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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> plaques the play! >> holy cow, cubs win. cubbies win. that's a bad harry carry. headline you thought you would never hear. cubs win the world series. rain came. rain delay. drought over for the cubs fans. the chicago cubs pull out amazing game seven win in extra innings to claim their first world series since 1908. >> was it the best world series finish ever? highlight and priceless fan reaction. >> wow, it was like mayhem, the worlds is mayhem. >> and now the words is three, because going into day three, negotiations go into the early morning hours, we thought we were close, yet, still no deal. septa strike taking it another toll on commuters this morning, is there a light at the end of the tub snell how many more days do we have left? >> septa tub snell and breaking overnight, bad, burning body found in south
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philly, what we're learning about the area where around this gruesome scene took place. plus, the debate is on josh huff will play against the new york giants sunday, should he or shouldn't he? so tell us how you feel, use the hashtag fox 29 huff plays, or fox 29 huff sits. >> what dot people think? >> yes, good day everybody, i have to admit, i have a world series hang-over. >> oh,. >> a classic game like, that you have to stay up and watch. and i d well, you don't have to, but did i. >> well, i watched through my eyelids. >> did you? >> because i was out. >> was it dark? >> kind of dark. i was wondering. >> so, okay, it is almost over. then rain delay almost 20 minute, oh, no, now i have to go to bed. but i didn't go to bed. did you go to bed? highlight, november the third, 2016. >> good morning, 6:02,
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problems this morning in the last two hours than i think the last couple of days in the rush hour. north on 95 accident at cottman avenue in the construction zone one lawn open, head in through cottman avenue. the ben franklin bridge live look here, the roads are damp, the fog starts to roll through, and the highrises are disappearing here in center city. same deal. same old same old, day three, city buses and trolleys, no market frankford, no broad street subway. what's running the regional rail lines, and expect delays averaging 45 to 60 minute delays, norristown high-speed line operating suburban buses, trolleys are operating, paratransit operating. finds delays there. what you need to know for today again the crowded trains apartment the platforms, get your particular nets advance, ask the boss again for some flex hours, 9:30 the time to shoot for. if you are going to ask to come in late, pick 9:30.
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>> today, weather is going to play a role for the first day in this septa strike. we are are dealing with some fog, dealing with some damp roads. and did i see bus stop buddy looking for his umbrella earlier this morning, sue? >> the just in case umbrella is part of the end em -- ensemble. here is the number of the day, eight out of ten, because of the fog this morning, and there is buddy with the umbrella and for national sandwich day, i think this one is bologna, we have temperatures mostly in the 50's, few 40's out there, and even one that's in the 60s. but fog is our morning issue, rain could be issue for the afternoon. philadelphia international airport starting to get sock in, so wilmington, delaware, allow some extra time this morning. you have to anyway if you got the public transportation issues rain up to the north and west, will get hereby this afternoon, arrival time here in philadelphia should be
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about 3:00. 57 degrees to start by the end of the day though near the record for the day, 78 degrees. the record, guys, is 80. >> we get to the cubs and breaking news. >> burned body has been found, along 76 eastbound. >> so let's get out to steve keeley watch are you seeing out there? >> well, mike, here's where it is, look, you have 76 east to the right, then the ramp leading to the walt whitman bridge in the stadium complex, camera guy is going to run, while he does, come to up where i am. because the body on mattress under over pass. here is the video shot just after 2:30 this morning, when both the fire department, and police department, were called here, because people on 76 east, saw a fire under the overpass. all right? now, come out of the video, and you'll see, this is where homeless people sleep. and as we come out of the video, see a lot of black marks here, but you see chairs, plants, even slow man shield sign. so you can tell people live here. you can even see the green
