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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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you know the deal. if you're hoping to catch a trolley subway, bus this morning, out of luck. leading to no deal. >> it is really frustrating. >> more hectic. >> yes, everyone's day getting very frustrating, mass confusion getting in and out of our city. get ready for another chaotic commute. we'll break it all down. this is going to be ... the cubs won the world series. brian makes the play. can you believe it. it happened, no doubt, chicago still celebrating its victory after the cubs break their
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108-year drought winning the world series. >> it does make something fun to celebrate. good morning to all of you. was rooting for them, 108 years? >> it happened. i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp, bob kelly joining us, sue serio. good news for us, i can't wait. >> some temperatures i think you'll enjoy. >> hey birthday. >> oh, thank you. >> happy birthday, sweet 16 birthday. >> once again. >> make sure we do like at friday's, everyone gathers around. >> the happy birthday song nowadays, don't have to do the rip off. >> oh, the public domain. >> celebrate, once again, it is great to have you with us this morning. >> thank you, we have team coverage we want to tell everybody about, sent an is the big story this morning, day three of the strike, look close at some points, still, no resolution in site. picketers were out again demanding new contracts, both sides were said to be working toward an agreement. late into the evening. >> yes, it has been tough,
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last couple of days, all morning team coverage regarding the strike, best routes available right now, lauren johnson at the fernrock station, steve keeley at 30th street station, but we do begin this morning with bob kelly. good morning again. >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody, 4:02, guess same old same old. nothing changed. i thought i talked to bob brady last night, thought we were going to have different scenario this morning. but, unfortunately, it is day number three, and looking live right here, this is route one northbound, up in bucks county, some left over construction. look at the fog, in the background, that's going to be a factor for this morning's commute. no problems at all here on the benny. the thursday checklist, kinds of the same. be ready for those crowded trains and the platforms, again, today. get your tickets in advance. yesterday, folks definitely tried something different on day three, so with day four here, be interesting to see what's going to happen as far as the volume. now as far as parking options, the same deal applies as the last couple of days, ten bucks, for ten hours, at the select ppa parking garages.
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we have the list up on our website, also, put it up on facebook, twitter. the ppa offering some slack, giving you an extra hour slack time on your meter. so that you don't have to continually run out there or maybe if you park three blocks away it gives you some time to get from the office over to that meter. what's not running, the city buses and trolleys, the market frankford line, the broad street subway, what is running, the regional rail line. now, that is where we've seen the biggest delays over the past couple of days yesterday, we average anywhere from 30 to 45 minute, at the height of that rush hour, the norristown high-speed line is running, the suburban buses and trolleys, again, running in the suburbs, but not crossing over into the city limit, paratransit, operating of course with some delays. sue, i mentioned it this morning, we haven't seen any rain during the septa strike. tell us what you got. >> not for this morning, but later on this afternoon,
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things could be changing. so, we have in your weather by the numbers eight out of ten. because of the temperatures, it will be pretty nice, but you might be dealing with some fog this morning, look, zero visibility in pottstown. what? half mile, 5 miles, i should say, in philadelphia, quarter mile in lancaster, we also have some fog in wilmington, not that bad yet, but sometimes this gets worse before it get better. so we'll keep an eye on it for you right now. seeing some clouds roll in. see the rain that's coming our way, a lot of it is in the great lakes right now, and it doesn't look like we will get a lot of rain, but whatever we get, will be a little later on this afternoon. 58 degrees right now, very mild start to your day, sunrise time is 7:33. fifty's, just about everywhere, couple of temperatures in the 40's, but we look at the day, see little sunshine, maybe, right before that rain hits, we will get close to record high with 78 degrees, guys, that's the best part of the day. the temperature.
