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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> it makes my day a lot more hectic. >> a loft people feel the same way. get ready. another chaotic commute. your travel times right now. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs won the world series. makes the play. >> the party continues, chicago still celebrating it victory this morning, after the cubs break their 108 year drought winning the world series. good morning shall everybody, i think even if you weren't a cubs fan this morning you are now. >> we went through that. we were all excited after that. >> oh, what we had here. that's true, back in what 08-09? hey everyone, great to have you with us this thursday, thomas drayton along with karen hepp, sue serio, bus stop buddy smiling. you'll tell us why? >> he's a happy guy, but he's per pently happy, real. >> i you're right. bob kelly? >> good morning, game changer today. already seeing the fog
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starting to roll through, roads will be coming little damp, wet, and accident, north on 95, this is 95 northbound, at woodhaven road, so, look out, you can see the shine on the roadway there, and here is some fog, a look at route 40, and route 47, just outside of millville. down there in south jersey, where i was last week, for the breakfast segment. live look at the benny, see how the roads are wet? and again, slowly but surely the skyline is disappearing there, in the background. what's not running? day number three, as we mention, no sit buses or trolleys, no market frankford, no broad street subway, regional rails are running, expect the crowded conditions, get your tickets in advance. norristown high-speed line is operating, all of the suburban buses and and trolley routes operating, but again, not crossing over into the city line. and paratransit operating again today, but again, by appointment only, and make sure you allow extra time there. i think sue the weather will be a game changer for today for sure. >> we've had two decent days,
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couple every decent days this week, so far. but things are going to change. that's why, instead after ten, which we've had the for the past two, we will gave you a eight today. and yep, bus stop buddy very happy. he's holding his bologna sandwich today i think it is because it is national sandwich day. so we're asking you on twitter to tell us your favorite inside after sandwich. flyers won last night by the way, so he has his flyers cap. did you see him behind all of that fog? yes, fog in pottstown, in lancaster, in trenton, and yes, down in millville, new jersey, so, that's the one thing that might slow you down, rain not expected to arrive until later on today. so, we'll have enough warm air moving in to get us to 78 degrees before the afternoon is through, then some showers, close to our record high temperature today, sunset time 5:56. more coming in in the seven day forecast just ahead. >> thank you. >> covering this breaking news, that's just coming in right now. >> police found a burned body
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along 76 eastbound. let's get right to the scene. steve keel think took place around 2:30, very active scene. >> here is the schuylkill eastbound, see it goes underground here, where it goes through south philadelphia. and we will move left. there is a 20-foot embankment off the entrance ramp. you see this is the ramp if you are going to go to south jersey, up on 76 east, you see the sign walt whitman bridge. so you see the fire department, police department, and chris, going to step up on one of the rocks there, you will see medical examiner van that's pulled up, and they've loaded what was left, the remains of a burning body, found where you see that white sheet, right off the ramp. with was somebody thrown off the ramp there and set a fire, or was somebody sleeping under here because this is a homeless encampment. right below where chris is, see tide to the fence, a trash bag where the homeless try to pick up after themselves sometimes. off and on this intersection here where passyunk avenue ends, you see people stopped, stop traffic, with a cup in their hand looking for money.
