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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and plus, detectives say that they have arrested four teenagers on assault charges after a flash mob attack right here near temple. why people living around campus are still worried. and then this... >> ill i'm going to watch the board with thesebergers. >> they are supposed to be serving customers but this video on facebook is causing a fire storm why a west philadelphia checkers is now shut down and some of the workers, fired. also... >> what is clear from this is that nobody is above the law you. >> pennsylvania's former attorney jennies back home after being sentenced, how long kathleen kaine will stay a free woman and what they think may be next. good day on this tuesday, october 25th i'm karen hepp. the it the is colder today then it was yesterday morning but still not too bad and very seasonal, sue. >> that is right but we will give you seven out of ten because it is a shock to the system, it is a chillier morning. we have a frost advisory for
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tomorrow but make sure you have a nice warm fleece on just like bus stop buddy. flyers play at home tonight, against the buffalo sabres. that is wells fargo center. thirty's to the 50's out there this morning. the lets look at radar. nothing much to show you there. here we are at the airport with only 49 degrees and a 14 miles an hour wind out of the west whiz makes it feel chillier. sunrise is not until 7:23. mount pocono, 37, 46 degrees in allentown and reading, mid 40's in trenton and lancaster as well, only 40 in millville. fifty-two in wildwood with wind, again that make it feel chillier then that. we did have a seasonal day yesterday with a high of 65 degrees, but today only in the mid 50's, so 10 degrees chillier and still wind which gusts up to 25 miles an hour. there is your tuesday, we will talk about not only what is coming up rest of the week, bob kelly but halloween forecast as well. >> good morning, everybody.
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5:01 on this tuesday morning, just started to see traffic moving again, coming in and out of the south jersey so that is a sign that the the tacony palmyra bridge opening is complete. so we are good to go back to normal coming up and over tacony palmyra. this is eastbound schuylkill expressway ramp to the blue route kind of stuck right behind the tree there so just a heads up heading through conshohocken this morning. to problems on the ben franklin bridge working your way up, out into downtown philadelphia southbound on new jersey turnpike an accident at 7a, interchange for great adventure right there in the center lane. watch out for construction, penndot out and about on the blue route, filling all of the potholes, pothole patrol from 9:00 to 3:00 today they hadding northbound from i-95 up toville know of, flip u turn so there will be lane restriction from his nine to 3:00. we are looking good the airport and mass transit has no delays. we have a number of stories right now from 11th
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street, we will start with breaking news from olney, two officers had to go to the hospital after a crash that involved a police cruiser. scene is at north 11th and war knock streets, unmarked police car struck by another vehicle, 2:30 this morning, the officers were in the seriously injured. we do know that two people have have been taken into custody. also on 11th street police are investigating a double shooting in north philadelphia, this one happened around 11:00 in an apartment, it is 3500 block of thort 11th street, police say that a man in his 40's was shot in the stomach and man in his 20's was shot in the chest. they were taken over to temple in stable condition. we don't have a motive on than that one. there was a flash mob that had been planned, on social media apparently and it is ending were four assaults. it happened near temple university on friday evening, four teenagers are in a whole lot of trouble and students have a lot to say about this this morning. lauren johnson has all that right now, lauren. >> reporter: hi karen it
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happen at broad street intersection of the oxford avenue within an one hour period and luckily for one victim people inside that pizza shop here behind me watched it all unfold, came out and decided to help. students, police and even a police horse were assaulted by kids as young as 15 years old. check out surveillance video. you can see what looked like hundreds of very young children just standing in the street waiting. they planned it all on instagram, a meet up that turned into a mala. group broke off in smaller groups and started assaulting everyone nearby at 9:27 friday night. temple sent out a alert saying increased police activity into large groups of juveniles on broad street's main campus. police are responding avoid the area students say that was just too little and way too late. >> it is troubling to see youth out in revolt like that but more troubling not being alerted by the university and having it down played in the
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e-mails that they sent us. >> actually no idea what that meant. good thing i was than the home. if i had gone out, i mean i would not know what to expect. >> reporter: no one knew what to expect when this happened n1 case 19 year-old kristin was attacked so bad she had to go to the hospital, her cell phone cast taken. she used another to call her frantic father. in a separate incident a female officer was trying to arrest a 15 year-old boy throwing rocks at cars when he decided to slam her on to the ground on top of her bike and another incident, a police horse was assaulted twice in the face. all this now resulting in four teens being arrested and parents being concerned saying that they might form a coalition with campus police. we will tell but that in the next half an hour. >> interesting developments having parents get involved, lauren, thank you. we have this breaking story happening out of pakistan officials are saying that 59 police trainees were killed in an attack on a police center. at least 117 people have been
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wounded including para military troops, investigators say there were some men there about four to six that were in suicide vests that rushed the hostile at the that police training center. small group has claimed responsibility from the taliban there in pakistan that has not yet been confirmed, or verified at this point. in other news, kathleen kaine, on the front cover of the newspapers in handcuffs. this is head line right there from the daily news to the dungon next stop for kaine the big house. former pennsylvania attorney general now heading to jail for perjury, this morning she's free because she posted $75,000 cash bail. the montgomery county judge sentenced her to ten to 23 months in jail followed by eight years probation, she can remain free while her legal team appeals, a jury quick her this summer of perjury, lying under oath, and leaking confidential documents to the media to embarras a political enemy. >> what is clear from this is that nobody is above the law.