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>> that's the best part, thank you so much, there, sue. so, at times, we thought maybe there would not be another rush hour, where we had the strike still in effect. we seem like we were getting close, but no cigar on this one. >> day after day after day. negotiations ended shortly after midnight, 12:15 to be exact. are the two sides any closer to a deal? lauren johnson joining thus morning, fernrock station, i guess the good news, both sides still talking to each other? >> they are still talking, thomas. yes, they are talking, they're trying to negotiate, so close, but so far away. so we found out yesterday around 12:15, that's when everyone decided to push back from the negotiating table. late last night, sometime around 11:00 the septa board chairman sent out a statement calling on the union leadership to negotiate in good fate. the union said it was not ready to respond but it would at some point. new sticking point in the negotiations that we had not heard publicly until now is an issue with cameras and record times. the union want recording times limited. septa says, they want to be
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able to review more of the recordings before and after accidents. and of course, the talks, still surround pensions, safe working conditions. political lead verse been showing up at the center city sheridan, all week, to monitor those negotiations that could put the nearly 5,000 workers back to work. >> are we close at all? are we any closer than we were earlier? there are hundreds every thousands of people wait to go see what goes on in this hotel. are we any closer than we were this morning? >> keep working, that's we are doing. >> went back to the executive board. i'm sure they did some tweaking, they did some tweaking, coming back at it again, as long as, the key is talking, they got to talk. >> septa leaders have said they would seek injunction to force workers back on the job for election day if the strike goes into next week.
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negotiations are set to resume this morning, at 11:00 a.m., which means, this morning's rush hour will still be a headache for thousands of passengers all across philadelphia. >> every day commuters hoping today will be the day that both sides reach an agreement. certainly hope so. lauren, thank you, of course we continue our team coverage this morning from 30th street station. >> right out to steve keeley, of course, where we have the regional rail converge willing, what's it like right now, steve? >> reporter: lauren, i would say, out here, at 30th street, it sounds like the negotiations are not going like the morning weather today, as you look at the flags, not a breeze, are they? so we look around, we see the bicycle racks getting fuller faster, a lot of people are using them, free parking by the way, and then a lot of the cabbies tell us they're work ago lot longer but we ask, are you making mormony? no. because even though they are picking up peak, and there is no problem getting fares, because of the traffic build up throughout the day, they can't drive many people, because they're just setting in traffic.
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so they might make couple of more bucks with the meter running, but you got frustrated passengers in the back, who aren't going to be in a tipping mood after being so angry sitting in traffic in a cab. so, this is just one of the many spots where we're seeing frustration from everybody dealing with the strike, not just riders of septa, but people dealing with the riders of septa. >> it is really frustrating. and it is really -- it makes my day a lot more hectic. everything's just like, you know, like it is kinds of like my whole day is surrounded by my transportation now, it is like i'm not really thinking about work and stuff as i much as i should be. >> get to go work. >> yes, because so worried about get to go work and getting, you know, getting my transportation right. >> well, we are standing outside 30th street station. i can't help but to show you the height of irony with this
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construction sign. septa strike day three. big men working time on day three. >> hopefully they will be working and get this all worked out and get us some contracts so we can get with a getting around easily. >> let's hope so. time 4:09. looking at other news regarding this strike. >> we've had so many delays, so many of the subway lines, we had big problems yesterday on the media elwyn regional rail line. well, it is back to service restored there. it was suspended because there was a police investigation. there was a person who was hit. it happened at the angora station. >> passengers traveling inbound between second ann and university city stations will need to board from the out bound platforms. also, happening today, jurors in the bridgegate trial. they are going to be back in court. bridget kelly, and also bill barone has been in the hands after jury for several days already. two former aides to governor chris christie have testified that they thought the lane closures on the george washington bridge three years ago were all part of a traffic
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study. other testimony, contradicts those claims. >> you decide, five days to election day, new polls show the race is at a dead heat. pole by abc and the washington post finds hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 46%. according to quinnipiac university swing state pole. here in battleground pennsylvania, clinton leads trump 48% to 43%. today trump will be in florida, north carolina, yesterday actually he was in north carolina the republican candidate highlighted new wikileaks emails, accusing the
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since 1945. sean, he will wrap everything up in sports just a minute. >> we will talk to big tad i and maybe ask him questions about the whole controversy with the football player. >> people talking about hoff. >> what he had to say. >> whether the apology was
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enough. coming up also on fox 29 morning news more details on the police officer's ambush, fatally shot early yesterday morning, 2 miles apart, stay with us.
