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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it really happened. >> beyonce fans know on lemonade she does have country song, called daddy's lessons. >> i like poppa gun. >> my voice. maybe, i don't know. >> going through the change? >> puberty or something? >> only here on "good day" philadelphia. good day philadelphia, november the third, 2016. the lovely karen hepp, karen lou ann hepp. >> is that your middle name? >> i'm little country. how about that? >> i like it, lou ann. >> speaking of beyonce, makes the list of the highest paid women in music along with rihanna and katy perry. but, there are three women who make more money in music than those through, of course, taylor swift. i mean, we all know that one. but who are the other two? surprised. >> really? >> and alex, update on story yesterday. >> yes. >> because we talked about this fit mom, what difficult time giving birth. so many questions. because the mom says it is
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because of her tight and muscles, but can that really happen? stories all the time, when there is a really fit mom, someone pregnant, working out a lot. people shame them. no, this is okay, you can be healthy. >> this mom says it was a problem. so we will bring in a doctor to settle this. >> so she is pregnant right there. >> pregnant. >> wow. here's where she is actually getting ready to have the child. man. there she is, getting ready to go in the delivery room. man. okay. >> so, speaking of babies, a pregnant woman says her mother-in-law went behind her back, went to the doctors, found out what the sex of her baby was. then announced it to everybody on social media. why she may have a legal case against her mother-in-law. >> i have a wonder mother-in-law. some people do not. you can share your store business your mother in-laws. >> my mother-in-law is dead. why did i say that?
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that's horrible. but i loved her. she was great. >> well, that's an announcement. >> she was great. and i would go back, even though i was divorced for 20, 25 years, i still would advice width her. she would ask me to come advice width her. in fact, she asked me to give her eulogy and i did. >> that's lovely, mike. >> did i make it better. >> you made it better. >> she was great. >> you may have seen the economic running, i think pennsylvania lottery, and had christmas music in it, did you hear it, this morning? >> remember we just got over halloween, monday, right? halloween was monday? so i notice in the stores playing christmas music over at macy's month ago, remember i had to buy my red sweater? >> trying to be ken bone. >> trying to be ken bone, ken bone. >> they had christmas music, well, they had christmas trees up already, and christmas balls up over at macy's. >> i saw the decorations go up lancaster avenue. >> there you go. >> big snowflakes. >> snowflakes on the street lamps. >> and yesterday on snap chat,
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someone in their car and showing the radio playing christmas music already on the radio. >> yes. signs of the holiday season is what i like to call it. let's play some music. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> one of my five are you songs. >> so good. >> even little too sexy for my taste when it comes to celebrating. >> very unusual comment for you. >> i don't like sex ooh a at this mixed in with christmas, christmas holidays. >> what before else? >> the rest of the year, let's go. let's go. but i don't like -- like i don't think it is appropriate to give lingerie as a christmas gift. under the tree? you know, open the gift, and there is stockings, and
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panties and stuff? >> even married? >> can we just leave it out that one day. >> you know, saint, a mrs. clause? >> what kind of gift do you give then to your significant other? >> more wholesome gifts. >> like? >> i don't know. maybe -- i don't know. >> he can't think of anything i remember my uncle, gave somebody he was cat g like a pair of socks. and, you know, she didn't take it too well. >> no. what you doesn't want to give is couple of things. >> appliances. >> i got a vacuum cleaner. >> can you not get a vacuum cleaner from a husband. >> did i. >> okay? >> another one. you can't get a gym membership. it subtly says you need to lose weight. >> ya? >> i've gotten that. i get that every birthday. >> my dad has given me work out clothe. not like a gym membership. >> that's okay. and it is your dad. >> yes. >> i don't have any husband stories. >> but i just have never been
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comfortable with what does a garter belt have to do with celebrating the birth of the baby jesus? you know what i'm saying? >> so when you purchase gift on christmas, you think about the baby jesus and all of your gifts, is that what you are saying? >> no, i am not saying that. but whether it comes to that stuff. i don't think it should be around christmas. >> lou about the music itself. do we start playing it after halloween, after thanksgiving, do we start december 1st, what do youy? >> i think what you are saying is we put up this pole, we have asked you the viewers, is it too early for all of this to happen? huge majority, you say, it is too soon to be playing christmas music on the rad yost, in the -- on the radios, the stores, the commercials, 77 to 23. >> when i was growing up, everything started the day after christmas -- thanksgiving. >> yes? >> thanksgiving usually is the marker. and debbie says it is way too soon. it is already in stores, on tv shows, i'm so not ready. while julia says the most
