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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 4, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking nouse out of the gate at 11. search is on for the driver who hit a police officer in montgomery county then just kept on going. a chopper airlifted that officer to the hospital. but we're hearing he should be okay. good evening, i'm lucy noland. authorities say driver stopped for moment, but them took off. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in whitpain township. shawnette, what you know? >> reporter: lucy torque night police are looking for a small black sedan. they say it has tinted windows and as you mentioned, they say the driver actually stopped for just a moment but then took off. >> heard big loud bam and thud report are jennifer rice says she was there when a whitpain township police officer was hit by a car that kept going. it happened just before 6:00 this evening on 1900 block of polaski drive near north
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wales road according to rice the officer responded to her call for help with a stray dog roaming the neighborhood. >> we were waiting for info so if there's any on the dog the officer decided to let dog lead him to see if it would lead him. the officer strag gird across the driveway across the street and fall down and they kept going. >> reporter: whitpain township police confirmed the officer was on call for service but did not go into detail. back here live we're toll the officer suffered an injury to his left leg. he was expected to be released from the hospital tonight. lucy, we're told when this all happened, that dog took off. all right. thank you very much, shawnette. nearly four days on strike but septa transit workers that means nea nearly four days of bs and trollies and subways in the city industry is not logged a single mile and for nearly four days the lives of thousands of people who rely on the transit agency have been a scramble. commuters have seen long lines
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at regional rail stations and grid locked traffics on the roads. chris o'connell is live in sent city right now. chris, still no deal? >> reporter: unfortunately not lucy. it does look like we will be heading into day number four of this transit strike. that's affecte affected so many commuters. negotiate teams have been added all day inside these conference rooms at the center city sheraton. no word yet on deal but i can tell you that transit workers union members just left this hotel moments ago not telling us if they'll be back for the night but we can tell you a team is still upstairs. so if you take septa, to work you may find another way of getting there tomorrow morning. >> for the third night septa transit workers walked the picket lines as a fight over pay and pensions continue. striking workers say they sympathize with frustrated commuters. >> we as union do apologize for the inconvenience.
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the ridin riding to the public e we don't want to do this. septa just forced our hasn't. >> reporter: while the strike continues so does commuter chaos across the city. >> this is horrible. taken me four minutes just to get the kids to school and around in traffic and just -- it's just really bad. >> they are late for work. missing doctors appointments and 400 thus san similar stories of how the strike is affecting them. >> i'm about to take 25 minute walk to my car because i usually drive to train station were you the regional rails have been so crazy, it's better to park somewhere and just walk. >> reporter: there is growing concern about the strike having a paralyzing effect on election day. septa saying it plans to file a court injunction to force workers back to work. meanwhile striking workers say they are preparing for a long fight. >> we'll stay out how far as long as it takes? >> reporter: all night, 24 hours. >> sick months. >> reporter: well, many commuters and workers hoping
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that doesn't not in fact happen. when this strike is seld it had take about four to sick hours to get those workers back to work. but right now, it seems look they are deadlock at this hour. lucy. >> last thing anybody wants to hear. all right, chris. we are monitoring the breaking details on air and online at fox if the strike continues into a fourth day, bob kelly will help you wade through the mess starting top at 4:00 on "good day philadelphia". two people including a at least one child are hurt after a fire in the city's olne roll neighbor. you saw it as breaking news a half hour ago right here on fox 29. firefighters were call to this home along the 300 block of east chelten avenue right around. dispatchers tell us crews got thing under control in half ho hour. a major blow to penn state university us department of education has slammed the school
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with an umps $2.5 million fine for violating a law on reporting campus crimes and warning students this is tied to the sex abuse against former football coach jerry sandusky. it is the lore jest fine issue under the cleary act. penn state is reviewing the finings. four days of jury that be races and still no verdict in the bridge gate trial. defense now asking the judge for a mistrial. and to have some evidence removed from consideration. prosecutor sauce britt gel confidentially and bill were cone flee where behind the traffic jams on the every george washington bridge it wasn't all political retaliation much the most serious charges carrying the possibility of 20 years in prison. on your radar right now, historic heat, my goodness. thing bauer to cool down, kathy orr. >> that's right. we had a few records today. record warm in this and wilmington. most of us seeing temperature in the 70s. a few 80s and now we're cooling it down. a cold front moved through and at the airport it's quiet. temperatures still fairly
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comfortable. it's 58 degrees at this late hour. and the wind out of the north at 7 miles an hour. so very cool wind for us the winds of change will be blowing in and those winds will get gusty tomorrow upstate new york in the 50s. 40s in southeastern pa for the rest of us mainly in the 50s and not falling all that much behind this front it it's a cold front but just cooling things down to seasonal less over the next several days. so ooh anis start to the month of november and that continues into friday. winds will be gusting to about -- 30 miles an hour as the storm moves offshore high pressure builds in. the deference in pressure and windy condition. winds will be relaxing over the weekend. we have a dry pattern ahead as high pressure builds in and then right after this high pressure system leaves, another one will be building in from the west with low pressure. lifting to the north. low pressure represents storminess so it look like we will stay in this rather dry pattern at least until the mid
