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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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bird dropping this dallas. what an overtime stink bomb. dak the dashes the hopes of eagles fans this overtime with a touchdown pass to a wide open, jason witten. a game eagles should have won, holding a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter. we will look at what went wrong. what to you think went wrong? how did we lose this game? hit us up on twitter. plus the clock is ticking for septa and its workers and for you, just hours left, until the deadline to reach a deal, if it is not met,
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thousands will walk out on the job after midnight. what it could mean for your commute tomorrow morning. and 650,000 e-mails, could change the course of the election. >> no matter what is thrown at us, we need to stay focused on our goal. >> this is the single biggest scandal since watergate. >> the fbi, reopens it investigation in the hillary clinton's e-mails just a week before americans cast their votes. how the october bomb shell has impact the race so far. it is here after years of enjoying some of the cheapest gas rises in the the country, new jersey drivers will soon to have shell out more at the pump. how much longer do you have to fill up before prices go up. thanks to the new gasoline tax. good day everybody it is october 212,016th. it is october 31st. sit october 31st. >> it is. >> yes, sir.
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>> is that why you have orange on. >> "good day philadelphia", is famous for its big halloween extravagance a we have another one this year. this is part of my outfit. >> yes, that is all i'm saying so far. >> your pants are a little too tie. >> hello, good morning. thank you for your pictures that you have sent us. man, the masses were outside, saturday night, weather was different. >> thanks, patty. >> and this is from jack happy halloween a little halloween bowling fun. >> by the way send in a picture user the hash tan fox 29 good day, and that way we can see it and put it on the air. >> remember we have a big halloween bash at 9:00 a.m. bring the kid. we will have a big parade. we will get to be on tv, music, face painting. we hope to see you there. >> yes.
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>> yes. >> very frightening. but don't take i-95. >> i-95 is a mess. good morning, everybody. outside we will go a live look at i-95 northbound, early morning, jammo as you work your way from the airport in toward broad street. an accident involving a vehicle, and a tow truck and a bus, it all happened within the last hour or so, what we're looking at here is northbound side just north of the broad street, so if you are coming up from say the airport already jammo up and over girard point double decker bridge in toward stadium area and we are looking at an accident on the pennsy turnpike at willow grove. services suspended. service suspended on the lansdale doylestown regional rail line. can you imagine, if this happened tomorrow if this strikings down? services right you this because of power problems, no service on the the lansdale, doylestown line. i was starting to see a lot have of volume on the major roadways, watch it for all of those leaves, that are wet, and sticky there last night's
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storm. here's a halloween costume for you, not a whack a mold, look at this guy. we are all getting ready for the kid halloween parades at school and, of course, big trick or treating tonight. what is the forecast going to be like. >> if you are heading to whack a me to get candy because you ate it all and you don't have anything left for trick or treaters, it looks good. it is chillier then it was, over the weekend. a breezy start today, temperatures in the 40's and 50's. do you like buddy's costume king cut with a little mummy there. he wants his mummy. we have a nine out of ten in our spooky weather by the numbers and in more rain, those thunderstorms, though they were the cold front and that is why it is so much chillier then yesterday. 47 degrees, right now with sunrise, coming up at 7:29, officially, so, speaking of the mummies, let's danza long with the trick or treating forecast, come on baby, let's do the mummy twist. it is going to be in the 50's.
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so again not as cold, not as warm as yesterday, a little colder but we're having a good time and we're excited, how about you. >> i was not doing that dance last night. >> i was in the fourth quarter when i started to fall asleep with the ten-point lead. do you go to bed with the eagles up by ten. >> i did. >> this is the way it ended with this wide open, touchdown pass in overtime furkow boys, to win the game. they are now six-one. the eagles fall 29-23. >> lets get to steve keeley because only steve keeley can put this together for us. >> what went wrong and how do we feel this morning. >> put tonight perspective, steve. >> reporter: you asked me earlier can i find a positive. here's the positive. look at this way jeff laurie can save on eagles flu shots. no need to have receivers and running backs because they cannot catch a cold, flu or the the football. okay. case in point my highlight real that we have put together
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with ryan the main man producer behind the scenes in the control room. look at these low lights. by the way, it is everybody. so you got nelson agholor who disgracees number 17 harold carmichael jersey which should have been retired, darren sproles, and then hoff, matthews and green beckham we ran the wrong video, producer not as good as we thought. that was small wood fumble. another guy who cannot hold on to the football. maybe if they get cool mr. nerdy glasses like the guy throwing football they will see it better. >> we have to go back and watch the tape. it is a lot of us. we have a young team. you know, just to lose like that in the fourth quarter, when we had our opportunities we have to learn it and put them away when we can. >> we definitely for the for four quarters and throughout overtime, every did, all phases of the ball, we came up short but there is some positive we can see in the game but at the same time, this game is about winning and
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nothing else. so we have to find a way to get a win. you know, we will look at the tape, see what we did wrong and get it fixed and find a way to beat the giants next week. >> lets put a smile on the viewer's face. you love seinfeld. middle name wasn't eugene i would say it would be michael public service jerrick n honor of the looming septa strike and now that we're in november ratings, as he would say that is, ratings gold, gold. you and bob kelly for alternate day for as long as this last rickshaw a lucky viewer every day, to work. >> you may get one of those, three wheel tricycles with the basket on the back. greg, what is wrong now. greg is not happy with the tag. if you dumped out of the video please play the video people back there so viewers who don't know seinfeld can see rickshaw. >> we did. >> do you like this idea, mike. we will get rickshaw. give to it a lucky viewer.