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wonderful time of the year so i'm loving it. >> you know what actually has a terminology. >> what? >> called the christmas creep. where the stuff creeps in to all as peck of our lives, stores, tv, networks start running christmas movies, the radio stations, what is the famous radio station in philadelphia? is it b100? >> b101. >> what's it called? not called b101 any more? >> mix is 106. >> that's the one they play the christmas music. but do we have the a picture of the bloomingdales, already had display up? we took this picture. >> this was couple of weeks ago at the bloomingdales. aaron producer took this one october 18th. really makes me think though, when you go over people's house for thanksgiving, do they have a christmas tree up when you go over their house, for their meal? some people do have a christmas tree up. >> i think it is usually the day after. >> right after the holiday? >> true. i remember it was normally the
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second saturday of december, when i was growing up, we put up a tree. >> yes? because if you consider the holiday season, people say, thanksgiving is included with, that then it goes all the way, so why not have your tree? >> ya. >> itchy this a lot of people put up the tree the saturday after thanksgiving. wouldn't you? >> you sat around the thanksgiving table, you wrote your list, did your "black friday" shopping, now do it on line, then put your tree up. then you want to celebrate the whole time. then you have to take that it down because the needles falling down. >> have you a lot of coffee today? you are speaking really rapidly. >> i didn't get sleep. my babe had i puke all night long over me, so i had zero hours. >> is he okay? >> , no little three year old. >> is he okay? >> it is the can i. i told you, i had to pull the halloween candy, talking about those videos, i'm pulling the can i. i had to go hide t he keeps eating. >> how much did he have? >> enough make him puke. >> did your husband suck up the mess?
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>> death towels all over the bed, all owe me, in the shower. >> once again, every day, i come here, another reason why i push that time line back. >> for having a baby. >> uh-huh. >> and yet you're so glamorous. >> she is. >> karen knows how to work it, hon. >> i she does. >> wipe that puke offer. >> all right. so beyonce made appearance on the country music awards last night, what do they call them, cma's? >> anniversary, so big deal. >> she has country song out right now. >> did it with the dixy checks, and dixy checks have been on to up, so doing this song, rather than on tour. >> what's the song again. >> daddy's lesson. >> so this is her daddy. >> teaching her about life? >> basically and about men. >> so -- >> about to leave and walk out. so -- >> and what he's saying is if a man like me shows up in your life, shoot him. or run. >> well, run. but because it is a country
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song, talking about texas, and his right hand on his rival, and she's like when trouble comes to town and men like me come around, daddy said shoot. you don't want a man like me. >> you don't want man like me. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> my daddy said shooed. >> and then in the beginning of the song, beyonce fan, little bias, but she talks about ex's, all of that kind
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of stuff, as i've been at family retreat, all in the room. my uncle, my mom, all listening to there is and we kind of like it. >> hold on a second. >> deep when you think about it, when you talk about, think about it, women grow up, they hear from their father, whatever farther figure, male figure in their life, first experience with a man, where someone from the opposite sex. so that relationship molds and as you get older what you are looking for, because that's all you know, all you have experienced. so specially beyonce april, her father has been known, children with other women, outside of his marriage, cheating and things, and then the theme of lemonade, latest albumn, jay-z is cheating, she so she is talking about when her dad was leaving, you know, of course it is art, you can't take it literal. >> a lot of women end up with guys like their dads. i know my daughters d my daughter jessica married russ, and she still to this day calls me russ and him dad at
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times. we're so similar. >> call him dad or daddy? >> hopefully it is dad. i don't know what it is in their private life. >> were you guys -- never mind. >> (laughing). >> you're calling me a weird owe? >> okay. >> from texas, all makes sense, see the cross over, stars show up. >> because some people were mad. really specially because this was the 50th anniversary, big mile marker when it comes to music awards, even her to that is a country song on her latest albumn, maybe people more traditionally -- >> well, no, no, last year, justin timberlake did a country thing. remember this? >> ♪ from
