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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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always a good thing. i'm karen hepp. let's get right over to sue. we saw the number. let's look at other numbers. because we have some warnings. >> they are low numbers, that's right. we have freeze warnings for all of the purple area here, and then it is a frost advisory for everybody else. so, many of our temperatures are below freezing this morning. if you haven't had your first frost of the season, this is the day. we will be between 34 to 37, in the metro area this morning, and frost may be on your pumpkin. 40 degrees right now, with 6-mile per hour breezes out of the chilly north-northwest. and sunrise time, 7:24. so we've got to wait a while for the sunshine. we will get some. and that will be the saving grace for today. 28 degrees, right now, mount pocono, at pottstown, 30 in reading, right at freezing in lancaster, allentown 29, 33 trenton, wilmington, 38 degrees in wildwood, millville is right at freezing this morning. so, here's what we've got going on on bus stop buddy. first of all his warm winter coat and some gloves.
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the sixers home open is her tonight. and the union are in the playoffs tonight, too. so hopefully i made everybody happen which that, because i hear it on twitter if i don't. temperatures are in the 20's and 30's, as we get started this morning. plan on sunshine today. chilly afternoon with a high temperature of 53 degrees. soap, go sixers, bob kelly, go union. >> you got it. are they playing at home tonight, the union? that will be cold out there. >> they start their playoffs, yes. >> 5:01, wednesday morning, disable here, westbound on the schuylkill, right near city avenue. sue mentioned it is cold out there. definitely going to get a shock when you sit down on the cold leather seats if your car was park out front last night. be sure the kids are all bundled up. live look downtown, did not work last night on the vine street expressway, we're open for business. good to go getting ready for the big sixers opener tonight. 202. pennsylvania turnpike, the gang through chester county, looking good.
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right here is the fire location where lauren has been at just on the heals of west chester there, right off 202, and 926. downtown here, callowhill street, blocked at 13th. what a hot mess this was last night. careful, not able to get from 13th over to broad on callowhill, within of your main drags to cross town this morning. septa suspending service on the airport regional rail line. because of power problems at the moment. so if you plan on taking the train to the plane, you're going to have to use an alternate means, either the vehicle, the cab, the uber ride. again service suspended on regional rail line, airport line only, and they just started putting the trains in motion, on both the market frankford and the broad street subway. karen, back over to you. >> thank you so much, bob. also there is developing story from birmingham township, that's where we had a deadly fire. that's in chester county. that's exactly where lauren johnson is right now. lauren, what do we know? >> reporter: hi, good morning, karen, so about 30 minute ago,
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fire crews cleared the scene here. we got little bit closer here. you can see right on top of this dumpster. there is a smoke detector. so we do know that there was a smoke detector in the home. do not know at this time if it was functioning properly. but the road here has reopened as bob just mentioned. let's show you video, we shot shortly after the fire. crews on scene around 11:25 last night. immediately they new they had to call in a tanker to help battle this blaze. we are in a very secluded area wooded area on birmingham road. no fire hydrants in this area. they brought in a port-a-tank, think that far as sort of kitty pool, tanker truck dumped watt near it so they could off load the water to supply line they ran up into the driveway here in the area. the coroner was on scene pretty quickly. we have learned around 11:40 last night, one victim discovered dead inside this. who you can see back out here live, the front door, still propped open when firefighters were on scene, did i take a peak inside t looks like everything inside is burned pretty badly and sadly you can
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see, karen, at the front door there two shoes that were remaining in the front door there. very close to the front door. soap not sure if the person who lived in this home was trying hard to get out, we'll have to fine out more information from authorities. right now an investigation is underway. karen? >> lauren, that's so heart breaking looking at those shoes, thank you so much. it is 5:04. for the third time in a week, vandalism and violence and a part of philadelphia that some people think is being very safe and secure, this time, upscale clothing store in center city. let's get right out to steve keeley. we've had a lot of incidents all in a row, steve? >> that's why you see police all around here. we've seen constant patrols. and i know you'll say hey, police are always around center city. but you see the one park here. and in addition to that patrol car, here comes another car. watch the front of our live truck, chris. you will see another suv. before that i just saw another car as i got out. so you can see a stepped up police presence for sure this
