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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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here's a whole team of dopes. harvard cancelled mens soccer team season have after disturbing discovery, sexist tradition the school says it has zero tolerance for, really, they didn't know this was going on. we will see. no more sweet, gisele bundchen gave away her kid halloween candy. it wasn't for jimmy kimmel. why it may not be as bad as it sound, though. plus, thomas are you getting some butter together for us. >> what? >> it melts like butter, not in this case, wait until you see this 400-pound creation, it is white house and we will talk with the team, that likes to play with butter, coming up next. >> i want to to know what that is, i want to see that. >> i love butter. >> me too. >> you know in texas they do it all the time. >> in iowa too at the state fair they have humans, they carve human beings in butter. >> we do it in harrisburg too?
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do they. >> heck yah any state fair. >> yes. >> butter. >> butter. >> all right. let east talk burr kid. they are mortified by your children. they share their parent epic and embarrassing text fails. lets go through these, alex. >> mom takes a picture accidentally after her finger, of her kid, wish were you here, check out the view. and then, mom, your finger is covering the lens. >> oops, can you see it now. >> no. >> and so this one, you see they did it again. mom says that your great aunt just passed away, lol. why is this funny. >> mom says it is not funny, what do you mean. >> the kid says mom, lol means laughing out loud. my good this is. i thought it meant lots of love. >> ohh. >> your aunt is dead. >> and then this one mom says i think is there something wrong with my phone.
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i don't think my texts are going through. >> yeah, they're going to get through. >> how can you be sure. >> my god. >> my parents do that if i don't respond, just want to make sure. >> i said i'm sorry. >> hi. >> i will just put out a word, test. >> test with a question hashing. >> have awe test i didn't respond to. >> yes. >> that is a good idea. >> #thinking you can do things. >> #. #. how to i harn tag. >> how do you explain #. >> well, word you have to use north to find it. >> put things in categories. when you talk about something to join in you have to do it. if you want a category to figure out the name of the category would be put the #in front. you want their opinion and search for it. >> i have a friend named tom, i sent him a note. i said explain this worldwide webb to me. what is this again. >> he described it as a freeway, so that the freeway
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is the webb of information, right. and then i have to pick an on ramp to get on there. anyway, on and on was this analogy the of the the freeway system of los angeles. >> it was all backed up. >> i'm still back up to this day. >> yes. >> that is another story. >> do your parents embarras you. >> you know, i love them. i spend time with my parents. but my dad, our personalities are really alike. but he always, is doing things to embarras me. one of the things, that tops the list is the way my dad dances. >> yeah. >> , look at him. >> oh, my god. >> he will go out in the middle of the dance floor and do his stuff. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> it is entertaining now. >> my mother, i said when you started dating. >> i just let him do his thing and i don't say anything.
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>> you are over here looking, like a shame and everything. >> i have dabsed with him. >> i blame mike. this is one dance move my dad really love and it is pelvic thrust. you have have seen him do it. >> yes, i have. >> my tad was in town, and high sweet grandfather who was 86 was also in town. we took them out who were we go to go see again. >> my gosh it was at penns landing. >> oh, my goodness. >> peebo bryceson. they had a front row seat. it was time to dance. what happened? my father, mike jerrick and my grandfather started to to the pelvic thrust. >> you're doing the pull vision thrust. >> they're doing the pelvic thrust. >> that is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
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>> that would be it, no, that just did not happen. >> you had him going, really, you don't egg my father on. >> in front of the thousands of people too. >> yep, that is my dad. >> yes. >> it is not just my dad, i'm sure i will ask you what embarrassing things you do why ask you when we can ask your daughter. here's jessica saying embarrassing things that mike jerrick does. >> what? >> you have have no idea. >> embarrassing things about my dad. where do i start. number one, he: unaudible. >> he has a crazy obsession with 80's r and b, teddy pender grass and lastly going to events he wears a ridiculous amount of sun blocks where his face is complete thely covered this white.
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and then every time something is in his eyes and his eyes is watering, and he is my dad but i love him. a few em par racing things about my dad. >> i have to go to the meetings now. >> who authorized that. >> what do you think. >> i can see that. >> look at you. >> look at your make up, it is always on, you are poking around. >> i throw this crap i make up on and sun block. >> were you surprised, with some of the things she mentioned. what was the first one. >> what was the first one. >> complete thely covered this white. >> no. >> i don't know what the first one was. >> a few embarrassing things about my dad where do i start. number one he has and wears -- unaudible. >> okay. >> it is true.
