as the weather gets cooler spending a lot more time indoors and checking out, oh, man i reallreally need to clean my ca. we'll do three of the biggies. wine, chocolate and coffee. what's the best way to get those stains out of our rugs. we have tom dennison of cleaning and restoration from south jersey and physical. how you doing? >> good. how you doing today. >> good. i've got my coffee. you put your coffee right here. we got wine one of my favorites. i've gotten this all over my rug a billion times. you've heard the story of my
7:53 am
kids. let's start with the chocolate. >> the important thing to do whenever you clean up any stab dab the chain and not scrubbing. if you start scrubbing instead of it small spot it will get bigger you want make sure you're pulling everything out as much as you can and transferring the stain over. we'll take it to the wet sponge. just a little bit of dish detergent take this and circular mowings but keep it from going in the outside in and get little damp from there and repeat. you'll repeat the step multiple times. we'll go to the next one while that's going on. >> most difficult stain is wine. >> i'll blot. >> blot. blot and push down. see how much you're pulling up right there. >> completely. >> make sure you're switching often as much as possible. >> okay. you it coming up. pre mixed solution it's water, dish soap and white vinegar. >> just dampen this and get pretty damp. what we want to do is dilute it even though it's off the surface
7:54 am
that doesn't mean it's actually out of the carpet. keep doing that again. grab another piece real fast. when we go back down to do it, year still pulling up pink. >> yes. isn't make sure you're pulling up as much as you can and keep going and repeating these steps until your cloth is coming up completely white. you can probably do this another five or six times before you really get it. >> i'll do it. i don't believe you on the chocolate. you're not getting that chocolate out. >> it will come out. >> no, adoption. let's see. how about for the coffee stain? what's the secret for the coffee. >> with the coffee stain another mixed solution this baking soda, water and dish soap. another thing to keep in mind we are using dish soap clear dish soap if you have a colorful dish soap off bigger chance of ruining your carpet because it will stain it. >> that's a good point because i think mine might be orange because i can the sigh truss ones. the secret these came out because we just put them on if you get it right away. >> that's the big secret.
7:55 am
relax when it happens. accidentsare going to happen. no way to prevent them. be prepared for them. you can make like a spot removing kit. if you go to our website you'll find all the ingredients you need to take out spots have them ready for the holidays. and also has your hold tips for everything. >> that's a good idea. to have it at the ready when it happens, i have all these kids and so they don't always tell when you there's a big problem. sometimes later, well, mom, the baby -- he did this. >> what's when it's been sitting there and got bake in the sun and they stepped on it and spread it all around and tried to clean it up themselves and smeared it on in. >> at a certain point it's time to call in the professionals give these a try first. always a chance, always hope to try to pull a stain out. but at a certain point if you put too many different chemicals on the same spot you'll ruin the carpet. more chance for different reactions when you final dollar get it pulled out. so you want make sure you're limiting it.
7:56 am
chocolate is not fully out wet. these processes can sometimes take like five or six times. you can see how much it is lightening up here. >> yup. five, six hours. >> we did pretty well with the wine and coffee, the chocolate. good effort there. >> i'll give you a c on that one. thank you, tom. we appreciate it. thank you for your trips and advice. >> no problem. any time. >> let's talk about traffic. and our roadways. we can have a lot of issues with that. people have gotten so angry. who does that more? is it men the people that are always giving that look making those gestures saying you're number one or is it women? >> who do you think has more road wage. >> i know we know we'll share the information when we get back snl take on the third presidential debate. we'll show you the clip that everyone is talking about this morning. >> it's tom hanks. >> also, we want your opinion on this one. it's sam bradford big day coming back undefeated to our town. so we want to vote throughout the show. are you happy still on the
7:57 am
wentzwagon. or should we have kept bradford. he's done so well since he moved some place else which always happens. we'll have a hash tag battle. #sambradford or #wentzwagon and we'll keep checking those responses. >> carson wentz back in the lead. >> thank you. let's keep it going. vote for that #wentzwagon. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ add row skates for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton are campaigning in pennsylvania today. this time it is dr. jill biden and also her running mate kaine's wife ann holton where they'll be. plus the eagles face off against the minnesota vikings this afternoon. will they be able to get a win against the undefeated team with the return of sam bradford? and halloween a week away.
