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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pennsylvania mall from skyfox right now look at that crowd. that's where hillary clinton set to hold a huge rally her husband bill clinton and president obama also going to be in attendance. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. just hours away folks you know election day and hillary clinton has got some help from her friends in the city of brotherly love. get straight to shawnette wilson live near independence mall. that's a huge shawnette. >> reporter: you're right. it's huge. i was trying think of a word that would top huge maybe huge guy nor muss, i don't know. you're right there's incredible crowd out here in old city tonight. we're live at fourth and chestnut. fourth street is one of the streets surrounding the area of independence mall that is open and you can see the cars i tell you what people walking out in the street as well. in case you haven't noticed look at this line. this is the line of people that have been trying for hours to get over to independence mall for this hillary clinton rally which starts at 7:30 tonight. you can kind of hear off in a
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distance people are cheering as they approach independence mall. just trying to pass the time until they can get up front. the doors open at 7:30. many people say they don't mind standing in line and this is a line that at one point reached all the way to south philadelphia. >> thank god they opened today. so we're glad for that. >> as you look at this line what are you thinking? >> a lot of support. a lot of support. >> a lot of people want to be there. and that's a good thing. >> reporter: again you can see the crowd of people lined upcoming around the corner here at fourth and chestnut to get to independent mall for the event. which starts at 7:30. several streets around the area are closed. parts of market street, parts of tim street. also, parts of six many street closed to traffic. as people kind of get through the area to try to get to independence mall. iain and lucy, back to you. >> thank you so much, shawnette. clinton and trump staying in the spotlight this election eve. >> no rest for the nominees
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between them their hitting every single battleground state. chris o'connell is at independence mall with look at their busy schedules. chris? >> reporter: busy schedule indeed both donald trump and hillary clinton putting the focus on pennsylvania in 11th hour stops. as you can hear behind me, the party is beginning here on independence mall where hillary clinton as well as former president bill clinton and president obama will be speaking here in just a matter of a couple of hours, and of course, two very big headliners, two jersey guys bruce spring steen and bon jovi will be playing to the crowd here tonight. already thousands showing up. clip ton and trump both hitting up battleground states on the election eve on a final push. trump in scranton as we speak. he'll be in michigan, new hampshire before the night is up. the latest real clear politics poll average him behind hillary clinton nationally by three points. now, both candidates giving the
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final pitch tonight. >> for those who are still making up your minds or thinking maybe, maybe it's not worth voting at all, let me just say the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. >> hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. >> reporter: now the event scheduled to go on in about 90 minutes of course we'll have a complete wrap up come up tonight on fox 29 news at 10 and 11:00. guys? >> all right, chris. thanks. we'll see you then polls just hours away from opening around the area tonight. election officials spent the day making sure the process goes off without a hitch. this is in between all those allegations of fraud from the
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trump campaign. our dave kinchen spent part of the day at philadelphia hall as election officials tied up final preparations. >> that's right that's right. philadelphia election officials despite what you may have heard on the campaign trail they say they take pride in running a fare voting system. the feds will be in town to keep watchful eye on the operation. in west philadelphia, the freedom to vote means eventual freedom from a contentious campaign season. >> even donald trump or hillary. pick your poison. to me it's a big circus act though. >> reporter: the feeling is not much different for mary i don't know and daughter kate over in chestnut hill. >> i think it's been so contentious, and, um, i'm very anxious to -- to it moo person to win. >> long lines won't deter me. i'm determined to vote tomorrow. >> some are voting because it's what they do every four years. others to simply end the madness. either way the officia officialo manage philadelphia's elections
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say they're ready with voting machines at city hall already on stand by. >> we're just fielding phone calls and got dotting our eyes and crossing our t's and getting ready for tomorrow. >> lisa deal system extra busy after more than 220,000 new voter applications were submitted this cycle with 50,000 alone coming in the last day of registration. she says the election rigging that donald trump has suggested and hillary clinton has dismissed won't be a problem. >> in this particular race we're fortunate to have the older equipment because it drowns out some of the noise we're hearing about possible hacking or improprieties in the system. >> as an added measure the us justice department announced it will monitor voting in 28 states with investigators from the civil rights division right here in philadelphia. >> we do all that we can to have transparent well-run elections. >> reporter: the justice department says it will have 500
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personnel working 67 jurisdictions around the country during tomorrow's election. >> thank you very much, dave. pennsylvanians will cast their ballots tomorrow high stakes senate race. pat toomey and democrat katie mcginty chris crossing the keystone state. this is the last ditch effort from both sides to win votes in the us senate race. polls show them very close. the whole nation is watching this. this is key. whoever wins tomorrow could determine which party gains control of the us senate. on election day be sure to keep it tuned to fox 29 news. we'll have live results as soon as they come in. your fox 29 team is also live in new york city at both trump's and lynn clinton's headquarters we'll be tracking major local races as well. it's all right here on fox 29. in fishtown police say they've taken a suspect into custody who shot a 16-year-old in the head. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon on the 2100 block of first street.