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morning, and again, i'm out here on the streets every day for a living. and i see police every day, but i'm telling you, i even noticed there are more police around center city today than you would normally see. and just a few hours after a packed meeting, just around the corner from where we are, on chestnut street, monday night, ended, that's where worried residents and business owners told police and public officials they felt center city was becoming crime ridden and under siege. their concern played outright here at the boyde's display window with a smashing exclamation point. another daring sneak attack on a center city landmark, boyde's display window where thieves demonstrated the continued brazen break-in's that we've seen through center city in the past year at businesses, smashing windows, breaking in, grabbing all they can within seconds, in what's a high traffic area, 24/7, but this happened just 24 hours almost ridiculous theft of
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that five blocks away from here, just around the corner on broad street at another center city landmark, the location, the union league, doing more damage than any scrap dealer's going to pay for any chunk of brass. and the thefts only days after that shooting in prime time in rittenhouse square, right around the corner from where we are, where that 17 year old believed to be the shooter turned himself in saturday, but his accomplice still not caught. >> how long have you been here? >> five years. >> five years. do you feel like it's gotten worse in the last five years? >> every day. i understanded i have to pull my gun already twice on people, literally came in when i was inside the store to rob me. >> reporter: well, a week ago friday, a 28 year old guy was caught after slashing tires on 16 vehicles around city hall, including five city cars. so, many in that rittenhouse square meeting believe the
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construction and remodeling of love park has sent the homeless and what they call the riff-raff who hang out in love park freely scattered throughout the streets of center city. yet here comes another police car in our shot. so, karen, you can see what i just talk about, a demonstrated major league police presence patrolling the street of center city because you can bet that the police do not want to see a third incident in the middle of the night and make it three nights in a row. boyds and the union league brass railing two night in a row is bad enough. >> absolutely. >> this one seems like it was a coordinated attack to have six people in a car to ram it. we'll look more into it. steve, thank you so much. 5:07. push to fight racism and discrimination in one community brought packed house last night. specifically for the lgbt community. they've been complaining about a growing number of incidents every discrimination in the gayborhood. our jenny joyce with more on how the whole city work to go
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make things better. >> it is happening every single day from. >> reporter: racism in the lgbt community, hot button ongoing issue drew hundreds of people out tonight to speak at a hearing before the philadelphia commission on human relations. >> and to have to confront this again in my life when i've been through the dog biting gig, when i lived through the bathrooms. >> the board room, two overflow rooms, were packed with people who want their voices heard. the issue of racial discrimination in the lgbt community gained recent attention after this video surfaced. that beeping is the n word repeatedly used by the owner of eye candy club in the gayborhood. the owner later issued apology through facebook, but for some that wasn't enough. >> there is nothing that the owner of eye candy can do, say, give or be to me. >> thirty bars, restaurants, in the city's gayborhood were
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subpoenaed to attend the meeting and smith their anti-discrimination andres code policies. jeff, co-owner of taboo lounge and sports bar, coined attends tonight, but feels the issue must be addressed. a representative spoke on his behalf. >> we node to dedicate energy and resources toward demanding all members of the lgbt community be given equality. >> to hold an actual hearing for us to express these stories, these very, very personal stories. >> a multi-racial trans woman said she faced discrimination for years. tonight hopeful to see mayor a ten de, jim kenney, promising he's listen. >> sad. makes your heart break. and realize when you're in a position to change it, it is your responsible to help change it. >> mayor kenney says after the pcrr reviewing tonight's testimony, they'll put together a report with recommendations on how our
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community can do better. the city plans to take a hard look. reporting in center city, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". thanks, jenny. political news right now. less than two weeks to election day, which is really the last day to vote, some early voting has already gun. vice presidential candidate tim kane will be in our area, lehigh valley, and bucks county today. he'll be stopping at the bucks county community college, and also the links pavilion there, doors to that open at noon. he'll also be speaking later this evening at muhlenberg college. he's going to be outlining his, and his candidate, hillary clinton's vision for america. vice president joe biden, made a stop in pennsylvania yesterday. railing against donald trump, during a speech in pittsburgh. saying trump has caused damage to this country's reputation, with others around the world. because of his rhetoric. and he also says that he cannot condone a presidential candidate speaking about women, the way that trump has. >> so, donald trump fired back at biden, for criticizing his