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>> they look just like you. >> yes. >> all i see is your face. >> what is weird is, her daughter looks exactly like her. she sent me a picture of her daughter, i thought it was jessica, throw back thursday thing. >> it was teddy. >> teddy's adorable. >> i'm an embarrassment. >> i think you're cool. >> when you walk around philly, you are the man. she needs to come here. you are the man. mr. philly. >> yes. >> all right. you got me. >> that was great. >> kitkat kline put that together so get on her. >> do you embarrassing your sons. >> i'm sure all the time but i'm just trying to think what happen. we were talking about the candy thing. three-year old baby, tote ago sugar addict, he eats too much candy. said mom can i get a new mom, that will let me eat candy. >> wow.
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>> he threw up all night lodge. i said remember that thing that just happened. they don't eat so much candy, you need us, to stop you from eating the candy. >> have your new mom, clean up the puke. >> you remember that, that new mom. >> wow, just wait until they are teenage boys. have have you thought about when they start getting into girls and that kind of thing. >> i have not. >> i cannot imagine her heating women. >> can you imagine karen as a mother-in-law. >> can we get a new mother-in-law. >> i will be so sweet. >> there they are. >> look at them. >> look at the guinea pigs. >> we're watching the guinea pigs movie the g force and now they are sliding them arm the house like they are super hero guinea pigs. >> of the three, how many are still alive. >> they get a lot of love, too
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much love. >> you still have the chicken. >> chicken is still alive. >> one of the three chickens is still alive. >> yes. >> i couldn't spent 24 hours in that housey can't imagine when they start going out on dates. >> when i had braces, when you go to the air done advertise and they hold your mouth open. my dad took pictures. when boys come over i will show them this. your mouth all opened like this. >> but you have good teeth now, it was worth it. >> beautiful teeth. >> you never did that. >> he never in a million years did that. wow just scare he. >> lets get into something more serious at 9:09. >> is it? >> because you school officials at harvard university cancelled the mens soccer team rest of the season. they only had a couple more games but season is over. they are really one of the best teams in the country. the school's athletic director says university discovered more evidence the that the mens soccer team continued its long tradition, of creating
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vulgar and explicit reports on female soccer players. basically, comparing who is hotter then next one. sexual scouting report initially discovered from the 2012 team continues through the current season. mens team was in a position to earn a bid to the ncaa tournament, i believe they are the best team in the ivy league and now their season is caput, shot because they were raiding the girls soccer too many. >> they had them numbers, comparing different things, photos, comments. there is a document. document they were sharing, spreading around. >> their faces, hair, body parts, who is hotter then another one. >> they have secret is he sites at harvard and different things. they have a long tradition after doing this kind of stuff. they are trying to put brakes on it. i retweeted it. i'm so glad we are doing to it day. it is one where they did it with snicker, little pat on
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the hand. so this has been going on for years and years. finally they had to do that. even they there was two games. they had a post season where there would be championship and they would go further. >> yes. >> it is a whole user group that you can go in and be like, o, well, and what she's good at is this thing or this thing, specific to each girl. >> the girls soccer team. so they came out and said this is shocking to us because we thought these guys were our friend. we see them at games. we are rag. that kind of thing. to find out you are rate me and saying all this stuff about me i had no idea and i thought we were cool. they asked them we know you guys will join us and trying to combat the this kind of culture in the locker room that kind of thing. >> you are a woman, you go to harvard and you still to have deal with this. >> yes. >> it still comes down to your um, and your um, not how good of an athlete, it is all that. >> yes, especially at harvard. >> no matter what your
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intelligence level that shouldn't be going on. >> let me just say something here to get me in trouble. here's the angel. here's the devil. it is a devilish friday apparently. >> here we go. >> devil talking louder. >> i want to say i have in idea what he is about to say. but go ahead. >> i don't want to be holier then thhou, with this story but i think this goes on every where. just about every office, whether you are selling insurance, or tv station, this is kind of what men do. the i don't i agree with it, i don't conn down it but don't you think. >> you are saying it is not just soccer players. >> i was listening to the sports talk radio show more than three weeks ago where they were ranking the on on air tv women who is hottest, it still goes on. sheen a par venice leaving channel ten. she was our number one hottie so who thousand takes over