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we're looking live. today will be a game changer. there will be a fog, we're starting to see to go roll
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this. whenever we get that if you go we will get that fine glaze, a and that mist on top of the roadways. things will get slippery, all those leaves that are all over, they will come into play as far as foulke driving today. i mention that had because folks are using the cars and instead of the buses, trains, trolleys with the septa strike. the here's i-95 this delco. you cane fog this is headlights working your way north and south. kind of quiet right here on the major roadways. what is not running is buses, trolleys, same deal as last couple days, no city buses or trolleys within the city limits, no market frankford line and broad street subway. what is running is regional rail lines and i talk to septa on highway this. what is tough poor folks that typically use regional rail lines remember they just went through that whole hot mess with the pull the cars off of the tracks, so they just had a crazy couple months and then now, they are almost getting themselves back to normal they are getting the extra
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commuters coming over using the regional rails, as an option for the strike. norristown high speed line is running, suburban buses and trolleys are operating. if you have paratransit need, doctor's appointment, medical visit, just be prepared from some delays as paratransit buses there are being stuck in the traffic delays, and sue, if we get a change in the weather it will be a game changer for everybody and i think that is coming for everybody. >> right, there is a possibility for a commute home rain, accompanying that commute, now it doesn't look like we will get a lot of rain but we have a possibility of the pop up thunder storm here and there. very warm era head of the front, the rain comes through later on maybe two or 3:00 for philadelphia, and then things will change because we have chillier air behind it and wind will pick up. we don't see rain, yet in our viewing area. visibility is our issue this morning with fog, in lancaster and pottstown, pretty tense,
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and, in trenton we only have 2 . and 54 mount pocono, 56 to start your day on november 3rd. it is crazy out there with a temperature, some very, very mild. wind are not that much of an issue, that is why we have that fog this morning. here's future cast. by 11:00 this morning we could be seeing some rain in the mountains but it will hold off until afternoon, for most of us, you will see pop up showers, maybe three or 4:00 o'clock. look at the high temperature today 78 degrees before that cold front actually comes through this opening. then temperatures dropped in the hurry, dropping more than 10 degrees in an hour or two and then feel wind pick up as well. as we head to that seven day forecast, we have the 78 degrees today, 20 degrees chillier tomorrow and then with the wind it feels even colder, and we will turn our
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clocks back remember on saturday night. it looks like a lovely autumn weekend with temperatures in the 60's, right around 60 both saturday and sunday, staying seasonal as we head through election day next week. >> we will take what we can get, sue, thank you. 4:19. lead has been found in the water at five cherry hill public school buildings. samples were taken as part of the state order water testing in all new jersey public schools and officials are suggesting that parents are worried about possibly affects and being encouraged to consult with their health care providers and their doctors. people in moorestown are very upset over some groundwater pouring out of their faucets and it is not first time they have had issues. environmental activist eric brookewith the one they made movie about, she was talking about the groundwater pouring from sinks and bathtubs circulating on facebook. township people say levels are not harmful but they are urging them to shut down those water wells and out source.
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despite color, the mayor says the water is safe but people are sceptical. >> we have contacted them for help and we want them to take it serious so people can feel good about showering, bathing, drinking water, giving to it babies for farm lah. >> this water is safe to drink and bath in. we would not serve it to ourselves or our family. >> township officials say that they are in the middle on have a five-year project to repair and replace aging water mains which they think is the source of the brown water. over in montgomery county, police are trying to catch a woman we are about to show you a photo going around grocery stores and stealing wallets. plymouth town hip police say this is the pick pocket caught on surveillance camera at giants supermarket in the moments present targeting an elderly woman. the suspect has struck twice at stores in the area. while she's covering her face with the cell phone police believe someone can still recognize her from the video. investigators say after stealing from her victim she made her escape this both cases, in a dark colored,
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sedan. time right now 4:20. looking at other top stories we are following this morning two iowa police officers ambush, and fatally shot just 2 miles apart. both shootings happened on main street, cut right through residential area. this morning a man is in custody. >> but any potential is still a mystery. steve rapaport is following latest developments. >> two des moines iowa police officers ambushed and killed in separate attacks early wednesday. >> i don't think he may have even been aware that there was a gunman next to him. >> reporter: police say 29 year-old officer justin martin and 39 year-old sergeant anthony been mow was shot sitting in their police cars. the investigators say 46 year-old scott michael green carried out the attack. police say green surrendered wednesday flagging downstate employee along a rural road. >> he flagged down, a employee of the dnr, and presenting his id to that employee and then asked that employee call 911.