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girders burned, they took the mattress and the body away, and as we spin around, i'm going to show you the intersection down there. if you drive around here, going to the stadiums, panhandlers always at this corner on those medians over there. so they are leaning toward it being a female body. no obvious signs of trauma. meaning they can't see if somebody was shot, stand, strangled or beat tone death. but when you have badly burned body tough to see for medical examiner, even in a preliminary report body now going to get autopsy today, and hope to get id and answer, and who this was, how they died. >> strike three and you're out the door. >> or are we out? people want this to be out. philadelphia paralyzed by disruption of transit service. >> negotiations ended shortly after midnight. looks like they were getting close. so are the two sides as close as we think? i thought we had deal, lauren, last night at one moment, then brought up the surveillance cameras on the buses and
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trolleys. >> and tension. >> that's right. pensions on the table, so, but this one sort of came out of no where, you're right, mike, those discussions end the at 12:15, now the tram a continues for day three for passengers who rely on septa. late last night sometime around 11:00 the septa board chairman sent a statement out calling on the union leadership to negotiate in good fate. the union said it was not ready to respond, but would. that new sticking point in the negotiation that is we had not heard publicly until now is an issue with surveillance cameras and record times. septa says want to review more of the recordings before and after accident. of course the talks still surrounding pensions and safe working conditions, it has been a nightmare for so many people forced to find alternate ways every getting around the sit. >> i these guys, girls, yes, they have every right. i mean shall everybody wants fair pay, fair benefits. so i'm behind them 100%, but
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inconvenience right now. >> let's negotiate. got biggie election coming up, you know, people need to get home in time to vote. so, that's a big sticking point right there. we need the time to get home and vote. soap, that's what i'm hoping that they come to some type of agreement. >> and, if the talks continue to breakdown, septa lead verse said they would seek an injunction to force workers back on the job for election day, if that strike goes into next week. so, negotiations set to resume at 11:00 a.m. but that's not in time for this morning rush hour. so passengers are here little early, little tired, and little frustrated, mike and alex. >> what's all of the noise? people getting cranky? what's going on down there? >> well, you know, there is some ambassadors here from septa trying to help people with all of the chaos, new to them, what the whole process is. so everyone is on some coffee, you know? >> sounds good. >> they seem to be in a good mood. >> the way i'm keeping track of this, 24 hours a day, also platforms, i check
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twitter constantly, and i would also download immediately the "fox 29 news" app. >> 6:08. breaking news over sees. two, us service members dead, two others wounded after fighting fight the taliban in afghanistan. nato made the announce. >> this morning, they say the service members came under fire during a during a training assist mission. have not identified the members. working to inform the victims' family members first. 2us service members have been killed. >> still dangerous over there of course. all right, history made, few hours ago. here we go. >> this is going to be a tough one. number one, brian makes the play. it is over. for the cubs, they finally have won it all. >> did he say the cubs just won the world series? >> they won. finally won it all.
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i love these. >> first world series title since 1908. >> wow. >> this was an epic one, too, because seven games, and it went to ten innings. >> oh, boy. >> and had 17 minute rain delay, so the cubs able to beat the cleveland indians. cleve hands has been trying to win first since 1948, but lost the last two games at home. >> yes. the cleveland did score a run in the bottom of the tenth, to make it eight to seven. and then, wouldn't you know, former phillie, dribbled out, because to finish offer the game, michael martinez. this is what it looks like when your team ends a 108 year old drought in the world series. celebrations still going on in chicago. right now. this is video from outside wrigley field in chicago, after the game, fans took over the street. more on the cubs game seven win throughout the morning. the party continues in the windy city.
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>> they even have on the little marquee there, here we go, this is live, wormed series champions. look, people still out there celebrating right now. >> listen, i would be there through the weekends, just standing there. >> and they're saying this is like the most instagram thing, go out, there get your little picture, because this is history. >> that sign has never been on that wall, tell you that. well the race to the white house continues to tighten, five days to go, folks, especially in the key battlegrounds state including ours. finds out which member of the trump family is making a big speech in our area. person you don't normally hear from. >> plus josh huff will play, the eagles allowing to carry on as usual after his arrest on tuesday. hear why he says he had a gun in the first place. >> so he's going to carry on after he was caring it.