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you you will not be rickshawing people from delaware county but a a close ride there home to school, and i'm sure, this will get changed to the limousine service with mike with the limo hat honor something but either way, let's give the viewers a break and maybe a lucky viewer day for the length of the strike gets a ride courtesy of "good day philadelphia". >> rickshaw ride. >> in some shape or form. if you are pedaling one of those rickshaw bikes like they have in manhattan, that is ratings gold, that is viral video. that is called a gold. >> lets put the call out there anybody has a pedi cabs you see them on the streets of manhattan. so annoying. hopefully we will never have them here. if you can find one, i'll take some of our viewers. >> hang around here, steve. did you notice, is what going on with couch pederson's hair, has he dyed the top of his hair blonde or is that white hair. >> he is going naturally gray. he is in the doing that just
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for men thing. >> like i do. >> yes. >> like if somebody just said hair dye causes cancer, if that was the case mike annie wouldn't of made it out of the 80's. >> he is starting to look like a singer from back in the day todd rungreen. >> how cool and how nice is he. bill o'brien, houston texans run. he is a miserable sob. pederson is a good mood. he is a good positive guy. i don't just say that because he lives in moorestown. i like that guy a lot. i don't care if all of the tans said he made a wrong call last night. he is a good dude. >> just don't put smallwood in the fourth quarter after he hasn't touched the ball the whole darn game. >> speaking of smallwood, good to see you, all right, steve. good today could be the last take to ride septa for a while. we have a strike looming. >> union planning a strike if they cannot come to terms with the transit agency. current contract expired today and lauren, they are meeting
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outside sheraton where you are in just a little bit. >> that is right i just checked twitter, lots of people asking lots of questions about exactly what is going on and right now the answer is service is normal today, that could change tomorrow, but everyone, of course, hoping that they can reach a deal by midnight tonight. so what does this all boil down to here at sheraton during negotiations, well, money, of course, pension, health care cost and coverage and public safety issues who does this this affect? more than 5,000 septa bus drivers, trolley and subway operators. if they are off the job that means it effects half a million people, who use septa every day, and who will have to scramble tomorrow morning. >> i saw the transportation for everything. and, to think that they don't have any kind of backup system because it has happened before, it is really bad. >> every time they are negotiating contracts it always happens. i wish they could do something
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final once and for all so people can get to work. >> well, those negotiations started back in july, in the summer, one of the big sticking points public safety concerns like breaks for drivers and operators. union says in some cases they don't get breaks long enough to use rest room, fatigue could be dangerous. twitter has posted on their web site. a guy for those who would be affect by any service interruptions an mike and alex, it means it is time to get creative. people with bigger cars to have start car pooling or you might sees lot more uber, lyft and taxis on the road tomorrow morning. >> we know with that that means there will be surge pricing if they know people are trying to get those ride. >> get to know your neighbor in other word, with the car pooling, way to go. >> that is right. we can either talk about the politics, we can talk about the politics and presidential campaign or look at this dog dressed as a pumpkin. >> yes. >> come on over here.
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>> cookie. >> yes. >> what is the idea. >> yes. >> there is two people. >> yes, they are carrying the pumpkin. >> doug luzader, top this, we have eight days before the presidential election and new fbi is involved. hi there, doug. >> reporter: you will make me follow an animal ago. a appreciate that, mike. yeah, well, you want to know about an october surprise. here we go. latest one just came out on friday, we are reaching the end of october today. it is having to do with hillary clinton's e-mails. fbi has hundreds of thousands oz have these to go through n hope of getting any resolution prior to election day. hillary clinton and her supporters meantime are going after the director of the fbi. >> you know, a lot of noise, distractions but it really comes down to what kind of future we want. >> hillary clinton this florida trying to down play
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fbi investigation. >> but that she's engaged and, intense criticism for former justice department official whose said that this entirely breach of protocol. >> reporter: comey note the filed congress on friday that the fbi obtained new e-mails related to the investigation in hillary clinton's right. e-mail server. we have since learned that they came from a lap top shared by top clinton aid huma aberdeen and her estrange husband anthony weiner who is under investigation for allegedly sexting with a teen. it is possible that the e-mails are duplicates of ones investigators have uncovered and they may have nothing to do with clinton but this investigation hits with polls show are her weak spots, trust and honesty. >> this could be the mother load. >> reporter: all of this may hand donald trump a life line at a critical time. because of the prevalence of early voting and advantage clinton has held impact oven
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this late october surprise could be muted and something clinton campaign is counting on. >> those people who voted in person hoy say i wouldn't have done that, they're gone. they are gone. >> reporter: clinton campaign clearly concerned about this now. taking a very aggressive posture, against the fbi, and fbi director james comey. >> offer 20 million people have have already voted in this election. so we will see what happens. doug, thank you. we will check with this. drivers in new jersey are about to pay more at the pump, tomorrow the gas tax officially takes effect. the rise will increase by 23 cents per gallon, lawmakers say money will help fund state, road and bridge i am o. supporters say hike is desperately needed because the state transportation fund is out of money. >> extra 23 cents per gallon. >> wow. >> cleveland indians with a chance to clinch world series last night in chicago. and in other word, sweeping it in their home stadium there.
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it was tied in the fourth when an infield single by addison russell would give cubs a two-one lead. it was three-two in the ninth h this guy is good. but the cubs, closed it and came through. shut them down. getting that save. okay, so cubs stay alive. they win, at wrigley field, three-two. and, the series goes back to cleveland, tomorrow night. >> can you imagine, first time they have had a world series game since 1945. they have never, up until two days ago or two games ago, the cubs have never been on television in a world series. >> ever. >> i read a story about this guy whose brothers got to get to the world series, or last time they were there and they said we will bring you to the next one. so all these years later his nephew had to take him. >> i know, he had has been waiting. >> he got to go. >> they almost got swept but they came through last night.
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going back to cleveland. a divorcing couple went to court over world series tickets as a matter of fact. >> the estrange wife was granted emergency hearing in cook county before game four in chicago chicago to get the ticket from her husband. he has tickets because he purchased the season ticket plan. a judge ruled he must buy his wife a comparable seat for the game, $3,000. >> what? >> yeah. >> i guess lots of tickets together. >> i know. >> she should have her own ticket. >> wow, 3,000-dollar ticket. >> that can't feel good. >> he doesn't like her. he doesn't want to be with her anymore. he has to sit next to her during the game and cost him $3,000. >> they won't be in the same spot. >> i have no idea, i'm just thinking step up. i have no clue about this story. >> i know about sue serio. >> you know what, saturday was anniversary, eight years since we won the world series. >> do you remember that, october 29th, 2008. now we will look ahead to the halloween fox cast for
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today. to temperatures for trick or treating in the 50's, it is not as warm as yesterday. you may just want to add a sweater or something underneath the costume to make sure they have enough layers on and that is even the case for your halloween parade. at least we will have plenty of sunshine today. no more rain. cold front came through last night and it is chillier then it was yesterday, 47 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in mount pocono. forty-eight in wildwood and these wind are, they are, well, out there, it is not the extreme but we do have a few wind gusts, 21, 23, 20 miles an hour, depending on where you are, 62 degrees is your average high. we went well above average, both days of the weekend, 69 degrees on saturday. seventy-nine yesterday. so not the that warm. not that close to day but still a very pleasant, autumnal afternoon with 58 and, back in the 70's, wednesday and thursday. with another couldn't. and, we will reverse, those
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numbers for friday, and have a high of 57, and we will stay in the the 50's, through the weekend. so, it is just not as warm as yesterday but still a is in day bob kelly. >> not bad at all, good looking forecast. i think you'll see a lot of unusual traffic patterns today, folks got to get in early, move out orally because if you have kids in kindergarten or grade school they have halloween parade and then big night tonight trick or treating. sun beginning to rise over south philadelphia. we see this accident at broad street and the walt whitman bridge. so not only are we having troubles northbound but we have the old southbound gaper delay. we are jammo from the airport up and over that girard point double decker. keep that in mind at the navy yard center. here's a live lot at the vine expressway stacked and pack here crossing town trying to get over to the schuylkill. we will see a lot of folks getting to work early. certainly that early exit, so we can make it to the kids halloween parade. services suspended at the
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moment, on the lansdale doylestown line. this is going to cause a mess for folks trying to get to work to come back early, because of early morning power problems, trains are not running on the lansdale line, and of course thinking about your contingency plans as we get ready for this potential strike, regional rails is only thing that will run, car pooling among your co-workers, and cabby, maybe uber for the first time, we will get that ten speed up with the banana seat and make sure there is air in the tires, mike and alex, back to you. thanks, bob. 7:19. is what your favorite halloween move i new sue survey lists them by state but which one come out locally for pennsylvania a, delaware and new jersey. >> i liked that hokus-pokus movie they showed that at piazza. >> i was watching, hitchcock movies all weekend they had a marathon. >> i love bird and rear window. >> dak with a dagger. in overtime. it ends, this battle for first
7:20 am
place in the nfc east. it went in overtime but what went wrong. what do you think was the main reason. all of the dropped ball or the fumble. play calling. come on back. lots of people dressed up for halloween. look at the this one, next to the killer pup, i love it. this one says happy halloween from your favorite pirate. now that is a cool, puppy costume a macing. amazing. keep sending your photos using the #fox 29 good day. i can hear sue laughing at this one.