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number one. >> who is thumb two. >> don't than courage it. >> yes. >> if you wanted the list. >> i have heard the list. >> i have proven the point. >> it happens, we're human being. we live on a planet. we are sexualized people. well, maybe, yes, no, whatever. >> when you get together with your friends, don't you talk about the attractiveness of guys. >> no, never. >> we talk bit but we don't go through and this one has better abs but this thing, and that thing. we don't put in circumstances. we factor in the benz, bank account and this thing. >> you don't. >> no. >> spread sheet. >> we did stuff like that. >> when you start saying negative stuff and having it on the official sheet ape passing it around, isn't that crossing the line a little bit. >> well, they are business
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majors. >> yes, research project. >> i don't know what do you think, get on twitter. >> start ripping me. >> they were supposed to play ten. >> now they are not playing anybody.. >> bob, what is going on. >> sky fox is over a accident along lincoln drive, lincoln drive right at woolston drive this fair less hills where route one, route 13, kind of come together on the pennsylvania side of the river there. it got two cars. we have wick sun glare. last accident over the turnpike looked like somebody rear ended another vehicle. this is in falls township bucks county, route one, lincoln drive right here near woolston we will try to get more information, don't want to get too close until we know exactly what is going on their life looking live, guys, back to you. >> that is a bad within for sure. coming up on 9:15.
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>> let's get in another sensitive subject. this is a sensitive subject. butter sculpture. as you can tell, wrong piece of video. we will get into that a second. maybe we will do it now. if you have he have been to a state fair, farm show you have seen giant sculptures made entirely of butter. >> well, look at that one. >> marilyn. >> marilyn monroe. >> not maryland the state. >> no, marilyn the marilyn monroe. >> tell me about the texas state fair because you are very proud of your butter. >> i'm very proud of butter, yes. every year since i was four i would fly home, my grand pop and would i go to the state fair. we fine butter sculpture for that particular year. one you are seeing there, cowboys, cowboys boots, marilyn monroe and they take thousands of pound of butter, to get this. look at the baby, hold be a
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baby. >> big cowboy boots. >> a doll playing a guitar there. they donate it after they do it. >> is it 16 feet tall. >> life size. they keep it really cold. it just shows how much butter you use. it is so amazing they can do this. they have to be kept at a certain temperature to sculpture it. >> they do this in all kind of of state faresy want to see one of these things in the shape of the white house, wouldn't that be perfect for tuesday's election. >> we are close. >> where could we fine that. >> conshohocken. >> conshohocken thomas drayton. >> everything is better with butter, you know this, alex. everything is better with butter. we are talking butt they are morning. do you want to see the white house? this is a four hundred pound smaller version of the white house all made in butter. good morning. >> good morning. >> these are the people, these
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are people who play with butter. how did you one day wake up and say let's play with butter and sculp things. >> well, i guess it sort of happened that way. >> you're a husband and wife team. >> yes. >> he did, butter sculpting just fell in my lap and we have been doing it ever since. >> this is a 400-pound version of the white house how does this process begin. >> go ahead. >> well, it happened, really through president butter. president was interested in having a white house made, and so we have done other projects. we did a thing, we did a guinness world record with them, last year. last year. >> yes, last year. >> how many years have you done this. >> we have done several hundred. >> must be in the hundred's by now, when it comes to food sculptures. >> but for president we have done maybe a half dozen, i don't know, there has been quite a few. >> how dos long does this take. >> we're on our fourth day.
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we have a schedule of five days. we're well on our way. it is a lot of work still ahead of us. >> how does this butter not melt. did they call you up and said we need a bunch of butter. >> it was a team effort. we kind of found them, i think through the internet a couple years ago and realized that they are experts, in food sculpting. we launched butter which is a perfect medium to sculp with. as jim mentioned we have it. and this year we really wanted to, leverage our new campaign, a tasteful election and we wanted to welcome the president to the white house. >> very nice. >> how do you keep this butter there not melting. >> we are in our trailer, which is climate controlled right now, it is super air conditioning, we can turn the temperature down to between 50 and 60 degrees which is what you need.
