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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the horse has pooped on the dallas start. we have switch to black and white because we don't need to see colorful poop. >> no, no, don't let him eat it. that is not what he need. >> just making sure. >> so success, three hours into this. >> yes, all right. >> yes. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> ♪
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>> a lot of people join us for 9:00 o'clock hour. so, as you know, in your eagles green, we had a horse, cowboys best friend, poop on the infamous dallas star. is there anything more sacred to the cowboys organization then that blue star. >> i would say not. >> i don't think so. >> now we have pooped on it. >> we have the sweet smell of victory. >> beautiful. >> yes. >> the idea was if it pooped on the czar the eagles would be guarantied a win. >> okay. >> i hope so. >> success. >> we will see what else happened this hour. >> thank you for your service.
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>> yes. >> i don't mine the smell of horse poop. it is in the the that bad. it smells like hey. they are a creature that don't eat a bad diet. it is not too offensive. >> i never thought about that. >> when you go on carriage horses. >> okay. >> i just learned something about karen hepp. >> it is like gasoline. >> i love the smell of gasoline. >> you do. >> yes. >> you're too young and you are probably too young to remember paper when the teacher would pass out copies, of a assignment or whatever. >> yes. >> smell that paper. >> what was weird the minute you put your nest to the paper, the smell would go away, it was gasoline i love, you are right on this. >> more opportunity to check out horse. >> yes. >> it is hey, not too bad. >> by the way, megan, see if you can find seinfeld episode where george talks about it
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not being that bad. >> it is not that bad. >> it is not that bad. >> do you like to be scared? we have three horror films that maybe you should watch this week to get you siked up, for halloween, which is monday, and then we're going to get in the science of why we inflict this stuff on ourselves. we choose to watch these things, why, why do we like to be scared and why do other people like it. some people hate to be scared. >> and are they together or are they not in mariah carry and her billion air ex-fiance, we talk about this yesterday, they have not seen each other in over a month. we were talking about if you're mariah carry who do you go to next. you have been with the billion air. karen, we will reveal, without even realizing we might have have predict her next move. >> and, karen, live on the show yesterday, i don't know
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if we can find this, said that she should be with, um, and now it has been revealed, she was right, mariah did, what you said. >> but first, we have to get to this. >> sky fox is live over a train crash in delaware county. >> this is at green street around felt on street in chester township. these are two of those csx trains that you see going through the city in our area, delaware valley all the time, day and night. we are hearing about minor injuries, limited to the crew. we are also hearing those are hurt are walking away from the crash. we will be there soon to give you an update on this because of the last couple years in our area, train crashes have been big news. >> okay. >> we are looking at engines, i don't know if they are freight cars we will check
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that out. >> miley cyrus is opening up but her engagement to liam hemsworth a lot of it here in philadelphia. >> she showed it off, a lot of people do that when they get engage. she's showing it off. >> the ring. >> yes. >> she doesn't like it. >> no. >> listen to had she said on ellen yesterday. >> sometimes i replace it with, with a uni corn. it isn't my type but i will wear it because i love me. >> he could have saved a the lieutenant of money by getting you a gummy bear ring or something. >> so liam and highly met on the set of the film, the last song, and engaged in 2012 before calling it off later that year. so, i don't know, it is top five pressure points in your life. one of them for our guy is picking out engagement ring.
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if you pull it out of that box and she gives you you the, oh, okay. you are devastated. >> you want to love it, like it but if it is in the right style something you don't like or too small, i think in this case with miley you know that is exactly, not everyone can do that. >> i think you sacrifice quality, for size. every time you want to go bigger and in one looking with the scope over your diamond. nobody will be like, you know, i think you go bigger but lesser quality. >> i did have a discussion with a guy friend. they say it got into a big debate, all of the fellas and they wanted to ask me my opinion. men come and say look, this is all i can afford. smaller ring. when i do get to come up and start doing well i promise i will come back and give you a nice big one or whatever want you really like. >> i think people do that. you are starting out, you don't have that much money and continue it out here.