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that famous scene from the shining one of of the most scary movies. so as a treat to you, not to treat but a treat, but the "good day philadelphia", mikey players will recreate that scene from the shining a little bit later on. >> you want to see this, do you. >> yes. >> see mike on a tricycle. >> i believe i have pulled a hamstring. >> was that it was. >> the strike is about that high and i had to get on this thing. >> hang around to see that. >> as you know, today of course is halloween and it is time to settle, you know, settle in this afternoon and watch a scary movie, why not. >> we decided to break it down to see what peoples favorite halloween film is throughout the united states and also here in our area. >> thomas this survey broke down scary movies, per state. >> wait a minute, i like your
7:25 am
costume. >> i am a geek, i knew you were going to say that. >> a lot of people thought that, they said, it is a news guy, my college outfit. >> little hint here, rub some lotion on it, get the hose again do you know what movie that is from. >> no, i don't. >> you say that every weekend. >> if you won't be trick or treating you may want to have some fun with scary movie. one has taken a hard part out of finding the spooky flick. they have surveyed 15,000 people and found out what scary movie they like best. look at this map. they have broke it down to different parts of the country n pennsylvania, it was, silence of the lambs, and that was a fan favorite in the film, as you know, a vicious psychopath murdering women throughout the midwest. the prisoner may provide clues to find the killer. in new jersey exorcist was favorite, influencing many thrillers today, in the film, an those president young girl
7:26 am
possessed by a demon while her mother and two priests try to frantically save her, power of christ excels you. in delaware conquering won over movie goers. this is my favorite, thriller tells story of two ghost hunt hours hell family terrorized by an evil spirit, in the farmhouse. can you guess which was the overall movie was. >> okay, nationally what the overall movie was. >> i am going to say exorcist. exorcist to me is scariest movie ever made because it seems so real. >> i have no idea. >> it was hokus-pokus. >> really. >> family film. >> that is why it works, everybody can watch that, you don't to have get kid out of the room. >> winner with the most number of states. twelve states picked hokus-pokus. >> i have a confession, thomas. >> yes. >> out of all of the movies, you have just listed i have not seen one of of them. >> she's too afraid. >> we're on to conquering two.
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>> we will have to have a scary movie weekend. >> but will alfred hitchcock, it is more creepy then scary but i can go to him. >> he is mild when it comes to horror. >> yes, i like twilight zone series. >> oh, okay, i can do that. >> black and white. >> yes. >> twilight zone. >> yes. >> not twilight. >> talking about vampires. >> but twilight zone was a tv show back in the 60's. >> it is kind of frightening. >> yes. >> it is kind of scary. >> a little bit. >> so the power of christ compels you from the exorcist, there was a lot of good lines from that movie. your mother... no, i can't do that one. >> it was a horrible thing to say. >> is that why you tried to say it. >> that was from the 70's alex, can you imagine hearing that.
7:28 am
>> well, they have tried to redo it. >> well, it was a tv show at one point, a tv special, there is a series now. >> it is right here on fox. >> it is right here on fox. >> exorcisms. >> is that normal. >> elvis fans, elvis fans now have a chance to live like the king himself, bloated. no, the graceland guest house now officially opens for business. priscilla pressly was on hand for the grand opening this weekend. the 450 room building in white haven, pays homage to all things elvis. there are nearly two dozen elvis theme suites, 460 seat movie theater, is there a pool, a restaurant, and they
7:29 am
have gold toilets. i don't know. and peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwiches. whatever he ate. >> there are no words. >> i can get worse. >> we know. >> 650,000 new e-mails causing serious headaches for the hillary clinton campaign just eight days before the presidential election? the fbi reopens it investigation after previously clearing her of any wrongdoing. what it means for the campaign moving forward? what does it mean for election? why it anthony weiner on your tv. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
7:30 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the
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united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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it is so much fun. even though it is chillier then over the weekend, it is still okay. the just chillier. just a couple layers. it is a good idea. bus stop buddy in his custom this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we have here in olde city 47 degrees with 7-mile an hour breezes. we had our sunrise moments ago. the question is what is it like for trick or treating tonight after sunshine today, and a high in the upper 50's? then it is kind of creepy, and creepier which is a good thing with temperatures remaining in the low to mid 50's, throughout the spooky evening, bob kelly. >> well, roll your tongue like
7:33 am
that, just halloween you do you that. >> yes. >> creepy. >> yes, 7:30. >> we will say good morning. another problem here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound on the schuylkill at belmont avenue, belmont avenue on ramp here we have a couple vehicles involved, it looks like we are trying to get all traffic stopped to get everybody off to the shoulder here. so come inbound on the schuylkill already a delay. already jammed up on i-95 north bound because of of an accident at broad street. we're bumper to bumper from the airport up and over girard point decker bridge. services suspended on lansdale doylestown line because of power problems. now you again with folks trying to get in work earlier when we can move home orally and all of the schools that is a mess and think about your contingency plan as we get ready to watch the negotiation table. car pooling with your co-workers, grabbing that cab, maybe signing up using uber for first time and get the old
7:34 am
ten speed out of the basement. mike and alex, back to you. eight days before the election and hillary clinton's campaign gets rattled by fbi and another e-mail investigation. the justice department obtained warrant to search computer believed to contain e-mails from hillary clinton's top aid huma aberdeen. agents found more than 600,000 e-mails on the lap top they believe was also used by former representative anthony weiner, the estrange husband. tbi made the discovery while investigationing sexting with the miner. >> es from is here. what say you. >> up believable. >> he was sexting some 15 year-old girl, and i don't care he is in trouble. >> investigating that and they discover other e-mails. >> what happened is it is difficult to tell because we are getting bunch of different reports. it sound like insuring police or somebody in new york grabbed this computer, they recognize there may be an issue. they contacted fbi.
