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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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transit agency and the union that represents thousands of its trollies, subway and bus operators. so they walked off the job at 12:01. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the strike is of course causing major headaches for commuters all over our area. fox 29 has got you covered with all angles. bob kelly watching the roads and the rails. but first our dave kinchen is talking to commuters just trying to get around. >> he joins us now from jefferson station in center city. how goes it, dave? >> reporter:. well i can tell you there are some long long lines underneath where jefferson station platforms are. in fact, we want to get to some video what we shot here in center city. we got this video minutes before authorities actually told us we couldn't be down there hadn't to move back up above ground here, but you're seeing long lines of people who many of who were confused by the changes due to the work stoppage. septa says that twu picket lines at many regional rail facilities is actually forcing septa to
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cancel several trains for the evening rush hour. but folks we talked with say so far their rides are available. they're just not there yet. so they're dealing with delays. not cancellations. but the people we talked to are taking it all in stride. >> septa, well, might as well shut the whole thing down going through all this. it makes no sense. >> it is what it is. you have to just deal with it. hope septa does their part and make sure all the trains are running the best as possible. we all get on which i doubt will happen. i can see by the lines, but we'll see. today is the first day. deal with it. >> reporter: delays have been running upwards of 45 minutes for trains especially trains trying to leave center city. septa says that you should look at finding other ways to get around. lyft and uber also been cashing in on all of this as well. one more note. late word septa says they'll try to get a court injunction so that they can get septa workers back to their work stations and
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try to cut down on some of these delays and get rid of some of the cancellations. back to you lucy and iain. >> all right. thanks very much, dave. lots of people rely on septa left scrambling for way to work. >> many of them chose to drive their own cars or take their chances with regional rail. bob kell toll get you through the commute home. this could be a tough one tonight. >> not just tonight, i think this is going to set things up for the next couple of days. first of all, let me rerate what dave just mentioned got a call about an hour and half ago from septa saying the transit workers that are on strike are blocking the epp trance to the employee lots where the engineers and the conductors drive their personal cars to report for work. that's going to cause 30 plus trains to be canceled leaving center city this evening. if you know someone whose getting ready to come home on a regional rail, this is going to be huge for downtown. commuters already put up with the headaches getting in to center city this morning. now with 30 plus trains
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canceled, a hot mess downtown. i know septa trying to get a court injunction. to be honest with you at 5:00 o'clock a court injunction by the time they get those engineers and conductors to the trains, it could be too late. here's what we're dealing with tonight. definitely the crowded platfor platforms. septa says have your tickets in advance. the passes and tickets will be checked before you board the train. no cash on the trains. sort of say the same scenario we had at the beginning of the problem when those rail cars were pulled off of the tracks. passengers will be held up top on the concourses until the train pulls in and then the passengers will go down the steps. right now, at least 60 minute delays on all of the regional rail lines. let's not running of course the city buses the trollies no market frankford, no broad street subway. here's a live look at i-95. we've had gridlock all day long. we've also had a motorcade in the middle of all of this. and of course in center city it's just gridlock we'll be here
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all afternoon keeping you up to date with the septa situation. not only here on tv but also online at iain and lucy, back over to you. >> my goodness. i was driving home last night saw a couple of septa workers. hey, what about the regional suburban and fran tear bus lines? they said those are still going for a couple of weeks. there's a lot of people confused out there. >> absolutely. still no deal and let's join shawnette wilson covering this now. she's in tioga nicetown where picketers are gathering right now. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, certainly still no deal. but a new move by picketers we just heard bob kelly mention officials telling us that picketers started this morning blocking access to the property where some of these regional rail trains are being kept preventing workers from reporting to work. behind me they tell me it happened here at the midvale bus facility and in nicetown tioga. picketers just left about 30 minutes ago. the move forced septa to canceled significant number of
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trains during the evening rush hour. regional rails of course what many commuters were forced to turn to this morning for transportation as we just said now that's also being restricted because of strikers. septa is now recommending that passengers seek yet another mode of transportation. we all learned at midnight through a union representing nearly 5,000 workers that the two sides have not reached a contract agreement leading to the strike and shut down of buses, trollies and subways. rail lines serving the suburbs continue to operate but we want to remind you, again, as of this evening, picketers were blocking access so many of those trains are now not running either. meanwhile, no word on an agreement being reached at last report union president willie brown said that both sides remained far apart on pension, health care issues, schedule link break times and other safety issues. so again, right now, we want to remind you no deal has been reached. so for now you'll want to go to you'll find a full list of all the cancellations that septa just released a little while ago
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and as soon as we hear if there's been progress on deal we'll certainly bring it to you live. back to you. >> we can only hope. thanks very much shawnette. as talks continue you know you can get your updates all around the clock head to fox 29.cot com. sign up for text alerts and follow up on social media as well when news breaks we'll tell you online and on tv. you'll also find contingency plans you need them right now from some schools and hospitals. tragic update to a story out of bucks county bensalem police say a worker at tyler state park found some human remains believed to be of 21-year-old lindsay piccone. her family reported her missing in early september. officers found her car at tyler state park at the time. it's not clear yet how she died. fresh off their loss against the dallas cowboys another blow to the birds eagles wide receiver josh huff arrested today. police say they caught him speeding near the walt whitman bridge with marijuana and a gun in the car. let's get out to dave schratwieser right now at delaware river port authority police headquarters.
