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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> that's septa bus driver explaining why he's out picking for a second day all while hundreds of thousands of frustrated commuters are once again just fighting to get home g evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fortunately tonight septa is reporting some progress at the bargaining table. those negotiations are happening right now. at the center city sheraton where the city hoping nearly 5,000 workers will head back to work in time for tomorrow morning's commute. buses and trollies and subways all out of service, the regional rails are still running but you know it, many trains are delay delayed. >> let's get right out to fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the sheraton in center city tonight where those negotiations are taking place. dave. >> reporter: iain before we get to that breaking news we want to tell you step says that the media elwyn regional rail line has been suspended td although we're told this is due to a police investigation involving a person struck at the angora station. so development there. not quite related to this. here at the sheraton we can physical you both sides are continuing to talk.
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both septa management and the twu local 234 union. no deal yet though. let's go to video right now we can tell you congressman bob brady is now involved in the talks as he often gets involved on labor issues. septa management says that things are moving along but a union spokesperson tells me septa is giving them quote a quarter inch here and a quarter inch there rather than an inch by inch movement. so the union spokesperson says things are moving much slower than they could be and that is that isn't so encouraging to many commuters we spoke with include as kindergartner named william. >> it took me twice as long to get to school this morning. >> it took you twice as long to get to school this morning. >> um-hmm. >> what did you think about th that. >> that was much traffic. >> it takes 15 minutes to get to school. it took us half an hour, um 40 minutes straight through center city.
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>> this too shall pass. >> it's not our fault they're having issues so i don't know why we have to suffer and the lines are crazy. >> you feel caught in the middle of this whole thing? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: well, we also learned to councilman kenyata johnson is involve in the talks so that means more politicians involved in this. the union spokesperson i talked with said that will certainly move the needle in their words but still no deal at this time. the only progress we have seen is that injunction that was reached which stopped a lot of the picketing from blocking septa workers getting to the stations there but still on hiv going process. lucy and iain. >> all right, dave, thanks of course as you just heard and you know thousands of people facing another tough commute today. today two means another frustrating long lines. regional rail stations and more cars on the road as well. let's get straight to chris o'connell riding around center city right now. all right, chris, how is it looking out there on the roads? >> reporter: not too good, lucy. we've been driving around center city for the past couple of
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hours now. just to gauge how people are dealing with day two of the septa strike. if i had to pick one word, it would be frustrating. case in point right here where we're in spring garden right now. i'll tell you lots of commuters, you know what, they're just trying to make it home. any means necessary. hundreds of thousands just trying to find alternate, alternative means like that guy right there on the bike, we have seen scooter, we've seen segwa segways. we've seen indego bikes all around they're a bike right there. and many have hopped in their cars. but hahnly guys, take look, we tried it. it was literally faster to walk four, five blocks in center city than it was to drive. it's total gridlock all over the place. police have extra traffic duty out tonight but honestly some of the fastest way you get to where you're going biking, walking especially in center city. taxi, uber, lyft drivers doing a booming business. but even finding a cab was
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frustrating challenge as, yes, tempers are beginning to boil over. >> everybody was really, like, jumping each other insulting each other. literally people were jumping into other people's cars and wow it was like mayhem the word is mayhem. >> reporter: and that pretty much sums up. i want to tell you if you see this sign tonight, and you were in center city, you need a ride, flag us down. we are here for you as the sign says. we go there. we're going there. home if you need a ride you see us in center city flag us down. we'll give update at 6:00 o'clock. guys. >> i love it. chris o'connell is going there. >> he's going there. jump in. he'll take you where you need to go. talking about that chris the septa strike greatly limiting public transportation of course in philly much more people are turning to as you heard ride sharing services uber saw 41% increase in riders during rush