4:22 am
mr. green was taken in custody without incident. >> reporter: green has a history of police confrontations, two weeks ago he was removed from the high school football stadium after allegedly displaying a confederate flag near some black spectators. meantime president obama is among those paying tribute to the slain officers saying quote they put on their uniforms to serve and protect and they were taken in shameful act of violence. been mow is rebelled as a husband and father. >> he goes by tony and he has been with us since 2005. >> reporter: officer martin was new to the urbandale, way police department having just joined in 2015. urbandale's chief described his final moments. >> one of the puzzling things is he didn't get out any idea, warning, fear, anything going on that he would make a stop, with anybody. it was basically stopped, was going to proceed to an intersection when he got confronted from this gunman. >> steve rapaport, "fox news".
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josh hoff still back at practice for eagles after his arrest, how team plans to difficulties lynn him and why he says, he had that gun. >> plus, that curse is finally broken, history was made, a huge, huge win, we will break it the all down. this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions
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to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> this is a fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles head coach doug pederson says josh huff will suit up on sunday and the team will not take any action until the entire legal process plays out, and yesterday huff apologized for what he did, at the same time, said most nfl players have guns, and he needs to protect himself. it was apology but not really. and 1908 is no more game seven of the worlds series had everything, big comebacks, and rain delay, and late game hero ex, in the end, the cubs holds in extra innings winning eight to seven, breaking that ugly curse. to the sixers, and the hornets, joel embiid did not play taking night off. had 12-point lead, blew it in the third period. cobb three with the dunk in the middle. the sixers lose 109-93, winless on the season. flyers take rogue un the red wins in over time. flyers two on one, claude giroux with the great pass.
4:27 am
jake voracek finishes. they win in o2--three. -- four-three, that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> more stories coming up you need to know about this morning. late night talks between union workers, transit officials leads to no luck for commuters this morning, hoping for the ends of the septa strike. >> plus, ann hathaway in town supporting hillary clinton at temple. there is also going to be a huge star singer, in our area this weekend, so we will explain all of that, also, national sandwich day. what is your favorite sandwich? let us know, i'm a fan of turkey special. use your #fox29goodday. >> chicken salad? we'll be right back. you out.
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>> breaking news, police on the scene of grissly investigation in south philadelphia. they've found a burning body. we're live with the details. >> also ahead, if you're hoping to catch a trolley, bus, subway this morning, wish we had better news. late night talks between union workers and septa officials leading to no deal. >> and chicago, there goes. finally happened. they've beat the curse.
4:31 am
finally, 108 year drought. they've won the world series. but here's the interesting thing. there was a tweet, two years ago, excuse me, that predicted exactly how this would go down last night or today. >> seven game, exact match up, more on that in just a moment. great to have you with us this thursday, november 3rd, thomas drayton along with karen hepp. >> thank you so much for joining us. let's get right over to bob kelly for a check of the traffic. >> gang, good morning, everybody, live look right now at i-95, philly international airport, kind of going to set the tone for the rest of the morning here. we haven't had fog. we haven't had rain. as far as the septa strike goes, we're into day three, and the weather will be game changer for us here today. roads will be little damp in the areas of fog that you start the trip out of your driveway. no problems here the 42 freeway, something interesting, i talked to septa by the numbers, the commuters that typically use the buses, trolleys, and trains, that are impacted by the strike this
4:32 am
week, 884,000 trips, 400,000 riders. so, 400,000 folks looking for alternate means of transportation, again today. the regional rails on a normal day make 130,000 trips and have 65,000 riders. a lot of the 400,000 from here, trying to fill any of the empty seats on regional rail trains, kind of gives you idea how many people are impacted by not only the work stoppage, but then, factor in how many folks typically drive on the schuylkill and 95 every day, that, again, are feeling the impact, so everybody's getting a taste of this septa strike here on a thursday morning. the crowded trains, the platforms, again, this morning, get your tickets in advance, again, there is going to be no cash collected on the trains, try, try, try, and ask again for those flex hours, i mentioned it yesterday, will the 30 would be good time to
4:33 am
shoot for if you want to delay your trip, maybe plug in the laptop, work from home today. but if you are going to be headed out the front door, sue, i think umbrella has little partner you will need it potentially later this afternoon, i would say any time after 3:00 for most of us is a time to start eye on the sky for some rain. we have eight out every ten today in your weather by the numbers. because of the rain expected, socked in in pottstown, lancaster, trenton right now, and it looks like that will probably spread before sunrise, i think most of this fog will burn off after sunrise, 5-mile visibility at the airport. and here comes the rain ahead of the cold front, some of that rain is what delayed the world series game last night, then we will get it eventually later today. so, for right now, it is 58 degrees, so unusually mild for this time of year. 7:33, your sunrise time. other temperatures, 54 in mount pocono, very mild, in reading with 52, and where it is fog any lancaster, it is
