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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 24, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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taking a live look at the radar right now over the greater delaware valley,
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chilly start sue will have the forecast in just a moment. kathleen kaine learning her fate jail or probation, today former pennsylvania attorney general, will be finding out if she's heading to prison. we have a live report on what we can expect in court today. plus eagles fans, it is a good monday morning, so exciting, huge win over our former bird but it was not a pretty one but we will take it. evacuated two city blocks in south philadelphia because of the gas leak, people are finally back in their homes but what happened? what they are trying to figure out. there is a woman lucky to be live after her house caught on fire this morning what fire fighters say may have saved her life. good day everybody it is a monday, monday's can be pretty difficult, it is october between the fourth but our eagles won so that puts us in the the good mood on this day. it is exactly 4:03. lets look at what is had happening in the news. cat the lean kaine will find out if she's heading to prison in just a couple hours lets get over to lauren with the
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very latest on all that, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen. kathleen kaine will find out if she gets to stay home and raise her teenage sons or if she will be facing jail time. she will walk right in here at montgomery county courthouse, for that sentencing, her sentence could range from probation to 24 years in prison, depending on a judge's ruling. in august jury convicted one term pennsylvania attorney general on all nine counts of perjury and obstruction. montgomery county district attorney says kaine repeatedly misused her official authority, to advance her personal vendetta. prosecutors called her crimes egregious and they plan to ask for jail time. this all started as a political feud between 50 year-old kane and top prosecutors in her office. one of them name frank fina, at the trial her aids testified that kane had a campaign consultant pass along confidential files to a reporter about a corruption case that fina did not charge before he left her office.
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then, she tried to frame someone else for the leak. well, her lawyers are saying that her loss of career, her loss of her law license and her reputation are enough so they are asking for house a rest or punishment so she can stay home to raise those two sons and if that is not enough, karen, she's going through a divorce right now. >> thanks so much, lauren. it is 4:05. bridget kelly, former aid to governor chris christie is due back on the witness stan for her role in the 2013 bridge gate scandal. prosecutors say that she and bill baroni plot todd lanes on the george washington bridge three years ago as revenge against a mayor who would not endorse christie's reelection. kelly testified that the governor knew about a traffic study that would affect the bridge. the prosecutors argue it was just a cover story for a political pay back steam to cause traffic jams. christie has denied all involvement, and is not the facing any charges. developing right now,
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we're learning more about what led neighbors to a extremely disturbing discovery that happened in the row home in south philadelphia a scene was 11th and johnston street yesterday afternoon. neighbors say head of the couple who had lived there and they got worried. they noticed a terrible smell coming throughout walls. so they went into a unlock door and that is when they found bodies of the the man and woman in the bedroom. both in their 50's. circumstances surrounding their deaths remain under investigation. in southwest philadelphia a, police are searching for a person who shot a teenage boy in the face, police found the 17 year-old about noon time yesterday, on the 7500 block of elmwood avenue. medics transported him to the children's hospital of philadelphia, and they are listed in stable condition. so far police have have not released any arrests, or a motive. and this developing story, there was a devastating bus crash in california, more than a dozen people have been killed, this is a tour bus on
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its way to los angeles from the casino when the driver crashed in, to the back of a tractor trailer yesterday morning, on one of the southern california's busiest interstates. at least 30 other people were injured, and many of them chris thecally, investigators are trying to recover black box to help to learn more about the crash. it is getting close now, here are latest numbers in the presidential race, is there an abc news tracking poll which shows hillary clinton has a 12-point advantage overdone old trump. trump is up by two points in another general election tracking poll by ib thed and tipp. early results show clinton is strong in florida, north carolina, arizona and colorado. trump is doing well in ohio, iowa, georgia and texas. early voting begins in the critical swing state of florida. more than 5 million early votes have been cast by mail and also polling stations. the presidential nominees are