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tennessee, matter of fact. and speak egg of the song, drink you away. is it possible to drink somebody out of ear minds? >> he's from memphis. >> memphis, tennessee. >> so maybe just like, hey, as lodge as you can sing a country song and you're from somewhere. you're good to go. >> they -- i had a tweet, beyonce sounded terrible. >> and also look like glenn did a the good witch. >> if you've seen lemonade, she wore address sim floor. that will you know. >> so just looking like glenn did a dollars good witch from the wizard of oz? >> i don't know, good witch, right? >> she can rock it, you're right, probably chanelling that, yes, i mean, stunning. >> i'm sure milky way is getting picture right now of glenn did a good witch. >> also real funny though last
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night so many people who wouldn't normally watch the country music awards, so some of the tweets were hilarious about like it wasn't the country music awards? beyonce on. i'm on it. >> computer frozen in the control room. >> you want me to pull up my phone? here we go. >> a million things. >> ♪ >> list on in safe driving, lesson seems to have gone too far. we want your opinion on this, serious story, moments after the pledge of allegiance at this high school, student, a lot of student do this, they get on the tv now, little tv, closed circuit tv in the school and give the announce:
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>> so, this is in wisconsin, couple of guys there, couple of student rent giving the announcement of the day. fellow student hasn't four of their fellow student event been killed in a auto accident, because one of the kids, driver, was texting while driving, now dead. >> weaver some bad news, four student were t bone as they ditch school by drunk driving, four students who had the accident, the t bone by a drunk driver, and the unfortunate news is that they did not make it. >> starting today the 26th, there have been series of wrecks and multiple reckless driving things happening around broad head. currently lost handful of fellow student. >> blurred because they were un the age of 18. so they let the student stew on this for about ten minute, and then, all the student, all
9:15 am
over the tv, closed circuit told it wasn't real, it was to make the point you can't be texting and driving. so, people were crying, there has been a lot of backlash from specially parent, because of this drill. >> one of the student had to be taken out for a panic attack. >> yep. >> i don't like it at all. i don't like lying. i don't like kids doing it. >> even though made it point, i don't like the lie? >> not lying. i think the truth is real enough. you can tell real stories about people texting and dying every single day. you can show their faces. i can tell you the real stories. i don't like having kids do it, i don't think they deliver it, you snow. >> i think they do re-enact amount, but they do that, see it at my high school. pick some of the student who die have, car crash, everybody has to go out and look, you know it is re-enactment. >> wreck car, and they have,
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you know, people pretend to go come up, cry, all of. that will and you stand there, you and you watch it all happening in front of you. they say this could be real if you continue to drink and drove. >> you know it is not real as you walk out? >> yes, because they tell you ahead of time. still seeing the image of someone you know, even though not real blood and pulling out after car that's been pull up, at least told ahead of time. this not even told. and these are kids. >> i think it is too muchment and we also did, you may remember at your school too where they would have student that would be like they were dead, and they so they couldn't talk the whole day. like had a sign on them, as if they had been killed in the thing. what would it be like to lose you, not have this person as a friend in your life. stowe brought it home. wasn't like a lie. >> the once affected by me, they're actors, but then bamm, they get smashed. those are pretty good. >> even the ones, recently just commercial that would air it, would show you the text of the person was trying to send.
9:17 am
>> last text. >> and it would be something like okay. or lol. and it didn't get finish. those are the ones really you let that ruin your life, kill you. and wow is it real that i important when you think about it saying okay or lol? >> speaking g of okay, were you ever with somebody, friends, co-workers, texting while they're driving. do you say something? >> oh, really? you want me to do that for number. >> no, i can sends that teixeira. >> do you that? my dad too. >> sometimes. i say something. >> so they're like even even at stop lights, sometimes some people do it at a red light. >> i've seen some of these uber guys, uber drivers. >> yes? >> men and women. that's what it is, about driving and looking at their phones, isn't it? >> because you have the gps on there, have to figure out where to go, that kind of thing. >> now most, i feel more comfortable when it is in a stand and not in their hands. >> yes? >> i'm rhyming.