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this is a significant jail time for the chief law enforcement officer of the state. >> she took office in 2011. she was the state's first female attorney general and first democrat elect to that post. she pleaded with the judge for house arrest or probation so she wouldn't to have leave her two teenage sons. she's also getting divorced. 5:07. political news right now, it is down to the wire, just two weeks today from election day. last evening hillary clinton attended a star studded fund raise inner new york city a head of her 69th birthday tomorrow but earlier in the day she campaigned with senator elizabeth the war even. yesterday in new hampshire clinton and warren teamed up to rally votes, during the final presidential debate donald trump called her a nasty women. while clinton has not openly addressed those remarks senator warren did. >> well, i got news for you done old trump, women have had it with guys like you, and
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nasty women have really had it with guys like you. on november 8th we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get the you out of our lives forever. >> critics say that warren and clinton can be an odd paring because warren was wall street reformist and clinton they say a wall street beneficiary. people saying they sound the same. >> make big banks pay for the risk they post to our economy. >> wall street speeches show clinton said clinton things behind closed doors according to wikileaks in some of the documents. there is a specific part where they refer to some of the democratic party members as crazy leftist, naive, radical and dumb. new data from the federal election commission shows clinton received 1.5 of her, $1 billion from just 100 of
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the country's wealthiest individual. that comes according to analysis by the washington post. lets the look at recent polls, real clear politics poll average show clinton ahead by more than five points nationally leading 47.8 percent to donald trump's 42.3 percent. donald trump continues to energize his supporters, he is focusing on florida, his team acknowledging it is unlikely he will get more voters in pennsylvania that could be on the decline, trump is defounding phony polls saying they were created to sun press his supporters. >> they are polling democrats. the system is corrupt and it is rigged and it is broken and we're going to change it. >> there was also a radio interviewed where donald trump mocked this woman jessica drake, latest person to accuse him of sexual misconduct saying i'm sure she has they ever been grabbed before and that they were total fiction.
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drake grabbed and kissed her without permission and tried to pleasure her into sex. he said trump looking suing all of those accusers after the election. another big race we are closely following, this is one for senate in pennsylvania, incumbent republican pat toomey and his democratic challenger kate i mcginty faced off in the second and final debate, at temple university produced by six abc. each spent their time criticizing each other. they have big differences on all major issues. >> i will go to bat for working families and for middle class but franklin it is those very same families that senator toomey has left behind. >> too much taxes, over spending, massive deficits, doubling of the nation's debts and way too much regulation, is it any wonder we are not getting prosperity we need. katie mcginty will double down on all of those failed policies. thanks very much. >> depending on who wins it could shift balance of power in the senate, so this has become a hugely expensive
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race. they have spent 100 million-dollar combined, in fact, one of the most expensive races in history. 5:11. happening right now, this is a story that is gross. there is a fast food restaurant now shut down. workers fired. after they posted a video on facebook. employees describing gross things they do to your food, steve keeley outside this one in west oak lane. it is a checkers. what were these people saying, steve. >> reporter: whole concept of going to any restaurant is based on trust. you, the customer put your trust that the food is fresh, the kitchen is clean and the cooks not cruel goof balls doing disgusting things with what you are about to put in your mouth. this trust was broken made by and posted on facebook by some of the former, behind the counter behind the scenes staff at checkers here on stenton avenue across from mlk
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high school which shut down sunday immediately after checkers itself saw this video. >> i'm going to wash the floor with these burgers. >> unaudible. >> i'm doing my job, bro. >> wait for to you come up here. >> we're just closed for the moment. >> i just saw a lot of laughter and play. nobody is taking anything serious, the customers, the food, the restaurant itself, you know, the manager was cursing and acting like it is nothing. so i'm never eating there ever again, ever. >> reporter: checkers says it fired workers in that video and will not reopen this store until they retrain remaining staff not in the video, sanitized the entire place and then reinspect is it, hopes customers retrust food and eating here once again but we have no idea when it will
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reopen, karen, it is on two days and counting right now. >> all right steve, thanks very much. i'm sure you heard about this one as well, union league was vandalized what police say the thief was after. pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. to take away homes from people across pennsylvania.
