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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 29, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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>> is still remain the same people person. just because i won i eye doesn't mean i'm different than anyone else. >> he's a modern-day same. here he is by this kids -- did you call him a mattern day saint? >> i object that. he's that. he's about cooking drugs with a girlfriend. >> what you got? >> what are you doing? this is a great spot for selfie. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> you guys are completely insane. i love it.
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>> rush-hour traffic keeps came to a standstill on the upper level of the george washington bridge on friday morning. that was after man drove his car onto the bridge, took his shirt off and climbed up a bridge tower. alberto hernandez, 54 years old can be seen on the old can be seen on the video at the top of the tower sitting on the ledge. a port authority officials says it was a suicide attempt and an officer wrestled with alberto but safely removed him without injury. alberto came from pennsylvania. according to the official he told them he was an ironworker. he was taken was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. he was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and interfering with transportation. follow me on twitter and follow
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the show at chasing news for more. >> i visited the 18-year-old who was fortunate to be alive after losing his left eye in a shootout on tuesday and patterson. he was an innocent victim. pictures show wrapper by his hospital bedside who happens to also be from patterson and has a prosthetic eye. >> like i was in this one i will not change. it will remain the same. like i was box and, i can still do the same with one eye. speemac's mother says her son was on his cell phone inside his friends car at the time when it happened. he was on putnam and rosa park boulevard when he heard gunshots. her son got down and the gunshots were over. that is when a bullet hit him on the side of his face. doctors say had the bullet came through the front of his head he would have been dead. >> we have to have patience. we have to have prayer.
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it is a long road ahead. he has a a lot of surgeries to go. it's been rough. his emotional state has been up-and-down. >> they down. >> they want justice and say something must be done so shooting stopping the norm and patterson. lasher 18 people were murdered in the city. as recently as august, 14 shootings led to fort people dead and more than one dozen injured. more than 70 shootings already this year. >> i want them to separate i don't know what is going on with today's generation. as of today i think there are at 80 already and it's only been a week. >> kenya has been boxing since the age of five. his family says he will keep on going to pushing through. they have started a gofundme page to help with his medical expenses and they will hopefully get a prosthetic eye like his idol.
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>> amazing. credits to -- -- he got into trouble and went back to eastside hospital and shot his wake up a video. he got the a ministration was in trouble and it's a shame. they should have overlooked their sensitivity on the scantily clad women and said we have a bona fide star committed that can actually bring some attention to patterson. to me one of the great civil rights crisis of our time is the fact that you have families living in minority areas like patterson where you can go down the street, sit in your car, or go to school with out fear of being shot. >> freddie is very good at a celebrity but he's not the perfect role model it comes to patterson. >> he is a role model. >> absolutely not the perfect role model for patterson. his songs are about cooking drugs with your girlfriend. that is not the kind of stories we need patterson to focus on. >> on my very first day at chasing news hank took me out to
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patterson where there was three drive-by shootings in one weekend. it was while the amount of people that would not talk about what was happening. we need to change the dynamic on the ground and patterson. people need to feel comfortable sharing their story. i'm happy he is sharing his his. >> regardless of what freddie does, you can give some of the kids and patterson a drink. >> a good starting point would be the mayor shaken hands of this kids. >> it's time to wake up patterson. >> let's do a high-speed chase. michael, go ahead. >> check out this googly eyed donald trump look-alike from copenhagen, denmark. the bus was sponsored by scandinavian social party reminding americans abroad to vote in its upcoming election. just look at the googly eyes over, over, over, and over. >> green day respects people not in green day so when thomas brought a sign to the bands
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concert that read i can play every song on -- of 1994, they brought him onstage. he played when. he played when i come around and he killed it. when those half the bottle he could mail that. you can watch him world and twirl across stage and even get held in billie joe armstrong's embrace. twitter is shutting down an app with which you can make six section they're shutting down fine where you can make six section videos. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now he can't do this anymore. money others want want to follow in his footsteps. they won't be able to.