8:00 am
so do you like to be scared? why do you like to go on roller coaster and get people jump -- ahh there's science behind it. we'll explain. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ and welcome to hour two. happy sunday. "good day philadelphia" weekend. the weather is looking okay. >> we're inside. >> it looks pretty good. >> beautiful out there. sue would say deceiving sun shin because it's gotten quite chill al nice change from yesterday with all the wind and the rain. >> it was nasty, bill and karen, yesterday. we had the clouds. we had temperatures only made it to 56 degrees yesterday. so today it's a chilly start. but temperatures will actually be right around average believe it or not by this afternoon. live look right now at the philadelphia art museum. you can see the flags still kind of flapping there so winds are still gusty today but it won't be as gusty as yesterday. yesterday we had winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. today likely over 25 miles per
8:01 am
hour. so weather by the numbers kale of scale of one to 10 not a perfect 10. we'll give it an eight because of those breezes that will continue. a it's chilly start. temperatures in the poconos upper 30s. 47 right now in trenton. 46 currently in atlantic city. low 40s in lancaster. so sunshine out there. jacket, sweater, don't forget the sunglasses if you're stepping outdoors for tailgating and later on today we'll keep that sunshine around it stays breezy. temperatures this morning, on average in the 40s. pretty much area wide. wall to wall sunshine though a breezy afternoon. high temperatures will top out right around 64 degrees. coming up we'll go hour by hour and talk much more about the wind gusts to expect and also what to expect at the linc. back to you. >> thank you so much, scott. we're following breaking news this morning out of port richmond a fire overnight sends one woman to the hospital with severe burns. firefighters were called to the 3100 block of memphis street around 4:30 this morning to find the first floor of a two-story home on fire.
8:02 am
investigators say the fire was placed under control in just 15 minutes. but one woman was taken to temple university hospital with burns over 50% of her body. currently not sure of her condition. we'll keep you updated and the cause of the fire still under investigation. ♪ looking at politics this morning you decide 2016. advocates for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton continue to campaign right here in pennsylvania today. >> this time it will be dr. jill biden and also the wife of vice-president candidate tim kaine in town. jenny joyce live at the community college of philadelphia. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen. so dr. jill biden and ann holton will be speaking here at the college around noon today. this democratic push comes just hour after hillary clinton campaigned in west philadelphia last night. our cameras were at university of pennsylvania where clinton was excited to announce that a record 200 million americans are registered to vote in the
8:03 am
upcoming election. additionally, clinton and ru running mate tim kaine discussed plans for the economy and job creation. clinton promised higher wages for workers and women and also addressed younger voters. >> it's important to lay out the policiepolicies that tim and i e going work on to make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. to make it possible for more young people to follow your dreams by giving you the chance to go as far as your hard work and talent will take you. >> reporter: today, dr. jill biden and ann holton are going to continue to push clinton and kaine's message while urging pennsylvania voters to continue to make their voices heard in this leck and make sure that they are registered to vote by going to the website i will this event today is open to the public. people have been able to reserve
8:04 am
a seat to hillary clinton's website. jill biden is expected to speak around noon today. karen and bill? >> thank you so much there, jenny. meanwhile republican presidential nominee donald trump focused on pennsylvania much just got a major endorsement from the las vegas review. he campaigned in gettysburg yesterday. donald trump along with top adviser rudy guiliani visited the historic sight where lincoln -- >> he plans t wipe out wasteful government spending and he spoke on the women who accused of of of him of sexual assault. >> he said after the election he plans to sue them on. >> they lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. >> yes! >> total fabrication. [ applause ] >> the events never happened,
8:05 am
never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> ♪ >> let's take look at some of today's other top stories. back at home a fire spreads to several homes in west philadelphia. crews were called to the 5,000 block of race street around 3:30 this morning to find a three-story house that was being renovated. the house was on fire. investigators say no one was inside at the time. heavy winds caused the fire to spread to the house both sides and neighbors had to be evacuate thed. one person was sent to the hospital with unknown injuries. police say that five people have been displaced and investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. 8:05. tomorrow is sentencing day for former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane was convicted for leaking grand jury documents and lying about it under oath. she's been humbled and embarrassed by the case she's hoping to avoid jail time to care for her children. kane faces anywhere from
8:06 am
probation or house arrest to 12 to 24 years in prison. teenager turned himself in for the shooting of a good samaritan in rittenhouse square. officers say the 17-year-old surrendered early yesterday morning. police say the victim got off his bike tuesday night to try to stop an armed robbery. it all happened as people dined at the sidewalk restaurants right there next to the park. investigators say the teen grab the gun from a co conspirator and shot the man multiple times. thankfully that victim survived. 80:00 sick is the time. so it is a game day feels like football weather and we're taking on the undefeated, can you believe it, minnesota vikings down at the linc today. sammy sleeve is back in town on the field now playing for the rival team and the interesting thing you know he knows our team so well he spent mostly most of the preseason here as our top quarterback before being traded away to make carson wentz be the starter of you can catch all of the action today at 1:00 o'clo 1:00 o'clock.