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let's get to bob right now. we need traffic update on a day, the third day of the strike here. let's get that. >> ninety-five, here is a live look northbound, all result after accident happened early this morning, before we even saw the sun pop up, or daylight i should say t damaged the concrete barrier. north 95, cottman avenue, in the construction zone. looking at about 40 minute crawl from center city headed northbound, blue route about a half hour, inbound on the schuylkill about a half hour. this is definitely the worse day on the rolled. i think everyone chose to take the car and the tempers are getting short here, with this septa strike. grounds stop at philadelphia international airport, due to fire. that means all flights nothing permit today leave the other airport, that are destined for philadelphia. that's going to create domino effect through the day, and all of the regional rail lines are running with 30 minute delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, update on the story from yesterday about the fitness, well, personal trainer who gave birth.
9:19 am
>> and her name sean tell duncan. she also is model, too, headlines for having amazing set of abs, despite being pregnant. and she is 24 years old, confessed on stain gram her ripped stomach actually caused her problems when it came time for her to give birth to her son. she said they struggled to rip jeremiah from my tummy as my abs lobbed in, super tight as i began vomiting during the operation. >> yesterday i brought you the story. what would abs have to do with the birth canal, giving birth to child? so, we have asked our obstetrician and gynecologist,, to join us again. thank you. >> good morning. >> explain this. would her fit tummy, her abs, her and muscles, really affect the birth after child? >> absolutely. >> in what way? >> well, you have to be concerned that this patient has enough anesthesia, and society can provoke nausea and vomiting even though you're at tables getting ready to to be
9:20 am
delivered by cesarean section. if you watch the process how a c-section is done, you cut across your muscles are separate the in the midline. >> she had c-section. >> right. >> right. talking about a c-section, sore her muscles right here, very developed in this woman, obviously look at the way she looks. >> wow. >> very tight, during anesthesia, during the representing and vomiting, you tighten those muscles even more. so, imagine yourself trying to get in thereto stretch these muscles, to go inside, cut the uterus, and remove this child. it becomes very difficult. it is very stressful. the patient most likely had app i do you recall, meaning, she is awake. she can feel the touching, she feel the pulling, not the pain and may raise her head wondering what's going on. she may even have not had a sheet to cover the surgical field, because nowadays we women want to be more involved. we want to see what's going
9:21 am
on. and we provide a the privilege of laying you to have, even in a c-section somewhat the way would you like to see it. so if she raised herself up wrench, tightening her muscles even more, those muscles that were very tight most likely tighten up even tighter. as you're in there trying to stretch tight muscles. >> so what she said is script. >> correct, yes. >> we seem to do these stories, moms working out, doing so much while you're pregnant, some says it is okay, others don't. is there such a thing as too pregnant? >> a column, american college every on stick straight aches gynecology, they set standard for a women ton exercising, but look at the literature, this is the literature not really scientifically elaborating, these days, exactly how much is too much. literature does proof it is safer for a woman to be
9:22 am
exercising, the outcomes are better, vaginal deliveries are a lot better when you have the strength, the abdominal strength to push that baby out. the outcome is a lot better. c-section always carries much higher risk. so these patient, athletes, are encourage today continue. there is data, the first baby study done right here in philadelphia with almost 3,000 women involved in it, actually, chose that women who exercise, moderately to extremely, were better off at the end of the -- >> moderately to extremely. >> exactly. >> and women who did not exercise sufficiently were worse off in terms of having more complications, wore outcomes. >> so specific case? >> right. and you also have to look at that study that the first baby study here in philadelphia, actually, was indicate that women who had greater body fat or were heavier during the course of the pregnancy had
9:23 am
worse outcomes. >> worse outcomes? >> done here in filly? >> done here in philly. >> pleasure, doctor. let me ask you a question. can i use this as an excuse for not working out? and not having good abs? >> can you get pregnant? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. you're a good sport. >> you study the human body, doctor, right? here is a odd question. that's what we do here. we go there. >> we go there. >> you studied the human body. if i had a bottle of perfume, where on my body do you think i should skirt it to get the most effective necessary, so i have kind of this aura around me there is cloud of smell. >> what time of the day is it? who are you trying to impress? >> oh! >> i don't know. i don't know where they're going. let's say you're headed for work. where would you spray it on
9:24 am
your body. >> well, you don't want it too strong if you are going to be close to someone. you want to spray it in the air kind of walk into it so it is very soft. >> wrong answer. >> specially if you're going to be around people very closely. i love the smell of a man. >> you love the smell after man, do you? >> yes, when i smell you going bye. >> oh, i can't imagine how she is an ob/gyn. ya. new reserve where you should squirt it on your body. i'll tell you after the break. >> what should we do during the commercial? i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> certain area of your body to apply perfume to be effective. the doctor said -- >> where did she go? it looked like that wouldn't get together any time soon. >> her husband came by to pick her up. >> ya, that's right, he did. >> anyway, she said what a lot of people do, spray the
9:28 am
perfume into the air, then you walk through it. >> a lot of people do, that yes. they say that way just the right amount, than sprague too much on you. >> it is a hint, not overwhelming. so this new research says you don't put it, you know, back in the day, put it on the wrist? squirt it on your billy button. >> what? >> ya. i think we know -- >> but how -- so you -- >> ya. >> then you put your clothes on top, then it's going to be covered, unless you are wearing a mid riff or something? >> exudes it, so it radiates, like a pulls point. put it on a place that has like a pulls point, like ex eudeing it it. >> i have to try that. >> pulls point? i didn't even think clothes would cover it. >> i mean, yes. >> i imagine people were naked. but no, you're right. you just put your clothes over it. >> i'm sorry, i have to think about wearing clothes. >> but when they come off, you can, you know?