7:35 am
fbi gets this computer this is aberdeen's computer this woman testified under oath she had taken every device that she had that has state department e-mails on it and turn it over to the tbi and apparently this has 650,000 e-mails. the critical part about this is that yesterday, fbi went to a federal judge and they got a warn. nerd to get a warrant you have to show two things. one you have to show a crime is committed, and two that there is roble cause a crime is committed ape two there is roble cause that evidence of that crime is on what you want to search. you want to look the a the compute ther is what the crime. >> we don't know, misuse of e-mails, per injury i. >> does comey know. >> why bring it up if he doesn't even know if it is taming or not. >> i will tell you why. this is digital information age and we're going to know when fbi got the this information. so if it turns out that he is telling truth and i have no reason to think he is not and fbi got this information, last week and that they didn't have it before, and they didn't
7:36 am
tell the american public or led on to it and let people make a decision, we will see. you have to remember ten days ago there was public reports that the people who actually headache the decision wanted to indict. so the fact of the matter is that this additional information may have been a paradigm shift between upper level part of the justice tenth, fbi and trial level attorneys and this could have just moved everything. >> why have this public, some are saying, why push this out in front of the television cameras and after it out there, because you can figure it out and then come out. >> why so close to the the election. >> now you get in the political judgment. i'm in the a political expert. i will say this is most cause particular political season i remember. fit turns out these people and there is a lot of people, if it turns out that the government, fbi knew about information, and they didn't say anything until after the election people will be absolutely... >> is there a violation. >> harry reid was saying he could have broken laws.
7:37 am
>> his judgment is almost as bad as legal dollars. hatch act, okay. it is using, undue influence to. >> abusing that to effect the election. >> fbi didn't do this. if that was done and if this was done, the fbi didn't lie about whether or not the they had e-mails. fbi didn't destroy 30,000 e-mails. fbi didn't violate the law concerning whether or not these things were used. all of this if it happened and fit came about came about as intentional direct conduct of people, involved in the crime. >> other legal people have a different opinion on this, friend of mine judge jean pero. >> i know her well. >> she could this is come this but she sent this a sound bite for us. she had a different opinion. listen, before you listen to her, i don't know if there is i bigger donald trump in america. here's judge jeanine. >> fbi director jim comey's announce. yesterday that he would gone look into hillary clinton's
7:38 am
e-mails if he announced on july 5th, the conclusion of that very investigation saying no reasonable prosecutor would indict 11 days, before one of the most hotly contested presidential elections of our time, both disgracees and politicizees the fbi, and symptomatic of all that is wrong in washington. now you know i support donald trump and i want him to win but whether it is hillary clinton or anyone else, comey's actions violate not only long standing justice department policy, the directive of a person that he works under, the attorney general but even more important, the most fundamental rules of fairness and impartiality. >> she says, standing tradition just advertise
7:39 am
department shouldn't get involved this close to an election. >> i understand that but these are not normal circumstances. again, this all goes back to what i said before. fbi has a job to to. their job is to report, investigate and prosecute federal crimes. when have we had an election, this close where there may become polling evidence that the person who is running for president may have broken a law. i am not saying that she did. i respect the judge. i think highly of her. i have been on her show many times. i will respectfully disagree. i don't think this is politicizing tbi. it gets back to we can't look at the this stuff in the vacuum. wikileaks, all this other information that is coming out, right now, drips and drabs and fbi said you know what, as bad as this is for country it would be worse if it came out after. >> we shall see if people, lieutenant of people have hade up their mind, will this sway their decision. >> polls show 50 percent of the people say no and
7:40 am
30 percent of the people say yes. we will see what happens. >> thanks, fred. >> 7:39. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> talking about anthony weiner, it is a frightening thing. >> he is scar yes. >> come own done to fourth and market right now bring your kid, pets, dress them up. face painting, music, all of the other stuff. the big thing is, the "good day philadelphia" halloween extravaganza a, it always makes you jaw drop. >> remember mike said he won't be a would hand this year. that is not enough to get to you tune in. >> i'm every women. you out. no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself,
7:41 am
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7:42 am
but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:43 am
you know my favorite costumes are traffic related. this little fellow all dressed up in the traffic light for the school halloween parade, today, keep those pictures coming and again, we have had some accidents all ready this morning. the eastbound on the schuylkill expressway right here at belmont avenue. here's a live look, your manayunk railroad bridge here, sun, popping up, over center city but we are jammo heading in the city and delay
7:44 am
westbound, leaving town. again, north on i-95, accidents still with us near broad street where we are bumper to bumper from the airport up in the stadium area and problems continuing on septa's lansdale doylestown line. services suspended. for folks who want to get an early start to get back home for little ones halloween parade, at school are on trick or treating tonight, lansdale doylestown service suspension is in the getting us off to a good start but what is the forecast looking like for those trick or treaters. sue has tonight 15 seconds. yeah, big question is what will the weather be like tonight. it is chillier. yes, it won't be as warm as yesterday but dry, cool with temperatures in the 50's all
7:45 am
day. extend go into the the mid to lower 50's in the nighttime hours. maybe a little extra layer underneath the costume, as we are's trick or treating tonight. cold front has moved bell off shore, that one blasted through five or 6:00 o'clock yesterday, and 35 in mount pocono. wind are a factor. they will calm down by end of the day. and, we made it all the way up to 79 degrees, today, and not so much, 58. normal for this time of the year. then we have another warming trend until thursday when a cold front comes through and we're back in the 50's for the weekend. we will be back with more on that eagles loss when "good day philadelphia" continues.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
something stinks, back and forth game between eagles and cowboys. eagles have a chance but blow it. they have a ten-point lead with 13 minutes left. they fall to the cowboys in overtime. dak prescott finding jason witten. he is wide opened. we will show thaw final play, in overtime, dallas wins, here it comes, here it comes, you probably were asleep. you went to bed. i'm going to bed.