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so no one knows who this person is obviously, they don't know if it is male or female. they don't know whether somebody was murdered, then set, the body set on fire, meaning they'll have to take that body to the medical examiner, do an up a zip, try to somehow figure out if somebody was shot, stabbed, strangled or beat tone death before being set on fire. we don't know the extent of the fire. but it was a fire at 2:30. peeping drive here to the right down on the schuylkill expressway, we're looking up, and they saw a fire burning. and they got on their cell phones and called 911. multiple calls. so both the police department and the fire department got here. but you can see, the traffic going past the other way, toward eastbound 76, so there is a lot of traffic around here, going 60 miles an hour, and people still did the good thing and call 911. so a lot of questions. is it a murder mystery? probably. nobody sets themselves on fire usually. rare protest sometimes in the far east, but nothing like that around here. this has been scene of mob hit
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in the past growing up around here, so who knows. they'll have to do a lot to find an identity, then find cause of death, now that they got the fire out. to the left where chris is, they brought chase, the accelerant sniffing dog here to see if there is any evidence of accelerant still laying around here, maybe some evidence of who ever set that fire and what they used to set the fire. so, an investigation just getting underway, we're two and a half hours since those 911 calls. thomas, karen? >> great work there, steve, you have gotten an lot of facts and details on, that we appreciate it, thank you. also happening at 5:05, day three of the septa strike. still mass transit, mass confusion. >> been a lot of confusion. talks ended shortly after midnight about 12:15. so are the two sides any closer to a deal? lauren johnson from the fernrock station this morning. how close are we, if any? >> well, thomas, so close, but so far away. so yesterday, as you said, actually this morning, they pushed away from the negotiating table around
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12:15 a.m. still problems for passengers who used septa late last night sometime around 11:00 the septa board chairman sent out a statement calling on the union leadership to negotiate in good fate the union said, well, not ready to respond, but we will. new sticking point in the negotiation that is we had not heard publicly until now is an issue with cameras, record times. the union wants recording times limited, septa says they want to be able to review more of the recordings before and after any accidents. and of course, the talks are still surrounding pensions and safe working conditions. political leaders have been showing up at the center city sheridan all week to monitor those negotiations, that could put nearly 5,000 workers back to work. >> are we close at all? are we any closer than we were earlier? there are hundreds of thousands every people wait to go see what goes on in this hotel. are we any closer than we were this morning? >> just keep working, that's
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what we are doing. >> proposal. they went back to the executive board. i'm sure that they did some tweaking, did some tweaking, coming back, again, as long as, again, the key is talking, they got to talk. >> reporter: and if the talks continue to breakdown, septa leaders have said they will seek an injunction to force workers back on the job for election day if the strike goes into next week. so negotiations set to resume this morning at 11:00 a.m., which means, headaches for the rush hour, for those who count on septa to get to work and school. karen, thomas? >> you said it, lauren, hopefully today will be the day, thank you. >> it is 5:07 right now. we have this breaking news that's just coming in from overseas. we have learned that 2us service members have died, two others were wounded, after fighting the taliban in afghanistan. nato just made this announce: they said those service members came under fire during train advise and assist nation. nato has not released the identities of the service members, still trying to inform the victims' families. 5:07. you decide. five days to election day.
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new polls show the race is at dead heat. pole by abc and the washington post finds hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 46%. and here in battlegrounds pennsylvania clinton leads trump 48 to 43. that is according to a quinnipiac university swing state pole. today trump will be in florida and north carolina yesterday. the republican candidate highlighted new wikileaks emails accusing the justice department of leaking information from the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal to her campaign chairman, john pedestrian he is that. the billionaire is sticking to his message that hillary clinton is unfit to be president. >> melania trump will be in town, will hold an event at the main line sports center in berwyn. she will be speaking about what a trump administration vision will look like for american women, children and families. doors open at 12:00 p.m. by the way registration is now closed. >> meantime, hillary clinton will make two stops in north carolina today. yesterday with polls tightening and many
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battleground states, she is hoping to turn traditionally red arizona blue. clinton harmed on the importance of this election and asked those in attendance to imagine the consequences after trump presidency. now with the fbi re-examining whether she had her aids handle classified information through unsecured emails, and the wikileaks scandal, clinton has paid a political price. it is 5:09. happening today, jurors in the bridgegate trial, they're back in court. the fate of bridget kelly and bill barone has been in the hands of the jury for days. two former aides to governor chris christie have testified they thought the lane closures on the gw bridge in 2013 were part of a traffic study. but there is testimony that contradict those claims. >> the pretrial hearing in the cosby case has been adjourned in norristown with no rulings. the judge hasn't said when he'll decide on the motions presented by the lawyers for cosby. they're hoping to throw out the case. cosby is accused of drug and sexual assaulting temple university employee andrea