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dave? >> reporter: iain a couple of week ago josh huff was making headlines for a 98-yard kick off return for a touchdown but the headline is much different this afternoon after huff was stopped on the walt whitman bridge heading into new jersey this morning around 11:00 o'clock. he was stopped for speeding and other motor vehicle violations. they found a gun and marijuana in his car. he left the courthouse at gloucester city municipal court this afternoon about an hour and a half ago in white cadillac driven away by family members without any comment. he had posted 10% of $25,000 bail. he's charged with possession of a gun without a license. possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana and motor vehicle violations. we spoke with his attorney fortunato perry, jr. whose representing sports figures before. he says he'll take a close look at the circumstances. >> we're still reviewing the allegations at this point. we haven't had a chance to look at the entire set of circumstances having to do with the stop and the arrest so we'll be working thon now.
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>> reporter: he has at a license to carry in texas. >> he has a permit to carry in the state of texas which is reciprocal with pennsylvania. >> but not with new jersey. >> not with new jersey. that car stop took place on the jersey side of the walt whitman bridge. again, josh huff was released on 10% of $25,000 bail. about two hours ago. his attorney says they will take a close look at the circumstances here. this case could go to a grand jury if the county prosecutor decided to go that way or it could be held at the municipal court level and dealt with much more swiftly. at this point no comment from the prosecutor. no further comment from the delaware river port authority police or a release of the charges by them. and no updated statement from the eagles at this point. josh huff is repped by sean howard. we have not heard from him at this point either. we will get back to you with more at 6:00 o'clock. lucy? >> talk to you then dave. roar fox 29 weather authority now. live look at reading, of course n berks county. beautiful berks county.
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mix of sun and clouds out there. i have to say, i left my jacket at home. duh that was a mistake. it was a big mistake. kathy orr, so definitely feels like autumn out now. >> pretty nice afternoon though. made it to the 60s. what about bob kelly being in the house? >> isn't that great. >> what time is it? >> it's fantastic. >> am, p.m., what is it. >> my old bud it's awesome. ultimate doppler you can see high clouds building in and lucy you won't need the cay coat tomorrow it will get gradually warmer over the next couple of days. high pressure building in and here's an indication of what's to come. 58 in philadelphia right now. but look at pittsburgh. and look at cleveland. i mean temperatures well into the 70's and that is what is in our future gang this evening temperatures will be falling through the 50s. by 11:00 o'clock, still at about 52 degrees. the clouds helping to keep the temperatures fairly mild. coming up we'll talk about challenging record warmth. some storms in our future they'll be gusty like we saw on sunday. and then a cool end to the work week. but it's not all cool for the month of november. we'll be back with more on that
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with your seven day forecast. i think you'll like this one guys. >> i hospital so, kathy, thanks. ntsb on seen in baltimore involving a deadly crash invol involving a schoolbus this morning. police say six people were killed and 10 others injured when the driver of had schoolbus rear ended a car then hit oncoming commuter bus. the schoolbus was just blocks away from making its first stop to pick up some kids when the accident happened. no children were on board the bus yet. police are saying it's possible the schoolbus driver who died in the crash had some kind of medical emergency. one witness describes the tragic scene. >> it was hard to look at. it was very hard to look at. you know, seeing people removed from -- it's just a mangled me mess. >> five other people killed were riding on the commuter bus. two of the survivors have serious injuries. just a week remaining donald trump heads to our area hoping to win over keystone state voters. where he stopped afterwards that had a lot of folks talking on
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social media. >> and we are life next at the montgomery county courthouse lawyers for bill cosby are fighting to keep certain testimony out of his sexual assault trial. botox, restalyn, juvederme the list goes on may seem like easy fixes to boost your appearance. you know, boost your confidence a little but authorities say beware of companies offering to sell you stuff at a discount and beware of the doctors who buy it. what they end up injecting into your body that could do permanent damage.