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hour since septa workers have been on strike. on monday, uber announced the company will expand its uber pool coverage so that it covers the area around all septa stations. >> sadly they've expanded prices out there as well. for the breaking details on the septa strike, stick with 24/7. it was back to montgomery county courtroom today for comedian bill cosby, again. cosbyss lawyers argued that certain evidence in the case shouldn't be allowed in court. >> specifically, a decades old deposition. let's get straight to brad sattin. he's live outside of the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. brad? >> reporter: we are. bill cosby leaving here 15 or 20 minutes ago as you mention the the purpose of this hearing real toll prepare for the trial to get the details work out what testimony will be allowed. whether some of the victims will be allowed to testify. whether they should be life or maybe recorded. we're also hearing that the trial date could potentially move right now it is set for early june but if things speed along it could be before that. meanwhile the defense is arguing that even having this trial
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violates bill cosby's rights. at the heart of today's pretrial hearing whether bill cosby constitutional rights are being violated by bringing the 79-year-old entertainer to trial 12 years after his alleged drugging and sexual assault of former temple university employee andrea constand. prosecutors call it farfetched, but cosby's defense argued there was a verbal deal made back then with da bruce castor who agreed not to charge cosby because of a lack of evidence in he can change for cosby's deposition in a civil case against him. it's cosby's admission of drugs and extra marital affairs in that deposition only recently made public that prosecutors now want jurors to hear. but the defense argues this is only coming to light now because district attorney kevin steele campaign on the cosby allegations that helped him to get elected and quote he made promises he's got to deliver. but gloria allred who represents some of the women accusing cosby says the judge is challenging
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claims like that. >> the court correctly pointed out that when the case was actually filed, he was not the da at the time. it was district attorney furman. >> prosecution says the case is moving forward because of new evidence including new accusers. but some of the alleged incidents happened decades ago so the defense is also fighting to keep those 13 women from testifying. and another issue is cosby's eye site. the defense says he's legally blind and can't wage a fair fight if he can't see old faces or photos to jog his memory but prosecutors question if he's really totally blind. >> the judge explored all these legal issues. we've briefed him. we've argued them. and we're hopeful that in the next set of hearings to come, um, we will be able to successfully resolve this case in a way that gives mr. cosby some justice. >> reporter: now one point during the morning session bill cosby did appear slightly disoriented. they took a short break. he seemed fine the rest of the afternoon and actually waived to
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folks and smiled as he left here. the neck hearing is set for next month. again the trial as it stands right now is set for early june. lucy. >> all right, thanks much, brad. checking in with your fox 29 weather authority. you know when you walked outside today, maybe for a split second, you might have forgot it's november. right? >> you can have. look at wilmington right now beautiful in the 70s today. i know that iain was very sad he was not golfing today. kathy orr. >> i hope he plans tomorrow. >> i. to around 11am. >> tomorrow will be even more beautiful than today. but look at this gorgeous picture. yes, the colors so beautiful out there. this is old city philadelphia one who've favorite places feel so blessed to be working in old city. atlantic city 73 today. today's highs ranged from 73 to skate in wilmington look at philadelphia we made it to 70. thought we'd get a little bit warmer that's still good for this time year. reading and allentown 71. trenton 72 degrees. not too bad for the beginning of
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november. right now 69 in the poconos. 69 in trenton. 71 in ac, wrightstown, even dover. lancaster at 70 degrees. certainly does not feel like november and tomorrow will be even warmer. we do have some high clouds building in and some showers associated with a cold front but that cold front is going to hold off until we make it near record warm temperatures during the day tomorrow. so through the evening temperatures staying in the 60s just a great night to be outdoors. sunset gets underway within the next hour but still very pleasant. coming up we'll talk about record warmth for tomorrow. some storms that will break the heat and a cool end to the week but right now, november doesn't look like itself. hmm. looks like early fall. we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. >> no explains complaints from around here. thanks kathy. >> eagles wide receiver josh huff trying to explain himself after his arrest yesterday. cops say he had marijuana, unlicensed gun and sick hollow
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point bullets when they caught him speeding on the walt wilt man bridge. >> today was also a chance for eagles head coach doug pederson to make a decision on huff's future with the eagles. sean bell here now with more on this distraction the eagles just don't need. sean. >> the guys eagles didn't waste any time on this. josh huff addressed the media about the situation and doug pederson talked about how the organization will handle it going forward. pederson says huff will suit up on sunday no suspension. he says the organization will basically wait until the entire legal process plays out. this is exactly how he handled the nigel bradham gun charge down in miami. bradham didn't receive any punishment and only had to sit out the first half of the lions game in detroit. so expect pederson to handle huff the exact same way. he'll be in uniform but might not play the entire game. today huff talked to the media in and apologized to the entire team. young guys looking up to him. >> to the young guys out there, i apologize by my actions yesterday.