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>> i call this a work week away, five days. so pole by abc and the washington post by hillary clinton and donald trump tide now at 46%. remember, it was staying for awhile there trump was leading. >> that's right. according to the quinnipiac latest pole, here in this state of pennsylvania clinton leads trump 48 to 43%, as you can see right there on the screen. >> and today melania trump will be in our area, will hold an event at the main line sports center in berwyn, will be speak being what a trump administration's vision would be like for american women, children, and families. this is the first time we're seeing her speak, since this
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moment here, when she was at the rnc in cleveland, and she did that speech to then, you know, became known for something else. >> meantime, hillary clinton will make two stops in that state of north carolina today. >> they're tide in most of the polls in north carolina yesterday in arizona, clinton harmed on the importance of this election. and asked those in attendance to imagine the consequences of a trump presidency. all right, enough of that. let's get back to the big night last night, actually early this morning. >> history in cleveland last night, the cubs, the chicago cubs have won the world series, did you hear what i say? what did i say? after 108 years, cubs fans, finally get to celebrate, see what happened when cubs fans errupted into the streets, including, bill murray, maybe their number one fan, bill murray mid it into the lockerroom after the game. that will had to be mayhem.
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i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" >> northbound, cottman, in the
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actual worm zone, actually pick-up truck, that's up on the concrete barrier here, in the work zone. so, north on 995, only the far right lane open. this is just north of the onramp for 95, and folks have been making a u-turn laverne on the ramp, coming back down, and that's just another accident wait to go happen. stack and pack on the vine expressway here. trying to get into 30th street station to access the regional rails, which is the only game in town. here is a little number of people impacted here, the buses, trolleys and trains, that are not running, 400,000 riders this morning, looking for alternate, regional rails operating. six a thousand ride areas day. a lot of these 400,000 folks are cramming in, taking every seat available on the regional rails, keep in mind, regional rail commuters just went through hot mess, couple of month ago, when they took those rail cars off. so been rough go for everybody, not to factor in even the amount of the millions of people that have
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been impacted on the roadways, feeling it is, also, more than just the riders of the buses, trains, trolleys being impacted here this morning. the parking options, still flat rate ten bucks for ten hours at the ppa garages. and, it the ppa is offering some slack, saying, we'll gave you a slack of about an hour on those meet nerves case you have to park so far away from your office you can't make it over. the thursday checklist, the bottom one, right, there going to be the most important one. weather, is going to play a role today. dealing with fog and dealing with maybe some rain, sue, later on? now with the cold front, up to the north and west, it will come through later on today, with some rain, so high pressure moving off shore, and we will probably get the first showers here in philadelphia, around, maybe, 3:00, maybe 2:00 this afternoon, earlier,
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in the north and the west, but from the mountains, but see the bulk of the heavy rain, is up around buffalo, new york, we will probably won't get a lot of rain not bad idea specially because of the strike you're dealing with biking, or walking, as your transportation. visibility, is not good with all of the fog. in wilmington, lancaster, pottstown, trenton, and even in philadelphia, where there is only 2 miles visibility, temperatures are mild already. and they're going up to 78 degrees today. but we lose 20 degrees tomorrow. fifty-eight for hi, will feel more windy than that. looks like lovely autumn weekends, gain the hour of sleep as we fall back on saturday night, as far as election day weather, mike and alex, nothing to stop you from voting. mostly sun. >> i not at all. >> 65 degrees. >> i'll be walk to go my polling place for sure. 6:19. well, learning more about the man accused of shooting and killing those two police officers in iowa say scott
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green had history of confirm takes with police, just three weeks ago, police say, green argued with officers after he had to leave a football game where he waived confederate flag right in the face of two african-american spectators. he was asked to leave the football field. green arrested without incident after surround ends toward department of natural resources officer, yesterday, police say, he shot and killed two officers from different agencies, near des moines. by ambushing them, in their patrol cars. >> deadly wilmington house fire, released from the hospital today. say the doctors will release firefighter brad speak man from crozer-chester medical center sometime today. hurt in a fire back in september along lakeview avenue. two firefighters died in the fire, three other were injured, prosecutors have
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charged a woman who was staying at the home with arson, and the murder every those two firefighters. >> history in cleveland, the cubs completed improbable come back in the world series to win their first tight until 108 years. more reaction, from fans, including bill murray, who found his way into the cubs lockerroom. we have it.