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it is colder then yesterday. if cold front hadn't come through yesterday at the this time but now it has and high pressure is building in.
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these are chillier changes we're expect to go day and tomorrow. normally our high temperature would be in the mid 60's. today mid 50's. then when skies clear out tonight, temperatures will plunge and we will have a frosty start for wednesday. freeze warnings for all counties that are highlighted in purple here and then frost advisory for philadelphia, part of bucks, mercer, and delco as well. future cast shows no precipitation today, in fact, clear skies, tonight, into that frosty start tomorrow and most wednesday will be dry. it is thursday even in the morning now we have yesterday that we thought was maybe just afternoon rain but it looks like it may be a rainy day. 49 degrees in philadelphia temperatures to the north of us are colder then that, detroit is 37. chicago only 39, that is air that is making its way in to our area, 37 degrees, mount pocono, walking out the door, 52 in wildwood but only 40 degrees in millville. we are heading to a high of
5:17 am
56, ten or 12 degrees colder then it should this be time of the year, wind making it chillier and we have a frosty start, we were just telling but for tomorrow. rainy day on thursday, clears up on friday, we will get to 60 degrees and then a late shower is possible on saturday, and then we will warm up a little bit on sunday before we get spooky sunshine on monday, bob kelly. >> we don't want to it rain. >> 5:17. live look at an accident scene, lot going on here, this is city avenue bridge over the schuylkill expressway. we have philadelphia fire fighters, a lot of folks standing around with what looked like a vehicle right here, off of the kelly drive, around that sharp curve and heading over toward city avenue and coming around that sharp curve hoping we don't have another accident happen. this is city avenue bridge
5:18 am
heading over towards presidential boulevard heading south on route one in bala. live look at bennie no problems at ben franklin into philadelphia, looking good here for shaders, route 73, near maple shade, new jersey but we have another bridge opening. i called it northbound freighter burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 5:40. watch the clock that is team to beat, tacony palmyra is best bet or go for jumbo coffee and grab an extra jelly doughnut. it will be a quick one, ten or 15 minutes or so. good news for gang in delaware overnight tractor trailer cleared, all of the ramps opened on 295 at the route 141. karen, back over to you. we have breaking news coming in from overseas, where police are investigating a deadly accident. it happened on the water ride at a theme park in australia. four people have been killed on the thunder river rapid ride, it malfunctioned. two of the riders were thrown off of the ride ejected and
5:19 am
two others horrifyingly were trapped inside the ride, possibly in the conveyor belt systems. we know victims were all adults, two men and two women, again, it is under investigation. 5:19. police are desperate thely searching for a person suspected of killing his aunt and uncle or in a home or even hiding. there is the suspect. he is 38 year-old. his name is michael van. he shot and wounded two police officers with a gun and then stole their vehicle and then taunted police on facebook live as he was making his escape. police say he has a medical condition and may be trying to spread it, an apparent reference to aids. >> more top stories right now a crushing blow to one of our pieces of history. if you spent anytime in center city, you are fairly familiar with the union league building this morning it is a crime scene. the the stairs are in pieces. a lot of outrage from people living here and around this area. tourist, visitors after a bizarre crime that caused part
5:20 am
of the icon i can stairway railing on this building around for 151 years to come down. someone pulled it down. there is surveillance cameras that captured a suspect who climbs up the steps, yanks on a piece of the railing on the northbound side, until it comes down. the composite concrete railing comes off and then he goes away with it. >> grabbed it, the brass, ripped it down causing structure to fully collapse here as you you can see here. he did walk away with the grass, yes. being an iconic place for philadelphians and members and it is a bad day to see such vandalism and destruction in the property. >> hopefully they will get him. >> so many events are held there for so many different charity organizations. and other groups. those brass steps will take months to fix that whole work of the steps right there. last time they were replace five dollars years ago pieces had to be shipped from overseas. police are looking at that surveillance video to see if they could figure out who was
5:21 am
behind that. it is a bright spot. fun to come together to watch a ballgame. history will be made no matter what happens at the world series, it has been 108 years since cubs won the world seer the longest championship drought in any sport. they have not made split until 1945. indians have not won since 1948. they have made several appearances most recently in 97. they lost to the marlins then. we know it is best have of seven but game one is so important when we get to the world series because you whoever wins game number one, 64 percent of the time they will take it all first pitch at 8:00 o'clock right here at fox 29. 5:21. health care costs we will be paying more for people, how much more you can expect that you can be paying out of pocket. but first lets bring you bright spots when we talk about numbers. here's winning ones. hopefully you have them.