8:07 am
what do you think about that #wentzwagon or #sambradford. game time of course 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. 8:07. philadelphia firefighter who made the ill mat sacrifice is honored. people painting mural in lawn crest this is in memory of lawsuit joyce craig. gorgeous mural. she looks -- such a good pictorial of her there. she died while she was fighting a house fire back in december of 2014. they discussed fire safety tips. this mural the north facade of the lawn crest branch of the free library. and a stunning moving sight last night. thousands gathering to light the night. we're proud sponsor of this even. we think it is so important. so all the people come out there and they have the different lanterns that they carry as they do this walk. they each have a different meaning. symbolism. white for people who are cancer survivors. red is for family and supporters. and gold that's in memory of people who have loved ones to cancer. this was all hosted by the leukemia and lymphoma society to
8:08 am
raise money to try and find a cure. thanks for coming out. you were there as well. >> i was. >> along with mike jerrick and scott williams and steve keeley and thousands of other people who were out there to show support a great event. you may scream, you scream when you're scared? >> yeah. >> you scream when you're scared butly probably doing something that's good for your health. i can't believe i'm telling you that. so screaming not necessarily a bad thing. >> don't tell my kids that. how fear can actually make you a healthier person. plus, a bag of chips to go with your beer costs, i don't know arc dollar but that's not the case with these luxury chips in the black box. why they were created and how much five of them, just five, will cost you. also, we love when you send pictures on game day. thank you monty g for always show your enthusiasm. the wentzwagon never stop, go birds! let's send bradford out at a philly with a lot of... baby baby!!
8:09 am
>> update. wentzwagon it's closer than i expected expected let us know which quarterback you would want at the helm of the eagles #wentzwagon, #sambradford. i expect that wentzwagon red to go all the way across the screen. ♪
8:10 am
8:12 am
karen hepp -- >> yeah. >> why are we listening to britney spears today. >> hit me maybe one more time. this song was released on this date. how many years ago? >> 18. >> yeah. >> 1998 to 2016. 18 years ago. >> doesn't that make you feel old. >> i'm old. >> man. that's scary. here's something else that is sort of scary but good for us at the same time. why do we like to be scared? why do we spend money to go to amusement park and be terrified. ahh! there's good benefits. >> science behind it. >> i guess. what is it about scaring ourselves silly especially as halloween approaches that so many people love? we got the right person to get answers for this. our own hank flynn got made up to find out.
8:13 am
♪ >> good lordy scaring people stupid is just a boat load of fun. >> ahh! >> oh, yeah, i got lot of people good the other side at six flags grade at venture fright fest. the get up they put me in was astounding and they do it a couple hundred times a night. >> it's more or less getting everybody out before procession. we want to get many people as out there as we can. >> once the curtain is up you're on. you're in the park with visitors who came to ride and get spook spooked. park myself by the exit to batman the ride. look out. >> ahh! >> ahh! >> this is so great. this is so great. just a lot of found see people running off screaming and stuff, but it's just lot of fun. >> yeah, of course. are you kidding it's ridiculous fun but why, why do we wig out at halloween, why do we love
8:14 am
yanking each other's chains? dave is good at this and he calls it kind of a reason. >> for some people like me like i tend to bottle up emotions want not. this is almost like therapeutic way to just get out anger, stress, release, release it all and have fun with it like you get to be something someone el else. get to do something you wouldn't imagine was tough to do doing. >> i caught the bug. once i got cooking it was hard to stop. halloween as we know is a mutual thing you're not the one doing the scaring, then maybe you're the one being scare. >> you dig it especially since you know you're in the in any real danger. must be the adrenaline. >> i think it's just the thrill. something different chase thing off in our life and come out here and your own little world the kids are loving it and so
8:15 am
much work goes into it. it's just fun. >> i told them two or three times i'm trying to leave but every time i do i see another group of kids to run into. why do we love doing this, why do we love being scared, why do we love frightening people? here's charles simone with a pretty good answer. >> we can act out. we can do what we want. we put the mask off we have to come back to what society expectexpects of us all. no responsibility. when you have the mask on, you can do things, say things, and act things you ordinarily would not be able to do as per the confines of our society. >> yeah. >> don't you have any respect for government property? and look, we know now that halloween is big business. great adventure wouldn't do it if it weren't and there are haunted houses all over the place. kind of into it now i can help you find one if you want tweet me at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. ♪