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>> ron, you are chasing a story. one. one that will really shock everyone. government workers caught networking. >> the newspaper's come out with a story that shows mercer county residents just how hard their tax dollars are working for them. actually, not working for them. the newspaper got its hands on numerous pictures of the department of transportation workers sleeping on the job, on the clock, in mercer county vehicles. check the photos out. one was caught with photos out. one was caught with his pants down and that is not -- his pants were literally down. >> is that what i'm looking at? >> yes, don't look too close. all of the photos were taken this past summer and what the newspapers anonymous source says a hotspot for this activity. again, inactivity. the makeshift parking the is a
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parkway avenue in union, new jersey. the spokeswoman responded and said they also have not seen photographs as of yet. in part it reads, if they choose to nap or rest on their personal time that's their prerogative. if there is a particular complaint about an employee it will be taken seriously and be handled appropriately. >> to meet these are out of context. how do you not know there on a break? break? there is more to this. i don't know this guy with his pants down wasn't sick or something else. it's a a must on fares. >> sick? that's your justification for the workers be in at a truck without his pants on? >> that's a weird picture. >> we could probably separate that guy from the sleeping folks. >> let's talk a but the real issue. there are times when i'm driving by a construction site when nothing is happening at all. >> on the other side guys are working outside, they're working an eight hour shift, they don't have the break of common inside from the element. honestly, why begrudge a guy
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five minute nap if he's entitled to a 15 or 20 minute break. >> that response is ridiculous. how could you respond if you haven't seen the pictures. >> i will head over to the nap spot see if i can find anybody. >> take a nap in your car. >> i'm on the clock, sorry. >> contacted your office, you know they did? i'm waiting for the answer, do do you know what they day? >> they did nothing. they did nothing. >> what a day at seaside heights. >> a year ago families lost their homes and will lose their homes. >> governor christie came here to see and mark a four year anniversary of sandy. he released a statement earlier in the day raving about the
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recovery efforts that his administration is done. as as you can see he got anything but a plaza return. [inaudible] let's get some action. >> resident standing up holding your phone up and recording what was happening. trying to hold the governor and get some answers. [inaudible] are you satisfied with that? >> identify for everyone. >> all the governor did was to sit there and take it. >> you have a 91% failure rate of getting families back home. >> the families lost their homes that are going to lose their home. >> he even visited the
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substation working there are always going to be critics. he blamed the media for much of that. >> the people were hurling the criticism our people have never accomplished anything in their lives. >> here at seaside we heard from the critics and as you can see residents just want to get back in their homes. >> it's criminal what is happening. it's criminal. >> anything else you want to add right now? >> i want to get home. >> christie said hundreds of thousands of people are back in their homes. but to but to the thousands were not here's his message. >> there is no way we were going to be able to get this done in two years, or five years. it's going to take time. >> interestingly the mood did change. it shifted from christie -- it christie jokingly said what i would've done some something to eliminate something but my run for presidency did exactly go so well. >> i'm sure there's more to come from the governor over the next few months. >> this was started by don just two years ago, he started making american -- right here.
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>> we are doing it with american workers. >> making americae.
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>> jack is a native and the next are he is fighting for his life right now in las vegas. he was
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at an event and he had a horrible bike crash that ended with a spinal cord damage and skull fracture with multiple surgeries. his families out there right now. will talk to them next week when they get back from new jersey. he's at the fun rain fundraising page right now we want to wish him a swift recovery. >> were all familiar with the delays abut mother nature might be to blame. or officials. >> on friday morning they showed how the transit that they had actually view 20000 gallons worth of water onto the track to remove the fallen leaves. >> i have an idea. >> yesterday jessica was chasing a story about the lieutenant governor coming on and breaking with governor christie and every politician in trenton. coming out against the ballot
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question number two which is about the transportation trust fund. >> do you oppose the gas tax any have to vote against number two. they can't borrow the money they need to make it work. >> we are joined by the senator and he came on the show this morning it stood with the lieutenant governor and with your constituent to stay it's time to vote no one to because they're completely deceiving us with the real purpose of this ballot question. >> absolutely, as you know i voted against the gas tax, 23 cents is excessive. it's really problematic because the money would go to a panel of four on elected officials who's going to determine where the money will go for the projects. you're setting up a system to fail. i'm going to vote no on the question. >> what they told us is that it will go in a lockbox. they made this whole thing that it would go on the lockbox and be protected and then we find
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out it's about light rail projects and freight projects. the worst part is, that lockbox money is only going to be used as a down payment to borrow what could be 12,000,000,000 dollars which has nothing to do with the lockbox. it could go anyway. >> exactly. that's anywhere. >> exactly. that's my concern. this is a problem in new jersey. the way they freeze these questions yes means no no means yes. as i indicated it's problematic. i would encourage people to vote no. we have to to go back to the drawing board. it's not going to's draft the taxpayer. >> governor christie released a statement saying there must be a misunderstanding the, she made on the radio show. now you have joined on with her and you will also vote no on question two. why is it just the two of you? is governor christie intimidating others out there so that their vote is being influenced? >> i don't know. obviously lieutenant governor governor is
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smart and knows what she's doing. i don't think people fully understand it. i understand with her trying to do a make the public believe it's not went to be rated like every other fund has been. there is real concern about what they're going to do about it. >> if you're standing up to your constituents and we appreciate that courage. as an honorary millennial, i know you're big on twitter so get out there and use the hashtag, vote no on to. thank one to. thank you. i appreciate your time. if you're watching at home we have ten days before the election. you have to to vote no on number two. don't give christie and the trenton insiders a blank check for $12 billion, # vote no one to mac we can stop it, you can help. >> you are chasing a story, making america great again one keg at a time. >> the united states has the highest density of brewers in the world. in new jersey there 67. where's michael? i? i need them back.