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um, that's not who i am. and i hope you guys don't take that it way. i will -- lie do better to fix this and learn from it. >> you're the father of your house, and you just got to keep talking to your, you know, to your siblings and just keep talking to your kids, and just keep reiterating the importance of who you represent, what you represent, your families, the philadelphia eagles, and you got to make smart choices. >> even though huff apologized, at the same time he tried to justify what he did. >> i mean i'm a professional athlete. i mean what professional athlete don't have gun? i have a wife and i have a son at home, and um, my job is to protect them at all costs. >> i don't know if that's true but this may actually be a region thing when it comes to carrying guns. later in sports he talks about why he feels the need to have a weapon and how where he's from may actually be the reason. iain. >> all right, sean, thanks. some residents in one new jersey town say they're something funky going on with
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their water smelling and looks brown but what officials say is to blame for the problem. are you flying somewhere for thanksgiving and plan to fly out of perhaps philadelphia international airport? well, before you book that flight, you might want to check out some other airports first and we'll tell you why. >> all right. a thief gets into a college student's car when he walks away just for a minute. but they didn't take his wallet or cell phone. what was stolen and what the thief left in its place.
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♪ developing right now in south jersey, brown water is pouring out of faucets moorestown residents aren't just concerned, they are fed up and now they've decided to do something about it. fox 29's jennifer joyce live in moorestown and jennifer, this isn't the first water problem for the township. >> reporter: no, the not lucy. do you remember the film erin brocco vets now the real live erin brokovich is reportedly involved in many south jersey water issue and while township officials say it's not necessary they're water is well within the limits of safety, residents are concerned. >> this is somebody's tub the bottom this is just filthy dirt that came through. >> reporter: people in moores up to, new jersey are taking to facebook posting pictures and videos of brown or yellow waterspouting out of their faucets. katie angelini and michael babb cox started a facebook page
5:16 pm
called moorestown water addressing the latest issue with township water. >> we asked residents to report their address if they had brown water, and we started to get almost 100 residents in town. >> reporter: angelini says her passion from this issue motiva motivated for her to run for a spot in town council in next week's leck. fox 29 cameras captured angeline knee and many of her neighbors at a packed emergency meeting in the town to discuss a separate water issue contaminants. traces of tcp and tce were found in the township's water supply. officials say the low levels were not harmful, but the state's department of environmental protection forced the township to close its wells and instead out of the source its supply from new jersey american water. a multi million dollars expense. >> we're doing absolutely everything needed to bring the highest quality of water to the residents of moorestown. >> reporter: moons town mayor said the township is in the
5:17 pm
middle avenue fief-year plan to replace its aging water main. >> we're currently in the midst of replacing dozen water mains as we speak and that will be on-going process. >> reporter: officials believe the 90-year-old infrastructure and six water main breaks in october alone have created the sediment laced liquid they insist it's not harmful. >> this water is safe to drink. it's safe to bathe in. it's safe, f it was not save we would be not serving it to ourselves or our families. >> reporter: the mayor says the township is also almost finished and improve many project at that north church street treatment plant which would hopefully allow them to reopen some of the wells in the coming weeks additionally the township plans to flush this system which would likely force sediment through the water supply. but will ultimately help the situation long term. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thanks. dozens of accused drug dealers off the street after a three-day round up by philadelphia police.
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more than 60 people under arrest in west philadelphia. the narcotics division worked with local and federal authorities to take them down. officers confiscated more than $22,000 worth of drugs, $6,000 in cash and some guns. even cars. now investigators have gone to work trying to figure out if there's a bigger drug ring at work. >> we're looking into further investigations to follow up investigations to see if we can tie them into a larger organization that's why we bring the federal partners in with us as well. but separate locations out there but all operating win very small geographical area win the 16th police district there's likelihood some of them were working together or supplied from the same people. >> police say 11 people arrested wanted for outstanding warrants. they say many were for violent crimes. you decide 2016 with just one week to go until election day. the presidential candidates criss-crossing battleground states. >> meanwhile president obama is on the campaign trail for hillary clinton and weighing in on the fbi's latest decision on the e-mail investigation.