8:16 am
nicely done. i almost screamed at you guys as we were coming out of that package to see how you responded. >> ahh! >> the art of fear. >> i want to scream for join look at this beautiful picture just a the leaves changing the sun coming up. beginning of a beautiful day, scott. >> nothing frightening about that picture there, karen a lot of nice leaf peeping opportunities today across the area. not dealing with the rainfall but we are dealing with the sunshine. if we can get it back. take live look at the center city skyline. there we go. beautiful day on tap. it is going to be a little chilly but actually temperatures right now are seasonal for this time of year. we were just spoiled last week with five days with temperatures at or above 80 degrees. 47 right now. still a little breezy. so it will be blustery during the day today. 46 this morning. waking up with us in wilmington, 48 in dover. 47 allentown. upper 30s right now in the pocono mountains. dry, quiet, on ultimate doppler. sunshine across the region for today. that front well out to sea. so we are going to keep those
8:17 am
winds kind of gusty at times. we'll kind of go hour by hour. with the forecast if you're tailgating temperatures will be in the upper 40s. then by first kick, we're still looking at breezy conditions. winds could gust over 20 miles an hour. 59 degrees. then by the end of the game fourth quarter looking at temperatures in the low 60s. so look at the clock. by 2:00 p.m., we're still looking at those winds gusting potentially 25 miles per hour in philadelphia. gusting close to 30 miles an hour down the shore. and then they start to kind of lessen as we move toward tonig tonight. but by 11:00 o'clock, winds become more out of the south so temperatures for tonight not as chilly as this morning. low 50s in fact in the city. 44 degrees in the suburbs. looking ahead, eight days away. halloween. we fall back, we lose that hour of course with the daylight saving time ending 14 days away and of course as we move toward thanksgiving, 32 days away and then the focus in on that seven day forecast, we're talking
8:18 am
about temperatures today 64 degrees. 63 on monday. then cooler again highs only in the 50s. perhaps for three days. tuesday, wednesday into thursday. wednesday morning, the coldest start we've seen since last fall in philadelphia. we could be looking at some frost. shower chance chances thursday g some of that could linger into friday but temperatures by next weekend back into the low 60s. we'll take it. trending now caviar dreams and champagne wishes and the world's price zest chip. >> thank you. you're a person that appreciates fine foods. there's a potato chip. would you pay $12 for one chip. >> one chip. >> one chip. you only get five in a box. >> there's more to the story. >> is it a miracle chip. >> it's the most world's most expensive chip. $11.20 per chip or in a fans see
8:19 am
black box. five chips, $56. too much money on the surface but the reason it's so pricey a chef makes each chip individually by hand using rare ingredients, shoe tacky mushrooms and see wood and onion they're exclusive. sweet swedish brewery that makes them is only telling selling 100 boxed chips in the world. >> i'm not paying $56 for steak and lobster. no. >> one chip, $11? >> okay. don't drop it, right. >> you're a a notturno vote. you're a no vote. >> no. >> the company says all profits from the sale of the chips donated to charity. >> okay. >> you're getting this really cool chip but you're making a donation to charity and they're giving i was box. >> the box actually looks better than the chips. >> i'm curious to at any time. what could be worth all of that. how does it taste good can we
8:20 am
order them g we get one of the 100 boxes. >> i'll make the donation. it's $56. i think we should do that. >> aaron, can you order us one of those boxes of chips? >> $50 for you. >> 50-cent for you. >> 50-cent for you isn't we'll go to the break room and get bag of chips. >> 55 more dollars. >> 56 bucks. >> look at that. >> seven bucks to the cause. all right. >> scott gave a dollar. >> aaron gave seven buck. i will make up the difference. >> i got it. >> every election season is really fun. late night comedy take on whatever is happening with our presidential politic. will you look knees of whose getting into the act playing chris wallace, yup, it's tom hanks. >> snl trends every sunday morning on take on hillary clinton and donald trump. coming up, how saturday night live lampooned the third presidential debate a little comic to lighten your morning. so, you know, there's times can be very frustrating starting
8:21 am
to get in and out of work with pieces falling off trucks, beer keg the other day we were reporting on. so who gets more angry, who has more road rage specifically? is it women. >> yes. >> or is it men? >> no. >> let me tell you something every time we finish shooting on a highway let me tell you whose been doing it, i been reporting on this, men. i rest my case. ♪ >> okay. moving on, looking at some of your comments. so hard to get a nice cousin picture. jenn trying get the whole family together. not going as planned. >> adorable. >> and birthday weird ang yankovics 57 years old. >> ryan reynolds celebrates 40 years old. what do you think of him, karen. >> he's a fine looking human being. so amelia clark. 30 years old. >> happy birthday.
