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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pharmacy as well as cardinal o'hara high school. restrooms all over delaware county. now, tonight, prosecutors say a jaw-dropping 80,000 images and records were found on the man's devices now they're trying to track down the victims. 19-year-old vincent cane of broomall was arrested on child porn, invasion of privacy, sexual abuse of children and a host of other charges. many of those were recordings according to the delaware county da's office came from a third floor single stall bathroom inside villanova's tall len teen hall an academic building housing engineering students. he also made videos at a restroom inside a broomall cvs store where he worked on west chester pike, and then again inside a bathrooms at cardinal o'hara high school where he was a student two years ago. in one case, there were 300 images of a girl appearing to be 12 years old maybe younger cane
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admitted to investigators he had been making the videos for uses for sexual gratification. now, as you can imagine, this bombshell people, students we talked to one who used that building last semester wonder if's she was a victim. >> to me it's really shocking because i think the bathroom no matter is supposed to be something really personal. it's very scary for us girls, you know, to have our privacy out there and i just hope i'm not one of those pictures. >> villanova university police they're the ones who actually made this bust last month. they want to know if anyone visited tall len teen hall bathroom on these following dates. april 26th of this year. september 29th. september 15th. september 16th and septembe september 22nd. now, vincent has been banned from campus. after being arrested on those 70 different counts. he is free tonight. his parents bailed him out on $5,000 bail. of course, this is still a developing story. we'll get much more reaction
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coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock. guys? >> all right, chris, thanks. we're now getting a look what went down during that big smash and grab rob before he at boyd's in center city yesterday. >> police today released pretty clear surveillance video of the crime shows a red toyota rav four backing into the display window just after that the people in the suv and those in silver mercedes jump out make their way into the store. all while grabbing everything they could. they gotta with with about $45,000 worth of merchandise. police have yet to make any arrests. have you seen this man? police say fief ye or old reginald phillips stole brass from the iconic union league in center city. causing that ornate front stairway to collapse. phillips last known address is in the 3100 block of north broad street. damage to that stairway is now estimated at $100,000. to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at trenton on a very cold start to the day. it has stayed cool throughout the evening of course.
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meteorologist kathy orr, she knows first hand because she's outside right now. >> is it going to warm up soon, kathy. >> not soon, iain. notice i changed my wardrobe. >> did you. a light down now perhaps. >> yes. i wear this inside. >> it's true. >> i know. >> it's out here this afternoon there's a little bit of a breeze and it is making a difference and behind me you can see people are bundled up. they have their hoods on. they have their jackets on. one young lady walked by with a winter hat on. why notes? that guy has got shorts on. he's very brave. take a look at high temperatures for the day. philadelphia 53. after a morning low of 38. reading 51. atlantic city 54. lower 50s in trenton and allentown. wilmington 55 degrees. now, right now temperatures are cooling down. 40s to the north and west. in the poconos it's only 37. going down closer to freezing overnight tonight. 50 degrees right now in wilmington much this evening we will fall through the 40s. pretty much have steady temperatures by 11:00 o'clock at
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43 degrees as the clouds continue to thicken. we will have clouds during the day tomorrow. it will be cold enough in the poconos where you see the pink to see freezing rain. that is a freezing rain advisory there for tomorrow morning. a few sprinkles for us in the morning north and west otherwise the main rain comes through afternoon and evening, and then slowly after that we will be warming up. so coming up we'll talk about how quickly temperatures will rebound. more rain, more wind and a brief warmup in the seven day foreca forecast. so, yes, iain, you will be able to golf again. the season isn't over yet. >> not going to put clubs up y yet. all right, kathy, thanks. developing now, septa riders are bracing for what could be a messy commute next week that's 5,000 septa employees go on strike tuesday. septa posted alternate plan on its website if the workers walk off the job. if the union does not reach an agreement witness transit authority by midnight on monday, service will be impacted beginning november 1st. regional rail would be the only
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train service option for traveling in and around philadelphia. suppose spokesperson for septa encourages riders to seek other options. we're asking people to do the following. carpool, flex their hours, thi thinking about, um, you know, maybe walking to work if you're close by. >> no negotiations yesterday. safety and fatigue issues for septa drivers were among the main topics discussed. three philadelphia corrections officers are in trouble with the law tonight. prosecutors say they beat up an inmate then tried to cover it up. 62-year-old gibbs, teren bailey and 26-year-old sean low turned themselves in today for the incident in june. police say all three men attacked an inmate at the philadelphia industrial correctional center and that the man lot of consciousness at least twice. they face several charges includining ad assault and conspiracy.