5:24 am
more information from pregnant woman who may test positive for zika, woman down there jessica flores in miami who found out she had virus when she was 16 weeks pregnant. she has been having exams and ultrasound and that is what doctors are recommend ago this women need to have but that monitors only the women and not the baby. so far this baby does seem to be developing normally, but for women who may have this
5:25 am
condition or concerned about this when they are now recommending frequent monitoring, as basically only course offer action. 5:25. more of americans will be soon paying more for health insurance because premiums are going up next year under president obama's health care law. news is leading to criticism clearly from republicans. >> it the is just been announced that americans are going to experience yet another double digit spike this your premium for obama care. >> obama administration confirming americans will see an increase in their health care costs next year. that is part of the president's health care reform law. republicans are now condemning the announcement, house speaker paul ryan release aid statement saying quote families are stuck, paying these higher premiums and democrats only want to double down on obama care. there is a better way. republicans are offering a plan to repeal obama care, and
5:26 am
replace it. premiums are expect to rise, by an average of 25 percent. and consumers will see fewer insurers offering plans on the government run exchange. >> it is not only premiums but deductibles and that is cash out of your pocket. >> hillary clinton has been distancing herself during her campaign calling for reforms. donald trump has had a difficult time attacking the democrat on health care. >> if donald trump talks about obama care and what he will replace it with. >> republican nominee came out attacking the premium hike. >> it is only getting worse and not only for you, for the country because our country can't after it. >> white house is predicting obama care enrollment will grow 9 percent in 2017. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". 5:26. coming up a lot more on our top stories including the at rest of four teens after a violent flash mob this happened near one of our
5:27 am
university campuses plus a royal visit today a prince in town.
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we have got developing details right now. four teens agers have been arrested on assault charges after a thrash mob. this happened near a college campus why people who live in that area so worried. and, our senate has approved legislation to allow ride sharing companies to operate in pennsylvania, the last issue that is facing uber and lift lit right now. good day, it is, tuesday, it is october 25th. it promises to be a good day, sue serio. what is bus stop buddy wearing on this day. >> we have a nice warm fleece on and make sure your kids have enough on today. the flyers cap is because they are playing at home tonight at wells fargo center verse buffalo sabres. anyway make sure you are warm enough this morning, temperatures in the mountains are in the 30's and at the shore temperatures are in the 50's. we're watching a little lake effect precipitation not making it here at the moment but we will let you know if that changes.
5:31 am
49 degrees with a 14-mile an hour win. it does feel chillier then that. we may have to switch to the winter coat actually. sunrise 7:23. thirty-seven as we said in the mountains. mid 40's just about every place north of us, and to the south of us as well but we have 52 degrees in wildwood. sunny, seasonal yesterday even with the wind we got to 65 degrees right around average temperature but we will lose about ten of those degrees today with highs in the mid 50's even with the bright sunshine. 37 degrees tonight, and a lot of scattered frost throughout the region starting to form after midnight, so after that frosty start we will tell you what happens and give you the rest of that seven day forecast, coming up, good morning, bob kelly. >> definitely a chilly start this morning and a rough go as all lanes of the northeast extension are closed, just got word of the tractor trailer fire. here's a picture from the turnpike a still shot from their webb service. it is northbound northeast
5:32 am
extension at the lansdale interchange. so all traffic right now, forced off at lansdale. i heard it started as an accident and new tractor trailer fire. we will get sky fox fired up and heading up that way. if you are heading that way again, all lanes block at lansdale, so don't even get on at mid county, because that will quickly stack up, like a pile of pancakes, head for route 309, north of the lansdale up towards that quakertown interchange. another accident we have been watching here, this is city avenue bridge between kelly drive, lincoln drive and the schuylkill expressway all taken out what would be the left lane here. we have a couple cars, fire fighters left but either that or they backup here to help folks avoid another accident coming around the curve. look out for delays there. otherwise ben franklin bridge lag good, coming into downtown philadelphia, in problems on route 73, but the burlington bristol bridge set for an opening in ten minutes.