8:22 am
(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ it is 8:24 on your sunday morning. we have great events for you we want to let you know about coming up next weekend. bring your children in halloween costumes to the touch of truck event over at the deptford mall in the parking lot. they'll have every kind of truck you want to check out. they'll fire trucks and police
8:25 am
trucks and all the construction trucks. it's next saturday october 29th from 11:00 to 3:00. kids the fun part usually you can't touch them. you can touch them. you can climb on them. also have hay rides and trick or treating as well. kids are free. this is an event that will benefit the veterans multi service center. hey, jenn. ♪ hey everybody we're here at the franklin institute and this momologue with one of my favorite scientists. >> good morning. >> good morning jenn. i told everyone how about i love robo revolution i want to show people more about what we can do here. >> absolutely. we'll play a little simon says here, jenn you need to follow what our little guy does. are you ready. >> yup. >> all right. >> okay. >> how did i do? >> good. >> all right. we'll ramp this up a little bit. >> okay. i'm ready. >> one -- >> okay. >> two. >> yes.
8:26 am
>> three. >> all right. you're good. >> so woman versus robot, it is even. neck and neck. we're going to amp this up a little bit. you like dancing. >> i don't see why not. >> let's see if you can do the horse dance. >> okay. >> oh, man. is he trying to do this. >> he's got this. >> i don't know. my little robot, jenn, you are taking them outly one more for you. >> let's see how we do here. this is what i love about this -- oh, no. >> little break dance action. >> did he not do that. >> you got that? >> i'm going to try. >> i can't do that. >> this is here until april 2nd next year. it's not just this. it's like, you've got the robot lab, robot garage, you've got assume ba, drones, anything -- >> driverless car. >> i love it. >> thank you for being the coolest scientist on the block. >> always pleasure. >> coolest scientist on the block. franklin institute. block. franklin institute. ♪
8:27 am
♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ wooh ooh ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ every little thing.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ i can't, i can't. i wasn't even going to bob my head to this song. i have to throw out my cool and man card all at once. >> good morning, it is 8:30 right now on this sunday morni
8:30 am
morning. >> let's check out some of this morning's top stories. former phillies pitcher jim bunting is recovering at his home in kentucky after suffering a stroke. year 84 old was taken to the hospital last tuesday night. bunting is most well known for pitching a perfect game for the phils in 1964. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1996 with a phillies hat on his plaque. his number 14 was retired by the phils in 2001. bunting also served two terms in the us senate for the state of kentucky. philadelphia home of grace kell wrl she grew up in east falls and where she also accep accepted her marriage proposal from the prince, prince ranier, now belongs back with the royal family of monaco. so interesting. her son prince albert confirmed that he decided to buy that home there it is a six bedroom home in east falls. he says he plans to visit philadelphia on tuesday and try to figure out what he's going to do with this home but he had a lot of memories there as a child. he would come back and thinking of making the home into an museum or office space.
8:31 am
that was real live fairy tale. >> cool story. >> there you go. >> scott, game day. football weather. all good. >> looking good, bill. but it will be little gusty at times. so folks are going to be out and about headed to the linc tailgating and of course temperatures this morning have been a little chilly but this is actually typical for this time of year. we've been spoiled with those 80s last week. winds though right now out of the west southwest 18 miles an hour humidity kind of low at 6 68%. so it's dry. we'll talk about that in a moment. upper 30s in the poconos. 46 wilmington. 46 degrees right now in atlantic city. so those were the air temperatures. look at the dew point temperatures. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere in the 30s. so you might want to have that moisturizer and chapstick stepping outdoors today. dry, quiet as we take look at ultimate doppler and across the area, we're looking at 64 in center city. low 60s blustery down the shore. 61 in the lehigh valley.