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♪ your fox 29 traffic authority watching the roads closely today. septa strike causing some delays on the roads and the rails. let's check in with bob kelly making an appearance tonight. >> hey, gang, good evening everybody. 5:13. here's the speedometer it's for all the major roadways. starting to see the beginning of the evening rush. i think the morning and evening rush kind of combined together. we really didn't get a break all day today. the schuylkill expressway heavy already from conshy to center city. let's go outside to live look at i-95. this is 95 northbound already jammo from the bennie all the way up through the construction zone and septa says expect at least 60 minute delays already on all of the regional rail li lines. lucy, back over to you. >> sounds good, thanks. bob it's great to see you here tonight. love that. developing right now, moments ago, bill cosby left montgomery county district court for his pre-trial hearing. more legal wrangling in the courtroom today. >> lawyers for the embattled comedian fighting to exclude evidence that could land him in jail for a long time. our bruce gordon has been on the
5:15 pm
cosby sexual assault case from the beginning and joins us live in norristown with more information tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, the criminal case against bill cosby moves forward of course but the fight going on in this courthouse today, tomorrow and if the schedule holds for two days in december will determine what evidence may and what evidence may not be used against the legendary entertainer. the rulings when they come could be hugely important. during this scheduled four-day hearing prosecutors are set to argue for the right to bring to the witness stand at trial more than a dozen cosby a accusers. unconnected to his criminal case who will testify he used drugs and alcohol to render them up capable of agreeing to this sexual advances. celebrated women's advocate and attorney gloria allred represents some of cosby's accusers. >> why would you give someone drugs or alcohol and then have sex with them. the argument would be that you would know they wouldn't consent
5:16 pm
unless they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol which new jersey which they con sent. in other words they wouldn't be able to say no. >> reporter: in his criminal case of course cosby is accused of of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple athletic department employee andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. bruce castor said he thought the criminal case was weak unwinnable. so he promised not to prosecute the comedian. knowing it would likely lead to a civil suit by constand. it did. and cosby under the impression he cannot be criminally prosecuted made statements in the civil suit deposition that could now be used against him in this case. defense wants that deposition thrown out. arguing that castors promise has now been broken by the new da kevin steele. said lead descension attorney brian mcmonagle when you have someone's word it should be enough. that strike at the heart of fundamental unfairness. >> you may recall the judge
5:17 pm
steven o'neill already rejected a defense quest this whole case be thrown out because of that so called broken promise this is large the many same argument on a narrower question. case goes forward can that deposition, can those comments from cosby in the deposition that flowed from that broken promise, can they be used at trial? again, a huge decision when it comes. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. you decide exactly one week from election day and the presidential race comes to our area. donald trump and running made mike pence campaigned in montgomery county. >> dave kinchen gives us an inside look at the republican's big push to win pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. >> again, join me in welcoming the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! [ applause ] >> donald trump took to the podium with a familiar promise of his campaign. he says he'll pull obama care if he becomes president. >> if we don't repeal and replace obama care, we will
5:18 pm
destroy american health care forever. it's one of the single most pop reasons why we must win on november 8th. we must win. [ applause ] >> reporter: trump blasted the rising premiums under obama care also known as the affordable care act and what he says could happen if hillary clinton wins the white house. >> obama care means higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality. yet hillary clinton wants to expand obama care and make it even more expensive. >> reporter: trump and supporters toll us how the latest health care overhaul has impacted them. >> it's all bad right now. it's all bad. >> this is going to impact, um, how our families, how our families live and their cost of living. >> we have been told that capitol blue cross is probably going raise rates in the future. so that really concerns me since i've been on obama care my plan
5:19 pm