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picking up pace on the trail right now. both made stops in our area this weekend. donald trump choosing gettysburg choosing his building closing arguments. he is promising lawsuits of the woman who accused him as well as democratic party for allegedly rigging the election. he was in bucks county on friday night. >> no audio. >> in north carolina hillary clinton focusing on the after african-american vote addressing women who have lost children with incidents with police, her campaign dealing with daily documents dumps as wikileaks is threatening it the has got a surprise for
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perfect running mate tim kaine. she was at university of pennsylvania, on saturday. meanwhile, the vice-president's wife jill biden became latest high profile democrat to stump in our area. she was joined by senator tim kaine's wife ann holton at a event in spring garden and chester county yesterday. they are rallying women voters reenforcing candidates message to discuss paid family leave, increased minimum wage and women's rights. pennsylvania's race for u.s. senate takes center stage at temple university tonight. incumbent senator pat toomey and katie mcginty will be squaring off in their second debate starting at 7:00 o'clock. they disagree on just about every issue. we've got good news, we're waking up with a win, it feels so good. of course, they were going up against sam bradford. thankfully eagles flying high, feels so good when we win. they snapped that two game losing streak by beating undefeated vikings at home, yesterday. really the whole game was
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sloppy. eight turnovers combined for both teams. we had best of, you know former eagles, sam bradford coming back, sacking him six times and to pull momentum their way, great punt return by josh huff returning that 98-e touchdown. the in the end, bird won 21-ten. it was ugly but they got it done. >> it was sort of those back and forths, not a high scoring game. that ace i great football team, that is a great the defense, we have a lot of good players over there. it will be sort of a heavyweight fight a little bit, toe to toe, right to the end and just a lot of confidence in our guys. >> all right. the lets see what the fans had to say. lets go down to chickie and pete's where they were weighing in about the the big win and the return of sam bradford. >> sam bradford came back and we embarrassed him. everybody hang on to the super
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bowl. >> if he keeps playing the way it is, nobody cab beat us. >> we're happy to come down here, all the way from north dakota and see carson pull out a win for the eagles. >> i thought the game was great. bradford choked just like he choke when he would play for us. >> the birds traveled to dallas next sunday to play cowboys, and we will have a whole lot more coming up in sports in a minute with sean bell. 4:11. there was a fire that ripped through a row home there was a woman living there who was lucky to be alive thanks to a four legged fury friend, what fire fighters saw when they raced to her home. and this is a really important warning, for parents, a new designer drug, cheap, easy to get and it has killer consequences. the why experts say it is more dangerous then heroin.
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okay. we have have audio issues this morning in case you are wondering why we weren't around to start of the day, me meaning, me and bob kelly but we're back now, i think? can you hear me, can you hear me now? okay, good. we are looking at the cold
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front coming through our area right now kicking up some wind out there. you may be able to hear it outside your door and they are actually is a little bit of rain that we will see in the lehigh valley right now. there is more in harrisburg that may be heading toward berks county and lancaster county. we are not expecting rain, in the philadelphia area but even if you do get some it shouldn't be a big deal but it will bring about chillier temperatures. fifty-seven in philadelphia right now. fifty-six in dover. we have 61 in wildwood. forty-five in mount pocono. so, it is chilly because the wind, is kicking up so it feels a little will colder then actual temperatures. 15 miles an hour wind sustained here in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour in dover. 14 miles an hour our wind speeds in wildwood right now. our average high is now down to 64 degrees, and look at the plunge we took, mr. friday's high temperature of 80, to saturday's high temperature of 56 degrees. now yesterday we recovered
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with a beautiful day actually and a high in the mid 60's. that is where we are again today even with the wind it should be nice looking. we will get to 62. 65 degrees but then with the cold front coming through our high tomorrow will be in the mid 50's. wednesday morning we will be the first frost for some of us, we could even get kind of frosty here in philadelphia with temperatures in the 30's to start on wednesday and then high temperatures later on in the 50's, and we will stay in the 50's for thursday with some rain, and friday's high 58 degrees. so that takes you through the seven day forecast, no more 80's one kelly, or toy say. >> i could go for a frosty from wendy's after you called for that frost. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. 4:16. we are here looking live at the schuylkill expressway. no problems leaving king of prussia coming into downtown philadelphia. kind of quiet right now, no problems on the bennie coming up and over out of the camden in, to downtown philadelphia no fog here in center city