5:19 pm
democratic vice-presidential candidate senator tim kaine stopped in iowa today. he's hoping to get out the vote pitch will get the negatives from the revised clinton e-mail controversy. interview with now this president obama finally weighing in on clinton's edge mail critical of the fbi's renewed investigation. >> we don't operate on inn went dough. we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> donald trump now in florida hoping to keep enthusiasm from dropping less than a week from election day telling voters they cannot sit this one out. trump has been stick to go his message that he believes hillary clinton's unfit to be president. >> you wonder why podesta says she has bad instincts and you wonder why bernie sanders says she's got bad judgment. they're right. she's got bad judgment, personally i think she's a very
5:20 pm
unstable person if you want to really know the truth. >> the latest fox news electoral score car has moved the sunshine state from leaning democratic to a toss up obviously very good news for trump. more star support for clinton today in philadelphia. fresco user matt ward you can see actress ann hathaway stumping for the democratic presidential nominee she rallied a group of students at temple this morning telling them it's time to shatter the glass ceiling. >> trump's youngest daughter hitting the campaign trail in our area. here's penn grad tiffany trump stumping for her father at the delaware county gop headquarters in media. this video from a fox 29 fresco user named emma. donald trump has insisted for months of course that the electoral system rigged against him and that he could lose because of voter fraud. >> trump is singled out pennsylvania specifically philadelphia and the philadelphia da's office held a news conference today to address those concerns. dawn timmeney joins us now in the studio with more. dawn?
5:21 pm
>> reporter: da seth williams says the allegation that there's some sort of voter conspiracy in philadelphia is false he says election fraud task force is already in place and ready to go. williams says when voters go to the polls on november 8th they will will be able to freely cast their ballots. a task force made up of 70 assistant district attorneys and dozens of county detectives will respond to any allegations of wrongdoing according to the district attorney. they will be strategically placed throughout the city before polling places even open the da wants voters to know many measures are in place to ensure a fair election and his office will prosecute those who break the law. >> any attempt at harassment of a voter no matter what reasons will be met with the same full force of my office than an attempt to illegally or, vote. if you see something you have to say something. whether that's to the election board, the commissioner's office or the district attorney's
5:22 pm
office. it's incumbent on all of to us take on that responsibility. >> voters are encouraged to have plan on election day. know where their polling place is and how exactly they're going to get there. the district attorney also stressing as long as voters are in line by 8:00 o'clock, they will be allowed to cast their ballot. iain and lucy? >> dawn, thanks. for some kids it was all tricks when they went through their halloween candy watch they found inside some of the chocolate that could have done serious damage. >> a tractor trailer carrying horses bound for slaughter crashed on a highway from that tragedy came new hope right here in pennsylvania. how you can help surviving horses from what would have been a dark fate even before the crash. and for years mouse trap has been used for one thing, killing mice. now some bright high school students are finding new ways to use this simple device.
