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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 3, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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the whole key. does bauer give him a first-pitch fastball to get ahead? >> joe: last time baez was up, heyward had stolen second, moved to third on a throwing error by the catcher. the count was full. they asked baez to get a bunt down and he fouled it for a strikeout. carl edwards still getting loose. baez. ball one inside from trevor bauer. >> john: i love the call. i thought it really was going to be a great element that he could create a bunt in the right area and heyward would read it. just didn't get it down.
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>> joe: bases loaded, two outs. two runs home. 8-6 cubs. had a bowl. baez swung through it. >> john: that's what he would have seen against shaw. 3-2. >> joe: three catches on the active roster for joe maddon. each catcher has an rbi tonight. cubs have put up eight, including a home run by david ross in his final big league game. here's the 1-1. bauer came after him at 95. >> john: seems like the more runners that get on, the bigger the swing. trying to do way too much, trying to hit hit and eight run homer.
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>> joe: bases loaded, two outs. the 1-2. this time, baez lays off the pitch that got heyward. 2-2. >> john: good pitch selection, good choice. the problem is he threw a fastball way up high, so now the variance between the height of the swing and where that pitch ended up is really a lot bigger. just a little bit higher on that curveball and he can't stay off of it. >> joe: how big is the lead for the cubs going to fly ball r davis. great job by trevor bauer to limit the damage to 2. bottom of the tenth inning.
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cubs celebrated in the top half. rizzo, zobrist with a big hit. back after this from your local fox station.>[a5df]
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>> joe: tonight's aerial coverage is brought to you by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. chicago cubs are three outs away. the cleveland indians are looking for more heroics like they got in the bottom of the eighth as they trailed by 2. bottom of the tenth, zobrist, go ahead rbi double. montero attacked one on.
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flashes the signs for carl edwards jr. we are about to find out about carl edwards jr., the 25-year-old hard throwing right-hander looking for the three biggest outs of his life. 48th round draft pick deals high. ball and a strike. >> john: he's got an electric arm. the key for the indians is staying off the curveball, try to make the curveball thrown for strikes. when you're trying to catch up to 96, he sometimes react to that curveball. >> joe: here's the one i want to napoli. out of play, right side. strike two. chapman ends up going and inning and a third. he allowed two runs, struck out two. allowed three hits, all with two outs in the three run eighth after taking over for lester.
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in line for the win. 2-2. it's napoli now. jose ramirez and brandon guyer. action for the cubs in the bullpen. a strikeout. carl edwards got a taste of the big leagues last year and he's getting a taste of an historic game 7 here in 2016. >> john: absolutely. see the cutting action on that. the guy we heard from earlier, having a hard time controlling his emotions. rizzo is so ready to erupt.
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>> joe: strike one. to jose ramirez. indians need a base runner to have a chance. ramirez 2 for 4 tonight. his hit chased lester in the eighth. scored on the devil by guyer. the 0-1. that is fouled on the right field line. strike two. >> john: carl edwards has lined up online. if you had to pick a pitcher, you would never suspect this guy can throw 97 miles an hour. fluid arm action and late life. >> joe: ball one.
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ball two. >> john: all the bosses out there, be patient with your employees tomorrow. they are going to be sleep deprived. >> joe: a groggy morning. one outcome and nobody on. timeout. to russell. two outs. the cubs are one out away. and the batter will be brandon guyer.
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two teams with a combined 176 years of frustration and no world championship. deal epstein has been the drought buster. he was in boston. trying to do it in chicago. two outs, nobody on. guyer taking. takes a ball. >> john: didn't like that first pitch. go after him. 96, 97. >> joe: 2-0. a deep breath for carl edwards jr. two balls, no strikes on guyer.
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3-0. >> john: i know you start thinking. that's the thing. don't think about the pitches or i'm an out away from winning a championship and make one pitch at a time. that first pitch got him a little bit off his game plan. now 3-0. >> joe: looked like guyer went up there to take a strike. the first three have not been close. on deck is the hero from the eighth inning, rajai davis. hit a two-run home run to tie it off chapman. can edwards throw a strike? yes.
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a walk. to bring the tying run up. here comes chris bosio, the pitching coach. rajai davis coming up. miguel montero trying to guide carl edwards jr. through this tenth. in the eighth, rajai. bedlam. >> john: against edwards, much more difficult to do on cutters away for davis. i'm sure the 25 said listen, come on.
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attacked this header. get him with two strikes, then maybe kill him with the curveball. >> joe: rajai davis ten tires with with a home run. guyer will take second if he wishes. cubs are giving it to him. ball one. to second is guyer to take the force-out away. no stolen base granted. into center field. here comes guyer. the throw into second. it's a one-run game. davis delivers again.
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that's going to be it for carl edwards jr. got the first two. a walk, now an rbi single. with michael martinez the scheduled hitter, the switch-hitter. and nobody on the bench for terry francona here in the tenth inning. this is a one-run game. edwards is out. and mike montgomery is coming in. ♪ one smart choice leads to the next. ♪
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trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪ "you took my strongest ally, thmy father."..." "but you didn't know me." "you never thought i would fight back." "you don't know me." "but you will." "rated m, for mature." >> joe: michael martinez, a longtime minor-league or, to the big leagues for the first time with philadelphia.
