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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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clinton's final rallies. how both campaigns are making every second count before election day. >> the septa strike is over but some people are still pretty upset. your news in 30 seconds much ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. philadelphia, in this place where our founders forged the
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documents of freedom, in this place, where they gave us the tools to perfect our union, if you share my faith then i ask you to vote. >> love trumps hate! >> let's get out and vote, philadelphia tomorrow. let's make history together. thank you and god bless you. >> the man who's president and the woman who wants to be president rocking the independence mall tonight in the final hours before election day. hillary clinton who is philadelphia chose philadelphia as one of the final spots to try to get your vote. political heavy hitters are not the only ones making the case for clinton here tonight. two of the biggest names in music two jersey boys did what they do best john bon jovi and bruce springsteen. >> ♪ >> we've got to hold on to what we've got, doesn't make a difference if we make it or not,
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we've got each other, that says a lot ♪ >> ♪ my father said son we're lucky in this town it's a beautiful place to be born, it just wraps its arms around you, nobody crowds you, nobody goes it alone ♪ >> meanwhile gop nominee donald trump is also campaigning hard wrapped up a big rally with his family and vice-president nominee mike pence in manchester, new hampshire. a bitter fight lasting more than year and a half. we're on the press si pus of election day. it's am here. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it has been big night before a big day. we've got live team coverage for tonight. chris o'connell covering the final round of political sparring but let's begin with shawnette wilson on what tonights huge rally means for the city. shawnette. >> it meant iain a lot of car traffic and of course even more foot traffic. the rally ended about 30 minutes
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ago. so you can see people are still trying to leave old city here and police in the background trying to move people quickly and safely along. >> we've given up. we're go home and watch it on tv. >> reporter: this woman and her family set out to try oh to get to independence mall where hillary clinton with president obama and first lady michelle at her side rallied on election eve in philadelphia. >> we ran over there, about 20 blocks from home. we got to fourth and lombard, and we saw giant line. >> reporter: this is what they found. a line that stretched all the way from fifth and chestnut to 11th and kimball in south philly. >> we went from we'll go to the event to the event is the line and we're seeing how long the line is. >> reporter: others vowed to wait it out calling the night a historic one. >> i just want to see how far we get. i'm pretty sure we're not going to get in. >> this is history. never saw obama. so or hillary. >> reporter: rally blocked off several streets surrounding
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independence mall and caused bumper to bumper traffic on streets that remained open. high police presence on every corner. >> we're happy about the turn out. the main reason we wanted to come out. >> reporter: skyfox flew over the crowd waiting to get in and others drawn to the area just to see what was going on. we went to the end of the line to find one of the last people hoping to get to the rally despite being so far away as it started. >> i'm just like in it for the ride. i'm fascinated there are blocks and blocks of people. >> reporter: blocks and blocks of people is correct. one woman told me that she actually got in that line at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon in south philly. she made it to fourth and south street before police told her that the event was full. lucy and iain back to you. >> it was jam pack out there. thanks shawnette. not moment of rest for either candidate today on this election eve. it is 11th hour, of course, and both hillary clinton and donald trump have touched down in just about every single swing state. >> our chris o'connell is
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tracking their busy day he's live tonight on independence mall. chris? >> reporter: busy indeed, iain. as you just herder shawnette, hillary clinton wrapping up a star-studded 11th hour election eve rally here on independence mall. hillary clinton and donald trump making it very clear tonight that pennsylvania is a must win on the road to the white house. donald trump campaigning in erie and scranton in an all out swing state barn storming. take look earlier tonight. hillary clinton rally, lots of people in attendance. tens of thousands packing the independence mall here. many of them coming to hear john bon jovi, bruce springsteen play to the crowd. of course, president obama, president bill clinton also here and, of course, hillary clinton with a last pitch to the american people to get out and vote tomorrow morning.
