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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 5, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. and happening right now at 11:00, a big cleanup and some tough questions. it was a shopping trip you will never forget and it picked up a few things at shop right in east falls early this evening. you may have needed a rescue boat. a huge water main caused a mess you see from skyfox. and tonight the cleanup is underway. good evening i'm dawn tim feature good news here no one was hurt. skyfox is live over the scene near the 2800 block of fox street. you can see the work crews are on the scene. rescuing dozens of people and tonight officials are still trying to figure out how in the world this happened. dave kinchen has been on the scene since the story first broke and he joins us now with the very latest. dave? >> reporter: dawn, the investigation is underway.
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authorities trying to figure out how this main broke in the first place. we do know a 6 million-gallons of water spilled and rescue has to be made. sky fox over a fierce flood waters that gobbled um this shopping center in philadelphia's east falls section. the 2800 block of fox street became a lake thanks to a 48-inch water main break before 5:00 p.m. tonight. >> it looked like it was almost at least 3 feet out here. you know what oy mean? >> all of the people were running trying to get out. >> they had boats and everythi everything. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: first responders brought boats in to get the stranded people out. officials say about 75 rescues were made total. fanny g got help, too. >> they came and put me in wheelchair and brought me out to my car with my groceries. thank god i can get out. and get home. >> reporter: now because this
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was a transmission line the water department says that water was never lost to the businesses. so it's up to the businesses we're told as to whether or not they will open tomorrow. cleanup will continue tomorrow. back to you, dawn. >> all right, dave, thank you. this wasn't the first time this transmission main rupture. water department officials say it's happened before and they're expediting plans to replace that aging main. now the first water main break was back in january of 2014. and then in june of 2015 and then again in september of 2015. officials cannot yet pinpoint the exact cause. but admit the city's mains are over 100 years old and are in need of on-going inspection and repair. now to developing story in new york city. the city is in mourning after police say a home invasion suspect killed one of its officers and injured another. sergeant paul truzolo was 19 year veteran of the force and a father of two children. the other victim emmanuel quo is in stable condition. that suspect was shot and killed
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by police. he's been identified as 35-year-old emmanuel rosalis. a terrifying day on a new jersey campus ends with three people in the hospital. officials at rutgers business school in piscataway say a former student went on stack rampage just before 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. that suspect stabbed two people before police actually took the person into custody. doctors are still treating the two victims as well as the suspect. rutgers officials are not saying how serious the injuries are at this point. on your radar tonight, some chilly temperatures for the weekend. meteorologist scott williams with your forecast at 11:00. scott? >> hi there, dawn. temperatures are already dipping into the 30s for some across the area. look at pottstown, 37. 39 right now in allentown. 37 in millville. in philadelphia, hanging on to 50 degrees. so as we take look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet. that will be the trend for the upcoming weekend. with that big area of high pressure in control. so look at the chilly overnight.
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patchy frost outside of the ci city. 36 the low in pottstown. we're looking at about 36 in millville along with atlantic city. we made it up to 62 degrees today in philadelphia. and look at the weekend. pretty similar. a lot of sunshine tomorrow's high 61. fall back as we move toward early sunday morning. 62 will be the high temperature on sunday. so once again, we're talking about the end of daylight safing time. so of course you'll want to set your clocks back and look at that sunset on sunday at 4:52 in the afternoon. into the weekend that high pressure it will dominate the weather a lot of sunshine. chilly conditions. sweat weather and a lot of sunshine out there and we'll keep really this dry pattern not only through the weekend but into next week. so take a look at the chances for rain over the next several days. the weekend 0%. moving toward election day. look at that. a dry forecast a lot of sunshine is expected for the upcoming
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week. take look at the numbers for tomorrow. running some errands. lunch, brunch, 55 at noon. 61 by 3:00 that's the afternoon high. and look at the weather authority seven day forecast. we're talking about wall to wall sun for tomorrow. don't forget to set those clocks back and then as we head toward election day, look at that, dawn, 64 degrees. low 60s into wednesday, thursday and next friday looking pretty good for veterans day. back to you. >> all right, like all that sunshine, scott, thank you. happening now, guilty verdicts in the bridge gate trial. bridget kelly and bill baroni were convicted of creating traffic jams at the george washington bridge in 2013. prosecutors say it was all for political retaliation. both defendants testified they believe the lane closures were actually part of a traffic study. but that contradicted governor chris christie's statements about when and what he knew about the gridlock. governor was never charged. both defendants maintain their innocence and say they do plan on appealing. a man who says he was sexu
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sexually abused by jerry sandusky in penn state in a shower 15 years ago well he's sticking by his story. sandusky's lawyer challenged at cues sore during an appeal hearing in bellefont today confronting him with a 2011 statement in which he toll police he had not been abused. the man later changed his story and won a civil settlement from penn state. today was the first time he testified in the case. sandusky was convicted on charges of a abusing 10 boys. today's testimony is part of jerry sandusky's fight to have his conviction overturn. we are nearing the end of day four of the septa strike. more gridlock and frustration today in the streets of philadelphia as negotiations continued. septa going to court to try to get workers to go back on the job. the transit agency filed an injunction claiming the strike is a clear and present danger to septa riders. fox 29's brad sattin is live at the sheraton in center city where we think negotiations are
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going on. brad? >> reporter: that's what we thought the word was they were going to start up at 6:00 o'clock tonight but the word we're hearing now 93 never actually met face to face here. there may have been some phone conversations earlier tonight. they are on-going but still no deal. it probably didn't help the relationship when septa decided to take the union to court. the union promising to fight any injunction. their quote tooth and nail. the judge earlier tonight ruled against septa. soon to be become day five of the strike and so far neither negotiations nor a court hearing have been able to end it. both sides leaving the courtroom where a common pleas court judge friday night denied septa's request for an injunction to order 5,000 bus, trolley and subway train operators back to work. septa arguing that the strike was causing a clear and present danger to safety particularly to those with no way to get to doctor. >> para transit division is over ridden. over women right now with the kind of people that we, n need our help desperately.