4:34 am
50 degrees. and we're in the 60s unusually, in wilmington, to start your day. with a warm wednesday, high of 70 degrees, yesterday, going beat that today, and get close to a record. the record for today is 80. it was set in 1990. we will get close to that before the rains hit. so, one more warm one, guys, but don't get used to it. >> all good things must come to an end, sue, thank you. 4:34. following that breaking news out of south philadelphia this morning. police say a burned body has been found on passyunk avenue under 76 eastbound. this was very active scene. steve keeley joining us. steve? >> reporter: yes, this is right on the schuylkill, forget passyunk avenue, right on the embankment of eastbound 76. uncle see the firefighters up there, right on the embankment. and so where the cars are coming, they got numerous 911 calls, that there was a fire along 76. people thought it might have been a car accident or something up there. or car flipped off the bridge, the fire department comes along with the police department, and the fire department puts out the fire,
4:35 am
and as they look at what was burning, they see it was a human body right after 3:30, 3:00 this morning, and then they realize, the police department that is, they know this area, they realize there are mattresses under there, this is where homeless people sleep. they know people are up here. the question is they don't know whether it is a men or a woman, and it does appear to be an adult body, they don't know if there was any trauma before somebody set this body on fire, meaning, was somebody stabbed, shot, strangled, beat tone death. did somebody have an accidental fire? they have no clue. so they just removed the body out of here. they have take ten to the medical examiners office. and you got to figure how does somebody do an autopsy on burned up body and figure out whether anybody killed that person ahead of time. but medical examiners have a way of doing their science, and they'll try to get to an answer. but, right now, they've got mystery of burning body on 76 eastbound at passyunk here in
4:36 am
southwest philadelphia at 2:30 this morning, and again, good thing people see something, and say something, or who knows what would have occurred with this fire burning, maybe somebody would have just put itself out, nobody ever would have noticed anything until somebody stumbled across this. so we've got possibly a murder mystery here right at the walt whitman bridge entrance. so if you know this area, you will know that big green sign, if you're in this area, going over the south jersey, this is where we are, where the fire department still is busy and the police department will hold this as a crime scene for sure. thomas, karen? >> this happening just two hours ago, still very active scene it, will take some time, steve, thank youment back to the septa strike. couple of sticking points we need to talk b pensions, work safety, now surveillance cameras. those are the main sticking points in the talks between septa and the union. >> so, it goes on. it is day three, strike three, still out when it comes to mass transit right now. very frustrating. so let's get down to the latest on negotiations, we have lauren johnson, telling
4:37 am
us all about that, good morning, lauren. >> good morning, karen, it was wishful thinking yesterday. when everyone heard they were close to striking deal yesterday evening. well it, all fell through, late last night, and it is not going to happen. so yes, in day three of the septa strike, passengers still frustrated. the negotiators went home last night, septa seems to be slightly frustrated, pace of the progress, board chairman saying in a statement that the strike should be an option of last resort, he goes ton say, too much is at steak for either side to fail to fully engage in the negotiating process. for the first time, we heard about specifics in the deal septa is offering the union, for one, the transit agency is offering to remove the compensation cap, and enhance the pension benefit by 8%. as for wage increases in the proposal, average employees annual salary would increase from 68.5 to 76.2, thousand dollars, over the course of five years. >> real close proposal last
4:38 am
night, coming back, sure they'll tweak it little more, and septa still here, coming back to talk, still moving back and forth, and try to get it done. >> pensions still? >> pension still the major issue, trying to work that out. and i'm optimistic this they k i thought it was pretty close last night. so we're close. they're close which is really good. >> with a would be really good is if everyone could get their lives back to normal, it is the nightmares for so many people forced force to find alte ways to work and school. everyone is expected back at the center city sheridan around 11:00 this morning, which means, day three of the septa strike, passengers brace themselves for pretty frustrating day, karen, thomas? >> more and more plans this morning, all right, lauren, thank you. five days until election day. new polls show the race is at dead heat. pole by abc and the washington post finds hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 46%. according to a quinnipiac university swing state pole, near battleground, pennsylvania, clinton leads
4:39 am
trump 48% to 43. >> and today donald trump is going to be in florida. north carolina, melania trump also holding a event in berwyn. hillary clinton will make two stops in north carolina. so, both candidates are spending every second they can in those battleground states trying to tip the balance in their favor. the latest clear politics average of polls has clinton ahead of trump nationally, by less than two points, but we are seeing the swings, you know, every hour. >> time now 4:39. new warnings in the fight against cancer. why some new treatments are being called problematic to your health.