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>> that america's best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together, we choose to believe in a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted america. an america where everyone has a place. everyone is in include. everyone has chance to live up to their own god given potenti potential. [ applause ] >> everybody is thirsting, thirsting for change. you're tired of a government that works only for wall street and the special interests. your child of the reckless foreign policy. crazy wars that are never won. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton is not done yet. she is on the way to the airport to hop on plane with john bon jovi for a midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina. as for donald trump, he'll
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return to new york tomorrow as clinton and trump cast their ballots in new york city, guys, if you can believe it, less than nine hours till the polls open. lucy. >> finally here, chris o'conne o'connell. you know what, donald trump is actually heading to michigan for his midnight rally. we're also tracking local election with national implications right here in pennsylvania. republican incumbent pat toomey and crem cat katie mcginty spent this day chris crossing the keystone state in a final effort to win votes. they are as close as it comes. whoever wins tomorrow could determine which party gets control of the us senate. it is that important. on election day be sure to keep it tuned to fox 29 news. we'll have live results for you as soon as they come n your fox 29 team will be live in new york at both trump and clinton's headquarters and tracking major local elections as well right here on fox 29. we've got continuing coverage online at fox you'll fine the nominee's final campaigns along with all the
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other developments along the w way. on your radar tonight a calm night ahead of a picture perfect election day. meteorologist kathy orr. it was a might brisk out tonig tonight. >> it certainly was. you can see on market street where the road has been closed since 10:00 o'clock this morning, now they're cleaning up from the rally, of course, on independence mall, but a lot of cleanup to do before the morning rush. of course, our bob kelly will have more on that tomorrow. 46 degrees the high today. 56 the wind has gone southwest that means warmer days ahead. especially for your election day. 41 in the poconos. 38 in allentown. 37 in wilmington. in millville it is below freezing. but we will see fare weather high pressure boost those temperatures. at 7:00 a.m. when the polls are open, temperatures will be on the cool side. 44 by noon 62. vote, get lunch outside by the evening 5:00 o'clock the temperature still 65 degrees. one of the nicest election days across the entire country i've seen in many many years i'll be back with the seven day will
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feel little bit more like late fall. i'll see you then. >> kathy, thanks. following breaking news out of the city's mantua section. a woman and a child are in critical condition after being stabbed. police say a man stabbed a 58-year-old woman and two-year-old boy. the boy is the son of the man's girlfriend, and the female victim is the mother's friend. the suspect is not related to either vick tip. after the attack the man jumped out of a second story window of the home on preston street. that man is also in critical condition. there's no word yet on what started the attack. meanwhile 31-year-old man is dead after a police involved shooting in north philadelphia. police were initially investigating another shooting on west clearfield street when they say witnesses pointed out the person. officers chased that guy who they say pulled something from his waist ban. that's when two sergeants and two officers fired their weapons hitting the man. when he went down they say he tried to crawl towards a gun. he died later at the hospital. no officers hurt. two guns recovered at the scene.
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developing to night a teenager fighting for his life after being shot in the head. police say he became the target of a man who was initially trying to break up a fight between a boy and a girl. that confrontation started the man to inter veep. things took an even more violent turn. our dave schratwieser live at police headquarters with what's going on. dave? >> reporter: lucy, that argument turned violent when three gunshots rang out just before 3:00 o'clock on first the street. the gunfire had neighbors and contractors working in the area scrambling. crime scene investigators collected shell casings from the 2100 block of east firth street monday night just hours after a neighborhood argument ended with a 16-year-old boy being shot in the head by a man who witnesses say tried to intervene in a fight. >> when i went out the front door i seen the kid laying there. i was like we should probably call the cops, and then everybody started screaming and it was real just pandemonium. >> kids are kids, you know.