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remarks about women because biden said specifically this: he wished he could, quote, take trump behind the gym to settle things. well, trump said biden is only tough when standing behind a microphone by himself. >> today trump will be in another battleground state. he'll be in north carolina campaigning in florida. he sees some news that obama premiums are going up next year. he promised to get rid of that whole program. >> they gave a number of 25% average. they know that's not true. you are going to have 60, 70, 80, 90% increases in obama care. repealing obama care, and stopping hillary's health care take-over is one of the single most important reasons that we must win on november 8th. >> florida's pretty close right now for both camps. trump expected to make a visit to washington dc today for the official opening of his hotel which is on pennsylvania avenue just a couple of blocks from the white house. >> and hillary clinton is
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receiving a nice professional gift ahead of her birthday today. she just picked up an end doserment from another big name republican, former secretary of state, colin powell says, he will be voting for her. a retired four star army general told the crowd that donald trump would take back the country 50 years if he is elected. in the meantime, clinton is also campaigning hard in florida, not taking her slight lead for granted. she was going back to the sunshine state to reach out to hispanics who make up nearly a third of all of the voters there. and of course the early voting there began on monday. >> i feel good, but boy, i'm not taking anything for granted. >> latino voters are turning out in unprecedented numbers to the polls sofa 99% increase. they're saying, from the same .4 years ago. >> here is a story you'll see only on fox, parents in one neighborhood, they're really upset after kids were attack on a bus in several young children were injured. what happened, and who attack
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switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon. only from fios. >> the purple sell freeze warning, and then see right above freezing in the metro area this morning, regardless of the actual numbers, it is cold, and the coldest morning we've seen probably so far this season. now, in philly, we're 40 degrees.
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37 degrees in dover. right at freezing at atlantic city international. thirty-three in trenton. 32 degrees in lancaster. 29 degrees in allentown, 30 in reading, pottstown is at 28. we're also at 28 degrees in mount pocono. we moved down to south jersey, only 32 degrees in millville. little bet nerve ocean city. and lewes, delaware, we're at 48 degrees. but dover is at 37 degrees. so, you're going have to layer it up today. we will get sunshine later on, won't warm us up too much into the mid 50's, warmfront, for tomorrow, now, what that will mean is when we get some precipitation, with it, to the north of us, it could be some frozen precipitation, but, most of whatever that wintery mix is, will stay to the north of us, and we won't get rain until the afternoon. here's a closer look, starting tomorrow, with the future cast. just cloudy, when we get started in the morning, maybe a couple of flurries up in the mountains, by 7:00, 8:00. but then for the rest of the morning, early afternoon, we are still just cloudy. now, we have the rain rolling
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in, maybe 5:00, 6:00 in the evening. heavy at times in the overnight hours. but by 4:00 in the morning, friday, well, it is dry once again. and with milder air in place, we are not expecting the freezing conditions that we had this morning. so 54 degrees today. and close to 60 tomorrow. friday looks like pretty good day. and actually so does saturday. for the temple game at the linc, we've got halloween of course monday. that's where the big pressure is for a good forecast, because we don't want rain, and we don't want it too cold, bob kelly. so far it looks like we may deliver. >> there you go. good job there. tell you what, it is gently chilly. going to definitely hit you in the head like a stale bagel. be sure the kids are bundle up. got the sweatshirt, the jacket, maybe even the gloves for the little ones, that will be out on the playground later on today for recess. hello ft. washington, live look at route 309. right near the ft. washington interchange. no problems or delays at all, kind of off to nice quiet wednesday start. headlights on the 42 freeway
5:18 am
coming in toward philadelphia. no problems or delays here. start to pick up some volume. pretty much pick up all of the cones, i think we're ready for morning rush hour. now, westbound schuylkill expressway, right at city avenue. watch for disable truck, that's off to the right shoulder. and, somebody didn't pay the electric bill. because the overhead street lamps are out on the schuylkill from as soon as you hit montgomery drive all the way in through girard. so, that kind of catches you, get a feeling like something's in the right here. so be aware of that. septa's airport regional rail, just plugged the cord back in, and restored service. they had some early morning power problems. so, some residual delays, we will get caught up probably the next 20, 25 minute or so, but be aware, rest of the regional rail lines running without a problem. broad street subway, market frankford line, they're running the trains, without any delays. watch for construction, you know, the traffic pattern shuffle there along 295 and 42. and no problems coming in from the suburbs like chester county coming up 202 or the 30