7:49 am
up by ten. and then this happens. sean is here. g. cobb is back. davis back. now last friday i presented to you a side by side of dak and carson. >> um-hmm. >> who will have a better game. there they are right there. sean, let's start with you who had the better game. >> well, dak won the game. carson did okay. i mean i can give carson a b plus, i got to go dak prescott. >> yes. >> well, i think carson probably played better when you look at the whole game but with the game on the line prescott the made the plays and he won but prescott is getting more help. you got to catch the ball. you have to have guys stop dropping the ball, get opened, do your job and they really need to look for wide receivers. they need to have ten wide receivers in there working out this morning to find somebody to replace some people they have out there. >> by tomorrow afternoon.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> they have to get something ton. >> dave, we have your opinions give them to us again. >> we need torey smith, just one guy, torey smith of the 49ers. he can open up everything for this offense. jordan matthews will be better, went better, offensive line you cannot let them rob you though. >> he can catch a wide open ball here. >> amazing. >> wow. >> look at that. >> he is also married to a plymouth white marsh high school young lady. >> more reason. >> well, she is not in high school anymore. >> no. >> let me ask you another opinion. >> you have when dell small wood, i don't believe the man is in the the game. we will hand off to him and then this happens. >> fumble. >> yeah. >> dave and i were arguing this in the green room about ten minutes ago. here's what i will say, there
7:51 am
is six or seven things that i can absolutely pinpoint blame on doug pederson. this one and i know i'm in the minority here, you guys are making excuses. >> i agree with you. smallwood, he is a guy you have been creeping to get the football. he gets an opportunity, what does he do, he fumbles. that is on him not doug pederson. >> the blocking was poor. >> you got guys all in the backfield a lot have guys would have fulled on that play. present he gets the ball good, they are on him. >> yes, it got blown up. you have to have everybody doing their job. that was a case it wasn't just him in the game that he fulled, but poor ballgame bio fence i have line. >> sproles was warmed up. he was having a good game. >> he is a little guy, up there in years, he is tired. >> tired. >> they have all through the game, you have guys going out, coming in you have a uniform on, do your job. if you are in the game you have to be able to do your
7:52 am
job. that is you why are preparing and practicing. >> you are not going to do it. if you have a car you have not run and you want to turn it on and you look at other teams. >> they have guys switching out. everybody has guys switching in and out. you have to do your job. >> another decision to punt, in the the fourth quarter. >> i difficulties agree. >> instead of the kicking a 53-. >> you saw the two at the end of the half. i mean you have a strong leg. i would have kick the field goal. >> seven minutes left to go. at lot of game have been won down, two possession was seven minutes to go and team come back to to win. you have to go get points there i dent like third down call. >> the field goal, i would have like to see it. >> the quick screen, they ran and lose yardage. >> put them town in the the 10-. >> our defense was playing well. your defense is playing well, have confidence that they can hold them at 50. doug pederson coached scared
7:53 am
yesterday. scared. >> i thought he looked bad because that was a mistake. >> can eagles make playoffs. >> can they, sure. there is still a lot of games left on the season schedule that won last night, though it hurts but they have to use that to mote the straight them going forward. i know it is hard, riding back to the plane and everything but that has got the to motivate them. they have to play better especially at the end of the game. >> giants are next. >> off of the bye week. >> third team in the row off the bye. >> can't take them for granted you have to finish the game strong. >> thanks, y'all. >> hey, hey good happy halloween. >> love your costumes. >> i scare people every day this is nothing new. >> yes, yes,. >> yes. >> okay. it is halloween. we have our big "good day philadelphia" halloween. >> you are not putting on a costume. >> he absolutely is. >> in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> yes. >> so everybody is putting on something. >> we're putting something on.
7:54 am
>> yes. >> you told us you were wearing a uniform.
7:57 am
i know that the international house of pancakes, of course, has change its name to the international the haunted house of pap cakes in time for halloween in our favorite short stop is on there right now; they are doing scary face. >> we are doing scary stuff. it is the price. so tell us what happened here. >> kids 12 and under until 10:00 p.m. they get scary face pancake, large pancake, candy
7:58 am
corn, oreo cookies and whipped cream on the side and make whatever they want out of it. >> and i really appreciate and applaud you guys because the kid are not going to have enough sugar today. to they really need more sugar. >> they can do it all day. people will be like breakfast for dinner on a weird holiday like this and come in all through tonight. >> absolutely. >> people have been ordering food all morning long is what number one most popular thing people other at ihop. >> short stack. >> i would have thought chocolate chip pancakes. >> it is different from location, location but we have people here that love short stacks. >> we are here at 13th and walnut. every location throughout the delaware valley. >> yes, cross the nation. >> so new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, if it is free, it is for me. parents don't to have buy anything. they can just come in, no purchase necessary, guys. >> mike, i feel like this is something you might be doing later. >> there is no question about
7:59 am
it. >> are you in the ihop right there on walnut. >> yes. >> it is june pur street right there. >> yes. >> i love them. the kid will love that. >> totally into it. hey, good day it is monday october 31st, that means it is hallow, halloween, here we go. it is going to be bad. >> yes. really bad. >> bad, really bad. >> 5700 septa workers threaten to go on strike, what thousands of commuters need to know right now. >> a halloween hiccup, hillry did you have ace pol guying for her costume choice. celebrities get in the halloween spirit with a walk down memory lane.
8:00 am
>> that bette milder famous hokus-pokus character and beyonce and family go back in time with the group costume that really, pushes it. >> push it real good. >> no more nicki. >> mike is don licking doughnuts. so what will we be. we will have our big reveal, one hour away. >> that is right. >> licking doughnuts as ariana grande. >> yes. >> so, what will happen today? we already have people lining up outside. if you want to put on a costume come down to fourth and market, why not. we have music out there, dj. >> join the fun and bring kid, we will have a halloween parade. we want them to be part of it. >> by the way, this year we have decided to put together a little competition. we have a lit to vote on who
8:01 am
do you think has the best costume this year. there are your hash tags, mike, alex, bob or sue. >> you have to put fox 29 in front and you have have to use these hash tags posting on facebook, instagram or twitter to tally up all of the votes. >> do you want those votes to count. >> yes. >> this sound familiar, doesn't it. >> yes. >> vote early. >> eight years ago on halloween, the weather was fantastic. clear blue skies. perfect day for that, a parade. phillies parade. oh, hand i came down from new york. i could not miss it. what a beautiful day. i sat up on the ledge the at the ritz karl ton right by city hall. >> fancy. >> good vantage point. fun day good evening. have been all dressed up. >> do you think we will experience that anytime soon. >> no. >> but we're mr. positive here. >> is what your new attitude.