9:29 am
>> ya? >> belly button. does anybody do that? >> squirt on your belly button. >> i mean; this going to change what you do now when it comes to perfume? really? because i think i will ' still going to do this. >> yes? >> sometimes dow right here. that way? >> well now. >> no, only because it is like central area. >> the central area? >> yes. >> how would you ever smell that area? >> mommy dearest, pregnant mother says her mother-in-law went behind her back to find out the sex of her baby, they didn't want to announce it, so the mother-in-law announced it on public media. i think this mother-in-law could be sued. we have an attorney who may agree with us. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable.
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you know, sometimes inlaws get a bad rap but one particular mother in law, is getting a really bad rap. she might be the worst mother in law, of the year. >> so this woman said she and her husband decided not to find out the sex of their baby but that decision didn't sit well with her husband's mother. the the woman let her mother-in-law come to the doctor's appointment. then begins the couple's wishes her mother-in-law found out sex of the baby from a ultrasound technician who happened to be a friend of the mother in law and told the whole family. obviously woman having a baby was really hurt and made decision to exclude her moth they are law from the birth of the baby all together. she's threatening the clinic legal action because the technician told the mother in law. >> so, does she have a case. attorney jennifer brandt is here. well, before we get into this, you have perfume on. where to you va.
9:34 am
>> i sprayed, i cannot tell you that, it is personally wore it just for you. >> welshing thank you. >> i saw you. >> yes. >> you and doctors, mike. >> i know. >> i thought you only liked layers. >> no, we're good. >> i love all people, all professions. >> anyway, so this woman have have have a case against her hot inner law. >> she doesn't have a case against her mother in law but as a divorce lawyer people get divorced often times because of other family members not just their spouse. so it certainly could cause a rift between her and her husband for this intervening nosey body mother-in-law who comes in and want to know everything. i mean and then broadcast it to the whole world. >> momma's boy. >> yes. >> and i understand in the story that the the husband did stick by the wife and said, you know, mom, you cannot go into this delivery room and can't be there for the birth. he did the right thing. trying to preserve the
9:35 am
marriage here but no, she doesn't have a case begins mother in law. she could potentially have a case begins clinic. we have very strong laws here in the u.s. this casey believe was in england. i don't know if they have the same kind of restrictions, but if it were here this is u.s., we have strong hippa laws, privacy laws and certainly medical professionals can this is give out that type of private, patient information. >> even if you beg for it. >> even if you are a mother-in-law or even the husband really you couldn't not get it without the wife's conn event is. i think she went too far getting this information. i think clinic has some potential liability although, damages, you know, it is hard, that would be a question. so, even if she was like i'm a family member. >> it is still the mom, the mommies the patient here and, she doesn't want this information broadcasted. i don't think she knew herself what the baby's sex. the couple did not want to know. >> people get upset when i
9:36 am
touch your hair. >> do you want to. >> well, there you go. it sweeps in your eyes. what is your specialty again. >> family law, divorce, custody. >> well, the weirdest thing. >> what do you mean the weird thing. >> the whole process is the weird thing. >> every kay i hear different stories about marriage, and people, and reasons why people break up. >> yes. >> it is always money. >> it is not the always money, it is affairs, money, lack of communication, facebook is contributing factor. flirting with women on the set. >> yes, smelling doctors. >> you know, instead of lawyers. >> you were smelling a ob-gyn or getting a divorce. >> touching my hair. >> jen, thank you. say hello to your family especially your husband. >> i will. >> we have beyonce, we have rehand, we have katie perry, they make a ton of money. but there are three women in
9:37 am
music who make more than them and we have decided, of course, taylor swift is in that mix. who are the other two. start guessing. no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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and, so, i am speaking of in my real life, it is only on tv. >> you are speaking of her and we will speak of her some more. >> beyonce. >> forbes magazine released the highest paid women in music. coming in, coming in number
9:41 am
three, not beyonce. beyonce is below madonna. madonna is number three. >> wow. >> ♪ >> most of her money was made from her rebel hearts tour which grossed 76 million-dollar. alex. >> coming in at number two, adele. >> ♪ >> how does it feel when you hear that song verse slow. >> me, mike jerrick. >> yes. >> if it is the same way, slow songs and the up tempo songs.