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for the content of this advertising. >> josh huff will seat up, and the team will not take any action until the entire legal process plays out, and yesterday, huff apologized for what he did, but, at the same time, said most football players have guns, and that he needs to protect himself. so, it was apology, but not really. >> 1908 no more. game seven of the world series, had everything, big come-backs rain delay, late day heroics, cubs on in extra innings, wing eight to seven, breaking the ugly cursement to the sixers, and the hornets, embiid did not play, night off. six hers a 12-point lead, blew
6:25 am
it, the sixers lose 109-93. so winless on the season. and the flyers taking on the red wings in over time, two on one, claude giroux with the pass. jake voracek, and they win in ot. i'm sean bell. >> let's get back to our eagles question of the day, the paper has the same thing. huff offers hollow points on why he was packing weapon of mass destruction for -- mass distraction for the team. we need your opinion on. >> this taking little pole there. did the handles -- did the eagles hands this will correctly? should he play or sit against the new york giants sunday up in the meadowlands. >> so since having this debate, use the hashtag, you can see them right here fox 29 huff sit or huff play. >> use the hashtag, or on
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facebook, stain gram comment, then your comment, we put it in the pole. >> i love it. okay, more on the game last night. that ended at about, what, 12:30, 1:00 this morning. world series game seven, what could be better? now, that is actually a live look from wrigley field in chicago. where people are still hanging. >> the taking pictures, you can see, lining up, they want to get the world series champions behind them. >> yes, because it was pure joy from cubs fans, who have not been able to celebrate a championship in their lifetime. 108 year old drought, you know the story by now, among those fans, who have waited all their life. cubs super fan bill murray. he was in cleveland last night. and made it into the club's longer room after the game. >> the cubs consideration the boss. hey, is there anyone i want to say hello to talking about lately. >> yes, you. >> ya, bill.
6:27 am
just won the world series. >> bull murray should have goggles on last night. >> doesn't that sting? >> oh, it does. i know you know him nap, actually the cubs president of baseball operations. he'll go down as allege mend major league baseball. because that only -- nor the cubs end ending the 108 year old drought, also the general manager very young age, youngest gm in the game with the red sox, when they ended their 86 year drought. he does. and bill murray, you heard the story about what he did for a fan. there is a laid high is big cubs fan, she drove down, i forgot somewhere, but far away, drove down by chance, go outside the stadium, try to get a ticket somehow. she is outside. wanted to see maybe if someone decided to cancel, and then walks to up her, bill murray, he says, hey, waist going on in she goes i don't have a ticket. he says come on, let's go. he gave her a ticket for free. she got to sit next to bill murray during the entire game.
6:28 am
>> what? that happened? >> yes. and i don't think it was last night's game, the game before that. but still. >> that's fine. >> free ticket and gets to sit with bill murphy. >> classic man. might have been one of the best world series games of all time. you couldn't go to bed. that's why i am groggy. day three of the septa strike means more headaches for commuters. what you need to know before you lever the house, day three.