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>> fox 29 getting results in east falls. people trying to walk home or to work say it's nearly impossible near one philadelphia highway. because the sidewalk is just covered in weeds and piles of trash. our bruce gordon is live along the rows vessel boulevard tonight. bruce, this isn't the first time out there for you. >> reporter: no, in fact iain it's not even the second time. we helped get this busy stretch of east falls sidewalk cleaned up back in 2012 and again in 2014. well, as you can see, the mess and the danger it poses are back. so are we. it's not yet halloween but the women who travel this sidewalk on the 3,000 block of abbotsford avenue often get a scary surprise as they kick their way through waist high weeds and mounds of trash. >> kind of like navigating through this stuff hoping nothing jumps out at you because i've had an april stance when i was walking through and a rodent actually ran across my feet. so it's bad. >> reporter: bad enough to force some folks out in traffic to avoid the mess.
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that's no bargain considering the fact that this stretch sits between an exit ramp and an entrance ramp to the rows vessel boulevard traffic zips through here at 40 miles an hour. at minimum. >> do you go off the sidewalk and into the street to avoid the weeds. >> yes, a lot. you got to watch the distance of cars coming. >> reporter: you literally putting your life in danger to avoid this mess? >> the mess, yes. >> reporter: illegally parked tractor trailers add to the problem. they narrow the street and obstruct the pedestrian's view of traffic. old tires discarded here. empty motor oil containers. the air is so foul this guy ran from his parked car to urinate using the trailer for cover. the ladies we talked to say they got nowhere calling the city's 311 hotline. the weeds and trash are so overgrown the sidewalk -- >> i made some calls to city hall and sent photos of the mess to philly pd and the streets dem. before long a truck enforcement officer was on the scene ticking the trailer. together could come thursday. all these women want is a safe way to walk down the sidewalk.
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is that too much to ask. >> got job which means you pay a wage tax. >> yes. >> and this is the service you it. >> yes. yes. >> or don't get. >> don't get. >> don't get. >> reporter: well, we've got some more good news to report. the streets department got back to me late this afternoon to promise their crews will be out here thursday to clean up the trash and hack down the weeds. iain, we'll be watching to see if this time, the third time is the charm in this area stays clean and safe. let's hope so, bruce, thank you closing arguments set to begin tomorrow in the new jersey bridge gate trial. testimony came to an end today in trenton since the trial began four people have testified under oath. the governor chris christie new more than he said did he about those traffic closures on the george washington bridge. he has denied over and over again that he knew about the plan. prosecutors say officials closed the lanes to punish the mayor of fort lee for not endorsing christie's re-election bid. governor christie was never
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charged. chester county jury will decide the fate of the man accused of of shooting two pennsylvania troopers. jury selection slated to begin march 9th for eric frein. the jury will have to hop on bus to pike county for the trial. prosecutors say in september of 2014, frein ambushed two troopers outside the blooming grove barracks in pike county. corporal brian dixon died. frein was on the run for 48 days before u. s marshals found him. he has pleaded not guilty. the catholic church no longer permits the scattering of the ashes of those who have passed on. >> vatican announcing new guidelines this week about how cream mated remains are preserved. the guidelines state that remains have to be kept in sacred place like this or buried in cemetery. the catholic church says it's alarmed at ashes being stored in jewelry or momentos. it says ashes should not be divided between relatives and not even kept at home. >> it has to do a lot with the dignity of the body.
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the dignity of celebrating the funeral liturgy of the church. >> i disagree with it. i think after the person is cream mated, they shall be able to do with their loved ones what they want to do. >> the new guidelines were released just in time for all souls day on november 2nd when catholics pray and remember the kate dead. paying it forward by paying what you can. a new philadelphia restaurant will stay afloat on the honor system. a break in the case involving nearly two dozen tire slashings in gloucester county neighborhood. the two vandals police busted. sean? >> sean? is it loud?