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day in and day out. we're going to continue to fight this fight. i hope we resolve the strike over the weekend. if in the we'll be back here on monday. >> the judge ruled there may be evidence but none to show immediate harm and scheduled another hearing on monday. >> we recognize that strikes are inconvenient. we recognize that strikes cause people to endure conditions that frankly they would rather not endure and the rather they will not endure, but that is not a basis under pennsylvania law to grant an injunction against striking employees. >> reporter: and so where we stand right now, it is expected that both sides will be back here to the bargaining table over the weekend if not no agreement is reached they will be back in court at 9:30 at city hall on monday. septa obviously wants to try get this thing settled before election day which dawn is what the this point i guess less than four days away. >> exactly. not much time. our coverage of the septa strike continues on we will post very latest updates
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on our home page. you can also follow us on social media and sign up for breaking news alerts to get the latest. you decide and we are just four days as brad mentioned until election day 2016 and both hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing in tonight on key swing states. that includes pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. lots of eyes on the keystone state this is election. hillary clinton focused on the western part of pennsylvania. holding a rally today in pittsburgh. donald trump he was in hershey tonight speaking to a crowd at the giants center. each candidate warning of what could happen if their opponent wins on november 8th. >> hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. her plan will import generations of terrorists, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. >> someone who demeans women,
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mocks people with dissables and insults african-americans and latinos and demonize immigrants and muslims and pits people against each other, instead of pulling us together. >> a brand new fox news poll puts trump behind hillary clinton by two points in a four-way race that also includes gary johnson and jill stein. philadelphia police are looking for three men who stole from a local wawa but they didn't take money or even merchandise. plus -- trains, trains and nothing but trains. this pg matson's set up down here in swedesboro. you can see this and all kinds of other ones across the garden state in just a couple of week i'll show you how in just a few minutes. >> there's some big changes co coming to mcdonald's popular big mac burger. mcdonald's will soon off two new versions of the burger. a mac, jr. and a brand mac. mickey ds is trying to cook up more interest in the big mac which it introduced 50 years ago. they've been changing their menu
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late due to a slow down in sale. it will have two all beef patties. the mac, jr. l have one patti and no middle bun.
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♪ something you don't see every day in port richmond.
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three men pull into a wawa there on the 2500 block of aramingo avenue. they go into a fenced area and guess what they're stealing, milk crates. it happened back on october 28th. police say those plastic bins are worth about $200 a piece. if you recognize these guys who are in green saturn sedan give police a call. you see it uh-uh shoot it our fresco users are helping show you what's happening in your neighborhoods. so chris, what exactly is going on tonight? >> well today some amazing footage from our fresco users in chicago. kevin took this video of the cubs championship parade. newly cubbies parading through the city. it's been 108 years since the team brought home a world series title. city officials estimated 5 million people lined michigan avenue in lake shore drive to cheer on the motorcade. said to be one of the largest gatherings of humans in history. and back home, another fresco user takes us to port richmond where world championship boxer danny garcia
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was helping the fight against hunger. boxer host add food drive at the x fin store on rash minute go avenue earlier tonight. he teamed up with philabundance for the event. garcia will be competing at temple on november 12th for a boxing match. well, when you see news happening, make sure to take out your phone and shoot it. mack sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn. >> thank you, chris. model railroad lovers are known to hide away in their basements content to create entire towns around their track layouts for just a few friends to see. but some of the area's finest modelers will be throwing their doors open so that you can actually see their work. and fox 29's hank flynn visited two to find out when and how. >> reporter: i've been working on the railroad all the live long day. >> they'll put in you a sinking kind of mood these model
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railroad masterpieces stashed away in garden state basements. >> mr. patty. >> there's dr. patty in audubon. why the winged foot? well, the winged foot is a logo for my profession. >> okay. >> podiatry as a winged foot. >> okay. >> okay. as you can see here, the winged foot. winked foot. >> look at that. >> it really is. it's your custom railroad. >> sure. dock the retired foot doctor was kind enough to pull back the plastic for a quick peek at his railroad the other night and level of detail is unbelievable. everything meticulous the dog pulling at the postman's leg. the workers riding on a log car. the grass, the trees must have taken him forever. >> how long did you work on it? you've been working on this for the better part of your life. >> no, no, no, no. i play golf three days week. >> wow.