5:19 am
bypass, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. >> police involved shooting in delaware, happened in doverment police say they were trying to arrest a suspect, for failing to appear in court. his name is jameer, 25 years old, they say, instead of going with the officers, he got into a car and tried to get away, ramming into several patrol vehicles almost striking the officer. investigators say he's going to be facing criminal charges, right now he is listed in stable condition. >> another police involved shooting. this one from maryland. police say they discovered a couple, they were fugitives, they were actually holding bb guns, threatening police, at a motel in elkton, maryland. officer shot and killed them. there is one of them. chelsea porter and brandon jones refuse to drop their weapons, police say, and they had believed that those were handguns. four officers who fired their weapons are now on administrative leave. 5:19. to a story you'll see only here on fox 29. parent understandably upset this morning after their children were attack on a
5:20 am
school bus, by other children, not even on the bus. a group of brawling teens ran after a bus in the west oaklane section, and then forced themselves on board, and attacked some of the children. this is where it happened. right near 66 avenue and 20th street in philadelphia's west oaklane section. monday afternoon, officials say, 20 student from holy cross catholic school were being dropped off, when all the sudden another group of feuding student friends two other schools started throwing rocks at their bus, and then forced their way onto it, and attack people on board. there was one woman, she said, her second grader saw the whole thing. >> another student was spit on. another student book back wag taken, bus driver spit on, of course cursing and everything and yelling. my daughter shielded herself with her book bag and just stayed down in her seat. she was terrified. she was traumatized from this. so i mean she went from wanting to be on the bus to i'm not too sure if i want to get on the bus again. >> school officials confirm three student were punched but
5:21 am
we're told these injuries were relatively minor, physically, emotionally so much more. police say they're investigating. all right, how about those sixers? opening night for them down in south philly. should and lot of fun. it will be their first regular season game. they play in oklahoma city. the thunder 8:00. all eyes are on the sixers being man joel embiid. overall pick back in 2014, this will be his debut, because he missed the first two seasons with all of those injuries. we also have that guy dario coming over making his debut tonight. we will be without several teammates, jared, joel, ben simmons, all injured at the beginning of this season. and the sixers ceo scott o'neil, will be here, fun, on good day. any questions you have you can tweet them now or facebook them at 7:45. it should and fun season. not all fun and guns for amy schumer. funny woman. after her parody of beyonce formation video released, wow, a loft backlash she is facing
5:22 am
right now. hoping something good though, here are your winning lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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>> police say a father jump off into the river from a bridge with his two young churning. police calling it a miracle his sons only one and three survived. police say 37 year old john
5:25 am
spanningen threat toned harm his children to his wife. he died after he jumped off the wantque bridge i287. those children are expected to fully recover physically. police are continuing to investigate what may have set him off. >> new york giants, josh brown, all comes after police reports reveal that he admitted to abusing his former wife. he issued apology, but said, he never hit his wife and said, quote, abuse takes many forms. he was placed on the commissioner's exempt list last week. update, and it is good news for this woman. she is back up dancer for pop stars rihanna and beyonce. she has been found safe and sound after she disappeared early on sunday morning. the north bergin police department put out on its facebook page that officers along with police officers in new york found her, her name charlene quigley and she is safe. >> this didn't say where they found her. police alert today her disappearance because her father was so concerned. she was supposed to get on a bus in new york but she never made t she is currently at a
5:26 am
medical facility at an undisclosed location. let's talk about the backlash with comedian amy schumer, never afraid of any of. that will we showed you video parody of beyonce formation, featured big name stars, joan kuzak, goldie hawn, and now critics are speaking out on twitter. >> ♪ >> i'm so reckless when i rock my dress. i'm so pest i have: ♪ >> many are calling out the parody for cultural appropriation, because formation is a song that deals with issues like police brutality, and racial politics. schumer seemed to brush it all aside on her instagram page. posted nearly nude photo with a caption stating quote we had so much fun making this tribute. all love. and women inspiring each other, hashtag stronger
5:27 am
together. >> coming up at 5:30, what investigators in chester county are learning right now, about a deadly house fire. the latest developments there, in a live report. plus: how police are working to keep us safe after a whole string of crimes that have been happening in center city. high profile crimes. high profile locations.