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grissly scene this morning, police have found burning body, what we are learning about the victim. day three. late night negotiations, early this morning, actually, about 12:15, not enough to bring the end of the septa strike, meaning, another chaotic commute for you on day three. and jen is checking out the traffic as a result of the strike. hey, jen? >> yes, the traffic right now pretty light. you know that this situation cannot continue. we will talk about what it looks like here on the roads, m. good day everybody, that is thursday, november the third, 2016. >> it is interesting, how it is november 3rd, 3, and we're on strike, day three. >> that's going to be so easy to remember, alex, good point. >> yes. >> it started on the first. good way of keeping track of this thing. so like november 4th, tomorrow? >> he's making fun of me, bob. take it. thanks, mike. >> she is getting ready to hurt me.
6:32 am
>> that's why we are going to come over here so we don't get that on camera. >> thank you, bob. >> i actually thought day four, it feels like day four. 6:32, good morning, everybody, live look at 95, another accident now, on 95, this one, southbound, we've had half dozen accidents, in the last two hours, and i think a lot has to do with the extra volume already on the major roadways we fogged rolled in all of the roads damp southbound on i59 at woodhaven road. here is a exam example of the ben franklin bridge, see little glare in the road surface, so everything little damp, the fog kind of taken over the city skyline, parking options, if you are going to use your car, flat rate ten bucks for ten hours. >> garages, we have full list on our website ppa also cutting you some slack on the meter times out there. checklist for today, be ready for the crowded trains on the regional rails, be ready for the crowded platforms,
6:33 am
platforms will be slpe advance. no carbon the trains. have to have your ticket in order to board the train. ask for flex hours. go ahead, give it a try. ask the boss. 9:30 is the time you really want to shoot for. maybe an opportunity to work from home. but that last one right there, is going to be the game changer today. we have not dealt with anything other than sunshine and nice temps, the last two days of this three day strike. sue, that's all changing today. >> indeed. we have cold front coming our way ahead of the cold front moisture, areas every fog with bus stop buddy, he has his sandwich for national sandwich day. and the umbrella for later on. now temperatures pretty mild. a lot of fog, philadelphia down to .4, quarter mile in lancaster, and wilmington, so lots of fog ahead of the colds front. warmer temperatures ahead of
6:34 am
the cold front, as well. no rain expected until little later in the day, 58 degrees, right now. with sunrise, not until 7:33, i think, after sunrise is when we start to see that fog dissipate. meantime, we have 40's, 50's, upper 50's, upper 60s in wilmington, that might be anomaly, but warm morning, for november the third, we will take it. 78 degrees, close to the record, of 80, which was set in 1990. so, some places may make it to 80 today. regardless, enjoy the warmth. because it is not going to last, mike anal next. >> hey, one of the reporters, chris owe con em, doing nice job with the septa strike, 12:15, tweeted out, sent emails to all of us here at fox, looks like getting close, wasn't going to be day three, there is a day three because there were some sticking points last night. >> even in the evening news, dave kinchen talking about congressman bob brady whose pensions, work safety now surveillance cameras coming up as big sticking points in the negotiations as we try to ends the strike. >> so, here we go again.