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>> a lot of times i won't come down here for months at a time. >> what do i know? other than that doc set up will be on display for open house, the model railroad will be having in tough weeks, more on that in minute. we got to roll on. >> ♪ >> don't you hear the captain shouted, dine in a below your horn ". holy mack carell this is insane. >> dine in a's horn blows loud and proud at pg matson's swedesboro basement. >> i probably got to us cars. probably got 80 to a hundred engine. >> pj setup is elaborate much it's been on the could have of magazines and been doing it long enough to be recognized it's a a mast modeler by his pierce. >> tell me why do you do it? good because it's fun. >> my wife says at least she knows where i'm at. i'm not in some bar i'm down the basement. >> pj got cameras in the tums so he can see if anything derails.
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work, switches that shift tracks. signals, pounds main street all with it with a train running through. >> expanded a little bit in the back room. i doubt i'm going to expand any more. keeping it maintenance wise to run for the operating. we run once a month. >> i asked both men how they solved the septa strike. one said he'd fire everybody. so there's that. the other says he had no idea how to fix it. model rail rotor derrs all over the area will be putting their displace on open house in the next couple of week for a schedule go to www.penn see rr or hit us up if you're looking for cool set up in your area. might just be the guy next door. tweet us at hank fox 29 or us at fox 29 philly. >> hundreds of athletes and members of law enforcement ran 26 milsey across the city for a good cause.
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the run benefits the special olympics of pennsylvania. it kick off the fall festival weekend at villanova which is the largest annual student run special olympics event in the world. more than 1,000 happening lease will compete in the special olympic this weekend. sean brace now with a look what's um of coming up in spor sports. >> dawn, i'm already starting to hear the whisper whispers of cod social mode ya over the top, shocking. coming up next i tell all eagles fans to relax. which some go over well. when it comes to doug pederson. my commentary next.
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♪ sean brace tells eagles fans why they need to relax. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ as we know it really wasn't a good week for eagles head coach doug pederson. double digit lead with seven minutes left in the fourth and cowboys last sunday night and now the handling of the josh huff situation, yeah, not a good week at all. but here's what um going to ask from all of the philadelphia faithful and i know we're all getting little crazy because the cubs just end their drought, we need to relax when it comes to doug pederson. i know, i know, i'm not saying that you're wrong with your critiques. what i'm doing i'm telling that you after chip kelly debacle getting a coach fired after his first losing season ever we need to look ourselves in the mirror. us the fans. this is year one for coach doug pederson as a head coach and you
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can tell he'll learn so much from this season both on and of course off the field. pederson seems to be open and honest that his press conferences something that excites me only if we don't relax media included it's going to be big -- in his best interest to go full cliche and coach speak and not saying anything at all. his coaching style on sunday needs work, that's true but again it's year one. he's going to make mistakes. growing pains are expected. but i'm pretty sure most of us are pleasantly surprised by how the season has started and even if the season ends without a parade remember it could always be worse. 108 years worse. dawn? >> at least that ended though, right? >> well nearly one year to the day after 2015's devastating paris terror attacks sting will take to the stage for the newly refurbish bataclan theater reopening on november 12th the rocker posted a statement on his website saying the show will honor those who lost their lives. proceeds will benefit the
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victims and of course their families. well good news for madea fans. there's more madea on the horizon the heels of boo a madea halloween fox office success. lions gate announced it has two more tyler perry flicks slated for production one of them continuing perry's comedy franchise. >> wow. >> that will do it for us this evening at 11:00 o'clock. thanks for joining us. we have more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz, dish nation and stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back at 7am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. scott you will have us covered all morning long. headline here for the weather for the weekend. >> it's going to be seasonal. temperatures going to op out around 60. patchy frost tomorrow morning. >> all right. >> so bundle up. >> have great night, everybody. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow morning. ♪
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