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heavy police presence around philadelphia city hall today. some protesters gathered to voice their opposition to the dakota access pipeline. proposed line which would run from north dakota to illinois has sparked anger across the country. critics say the line threatens land and water use by native americans. sad day for the philadelphia fire department. >> firefighters are mourning the loss of former commissioner
5:26 pm
harold b. hairston. reporting he died yesterday at his west mt. airy home. he was philadelphia's first african-american to serve as fire commissioner. mayor ed rendell point appointed him in 1992. he served for 12 years until he retired in 2004. the circumstances surrounding hairston's death are unclear. he was 76 years old. >> day two of headaches for hundreds of thousands of commuters septa officials say negotiations are happening right now and they are progressing the city is hoping nearly 5,000 workers will head back to work in time for tomorrow's morning commute with buses, trollies and subways out of service regional rails are still running but many of those trains are delayed. >> two police officers murdered while they sat in their cars the suspect is now in custody. what officials have learned about the man they say killed two officers in cold blood. it's november and for some that mean it's time to start getting in gear for holiday shopping. what retailers don't want you to know about those black friday
5:27 pm
prices. >> can i tell you i put this on my twitter and i asked people if it was too early to shop for christmas and they said heck no. 90% of people said no. >> that would be me. >> i start shopping on the 26th. >> let me tell you tomorrow a nice day to shop. don't spend too much time indoors. the rain moves in early. we'll check out the timing coming up. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds
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after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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sun is beginning to fade as
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we look life over the center city skyline at 5:30. it will fade real fast on sunday. a day of unseasonal warmth out there. we love that. kathy or will have your forecast coming up in just a little bit. pennsylvania is taking action to fight the drug crisis. governor tom wolf signed legislation to help battle pennsylvania's heroin and opioid epidemic new law limits the number of pills doctors can prescribe to minors or an emergency rooms also creates more locations to drop off prescription drugs the governor says the drug problem is only worsened in recent years. >> we all know the statistics. 2500 people, pennsylvanians who died in 2014 from the opioid -- from heroin overdose, drug overdose. that number was over -- was almost 3500 last year and it's going to be higher this year. we have a real crisis. >> as part of the pennsylvania's latest budget the state put forward $15 million to open 45 treatment centers. a man is in custody tonight in iowa charged with a
5:31 pm
cold-blooded killing of two police officers. two officers and two different cars were shot and killed early this morning. >> police say the man who pulled the trigger had no connection to either of the men he killed. fox's mike tobin is in chicago with more. >> reporter: iowa police working a case involving two of their own. investigation underway after urban dale office and dismiss officer shot overnight. officers coming under fire as they sat in their patrol cars about 2 miles apart from each other. >> their definitely was an officer for these officers to defend themselves or respond to the attack. >> they took scott michael green into custody without incident as he surrendered. he flagged down a an employee of the dnr present his id to that employee and asked that that employee call 911. green is known to urban dale police and authorities say there's nothing to indicate anyone else was involved in the shootings at this time. >> there's an indication that we believe he may have had access
5:32 pm
to more than one weapon. >> reporter: ambush style attacks come months after high profile killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge this summer. loretta lynch says the justice department has offered to provide assistance. >> men and women in law enforcement deserve our gratitude and our respect. but more than that, they deserve our support. >> reporter: this is the second major tragedy to hit dismiss police this year. two of their officers died in march when they were hit by a wrong way drunk driver. mike tobin, fox news. fox 29 weather authority now. calendar says november but you know what, you wouldn't know it by the temperatures. we love that. >> i do any way. >> how long will the warm temperatures last. meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams have your forecast in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
>> we've been talking about warm temperatures since may and it seems like this warm weather isn't going to linger through the month of november. take a look at today's high temperatures. 70s across the board with the exception of wilmington but 73 in ac. trenton 72. allentown and reading even warmer than philadelphia today. now we're not going to hold on to the 70's but the average high is around 61 and we'll be there through most of the next week. ultimate doppler showing some high clouds filtering in. we do have a front that's going to be approaching from the west. it's a little bit ahead of schedule. so i think by about noon, 1:00 o'clock even in philadelphia we can be seeing some showers tomorrow. so enjoy the warmth and the dry weather while we have it outside looking good out there right now with partly cloudy sky and a temperature of 68 degrees. winds out of the south southwest at 9 miles an hour and tomorrow will be the peak of the warmth across the delaware valley. 60s throughout good part of the keystone state. some 70s through maryland and look at the 80s in charlottesville.