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constand back in 2004. prosecutors want 13 other accusers to testified and show a pattern of how cosby drugged and assaulted women. 5:10. some good news from a horrible tragedy. one of those fire fight that's was injured in that deadly wilmington house fire, few weeks ago, will be going home today. fire officials say doctors will release firefighter brad speakman from crozer-chester medical center sometime today. he was in the fire back in september on lakeview avenue, two firefighters died in that blaze, three others were injured, prosecutors have charged a woman who was staying at the home with arson, and the murder of those two firefighters, those are the two heroes we lost. makes the play. it is over. the cubs have finally won it
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all. >> i love it. everyone piles on. literally jumping for joy. cubs won their first world series title since 1908. and they had to really work for t it took ten innings, 17 minute rain delay, but chicago was able to beat cleveland eight to seven, in game seven. cleveland had been trying to win its first crown since 1948. they lost the last few games at home. so this ends finally the longest title drought in baseball, in more than a century every misery, for the cubby fans. >> it was a good game. celebrations, oh, they're underway in chicago. let's take a look at the video from outside wrigley field. fans took over the street. chicago, as we mentioned, last won the world series in 1809 -- 1908. hadn't played in a world series since 19456789 our sean bell will have more coming up in sports in just a moment. >> you know they're still partying at this hour. >> oh, heck ya. they'll be partying into this next weekends. later in the show, big daddy graham joining us to break
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this all down. half hour he'll be in. >> also, talking about josh huff, he's back at practice for the eagles after his arrest. how the team plans to discipline him, and what he is saying about that gun, found in his car. >> interesting to see what you think about that. pretty controversial statement. plus we have more details on the police officers who were ambushed and fatally shot early yesterday, we told you about it yesterday morning on this show. it was in such a close distance, that tragedy occurred. >> also, folks in one new jersey town say there is something funky going on with their water, causing it to smell, and turn brown. what officials say is to blame for the problem. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances
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>> 5:15, this thursday morning. number of people impacted, i talked to septa earlier this morning, the buses, trains, trolleys, not running because of the strike, typically make 884,000 trips caring 400,000 riders each and every day. those folks are looking for alternate means here this morning. the regional rails usually carry 65,000 riders, each and every day, so part of the 400,000 trying to squeeze into the empty seats on the regional rails, remember, the regional rail commuters just went through a headache of their own with all of those trains being pulled off. they just, in the last couple every months, a hot mess on their hands, and now they're not too happy, that all of the
5:16 am
extra folks are coming on, trying to grab ahold of their ride n so that's an example of how many people are impacted just alone with the septa side of it, not it mention, how many folks in their cars, that are dealing with all of the extra gridlock, because of the strike. a live look here, 95 northbound, an accident right near woodhaven. look at this guy, walking around on the roadway. that's definitely not good. i'm not sure if that's an officer. i know they had a rescue squad on the scene there. be careful, out there dealing with the fog. you can see it kind of rolling in over 95 here, in delco, and it is causing like a real fine glaze, just like some wet roads, especially, in the suburbs, and in south jersey, and you throw some leaves there, it is almost like trying to stop your car on ice. so be careful, all of the kids are back at school again today, full day for both public and parochial schools, what's not running again, the buses, trains, trolleys, within the city limits. regional rales are operating. pack your patience there, septa says make sure to have
5:17 am
your particular net advance there, not collecting tickets on the trains themselvesment like they typically would. you know, you'll have to hand your ticket in before you board the train, the norristown high-speed line operating, suburban buses and trolleys, again, they're operating but not crossing over, into the city limit, and the power transit customers, again, give yourselves some extra time, especially if you have a doctors appointment. i'm not sure if the shpg trips are honored today, sue, with paratransit folks. but they're definitely taking it to the doctor's appointment. i think today the weather is going to be a game changer for this. >> could be, bob kelly, could be. because for the first time since the strike started we've got some showers in the forecast, and it is all because of this cold front. we expect that to come through later on tonight, ahead of it, we have some showers, the high pressure, which has been our weather maker since monday, halloween, doesn't it seem like a long time ago? halloween? anyway that's out of here. cold front will come through. see some showers already in the northwestern part of the
5:18 am