8:32 am
big game at the linc tailgators jackets required fall fleeces temperatures upper 40s by first kick. still a little windy. those winds could gust over 20 miles an hour. so we'll see how that will impact the game. a otherwise by the end of the game fourth quarter breezy and bright temperatures in the low 60s. back over to you. >> all right. it's about that time. let's talk eagles. after doing pretty well before the bye week they dropped in two in a row including an important nfc game against the skins last week. this week another big game taking on their former starting quarterback sam bradford and most of us are happy to get on out of town. now he's back undefeated and we're concerned. joining us this morning to talk about it our own sean brace. >> good morning. >> good morning. how is everybodying. >> good. >> so are we concerned at all because obviously he knows our team really well and playing with us for basically most of the pre-season. what do we think. >> i think the vikings are really good team. no matter if he knows the playbook or not. but that's the first thing comes to my mind much this eagles team
8:33 am
is struggling as well. but to move to the front of all of this is the eagles have been their own worse enemy these last two games. 27 penalties over 100 yards against them. and both of their losses just unacceptable. you're not going to be able to win games on the road especially last week this game is home but he you won't able to win games if that's the case eliminate that problem first. then we can worry about what sam bradford and advices will do. >> it's too earl physical start taltalking about were we misled over the first couple of games. we started off the season thinking they weren't going to be that few games. you think a few games and we're talking about super bowl. are they coming back to the no norm. >> yeah. absolutely. especially when you lose lane johnson. >> i know. that was a huge loss. >> huge loss. lane johnson was a top five, top three tackle in the game. all of a sudden he's gone for 10 games. you replacinging him with a rocy bv i expect him to have a better game this week. but, yeah, i think eagles are coming back down to earth and playing teams that are just a
8:34 am
little bit better. >> yeah. >> it's only going to get harder for the eagles next week the cowboys coming off a bye. following week after the giants coming avenue a bye. so this schedule you look at atlanta, seattle, there's a lot of difficult games that are coming up for this team. so yeah, i think it's a case eagles coming back down to earth but at the same time we'll see. we'll see. >> have they made any other adjustments losing lane john and what happened happened last week and how brutal that was. wentz didn't have enough time. >> get big v some help. >> that's case. that's what doug pederson said. he's sticking with his guy. he's not making any adjustment. >> all right. >> they said that they have to go ahead and give him help exactly what bill said. >> i've got to tell you, moo pin of sam bradford hasn't changed that much. i wasn't overly thrilled while he was here. i wasn't overly thrilled before he got here. he doesn't scare me. the vikings are a good team. >> yes they are. >> bradford doesn't scare me. >> he fits that system really well. that system is allowed the defense to win football game. that defense is unbelievable.
8:35 am
number one against points against number two overall. they've gotten after the quarterback 1990's. 19 sacks this year for the vikings. so sam bradford just we want you to go in there and make a couple of throws. don't turn the football over. that's it. they want to rely on defense and running the football although the vikings are struggling to do exactly that, as far as running the football is concerned, sam bradford not a bad option at this point in time. >> you've been right picking games. >> i was wrong last week. but i was right every other one before that one. >> who are you picking? >> yeah. >> well -- >> i'm wearing my green. i'm going to go -- >> vikings. >> eagles. >> you can win that many games. you can't win every game. nobody ever does. >> this is the time. change up the story line. i'm sticking with the narrative. >> science. >> all right. >> girl power. girl analysis. >> vegas power. >> you can watch it all day today. be sure to join us for the best eagles coverage 10:00 o'clock the fox "game day live" crew i'll be there joining sean and
8:36 am
g. cobb and howard and dave spadaro the 1:00 o'clock it's the game, eagles and vikings and the return of the fox 29 post game sean brace will be there. breaking it down. along with sean bell and g. cobb. so basically stay tuned to fox 29 all day. >> before we do this little thing sean, real quick, what do you think, who will win. >> got to go with the vikings here. >> bill? >> quick, quick. >> i think it's vikings. yeah. >> here we go. drum role, please. sam bradford coming back here to fill or the wentzwagon? which team are you on and it is -- >> get on out of here bradford. >> yeah. >> wentzwagon. >> thank you. this was totally rig. i was telling people all day to vote for wentzwagon. you can't trust these results and i'm suing. >> so, um -- >> nice one. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ we have a question for you. there's a new study about road rage. do you think it affects more women or men? there's a study. go ahead. >> women. >> study -- that's over. let's move on. study by south kore south korear hyundai female drivers are more likely to lose their cool behind the wheel. researchers say because women have an early warning system and on average women are 12% angrier than men. news anchors i mean when driving
8:40 am
cars. [ laughter ] >> we are safer. we may be like pumping the wheel and the brake like we're trying to get you to stop the car we're not screaming. every guy i know, they give you the look. they got to give the man look. i got to check him out. you cut me off. >> doesn't she do an amazing job how calm and patient she would be behind the wheel? if someone is like, f you're in at a light or something like that, what would your road rage be? not in you participate in it. >> i ignore them. i do the woman numb lookism not looking at you. i didn't see what you just did. >> this instinctive warning system you're talking about that women have. is that only when they're in the cars and that's it? check out after? >> he's keeping it real. >> nobody is buying this women. >> every road -- this is true every road rage survey i've done on schuylkill and 95 they get arrested with the mug shot it's a man. every time. >> i have to go with karen on
8:41 am
this one. whenever you see a video on the web -- >> always. >> two guys fighting over, you know, road rage, it's normal toll guys. >> women do it more. men are just more aggressive and over the top when we do it. that's the issue. >> what do you think right there? do you find yourself getting cases of road rage on our local highways. use our hashing to fox 29 good day. >> i just did 45 minutes. and nobody was on the road. >> honk honk, honk honk. [ laughter ] ♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ in you decide political news, with election day quickly approaching, the 2016 presidential candidates are working hard to court voters. fox news senior political correspondent mike emmanuel has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee's donald trump offered insight into his first 100 days in office if he wins next month's election. trump promised to ban white house and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists after becoming office. >> a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. require many that for every new federal regulation two existing regulations must be eliminator. >> reporter: campaigning in pennsylvania, trump also lashing out against the women who have accused him of a sexual as including new allegations from an 11th woman. >> he grabbed each of us tight until a hug and kissed each one of us without asking per mig.