5:34 pm
pretty impressive temperatures, and in western pa, looking good as well. but you can see where the cold air is already moved in rochester new york and toronto with temperatures falling through the 60s and into the 5 50s. high pressure builds off the coast tomorrow we call this our surface map shows surface features. tomorrow near record warmth ahead of this front once the front passes through much cooler air will be building in for friday back to seasonal levels and fare weather high pressure will build in with clear skies and light winds. it just won't be quite as warm as we will see during the day tomorrow. scott has been going through the numbers are. here we go again, scott, more records to break. >> more possible records, kathy, and we continue to ride that roller coaster across the area. as we look at what's happening right now on ultimate doppler still out ahead of that front those winds are out of the south and west. so for tonight, it will stay mild but let's talk a little bit about the near record warmth that we expect over the next several days. of course, we are keeping tabs on the timing of those clouds
5:35 pm
and also that frontal boundary that will be moving through. but talk about a surge in those temperatures. nearing 80 degrees by tomorrow and parts of the area. in fact those records to beat across the area, 80 is the record tomorrow in philadelphia. reading 79. i think we'll come pretty close in places like atlantic city and also wilmington but once again, we're watching the clouds and we're watching that front. so by tomorrow morning, we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50's low 60s this is 10:00 o'clock in the morning. already places like dover, 66. 66 in atlantic city. and then watch what happens out ahead of that front. temperatures right along the i-95 corridor mid to upper 70s, but hyped that front, later on tomorrow evening, we're watching those temperatures fall across parts of the area. and that will bring chilly changes for the latter part of the week. so tomorrow near 80 and then look at friday into saturday. kathy? >> it's am like when you're younger you went psych.
5:36 pm
right? temperatures so warm for part of the day and then the second half of the day almost like a different season. as we look ahead tonight overnight in the city temperatures will not be falling that much. around 60. 55 in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow, the high 78 degrees. but as scott showed you an early high and by the afternoon temperatures will be falling. of course we go back to standard time early sunday morning turn that clock back one hour because we are going to gain an hour sleep but of course the sun will set an hour earlier. still i don't know how i feel about that. look at the seven day forecast from your weather authority. looking cooler for friday and breezy. saturday 57. sunday 59. and then temperatures back around 60 degrees next week. but notice, sunshine friday through wednesday. you can't beat that. haunted hay rides, getting ready for thanksgiving. lucy will be shopping. it's all good. [ laughter ] >> it is all good, kathy. >> that's what i do. >> thank you. if you were planning to put apple ear pods on your christmas list. they won't be available in time
5:37 pm
for christmas. >> for some children it was all tricks when they went through their halloween canny. what they found inside some of the chocolate that could have done serious damage. >> new at 6:00 police and fbi agents storm a scene around the delaware river. why the water way the focus of this crucial collaborative drill.
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♪ if you're planning on flying out of philadelphia international airport on thanksgiving you might find yourself paying more money. according to fare compare.comair fair prices in philly for thanksgiving holiday rush are up 11% over last year. that translates on average to about 57 bucks more for the same ticket a year ago. >> the roads are jammed as people try to get home from work. obviously septa is on strike. thousands of extra drivers are on the roads live look right now a little bounce see out there meaning windy out there. this is i95 in south philadelphia. you know how it goes. what did your grandma always say, patience is a virtue?
5:41 pm
>> um-hmm. >> a virtue and really helps on days like this. so halloween is behind us, rig right? and i always say this. it seems like every year it's earlier but i don't think it really is. always shocks me every year about the same. black friday that blitz thing is already underway. >> amazon and dell posted the first of the holiday deals this week. more than three weeks before thanksgiving. >> who's counting. >> my goodness. analysts say as much as 50% of retail sales will take place in november. turns out there's a little secret about all these deals. the same every year. wall street journal reports black friday deals chains like target, wal*mart and best buy ties a lot of items and the prices didn't vary much from year to year. >> fit works keep on doing it right. >> you'll have to wait a little longer to buy apple air pods. apple unveiled the wireless ear buds with the iphone seven in september. they were supposed to be available in october. the company needed extra tim to fix a couple of glitches there. so they will not be available now until january. not even in time for christmas. >> night of trick or treating
5:42 pm
for a couple young boys in washington ends on a sour note. michael, joel and malik cruz wore the same costume monday night they went door to door for candy but it's what happened when the middle schoolers got home that's got their parents and community concerned. a nail and a screw inn some of they're candy. one inside a reece's cup and the any other snickers. the incident has one of the bo boy's mom happy she told the boys to check their candy before eating it. >> if he would have swallowed that would damage would that have done to him? >> who does that. >> candy is good. >> police are trying to find whoever tampered with those suites in the meantime that mom is urging some other parents to make sure you check your kid's candy when they come back from trick or treating. >> don't even get that. so thief gets into a college student's car. when he walks away just for a minute. but they didn't take his wallet, didn't take his phone. what they stole and what the
5:43 pm
thief left in its place. >> tractor trailer carrying horses bound for slaughter overturns on a highway but from that tragedy comes new hope. who saved the surviving horses from what would have been a dark fate even before the crash. ♪
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and republican brian fitzpatrick supported trump. look, we just can't vote for fitzpatrick or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. and i was a republican forair every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until... i heard that tape, that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking...