has changed every single year. my premiums have gone up every single year, and there is, my deductibles as increased as well. >> reporter: as far as trump' plans for reform. >> lower health care costs. better coverage, better options that is always a positive for, you know, middle american health care. we need to have competition, right? myself a diabetic for 41 years health care means a lot to me. and i think it's fantastic what he wants to do. >> reporter: the theme today was health care donald trump did touch on the military, he also touched on jobs and trade deals. now he is headed to florida where he will campaign there. in king of prussia, dave kinchen fox 29 news. what do you do when you're hungry but on tight schedule? you got to stop by wawa, of course. trump made a pit-stop at one in king of prussia shorely after his event in valley forge. can you imagine being there. you could see the media secret
5:20 pm
service all over the place. i'm telling you people got a huge shock. we don't know if he got a hoagie. i would have gone for the breakfast burrito wrap because it's fantastic. i'm just saying. no word on what trump bought. team clinton set their sights today on battleground florida and its 29 electoral votes. >> the democratic nominee and her husband are stomping all over the sunshine state and they are hitting a long list of florida cities. it's a tight race there. a real clear politic polling average shows clinton down by just one point. hoping to put the news of the fbi investigation into her e-mail behind her. the democratic nominee energized a crowd in dade county bringing attention to donald trump and what she calls a troubling record with women. >> for my entire life, i've been a woman, and when i think about what we now know about donald trump and what he's been doing for 30 years, he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning,
5:21 pm
degrading, insulting and assaulting women. >> meantime, here in philadelphia, hillary for pennsylvania hosted a voting event in center city. public and private leaders spoke about how crucial it is to vote on november 8th. what do you do when you're in dire need of dental health but you just can't afford it? one local doctor has got great idea. and police releasing new details north philadelphia murder investigation. what detectives say led to deadly gunfire. new at 6:00 o'clock a pediatrician accused of of sexual assault is facing even more lewd accusations. what the doctor is accused of of doing to women while their children were in the room. ♪
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>> buses and subways and trollies and the city come to screeching halt it makes for a rough commute. this septa strike leaving people with nowhere to go. >> and for others it's leaving packed roads and regional rail cars even canceled trains. our bob kelly keeping his eye on the roads for you all day long. bob? >> good evening, everybody. here's a live look at route 422 leaving king of prussia. folks crawling out of town out into the bushes. plus an accident in the construction zone downtown we go a live look at the vine street
5:25 pm
expressway. pretty much stacked up end to end these folks here trying to get into 30th street station because of the canceled trains for septa on the way home i wouldn't be surprised if you see folks coming into the city to pick up that person that could be stranded down there at 30th street and lace up your sneakers if you're going to the sixers game. no subway service but they intend to play game down at the stadium complex later on tonight. iain, back over to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. a fire at a row home in wilmington displaces several people much here's photos. shows the scene as firefighters battled the smoke and flames on west 39th street around 3:30 this morning. firefighters rescued three cats from the burning home. three people and two other cats were able to escape. fire officials are investigating what started the fire. police are now saying it was an argument that led to a murder in north philadelphia on sunday. gunshots rang out just before sick am. 3400 block of old york road was where it happened. police say when they got there, they found 32-year-old troy robinson with a gunshot wound to
5:26 pm
his face. medic pronounced him dead about 10 minutes later. the search continues tonight for his killer. coming up are you just itching to get your holiday shopping started? well, wait until you hear what amazon is doing. >> kathy is like shaking her head. no, i'm not itching for that. plus a cream to cure it. next -- i'm so sorry. >> what he loaded into the bed of that truck that has investigators trying to track him down. kathy how is that for an intro? >> you're crazy today. >> i am. >> i think the weather gone to her head. take look at this. huge warmup coming from the deep south. we're not talking about 70s but some of us may get to 80 again. we're not ready to do that holiday shopping. we'll be back with the forecast right after this.
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donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!" our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make.