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>> they are saying no, i would the rather just wait until you get it, and then give me the ring because that has value, and it was a moment when he said those word and got down on your knees. >> why are you shaking your head like that. >> wow. >> i think issue with miley, it is not her style. she's like i don't wear any rings like that. she can afford any jewelry. she doesn't wear jewelry that looks like that. it is tradition willal. >> i have seen a lot of pressure, not only do you have to worry about the ring but how you propose and how you do that. >> you never gotten it wrong though, right. >> well, it sound like i have done it 50 times. >> you are a very good gift giver. you are paying attention to detail. would you know what a person would want. he sent her flowers. >> i used to work with the woman who has been engage six times. she has got this down. so what she does now she prints out off of the internet exactly what she wants and
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leave it around the house. >> does that bother you you. >> i know girls talk about that. here you go go shopping for rings together. you say, one girl, because she gotten gauge, i asked her well, i told him, honey, if ever we do, this is what i would like. isn't this amazing. you are out, look at her ring. i love that princess cut. >> to this day and age i think you just to have ask flat out, what do you want. >> doesn't that ruin it. >> it has got to be better then disappointing the person. >> i have never been proposed to so i wouldn't know. >> i think that is what your girlfriend did i have a couple pictures from the magazine, if it ever comes to this, if we ever get there, and he threw it in the trash. >> yes. >> he went back and pick it out of the trash and then it was a year later. >> i like that. >> another technique is to contact her friend and have them take care of it. they are chatting, over dinner or whatever and you get them to say exactly what they want and then the friend reports
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back to you. >> so, there is two types of friend. the one friend who just asked me, abe then another one who is like, you are talking about getting engage. what would you like. some friend just run and tell. >> so, tell me if you do this and i bet you do, all women. so when you are in a setting all together. you are comparing, aren't you. >> i don't know about comparing. >> yes. >> yes. >> our producer, executive producer, has the biggest ring. the it is like an ice skating rink. how do you you not the pay attention to how beautiful that is. >> everybody keeps going back to size. >> it is a tamly thing good have you ever seen a flaw in the ring. i could in the find a flaw. >> it is not all about size. some people have beautiful, what is it, a slight pink color to it. clearly i don't know what i'm talking about. it is not the just size but different styles. >> pink diamond, cuss. >> cut, clarity. >> i don't know fit is
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comparing i think women notice each others rings. >> you zoned like mercenaries. >> men do it with watches and things. don't act like men don't do that. >> the shoes, the ties, yeah, a car. >> yeah. >> we don't do talk about that. >> miley is around, we're superficial, it is about the love but miley brought it up she only wears it because of liam and it is out of life. she would rather have a i spider ring. >> who started this whole thing in the first place. >> engagement companies in the first place. >> debeers. >> wasn't it the debeers. >> yes. >> what were they do before, they didn't have rings. you just said do you want to get married. >> yes. >> it was simple. >> yes. >> we have had rings and jewelry since egyptians. >> why didn't it never work, why is it always the guy has to, it is always the money comes from the guy. >> in the weddings, that is on
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the would hen's side. >> goats, cows and stuff, we have to do, if i gave you a goat would you be happy with that. >> my god. >> cheese, milk. >> listen, women bear children that is a lot of work. so there. we bring life in the world. >> not without us. >> but here's the thing, you are right, you just store a couple gallons have of, you know, our stuff, you know what i'm talking about, do i have to spell it out. >> okay. >> just store a couple gallons of our stuff. >> gallons. >> you can get rid of all men on earth. >> we still love men. >> we would like challenge and we need each other, you know we need each other. >> you guys need us. >> and the rings, apparently. >> so tonight, do you think anybody will go trick or treating tonight.
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>> so many events, there will be parties, events at museums and all over and then huge parties all weekend licensing for grown ups. >> a lot of people will be going to haunted houses too, and had us wondering why do people do that? why do people like to be scared? well, experts say people like toe exactly how much they can tolerate, how much can you take, they say that certain hormones kick up and kick in when we're scared that make us feel stronger, more powerful and so-called adrenaline rushes. plus we like to experience things that are forbidden and haunted houses and other scary things give us that feeling of experiencing the forbidden. >> is that what they do. >> yes. >> now, tell me about you. >> no, i don't like to be scared, i don't like the feeling. when there are scary movie commercials i walk out of the room. that is it for me. i don't like it. why does someone want to pay
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money or go out of your way to feel terrified. why would you want that. i don't understand. >> i didn't know how scared you were until we went for last years halloween show over to the eastern state pen tensionry and terror behind the walls. i thought you were joking at first. >> then we went in. >> are we done yet. >> it is almost over. >> okay, we're done, we're good. >> i know this woman for quite a while now. >> yes. >> you were not faking being scared. >> no. >> you were really terrified. >> with you she was good. >> that can work it out.