state. but nothing has made its way close by. just yet. visibility is our issue right now, with all of the moisture in the air. we've got fog in pottstown, trenton, lancaster, and reduced visibility in a lot of places including philly international. so we'll keep close eye on that situation. it is in the mid 50's, in philadelphia, 48 in pottstown, but in the 60s in wilmington, delaware? temperatures kind of all over the place, and winds are not really an issue. that's why we're getting fog. so as we look ahead in the future cast, maybe by noon, we'll see few showers north and west of the city. after that, just spotty showers coming through, but with the cold air behind the front, we could see isolated thunderstorm. could happen. 78 degrees, close to record today, the record is 80. windy, chilly, and 20 degrees colder tomorrow. along with the winds it, will really be kind after shock to the system. because it doesn't take long to get used to warm temperatures. nice over the weekend, don't forget the time changes on saturday night. and then, as we head into election day on tuesday, thomas and karen it, looks
5:19 am
like the weather will not be an issue. so you have to go out and vote. >> as long as we're seeing that sun. >> that's great news. thank you, sue. >> 5:19. following developing story this morning, lead has been found in water sources at five cherry hill public school buildings, the samples taken as part of state ordered water testing in all new jersey public schools. officials are suggesting parents concerned about possible effect are being encourage today consult with their health providers. people in moorestown are very upset about brown water pouring out of their faucets. it is not the first time. in fact, environmental activist err i can brock very much involved, the same erin they made the move bye. brown water pouring from sinks and harmful. the state is urging the township to shut down the water wells and out source. the mayor says despite the color, water is safe. you can imagine, nobody wants to drink it. >> we've asked dep to help and we would like them to take it
5:20 am
serious so people can feel good about showering, bathing, drinking water, giving it to their babies for formula. >> safe to drink, save to bathe in. if it were not safe we not be giving it tour our families. >> they say in the middle of five year project to repair and replace water mains, which they believe is the source of some of the brown cat err -- water. >> update on story we told but a week ago. that is a suspect in this case who is now facing charges, and he's pleaded not guilty. this is a man from elizabeth, new jersey, police say last month his girlfriends, christa capers, was found un response enough his apartment, his name is emanuel dikes. someone called police. she was pronounced dead short time later. we still don't know the cause of death in this case. he is being held on a million dollars bail. in montgomery county, police are trying to catch a woman they say is going around targeting people in grocery stores, specifically women, reaching in their pocketbooks, and stealing wallets. snow is happening in plymouth township. police say this is the pick
5:21 am
pocket caught on some surveillance video, there the giant supermarket, real a popular one there, one of the big ones, snow is moment before she is trying to go after an elderly woman. police say she has struck twice, different stores there. now here she is walking, pretty tricky, see she is tricky, see, her cell phone in front of her face to block the cameras, but you can recognize her by her boyde style and walk, profile thing. they say she is feeling from her victims, made her escape in both cases in dark colored sedan. >> 5:21 is the time. to the latest on the trial of former south carolina police officer, michael slager. the judge has denied a defense motion to have the indictment dismissed. the defense says that indictment violates protections against double jeopardy. slager faces trial next year, in federal court on charges he violated walter scott civil rights when he fatally shot him during a traffic stop. there morning, man in custody accused of shooting and killing two iowa police
5:22 am
officers during ambush. >> both shootings happened on main street, cut right through residential areas. police say 29 year old officer justin martin, and 39 year old, sergeant anthony, were shot while sitting in their police cars. investigators say 46 year old scott michael green carried out the attacks. green has a history of police confrontations, little more than two weeks ago, he was removed from a high school football stadium after allegedly displaying a confederate flag near some black spectators. now the president has released a statement on this one. he put out there yesterday. it reads: they put on their uniforms to serve and protect the communities they loved. and early this morning, they were taken and shameful acts of violence. all right, the time right now, 5:22. we love her. beyonce may have killed it at the cma's last night, how about that? god, we had busy night last night. but she has fallen short apparently when it comes to the list of the highest paid
5:23 am
women in music. so we have where she ranks, who is the top. >> i love when they cross over like. >> this great performance. but first, here are your winning lotto numbersment probably won't quite make the list, but come close. good luck. >> ♪ pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment."
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>> ♪ ♪ >> love her. who expected this? beyonce showing up at the cma's, country music awards, crossing over with some r&b last night, the 50th anniversary of those cma awards. dixy checks brinking in beyonce, as a special guest, and oh, they call them up stage, so the ladies sang dixy chinks song daddy, of course, you know, beyonce from texas, so that's i appeal right you there. >> speaking of powerful and amazing women, our own, reading own, taylor swift. we know she makes a loft money. she's doing well. >> bringing home the bacon as they say. even more than the bacon. according to forbes magazine, the pop star highest paid woman in music. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we got blood blood. >> yes, going strong.