8:02 am
>> be positive, that is my motto. >> gratitude. >> right. >> we start november. >> tomorrow. >> lets look at the today because the question is, with our cobweb weather by numbers what will weather be for trick or treating. i will tell you it is not the as warm as it was yesterday. we are off to a breezy start this morning. buddy has his costume on, already, so excited about the parade and school and trick or treating tonight. we are in the chilly 40's and 50's this morning. it is breezy but not raining. that cold front came through yesterday, very loudly with those thunderstorms but look the at the beautiful start to the day. 47 degrees right now with a little bit of the 9-mile an hour wind out of the north and here is your halloween, fox chase today. trick or treating temperatures going out early with the little ones, kind of chill which 58 degrees, it is chilly, creepy and creepy eras we go along. so, we have a couple of extra
8:03 am
layers there bob kelly. >> layer it up and we will have some fun there, make sure you get your candy ready to go. the problems on septa's lansdale doylestown. guess what? >> what. >> septa's general manager is stuck with the power problems. this is his line. the lansdale doylestown line. so the buses, the boss is even stranded, couple of alternate for you here if you make it to the glenside station you can use warminster line. make it to the jenkintown station you can use warminster or the west trenton line but the lansdale doylestown line, service suspended with power problems, no eta, there is a fire along one of the junction lines, the junction houses, along the tracks there. this could be a little while for us. live look 95 northbound accident near broad street interchange we're bumper to bumper from the airport all the waste up and over that girard point double decker bridge. we are dealing with unusual traffic patterns this morning. folks trying to get into work early to get home early for
8:04 am
halloween parade and for all of the trick or treating later tonight. >> one kelly, you will have a rough day tomorrow because the strike will happen if septa does not reach agreement with the employers as thousands of drivers will walk off the job at midnight the tonight. >> this is after a week of negotiating between septa and union leaders and still no report of the deal. strike leave more than 400,000 riders scrambling for transportation to work and school. starting tomorrow morning. people are fighting for pension health care and work schedules. it would include market frankford, broad street subway lines, buses, trolleys. regional rail and norristown high speed line would not ab affect. another concern is upcoming election and people getting to the polls. >> we will have it, as land news tonight. tough news for eagles fans to swallow, fail blows a some point lead in the fourth quarter. cowboys win it. going in to overtime, dak prescott, he hits jason
8:05 am
witten. he was wide opened. eagles lose it, 29-23. this is third straight road game loss, bringing the eagles to a four-three record. they face new york giants sunday and that is an away game up in the meadow land. 8:05. eight days before the election fbi takes a you this look at hillary clinton's e-mail use. justice department has and, and, and, agents found 650,000 e-mails on a lab top they say was also used by former representative anthony weiner. it was a shared e-mail with her estranged husband. sources say they may have been classified but those e-mails are not clinton server. >> but, donald trump is taking advantage making hillary clinton's e-mail scandal here. key topic at most of his what will is. he is campaigning in michigan today, polls suggest latest fbi revelation is not changing
8:06 am
voters mind as of of yet. here's an example. new york times poll has clinton leading in pennsylvania 48-40. trump is ahead in florida though, by four points now. lets go to north carolina. the presidential race there is a virtual tie. speaking of trump, melania will be in our area. >> she will make a rare public appearance on the campaign trail. she speak in the suburbs of philadelphia specifics have not been released this will be her first campaign speech since her republican national convention. hillary clinton is pushing hard to get hispanic vote. she's calling on mark anthony and jennifer lopez for support. >> j lo performed at a campaign concert for hillary clinton in miami over the weekend. do you want to see some. >> yes.
8:07 am
>> ♪ >> what is that flag. >> yes. >> get loud and proud. >> was mark anthony there, her ex- >> i think they get along. >> once you figure it out, it is fine. >> good for them. actress hillary duff, hillary duff and her fitness trainer boyfriend, are facing backlash over what some are calling insensitive halloween costumes. karen, there are thousands and thousands of things in people, costumes to choose from what did they choose. >> well, hillary and jason were at this party and she went as a native american women and that is where things went by way. sexy program and native american chief. he's the chief.
8:08 am
she's pilgrim. folks on social media jumped all over them saying this is just ignorant, raises, out of touch and it comes amid native american protest all over the news going on about that pipeline access that dakota pipeline access. people have been writing bit on twitter. rachel says apologize here to native people of this land who continue their struggle to be seen, heard and respect respected. hanna says no hillary duff traditional dress is not the a costume and you being dressed as a pilgrim proves to me how insensitive and ignorant you are. and samantha defend hillary saying, girls wear bra and panties as a costume and get praise but hillary duff dresses as a pilgrim and gets bashed. so, she and her boyfriend jason posted separate apologies. hillary writing i'm so sorry people i offended with my costume. it was not properly throughout through and i am truly, sorry from the bottom of my heart. her boyfriend jason writes i'm meaning no disrespect.
8:09 am
admiration for indigenous people of america n hindsight i would not have made that decision. a pol guys to anyone i may have offended. i think it just part of that any growing number of costumes that really should be just put aside that we shouldn't do anymore. americans, mexicans. >> all right. >> a couple of dopes, don't they read. >> and then to have, i don't know. >> they literally just don't think bit. that was looking great. you think about, the ramifications or how people may feel or how it looks fine at party but no the to regular people. >> fact that they consider that a couple costume. >> they consider those costumes. >> yes. >> those are humans. okay. >> but there is so many thousands to choose there. bet milder gets in the the halloween spirit the with a walk down memory lane, the revival of the famous hokus-pokus character. when was that in the mid 90's.
8:10 am
>> speaking of wicked, we are looking in the science behind your favorite spooky characters, coming up. >> we want you to keep you have pictures coming. my first halloween this is from ed. that is a great picture. this is saying happy hall wye. little teapot. beauty and beast of course. this is jessica, kate dressed as marionnet from five nights at freddie's. keep it going at fox 29 good day. >> we will start this thing at 9:00. maybe come down to fourth and mark. i love it. >> right there. most people owe the bank.
8:11 am
but pat toomey actually owned a bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:13 am
♪ >> yes, bette milder stars in
8:14 am
the 1993 movie hokus-pokus, she excited tans every where when she dressed up as her witch sister character, win fred. >> yes. >> for halloween, this year as a matter of fact. >> she posted a photo in her costume, look at that. >> yes. >> exact one from the 1993 film. she at the party on friday. we want to thank everyone who made the night an electrifying evening. >> yes. >> she looks good. >> milky way, who is in the control room. she will punch herself up. oh, god, scary outfit. >> yes, it is lazy good where does it ever get start that had women wore were scantly clad on halloween. i'm not knocking it but where did that ever start. >> i have no idea. >> it used to be for kid and now it is all these sexy women walking up and down walnut street. >> i was doing research. halloween used to be about love not scarring people. >> this. >> new york times had a
8:15 am
article about it. >> about love. >> it used to be way back in the day women would conquer up, and think of something you see a man you were going to maryann more focused on finding your mate as opposed to getting scared. >> getting married can be scary. >> yes. >> lets get in the science of all that in honor of halloween. we have some scary science, in your, health today. >> yes. >> doctor mike is here to explain the science of witches, wear wolves and vampires. >> well, is there a scientific explanation for everything, folks. and when it comes to wear wolves, gules, zombies there is science behind it. >> let start with witches. >> now up in salem, back in the the day, there were women that started acting crazy, goofy, i mean, having a hallucinations, they put them on trial and they executed some of them. >> yes. >> science behind this is that hey, maybe they were suffering from poisoning.