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>> what happened to all this butter afterward. >> it will be recycled. the president has a contact with farmers, and. >> a thousand pound of butter can turn into 80 gallons of bio fuel or turn into electricity, so is there repurposing. >> maria, thanks, sarah, jim, thanks very much. i will smell better coming back, guys, that is probably an improvement. >> thanks, thomas. >> that is cool, refrigerated trail tore take to it different sites to show it off. >> every time people do things like this, well, butter is almost five dollars a pound. it is not a waste. butter will be donated to farms, in mifflin town, pa where it will be transformed in methane gas used to power the farm. >> who knew. >> butter powered. >> all that to power the farm. >> it is powered by methane gas. >> aren't there buses, like oil you can go around and do that. i love the butter powered buses.
9:20 am
>> i'm fueled, and powered by methane gas. >> thanks, a lot. >> yes. >> okay. so bob kelly, are you in the the house anywhere. come on over here. i was at an event. i was doing this shoot. woman wrote in and said, she needed to pick out her wedding dress and she liked that show. >> say yes to the dress. >> yes. >> she asked me to pick out her wedding dress. >> you. >> get out. >> of all people. >> so we put the together a piece and we will show that to you later this month when she gets married because i can't show it on tv because her her husband will see it. >> okay. >> i was at the a shoot. her name is mckena. i want to show you this picture. it is me, and bob kelly. do you see the picture. >> yes. >> that is her. >> she's nine years old now. >> so probably nine years ago, almost. >> yes. >> you met up with her, that is the baby is now nine. >> i have an eagles jersey on so i'm guessing i was doing a tailgate party somewhere, with
9:21 am
an eagles jersey at arcing lot. the at the station. >> somebody came out and said, do you see this baby right here. i'm naming it mckena. we do have some interesting news. >> um-hmm. >> you are the father. >> no. >> another wednesday to go pay for. >> kristin is getting married in september. so one out the door, one in the other door good her name is mckena. >> no problem. >> we are good with that. >> channel surfing, do you drive your spouse or loved ones crazy switching channels. i do. oh, hand. surprising amount of time you have wasted in your lifetime flipping around the remote. it is stunning.
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this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh...
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who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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do you want to to hear about this survey. according to a new brand new survey we spent time changing a chan well remote control
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from our hand. >> half of the americans, admit they cannot find anything good to watch. and average person will spent 1.3 years of their life changing channel. average person, send about 23 minutes each day trying to figure out what to watch. >> wow. >> they reported by erickson consumer live tv media report. >> you said over a year of our life we have a remote in our hand. >> yes, i think so. >> it is interesting we waste 23 minutes before we can find something to watch. i have already seen that. that is funny. you waste all this this time. you if the captured by stuff. you don't like it. >> i'm so old, back when i was alive. >> how old are you. >> thanks. >> back when i was alive, i, we had six kid in the family, two parents and my grandmother. we all lived together nine people in the home with two bedroom and one bat. help we got back from the church, there was a line to get back in the bathroom. people could hear what you are
9:26 am
doing. i digress. i was in charge, because you we didn't have remote controls. i was the one, because i was the boy and all my sisters were around anytime my mom and dad want todd watch something else, i had to get up and i was on the floor, because there weren't enough chairs. i had to get up off the floor and change channel. >> putting up something useful. women had to do all of the cooking, cleaning, washing and you were remote control boy. >> i took out trash. >> and i change the channel. >> and then, the channel, thing broke and then i had to get pliers. then i got lazy, and slid up and tried to change witt my feet, with my toes because the channel changer was too hard and so you would hurt your toes. >> only for channels back then. >> there were four. >> basically. >> you had the three networks. >> and pbs. >> what was it called, uhf.
9:27 am
>> this station was a uhf vision. now we are like 29. >> yes. >> scared for life. >> how are your toes today. >> pretty strong. >> yes. >> i have to admit i'm a flipper, trying to find something worth watching and bad thing is, the tv show will give you a tease and you want to see is what coming up after the commercial break. i will flip around for two and a half minute break. then you forget and don't get back and you missed it. >> yes. >> just use tv guide. >> i don't have patients to sit there during the commercial. >> here we go, a live look now, unify fall festival torch run, special olympics here we go in south philadelphia, and everybody start looking at the street signs here to to try to find out exactly where this is. it is a 26-mile run from citizens bank park all the way to villanova.