5:28 am
5:30 am
a person has died in a house fire. what investigators in chester country learning right now about this tragedy. >> plus: boyde's robbed, smash and gag, car drive mean their front window. more than $50,000 of expensive merchandise stolen watcher police are doing right now to keep that whole area safe. >> and allowed push to fight racism and discrimination in one of our communities, so many, overflow crowd, voicing their frustrations at a big hearing last night. >> good day everybody, it is straight up 5:30, on pretty cold wednesday morning. it is october 26th, let's get right over to see to see what our bus stop buddy will be wearing. i pulled out the puffy coat today. put all of the light ones back, and put out the puffy ones so the kids had the right stuff. >> that's right. if you want to wait outside for a bus this morning, you want the gloves on, too, because your little fingers
5:31 am
will get cold. temperatures where we had the freeze warning will be below freezing, and here in the sit, in delco, part of chester, and montgomery, and bucks county, as i should say, pretty close to frosty. tonight tours in the 20's, 30's, getting started this morning, that's right. i said 20's and 30's. now, we've hit 4 degrees in philadelphia. but with sunrise, not happening until 7:24. we will probably see that temperature maybe go down before it goes back up again. because we did have to wait a while for sunrise, two hours, practically, 28 degrees in mount pocono. 29 degrees in allentown, 28 in pottstown. told you some of our temperatures were in the 20's, we're below freezing in reading, 32 in millville, and 32 in atlantic city, 33 degrees, in wilmington. so that's what is waiting for you walking out the door this morning. sunset is at 6:06. before that happens, we should get to high of around
5:32 am
53 degrees. so at least we will see some sunshine today. common in, bob kelly. >> hot chocolate? >> practicing standing out at the bus later on. got to keel moving. keep moving around. good morning, everybody, westbound schuylkill, 5:32, on a wednesday. got this disable truck, kind of hugging what would be that right lane, right shoulder there, right on the line. so, look out. if you are headed westbound, otherwise, starting to see the beginning after rush hour, so there is that truck there. if you are headed west on the schuylkill, they were working out near conshy. they pick up the cones, and gone, no problems coming inbound, this morning. but, the overhead street lamps are out on the whole schuylkill, between montgomery and girard, that whole grid there, you're in the darkment and just kind of catches you by surprise. once you hit montgomery drive. now service just restored, on septa's airport regional rail lines. so, we had some earlier power
5:33 am
problems, probably have some residual delays next 15 minute or so. center city shall hot mess. callowhill street blocked right at 13th. no signs. nobody working lag night, just a bunch of cones up, building the new project there on the corner of 13th and broad. broad and callowhill. big traffic jam. times that by ten for the morning rush hour. hello pennsauken new jersey. live look at route 30, 70, 73, where it all comes together, headed in on the admiral wilson boulevard. and then once you make it through the admiral, up and over the ben now problems into downtown philly, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. now to developing story. out of birmingham township there has been a deadly fire, let's get out to lauren johnson, lauren, often in chester county it can just be difficult to get water because it is not easily accessible. what do we know? >> reporter: hey, karen, so we were pushed back to the road
5:34 am
here, as the investigation continues, at that house, we just saw contractor arrive here, likely starting the process to board up the homes and what's left inside. now we shot some video moments ago, we will try to get that you video. but it shows a smoke detector sitting on top after trash bin few steps from the front door, also, noticed pair of sneakers inside the front door of the home. beyond that, everything charred, burned, covered in black soot. crease were on the scene 7:25 last night, immediately they new to call for tanker to help bat this will blaze. the home sits in a secluded and wooded area, the issue with that, no available hydrants. so crews got creative quickly, calling in port-a-tank, think of it as a kitty pool. trucks dumped watt near it so fire fight kearse off load water to supply hose, that they ran up the driveway, and closer to that home. the coroner was on scene pretty quickly. and we learned around 11:40
5:35 am