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she's never done anything illegal or improper. turns out, the smears against mcginty are paid for by special interests and wall street billionaires who've spent 20 million dollars to keep their guy, pat toomey, in washington. that's the real message. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ two boys are charged in a series of tire slashings in deptford, new jersey. police have charged the 12 and 15-year-olds with 18 counts of
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criminal mischief. nearly two dozen tires were slashed earlier this month in the cooper village neighborhood. head master got a prominent delaware county private school has been reinstated after a domestic dispute with his son. dr. john nagl will resume his duties at the haverford school beginning friday. nagl was put on administrative leave after he was charged with assaulting his son earlier this month. those charges have been dropped. in statement the board of trustees says dr. nagl has been reinstated after a thorough assess many. >> new restaurant in philadelphia is changing the game how you pay for a meal. it's call the eat cafe. servers let customers pay what they can. no matter how much money or how little money they have. fox 29's bell anderson takes us inside the restaurant which opened its doors today in west philly. >> reporter: social media quote of the day, everyone deserves to be treated with honor and respect no matter what
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their situation in life. those are just words but a business in west philadelphia is doing their best to turn it into action. >> ♪ >> eat cafe is actually founded on a pretty simple principal. if you want to come in, have a great meal, they want to you come. regardless of your ability to pay. >> it can be $15 if that's price for meal and end that you have the option of paying that. you can pay more to pay it forward to someone else that pays less. you can pay less. if you're hungry you don't have any money you can pay nothing at all. >> today was the grand opening of the restaurant near 38th and lancaster. it's a partnership between drexel university, celeb chef mark vetri's community partnership and several others the man response al for implementing the vision of eat cafe is gm and chef darn 93 jones crave vin. >> this calf if i will give everyone an opportunity regardless of their income or means to come in to a safe, warm, welcoming environment and have a dining experience.
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>> reporter: the food includ including a fresh made oreo cheesecake looked delicious. >> you want to taste it? >> yeah. >> you can see that the staff also fully embraced the idea of serving the community. >> i like to help people. >> reporter: concept of what you can designed to allow people to enjoy themselves about being judged and dine with dignity. >> no one will know had has the ability to pay or not. pay what you can. and we'll leave it up to you. >> reporter: there are hundreds, thousands in our area who are trying to make a change every day and i want to hear about them. so tweet me at bill a. fox 29 or the station at fox 29 philly. tell me about the people in your neighborhood, in your community who are doing good things just for goodness sake. ♪ >> looks interesting. >> um-hmm. >> i love that. what a great couldn't september. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy. >> yes.
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>> you come and side looking warmer now. [ laughter ] >> let me tell you it's cold in the studio. >> it is. >> i know. >> you can put your coat back on. that's okay. >> soon i will be wearing in the coat in the studio. you don't mine at home, do you. >> take look behind me. we have clouds rolling on in. you can see the beautiful ben franklin bridge in the background much we have an area of low pressure that's going to bring the clouds tonight and rain during the day tomorrow. the temperature 51 degrees much the high today only 53. this is 11 degrees below normal. quite a reverse for most of the month of objection. winds out of the north northwest at 5 miles an hour. right now we have temperatures ranging from 37 in the poconos to 52 in dover. so a wide range from north to south that colder air is moving its way n it's not going to be as cold as last night. but still pretty darn close. you can see in ottawa and quebec temperatures in the mid 30s. burlington at 37 degrees. look at this. syracuse, new york, 36 degrees. 50 degrees in harrisburg and right now williamsport sitting at 46. so we have this area of low
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pressure. it's moving through chicago right now. as a matter of fact in cleveland for the world series game two they've moved the game and made it earlier the reason why, this warm front rain already moved through they are waiting for this rain from the cold front that's in chicago so they think if they start the game earlier it will be over before this rain moves through and i think for the most part they are correct. so we will see the warm front moving through our region during the day tomorrow. it will be cold enough to the north and the east through parts of northeastern pennsylvania, the poconos, to see a wintry mix but that mix will stay north for now and we will just see a few showers in the morning but the main threat will be rain in the afternoon and tomorrow night. freezing rain advisory for the poconos. that's for tomorrow morning. and i do think we'll pick up about a tenth of an inch of icing so if your heading up this way, please be aware that there will be icy conditions into the midday period. so overnight, 39 in the city. 35 in the suburbs. the clouds increase. cold again. another cold start to the day by