9:28 am
special olympians. it is the largest student led special olympics competition in the world and we have it, right here. >> that is cool marathon. 26 miles. they are running a full marathon. >> they are going past stadium. >> yeah. >> that is broad street. >> broad street. >> they are going toward broad street. >> pattison. >> there is xfinity live. >> citizens bank park on the left. >> they are not going to get on i-95. >> they probably could because i-95 is a hot mess. >> lancaster maybe, right. >> yes. >> all the way to villanova. >> yes. >> way down, maybe 11th street, go up to market. >> yes. >> i see what you are saying. >> hey by the way we didn't get this in the early part of the show villanova has a game tonight that is free and i believe they will lower the
9:29 am
banner, did y'all forget. villanova wildcats. >> champions. >> parade. >> so banners will be lowered, megan milky way i believe the game they are playing this little school, they will smoke them but i believe the game is free. >> it is tomorrow. >> maybe that is why it is free. >> noon tomorrow. >> like i said noon tomorrow. >> that is exactly what i said. >> yes. >> if you would listen more closely, bob. >> sueby what is this. >> possibly, with all of this stuff, my new friend from nazareth academy. we will show you where n-az-a-thon is all about and when we come back, we will dance, right. yes. come on back. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat.
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i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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9:33, you noah woman, as we like to call, milky way will beingy, that's her name, hi, megan, isn't she a door be? >> she is. >> very good producer, she went to a place called the nazareth academy high school all girls catholic school, yep, used to wear uniform, now wearing tardy black lays. >> such cool idea, yes, these girls will be dancing today. >> 100% of the funds raised. >> have you mentioned yet nazareth academy megan wilky the woman she is today, a graduate of nazareth academy, our producer.
9:34 am
this is angela, you're one, hulling are you dancing today? >> dancing for 12 hours, from ten to ten. we take it to be 12 hours, because that's the regular, so they could be on nurses on their feet for 12 hours, so can we. >> beautiful. now tell me why you pick children's hospital. for the money. >> well of our graduates from last year, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. her eighth grade year going into freshman year summer, she was treated by chop t really touched the heart of everyone, so we're so close we all wanted to help jacky out. >> real quick. introduce your committee. >> amber, senior director of family relations, this is beck a senior director of entertainment. this is bridgette. senior direct over public and dance relations. this is jen, the senior director of finance and funds raising. >> all right, so whether you come by, anybody can come by. take a chance on all of the school baskets that we saw outside. and help donate to children's
9:35 am
hospital. and anybody can dance? >> yes, it is $5 to get in, and the shirts $15. >> fantastic. so colorful. even i feel under dress in the this brit pink blouse. now tell me what we're doing right now. because this is called the moral dance? >> every hour on the hour, the moral team annex -- annex tiff, they made up the music and the dance, so it is just something that gets us moving, every hour, and, like, we're one more hour to the finish. >> got to stay motivate in the. >> yes. >> twelve hours is a long time to be on your feet, you're right, if a nurse can do it, you can do it, so what are we doing now? so if i came to the dance a thon, i just look up -- >> yep. they'll be teaching the girls whether they start to come down after classes, so the juniors will be learning it soon, too. >> really good. >> picking up on it quick. >> how much money do you hope to raise? >> well, our total fundraising gem for our third year is
9:36 am
$60,000. >> wow. i think you can do it. >> so do. >> i come on out. fun starts at 10:00 goes to midnight. >> 10:00. >> yes, 10:00 to 10:00. >> i can do math in my head. i should have gone to nazareth academy. ready to dance, everybody? >> ♪ >> okay, let's have that camera go right into the crowd, see as many girls as possible, because their parents right there. >> megan should be dancing, too. >> megan, dance! >> how great is that? that's impress disbelief good for them. >> okay, halloween, i know you still have candy there at the house, gisele, the wife of tom brady, big time football player, she took the halloween candy away from her children, aling. >> she did? not for jimmy kimmel, right? >> not for jimmy kimmel.