5:27 am
swift earned $170 million, due in part, to, well, her music. she also wrapped up her 1989 world tour, which grossed more than $200 million. >> good for her. >> and let's break down the rest of the list of the women who made so much money. so, taylor swift was number one. she had that, you know, 170 million. number two, it is adele. madonna, she manages to still rake it in, going strong at three, with $76.5 million. thanks to her revel heart tour. and number four in. >> rihanna had great year, 75 million from of course songs, sold out shows, i think she has perfume line, as well. >> just love her. >> endorsement deals, coming in at number five, beyonce, going strong, $54 million, she of course was in our area twice. she had sold out shows. tickets were little hi, but it is beyonce, right? >> people had find one of the nights it was ranking at the linc, people still said they had the best time partying away. >> breaking news happening
5:28 am
while you have been sleeping overnight. coming up right now on 5:28. police are on the scene after grissly scene, they've found a burning body, we have a live report from that scene.
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> grissly seen, police found a burning body. we're liver with the details. >> not the best of news, late if night talks between union workers and septa officials leading to no deal. >> but there is this. how about this? the cubs won it all. breaking their 108 year drought. winning the world series. we'll have big daddy coming in to talk about it all in about 15 minutes. >> great to have you with us, very good day on this thursday, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp. >> good morning to you. and good morning to all of you out there. so the strike is still one of the big stories today. so we will be get to go that. >> with bob kelly. >> yes. how is it looking, snob. >> not looking good on the vine street expressway. i wasn't to point out in the video there, first baseman caught the ball, takes it, puts it in his back pocket, then throws the glove in the air before he jumps into the celebration there. live look here at the vine expressway eastbound.
5:32 am
an accident right under the ben franklin parkway in the construction zone. only one lane open. anyone who typically comes into center city, you know the drill here. tight squeeze to begin with. there is the accident right here with only that left lane open. look at this, already a parking lot, and this is causing a domino effect back on to the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill coming into the city, jammed both directions, trying to get on to the vine. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, i would go for one the drivers, kelly driver, martin luther king drive as alternate. dealing with some fog over here in south jersey. i think the fog, this morning, may be some light rain this afternoon, is going to totally change the playing field for everybody dealing with the septa strike. be ready for the crowded trains, and the platforms, along all of the regional rails, again, this morning, get your tickets in advance. you want to try for the flex hours, 9:30 is that time. if you can check with the bosses, hey, maybe postpone my trip until about 9:30, yep, the down side is you will have to work little later
5:33 am
obviously, but just throwing out some options, maybe even working from home along the way. ninety-five not bad at all. again the roads are little damp from the fog that's rolling through, sue, that will be game changer for the rest of the day? >> yes, as if there wasn't enough to slow you down, fog could do it. so we have bus stop buddy kind of in a fog this morning. that's right. literally, and kind of in our heads. you know, notice, we added umbrella to the ensemble today, because the possibility of rain this afternoon, the sandwich might get wet if he doesn't eat it first. temperatures #', 50's, with the areas of fog to start your day, in fact, we have poor visibility in lancaster, pottstown, trenton right now, philadelphia, international, reduced visibility there, to 4 miles. quarter mile visibility, in wilmington, delaware, right now, we have that rain on the way, see it in the northwestern part of the state, but we're thinking most of it will hold off for us, until well after lunchtime, maybe 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, here in philadelphia. anyway, 56 degrees right now. and as we mention most of the
5:34 am
temperatures, four's, 50's, 67 degrees in wilmington, plan on a little bit of sunshine, a lot of cloud cover after the fog dissipates this morning. and a near record high temperature of 78 degrees. but don't get used to it. >> we need to get bus stop budd a lunch box. >> true. >> fox 29 lunch box. >> i know, the bread will get stale. >> thanks, sue. 5:34. covering breaking news this morning. >> police say they've found a burning body, right along 76, let's get out to steve keeley, where he is. steve, they had some special dogs out there? >> reporter: no one is south here any longer. sorry you didn't get the words but i told the station about a half hour ago, all of the investigators left. so that gives you a sense of what they're doing now, chris will walk up to the scene here. you see 76 to the east, right there, there is the underground highway that is known as the schuylkill expressway here in south philly. to the left you see the ramp 76 east to the walt whitman bridge. so it was found right between