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police took that 16-year-old to temple university hospital. he's in critical condition right now. no word on who that suspect s. have you look outside lately? you're seeing something that we haven't seen for the past six days. that would be buses driving down the street. finally the back and forth between union leaders and septa management has come to a tentative end as the strike is over. >> and just one day ahead of of the election there are still plenty of hard feelings left behind. let's get out to bruce gordon live right now in center city. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain let's be honest here. there were hundreds of thousands of septa riders who were essentially held hostage by yet another labor dispute between septa and the union that runs the buses and the trollies and the subways on this system. much of what those riders lot of time and money can never be recovered. >> by mid morning there were renewed signs of life at the frankford transportation center. quiet and empty since last tuesday. but there was also a sense of anger from septa rider who's
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lost a week of their lives to the strike. >> who is shopping, paying bills, visiting doctors appointments. you couldn't go to none of that. >> this was septa's 12th work stoppage since 1975. at the predawn news conference tentative five year contract was announced, fox 29 asked septa's board chairman why it so often takes a strike to get a deal done? >> it's just the normal course of business, how it gets done in the city. it's unfortunate but we all work together it all comes out in the end but it's part of the proce process. >> reporter: septa will offer credit vouchers to those riders who lost money on weekly or monthly passes. go to our website for details, but for daily riders, well, they're pretty much out of luck. that's not good enough for some active visits. >> we are act asking the drivers, the tw workers to honor these passes in lou of actual money. >> distributed so called septa inconvenience passes right in front of the transit agency headquarters it's a purely symbolic gesture designed to
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highlight the impact of strikes on the working poor. >> if they don't accept it i have at least got my message across and my message is septa meet the need and stop the agreed. >> reporter: septa service returned in bits and starts through out the day monday. full bus, trolley and subway runs will be back on for the tuesday morning rush. election day. riders welcomed the news but dread the next. seemingly inevitable service interruptions. >> i couldn't go anywhere. i couldn't go nowhere literally. >> you were stuck in the house? >> yes, i was. cabin fever. >> they keep striking. and it's very hard forme to earn my money. isn't you're trying to get to more than one job. >> i work two. >> you can't get to either one of them when they're on strike. >> either one. >> reporter: rank and file members of the transport workers union local 234 are set to vote by secret ballot on this contract friday november 18th. no reason to believe the deal will not be formally ratified but again what you need to know is a rider by tomorrow morning,
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tuesday morning rush hour, the full septa system should be up and running lots of folks getting their lives back. lucy. >> indeed. thank you so much, bruce. time now to check in with your fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway on rather chilly eveni evening. meteorologist kathy orr with your forecast. >> that's right, lucy. old city philadelphia the road is closed. market street from fourth through seventh, of course, preparing for that rally on independence mall. temperatures cool, 52. the high vick the wind is calm the skies are clear and temperatures falling through the fours this evening if you're out tonight wear a warm coat. cooling fast. by 11:00 o'clock 44 degrees and some spots making it to freezi freezing. election day looks beautiful when the best i've seen in a very long time. as you get out the vote 7am44. by noon 62. and by 5:00 p.m. 65 degrees with clear skies. no excuse mott to get that vote out. i'll be back with the seven day forecast and a major cool down later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy fbi says
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it's working with educators and community leaders from around our area to build better partnerships to try and deal with violent extremism. agency held a session with leaders today in center city. they want educators to know what signs to look out for a possible threat. fbi says it's important those who work with children in particular understand terroristic propaganda that could be targeted to kids on social media. up next, a local mom suffering from a problem that nearly 100,000 people in this country face. her situation more dire than most. she's now talking about her fight, pulling back that curta curtain. how you might be able to help. sean? >> lucy, apparently talent trumps everything. josh huff gets released by the eagles and less than week later has a new team. see where he is now and what ethos say about it later in sports.
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katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests -
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♪ young mother tells fox 29 that she is sick and tired of
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suffering in silence so ashley lamar has posted her struggle on facebook for all to see while she waits for the miracle of life. >> we got to tell you images are not pretty. some are tough to watch. but she's looking for a medical match that's like a needle in haystack and joyce evans tells us she believes that match just might you be. >> i just want it to be over already. >> it's an existence known to more people than you might ever imagine. >> i have no choice. i want to stay alive i have to do it. >> reporter: hard to believe this 30-year-old beauty who works with children who have dissables is sick at all. but it's what ashley lamar says she hears all the time. >> i first started off with lou piss at 16. by 18 it attacked my kidneys. i was in total renal failure. >> three hours day, five days week, she hooks up to a dialysis machine at home in reading, pa. >> completely drained.
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i feel like the life has been suck out of me. >> reporter: her now five-year-old son aaron tries to comfort his mommy. she doesn't want this to be all he knows. >> his dream is to go to disneyworld. like how can i go to disneyworld when i have to do this. >> reporter: th dispelling myths and revealing the raw truth why she's speaking out now. enough suffering in silence. >> i had a transplant back in 2008 a friend donated to me it last add good 3.5 years. >> reporter: that's when aaron was born. >> by the time he was eight months old, it totally rejected my body. so i started out again when i was 25. and i'm just been on the waiting list since. 2011. >> reporter: she's been through you know where and back. emergency surgeries leaving many scars. >> all my veins are blocked. i've been dealing with this for 12 years so it's like my veins are dead.