9:37 am
no joke. she says why, why. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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at a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
9:40 am
so much for digging into the halloween candy. >> so much for digging into the hollow wean candy, alex. >> and all of the sweets, especially if your mom is gisele. she made her two kids give away the goodies they got from trick-or-treating sheet let them each try one piece, had them give away the rest to those less fortunate. >> i'm taking for granted that's gisele and her two children? she only allowed them to eat this tree? >> right? >> she says she doesn't keep that kind of sugar in the house, she said her son and daughter took one bite of the
9:41 am
candy and they didn't even want it any more. why not give it to people who are less fortunate? >> train them that way, maybe they don't like the taste or the reaction of the cans. >> i i'm sure they have very healthy household. >> i was ready to rip her. but -- >> it is good. candy not good for you. >> better than throwing it o they have a strict diet, they have this whatever chef, they don't eat bread, cheese, this, only clean, clean, clean i wish i could, i can't afford a chef like that. >> now, her diet, what's the old line, ticktacks? >> and champagne. >> ticktacks and champagne. she's a model. >> super model diet. >> now, if i had a chef i would be more healthy, and wouldn't look all black and blue today. i think it is the food pouring out. so i love one of the things we love to do on live television surprise people, put live camera in their face and say congratulations on being a good person, so this is grand new segment called feel good
9:42 am
friday, jenn fred's idea, and i love it, jen, who is the first person? >> okay, what's really cool, because it is the first day we're going three people they work at the -- don't even work there, volunteer at the lagoria academy. big mike is here, we have balloons, join us after the break and we'll dot big surprise, okay? pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood,
9:43 am
and criminalize women's right to choose. "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors...
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who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about... sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> we will call this feel good friday, just like the name, we want to thank the people helping others in their communities, who want to make them feel good for a change. so much for others. >> i love the idea. so, this is up in the northeast, right? >> picking some volunteers, don't even work there, volunteers. let's go to jim martin. he's taught therefore 40 years, now is retired. so he still goes back and visits the academy every day to work for student struggling in math. get this, he hasn't missed one day since the school opened in september. >> well, we also say thank to you joe tomlinson, retired fireman for the city of philadelphia. he greets the kids every day. and takes attendance, when student is late or not there, joe is on the move to find out where the heck they are. >> and, finally, there is fran fran, the pretzels and hug lady stops by from time to time. just to say hello and talk with student who needs little extra one-on-one and of course the hug. also, retired. >> all right, jenn fred, let's get this going live tv let's celebrate these people on good -- feel good friday. >> so surprising.
9:46 am
remember, all three of them are retired. right? so this is brand newark add any, legoria academy. tell me about the school. >> just opened up this fall, and our goal is real toy serve students who have had some difficulties in previous schooling experiences whether it be in private, or public school, kind of re engage them in non-traditional approach, advisized and personalized. >> so, come on out. we wanted to say thank you, this is something we want to do every single friday. but because this is a first day, we are going to start. now, i know you've been peaking over the side, joe, but we're here to say thank you. >> how are you doing? >> how are you? thank you so much. >> i watch you on tv all the time. >> now, i understand you're a retired fire fighter? >> yes. >> and you're here, checking attendance. >> i take care of the children and talk to them and try to give them encouragement through good help. >> awesome. here is the situation. we brought 15 balloons for three people. but i can't separate them.
9:47 am
so you're going to get your balloons in just a second, okay? it is classic good day. who else are we saying thank to you? good morning, everyone, good morning, good morning. >> morning! >> fran o'brien. >> fran, i hear that you're the hug lady and pretzels. i understand that even though you're retired you come to work with these kids each and every day. >> guilt. >> i why is it important for you to be here? >> there is no feeling in the world like working with somebody on a skill or task and when they get it the feeling is undescribable. so, i'm out in the community a lot. i don't get in here often, usually do community outreach with father mike, and -- >> we're here to tell you that you are appreciated, and even when you are here they really want to say thank you. >> thank you. >> again, i brought bunch of balloons, but i'm kind after mess. so i haven't been able to separate them. so i say thank you to one more person and give you your balloons. >> this is the man that can untangle things. >> will you untangle these? thank you very much.