6:35 am
another morning of this. lauren, these surveillance cameras, i don't know if you have details on this, over at the fernrock station, these are the cameras that point back at the drivers of the trolleys and the trains? and the buses? >> absolutely. and of course, the union says we don't need to have these pointed at us. and you know, the time they're recording, septa says we need that, if an accident happens for investigations, we need to record a time and the tapes a little bit longer. but, yesterday, mike and alex, wishful thinking for all every us, when we heard the deal was closed, and it could end the strike, did not happen. they went home early this morning, and they're going to meet again early this morning, but meantime, passengers are still inconvenience, septa seems to be slightly frustrated at the pace of the progress, the board chairman saying in a statement that the strike should be an option of last resort. goes on to say too much at steak for either side to fail, to fully engage in the negotiating process. for the first time we heard about specifics if the deal septa is offering the union is
6:36 am
accepted. for one, the transit agency is offering to remove the compensation cap. and enhance the pension benefit by 8%. as for wage increases the annual salary would increase, from $68,500 to $76,200 over a five year period. and most people we spoke spoke with say they understand what the union wants, but this is making their lives too crazy. trying to get in and out by 3:00. i find if you get the train before 4:00 it is not so bad. after 4:00 it is horrible. >> day three, it is stressful. it does affect me, and painly ten of the day. >> i am praying they come to settlement. it is very stressful for a lot of people. we think about our kids, not in school. >> that's bad, really bad. >> i'm tired. being inconvenienced. like i'm telling you, i'm not going to work early, i'm going
6:37 am
to work late. >> going to work late, waking up really early, just to navigate all of the chaos. many people say day three is tiring, exhausting, and just not fun. they want their lives back to normal. so everyone is expected back at the center -- center city sheridan. no relief for people who have to wake up early and make here to places like fernrock, just to get to work. >> a lot every people are turning to car ride services and uber says it has seen 41% increase in riders during rush hour, since septa work verse been on strike. monday the company announced it is expanding its uber pool coverage area, more than one person, different parties can get in the car and to go somewhere. so, that way it, covers the area around all of the septa stations, remember, also monday, had some viewers, i haven't had an update on it but say they've had five times the normal wait they normally have, so many people trying to use it.
6:38 am
>> yes. >>, as i am recall as that, i would get that "fox 29 news" app right away. but we have a grissly scene to tell but from overnight. >> police say a burned body has been found along 76 eastbound under a bridge. >> yep, under this bridge abuttment, where steve is. steve? >> reporter: yes, where it is, here we are in south philly. you see the sign for 76 east walt whitman bridge and then to the right under that overpass you see the red lights going, headlights coming to you from the stadium complex. and so under this overpass see some of the burn marks, there is a fire, and people going all around here, down on 76, looking up, hey, un the overpass, so the fire department, police department
6:39 am
gets called 3:30 a.m. they think it just might be garbage on fire. closer inspection once the flames are out they see it was a body burning on mattress. and right now, after talking to a source close to investigation, leaning toward it being a woman. no obvious signs of trauma and preliminary look at the body what was left of it from medical examiner that removed the body, but that doesn't mean anything. so what they are saying is there was no leather belt around the neck. no 45 bullet holes that they could see, or knife sticking out of this body or whatever. but they'll do an autopsy to figure out how this person died. could be like a drug overdose. let's go to the video. you see at 2:00 p three, you have both the police department, the fire department here, all gone now. chase did not pick up scent of any accelerants, anything. so somebody could have lit the mattress or trash on fire. maybe the person was dead.
6:40 am
that's why this was definitely not somebody trying to keep warm. because we didn't even get down to any cold temperatures overnight like we had, since the start of the septa strike. so, it wasn't anything like that either. who knows who it was, or why they died or how they died or who set this body on fire. but police are hoping to get at least the start of some of those answer cents as soon as possible with a autopsy report from the me. alex, mike? >> wow. 6:40, steve. >> police trying to get the woman going around grocery stores and stealing wallet. plymouth township police say this is the pick pocket caught on surveillance cameras at the giant supermarket in the moments before she target add elderly woman. police say the suspect has struck twice at stores in the area. while the suspect tried to cover her face with a cell phone, police believe someone can still recognize her from this video. >> absolutely terrible. i'm telling you, how do you touch other people's property? how do you? it is sad. >> people are taking from us
6:41 am
and it is not fair. it is not right. >> i feel like we have to be very careful, probably won't take my handbag into the grocery store. >> on top of that, after stealing from her victims made her escape in both cases in a dark colored sedan. >> well, beyonce we know her, we love her. is she going country? here are some of the star's surprise performance at the cma's last night. man, she looked good, she sounded good. >> and let's get to jen, because she is going around checking on this traffic that we're dealing with. >> hey, jen? >> hey, guys. yes, the traffic yesterday afternoon was horendous, a lot of people are expecting the same this morning. we're on the corner every broad and spring garden because there are spikes here, parking here, hoping to talk with people dealing with the strike.