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the afternoon 58 degrees as the winds become southeasterly, so it will be warping up a little bit and we'll have afternoon and evening rain. ups and downs in the forecast that chilly air over us right now but there will be arrange change a surge of some warmth as we get back into the 60s and even touch 70 in the seven day forecast. so here you go. your seven day forecast, from the weather authority, friday looking good. a cold wind though i can't advice you enough about the wind it will put in the chill in the air out of the northwest for friday. saturday 70 it's warm wind but from the southwest. sunday partly sunny, 66. a really nice day. halloween still looks good. this is very encouraging. morning temperatures in the 50s and any halloween parades it will be very comfortable. look, we start november tuesday. 68. the second of november it's 70. >> isn't that mazing. >> need i say more. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. you should take a bow for that one. sixers take to the court for their season opener tonight. sean bell live at the wells
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fargo sent much what's coming up in sports? >> reporter: guys, that's right. it's opening night and it's the first night you're going to get to see joel embiid. everyone has been waiting selling for it. later in sports he talks about, hey, i still got to keep those nerves down so that's coming up next. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat.
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♪ guys, i'm live at the wells fargo center. they got white shirts everywhe everywhere. it's going to be white out just like that penn state game hoping
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we get upset just like it. it's been a long, long time since we have had this much anticipation for a regular season. probable bowel three or four years. you won't see ben simmons that's probably why everyone bought tickets but you will see joel embiid for the first time. it's been two years. we've been waiting to see this guy blossom and it's going to be bout full. he's only go to play about 20 minutes but something is better than nothing. earlier yesterday he talked about listen i still got to keep my feelings in check even though it's my first official game. >> my first game against boston i was really excited. every shot i was kind of rush. i'm not as excited as i was. i'm probably going to rush a lot of shots. ♪ >> now, guys, he's not the only person who has to keep his
6:25 pm
feelings in check in this city. carson wentz is going to get his first taste of jerry world. dallas cowboys that star in prime time action. carson wentz also in this rivalry game he's never been a part of is also going to have to keep his feelings in check. >> i know how much this means to the city. how much it means to these fans. um, there's lot of excitement going on just with eagles football but definitely this week, you know, i recognize that. but at the same time, i don't let that kind of bother me or distract me from the main goal and that's just preparing every day, um, because i know if i get side tracked by any of those things it's going mess up the preparation and affect the game on sunday. >> reporter: of course, here on fox tonight we'll have the world series game. that will be played at 7:00 instead of 8:00 because of potential weather problems. so hopefully they can get the game in. indians trying to make it two-zero. the cubs trying to not let this thing slip away. once again, here live joel
6:26 pm
embiid about 20 minutes and a quick note jahlil okafor will be limited he'll probably only play about 20 minutes. but stillings a lot of excitement around the sixers team. hopefully they get it done. they put on meek mill so this place is going to be rocking. back to you guys. >> cool. need a little dizzy drake now. >> kathy, what about the weather. >> the weather, the weather will be cold tonight again. we have low temperatures in the 30s. it highs tomorrow in the 50s and we will have -- >> she's got her coat. >> it's over my leg it's so. she buffed me. [ laughter ] >> saturday 70. sunday 60. halloween look great. tuesday 68. wednesday 70 degrees. >> yes, i'm going to put it on. >> i'm cold, too. >> wait until you go outside. >> i know. >> we'll see you back here aft game two of the world series. >> have a good night.
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>> home to the world series, the big ten, and pac-12 championship. the daytona 500, the u.s. open championship, the fee for world cup, and super bowl li. the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports! >> they say those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. and though to get a second chance must take advantage. in the world series, there is no exception. ♪


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