5:33 am
so watch out for the clock and head for tacony palmyra as an alternate. mass transit looking good. karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. more news right now breaking, police are investigating a crash that happened of the up mark police reek will on north 11th and warknock street, the police vehicle was struck at 2:30 this morning. this may have started as a police pursuit we know two officers have been taken to the hospital, you can see it right there, their injuries are reported to be minor. we don't know why this all happened at this hour. 5:33. police are investigating a double shooting on 11th street in north philadelphia at 11:00, at an apartment, it is right there on the 3500 block of north 11th street, police say there was a person in the the 40's man shot in the stomach and another man shot in the chest. >> we believe both of the victims, knew each other, they were inside the first floor apartment which is the 41 year-old victim's apartment we
5:34 am
believe the shooting took place inside of that property. we don't know the motive. we don't know if it is a robbery. >> both men were taken to temple in stable kin and we have at this hour. 5:34. there was a 19 year-old temple student just one of the several victims of the flash mob that happened on friday night this morning her father has a facebook post during conversation about how the school responded to all of this, lauren johnson explains what happened and what happened with this family specifically, lauren. >> reporter: we will talk about how this all got started. it was a social media post. meet up place right here at intersection of the the broad and oxford teenagers planning a flash mob right here near temple campus. they showed up in large numbers. temple students coming back to campus from the football game in south philadelphia and they had no idea what was about to happen n seconds teens broke off in smaller groups and started the attack.
5:35 am
one victim was christine, her attack, broken up by employees inside a nearby pizza shop who watched this all unfold in the streets. her father so upset went on social media in a post that has gone viral and expressed his displeasure with how university responded and how it left him feeling helpless on the other end of the the frantic phone call, up in bucks county. >> i was power less. temple parents are power less if we're not informed. through my facebook post i heard there was a bunch of parents who want to form a parent coalition with tell tomorrow help make awareness to students when this happens. >> reporter: students on campus agree that alert came late and very vague so no one knew how dangerous the situation really was until they saw it reported on the news and saw it discussed on social media. one officer was slammed on the ground landing on top of her bike. she suffered minor injuries. four teenagers have been arrested. we will hear from that father later on good day, karen.
5:36 am
>> lauren, thanks very much. 5:35. lets look at breaking news from pakistan where militants wearing suicide vest stormed a pakistani police academy in the southwestern section killing 59 people mostly police cadets and troops waging a gun battle that lasted for hours. there was 117 more wounded men critically wounded as well. number of the militants that stormed there. there is a group that has claim responsibility but it has not yet been verified. 5:36. our next presidential election is at this .2 weeks away and we have had one candidate in town just about every other day. now vice-presidential nominee, tim kaine, will be back in pennsylvania tomorrow. he will be in bucks county at community college in newtown. the doors opening up at noon and he will speak at 2c. in the senate race in pennsylvania neck and neck. last night they went at it,
5:37 am
incumbent pat toomey and democrat katie mcginty facing off in the final debt. it was at temple. six abc produced it. cap dates have big issues on every single issue. pennsylvania's former attorney general kathleen kane has been ordered to serve ten to 23 months in the county jail in the perjury and obstruction case. she was processed after the court hearing where she was sentenced and he did manage to come up with and pay $75,000 bail. she was released pend ago peel this summer jury found she leak grand jury material to the press to embarras a political rival. happening today, good story to break up other things we have going on today get ready for a royal visit. prince albert of money co may be in the area after buying the childhood home of his mother princess grace kelly. that home is located in east falls. gorgeous house there. prince albert tells people magazine it is very important to his family. he has memories playing there as a child.
5:38 am
he is planning to visit philadelphia today to try to figure out what he will do with that foundation. he benefits many different charities. he bought it for $754,000. all right. it was so nice to win on sunday and still celebrating all that. but what did the coach have to say, he always gives monday press conferences. doug pederson says where the winning starts, what he thinks played into that. we will tell you you, sports in a minute. hey, don't shoot the messenger, but that other messenger? he's been lying to you about katie mcginty.