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that we're dealing w coming in from 422 collegeville, we have construction, out near 7:24. but otherwise we're in good shape, nice easy ride, in for suburbs this morning. the eastbound schuylkill, i-95, south, both looking good this morning, they did not work last night on the vine expressway, so that is opened for business this morning, if you're coming in or through center sit the eye philadelphia you're good to go. fifty-one on the speedometer reading on the schuylkill, double five's on the blue route working your way down i-95. only thing to throw out their heads up for a new traffic pattern starting to develop on i-95 starting to wrap up certain sections of reconstruction here between bridge and cot hand. market frankford and broad street subway, using shuttle buses to apply. thanks very much, bob. 4:17. let's show you another traffic problem we had. we have a burned out vehicle, all that is left of the weed world candy's truck that caught fire last night right on the delaware memorial
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bridge. one of our viewers sent us these photos. the truck total loss. the guess what was inside? yes, it was candy. sixty to $70,000 worth of marijuana laced candies. there were five employees in the the truck. they were not injured. the fire marshall is investigating what started the fire. unlikely hero has emerged after a fire ripped through a home in port richmond. first responders say it was family dog who saved his owner's life. neighbors say they woke up early yesterday morning to the sound of the barking dog and then discovered thick smoke, fire in the home that was on 3100 block of memphis street. woman who lived there along with her dog, cat, all trapped inside that burning row home. luckily the dog continued to bark, which a leathered neighbors about that fire. >> fire department opened up the doors, the dog was laying on top of the lady. he was guarding its master. >> fire was a active, we ran
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in the house. observed the situation. took andy out on the stretcher. come to find out that the dog was laying on top of her protecting her, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. >> rescue crews said her name is andy is in critical condition because she has burns over half of her body. the cat did not survive. her doggies being treated at an animal hospital. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 4:19. did you see big win by penn state this weekend? after that kids decided to go out and celebrate. the right now police are asking people if you have any video or pictures following some of the riots they had to send them to the investigators. penn state fans took the celebration too far following their huge upset of number two ohio state. police say thousands of fans, took to the streets in order to celebrate, but then things
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got out offhanded with some fans knocking down light poles, damaging street signs, and even starting to small fires. it took police two hours to clear the streets, they came out with pepper spray. investigators say arrests are pending and they are asking for public's help if they witnessed any crimes during that chaos. 4:20. we have an opioid epidemic in our country and police are adding another drug to this list. they are calling it pink heroin. it is very powerful synthetic opioid known as ufour, sevenseven00. it comes from china and very expensive. it is so new that many states are still looking to ban it. in the meantime, we know that one person has already died from taking pink heroin in virginia. it is especially deadly because it is resistant to that shot that first responders can use to save drug users who are overdosing. >> people are getting, or trying to get the high of
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their lives and in the process they're dying like never were when it comes to heroin and opioids. >> here's the thing, we still cannot keep up with this one. big warning specifically to parents because it is a railable on line, kid can get it, it may not even be illegal in some places. they want to make sure all parents know what their kids are doing on line. 4:21. lets talk about that eagles game again. it was weird, ugly, sloppy, confusing, it was all of that but a whole lot more. the game started off, you know, just all series of odd news but sean bell will have highlights and low lights but we won, a w is a w. here's your winning numbers. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning i'm sean bell, eagles in a must win game, getting it done, it was one of the most sloppy first quarters i have ever seen by both teams with the eagles defense getting it done in the end. sam bradford having a terrible, home coming, after the vikings offense didn't turn the ball over, all year, she had four turnovers and this one, three by sam bradford. he was sacked six times and tough day for sam and he sounded miserable after the game. >> the way we played today was unacceptable. obviously we did a lot of things today that we have not done in the first five weeks.