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the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> in west oak lane police are looking for a laundromat burglar. you can see the guy on surveillance video first he cuts a chain at jonathan's laundromat on the 6800 block of ogontz avenue. then he backs the pick up into the lot. police say he stole three washing machines and then took off. this all happened early saturday morning. so if you know anything about this, please call police. >> new jersey state police are trying to figure out who is behind that right there. you're lack looking at a toots see roll way sewing needle inside. investigators say someone found it in their halloween candy after trick or treating in commercial township, cumberland county. why someone would do that, right? right now, police say they don't have any suspects. they're he encouraging parents
5:30 pm
to please check your children's candy. terrible to even have to do that. last year we had similar cases. well, it's been a rough day in you're a commuter in philly. bosses of buses, trollies and subways come to a stop after the septa union members who drive them announced they are on strike. the union which represents the transit operators could not come to an agreement with septa's m regional rail lines are still oping but they're now delayed after pickets blocked access to some facilities and the strike means a lot of people decided to hop into their own car and make their trek to work. >> of course that means they have to park somewhere, right? on the phone with us is rick dixon. he is the deputy executive director of the philadelphia parking authority. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> if people have to park, what is your suggestion? where is the best spotted to that. >> well, we're trying to find a balance between the different types of parking demands for people coming into the city. of course those people that need to come to work and park all day need long term parking. we need to be able to accommodate people who want to shop and patronage our
5:31 pm
businesses so we have stabbed a flatten dollars rate for 10 hours parking in six of our center city garages. three of them filled up today. but there's still three that have capacity today in alled l old city at the gallery and family courthouse. at the same time we're also trying to find the balance for on street parking demand. so we understand that it -- people may need to come out and put more money in the meter to stay for longer periods every time. so we're not enforcing meter expired until after the meter has been expired for an hour. >> that's nice. >> once a meter expires we're giving people an extra hour to get back there to put more money in the meter so try to com date that extra demand. >> that's what i was going to ask you. ease up on the enforcement because of all the problems out. you get an extra hour to feed the meter. want to make sure we heard you right. >> that's correct. after the meter expires you get an extra hour before tickets are written. we're also allowing people to load and unload passengers in
5:32 pm
bus sews zones so they can pull over to let people if they have cars, they not leave their vehicle without a driver in it in those places but that's an option for people that are helping to carpool. we are also limiting enforcement in residential areas to later in the afternoon. so won't begin until 3:30 in the afternoon when people need to come home to try to find a place to park near their homes. so these are all balances we're trying to find for the different competing demands for parking as long as this unusual situation goes on. >> hopefully it doesn't go on for long. rick dixon thank you very much and thank you for the easing up on the enforcement. >> good decision. >> definitely executive director of the philadelphia parking authority. >> thank you. >> thank you rick. >> let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at trenton new jersey little chilly but some relief in z meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
few clouds out there but pleasant temperatures. the high around 60 degrees today. you can see at the airport just a cloudy afternoon. right now we're sitting at 58. but look at the wind. now out of the south at about 9 miles an hour. yesterday we were out of the north so that southerly wind will be slowly warming us up. temperatures mainly in the 50s and you can see in the poconos in the 40s. but to the best, it is much warmer and this is the warmth that's coming in pittsburgh 75. clarksburg look at that unbelievable. cleveland 78. so that surge of warmth will be lifting up from the southwest toward the northeast tomorrow mild and even warmer for thursday. challenging some records. high pressure will build off the coast and as it does southwesterly winds will kicking in tomorrow in the 70s. and even warmer thursday as this front squeezes more warmth closer to the delaware valley.