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>> there is no thrills. >> there are long lines of people wanting to do this. you are not one of them. >> no. >> even watching that. it is kind of embarrassing. i didn't know how serious it was until we went there. the most i had done was fright fest at six flags. >> so we asked to you go back over this year. we did tape for monday's show. >> yes. >> do you want to go. >> did you not see how i was last year? why would you put me through that again if you know it really bothers me. >> did anything happen early in my life, because i don't like scary movies anymore but i used to. >> my parents love it. >> is that right. >> but i don't. >> no. >> you know it is all fake. >> i do know that. >> but just that feeling. i don't like that feeling. and then waiting something is
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with to happen. >> we were going in and little kid were coming out, they could not make it through first turn but why would you take a toddler, a little toddler or a five-year old in there. >> it is scary, but you we love, the feeling like it is almost like a roller coaster, i could dianne that feeling, and rush of being like it is on the edge, i'm living something especially when you are a kid you don't have have any, you know, don't drink or anything like that so it is something that is forbidden you don't do it. it is different sensation and feeling. >> watch for it. we shot a still picture of when we came out of there. >> monies the big halloween show. we will show you piece we shot over there at eastern state penitentiary. director ron howard is back with the latest dan brown adoption starring tom hanks and ben foster.
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>> here's a clip from inferno. >> we need your help. we think it was part of something much bigger. >> what was in his pocket. >> modern conception of hell, 700 years ago. >> these circles of hell have been rearranged. >> why don't they. >> why this map of help, daunte's death map, yes, we have got to get it. >> oh, hell. >> hi kevin mccarthey. >> it is like heaven when we talk to him. >> i say the war hell and i think of kevin. hi kevin what do you think of this. tom hanks always good. >> mike and alex, good morning to you. how are you doing good karen is here too. >> hi. >> oh, karen good morning as well. this movie inferno is third movie in the robert langdon franchise. this movie is taking place, obviously in this franchise,
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there has within two films, da vinchi code and age else and demons. that came out seven years ago. this book for inferno was written in 2013. so it hasn't been that long since book was written until actual production of the movie. film itself with tom hanks, robert langdon who wakes up in an italian hospital. he has no memory. but a bad guy by ben foster has released or going to release a global virus that will kill half of the population of the world. so he has to somehow deal with his problem and figure out how to stop this virus from being released. it stars felicia jones. it is a movie that works overall in regard to the intensity. it is a bit convoluted but it does grab you. i do recommend seeing it in a theater, if you you cannon imack screen because it was shot with the ratio where it fills the whole screen. i think it is very much immerses you. i gave three and a half out of five. overall it works. >> three and a half out of
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five. >> by the way, angels and demons not as good as da vinchi code. >> that was good. >> let's scare the pant off ourselves. give us three movies we can watch with our families, that are horror films. >> two of them are not family friendly. one is. first one is dissent. if you showed this to your kid you will probably belong in jail. this movie is very, very scary. it is a cave diving experience gone wrong, and some essentially some strange breed of predators is attacking these women while they are in this cave. it is one of the most scariest films i have ever seen in my entire life. made in 2005. i'm telling you right now you will feel claustrophobic more than you ever felt in your life, it is called dissent, highly recommend it if you like, horror movie. next up cabin in the woods. again not for kid at all. this to me is very similar to
9:19 am
what, the scream to for the horror group. it change it. it added to the horror ge nre. josh wheaton direct this movie. very typical idea. they go out to the cabin in the the woods. there is a massive twist. i won't give away what that twist is but your jaw will hit the floor when you leave this theater. it is one of the most intense, insane horror movies i have ever seen. it is called cabin in the woods. now for family friendly movie i have to mention, nightmare before christmas, absolutely loved this movie so much. great love story, sally, and jack. to me it is tim burton, produced it, created these characters. beautiful film. great musical but has scary qualities as well but good for kids. >> love story for you, kevin, we know you proposed to your wife with this theme nightmare before christmas. >> this is true. >> can we get a camera on mike while he is watching decent. that would be a fun video to watch. >> would i love to see that.