8:16 am
what is that? lets take a look. back in the day they would have rye to we have a picture of this. >> yes. >> rye bread, and what would happies the rye, would be contaminated by a fungus, that would produce ergotmeans which can cause hallucinations. so the theory is that it was a contaminated fungus, that led to the that. societies, about a thousand years later was able to probably, guess why something was going on like that. >> so witches come from fungus. >> well. >> bread. >> well, the grains. they used rye. they stored them and the fungus led to problems. so after would it contaminate the rye and you would end up with hallucinations. >> what is a wear wolf then, he is a scary dude. >> lets take a look at this picture. that is the classic wear wolf. now lets look at the science behind it. they probably why people that
8:17 am
had hyper tricosis. this is a real person. >> wow. >> there you go. >> they have a congenital disorder where hair grows, all over the place. >> jason werth, washington national. >> well, bottom line is that there are people who still have this problem. lets look the a the next one. vampire, all right. here's classic vampire. >> dracula. >> now what they have is a condition known as poorfearia and that is a condition, blood disorder. lets look at that slide because what that does is it causes people if they are out in the sun, to have scarring problem. so remember they never go out in the sun. it is because they had a condition known as porphyinuria. >> some things are not
8:18 am
explainable by science. >> like you you, doctor mike have you been feeling all right. you look like you have lost some weight. >> they have been working me to the a crossbone alex. >> you are a hot i. >> oh, my goodness. >> you never looked better. >> i have a glow in my eyes just for you. >> wow. >> it is a purple glow. >> michael, i love you. >> let me just say this to you >> i love you all. >> we love you too. >> love you. >> will you get to come back. >> i will lie down for quite a while. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> love you. >> good to see you again. >> will you give him a kiss. >> that is quite a a crossbone all right. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> beyonce and her family go back in time with the costume, well, they actually have a group costume that, pushes it.
8:19 am
we will show you whole outfit in a second. >> see more costumes. keep your pictures coming. oh, my daughter erin is a thunderstorm do you see that. that is cool. i love it. sue says my gosh. jessica said as early as peacock princess another good one. and, olivia is the carrolli. ne. >> that is a good one. >> little he else a from coren, and gwenn said charlotte the doberman. i love these pet costumes. >> thanks for clearing that up, that is a doberman. >> like the clown do they say it is a clown. >> well, guys breaking news we have problem here at pennsylvania turnpike and getting word that a toll collector was hit by a vehicle at the philly bensalem interchange. we are looking live from sky fox. this is philadelphia bensalem interchange at route one where we have seen police and
8:20 am
medical crews on the scene here. i'm not sure of the status on have that toll collector but this is one of the busiest interchanges on the turnpike and we will try to get information on the toll pike but it cyst expect delays. stay right there we will be right back.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
♪ i have studied this video over the years. >> have you. >> well, somebody had to do it. >> okay. >> that is cristina aguilara from 14 years ago in her dirty video. the icon i can tough girl, look at her. >> yeah. >> anyway this years costume instead, she went as a kardashian, look.
8:24 am
so, i mean it is a costume you get it confused. >> that is kylie jenner there being cristina aguilara from 14 years ago. >> she's 19 now. >> she has blue contacts and everything, blonde hair, little braid. >> attention to detail right there cristina aguilara posted this and said good job, girl. that is how you know you nailed it look when the person themselves repost it and they are like yes. >> wonder if anybody went as me this year. >> now that would be a costume. >> talk about dirty. >> now, beyonce got the whole family involved, with her family theme halloween party. >> one of her cousins it was a birth the day. she decided to have have everybody dressed up in the 80's, 90's theme and here's beyonce's costume. >> ♪
8:25 am
>> i think that is pretty good too. so beyonce, her mommies in there. and her daughter, blue ivy, went as salt ape pepa. >> you see jay z from dwayne from different world. >> classic. >> the old push it video. >> the singer looking pump, why am i telling you that you can see it for yourself. >> drives me nuts every day. remember this scene from the shining that we're about to show you. well, good day players will recreate it, coming up next. now, what you need is we will need a tricycle, we will need somebody to play the little boy and then we need somebody to play the twin girls. >> who will we fine, mike. >> let's see. >> who could we get to do something like this. >> well, is there only you and me so we will recreate this
8:26 am
after the break. keep sending your pictures in because we would love to see them. >> this fridays kimberly. so cute. i love it. >> nice. >> and she said my son and i at a halloween party. that is intense. star wars, baby. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
8:27 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:28 am
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:29 am
happy halloween. >> dj soul is in for all soul day on this halloween. >> yes. >> wow. >> here's the thing. >> i feel bad. >> okay. what is better than watching a scary movie at halloween, when the kid are outside.
8:30 am
one of my favorites is the shining, jack nicholson but is there a classic scene with the twins and little tricycle and little boy and he gets the poop scared out of him but scary twin. >> lets see the classic scene then. >> okay. well, here on good day philadelphia we have gathered the "good day philadelphia" players once again to recreate, that scene, from the
8:31 am
shining. >> hello mike. hello mike. >> why are you on the kid strike. >> really. why can't you just buy a car. why. why. why. >> why.
8:32 am
>> why. >> why can't you just buy a car. can't a guy just ride his strike in peace. >> stupid. >> you weren't the one with the little girls dress on. >> yes. >> you are thinking bit. >> we're just getting started. it is only 8:32. so, do we have to do the side by side of the little boy.
8:33 am
all right. go ahead. >> they want to do it. >> go ahead. >> let me tell you. my hamstrings are still hurting. you ever try to ride a strike that doesn't fit you. >> you needed the work out. >> it hurts. you are slower then the little boy. >> he is cruising, he is motoring. >> oh , my gosh. >> man, i could use some lighting. >> yes. >> again, we are just getting started. we also took a tour of the eastern state penitentiary, alex wouldn't go because she gets scared. but karen and bob and i did,. >> i hope you guys had fun. >> well, good. >> it was life changing and you missed it. >> is it bob first. >> okay. >> good morning, everybody.
8:34 am
it is, 8:34. we have an accident on i-95, northbound i-95, right lane taken out, we're dealing with wicked sun glare, watch for police and crews on the turnpike and philly bensalem interchange a toll collector hit by a vehicle at the turnpike toll plaza there. lots of activity. septa's lansdale doylestown line service still suspended because of the power problems. if you get to the glenside station you can get to the warminster line. jenkintown use warminster or west trenton line, and, of course, we are all waiting for the big trick or treat, halloween parade, at the kid school. what is the forecast like for our little ghost and goblin? sue has tonight 15 seconds.