6:42 am
in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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>> since we're dealing with day three of the septa strike, and it seems, bob kelly said yesterday, day two always worse than day one. so how does day three -- >> let's compare shots. ex and same shot from yesterday, over at the cameras there at spring garden and broad. >> this looks better than the shot yesterday, jen. >> i i think people are starting to figure it out. little more after routine, good morning. >> good morning, how are you.
6:45 am
>> so, in terms every work, i'm good, but i don't have to deal with the strike. >> i come from the suburbs. so worried about you guys. in terms of work, you've been okay? able to get back and force? >> yes, absolutely. >> today is a little bit of different situation. >> yes, because i have doctors.ment up at temple university. i have to walk from like 48th street area all the way to up temple. >> so what time did you leave your house to do this? >> about quarter to 5:00. >> what time is your appointment. >> 8:30,. >> wow, you wanted to make sure you got there. >> absolutely. >> whether you look around to the traffic, we saw you because someone almost ran you over. >> absolutely. >> it doesn't look like super clog like we've even? days that's. >> right. i think what it is, everybody is figuring out thousand get back and forth to work. also people doing the buddy system, you know what i am saying, even the organization i work for, they put out memos, asking, you know, if have you a vehicle, if you can meet people at the designated areas things that far nature, that way they would be able to come to work. so i think people are starting to figure it out at this
6:46 am
point. >> yesterday on my own commute out of the city at about 2:30, quarter to 3:00. took me an hour and a half to get home. usually about 35, 45 minute commute. i have a friends, up the street, got home in 20 minute, thinks everyone yesterday bailed early specially with the nice weather. >> no good rhyme or reason. here is a idea, though, number of people impacted. buses, trolleys, trains, not operating typically carry 400 riders per day. the regional rails carry 56,000, looks on the regional rails, guys, they are getting all of the overflow. remember, they just came off of a rough go on their own, because of those cars that were in disrepair. big olds question mark, everybody's impacted here
6:47 am
today. so today, i think, will be a game change err, but dealing with some fog, maybe some rain later on, certainly, going to be an impact and i think everybody's tempers are wearing thin here. two separate accident on 95, southbound, at woodhaven, northbound at cottman. again, folks that are driving over the last couple every days, haven't really driven through some of the work zones, today, you're dealing with some wet work zones, because of the fog. here is a example of the 95 accident, leaving bucks county, heads up, south 95, live look at the accident at woodhaven, there is woodhaven onramp there. so jammed up only one lane open. here is a look at 95, northbound, the accident at cottman, we've already had accidents on the schuylkill, and here is a live look at the 42 freeway, coming in from new jersey. parking options, you got the flat rate ten for ten at the ppa parking garages. the meter maids are also going to give us some slack here, give but an hour leeway, to kind of put some more money in the meter.
6:48 am
your thursday checklist, the trains and the platforms, watch for the crowds, watch for the slippery spots, on those steps, and get your particular nets advance. ask for the flex hours. as jen mentioned coming in little late means you go home little late. or maybe leave little early. and again, it is easier said than done. we all get it, because also have to deal with the kids to and from school as well. maybe work from home, but this last one here, i think, will be the game changer today, sue will tell you why, coming up in 15 seconds. 6:48, what will happen to the temperatures as cold front goes through. we start off pretty mild today ends up in the six's, get to high of 77, 78 degrees, by noon, and then the cold front comes through, and by
6:49 am
6:00 we've dropped about 10 degrees. that's how quickly it will get chilly after the cold front comes through. >> it will be whole lot chillier, there you see the precipitation still in the western central part of the state. it will take a few more hours for it to get here, but starting to get cloudier out there, and of course, big your ooh this morning, is the fog, foggy lancaster, wilmington, philadelphia, pottstown, trenton reduce the visibility, temperatures most in the 50's this morning, and headed to a high of 78 degrees today, 58 for tomorrow, big difference, kind of roller coaster ride, but those temperatures, and be prepared for some showers maybe thunderstorm later on. cooling off this weekend, but it looks like a lovely autumn weekends as well. mike anal next. >> thank you. sue serio, 6:49 now. >> well, beyonce performed last night.