5:39 am
the truth is, in government and business katie mcginty's been a leader in clean energy. she's never done anything illegal or improper. turns out, the smears against mcginty are paid for by special interests and wall street billionaires who've spent 20 million dollars to keep their guy, pat toomey, in washington. that's the real message. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:41 am
eagles got back on track because of the big guys up front. both offensive line and d line showed up big and doug pederson knows winning starts up front. >> both units took it upon themselves to play better. we saw that right away in the game. it just carried over for four quarters. yeah, just every man, each unit did a nice job. >> eagles did come out with a big time loss, ron brooks will be out with the quad injury. it looks like he was trying to make a tackle and somehow his leg buckled on him, secondary already very, very thin. that is a very tough loss. for flyers and canadiens third period flyers down two-one shayne gostisbehere with the shot with the great save by carry price that would lead to another montreal goal. flyers fall, three-one. that is sports in a minute.
5:42 am
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the kid can come in their costumes, they can go trick or treating, they can go on hey rides and touch a truck. every kind of massive vehicle will be there children are free. this will benefit veterans multi services center. speaking of trucks, we've got problems on the road. >> yeah karen, we do, we have a multi vehicle accident that involves a couple commercial trucks, one a tractor trailer. i'm told there is a fire involved. this is happening northbound on the northeast extension about a half a mile north of lansdale. what we're looking at light here is turnpike camera from the lansdale interchange. you can see traffic is stacked up here, again, just a half mile beyond tree line here is where the accident has occur. they are telling me a number of vehicles, one a tractor trailer, a fire is involved and one of the vehicles is off the roadway. turnpike right now getting ready to push all traffic off, at this lansdale interchange which means anyone that gets
5:46 am
on at mid county you'll get up to lansdale and be forced off over to use route 309. right now from the get go, ready to head out front door there either the turnpike itself or lansdale, you won't be able to go north so use route 309 and give yourself some extra time to do so, this is all developing. we have got sky fox that will make a trip and will take you their life when we arrive. this is city avenue bridge between kelly drive, lincoln drive, coming around that sharp curve there and across city avenue bridge and hit that traffic light for schuylkill and presidential boulevard. watch for an accident only one lane squeezing on through, starting to see volume pop here on the freeway coming from south injuries any toward philadelphia. burlington bristol bridge in the middle of an opening so traffic stopped, hope you went for jumbo coffee or whoever just left house got jumbo coffee another ten minutes or so and then rocking and rolling tacony pal my eyes
5:47 am
your best bet ready to leave the house right now. no problems at the moment at philly international but some changes, when you open up that front door, sue has details, coming up in 152nd. we have gone through a lot of whether ther changes. just last friday it was 80 degrees. temperatures plunge saturday in the mid 50's. we have recovered in the seasonal mid 60's where we are supposed to be on sunday and yesterday but today we are back down in the chilly 50's, as we go through at least the middle of the week. in fact, by tomorrow morning we will talk about some frost on some of these pumpkins. to go right to that seven day forecast and let you know what to expect each day, today mid
5:48 am
50's, 10 degrees colder then yesterday in some cases, frosty start tomorrow, there are freeze warnings and frost advisories out for tomorrow morning and then sunshine takes us back to the mid 50's, rain rolls in on thursday, should be gone by friday, we head up to 60 degrees, late shower on saturday into sunday which looks decent day and so does monday karen, halloween. >> i cannot wait. everybody is so excited. here's some good news, use your lyft, uber, so confusing recently but you pennsylvania senate has approved legislation to allow those companies to operate in pennsylvania. it will go to the governor. he has said he will sign it. said this legislation puts an end to any question about the operation of the ride sharing companies in philadelphia which has been a huge issue, going back with judges saying one thing. but now it will be approved ones the governor signs off. how about big stars jennifer lopez, jay-z, bon jovi and katie perry are
5:49 am
having big concerts to support hillary clinton and her presidential campaign in the final days leading up to the election. one of the superstars will be right here in philadelphia. fire works. katie perry will be holding a get out the vote concert in philadelphia the last weekend before the election november 5th. jon bon jovi will have a similar concert october 27th. jay-z will perform in cleveland and j lo will appear in miami. did you see donald trump's show yesterday. ramping up his campaign with the launch of a night thely news show on facebook live to go autopsy begins a network. trump tour live will air every night at 6:30 until election day. more than 50,000 people, tuned into watch the first show.