5:35 am
there. now you see this embankment here? a lot of homeless have cups, look for money for all of the south philly traffic here. as chris is walking here, notice a lot of things. they have plants, one homeless guy even with a sense of humor slow man shield sign, but they live under there. and this was a body found on fire on a mattress. okay? now, look there is was like the warmest november night in a while, maybe record day, right? so nobody would be setting a fire to keep warm. so they believe somebody murdered somebody. now, i just got off the phone with a high ranking police source who says the investigation now points that they are leaning toward it being a body of a woman. karen, you mentioned dogs. chase is the name of the ac sell rent sniffing dog with the atf. and chase did not pick up according to the source any scents of any accelerant like got lean which is strange. so they don't even know how the body was set on fire, but it was mattress and fully clothed body that they believe was a woman. here is the other thing, we've
5:36 am
got, thomas, talking to the medical examiner. they do preliminary look before the autopsy, and there is no obvious sign of trauma. now, look, this is a badly burned body. it is hard to notice anything. but sometimes even with a badly burned body you can see whether somebody has a bunch bullet holes in them or a knife sticking out of them, et cetera, or something tide around their neck, say like alert cords or something for strangulation. so no idea on cause of death before the fire. lets guess to video. you will see the scene out here after several people dialed 9911, and were driving along the schuylkill and said hey there is a fire on 76 east embankment. so the fire department gets here. they get their hose out of the truck. they put the fire. they say hey this was a body, an adult body here. and so it becomes a crime scene. here is inspector scott small, the commander on the overnight shift. >> just before 2:30 a.m.,
5:37 am
philadelphia police and the fire department received numerous 911 calls report of something on fire under eastbound 76 at passyunk avenue. when the police department, fire department arrived, they did see a fire underneath i76. fire department extinguished the fire, and then they realize it was a human body, that was completely engulfed in flames that had to be extinct wished. >> so we'll wrap it up there, karen, thomas. that's the latest on the investigation, and still, obviously, young young. here it is just three hours since the 911 calls were made about a fire here, and it turns out to be somebody setting a body on fire. >> thanks for laying out the investigation, steve, thank youment happening right now, pensions, work safety, now surveillance cameras, three big sticking points in the negotiations between septa and the union. >> yes, so if you are just picking up right now the strike is continuing. it will affect us today.
5:38 am
let's got the very latest on what's been happening overnight with lauren johnson right now. lauren, good morning. >> good morning to you both. so, so close, so far away. standing here actually waiting for the next train and groups of people. >> this roxanne showed up with a lot to say watch were you saying when you walked up? >> i said i'm tired. it is time for them to come back. i'm now it is the walk, it is the walk get to go me, and when i get to my train station, i have to go up three flights of stairs. and it is starting to get to me now. >> so you kind of understanded it although where the union and the employees are coming from? >> i do. i'm an union family, i do. but i'm tired. i mean, i'm being inconvenienced again, like i am telling you, i'm not going to work early, i'm going late. i'm late every day. i used to get to work at 5:40, now get to go work at 6:20. so leaving work later. so it is starting to get to me. i was happy yesterday with steve, today, i'm like i'm tired. >> you're ready for it to be over? >> i'm ready for it to be over, i really am. >> some speculating this could go into next week on election
5:39 am
day. how does that make you kneel. >> not good. but on the upside, i just want to say i'm getting my exercise. >> that's true. >> that's about all. that's all i have to say. >> i'll let you catch this elevator. i know you're in rush. one thing we have to say, yesterday, late yesterday, septa board chairman released a statement, he seemed kind of frustrated with the pace of the progress of all of this saying he hopes just like miss roxanne said that this can be over soon, because it is inconviencing nearly half million people every single day, thomas, karen. so again, it is day three negotiations not set to resume until 11:00 a.m. so we are thinking that rush hour today will be a headache for so many people again. >> hard to have a positive attitude when the day is extended, lauren, thank you. >> josh huff back at practice for the eagles after his arrest. what the team plans to do, and did you hear what he had to say about having that gun? let us know what you think about that. you out.