9:48 am
then we have one more person. >> his name is jim martin. >> jim! >> big jim! >> now -- >> i taught together for eight years. >> i i under stands were you a teacher for 40 years? >> that's correct. >> you retired? >> that's correct. >> you could be on a beach or somewhere, but you now, casino, you come back here to help these kids with math? >> that's correct. >> why is it so important for you to be here? >> because they have an opportunity at life. they're past experiences have limited them. they've been labeled. and they shouldn't have been labeled. >> okay. so some balloons here, clearly i'm not good at organizing balloons, youth eight get some of them. for those who don't know about the academy, show them little bit. you're hoping, they come in with reading levels that are unacceptable. >> right. so a lot of our student event come into our school under grade level, and reading and also math. platform up to grade level in ninth grade so they can continue to take their courses so instead of being behind, they're ahead of the ballgame
9:49 am
as opposed to all of the other classmates, their piers, different schools. >> and you couldn't do it without guys like these. >> oh, absolutely. jim and i talk, listen, he would rather be at the casino sometimes, but he's here. >> he said i'm responsible. >> now, amazing, amazing. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. you'll get these all figured out for me, the balloons? >> still working on it. >> you are my guinea pins, what we want people to do is go to my facebook page and tell me who we should say thank you to next. because you know this, you're out in the community, so many men and women that deserve a little love, right? >> yes. >> so, please go to facebook, you guys are awesome. i'm glad that you have great people helping you out. goa to my facebook, tell me why someone deserves a thank you, then again, thank you. no, thank you. happy to be here. guys?
9:50 am
>> feel good friday. >> i'm going to go there. >> so i'm contemplating retiring? not a beer keg, just foam at the bottom. so when i announce my retirement, and after 40 years in this business, i expect a balloon. all right? >> we'll give you five. >> five? >> yes, five. >> all right. >> i would like air in it. >> you don't want our hot air. >> helium, real thing. >> any particular color? >> i like the red ones. >> okay. >> how she let loose for an epic lip-sync battle. is this our friend again?
9:51 am
>> wait until you see the lip-sync battle. >> oh, i'm waiting around for that.
9:52 am
this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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9:54 am
>> both of you are starring at the universesole circus. >> we love it. >> that's how you have to say it, too, and i haveo soul! >> wow. >> ring masser? >> yes. a lot of pressure. >> it is, quincy, you've done it before. any advice for me? >> just give it your loving
9:55 am
self, alex, you're so loving. >> what's the outfit like? hat, and cane? >> i like to wear tights, like to be loose. >> sure. >> top hat and a vest, colorful vest. >> okay? >> tights are loose? >> i need to get it together. >> what are you going to wear? >> i don't know, i have to figure it out. >> do you do the whole show or beginning opening act? we have the best time and love it. so how much are you going to be doing? >> i think just the beginning, because i'm new bee at this. >> you'll love it. >> let's go out and support her tonight at universeoul. >> actress lou peta, beautiful woman, shows off side of her you haven't seen before. this is a lip-sync battle, check it out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> lopita! >> oh! >> wow. >> hello. >> she was up against another one of my favorites. >> a man, up against him. >> up against a man. well, ya. >> a man with a plan. >> regina hall was her competition. >> and regina did the weekends. >> and regina is dating someone now. who is it? somebody famous. >> i don't know. >> comet. >> ya? >> i didn't know that. >> is he in town? >> he was in town. >> few weeks ago, uh-huh at the festival. >> regina hall. >> okay.
9:57 am
now, as a dad, i want you to think about this. and as women. so university of marl lads has good woman's basketball team, no question about it, the other night they played little team, college in west virginia called blue field state. okay? and at half time the game was 74 to 17. oh. they came out and blue state, blue stand, whatever it is, didn't score. the final score 146 to 17. now do you think a beat down like that should happen? should they have called the game, call it out of sympathy? what do you think? >> call the game. let's not do that. >> but if you came to play, whatever, and it feels so good when you win, they shouldn't have scheduled the game if there was going to be such a mismatch. once you're there, you're there. >> just get the ball. >> get up, pack up your crap, and get out. >> do you ever feel that way, you know, just take a knee? >> i feel that way right now, aling. >> it is friday. >> been rough week.
9:58 am
>> let's go eagles. >> have a great weekend.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? [ cheers ] ♪ we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ now here's wendy! [ cheers ] ♪ >> wendy: okay. thank you for watching my show! [ applause ]


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