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things that we did today will keep you from winning. >> washington and detroit, matthew stafford has become come back kid in the nfl, down by four, stafford hits it to boldin for game winning. the lions win 20-16. washington falls to four- four-three. that is sports in a minute. >> 4:25 is the time. we are working on several big stories this morning. >> good morning to you, mercy for mother kathleen kaine will ask a judge to go easy on her sentencing, after convicted of perjury and obstruction, more on that hearing here in montgomery county coming up after the break.
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happening today, pennsylvania, attorney general, former top attorney jennies learning her fate, will, kathleen kaine get jail or probation. plus two city blocks in south philly had to be evacuated, big gas leak there, people are finally back in their homes but what happened? plus, it feels good on a monday morning when we have a win, eagles fans waking up with smiles on their face after snapping that two game losing streak. good day everybody on this
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monday it is already on this monday, october 24th, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us, lets get right over to sue with a chilly start on this monday morning. it is true, karen, and we have wind as well, and it is all because of a cold front making its way through the area. you can see where the rain is, it is not all making its way through but we did have have rain moving through lehigh valley and a little will bit edge nothing berks county as we look closer. most of this going towards new york city. that one cell there which is windy at airport. camera is moving there. we have 57 degrees to start our day with 15-mile an hour wind out of the southwest. 7:21 is your sunrise time and we have 45 degrees in mount pocono, most have these temperatures it feels colder then it is because of the wind, 61 in wildwood and 56 in dover, delaware. so make sure you have warm enough jacket on. we have 15 miles an hour wind in philadelphia ahead of the
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cold front 12 miles an hour in dover. 4 miles an hour in wildwood. we do expect sunshine today starting to get dark earlier, sunset time 6:08 but it does look windy with a high temperature in the 60's, even chillier temperatures in the forecast, we will have have details for you coming up, good morning, bob kelly. good morning. 4:30. grab that jacket heading out front door and live look at the roosevelt boulevard coming southbound, a lot of the overhead street lamps are out like right here, we're in the dark coming over the boulevard, bridge that takes you over the schuylkill on to, takes you over the schuylkill river over to the schuylkill express waste coming into center city on the schuylkill expressway, overhead street lamps are out the girard and montgomery county. ninety-five, girard avenue no problems at all, up and down north east corridor there, and in problems, or delays, catching a flight out of philly international. we have had construction over
4:31 am
on 422 at the route 724, all lanes are opened and good to go from collegeville, heading in toward king of prussia, no problems or delays coming in on 202, 422, you may have heard us talk about that fire over the weekend on the delaware memorial bridge, all lanes are opened, there is no delays at all. no lane restrictions in or out of delaware between delaware and new jersey. schuylkill i-95 looking good and mass transit, market frankford and subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00. back over to you. happening right now, kathleen kaine will be learning her punishment for perjury and obstruction of justice today. jail time or could it be house arrest. probation, in just a couple hours the former attorney general will be going before a judge in montgomery county. already lauren johnson is there with the very latest on this one, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen. kathleen kaine hoping the judge here in montgomery county will show her mercy on this monday morning. her life right now consists of
4:32 am
a divorce, perjury and obstruction conviction and now a sentencing in that case all this while trying to raise two kids. she has a full slate her team banking on a judge to sentence her to house arrest or probation. on the other side prosecutors say do not give her a break, she deserves prison time. montgomery county district attorney says kane repeatedly misused her official authority to advance her personal vendetta, prosecutors are calling her crimes egregious and they want her to sit behind bars. back in august a jury convicted one term pennsylvania attorney general on all nine counts of perjury and obstruction, kane's sentence could range from probation up to 24 years in prison depending on that judge's ruling. all this started as a political feud between 50 year-old and top prosecutors in her office, one of them named frank fina, at the trial, her aids testified that kane had a campaign consultant pass along confidential files to a reporter about a corruption case that fina
4:33 am