9:20 am
>> no, really funny. >> have a great halloween i know you love that day. >> you too guys. >> bye-bye. amy schumer ain't sorry. people are upset about her beyonce video but she says it is not a parity. how she is proving she is in the right this time. plus, oh, it is tonight, power 99fm dancers are here. >> because powerhouse is tonight, one of the biggest concerts of the year. >> um many.
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well, it is 9:23. this amy schumer is famous for perfect silly antics, great stand up comic but or criticizing a video she released inspired by beyonce's formation video. it is amy and her friend, she's budd business goldie hahn, wand a sykes, joan kusack and goofing around having fun. they are in hawaii. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> there was say some people who describe the clips of amy and rest of them, dancing and they were tumbling around.
9:25 am
they were riding stuffed horses at one point saying they thought it was ignorant. >> they said it was offensive and often racist because except for wand a pretty much most of the video is, white women, basically and form haitian is about beyonce saying she's proud to be black and celebrating her black heritage. they are taking something that was beyonce saying she's proud of who she is and culture and making it different and not including anyone african-american except for wand a sykes. >> she said this is empowering all women and just my women friends. this was never a parity but just celebrating women and each other. if you watch it and felt anything other than good please know that was not my intention. movie we made is fun and women in it are strong and we want to help each other and that is what it was for me and, of course, i had beyonce and jay-z's approval. they released it on tidal exclusively for first 24 hours. >> beyonce has no problem with
9:26 am
it. >> yes. >> but. >> you know bee beyonce approved because they are very on their tidal game. >> okay. >> beyonce, she wrote the song, came up with the conn president is. >> other people interpreted it a different way. >> sometimes people want to be offended for other people. >> beyonce, there is a lath of backlash. beyonce said that was purpose of art, everybody has their own interpretation. for some people way they interpreted it, it was way to redo that was offensive. >> it is making fun of something important. >> it is a woman's anthem. >> really. >> is that a woman's anthem. >> yes. >> it looks like they are having fun in hawaii. >> it is fun. >> screwing around. >> they danced to that whole album all summer long. >> yes. >> the lyrics of the song are i love my nose and my afro, you know, it is about being black and african-american. that is why, you know, i think it is also kind of, yeah.
9:27 am
>> yeah. >> it is just opinion. it is art. >> it seems to me they didn't even know the meaning of form haitian when they shot it. it looks like they were just screwing around in hawaii. >> she says all woman getting in formation. all women get in formation. let's own it whether it is this hair. >> hold on, what is that sound. >> wait. >> it is backpedaling, have after you got busted. >> it is beyonce approved and she did the song and came up with the the concept and video. >> really think beyonce knew the concept they were shooting in hawaii. >> it is beyonce for perfect formation video if that was her thing and they shot this and beyonce approved and said i'm cool with that. i like that. i will put it on my own music streaming site. >> do we have word that beyonce looked at it, and then okay, put it on. >> beyonce is very particular. we know this. she's very quiet. we still don't know what happened in the elevator. >> she's okay, i'm okay. >> whatever. >> we will go on. >> it is almost 9:30.
9:28 am
>> oh, hand we cannot show this guy's face because he works a none mustily for good reason. we will show you his ultimate dining guide just came out, famous craig leban joins us live in the studio. >> this is so big, huge. >> i know. >> he gives out four bells and three bells. >> i think we will cover seven, four bell restaurants at this point in 2016. >> i didn't know seven existed. >> oh, yeah. >> craig is here.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life.