8:45 am
>> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: meanwhile more wikileaks revelations about what some of clinton's closest advisers think about catholics and evangelical pros steps taints. jennifer palmer row the was work tag liberal think tank and in 2011 when she and others were e-mailing by some conservative republicans are catholic. i'm imagine they think it is the most socially acceptablely politically conservative religion their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. clinton made no mention of the wikileaks schedule campaigning in pennsylvania. >> that was the third and last time i will ever have to debate donald trump! >> i mean, think about this. i have now spent four and a half hours on stage with donald proving once again i have the stamina to be president.
8:46 am
>> with lackaday little more than two weeks away, the candidates will be working through the weekend with clinton traveling to battleground north carolina and trump campaigning in sunny florida. in philadelphia, mike emmanuel, fox news. let's break it all down right now. we have democratic eleanor dezi and republican strategist renee' am more. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so much to talk about right now. we have hillary clinton in town last night we had the dr. jill biden in town. she's had a lot of problems with more wikileaks revelations that keep coming out every single day. what do you think the challenge is for her right now. >> right now steady course. she's done the debat debates. it's shown she has the stamina she -- she went to the alfred e smith dinner and came out on t top. donald proved he can't stay on message and she stays the course 16 days she's ahead in all the polls she's winning this. >> what do you think about speaking of the polls where donald trump is right now? i mean there's lot of critics who are saying maybe it looks like
8:47 am
that he's going to lose. and the women issue is another -- 11 accusers at this point another one came out yesterday. what do you think? >> bottom line it depends on who comes out to vote. it doesn't matter what the poles say. it depends who comes out and votes. if you have a lot of folks, who will vote for who, she's not winning in every state. she's tied in some states. let me make that rule clear. he's up in some states. this is the first time in 30 years i've done this i just don't know who is going to win. i have to be honest with you always something coming out. >> really. >> i'm serious. >> i'm very serious about that. you really don't know karen bottom line some people are scared they are for trump. they don't want to say the and vote to trump i talk to people already. >> i think it's that way with hillary m people are being very quiet. i don't think polls are as reliable as they used to be people don't feel anonymous as they used to be because of caller id and thing like that. it will be a close election but there's lot of states that have early voting. i talked to some people in
8:48 am
florida. interestingly enough, there are more people voting in early voting than in any election ever. >> that's true. >> that says to me i think we'll have a high voter turn out on election day. now, again, if we have big voter turn out in philadelphia, and in purchasing you are and in the suburbs lower merion, montgomery county, hillary will win pennsylvania and if she wins pennsylvania she wins florida. it's over. >> what do you think we've had the candidate spending enormous amount of time here. >> both candidates. >> absolutely but also they're coming to the place where is they're already strong. just like with the debate. they're talking to their supporters. that's the bottom line. so trump has been out west a lot. that's where you see a lot of support for him without hillary they don't like her that's the bottom line the first time i saw people don't like either candidate. >> what do you think about the fee pale issue. so many allegations have that come out recentl recently and vb courage with trump calling hillary nasty. sometimes men dismiss women, you're nasty.
8:49 am
>> bill probably says that to you sometimes. >> it might be true. [ laughter ] >> no on serious note, the women thing, that's interesting how it came out two weeks before the election. let's be honest about that kind of stuff. that looks kind of like that was the only thing they could get donald on. because he was just out there. because people like him. because he's not the establishment. that's what this is all about. >> the wikileaks, come on, everything is coming out. i mean, either one of them don't look that great. let me be honest. >> i don't think they're changing too many votes at this point. >> they won't. >> i think people have made up their minds. i think if anything there's election fatigue, and you know, people who watch a lot of television, they tell us, i can't wait until these ads are over. so i think a lot of people maybe not the junkies like us, you know, live -- >> like you. >> live and breathe -- >> you don't? >> we live and breathe this. but the people that really think about it they make their decision, they know what they want. they're done and they want this over with. >> that's the first time i agree with her. >> i think it's true.