didn't charge before he left office. then she tried to frame someone else for leak, her lawyers are saying her loss of career, license and her reputation are punishment enough, they are hoping a judge shows her a little leniency on this monday morning, karen. >> thanks very much. 4:33. we have a developing story we're learning more about what led neighbors to a disturbing discovery, happened inside a row home in south philadelphia. scene is 11th and johnston streets yesterday afternoon. neighbors said they have nod seen a couple that lives there for a couple days, they were concern, and then they had the smell that they were all experiencing and they said let's try to do something. they went this an unlocked door and they found bodies of the man and woman in their bedroom. both in their 50's. circumstances surrounding their deaths are under investigation. in southwest philadelphia police are searching for a person who shot a teenage boy in the face, investigators found the 17 year-old in the middle of the day, it was noon, right there in the 7500
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block of elmwood avenue. medics raced him over to the children's hospital of philadelphia, listed in stable condition, and no arrests and no motive, so far. this morning there are dozens of people, down in south philadelphia who are finally back in hear homes after a big gas leak forced them out yesterday a afternoon. it happened on christian street just after 4:00 yesterday when there was a gas leak that forced evacuation of the 45 homes on the 1,000 and the 1100 block of christian street. a contractor was doing work in the area when they hit a gas line, more than 50 fire fighters responded, peco cut off power to the neighborhood and philadelphia gas works work into the night to shut off that gas leak. >> we wanted to make sure we had a wide enough area to give pgw area to work and give gas enough area to expand and dissipate. >> people were finally a loud back into their homes after hours, good news, is that nobody was injured. all right. more good news right now, how
4:35 am
about that did you watch the game yesterday? the eagles won against a form somehow it makes it feel better. we're all feeling good about that snapping a two game losing streak by beating undefeated minnesota vikings at home yesterday. we know it was sloppy. we got to see this. lots of turnovers. lots of issues. could not hold on to the ball. bird got the best of our eagles quarterback, sam bradford sacking him six times and then the great, great punt return that we had by josh hoff returning a 98-yard return when he went for a touchdown. here we go. he is coming all the way up the field. it feels so good when you look at it, the blocks, he went all the way and he dit. so pretty ugly but they got it done. the birds travel to dallas on sunday on play the cowboys. did you see this over the weekend? we have seen this time and again. first players that were taking a knee during the anthem?
4:36 am
well, now the person actually singing the national anthem kneels, there is a a fail connection to what one woman was doing we will explain after the break. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
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i'll get ♪ to the diggy ♪ diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna flippity flop to that clickity clock. ♪ we're staying out tonight. won't leave. ♪ ♪ by now, i hope you've figured it ou♪. i'll give you more than you'll ever nee♪. former phillies pitcher jim bunking is recovering at his home in kentucky, he suffered a stroke. the 84 year-old was taken to the hospital on tuesday evening, he is well men for pitching a perfect game for phillies in 1964, he was
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inducted in the baseball hall of fame back in 1996, with the phillies hat on his plaque. his number 14 was retired by phillies in 2001, and he served two terms in the u.s. senate for state of kentucky. your money news right now, if you are looking to make a good salary when you get out of college we have local schools you may want to look at. the philadelphia university of the sciences, you walk out the door with a pretty good paycheck. u.s. department of education found median salary for university of the sciences students is $95,000.800. the that is more than the university of pennsylvania. in fact, that is more than mit and harvard. penn is the third school in philly's list with just about $80,000. taking number two spots, thomas jefferson university with $86,300. and philadelphia is now ranked as one of the ratty cities in america according to a new study by pest control
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company. we're number seven out of 50 as one of the top cities with a big rat problem. the vector control program helps people get rid of the unwanted pets. they say to keep food off counters, seal openings around your house. chicago was ranked number 1n new york they are releasing cats to keep down on some of the rats. all right. another twitter list, but rookie ben simmons is not taking any heat from anybody, what the sixers player just said on twitter that has people a talking this morning.