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period of the month of november. last november was pretty mild and it looks like this one will be fairly dry and quite as well. at least the first half. in the city overnight 49. in the suburbs 45. so crisp start to the day. with the wind it will make it feel cooler. the high temperature going for 61 degrees with mostly sunny skies. so a big change from what we saw today and yesterday. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority during the day on saturday 59. sunday of course day height saving time ends we turn the clock back one hour. you get more sleep but less daylight. when we go through monday into get out the vote day tuesday, temperatures warping back up into the 60s. wednesday 64. thursday 62 degrees. enjoy it. >> got to enjoy it. beautiful. thank you so much kathy orr. water quality in the spotlight yet again and parents in one cam county town have quite a few questions for school official
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after specks found lead in the water of five schools. the superintendent of cherry hill schools posted a letter on the district's website saying heart johnson man, sharp and wood dreft element will he schools all tested positive for above normal lead levels. the letter says the inspection found lead in food preparation and drinking areas. the district is working to fix the problem but many parents are wondering how long has this been going on? >> it is concerning because my daughter -- my oldest caught has been here for a few years and went to middle scoop and my youngest is still here and i think they should have been on top of this a long time. we pay lot in real estate taxes for the school board and i think that they should have been testing this a little bit more frequently. >> the testing is part statewide program. the sun says the district man's to check middle and high schools in the coming week. you decide 2016. and the biggest of big name democrats are flocking to philadelphia on monday. hillary clinton's campaign chosen philadelphia as the place
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to hold her last major rally before voters head to the polls tuesday. yeah. it's a big deal. her husband and daughter president obama and the first lady will all join her. where is the recallly? not clear yet but it is kicking off at 7:00 at night. both hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing on the ever important battle ground states. and with just days left before voters head to the polls and it's tightenin tightening you kl be spending a lot of time in those states. traumaly started his day in in order for a rally off to north carolina. he promised to row pool obama. clinton held a rally of her own in the same state. i'm asking for your society so we can replace obama care and safe hell care for every family in north carolina and frankly in the united states. >> imagine having present that did he moans women, mocks the did he say able, and subtle latinos, african-american.
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>> polls show trump closing in on clinton in some key battle ground states and listen to this now. the real clear politic average of polls now has clinton ahead of trump nationally by only little more than 1% taj point. we still got days ago. melania trump fighting to win over women fighters in our area. she stumped for her hub in berwyn at the mainline sports center today. after weeks of controversy, over donald trump's remarks about women she vowed to fight for women and children if she become the first lady. mrs. trump also said her husband pro provide women equal tumors. her first time on the campaign trial sin the gop convention. you may not him as new jersey's lead man but to at least one prosecutor's office is calling him a cyber bully. our hank fling is checking out and the exchange got really ug ugly. after zenning more than a month in the hospital, a wilmington firefighter is finally home tonight. how his fellow four fighters
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made sure it was a hero's welcome home. huge news about what could be your favorite part of breakfast. the food and drug administration wants to cut serving size from 2 tablespoons response to one. people will be devastated over this. my daughters certainly there. now tell la called for the change. american americans apparently love hugh tell la on bread for breakfast instead of eating with dessert. nutella asked. fda to serving size to one tablespoon that would put nutella on par
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>> allegations of a rigged election could gain currency after a second local law enforcement raid in less than week. state police and investigators from the state attorney general's officer raided the field work llc office in hunting park tonight. sick days after a similar raid on the compani' office in norwood delaware county. we told you when it happened. the creches steps voter force democratic couldn't dates and causes. each case they were looking for he have of templates that would be used to construct fraud len voter registration form. delco gop officials claim the company flooded the county leck with bogus registration forms. >> this is registration fraud. is it voter fraud. >> that's to be certainly of
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determine. we'll see what happens on election day. >> prosecutors have not child charged field works with any crime it's fully cooperating with investigator investigatorse sensitive nature of the days case the attorney general is expected to row lows statement together. >> for the first time in more than a month, one wilmington firefighter doing something he's longed for. he's spenting the night in his own home. doctors released brad speak can from the hospital today. he was all smiles as he wheeled through the doors to a cheering crowd. speakman was critically injured in the house fire in september. a floor collapsed in a burning home and burned 30% of his body. >> i don't even know if i have the word, you know, i just can't wait to get home and be able to spend time with my family i'm looking forward to seeing my seven and if i five-year-old. i wasn't able to really see th them. >> speakman's colleagues captain christopher leach and lieutenant jerry fickes did not make it out alive. senior firefighter artis hope is
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still recovering from critical burns across more than 70% of her body. you see it you shoot it our press companies users helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain, what you got. >> lousy tonight we're getting better look at the iconic union league building in center city thanks to a fresco user last month thief damaged those stairs when he stole the brass handrail to the building on broad street you can see in this video crews did a pretty good job repairing the stairs and put that railing back tomorrow. in fishtown franco user andrew tobin takes to construction project. thompson closed between norris and york as crews remove old rail line. no word on how long that work is going to take. it's not always breaking news we're looking for from our fresco users. caught this video in frankford week in juniata park a tout beautiful fall scene witness changing colors of the year. when you see news happen take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. isn't lucy. >> many people know him as new