5:40 am
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>> doug pederson letting another player off the hook. josh huff will suit up sunday, and he said he will ' wait until the legal process plays out before taking any action. yesterday huff apologized or r r for what he did, but is he same time he said most players have guns and needs to protect himself. so apology, but not really. and 1908 no more. game seven of the world series had everything, big comebacks, rain delay, late game heroics, the cubs hold on extra
5:43 am
innings, winning eight-seven in breaking that curse. to the flyers tacking on red wings in over time flyers two on one, claude giroux with great pass to jake voracek. that was the game winning goal. flyers win four to three. joe end embiid did not play taking a night o6 hers 12-point lead. but blew it in the third quarter. cody, right there, with big dunk. sixers move 109-93, still winless. >> that's sports in a minute. sean bell.
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> welcome back. >> guess what today is? >> oh! >> happy birthday. should we sing? >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> happy birthday to you ♪ >> happy birthday karen ♪ >> make a birthday wish. >> she is wishing for sleep. >> oh, funny, she said that during the commercial break. i said what will you do for your birthday? >> she said i'm going to sleep. >> i take that very seriously, careful what you wish for. >> little ones wake you up this morning, happy birthday mommy? >> p happy birthday, no, my baby was sick all night sleeping on me. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. oh, how much fun. so sweet of you. >> welcome back, thomas drayton along with the birthday girl karen hepp, sue serio, bob kelly. birthday treat for her?
5:47 am
>> 78 degrees! >> whoop. >> and some rain. but that's good luck. but my par rent down the shore, a lot of people, are warm enough to be down there. they were on the beach yesterday. had it to themselves. >> why aren't we there? >> come on, let's get a cake, cut that thing up, so we can have some cake here this morning, going outside, we have another problem, already, a handful every accidents this morning, 95 now, the culprit. this is i95 northbound jammo into cottman avenue, one lane open in the construction zone, brake lights all heading northbound 95, into that cottman avenue construction zone. i got to tell you, dealing with some fog. dealing with some damp roads. because of the fog, there is the fine glaze, the roads are wet, and look out at all of the construction zones, bad accident here, downtown on the vine street expressway. looks like they just cleared that off to the side in the work zone. but bumper to bumper on the right lane here, all backed up, headed into 30th street. again, if you are coming into the city on the schuylkill
5:48 am
expressway, expect delays, because of that accident on the vine st. expressway. how many people impacted? here you go. 400,000 riders, a day, use the buses, trolleys, trains, that right now are not running, six a thousand folks on the regional rails, and any available seat, it is sro, standing room only, on all of the regional rail lines today, and sue, i think that we are going to see the weather playing an impact in the septa strike today. >> big issue for the morning commute, the fog that we're seeing, not as patchy as it was. down to 2 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport. so you may want to call ahead if you have a flight. foggy wilmington, pottstown, trenton, a lofter place this is morning, temperatures are mostly in the 50's, up ear's, which is pretty comfortable
5:49 am
for this time of year. look at this, 78 degrees on november the third, but then we lose 20 degrees tomorrow, and the winds pick up, in the wake of the cold front. looks like a beautiful autumn weekend ahead, and temperatures will stay pretty seasonable, through election day and beyond. karen, thomas? >> thank you, so much, there, sue. >> the curse is broken. finally after 108 years, the miracle cub fans have been waiting for. actually, happened last night, the chicago cubs after one of the most dramatic world series games played are your 2016 world series champs. >> take a look at all of the fans. man were they so excited. they take to the streets, still probably out there right now, bass it is such an enormous, basically, epic. they're joining us right now to break it down, hear what people are saying. we have big daddy graham. good morning. >> here are some whoppers. happy birthday. >> oh, happy birthday. >> andand the fans, the shot of the fans you just saw, they were chicago cubs fans, in
5:50 am
cleveland. and then the big story hine the game last night. we all know the cubs won. congratulations, i was rooting for the cubs to win. but that is the story right there. i've seen a million game seven's in my lifetime. all sports, all right? all sport have seen game seven's but never have i seen the opposing team take over a ballpark the way cubs fans took over that ballpark in cleveland last night, the age of stub hub, chicago's got a lot more money than cleveland does, and i found it to be alarm willing and a little bit disconcerting. i really d i'm casino every used to watching a game when it is at a stadium that the fans -- >> saw a lot of cross over though? a lot of people rooting for the cubs, been so long, seen a lot of cross over celebration? >> but cleveland came up really small. when you hear the sounds of the final eight, the final