6:50 am
no, she performed at the country music awards. >> country? >> the anniversary of the country music awards, so big one. and she brought out the dixy checks. >> what? >> for this special occasion. she talking about, or thinking about. daddy's lessons. >> daddy? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i haven't seen the dixy checks in over ten years, well, the lady sang daddy's issues, now, what's this song about? >> daddy's lessons. >> that's, daddy's lessons, but he has issues. >> yes, that's why she sang it is a lesson. basically saying my dad, because, you know, he struggled with certain things in his marriage, his life. he told her, if man comes around, he looks and act like me, don't basically don't pay attention to him.
6:51 am
>> shoot him? >> ya. the whole texas thing, it is a country song, so when trouble comes around and men like me come around, her daddy said shoot. >> i would probably give women that same advice. >> would you? would you tell your caught first a man like me comes around, lever them alone i think it is kinds of deep? >> very deep. >> and the trouble is -- >> lemonade albumn, whole thing jay-z was cheating and people were talking about it because her father was reportedly cheating on other women, i mean, babies out of the wedlock, ended up divorcing. so it is almost like it became a cycle for her. >> wow. great thing about country music, it gets real. >> gets real. >> dirt roads, blacktops, trucks, trains, and whiskey. ya, my dog, i love my dog. >> you got to have, what is
6:52 am
it, the tumble weeds. >> tumble weeds. >> always like to date women who wear jean shorts. >> horrible. >> i was raise in the kansas, for goodness sake. >> buckle on the bible belt. >> and it should be. take the cowboys with you. >> hey there is morning, we want your opinion on this josh huff situation. dot eagles handle it correctly. going to let them play against the giants sunday, tell us what you think. you say use the hashtag huff sits if he shouldn't play, fox 29 huff plays if you think he should play against the giants. >> we know you have opinions on this, people have been talking about it, so we want you to way in, get your voice heard. right now huff place 83%. now, i don't know how many votes we've had. not that many? >> true. >> so people weighing in, you know, make this fair representation. >> after six people have voted. no, more than that.
6:53 am
>> is it? >> probably a thousand so far. yes. >> that's why we use percentages. >> okay, a local election that could swing the balance of power in the ooh needed state of america in the senate. and, new polls have come out overnight. i'll show these polls along with alex to senator pat toomey who joins us live in studio to talk about his campaign five days away from the big day. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat.
6:54 am
i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:56 am
>> oh, very attractive woman, was towelly in north philly. >> talented actress, as well. >> yep, del definitely wears prada, princess bride. >> princess di race. >> diaries. >> and liz miserables. anyway, she was up in north philly on temple campus
6:57 am
yesterday. she made a fan's dream come true, sang happy birthday to him. you have to see the reaction. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday tote ♪ >> oh. look. i'm assuming it looks like selfie video, not only did he get this special moment he was freaking out about, he got paid. ooh bucks for doing this video >> on that fresco app. >> and sending it to us. pretty cool. like/often if you have big celebrity crush someone you admire and they gave you a hug, cheek to cheek, and sing you? >> so excited. >> why was she here? >> to campaign for hillary clinton.
6:58 am
>> trenches. >> okay. >> listen, five days away, the trenches now. >> for sure. again, from a question for senator pat toomey with five days to go in this election get on twitter right now, okay, and we will try to pass the questions onto him, he'll be here in a little bit. day three of the strike. day three of the strike. thought we had an agreement around midnight, but no, that fell through. so we've got the third day and new details. you out.
6:59 am
no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.


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