4:41 am
4:42 am
>> nutrition that help the immune system fight cancer, may cause potentially fatal heart disease. when they're used together. the drugs are called check point inhibitors. and they've transformed cancer treatment, in recent years, helping the immune system to identify and attack tumors, but, in less than 1% of the patient, immune system used to attack not only the tumor, but also the heart, and other muscles. and for the second time in three months, maryland hospital has shutdown its neonatal intensive care unit. >> two babies tested what could be positive for deadly bacteria. back in august the hospital shutdown after the unit shut down the unit after three infants tested positive for the germ, which, can lead to serious illness or death. the prince george general
4:43 am
hospital says five other infants being transferred to other facilities. >> it is 4:43, exactly, local man, who basically was facing despair, and he was in a dark place all the sudden. but that officer right there saved his life. what he did, and how he helped change the course of this man's journey.
4:44 am
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>> live look at market street. imagine a very quiet market street. there we go. septa strike continues. it is day three. that scene, as i said, the cars will be out there in just a couple of hours. there is some good news here. philly's bike sharing program, it is making it easier for to you get around, in fact, karen, you did this yesterday? >> i did it yesterday. i biked back from my live shot. >> easty? >> yes. >> indigo says it is adjusting its service, allowing for unlimited parking during certain hours, certain locations, by the way, check their app for real time station updates, and if those bikes are available. pretty easy. so i do recommend it. no surprise, a lot of people also turning to our uber's and your lyft. uber says it has seen 41% increase in riders during rush hour since the strike has happened monday. they announce it is expanding now that uber pool coverage area, so that means you can all share rides with multiple people, will cut down on your costs, that will be around all
4:47 am
of our septa stations. so that's great news. >> so you can share the cars, but unfortunately, bob kelly, you still have to get around and traffic has been very, very thick. >> day number three, and here's live look now at an accident north on 95. right at woodhaven road. it is on that northbound side, we're also starting to see the fog move in, slowly but surely, the skyline in philadelphia is disappearing, if you are coming up and over the benny, you can see the glare on the road surface, so the fog leaving that fine mist, wet roads this morning, throw in some leaves in the neighborhoods, and that's going to be a totally different set of cards we have to play this morning, as far as the road conditions. west on 422, as we pull out of town with your dunkin' donuts coffee here, watch for an accident, and some debris on the off ramp at route 29. your checklist for today, same deal for the regional rail lines, really only game in town, be ready for the crowded trains, crowded platforms, get
4:48 am
early start, get your tickets in advance. check with the boss for the flex time. maybe even try throwing in a question, hey, can i work from home today? i know it is easier said than done. and not one solution for everybody here in the situation, septa buses, not running, the buses, the trolleys, market frankford, broad street subway lines. regional rails only game in town again yesterday we creeped up with 20 minute, then 30, then 45 minute delays, there will be delays this morning, and when you throw in the wet leaves on top of those rales, sue, that could be another problem for folks that use our paoli thorndale regional rail line. >> right. here's a look at the rain from a cold front that's going to be making its way through a little later on this afternoon. mostly around the great lakes right now, you can see few dribs and drabs to the south. what we are looking at actually the last 12 hours, just to show you the rain delay, from the last world series game, is part of the
4:49 am
frontal system that we're going to get later on today. so here's where we are right now with that. there is a lot of moisture in the air, winds coming in from the south-southwest, very warm air moving in ahead of cold front. visibility is kind of rotten in some places, like pottstown, lancaster, and trenton. millville now showing only one in three quarter mile visibility. this fog is on the move as we say. and then by sunrise, hopefully, it will burn off. we have 58 degrees in philadelphia, right now, mostly 50's, just about everywhere else, mild morning, but we don't want you to get used to it, because by this time tomorrow, it will be windy, whole lot chillier. so as we check the seven day forecast, 20 degrees difference in temperature, between today's near record 78, the record is 80, and 58 degrees, for tomorrow. looks like lovely autumn weekends, ahead with temperature around 60 degrees, each day. and sunshine each day, as well. thomas and karen? >> all right, sue, thank you so much. it is 4:50 exactly, and incredible act of bravery,
4:50 am
saved a man's life. police in camden stopped what was almost a tragedy. police say a manna tell to go jump into the delaware river. >> fox 29 shawnette wilson tells us the story of the heroes who didn't think twice before going into that water. >> approximately 50 yards out on a diagonal. >> sergeant from the camden county sheriff's offers recalls the day he and other emergency responders made daring rescue. >> as we pulled up, we saw an individual standing right there. bleeding from his arm. you jumped in the water and started some willing out. >> officers with the sheriff's department and camden county metro police got radio call about a suicidal man dress in the only his underwear, planning to jump into the delaware river, from the waterfront behind campbell's field. it happened around 4:00 monday afternoon. >> he was standing right here. >> sergeant says when the man jumped in, he and his partner immediately took off their gun belts, took them in the car, put it in the water behind him.