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>> welcome back, man, this is good, check it out. it has been out for about five days, we have invited him to talk about his ultimate dining guide. obviously we can't show his phrase. craig, thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here you. >> say top 25 favorites, can't do them all, so let's just start with well, before we get into this, you know, four bell, three bells, two bells, one bell, no bells. not life, no bell. what are the bells all about? is that important when it comes to this. >> well, the bells are my measure how much i like a restaurant. when you get to the higher levels it, reflect their sort of level achievementment, consistency, overall performance. so, when talking about the four bell restaurants, always been very, very select few place that is really set the highest standard in the city. >> let's see some of those. >> that's right. well, vernick, right now,
9:33 am
seven, actually eight, four-bell restaurant in the region, one not in this guide because they just changed chefs, but seven in this guide. and four of them are new. vernick1 of the four bell restaurants. >> i's been there. >> that's right. because sometimes restaurant take a couple of years to refine what they do, start out graph, they started off with wonderful three bell review. >> why is it good? >> because greg vernik is the chef bell. become more casual, in what we do. but what's on the plate, and what's going on in the kitchen; very sophisticated, and this restaurant has take answer lot of familiar things, toast, chicken, spaghetti, and it has made them incredibly special by attention to detail and flavor. >> see you are chant there. let's move over to laurel, east passyunk, well, laurel is nick elmi's restaurant, a lot of people know nick from one of the top chef winners, also know nick because he was the last chef at le bec fin.
9:34 am
>> yes? >> yes, interesting, le bec fin kind of the end of the era of sort of fancy formal french fine dining in philadelphia, society hill, the hub is one of the modernist rail i dining, one of the restaurant that philadelphia ands, people come to philadelphia to eat. >> always on the list. >> vetri, the all time around this list, cue china, high end italian dining, has really continued to evolve, one of the special blow out meals in the sit. >> i they say that's the place valentine's day or romantic dinners. >> once a year, very expensive. >> veg, veg is vegan. >> and it is the restaurant that has converted many cash voicer to realizing that they're really wonderful things to be done with vegtables in a meal. >> i love that place. >> so extraordinary, invented new cuisin there. >> fork our neighbor? >> has been there almost 20 years now, every year gets
9:35 am
better, one of the most refine dining experiences in the city now, also, reflecting a more modern approach to dining. >> b boo, classic french cuisin, refined in a little 20 seed byob in south philly, chefs cook new menu every week and he is a masser. >> hungry pigeon? >> all right, look, hungry pigeon one every my three bell restaurant, and i love hungry pigeon, it is an all day cafe. so, it goes from a breakfast place where they make their own coy advance, to restaurant anbar at night, where they are doing all kind of fun sharing. >> where is that? >> that's in keen village, fitzwater. >> favorite breakfast place in the city now. >> hungry pigeon? >> wonderful. >> are the pigeons really hungry? they seem always be hungry, throw something on the cement, they eat it up. >> saute, how do you say this name? >> saute kampar. >> where is that? >> mill asian green, east passyunk avenue, very
9:36 am
authentic, import the charcoal made of -- made of coconut shells, scured in lemon grace. >> what's this south philly bar? >> south philly barbacoa. >> what's that mean? >> classic slow cooked lamb dish from mexico. >> not baaad. >> you're too good. >> can't keep up with you. >> and then oh, a place i've been to probably five times, michael seoul son's place. >> one of the most dramatic restaurant in the city. wonderful, you know, another place that's upstairs, downstairs, you have the subterrain yan sushi lounge, kevin yanaga the chef, making some of the best sushi place. >> do you know what that place used snob. >> i do in. >> they've cleaned it up. >> little bit. >> this is fun. >> thank you. >> come back, do it again. >> i would love to. >> craig, all the mat dining. okay, i have a question for you. are they together or not?
9:37 am
mariah carey and her billionaire fiancee, supposedly have broken up now, and karen hepp predicted on yesterday's show who she would date next. we've got the confirmation, karen hepp was on point. you out.
9:38 am
no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual.
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>> so many people performing. >> meek mill, geez i, fat joe, runny moss, so many others, and plus you know our friends, the morning show, say what? will be on the stage. this is one of the biggest concerts in philly.