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jersey's weed man but is he now becoming known as a cyber bully he's in trouble with police tonight over an exchange that happened with an officer. the weed man says those charges are ridiculous so does the aclu, hang flynn has the story. >> i pissed off people over the years and this is one of those cases where it's come back to haunt me. so my haters are pushing this. >> reporter: ed fortune is no rainier to controversy. you can be if you're the marijuana advocate who calls himself new jersey's weed man. but mercer county charged fortune with cyber harassment in a verbal trip with a trenton cop. weed man says that's crazy. >> yes, i assaulted him. um, he can sue me if he wanted to but for the prosecution and for the system, the justice system to charge me prosecute me it's total violation of the first amendment many. >> reporter: whole mess stems
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from an incident that occurred on may tomorrow of this year fortune insults trenton police in front of his weed man joint cafe which sits right across from 10's city hall. you see fortune focus his repeatedly calling the trenton cop a pedophile. >> he's a police pedophile. hey, pedophile! >> how about that one! >> how about that one pedophile. >> mid september mercer county prosecutor hit him with cyber bullying charges. he wants to know how since he didn't shoot or post the video. >> in my case, i didn't film it. nor did i put it op line. i don't believe that even statutorily i even fit the charge. >> reporter: i talk to 10 didn't mows about the matter but they couldn't comment because the case is in litigation. mercer county prosecutors os did not return calls. so i went to attorney michelle
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finizio. >> it has to be witness up tent to harm the person. they have to do it knowingly with the intent. >> her written about the new jersey cyber bully law and she took a look at the video. weed man's behavior might constitute a public disturbance but cyber bullying, she says that's bong. >> they're agitated by his behavior. soother finding a law that wasn't specially intended for a case like this, and applying to it and trying to phytate into the four squares of what he is doing outside of the store and then using the criminal charge as weapon against him to get him to stop. >> reporter: michelle is not the only critic the new jersey chapter of aclu mocked the charges when they were filed saying that they seem unsustainable and depending on language that's judged to be unconstitutional. mercer county wades fourth number the less. they offered a deal in jail that he shot down. is ed getting a raw deal or is
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this somehow his just desserts for big a being pot smoking agitator. you make the call at fox 29 philly or at hank fox 29. >> the eagles just made a call didn't they sean bell. >> they did,. so many things done wrong when they have to do with josh huff thing i don't know where to really start. i'll break down the blame and tell you who went wrong and where co
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♪ >> sean bell takes on the eagles decision to release josh huff. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ this josh huff situation was botched by everyone involved from huff to his agent to the entire eagles organize. the whole league company learn whatnot to do when it comes to situations like these. first and for most, obviously, huff has to get the brunt of this blame. having a gun and smoking marijuana in the car like you couldn't just wait until you got home. and if you're going to do anything of thee things, go speeding over wall wilt man bridge to mack it obvious that's stupid thing number one. stupid thing number two telling the media every player in the nfl has a gun and needs one for protect that was probably what got him fired. but that leads to this. where is his representation? agent, lawyer, someone to feed him lines on what to say like every other athlete had. if he simply says i'm sorry i can talk about any of the details of this case, i think he
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still actually has his job and finally eagles have to get some of the blame also. this is the fourth incident involving a player and the law since coach doug pederson got here. they set an example early maybe none of this happens. luce so. >> he have fromming. you know what i think stupid thing number one is. >> not registering his gun. we all have to do that. taylor swift bringing hope the bacon. the pop star is 2016's highest paid woman in music. she earn $107 million. her tour grossed more than $200 million much not bad. $200 million here and there. adele is second place with earnings of about $80 million poor thing. >> is that all. >> madonna eeking out living with 76 million. >> other toppers include rihanna, beyonce', katie perry, jenn for lopez. could prime tinseltown hit the mark. on the heels of bryan krahn
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ton's claim he's moving to candidate donald trump becomes president. more hollywood heavy hitters are following suit. they're packing up and moving north should trump land a victory tuesday. we'll soon fine out. the craziest election season. >> it is. >> i'm real happy it's am over. >> almost. >> people have lost friendships, you know, people -- it's been crazy. >> it is. people are going off marital counseling. >> the world is watching. >> i know it is. >> all right. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". how does it feel to get out at 11:30. >> good. >> versus 2am like recently. >> feels good. have a great weekend. >> we have good weekend coming up. >> we do.
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developing right now, this morning on fox 29 morning news two young children injured before being rescued from a burning home and now fight is on to make sure they are okay. here we are game four of the septa strike where do we stan and what will your friday morning commute the look like. bob kelly has a look the at roads and lauren johnson is monitoring the talks this morning. the lots to talk about. police officer struck by hit and run driver how police say this all started over a stray talk. eagles will call a reverse an josh hough why officials say they gave the wide receiver the boot. good day everybody it is, friday. >> yes, tgif. we are at november 4th, thanks so much for waking up and joining us. >> hough. >> testing


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