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now it's cleveland. came to the indians last year, is up with two outs. he's 0 for 3 this postseason. there are his numbers during the regular year. he did hit one home run. he's the winning run at the plate, and you've got a base stealer at first and rajai davis. >> john: decent move out of montgomery. not a good arm, montero. curveball. look for the ball in the dirt. if you think you've got the opportunity, steal a bag because the odds of getting multiple hits here with two outs, although... >> joe: the indians have done it before. here is the 0-1. this is going to be a tough play. bryant. the cubs win the world series. bryant makes the play. it's over, and the cubs have finally won at all. 8-7 in 10.
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with the cubs, no more wait until next year. no more talk of 1908. they win game 7 in 10 heart pounding innings. for good measure, the foot of kris bryant slipped on the final out but he still threw a strike to rizzo, and the cubs, joe maddon in charge, have won the world series. what a game. what a series.
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what a night. down to tom verducci. >> tom: i'm with kris bryant. describe what it was like to field that last play. speak oh oh, man. i knew i had to get rid of it. that's one of the best games anybody will ever see. >> tom: the 17 minute rain delay, how much did it reset the team? what did you do in the clubhouse? to go the best thing for us. we got together and we support each other. chappy was a little bit upset. you know, that guy works his butt off. jason heyward led the way. getting us ready, pumping us up. >> tom: kris bryant and the chicago cubs are world series champions -- for the first time in 108 years.
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>> i've never won a no word as a team. this trumps everything. i'm so happy. i can't even really put into words how this feels. >> tom: congratulations. to you, ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, tom. anthony, a game that will be talked about for a long time that what was it like to be part of it? >> i don't know, but it happened. chicago happened. we did it. we are world champions. that's it. we are world champions. i can't believe it. >> ken: the best rain delay of all time. what changed? >> we got together. jason heyward called a meeting. we rallied together. we rallied strong. we knew that we can do this. we know we keep fighting, we never quit. we pulled together.
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and we won. >> ken: 108 years. what's it like being part of a team that brought the world series title back to the north side of chicago? because i can't put it into words. game 7 of the world series. unbelievable. >> ken: the ball, will you keep it? because i don't know what i'm going to do with the ball. it's going to be cherished forever. we are in the history books. >> joe: the winner is aroldis chapman who goes to 2-0 this postseason. the same firm mike montgomery, picked up from seattle. it's his first save in the major leagues. with a runner going, martinez chops one to third. bryant slipped. his throw was true.
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the chicago cubs have won it 8-7. meanwhile the indians kept battling back. came back from down 5-1. had a three-run eighth, got to within a run in the tenth but in the end, it's the cubs who and the drought. let's go to tom verducci. >> tom: jason heyward, top of the tenth inning, rain delay. you call a team meeting. tell me why you did it, what was said. >> i had to remind them who they were. i had to remind everybody who we are. who these guys are, what we've overcome to get here. win or lose, we are not worried. we worry about how we are going to go out there, have fun, compete. be there for you guys next was. i had to remind them that. i'm proud of them. >> tom: this team was down three games to one. you blew a lead with four outs to go.
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what is it about the cubs that made the world champions? >> every time we got asked to do something, every time, we answered it. every single time. wanting to be the guy to do it, didn't get a chance to do it, whatever it is for whatever reason but these guys overcame it. outstanding job. we've got great leadership. coaching staff is awesome. ownership. the front office. they let us do our thing. they gave us everything we could have asked for. they believed in us. >> tom: you are a world champion. congratulations. to ken rosenthal. >> ken: you are staring at your calf that says world series champions. this is why you signed here. what's the feeling? >> how about that? i don't even know. i see the guys, the coaches and
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the players that have been through it all. the fans, look at this place. you would think we are at wrigley. man, it's unbelievable. to be a part of this, i don't have words to really tell you how i feel right now. i think it's surreal. man, it's a great feeling. >> ken: your role in this, coming in and relieve, how difficult was it? >> i've always had a lot of respect for bullpen guys. i know how many times we've put them in sticky situations and they always bail us out. to come in in a situation like that, i know we had the lead and all that stuff but man, it's definitely a situation i don't want to be in anymore. it's tough. it's a tough deal with the crowd
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and how loud and the emotions. you know, main thing, i didn't want to give up kyle's run. i ended up doing it. man, it's not a good feeling being down there. you don't know when you're going in and went to warm up but we got it done. we got it done. that's all that matters. >> ken: congratulations. >> joe: what an effort by jon lester. he goes three and relief of kyle hendricks. chapman, an inning and a third. so much coming up. postgame coverage from here in cleveland. look at the cubs fans that are still here. watch the reactions. from the dugout. to the veteran catcher who whos walking away a champion.
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to the manager who finally won it all for the chicago cubs. to the man who put the plan in action. and all the fans famous and otherwise. celebrating in cleveland, ohio. what a series. squeezed every drop out of this. part of the young core for chicago. chapman, yeah, he blew the save but he pitched a perfect night and he gets the win. carl edwards got the first two outs of the ninth inning. and then mike montgomery got the final out. history in cleveland, ohio.
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the trophy ceremony coming up and the chevrolet most valuable player award. long night ahead on fox and fs1. congratulations, chicago ♪ oh foul, foul, foul. ♪ he's taking a big lead. he's playing with the pitch, he's playing, he... oh! pop fly! he's going for it, he's going for it... woo! ♪ come on, right down the middle, come on. we got this, we got this. radio announcer: it's a high drive, deep right center. radio announcer: way back. might be outta here. whoo-hoo! radio announcer: cubs win!
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