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>> he is out drinking. >> our very own michael has two breweries within walking distance of his house. where's all the spirit going? until about five months ago they're going into imported cakes from china and europe. now, thanks to the american keg company they are being bottled right here in america. the american keg company was started with the owner of fly fox brewery. >> i started it when i was short of kegs in 2007. we figured out we figured out very quickly and was very expensive. but just two years ago he did it. in 2014 he started making american sealed keg right here. we are doing it with american sealed. steel.
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they are just $10 more expensive than chinese bae-2's. why would you buy that in america? we want to promote american brands. we want to make americans then use americans and use american steel. i don't drink beer -- >> really? >> i know. wrong story for you. >> hold on. so he took me on a tour of the steel tag factory and i learned a lot. it turns out that in one day they can make 150 bae-2's 50 keg's and it goes through shaping, welding, and then cleansing process. there is even a printing press in case they want their company logos on them. i brought a very cute little keg because they come in shapes and sizes. there is no beer in the keg bae-2. but i can take it to the local brewery and they will fill
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it up. >> it's very small. >> is for personal use. >> it has been a few years. >> making america great again, one keg at a time. >> i'm going to go to the local brewery. the grandmas meatballs. many restaurants try to may mak.
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>> diana, you're getting getting great reviews for your new jacket. >> on instagram. jacket. >> on instagram. maybe this will get christie yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ ♪ logo ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> youtube user created the video where they more the units
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with a popular netflix show, stranger things to make a weird version of charlie brown's christmas. it's about will after he has gotten out of the upside down creepy world. he just can't seem to shake off -- will buy her, you're the only person i know who can be rescued from a mysterious paranormal universe and still find a way to feel crummy about it. >> his friends remind him that the only thing he needed as the friends that loved him. unfortunately we cannot say the same. >> good grief. >> there is an old say that there is nothing like grandmas meatballs. >> many restaurants try to abide by that motto and mimic art grandmothers tradition. but they go a step further bringing the grandmas themselves into the kitchen.
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the staten island restaurant has done away with ordinary chefs and has done something extraordinary. and brought in strictly grandmas to cook their dishes. the grandmas at the grill bring their specialty from their native countries around the world. the world concept is rooted in the idea of a home-cooked meal. >> most restaurant to go to it's just a job. these ladies are not professionals, they come in and they cook with that warmth and that love that you would expect from a grandmother. >> he welcomes into the staten island's get get a behind the scenes peek at the magic behind the meatballs and beyond. >> right away i realize that grandmas bringing an old-fashioned technique to the kitchen and there's nothing old about the smell and flavor. >> ten years ago when we first opened we were just a different
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region of italy. six years ago we noticed that every culture was coming in here to celebrate the a telling grandmothers. at that point we thought how nice it would be to celebrate everybody's culture. >> with grandmothers and wine from around the world i think you can agree that they have all we want in restaurant. i almost forgot, the no-no. no-no. you free to cook in my apartment? >> why not? he is the sole grandpa who is making the pasta. so if your mouth is watering you can hop on the water ferry to staten island. it's free and check out this little gem of a restaurant where you can sit with the owner jody. >> how are the meatballs? >> did you not try the meatballs?
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>> what's in the meatballs? is it pork, lamb, beef, veal? >> a little bit of everything. i could tell you but i would have to kill you. >> fair enough. >> this restaurant could never replace your real grandma. >> actually and glad you said that. a part of why he does this is because a lot of people don't have their grandmothers either in new york or around at all. >> thank you. what week it was. we appreciate you watching. as a go through the we can await so we come back on monday remember, you have an opportunity to stop this awful spending and taxation in trenton. you have to vote no on number two mac. you have to vote no on number two mac. >> kenya was fortunate t
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