8:35 am
it is 8:35. we have a number of nine today. the it is a little closer to average for this time of the year, the warmth we had yesterday, off to a breezy start with bus stop buddy in costume, too. his mommy farrow, thing. temperatures mostly in the the 40's and 50's. no more rain but that cold front that came through yesterday with very loudly and thunder and lightening and dropped temperatures. for tonight for trick or treaters all of the monster come out at night. chilly, creepy, creepier but temperatures will be in the 50's. that is your forecast for halloween. action has already started right outside of our building. lauren johnson is there, how sit the looking. >> she will show us how easy it is to make your costumes come to life with make up
8:36 am
coming up after the break. "in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there." backbone?! pat toomey voted 7 times to defund planned parenthood.
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and when he didnít get his way, toomey threatened to shut down the federal government. now, toomey refuses to tell us whether he's voting for donald trump. but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'll get ♪ to the diggy ♪ diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. if you dont know now you know. ♪ ♪ do that thing that you do. ♪ ♪ i'll show you a new move. ♪ ♪ check out the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ i'll get you dancing to the diggy diggy diggity do. ♪ ♪ this is my town. ♪ "save five when you spend thirty on costumes and décor at target."
8:39 am
♪ >> hello. okay. so we're outside with stacy, she's from lynnville a the she's making magic happen on cute little kid faces. talk about, tonight. halloween night. lots of kid want their faces painted. you will be doing that. >> we will be at linvilla orchard this will 5:00 painting faces. so come see us. if you need to paint your face at home it is very simple. just grab a paint brush, get some make up, have some fun. >> what are you doing. >> what i'm doing, this awesome stuff that i got and
8:40 am
loaded it up with some color and i just put purple on the side. >> you have a very beautiful canvas. >> isn't she gorgeous. >> my goodness. then i used the white paint instead of black because it more forgiving and pretty looking if you want to be a princess or butterfly. then it is just south preliminary swirl and then you just have fun. >> now if moms are at home and freaking out and they have no time. they have to get the costume while kids are at school, what is easier thing to get the tonight for face painting if you want to do it at home. >> if you want to do it at home, it one of the craft stores will have a paint face scale or halloween corner. >> this looks gorgeous. we will show your daughter, maddie. get over here, girl. look at this transformation. your mom did this to you because she will be doing that for kids at lynnville. yes. >> it is a pretty cool experience. what does it feels like. >> you don't feel it.
8:41 am
>> no, not at all. >> are you having fun. >> yes, i am. >> have you been to linvilla on halloween thiet. >> okay. there is a lot of people, and there is a bond fire and there is a delicious food, this is candied apple. it is just fun. they do hey ride a lot of cute kid with their faces painted. everyone. >> okay. here's the deal, face painting is like half of some peoples costumes. halloween can be scary for some people, including our very own will alex holley. the last year, she was too scared to go with the the crew to a haunted house. they begged her, they asked her and they begged her so the big question is does alex show up this year when they need us to go inside the haunted house, we will have the answer after the break.
8:42 am
♪ >> fox 29 good day philadelphia. halloween. it is a halloween party.
8:43 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them."
8:44 am
pat toomey: does he really speak for you? majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:45 am
i'm sure you remember how this went last year. i don't like to be scared. they forced he to come out here to eastern state to get scared. this is the worst this year they are forcing me to come out here again but i have a trick up my sleeves. i've got something planned for them. i will get them. i can't wait. okay. so caitlin and kristin i need you guys to help turn me into a monster. aim trying to scare everybody on good day. >> yes. >> we have an opening here in the infirmary. so we have pulled out this costume, a nurse costume. >> a nurse. >> yes. >> that is a first.
8:46 am
>> yes. >> ♪ >> i like, i like. >> if i am a monster i have to learn how to be a monster. luckily, she's here, he's an expert. what is her name. >> nurse mayhem. >> where do you want to start off. >> we will start off with a warm up.: yes. >> yes. >> what time is it. >> terror time. >> hi, mike. >> is what going on. >> we're waiting on alex. she will not show.
8:47 am
>> she has been at it last year. i told you she wasn't going to do it. >> she hates this. but i she insists she will show up. lets get started. >> let's go. >> are you too scared. use a safety word. >> is what your word. >> uni corn. >> noodles. >> meat ball. >> okay. >> meat ball. >> do you want to see my sword. >> no. >> just hanging out. >> lights out, bob. >> what happens if we touch this button here. >> i wouldn't. >> safety word. what is my safety word.
8:48 am
>> that has got to hurt. >> he's got my leg. >> this is not the going to be good. >> hey. >> karen. karen. >> okay, all right, then. >> she will be fine. it will be fine. >> okay.
8:49 am
>> wow. >> you have to hand it to them, they are very scary. >> the infirmary. >> you look like angelina jolie. >> ahh. >> uber, uber driver. >> driver, fourth and market.
8:50 am
>> sure. you out.
8:51 am
no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:53 am
♪ >> we're joined by folks from the eastern state penitentiary. >> it is the crew, we're opened tonight and next week even. come out and see terror behind the walls. >> so if i'm really scared of haunted houses willie be scared to show up tonight. it is great for all ages, you can have your scare your own way. come out for halloween fun. >> so, the swat team will perform for us now. >> is that right. >> yes. >> here we go. >> yes.
8:54 am
>> ♪
8:55 am
>> ♪
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good morning. the it is halloween after all but we have a bit of breaking news. ladies and gentlemen of the philadelphia area i'm here to tell you that the olympics have been moved to philadelphia. once again, the olympics has been moved to philadelphia. i'm megan kelly. you are watching fox 29. so, with all this, it is pretty exciting not only are olympics moving to philadelphia but they are moving to fox. no longer on nbc. they are right here on fox bring you update all morning long. so the crazy thing is because all this happened so instantly, opening ceremonies, are starting right now, ladies and gentlemen you can see your
9:00 am
favorite athletes as they open up, as we open up the olympics. the as we begin, we are going to get started with the lovely, the talented, the long legged, gisele bundchen ladies and gentlemen. yes, the pride of brazil. she's known for her long walks as you probably noticed her final runway walk after a very, very extensive modeling career, we're so honored that she could be here for our opening shown is, again, just joining us the olympics gisele, i just wanted to, gisele, gisele i want to talk to you about brazil and rio. lets talk about tom brady. >> okay, she's a model. i don't know how they things work. if you are just joining us, this is fox 29 olympic coverage. olympics have been moved here to philadelphia so i guess gisele is just checking outsides. next up, you have loved this guy. you wish you could eat as much


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