last night one victim was discovered dead inside the home. still waiting on official word about that victim. so again, one person is dead. birmingham road has been reopened in both directions here in chester county, karen? >> lauren, thank you. 5:35 is the time. there is a robbery ring that drove a car right into the front of the boyde's clothing store just one of the most recent act of violence in the heart of our city. let's get right out to steve keel toy explain. steve? >> reporter: well, you can see, cop car again karen, i'll be showing these all morning, because they are in constant patrol around where we are. and they're not just putting on a show for tv. they are putting on a determined show for would be criminals after two consecutive nights of brazen break-in's. karen, these break-in's didn't start with boyde's, let me gave you a sense of just some of the crimes on center city streets just in 2016. in one month, just in february, not too long ago, we
5:36 am
had century 21 counsel the street from the station at eighth and market, they smashed that display window, stole two grand in clothes at 4:47 a.m. then at 717th and walnut, days later, is vince clothing, 12 grand, after they smashed the window there, on saturday morning, 5:03 a.m., karen, as you are ready to get on tv for the weekend shop. so that gives you a sense, it is the overnight hours on center city street. now let's show you how boyde's look before it looks all nice now with the boarded up window. there is a bike patrol cop going by us now, just waiving us to, here on the sidewalk. wow, this is an amazing presence. usually don't see bike cops this early either. so, there is definitely stepped up patrols around here. but going by boyde's is one thing, but there are a lot of other businesses and other blocks that the police are patrolling right now. we had the boyde's break-in right before the railing stolen at the union league on broad street, just bold,
5:37 am
brazen, right in the shadow of city hall, and this followed of course the most shocking crime of all this past week, the shooting in prime time in rittenhouse square where a 17 year old finally turned himself over the weekend, but his accomplice is still out there. and they had a meeting monday night in the rittenhouse square area, concerned resident and business owners letting police and public officials have it. >> going back to the town watch, that's music to my ears, i mean, and that's in any neighborhood, anywhere, any time. i mean, with people in the game, i mean, everybody just not necessarily -- may not be able to do it, but if you can agree that you can, it is absolutely fabulous, and as you know, it is very effective. when people see their people stop in their neighborhoods, irrespective where the neighborhood is, it is to get on this is absolutely tremendous. i'm glad you brought that up. it is something we support
5:38 am
whole heart educationally. >> commissioner richard ross hard-working as they come, and definitely caring about every neighborhood, but specially the neighborhood where he parks his car every day and works. he couldn't believe the brazen of some of the crimes as women. first one i told you about century 21 at eighth and market, just block away, around the corner from police headquarters, and they could probably hear the alarm going off, out in the parking lot, at police headquarters. look at the flat tires. somebody just week ago, friday night, everybody hanging out, going out, all of the clubs and restaurant, 28 year old guy starts slashing tires five city cars, 16 vehicles in all, around city hall. so slew of crimes in center city lately, getting a lot of attention, and as you can see, karen, getting a loft police attention this morning, for sure, as someone who works on these streets along with a lot of septa bus drivers and cab drivers, you're always shocked at anybody would try to pull a
5:39 am
heist like this off. and you'll definitely notice way more police around here than we would normally see. >> steve, thanks. what got my attention last week, all the sudden for the first time, crime the number one issue ahead of schools in our sit. and we're seeing why, steve, thank you so much. >> 5:39. push to fight racism and discrimination in the lgbt community. city leaders, barone ers, the pun, all coming together, in the growing number of complaints in the gayborhood recently, so many hundred, see standing room only. they had to go to extra overflow conference rooms, so many people wanted to come out and share their personal stories. so, they want to make some changes. there was video that came out very disturbing from one of the bars there, where the owner was caught on tape, repeatedly using racial slurs against african-americans, mayor jim kenney was, there he says that listening is the most important thing that we can do. >> let's talk about sports. coming together, villanova,
5:40 am
champions, back at practice once again, new season. can they bring back the magic of last year? how the team is making it clear they're looking forward to the new season. not resting on any laurels of last year.