5:34 pm
we'll bust the heat with this front and some storms but that will hold off until late thursday into the evening. but the records are what is incredible for this time of year. as we begin the month of november. we have a new face on our team here at the at fox 29 monica and monica has been crunching these numbers we have to talk about the records because this is going to be quite a month. >> it really is going to be impressive. over the next few days we're talking wednesday and into thursday temperatures nearing those records and here are the numbers to beat. in the philadelphia area we have a high,ed record 80 degrees. may fall one oh or 2 degrees short of it. it will be a warm go of it threw wednesday and into thursday. looking at your temperatures and how they compare to the average which is about 61 degrees. we'll be 13, even 16 degrees above that as we head into our thursday. friday we do see a bit of a cool down. but again as we look towards the rest of november, we have a
5:35 pm
monthly outlook that's issued by the climate prediction center and you can see the entire nation is actually expectin expg above average temperatures especially back towards the rockies and into the high planes. as for those philadelphia and southeastern pennsylvania area, we'll be a few degrees above average but when you're talking above average in the month of november, i'll take it, kathy. >> absolutely. thanks very much. monica you'll be seeing more of monica here on fox 29. a penn state grad. happy to have err here. in the city overnight 49. in the suburbs 42. mostly cloudy and cool. during the day tomorrow, a noticeable change. try to get out enjoy it. 75 mostly sunny. unseasonably warm as monica noted over 10 degrees above normal and back to standard time this sunday, remember early sunday morning turn that block back one hour we gain an hour of sleep but of course we lose that daylight. that we've been cherishing so much. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, looking pretty impressive. this is a change in the november
5:36 pm
forecast. looks like we would be at average now we'll be bouncing back above normal for the month. records possible on thursday. but some storms will break the heat cooler for friday. saturday 60. sunday we go back to standard time the high 57. monday 54. and then temperatures begin to climb by next tuesday mostly sunny skies a high temperature 58. by then the average will be around 60. so hey, gang. we'll take it. let's keep this train going till december. okay? >> you know what, iain was hoping for an 80 in there some place. >> going to be close. >> he's going to try to push it up there. all right. there's your best chance iain. >> if you have ever had a dental emergency, you know how important toys get it fixed now one local doctor is doing something for those who cannot afford it. >> it's a sign the holiday season is almost here. starbucks changing up its cups. new design want it all means. >> police are after this guy caught on surveillance video at a center city hotel what they say he wrote on a wall of the
5:37 pm
parking garage that has them so concerned.
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hey, bob kelly look at through. >> exactly. i brought my son in with him. gave him wave. he's behaving himself. >> chaos in the studio. chaos on the roadways, right? >> exactly. we had the chaos coming in this morning on the way home here's the speedometer readings. jams on 95 as well as the schuylkill leaving town. just hot mess on the vine expressway. and update on the septa situation. the engineers and the conductors were able to enter the yard and they're able to operate the trains. so septa says that the cancellation number of cancellations are subsiding but we're still looking at 60 minute delays across the board on the regional rail line trains that are attempting to leave center city. later on for the rest of the evening, the crowded platforms you want to get your ticks in advance. they'll be no cash on the trains. you'll -- you need to present those passes before boarding and passengers are being held upstairs on the concourse for
5:41 pm
safety reasons. lucy, back over to you. >> one thing after another. all right, bob kelly. thank you so much. a horrific crash in tennessee has led to new hope in pennsylvania. a tractor trailer carrying hor horses bound for slaughter over turned on highway. many of the horses died in that wreck but those that survived caught the attention of the same rescue that saved lilly the paintballed horse. omega horse rescue out of york county found every single horse that was headed for slaughter and tonight on fox 29 news after the world series, their story of new beginnings after what was slated to be a dark ending. >> think god has plans we don't always know about. >> um-hmm tom night on fox 29 news after the world series, light after the darkness and how you can help these horses that got a second and third chance at life. in your money tonight, halloween of course was yesterday but already starbucks is ditching its normal cups and pouring your coffee into holiday cups. star buck locations are going to start using these soon some
5:42 pm
already are. this year' cups were designed by seattle based graphic designer it's meant to be a symbol of unity. star buck red cups last year made christian groups upset because they didn't have holiday symbolism. >> amazon isn't waste any time getting ready for the holidays either. it has launched black friday deals on its sight. online retail giant says it's offering tens of thousands of deals leading up to black friday. tens of thousands of them. with new deals coming as often as every five minutes if you keep up with that. deals are already live on the amazon site. coming up botox, restalyne, juvederme the list goes on. they can boost your appearance and your confidence tonight, though, a warning about some companies offering to sell you the stuff at a discount and the doctors who buy it. sean? >> iain the trade deadline came and went with the nfl with all the problems around josh huff the eagles really really need a wide out. see if they made a move before wide out. see if they made a move before the deadline later in sports.