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share shot. >> reporter: desperate for kidney transplant she's taken to facebook. share your spare shave ashley. a couple dozen people have been tested so far. >> they matched my blood type i'm a positive. antibodies are way too high. >> reporter: so her search continues as little aaron waits patiently for his mommy to feel better. >> watch my son grow. i'm tired of him seeing me in hospitals. my fear is that i won't make it through. giving up and saying i had enough. but i know i won't because i have him for motivation. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> ashley lamar is listed on the donor registry at lehigh valley hospital but you don't have to be local to help. we've got more information for you just head to our website fox to your fox 29 weather authority right now. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. >> tomorrow a really warm day
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forget out vote election day. take look at the airport. probably very busy place this evening with celebrities coming in to town. temperature right now is 44 in the poconos. 50 in allentown and in reading. 52 in philadelphia. and 42 in wrightstown. thought in millville the reason why a clear sky and a light wind. just going get colder as you look at the northeast as a whole some 30s and 40s a few 50's much high pressure dominating our weather. brought the dawn but cool temperatures for the night team hours. and tomorrow as we get out the vote the high to the south of us we get in a west southwesterly flow and temperatures will be up there. upper 60s, some spots maybe even making it to 70. then we'll watch this cold front approach by wednesday. as it does, it will be bring something showers along with it as we take look at the fox future cast, during the nighttime hours clear skies, a beautiful start to the day tomorrow with nothing but sunshine. our bob kelly will probably be talking about sun glare. as the day wears on high clouds and then those clouds will be
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thickening by wednesday morning. that's when the rain will be moving in. so wednesday looks like some morning showers. some afternoon showers. then by the end of the day, on wednesday, some sunshine before sunsets so it should give way to very pretty sunset op your wednesday. overnight tonight look for low temperature of 40 in the city, 32 in the suburbs and with that colder air we're talking about frost advisory. for tomorrow morning for delaware county and new castle county, delaware, repeat performance. like we saw this morning. during the day tomorrow, temperatures rebounding to skate with a west southwesterly wind. on election day, beautiful everywhere. you just can't lose tomorrow. get out the vote earlier in the afternoon with high temperatures are well into the 60s on your seven day forecast from the weather authority cooler with that rain on wednesday. then temperatures bump up thursday, friday veterans day and also we have our walk to end alzheimer's not a bad day but cooler than average. and then temperatures rebound sunday and next monday close to
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60 degrees. and that's a look at your seven day. >> all right. >> thanks, kathy. >> um-hmm. >> how you guys feeling right now. >> i'm still wearing philadelphia eagles green. >> you haven't jumped off the band wagon. >> no. i'm firmly planted. i've got more room on the band wagon now. as we were saying yesterday. >> he's a rookie. not going to make the playoffs. >> i never said that. >> i wanted it to be clear herm edwards. coming off their second straight loss. >> i'll give them seven or eight at least. that's what i think. rookie well he's looking like a rookie quarterback. plus doug pederson with questionable play calling yesterday. we take a look at those plays and doug pederson talks about what he saw next in sports.
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♪ two game losing streak four straight losses on the road. eagles season start to go look a little shaky. still a long way to go and this team can definitely turn it around they'll need that september carson wentz, not the one they've gotten lately. wentz for the sick time in the last three games through 21st quarter interceptions just bad over throws both times. wentz going through the struggles that well rookies go through. wentz and doug pederson talked about those early int's. >> the first one i was on the run, you know, just the ball just sailed on me. the second one, um, same thing. ball sailed on me. probably make the same decisions make the same throw just make better ones. >> gets a little tunnel vision sometimes. focused in or locked in on one receiver. when there are other opportunities to go somewhere with the football and it's
6:25 pm
either going to be incomplete and we punt. you have just can't have the interception. >> carson wentz isn't the only guy looking like what he is a rookie. doug pederson finding his way through his first year as head coach learning when to be aggressive and when not to be. yesterday doug pederson went for it on fourth down and failed twice. passing up on six points and that really could have have been the game. that could have been the difference. but pederson not playing monday morning quarterback on this one still like the decision to go for it. >> i still feel strong about those. um, i think the decisions to go for it, um, just, um, shows confidence and belief in the guys at that time. to me in my opinion it didn't come down to two plays. there are enough things in this game, again n cost us this football game. >> of course, the nfl it's talent over everything. josh huff was released less than week ago. he already has a job. tampa bay buccaneers signed him to the practice squad.
6:26 pm
huff already with the team talked about the backing that he's getting. >> i have the support on and off the field whether i was here or in philadelphia. i just made a bad decision at that time and, um, you know, i learned from it and move forward. my main focus right now is to learn to play, learn my teammates and learn how things are done around here. >> he's on the practice squad but he'll be with that team on the field soon. they only did that to safe face. >> exactly. >> it's the nfl. >> talent and everything else doesn't matter. they have proven that time and time again. even when it's a gregious. >> exactly. >> hopefully he retched instead his weapon. there's first step on that one. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next.
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katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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