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that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message. ♪ in olney police say the man snooping around in the security video had no business being there. this is from inside the philmont auto body along ashdale street in olney. investigators say the guy broke into the business, grabbed about $3,000 of paint guns and air express soar and then took off. >> tragedy on highway in tennessee as transformed into hope in pennsylvania. a tractor trailer slammed into another truck carrying 31 horses. not just any horses.
5:47 pm
>> these were headed to slaughter house but the tragedy gave them a second chance maybe even a third chance. >> they survived that crash and york county horse rescue saved them from slaughter but it needs help to get these companion animals nursed back to health and into good homes. >> i know. hey guys. >> dr. nicky shears got her hands full. the veterinarian is a volunteer with york county hoe may good horse rescue and just saved 21 horses that somehow survived one terrifying night. >> some of the horses died right there. they were under the trailer. >> attract trailer was hauling the horses all slated for slaughter. >> 31 of them were in an accident, in tennessee on their way up to shippensburg, pennsylvania, and were in pretty horrific accident. about 10 of them either died on the scene or were short film after youth than knifed. >> omega horse rescue kelly
5:48 pm
smith heard the news and immediately tried to save the surviving horses. >> i had called the person boo his them for slaughter and asked him if there was any chance that we could help any of the horses and initially he said no, that we wouldn't help any of them. >> but a few days later -- >> i wept there on wednesday to his facility to pick up another horse, and while i was there, um, they told me that the horses were actually there and a life and that if i wanted them, i had to come up with a whole bunch of money i had less than seven house to find a place to put 21 horses. so here we are. >> they were in better shape than i expected but they're still almost all requiring some form of care whether it's antibiotics or bandage changes or something and it's the bills are mounting up pretty quickly. >> you guys ready to go? >> dr. james holt big animal vet tanner helping the rescue with the horses.
5:49 pm
not only survived the tract trailer crash but escaped their fate at the slaughter house. >> they actually are considered delicacy. >> people eat horses. dr. holt says 180,000 u.s. horses get shipped off to and die in mexican and canadian slaughter houses every single year. >> at this one plant i visited, 40% of the animals were consumed locally. about 60% were consumed in either europe or japan. >> when you say locally, where is locally? >> montreal -- quebec. >> very unsure about people. >> yeah. america doesn't understand what's happening to our horses and this happens every day and people want to pretend it's not real but it is. >> which is what fuels kelli' smith to get the word out and save as many of these companion animals as possible. she rescued lilly the paintballed horse over the summer. this time around, she's doing her best to save 21 horses.
5:50 pm
>> i mean it's pretty significant that you stepped in at the last second and i think she knows it. >> i think god has plans we don't always know about. >> maybe that's why these horses not only survived that horrific crash but instead of ending up in a slaughter house wound and up in loving hands. >> all animals seek to have love and compassion and to be cared for and i think they all seek that no matter what animal it is. >> little kit kat here too. yes. >> omega horse rescue needs as much help as possible for all of these horses. so if you're interested in fostering or adopting or making a donation for those mounting medical bills and they are big, head to fox you'll find a link on as seen on tv. today in delaware county a couple of hundred high school students got their hands on a real live engineering project. the students competed at widener
5:51 pm
university school of engineering. they're task was to build a vehicle only powered by a mouse trap. students from all over the area were sent to common design problem and a zest vehicle specks to come up with creation. it's a great way for them to learn what it's like to be an actual engineer. >> they're given specifications. they're given limitations. and what they have to do is behave the way real engineers behave. come together as group, lock at all of the limits you have, all of the resources limits you have, power limits you have, and meet certain specifications. >> widener has been hosting this competition for high schoolers since 1982. apparently, a car burglar in kansas really need a break and his act is now going viral. hunter stepped away from his car for few minutes. when he returned he noticed something was missing. somebody had broken into his car and took his candy bar. yeah, thief didn't take his phone, didn't take his wallet just wanted his kit kat bar.