5:43 pm
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♪ your appearance and confidence can come at one big price if you or your doctor is not careful. >> now the food and drug administration is warning doctors across the country to be vigilant about the drug that is they're injecting into you the market for counterfeit pharmaceuticals is booming. >> tonight the fight to count the counterfeiters and keep you safe from something that could leave you with permanent damage. ♪ >> there's companies every day that are sending us faxes buy botox from china. buy this filler from this country. they sell these all across the world and we're getting faxes and e-mails to buy these kind of things at discounts. >> but what's in those products anybody's guess. >> like a month later, all of a
5:47 pm
sudden one side of my lip started getting hugely swollen. it had like this big nodule in one spot. >> jolie lieb wanted to save a little money. >> i went to a doctor i didn't know. >> with a group upon coupon in hand. loved the results. until the pain and swelling set in. >> it wasn't only in that one spot. it was all around my mouth there were nodules that had sort of like formed all around. >> migrate. >> yeah, migrated all over. >> cutting costs can cost you in the long run. >> some doctors don't buy directly from the manufacturer? >> exactly. >> okay. and the reason would be? >> price. it's cheaper. a lot cheaper. >> it comes with a risk? >> exactly. >> when doctor first laid eyes on jolie lieb he knew this world traveler got a raw material. >> hi there. how are you? >> it took him and his colleagues months to fix the damage done by one doctor.
5:48 pm
who told lieb she was injecting one product but they believe injected something else into lieb's lips. >> my colleagues around the world who she saw also agreed with me and said she didn't get a the correct product. this was either silicone or some kind of plastic product that occasionally we see. >> like a permanent filler? >> exactly. more permanent filler. >> that can do permanent damage. >> exactly. >> another one of his colleagues se says this is for sure count phil product. i've seen this before. he said it usually comes from like china or russia. >> people are trying to cost cut and make sure that, you know, they can save money in terms of the doctors saving money for the injectables and the patients saving money. what i say is, a good ingestib ingestibles are never cheap and cheap inn jet joke tables are never good. >> bloom only buys straight from the companies themselves. >> so that says buy restalyne
5:49 pm
for 134 bucks. >> who are pulling out all the stops right now to counter the count fitters. >> that's cheaper than i pay for it. >> you get it at a wholesale price? >> that's red flag. >> exactlexactly. >> what gel derma is doing they're changes their syringes. syringes previously had a twist off kind of cap. there has even been reports of people taking that twist off c cap, it wasn't sealed at all, and twisting it off, using the product and then refilling it with a different product. >> horrifying as a patient to think about. >> i just was trig to save money which is really stupid. i was really lucky i didn't have any permanent disfiguration. >> doctors nationwide are getting warnings from the fda. >> saying, be aware, they've found counterfeit products in the us recently. >> so the full on battle against that is welcomed. >> this is an anti counterfeit cap which you have to break off to make sure that you're getting
5:50 pm
a product that was manufactured by gel derma. if it's not like this, then you know it could have been tampered with. >> and other manufacturers are following suit. you know how it goes. leave the bargains for black friday. when it comes to doctors, you might have to shell out more bucks for the real deal. but you can very well be saving yourself a whole lot of heart ache, not to mention money in the long run. >> dr. bloom says doctors from across the nation are referring more and more patients to him who are having reactions to these unknown substances inject flood them. his advice is simple. check to make sure your doctor's board certified and if you get a bad vibe, ask to see the unopened syringe before the april joke. if you've ever broken a tooth, had a toothache or any other sort of dental emergency you know how crucial it is to get it fixed fast. what if you can't afford to go to the dentist. >> one local doctor is doing something amazing to help with all of that. bob kelly in the house.
5:51 pm
>> you got it. good evening, everybody. afternoon jams are bigger today because of the septa strike. we're looking live at i-95. afternoon crawl heading southbound. we'll have the latest on the rest of the jam cams and the septa strike coming up next. >> sounds good, thanks, bob. new at 6:00 o'clock pediatrician accused of indecent assault fa faces more lewd accusations. what the doctor is accused of doing to women while their children were in the room. >> new at 6:00 police want to identify this guy caught on surveillance video at a center city hotel. what they say he wrote on wall of a parking garage that has got them so concern.