5:51 am
out, made by michael martinez, by the way, former phil, i thought that was real a prepare pre at. here he is right here. would you think this game was at wrigley fieldment something to keep an eye on in this age of secondary ticket marketing that -- >> good point. >> i found it really to be alarm willing. but i don't want to lose site. an insane game. >> let's just go through some. momentsment frankly i was trying to go to sleep, but i wasn't. so what happened for people just waking up right now and they missed all of the fun? >> a lop i game. i want it say the cubs won almost despite joe madden, who is coach that i really like. he has pennsylvania roots also. i like madden a l but there was a questionable punt bye-bye as, his use of amazing relief pitcher cap man, who blew the save, because he's been used game after game after game. so, the cubs kind of won despite their manager. it was sloppy, but any time you end up in a extra inning
5:52 am
game, that is fantastic. i will tell you how great the game was. there was rain delay. i was hoping the game would not ends so we would have more baseball to watch tonight. just like the phillies, back in 08, when they had to cancel a game, and didn't play it until two days later. i wish that would have happened. that's how much fun. >> almost like christmas eve, you want to open the present for couple every days. dow want to talk about eagles players josh huff watch do you make about in whole situation? >> i'll tell you what i think b look, he's a dope. knock. >> what do you think about this? he said something, what athlete doesn't have a gun? >> yes. but shear my problem with all of that. it is done in a casual conversation in front of his locker. where is the eagles brass? why would they let -- and josh huff has been a goof ball since they've been here. they know who josh huff is. why would he be allowed to casually answer questions by his locker? i think this is a serious issue.
5:53 am
speeding with a gun with weed? i mean, everything about it sounds real serious. but the eagles certainly didn't treat it as such. >> he's not going to be punished. you disagree with that? >> oh, i hope he's punished. i think he -- >> right now they're saying no punishment. >> obviously there won't be any. they let him talk it at the locker like he got caught stealing money, and cookies out after cookie injury. >> we'll find out. talk about this a lot more this morning, all morning on good day. i know we will be breaking this one down and discussing it. >> saturday night, november 19th, up in trapp pennsylvania, which i don't get often, imperial caterers, oh, no, that's the event this saturday night. >> oh, that's sold out. >> okay. >> back to you folks, plugging away for me, that's sold out. so, go to big daddy graham. com for information on the next show, there is always a next show. knock on wood. >> absolutely. always good to see you. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, i appreciate it, my whoppers. >> ya, open that up. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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>> 5:56. day three of the septa strike. the bike sharing program is making it easier for folks to get around. end go says it is adjusting its service, allowing for un limit the parking during certain hours, certain locations, you can check their app for real time station updates, and bike availability. >> by the way, coming up on good day, late night talks between union workers and transit officials leads to no
5:57 am
luck for commuters this morning. hoping for the ends of the septa strike. plus, we are following breaking news, this morning. a grissly scene. police have found a burning body. we will have live report coming up in just a moment. stay with us.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> plaques the play! >> holy cow, cubs win. cubbies win. that's a bad harry carry. headline you thought you would never hear. cubs win the world series. rain came. rain delay. drought over for the cubs fans. the chicago cubs pull out amazing game seven win in extra innings to claim their first world series since 1908. >> was it the best world series finish ever? highlight and priceless fan reaction. >> wow, it was like mayhem, the worlds is mayhem. >> and now the words is three, because going into day three, negotiations go into the early morning hours, we thought we were close, yet, still no deal. septa strike taking it another toll on commuters this morning, is there a light at the end of the tub snell how many more days do we have left? >> septa tub snell and breaking overnight, bad, burning body found i


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