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i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:43 am
>> it is already behind me, we're focus dollars, a lot of things we're working on, we will continue to get better at. you know, we have a good team here. we want to be the best team that we can be by the end of the year. so, you know, we're all focused on that. >> to some hockey. flyers and the sabres, the flyers down three-zip. they came all the way back to tie the game up, and force shoot-out. look at that. jake voracek coming through in the clutch to get the win. the flyers get four to three. to the world series, both the cubs and indians trying to end big time drought. i mean, over 50 years, and yesterday, cleveland just got a little closer. roberto perez right there, providing the insurance run. cleveland wins six-zip. taking a one-zero series lead. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:44 am
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning, 5:46. live look at king of prussia, 202, right near the schuylkill expressway. kind of quiet this morning, rolling through with our coupons, headed up to the mall later on today. hello moorestown, new jersey, live look at main street in front of the pretzel factory there, working your way up. so all of the roads are dry, but it is c-colds out this morning. it is going to hit you like a stale pretzel when you open up that front door. make sure the kids have their jackets on, i know they'll gave you a hard time putting
5:47 am
on the jacket or sweatshirt or maybe the limb ones put the gloves on. even chilly here in the studio. no cross traffic on the roosevelt boulevard, at levick street. not sure what's going on. i just got a tweet from somebody that's on one of the septa buses. you can't really see what's going on. but, there is no cross-traffic here with some police activity, the boulevard and levick. trying to get an answer on that and pass it along, on the schuylkill westbound, watch for delays approaching city avenue. there is disable truck, that is off to the shoulder. it is going to be a shock when you open up that door and see what the temp is on your dashboard. sue coming up in 15 seconds. >> starting do you have this morning, we gave you a preview of halloween, coming up
5:48 am
monday, it looks pretty good t looks like we're not going to have rain. it will be partly cloudy, creepy, temperatures in the 50's, i this i we can handle. that will certainly won't be as cold as it is right now with a freeze warning in effect and frost advisories, just depends on where you live, how close to freezing it is, or if it is below freezing, but, in the metro area, we will be pretty close with a loft frost around. twenty's mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, 40 degrees here in the city, but only 33 degrees in wilmington, delaware, and 32 degrees in atlantic city. we go down to the south, see woodbine, with 33 degrees. mays landing, only 27, 31 in medford lakes, pottstown, only 28 degrees, allentown, 29. it is our favorite number unless it is the temperature. future cast has some clouds for tomorrow. and the precipitation that we are talking about, in the morning, will probably just be yes in the poconos, few flurries, it is not until the afternoon that we get rain and only rain. maybe after 6:00, p in the
5:49 am
evening, the rain rolls in, and it rains through the night, in friday morning. but by 4:00, it should be gone. and that will be it for that. then we can look ahead to the last weekend in october. your average hi, 63 degrees, we were below average yesterday, with that high of 56. even with the sunshine, we will only get to 53 today. up ear's, with the late day rain, on thursday. windy in the wake of that front on friday. high of 57. and it is looking a little milder for the weekend. so, that bodes well. 66 degrees, on saturday, 68 degrees on sunday, looks dry for halloween, with spooky sunshine, and then for the evening, probably trick-or-treating temperatures for monday evening, will be in the 50's, and that is your seven day forecast, karen? >> perfect trick-or-treating weather, thank you sue. what do we have? >> justin timberlake going to jail. >> what? >> justin timberlake. >> no. >> is going to jail. at least he should.