9:42 am
>> okay. >> i don't listen. >> but let's roll it again. >> ♪ >> i was with my mother when we bought a couch for our home, and it is this exact material. it was in the 70's. >> very popular. >> she has a big voice she can sing. >> how much did she make. >> eighty million-dollar, and unlike many artists she made most of her money on album sales because 25, was best selling one of 2016. >> and of course, we know who number one is in the world, taylor swift. >> ♪ >> taylor is bringing home the bacon, so to speak, and by the way she is a a pop star, do you know that. she is the highest paid women in music. 170 million-dollar, over the
9:43 am
last 12 months. she broke everybody away by a hundred million-dollar. >> more than double. >> i she owns it and she demand to be paid. she made all those music companies cow town to her. she is a woman she stands up for. >> music is an art and you should pay to experience the art, streaming and all had stuff. i think the reason you brought up beyonce because tease was she wasn't on the list. some people think she was on the top. >> she is number five. >> she wasn't in the top three which surprised me, that madonna is above beyonce. >> she just had that tour this year. you would put her out. but i think she's still fabulous. >> maybe numbers are not the just tour, just wrapped up, so maybe the numbers haven't, been calculated. >> yes. >> her tour broke record, maybe you want to check me on that. >> beyonce. >> it was 200 million. >> speaking of women who make money and music, mariah carry,
9:44 am
it is interesting because she wants more money and she's going after the guy that she didn't marry. they had a reup in, they were working on, and some of the details so surprising. even though she didn't sign the prenup, she wants him to pay up, big time. >> how bad. he is a billion air and she's close to a billion air and they are arguing over money. it the is just pathetic. >> beyonce just got 210 million in ticket sales. >> wow. >> of course, row deduction company, but 210. >> yes. >> i got the to pea. >> thanks for that extra information. >> sure.
9:46 am
9:47 am
i'm back. >> well, we have you this details that is why we have this space left for you here, mike. >> short story. >> what are you talking about. >> mariah carry and break up with her billion air jamesdetais demanding that he pay her, 50 million-dollar. >> now, were they engaged. >> they were engaged. >> and they were engaged. >> yes. >> and they were engaged. >> they were absolutely engaged. the 50 million-dollar amount is the amount that she would have gotten according to her people, had they signed a prenup. so 50 million-dollar is what she felt like she had coming to her. like we uncovered information that said they were working very hard to get the a prenup arrangement done and that is what was holding up their marriage. he wanted to get married to
9:48 am
her on march 1st, which they could not get married because their divorce there nick cannon was not final yet because nick hadn't signed divorce papers but they were doing this commitment ceremony thing. he had a hundred page document to her people with very specific things, she would have to give back any jewelry, that wasn't a gift or something like that. but, look they could not get it ton because of some hold ups. now, since they were saying mariah carry wants that 50 million-dollar for spending that time with james packer. >> because she moved, she uprighted the kid, she moved them too, i want money for my trouble. >> right, she came out, to los angeles and she feels like she made commitments to him. then, things fell apart. the thing kind office turning nasty this was a whirlwind romance. this he were so into each other. he was into her. now, to walk away with 50 million-dollar it looks like
9:49 am
it blew blew up in everybody's face. >> what about an actual rule when you break up with somebody and they owe you money. >> that would be it. not just money but 50 million-dollar. would i like to get 50 million-dollar from any of my x's or $50 or some type of money, 50 million-dollar, and they never even got married. it is a brave new world out there, man. >> i wonder if that will hold up. >> i will watch that one. >> mike, she has some high powered attorneys, man, sometimes when these things happen it is not about the money you are paying but it is about one party not revealing secrets of that relationships. if you are james packer and you are a billion air and don't want people to know certain things you might be willing to fork out that money. real news at work. >> yes. >> they were trying to work it out, there were some reports are but i don't know if that is true. >> normally the man doesn't want you to certain thing revealed. wouldn't you say that, van.