4:51 am
soon after camden metro police officers arrived and entered the water, too. >> once they were out, we were able to each grab a part of his body, his leg, his arm, the back every his shirt, and start swimming him back in. >> he says the tough he is part was treading water. dollars adrenyline so high, he doesn't recall how long they were in it. the victim was returned to the hospital. >> and i just tried talking to him, you know, like you could tell right away, he was in a serious state of pschiatric crisis. he goes on with his life, that's all. >> sergeant says the first time he's performed a water rescue, but he was once a lifeguard, water safety training while in the police academy. in camden, shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". giving him a second chance. time 4:51. no doubt chicago still celebrating its victory this morning after the cubs break their 108-year drought winning the world series. so you know what? not the only headline. why a two year old tweet is a national talker this morning. we will be right back.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
>> after fighting the taliban in afghanistan, nato made the announcement short time ago, they say the service members came under fire during train advised assist mission. no other information has been given. nato has not identified those service members, they're currently informing the victims' family. >> mitch -- much different note here. the curse is broken? it took 108 years. miracle everybody had been waiting for. actually happened. chicago cubs after one of the most dramatic worlds series games played are now your world series champions. >> you know what's really cool it, appears one baseball fan predicted the outcome of this game, two years ago. >> we have proof. they put it out there in a tweet. >> time stomach up. >> here it is, so this was on november 4th, 2014, 1 baseball fan wrote this prediction. he tweeted: in 2016 the cubs would face the cleveland indians in the world series, a series would go to seven
4:56 am
games, but that's not all. he also predicted that game seven would winds up in extra innings. preceding the end of the world. >> he was spot on. i'll contact geo, i want the lottery numbersment doesn't have to be next week, so within a month, geo, that's perfect. impressive. two years ago. >> time travels. all of those things this was the year, 108 stitches, 108 this, 108 that, maybe breakdown fun fact coming up a little later on this morning. coming right now, a loft breaking news, what a busy day, steve keeley, where are you, and what's snapping. >> well, we're in southwest philly right along the schuylkill expressway, 76 east, chris will walk toward me, and see the fire department, and police department, under the embankment, where the sign says walt whitman bridge east, 76, that's where they found a body burning, bob, fortunately, this is not affecting traffic. >> that's good news, steve. not impacting traffic there on the schuylkill, but we have an accident here on 95 at woodhaven road. the fog is moving in. we'll have the latest on the septa strike and more when we
4:57 am
come right back. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
4:59 am
>> breaking news, a grissly scene, police have found a burning body. we're live with the breaking details. >> also, strike three, day three, no deal yet. the late night wranglings and the twists and turns of the negotiations. are we close? >> it is really frustrating.
5:00 am
>> it makes my day a lot more hectic. >> a loft people feel the same way. get ready. another chaotic commute. your travel times right now. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs won the world series. makes the play. >> the party continues, chicago still celebrating it victory this morning, after the cubs break their 108 year drought winning the world series. good morning shall everybody, i think even if you weren't a cubs fan this morning you are now. >> we went through that. we were all excited after that. >> oh, what we had here. that's true, back in what 08-09? hey everyone, great to have you with us this thursday, thomas drayton along with karen hepp, sue serio, bus stop buddy smiling. you'll tell us why? >> he's a happy guy, but he's per pently happy, real. >> i you're right. bob kelly? >> good morning, game changer today. already se


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