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starting off chilly, we will notice the wind out there, it is getting wind any advance of the cold front that is coming through, you can see by the spotty, precipitation, where it is, it is north of us, a few showers around spring, berks county, maybe a couple in lancaster county and north of trenton we're seeing a few showers. cool change in temperature will be, so we're in the 50's to start this morning. 57 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-five in wilmington. fifty in lancaster. down in wildwood we have 61 but then we have to factor in the wind. 15 miles an hour in philadelphia, 14 miles an hour at the shore and 12 miles an hour in atlantic city. even a few wind gusts higher then that. 23 miles an hour in wildwood. we made point, it is windy out there this morning. what a week we had with 80's, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday we got to 80 degrees and then bottom
4:44 am
dropped out as we said it would on saturday with that high of 56 degrees. yesterday was a nice recovery. we're back to average, average high in the mid 60's and we did have breezy conditions, yesterday, as well, bad thing about that is all of the beautiful leaves are blowing off of the trees. but that is, how it goes, in autumn, we have got 64 for our high today, and then we will lose about 10 degrees tomorrow with that cold front coming through and look at wednesday morning, we have a high there of 38 degrees in the city, many suburbs that haven't seen frost yet, will on wednesday morning, we will have rain on thursday with another cold front and it cools things off for friday and saturday, maybe a couple of showers over the weekend. so, no more 80's, bob kelly, not for a long time. >> pack them up, put them in the attic with the rest of the summer clothes, right? 4:44. all four's across the the time, live look at bennie coming into downtown philadelphia. no problems at all on the ben
4:45 am
franklin. you may have seen that story over weekend with that truck fire on the delaware memorial bridge, everything opened, no problems or delays this morning on the delaware memorial bridge, good morning to route 309, right here near norristown, no problems at all working your way in and out of the montgomery county. we have work crews, out there 295 right here through construction at 42 freeway in bellmawr and another crew, down just south of the 42 freeway heading down to the south jersey, crew is still working on the northeast extension southbound between quakertown and the lansdale interchange and then for gang coming up from wilmington this morning 495 north, watch for that work crew right at route 13, that is du pont highway rolling up in to wilmington and philly international. couple of new traffic patterns set up here this whole 95 hot mess from girard up to cottman avenue are have couple days things change because is there construction both north and south and three different work zones. the just be careful especially
4:46 am
during the overnight hours and until we get some sunrise if they move those barriers around they come up out of no where. that traffic pattern shuffle between bridge and cottman is always a possibility. market frankford and broad street subway, they are still using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, back over to you. did you see this, it is no the just athletes who are taking knee during national anthem to send message about racial in equality, on friday evening, woman actually singing the anthem need. take a look, it was on our "fox news" web site. just before the the sixers game in miami. singer has been identified as denisea lawrence, perform the national anthem and she did it at mid court on her knees. she opened up a shirt that shows black lives hatter. nba does have a rule for players and coaches to stand during the anthem. another issue involving the sixers. we know the player, ben simmons, who is mending with a broken ankle but he has been social media and he has a twitter war going on.
4:47 am
he said he didn't go to class at lsu and he is using that to win arguments. he was talking about the the presidential, you know, race and that always leads to controversy. one of the twitter users pointed out that he failed his classes at the lsu. that is how it all started. kyle allen the guy basically failed every inning is will class he was in, yet tens of thousands office people will think he is politically savvy. so then simmons takes bait and says that is usually what happens when you don't go to any class, buddy. simmons failed to earn a 2.0, but his goal was to simply reach nba and be the top draft pick. also trending this morning snl their take on the third presidential debate and this week featured guest was tom hanks playing role of the moderator chris wallace. >> i'm chris wallace and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. tonight will be a lot like third lord of the rings movie, you don't really want to watch
4:48 am
but hey, you have come this far. >> it was going to be tough on mexico but when he met with the the president he choke. >> did not. >> he said he would be tough on russia but basically putin's puppet. >> liar. >> and he promised to be tough on isis but they have never explained how. >> that is not exactly true. >> secretary clinton i would like to ask you about an ongoing issue for your campaign, wikileaks has been releasing your campaign e-mails, many of which raised some serious questions. >> thank you, for bringing up my e-mails, chris and i'm very happy to clarify what was in some of them, i'm sorry what, carroll, i'm sorry, i thought i heard my friend carroll. back to the way that donald treats would men. that is how you pivot.