9:41 am
>> freakishly there are few tickets left. you can visit power 99. com see if you can score one of the last ones there. >> designers coming back this look interesting. remember, he performed half time of the sixers game, they booed him at the end. >> you know what i heard, some people there in the sixers crowd thought he was lip-syncing. >> it wasn't his spot. >> he -- >> he was dancing too much. and they put the mike away, and woe still be talking or rapping, so, yes. britney spears, though? >> some back to there is karen hepp is always right. at least that is what she tells me. this morning, we're getting new details into the possible reasons behind the split between mariah carey and her billionaire fiancee, james packer. >> so, "tmz" has reported that he had treated one of her assistant terribly on a yacht, also said she was hooking up with, wait for it, one of her
9:42 am
dancers. >> is that what you said yesterday, karen, mariah should do like j-lo? >> already had the sexual chemistry, you know women dancing something it is so sexual, so much fun, you get all up close with somebody, so it makes it the natural, not that i would know, but, i mean -- >> who are you dance withing? >> nobody now, but back in the day. >> dirty dancing? >> so, easy, safe, you don't have to be in this competitive cycle with, you know, so it made sense. whatever, women that have some things -- >> there is a tv show like ours down in australia called sunrise. they said the break is up due to a fight the couple had while in grease, matter of fact, and they haven't seen each other since. soap, women's day magazine also reports that this james packer dude had huge reservations regarding her new reality show that she wants to shoot, and she wanted him to be in it. >> oh,. >> he didn't want to reveal that much about the relationship, and said this is
9:43 am
it. so, well, what do you think, mariah? i gave you a $10 million engagement ring. you going to give that back. she goes boy bye. >> he is a billionaire. what's that for a billionaire? >> please. >> i have some breaking eagles-cowboys news. >> what is it. >> apparently, because i've been tweeting about what we're doing, someone major sports person in dallas found out about this, now, i'm getting trolled by cowboys fans, and they're saying all kind of things. >> mad? >> popping trash right now. so whether we come back, read some of these. it is getting ugly. >> if you just joined us, we disrespecting the star by having horse sat on the star, i know it is classy television. i'm sure this is going to get an emmy, maybe pulitzer. >> whose idea was it? >> i want add cowboy. he said no, let's not do a cowboy, let's just get the
9:44 am
loss. get the cowboy's horse to common. >> better than having real cowboy come down and poop on the star? >> you would like to see a grown man? >> some people, mike, what you are missing. >> oh, oh, you just wanted a cowboy to come down here? >> a fake rowdy mascot. >> well, let's see how -- see what's happening at fourth and market now. here's jen. >> listen, when we do these segments. >> do? >> do them very well. and look in the camera. you show those cowboys fans a little bit about what we're made of in the philadelphia area. come on back, i'll introduce you to her, her dad, and yes, the do do. do be right there. stiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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>> welcome back everybody, looking at tweets here. so, if you haven't been with us all awe long, jenn fred is going to do a recap of fecal friday here. because it is eagles-cowboys weekend. jen? >> reporter: is that what we're calling it? i love it, fecal friday. so, first of all, those mean, mean, mean tweets, take a look at this sweet, sweet, sweet face. good morning to you, bug. >> good morning. >> okay, so we want to tell people what we have been doing. we have the dallas star, pretty close to, you know, the best thing going on in dallas. because we're playing the dallas cowboys this weekend. and you know they don't like football players to step on it, to taunt it, do anything,
9:48 am
so you brought your horse with you from the farm in and that horse's name? >> tee bee. >> what was his job today? >> poop on the glair what did he do? >> poop on that star. >> i want a replay of cheb pooping on the star watch did he do? >> poop on that star. >> now, of course, cheebee is not used to live television, so did it in a commercial break. but some of the best people in the world, oh, they're saying, poop there it is. now, ♪ poop there it is ♪ >> tell me where you found cheebee. >> we found her at -- >> a rescue pulled out after farm in pennsylvania. she was a neglect case, wade 47 pounds when we got letter, she is 160 to 180 now. >> how does she feel about the cowboys? >> speaks for itself, doesn't it? >> it does. >> you don't like the cowboys of course. >> nope. >> do you follow football?