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we are keeping an eye on the rails and the roads on this tuesday. a septa strike creating a headache of a commute. bob what a mess. >> here's the speedometer readings for everybody heading home. a safe bet that whatever time you're expecting your loved one to come home they'll be late because the schuylkill expressway jammed solid in center city out toward conshy. even look at this the ben franklin bridge jammed coming into philadelphia. look at the brake lights here and unusual delay. but the delay coming into philly is because the roads on the philadelphia side are in gridlock because of the septa strike. same situation this morning. folks coming in from new jersey were like, ah, no problem septa strike. i don't do septa. i drive over the ben franklin. not. the jams in center city caused a domino effect up and over the bridges. all the regional rails at the moment are running with 60 minute delays. again, for tonight the crowded
5:56 pm
platforms get your ticks in advance. not only tonight but a tip for tomorrow morning and all the passengers will be held up top on the concourses until the train can safely pull in and then let all of the passengers down the steps. iain and lucy back over to you. >> say schuylkill again for me. >> schuylkill. >> i love that. >> schuylkill. >> i love that. thank you very much. bob kelly love having him in the evenings with us. many of you can probably relate. you got a painful dental emergency that makes it impossible to think of anything else but what if you couldn't afford treatment? it is a sad fact of life for a lot of people. but one local dentist is doing all that he can to help and our bill anderson has his amazing story. dr. patel runs a successful dentist practice much that's good. it's to be respected. but the reason i wanted to meet him is because of how well he reps our social media quote of the day. "we make living by what we get but we make life by what we
5:57 pm
give". >> we just provide free emergency without expecting anything from patients in return and helping in those who can't afford it, who can't come here on time, patient who's are afraid of the dentist a couple times a year they provide free emergency dental care basically anything causing you pain to as many as couple hundred people during a free treatment day. >> it all started with a vision my father was very spiritual he was a dentist for 38 years, and he kind of set to himself, you know what, enough about taking. it's all about giving now. dr. patel is carrying on tradition. his father started the free treatment days and when he passed away it was a way for dr. patel to honor his father's memory while serving a community he appreciates. >> he means everything to me. it was a grave loss to me about four years ago but i'm just grateful he was in my life for whatever time he was in there for. >> doing good tends to be contagious in all of dr. patel's associates graciously also donate their time and their
5:58 pm
skills. >> getting something like this we give back to the community. >> the patients were outspoken in their support. >> so you're having wisdom teeth taken out. >> yes, i came over here. i didn't know whether they'd be able to do it or not but they said it's fine. really nice of them. >> reporter: good successful day for you? >> absolutely. it was worth getting up and coming in for the scam. >> so proud of you. >> and the people and the doctor everybody here made me feel so comfortable. >> reporter: as i spoke to the team many who knew dr. patel as child it was clear how proud they were. first of their relationship with the father but also that the son continues the legacy. >> we have grant babies. >> there's another free treatment day coming up in december because the team told me the holidays are when people most lack fund and need treatment it seemed like the perfect time to once again serve the community for goodness sake. ♪ >> nearly a million people in the area forced to find another
5:59 pm
ride today. with thousands of septa union workers on strike. >> might as well shut the whole thing down going through all this. it makes no sense. >> tonight how commuters are getting around. traffic stop for eagle wide receiver josh huff turns into air an arrest what police say they found in his car. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first tonight the septa strike having a huge impact across the area. hundreds of thousands of people who depend on the transit agency every day forced to find some other way to and from work, school and their other priorities. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. tonight rush hour made all the more difficult today with negotiations between septa and its employees just like traffic going nowhere fast. we have team coverage of the septa strike tonight. bob kelly is helping you find a a way way around the chaos.
6:00 pm
dave kinchen talking to commuters about the headaches of theirs and shawnette wilson covering the negotiations and you've got breaking details. shawnette? >> reporter: well, lucy, within the past hour officials said that despite septa saying that it want add quick settlement and talks around the clock, they say they have not heard anything from septa management today. meanwhile the strike is now affecting regional rails. the only mode of mass transportation that was still operating after the strike started at midnight. but today picketers began blocking the entrance to some regional rail yards so employees couldn't report to work. that forced septa earlier to cancel a significant number of regional rail trains during the evening rush. many riders scrambled to catch the regional rails this morning with delays and crowds since buses, trollies and subways have halted. as for talks, union president willie brown said the sides remain far apart on pension, health care esche, verbal bling break times and other safety issues much picketers left the midvale yard where we are right no


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