5:52 pm
but did leave behind something which is what you're looking at there an apology note scribbled on a napkin. >> just said i saw kit kat in your cup holder. i love them. i didn't take anything else from your car. i'm sorry and hungry, and i really got a kick out of that. i thought it was really funny. >> hopefully his insurance company will think it's funny too. he posted the crime on twitter. got a response from kit kat. it said it will send him a replacement candy bar. >> a case or two. >> that's what i was thinking. >> just one. >> like one bar. tour guide fort -- game seven in the world series. one woman is never ever going forget game six experience all thanks to comedian bill murray. >> and new at 6:00 police make arrest in a three-month old street racing crash that killed a toddler. the evidence police say force add driver to come forward. >> and police and fbi agents stormed a scene around the
5:53 pm
delaware river. why the water way is the focus of this crucial collaborative drill. ♪
5:54 pm
5:57 pm
actor and cubs fan bill murray made one cubs fan's dream come true. do you see what we're looking at here yes that is karen mc kell sitting to the left of murray in many photo tweeted out by major league baseball. they got lot of followers. she got to watch the game with murray after he gave her a ticket. mc kell went to progressive field to try to buy a ticket. she couldn't find any and not that that's a surprise. right that's when murray turned around last night and just gave her a complete stranger mind you a ticket. no word if he plans to do the same thing at tonight's game. you can catch that game by the way at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. whose going to win, iain. >> i can't say. >> it will be epic. >> i think it is too. >> is your team constantly wear headphones you might want to make sure they're keeping that volume. new study says 25% of graduating seniors have permanent hearing loss. doctors are putting a lot of blame on those headphones. >> they're wearing them eight hours a day, sometimes even
5:58 pm
longer. they sleep with their headphones on. >> doctors say many teens could need hearing aids by the time they're 45. fox's hit show empire on mid season break because of the world series but they return with a new episode one week from tonight. >> empire star exhibit says the drama is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. >> i mean having 20 years of hiphop underneath my belt i can draw from different experiences and different people that i met along the way and bring this character to life. so it's really -- it's really been, you know, quite an experience coming in with the experience that i've had and being able to put it on the screen and be a different contrast from what everybody seen me do before in my hosting gigs and a lot of positivity that i've done on television. so to go and play a villain and to have people come out and say i really love you but i hate you on the show that means i'm doing a good job. >> yes, it does. empire finally returns to fox 29
5:59 pm
finally next wednesday at 9:00 then stay tuned for fox 29 news. ♪ day two of the septa strike and more frustrated commuters scramble to find their way around the gridlock. >> everybody was really like jumping each other. >> where negotiations stand tonight a mid the transit shut down. >> residents in moorestown are complaining about brown water. >> you pay for clean water. you shall receive clean water. >> tonight the high profile active visit jumping hoping to make a change. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. transit workers remain on the picket line tonight their union and septa management are huddled up in a center city hotel for a second day hoping to reach a deal to get hundreds of thousands of employees back on
6:00 pm
the job. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. workers are holding out for better deal, of course. we have team coverage tonight. chris o'connell talking with commuters about the impact of the strike on their routine. dave kinchen outside the sheraton where negotiates are trying to hammer out that deal. >> let's start with you, dave. some hints of some progress. >> reporter: yes, some interesting progress. we got a word from congressman bob brady usually in on these negotiations especially when things are pretty slow. he says that things are moving along and that both sides are close to deal. let's go to some video right now. we can tell you congressman bob brady tells us that he personally feels good about where things are. he says that this was of course much more encouraging than what the union had told us the transport workers union told us before 5:00 o'clock. a source with the union telling us that septa is offering them quote quarter inches instead of moving inch by inch but the congressman says that they are moving much closer together on this but the


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