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> that certain things we would rather keep quiet. >> we don't want others to know. >> right. >> thanks, van. >> thanks, van. >> more money, more problems. >> um-hmm. so, with this septa strike, people are finding places to hold up, while they are waiting on, any mode of transportation, and jen is in one of them called three monkeys, i love this place. >> you'll love their slogan eat, drink and be monkey, and yes they have all 14 food groups here, including, look at this one, it is, the chicken nugget wrap, in pancakes, come on back we are having a great time. it is ridiculous here. we will be right back.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
okay. let's get to this place because some folks are waking up at three monkeys and that is where jen is, hi there, jen. >> this is torresdale station right here, within of the suburban places, and this is eat, drink and be monkey. bob was supposed to come here but because of the septa strike he wasn't able to get it done this morning but i have to tell you that all of the people, hey guys, are here are just loving it. first of all, you miss bob kelly. >> that is okay but i love you. >> you have been here before. >> hi mike jerrick. i came the first day, it opened. it the is just a neighborhood icon, i can walk here, and many other people do as well. >> yes. >> and look at this, you can go outside, you can stay inside, you can go in the dining room. >> i'm nervous because i have seen the food, food is a
9:55 am
little much. >> you look good. >> gavin, seriously there is like, i think if you have got the entire philadelphia eagles team in here. they could not eat this food. >> well, you are probably right maybe offensive line but i know d backs would have trouble. >> we have to go quickly because if you linger it would scare the people. >> our spin on the egg mcun, bacon, egg, cheese, egg rolls. monkey rolls, hand done chicken fingers wrapped in pancakes, we have monkey toast, we have stuffed french toast with about a napa, walnuts. >> what about this. >> always sunny in philadelphia burger, famous monkey bread, our big dessert. >> yes. >> we have strawberry pancakes and the bendik. >> so this thing over here is what. >> the always sunny in philadelphia burger. sunnyside up egg, on a 10-ounce angust beef burger, bacon, with a roll. >> tell us about the septa strike how is it impacting your business. >> so far regional lines are
9:56 am
running so i look at this parking lot every take and it is full today but it has taken a hit. generally, getting employees to and from work is the problem. >> my employees. >> thanks, for coming. >> you guys are gorgeous. happy to see you. wave good bye to everyone. we will see new a bit. >> bye. >> that looks amazing. >> yes. >> freaking out, i have seen mack and cheese in all terms but never in a egg roll role. dos that sound fantastic. >> french toast. >> so how was the event last night at ballroom at the bend been. it was unmasking the legacy and were you an honorary. >> we had so much fun. appreciate it. look at all of the people. hughe dylann took these pictures. fabulous turnout, fabulous dancing. lucy noland came out. another honorary right there. >> ray? yes. >> look at you. >> you read the thing. >> and good friend of the show. >> wow. >> look at the that.
9:57 am
>> yeah. >> so i had a lot of fun. thank you for honoring me, very nice good what did you get. >> i got a plaque, picture. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you are working on how many hours sleep. >> zero because babies were up all night long. >> zero sleep. >> yes. >> fantastic. >> so great you got an award. >> here's the thing, happy birthday to you. happy birthday karen hepp. >> thank you. >> your tv husband. >> hi, thomas drayton, bill anderson. >> i'm now the side jawn. >> let me see you. >> there you go, my dear. >> happy birth the day.
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city, it's the "wendy" how you doin'! >> it's going to be great. ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: here we go again. love it! thank you for watching our show. say hello to my


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