5:50 am
>> why? >> hi, sue. >> i'll tell you. he did some early voting for the president of the united states. >> is that a problem? >> you can't take a severe. he took a selfie. >> a lot of people are doing that. >> well, you are not supposed to. in some states you can't do that. and in tennessee, where he was born, he did it. so, what should be done with timberlake? >> i like he still votes in tennessee. would you think he's all hollywood now. >> he still lovers tennessee, yes. >> that's why i love him even more. great guy. >> say by the way, karen, how are you related to that state? >> i don't know, tell me? >> you're the only ten i see. >> awe. look at him, early charm. you're so sweet today. >> well, you're the only one on the desk. >> i know. >> you know what i've seen people do? drink alcohol and an energy drink, they combine them, form them together. wow, new info out, not supposed to be doing that at all t seemed wrong to me every time i saw somebody do it. >> give you more energy?
5:51 am
might go on a lot longer. nice up and down together? >> it is. it is an upper and a downer together. and it seemed like it would even out. but then, no. so in fact, our camera operate r did it just a little while ago. >> and then, let's roll the footage. she's from our area. she's a rapping grandmother, by the name of grandmom mom. >> grand ma ma. >> i saw her rap. we're tight. so the grand mama wraps about obama, that one? >> she will rap about votingment make sure you get out tuesday. >> that's her new hit single. >> here it is. >> ♪ say thank to you obama. break it down. ♪ >> now, in a meeting yesterday, the last three days, it said that's not the one we'll use. >> that's the old one, old video.
5:52 am
her new one we're going to bring out, we'll say getting everybody out to vote. not partisan and at all, just get out to vote. >> like back in the day, big video premiere. >> i like those days. >> so we'll premiere her new video. >> you got t. >> i probably shouldn't have come in today. we were up late last night, weren't we, karen? >> hold please. >> hold please. radio one. it was terrifying. it was a scary good time that we had. >> which one, di? that one? >> so, that is just a preview of the halloween show, good day philadelphia become very famous for our hollow win productions. >> one of the best things that you will notice, someone very important and integral is missing from that picture. >> silly alex holley. she is afraid of the eastern state penetentary so she won't go. >> we will bring that to you. speaking of halloween, great event for this halloween. touching a truck.
5:53 am
you love that. >> i love it, i touched a truck last night. >> climb up, get inside a truck. it will be at the parking lot of the depford mall there is saturday, october 29th, it is from 11:00 to 3:00. so you can see all kind of construction vehicles, and police, and emergency equipment. and the kids can touch them. they can climb on them. there will be hey rides, trick-or-treat, so children are free. it does cost some money for the grownups to raise money for the veterans multi service center. >> all right, 5:53. new information when it comes to diagnosing autism. we have really high numbers in our area. we know it is very prevalent, and boy, also affect girls, maybe girls are the key to figuring out some major break through's, we'll explain after the break.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> taking a look at health news now, such high rates of autism in our area, develop mental disorder, at least four more times more common in boys than it is in girls. but, scientists are taking closer look, and finding some gender based surprise. maybe girls are the key to figuring it out. many girls with autism have social skills that can mask it. some girls are born without autism despite the same genetic mutations that are seen in boys who do have it. the gender effect is a very hot topic right now, and research, and one that could lead to some new ways of diagnosing and treating this condition that affect at least one in 68 children, in this country, one in 44 certainly in our area. even higher in new jersey.
5:57 am
>> coming up: what investigators in chester country learning right now about that deadly fire. such a tragedy there. and also, what police are doing right now to make our city safer after a whole string of very high profile crimes right in the heart of our city. all of that is coming up on good day. bids our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies?
5:58 am
the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:59 am
6:00 am
it is happening every single day. >> boy, emotional meeting to ends racism, and discrimination, in the lgbt community in philadelphia. people sound off big time about how they're treated in the city's gaybor hoons hood. changes they're calling for right now. you're fascinating what sex, and you don't care about public policy. that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> a shouting match from prime time. the comment that set news gingrich off against megan kelly. >> plus, donald trump, takes on the vice president, listen to this, why donald trump says he would love the chance to fight joe biden. get ready to ramble. >> finally feeling like fall. there is a chill in the air this morning. you're going to feel it. sue is here to tell us where there are actually freeze warnings issued right now. >> freeze warnings? the big f word. good morning, october the 26, 20


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