9:49 am
say yes. >> ya, i do, i totally do. >> this is great halloween costume for her. what do you think? >> ya. >> do you think she'll let you keep it on? >> until halloween? >> we really appreciate what you have done here today. now you know that there is some awful mean terrible dallas cowboy fans, that think this is bad. we think it is good, right? >> yes. >> so look into the camera, and say: go eagles. >> go eagles! >> yeah, and what did the horse do, one last time? >> poop on that star. >> thanks, that was cool. now, eagles fans have found out what we're doing in philadelphia, and they're mad. >> yes, cowboys fans, they've heard about this. >> cowboys. >> tweet it out a tweety said wait for it, picture of the horse on the star. this guy says: not much to look forward to in philly me thinks. got to watch a horse poop on a star for entertainment maybe i'll win a championship. >> here is rub it in the face of cowboys fans, because they
9:50 am
have won a lot of superbowls. >> how long? ninety's? >> here is another one. this one interest david. it says: eagle superbowl motto. >> all started, trowel hughes,. >> sports radio guy in dallas, saw me tweet, re tweeted, so getting all kinds of tweets from these cowboys fans, we're trash talking all right. let's get this final one, even though they're still coming in. >> going to be a long weekend. >> it is going to be a long weekends, you know where i'm from. it will be interesting to go back home. >> this one says how many excuses will you guys make after the game, cowboy nation? this is one, you all why you never won a superbowl, you rely on many horse poop for wins. cowboy nation. help me out on twitter, okay? alex holley fox 29. are you going let those cowboy fans talk that me like that? >> this is really talking -- hey. >> oh, ya. >> it is time to get magical.
9:51 am
international champion of magic, david macon, joins us, this guy is unbelievable. he's going below your mind after the break.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> looks like two engines have slammed together. steve, what do you have? where is it? >> reporter: saw it from the air, we got pretty close on the grounds, because it is not far off of 95 and 322 in chester county here. and you can see the head-on crash of engine 4402, and engine 5,000, and you see the csx markingment look at the bottom of engine 4402. it looks like the top of the locomotive has come un inch
9:55 am
hinged from the rail wheel section, and where the fuel tanks are. and who knows why these two trains crashed head on, chris will pan either way, and you can see, they're long freight trains, like usual, and we saw a stopped freight train with the locomotive along 95, obviously, stopped because of this accident, about 4 miles from there. you can see some other workers now going into the rail karat 4402, we heard from firefighters, that maybe just the two engineers, one in each vehicle, hurt and just being checked, and not known how hard they hit, and so that won't tell us the extent of any injuries. hopefully they can talk and just tell what happened here. so, we will stay out here, try to get some answers get it on the website as soon as we consideration guys. >> man, we've had troubled trains over the last couple of years in this city. the philadelphia film festival already underway, among the many film being shown, good one, the magicians, life in the impossible. >> and it stars our next guest, david, international
9:56 am
champion of magic. >> welcome to philly. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. let's get right to it. what can you do in a minute? >> wow that's fast. we will have you shuffle these cards. give them quick little mix. >> okay? >> remove a card. we're going to do something that's a little out of the orders area. >> i can take anyone of these out of here? >> anyone you like. great. >> okay? >> so, show alex, i'll look this one. >> show the people, please. >> okay. >> as i go through these cards, you can say stop any time you would like. >> stop. >> all right? >> yell, why am i yelling? >> i don't know. we will place these in your hands. and so that i can't manipulate the cards, you'll hold onto them. hold your hand just like this. there you go. like that. hold the cards right there. think of the card you saw, if it was a red card it, will get warmer. black card will get colder. this feels colder, so i'm
9:57 am
going with a black card. take a deep breath, breathe out, just let your muscles relax. i'll fine your card, just like this. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're scaring the heck out of me. >> take the cards if you would, please. >> was that the one. >> yes. >> that's the one! >> back away. >> i know. no strings, people, i was looking, like oh, my gosh. >> so tell me about this film, where can i see it? >> tomorrow night ritz five. we have a screening there, do little magic before or after. and then also, on november 15th, it will be released on all digital platforms. amazon, itunes, all of that. >> oh, that's amazing. >> oh, i saw this one, good one, too. i don't get it. how do you get stuff to fly like that? >> i just do. >> magic. >> david we have to check it out. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> can you make the dallas cowboys disappear? >> i'll give it a shot.
9:58 am
>> please do. >> let's go eagles, big game sunday! >> see you monday for our halloween show.
9:59 am
i can't believe we're doing this. gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin' i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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and i approve this message. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? looking good. [ cheers ] i do not judge -- but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ [ cheers ] >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: well. ♪ thank you very much for watching the show. welcome. [ applause ]


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