8:50 am
we all sit there and look at our facebook and our twitter. sometimes i just want to relax and inundated with the all the ads and hear what people are saying. >> picking fights with friends. >> right. because people are not even talking at each other at homes. i'm for hillary. i'm ooh for trump it's real crazy. this is a crazy election. >> when this election i found fascinating i was driving through, um, lafayette hill the other day, every house would have a sign and i go through that area all the time. those people don't put up -- lawn signs. and every house. one had clinton. one had trump. next door neighbors. i thinking -- >> pitting them against each other. >> exactly. >> even in the neighborhood on your block. my signs are trump. >> thank you ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you both. we appreciate it. let's get over to scott. something we can all agree on it's nice weather day. >> go eagles! >> a lot of sunshine. beautiful fall foliage, karen, and actually a pretty seasonal sunday. it's a chilly start out there. no question about that. but by this afternoon, those temperatures will recover actually into the low 60s.
8:51 am
we have 47 right now philadelphia. 47 in trenton. along with allentown. upper 40s millville. 51 right now as we move toward wildwood and still chilly 38 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. it's 50 along the boardwalk in ac. 46 in voorhees this morning. cinnaminson waking up to 47, and 49 right now in mullica hill. as we focus in on this morning's forecast, brunch plans, church plans, temperatures chilly in the 40s. by this afternoon breezy and sunny, 64. high pressure trying to settle in as that area of low pressure continues to ram up and a lot of snow fell in parts of the green and white mountains in parts of new england. but we're looking at sunshine, still some gusty winds. that hour by hour forecast weekend wendy headed to the tailgate and the game jackets, pleases, this morning. temperatures by first kick around 59 degrees. it stays kind of breezy as well but temperatures recover into the low 60s during the game. so by 1:00 o'clock, this is something that we'll keep tabs
8:52 am
on winds could be gusting look at this over 20 miles an hour. how that impacts the game we'll have to wait and see especially with the kicking game and then as we move toward the overnight tomorrow, still we're looking at that kind of breezy forecast. so that weather authority seven day showing you 64 this afternoon. low 60s tomorrow. then it look like stuck in the 50, tuesday, wednesday and thursday right now looks cloudy with rain moving in late in the day. back to you. thank you there, scott. also trending right now, saturday night life take on the third presidential debate. >> this week featured a special guest tom hanks played the role of moderator fox news own chris wallace. >> good evening, i'm chris wallace. and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. tonight is going to be a lot like the third lord of the rings movie you don't really want to watch but, hey, you've come this far. [ laughter ] >> donald said he was going to be tough on mexico but when he met with the president, he choked. >> did not.
8:53 am
>> he's also -- he's going to be tough on russia but he's basically putin's puppet. >> liar. >> he promised to be tough on isis but they've never -- >> that's not exactly true. here's exactly what i'll do. first off, we're going after mosul because isis is in mosul but she created isis and iran should write us a letter of thank you because iran is taking iraq we're going tomo sell and iran is going write us a letter -- listen, where aleppo isn't a disaster and iran is iraq and with mosul it's isis -- >> mr. trump, we have to move on. >> thank god. [ laughter ] >> secretary clinton, now, i'd like to ask you about an on-going issue for your campai campaign. wick key leak has been releasing your campaign e-mails many of which raise some serious questions. >> thank you for bringing up my e-mail, chris, i'm very happy to clarify what was in some of them -- what, carol?
8:54 am
>> i'm sorry, i thought i heard my friend carol. ba tock your question about the way that donald treats women. [ laughter ] >> that is how... [ laughter ] >> that was funny sized it. let's see what the real chris wallace has this morning on fox news sunday. this week on fox news sunday with two weeks till the electi election, can donald trump close the gap after the final debate? we'll ask trump campaign manager kellyanne conway about his allegations the election is rigged. and clinton campaign manager robbie mook about new wikileaks revelations. plus a debate between former house speaker newt gingrich and congressman javier ba sayre row on some of the issues we didn't get specifics on at this week's debate. all this week on fox news sund sunday.
8:55 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ all right. it is game day. "game day live" is coming up so quickly our question of the day, sammy sleeves is back in town. do you cheer him, boo him or just ignore him? >> what do you do? >> respect in a nice way. >> of course we want to win but i mean still show respect. >> thank you for spending your sunday with us. we really appreciate it.
8:58 am
have a wonderful day. >> boo! >> let's go eagles. let's get sammy sleeve. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. with just over two weeks until election day, can donald trump close the gap after the final debate? >> one of the prides of this country is the peaceful tran sis of power. are you saying you're not prepared to commit to that prince l? >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> today, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway on trump's allegations the election is rigged. >> what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign and for where he stands in this election. >> and clinton campaign manager robby mook on new wikileaks revelations. plus, a debate between former house speaker newt gingrich and


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