4:49 am
>> saturday night live before election day, coming up on november 8th. today is drake's 30th birthday and he has a treat he announced he is coming out with new music. >> ♪ >> so drake said on his radio show called ovo sound and his new project called more to life will be released in december and talks about four new songs saying this project play list will feature people from his radio family. comedian amy schumer decided to channel beyonce in her own formation video and she had fun would i man to help her out, goldie hahn, wand a sykes, and let's check it out.
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>> ♪ okay. there they go. we love amy. she's pretty funny. we want to show you a deer, alive thanks to a new jersey officer, where the officer found the buck struggling to survive, on the verge of death. pretty remarkable. we will be right back. kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal.
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welcome back as we take a live look right now at philadelphia international airport at 4:53. we have a story involving a plane from our area, airlines always say they get to the airport early for your flight. there is a couple that was way too early and that had american airlines switching out planes for a flight from philadelphia to boston. it happened yesterday, the couple boarded a plane, two hours before they were supposed to get on board. american airlines say the door was opened and couple who didn't speak any english just walk on and sat down. the company says that it wasn't a security breach but decided to use a different aircraft out of an abundance of caution and ended up
4:54 am
leaving two hearst late. a new jersey trooper heroic act is going viral. he found himself in a peculiar situation that happened in warren county, trooper's name is dwayne phillips going to a house in harmony township and finds a deer drowning in the pool, springs in action, grabs buck by antlers and pull is it to safety. you can see deer just exhausted just laying down after that near death experience but new jersey state police say he did recover and was able to run off. pretty neat philadelphia home where princess grace kelly grew up is now property of the royal family in monaco, once again, because her son, prince albert was very nostalgic and just bought it and he confirmed to people magazine he bought the home in september, in fact, he will be in our area tomorrow. it is a six bedroom house in the east falls neighborhood. prince albert told magazine it is really important to him and plans to visit philadelphia in the next day to decide what to do with the home. he bought it for $750,000.
4:55 am
thousands of dollars will go to a great cause, all raised in a dog friendly way. it was a mutt strut taking over south philadelphia navy yard yesterday, one and a half mile walk attracting a thousand pups to raise money and awareness for paws in an effort to save homeless animals and a lot more than just strutting, they do costumes as well, k-9 talent show, it is the tenth year of this event. were you ever at that one. >> yes. >> it had to move from saturday to sunday because of the weather. >> they did postpone because it was very windy, nasty on saturday morning and much brighter on sunday. >> we love it. >> so, how about this one. how much would you pay for potato chips? favorite salty snack, this is all high brow, the world's most expensive potato chip, how do you know that? it is in a really fancy black
4:56 am
box, you get five chips, for, get this, $56. we will explain some of the rare ingredients coming up, later. how about those birds, it was a sloppy win but a w is a w. really worth it after two losses, and all of the highlights coming up.
4:57 am
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learning her fate, it is decision day. jail, house arrest, probation, today former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will find out if she's heading to prison. we have a live report on what we can expect today. plus, eagles fans, flying high this morning after a big win over former bird, it wasn't a pretty game but we still won. is there a woman lucky to be alive after her home caught on fire, this morning, the creature that fire fighters say, saved her life. good day it is monday october 24th, 2016. it is chilly out there on this
5:00 am
monday morning. grab a jacket and get over to sue. frost warnings for this day. >> not for today. >> okay. >> but next couple mornings will be kind of frosty. so for today, i guess enjoy it, but it is windy, chilly now, we're giving you eight out of 106789 back to seasonal temperatures after the 80's every day last week and you you can see rain dissipating as a cold front starts to make its way from northwest to south east through the area. so that will kick up the winds ahead of the cold front, maybe giving us a shower or two but this isn't even umbrella worthy, you just have to have hold on to your hat. 56 degrees with a 13-mile an hour breeze out of the west and sunrise time 7:21, this morning. shorter and shorter days. you can see chillier temperatures starting to settle in mount pocono and allentown where we're in the 40's. 54 degrees in reading and trenton. fifty-nine in atlantic city. sixty-one in wildwood. over next couple mornings we will


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