5:50 am
there he is. >> i'm here. >> good morning. >> we have mike jerrick. >> he is getting ready. >> i'm fine. >> good morning michael eugene, how are you today. >> i'm late. >> it is early morning hours at 5:50. >> hold it in front of me. >> did you you see that. what will we do what is your favorite greasy food. >> big fan of barbecue i'll tell you that. i will put barbecue sauce on anything but a good greasy hamburger is good too. >> fries. when they are hot, piping hot, i can do that one. >> it is national greasy food day. also, there is a new study out that how long do you let that new born sleep in the same room with you. >> they have been telling you to go, build a nursery after three months put them in the nursery. there has been a huge change on this. >> that is right, much longer
5:51 am
then that, not in your bed though, but if you have a crib you keep that crib in your room, the parents room overnight for how long now. >> it is six months is recollect hen dayses but even up to a year to prevent the sudden infant death syndrome. i used to do co sleeping, some have you near you you or whatever. >> hi karen. >> hi. >> did you see footage out of the checkers? have you ever eaten at that place checkers. >> i have been there. have you have ever work in the restaurant. >> i have, when iowas in college. >> you have a bad customer. >> no, i never spit in the food or did anything weird. >> you thought bit. whenever you have somebody that is nasty. >> but i truly never did it. >> i knew a good friend of mine, this is a weird thing we were in high school he worked for a bakery and for kicks they would drive around in this bakery truck and throw
5:52 am
dough at people. >> dough. >> yes, they got a thrill out of that. >> these people at this one restaurant they just say disgusting things. >> do we have footage, can we show footage. >> this is the part with the buns, rub them on the floor. >> rub his buns on the floor and blow his nose in the bread. >> that was one that grossed me out. >> here's the thing. i kind of like checkers. >> that is a really clean location. when you are a reporter you spot out your good bathroom. that is a good one you can go to. >> karen hepp's bathrooms on the road. >> places to pea with karen hepp. >> did you get to see jimmy kimmel. >> it is pretty darn funny, the president is doing mean tweets so we will play that for you too. >> one of my favorite things he did. i think this is only second time he has done and he has classic response, all coming up. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
5:53 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the
5:54 am
united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. we asked woman to smell two body washes andi prefer b. favorite. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. but pat toomey actually owned a bank. most people owe the bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:55 am
taking a live look at shawnee in the pocono mountains. there is no brightness in the sky. i thought i saw a plane moving across. five will 55. nearly three weeks aftermath you roared toward haiti, through haiti, hundreds were killed and we have that whole trail of destruction, officials are now concerned
5:56 am
there may be a massive food crisis. estimated 1.4 million people are in dire need of food following that october 4th hurricane. of those, 800,000 are in that dire and immediate need according to officials there. there is a little girl from our area who want to do something bit. we are asking you all to come down to fourth and market and join us because this young girl is collecting donations for haiti. she's only 13 years old. her name is madison. she want your clothes, dry goods, money, things to help people rebuild their lives. she's doing this because she has a personal connection. her father from haiti and her aunt still lives there she and her mom will be on good day to talk about to fundraiser and meet her, outside the studio to collect things from those who come down. if you can we appreciate your help. also there is a father who describes a terrifying even if call he got from his daughter after she was victim of an attack by a flash mob. it happened in college. look at the bruces she has on
5:57 am
her eyes. they have arrested four teens but is that enough. more on what the school is doing to keep those students safe. plus election day gist two weeks away, candidates are busy trying to win over voters, swing state where both donald trump and hillary clinton will be focusing on today, "good day philadelphia" comes up next. we're also over this breaking news just coming in we have a very bad house fire right now in levittown and we can see that it is fully involved. it a peers to be eye total loss. they have lost roof there and fire fighters on the scene. they will stay on top and begin with this breaking news when good day comes right back.
5:58 am
i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
5:59 am
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our heart dropped. i was terrified. >> can you imagine, a dad, described the terrifying phone call he got from his daughter, after she was victim of this flash mob, assault, on temple's campus. four teens arrested. we will talk to that dad live in a bit. plus coming down to the wire, two weeks away from election day and candidates are busy trying to win over voters. the swing state where both donald trump and hillary clinton will be focusing their attention today. i'm going


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