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kids just fistfighting. >> 16-year-old was apparently involved in an argument with a girl when it turned violent. neighbors say when a worker at this rubber company on the block attempted to stop the argument, he was attacked by several teens. he went inside and came out with gun then fired thee shots from 9-millimeter handgun striking the teenaged victim from over 100 feet away. >> they picked the kid up in the back of the squad car and sped off to get him to the hospital. >> his neighborhood is crazy. >> police rush the 1684 old to temple where he was clinging to life monday night. moments later police took the suspect into custody. they say the weapon was recovered from the scene. just after 5:00. detectives entered the rubber company then left with a camouflage backpack. >> the guy got taken out of the building. >> one guy came out of the building with his hands up. >> reporter: police searched for surveillance camera video near the shooting. neighbors and contractors
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working in the area were clearly upset at the violence that left the victim in critical condition. >> i hope he pulls through. >> i really hope he pulls through. i have son myself. it's a shame to see like a kid get shot. >> reporter: now the suspect remains in custody. he has not been charged yet at this hour. again, a weapon was recovered on the scene. lucy? >> thank you much, dave. unmark vehicle loaded with trash from a building demo. city trash truck backed up to it, cash changing hands? what is going on here? >> buddy, where you going here? come on now. is this private work, sir? >> what's going on here? >> fox 29 investigators gets quick action ahead. the septa strike finally over with service soon to be back at full capacity but along with some relief people are still pretty angry tonight. what they're saying. ♪
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. tens of thousands of people gathered in old city. this is president obama arriving for tonight's big even at independence mall. commander in chief and air force one landed just before 8:00 tonight at atlantic aviation marking how important pennsylvania is in this race for the white house. the current residents spending election eve right here with us in philadelphia. the six day septa strike is finally over. what's that? septa trains and buses rolling again on philadelphia's street septa management and union leaders came to 10 a tiff agreement on their crack early this morning. it comes just in time for election day. >> yeah, but it has left heart
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feelings behind. bruce gordon spoke tonight with some frustrated passengers. >> reporter: by mid morning there were renewed signs of life at the frankford transportation center. quiet and empty since last tuesday. but there was also a sense of anger from septa rider who's lost a week of their lives to the strike. >> errands and things, food shopping, paying bills, you know, visiting doctor's appointments. you couldn't go to none of that. >> reporter: this was septa's 12th work stoppage since 1975. at the pre-dawn news conference the tentative five-year contract was announced fox 29 asked septa's board chairman why it's so often takes a strike to get a deal done. >> it's just the normal course of business how it gets done in the city. it's unfortunate but we all work together. it all comes out in the end but it's just part of the process. >> reporter: septa will offer credit vouchers to those rider who's lost money on weekly or monthly passes go to our website for details, but for daily riders, well, they're pretty much out of luck. that's not good enough for some
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active visits. >> we are acting the drivers at the w workers to honor these passes. in lieu of actual money. >> reporter: distributed so-called septa inconvenience passes right in front of the transit age see headquarters. it's a purely symbolic gesture signed to highlight the impact of strikes on the working poor. >> if they don't accept it, i at least got my message across, and my message is septa meet the need and stop the agreed. >> reporter: septa service returned in bits and starts throughout date monday. full bus, trolley and subway runs will be back on for the tuesday morning rush. election day. riders welcomed the news but dread the next seemingly inevitable service interruption. >> i couldn't go any w i couldn't go nowhere literally. >> reporter: you were stuck in the house. >> yes, i was cabin fever. they keep striking and it's very hard for me to earn my money. >> reporter: you're trying get to more than one job? >> i work two. >> reporter: you can't get to either one of them when they're on strike.
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>> either one. >> reporter: rank and file members of the transport workers local 234 are set to vote on this contract by secret ballot friday, november 18th. no reason to believe the deal will not be formally rattle tide at that time, but for now, what you need to know is this. starting tuesday morning rush hour, septa service ba, in full. in center city, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. and new castle county, delaware police are looking for whoever shot woman as she slept in her bed. bullets came from the outside of her home. officers responded to the thorough run community earl sunday morning in bear, delaware. investigators found a 38 year old woman shot medics rushed her to the hospital and expect her to recover. police say bullets also struck several other homes and nearby cars. they're offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. back to you decide 2016 the polls are now hours away from opening after a contentious election season. election officials spending the day making sure that process
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goes off without a hitch. of course because of those allegations from the trump campaign. >> but as our dave kinchen reports, philadelphia election officials say despite what you may have heard on the campaign trail, they take pride in running a fair voting system. >> reporter: in west philadelphia, the freedom to vote means eventual freedom in contentious campaign season. >> even donald trump or hillary. pick your choice. pick your poison. to me it's a big circus act. >> reporter: feeling is not much different for marion and daughter kate over in chestnut hill. >> i think it's been so contentious, and, um, i'm very anxious to -- to my person to win. >> long lines don't deter me. i'm determined to vote tomorrow. i hope everything else gets out there and does the same. >> reporter: some are votin votg it's it's what they do every four years. others to simply end the madness. officials who manage philadelphia's election are ready for voting machines at city hall on stand by.
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>> we're just fielding phone calls and dotting our i's and crossing our t's and gettin getg ready for tomorrow. >> dealey is busy after 420 voter applications were submitted this cycle with 50,000 coming in the last day of registration. she says the election rigging that donald trump has suggested and hillary clinton las dismissed won't be a problem. >> financial particular race we're fortunate to have the older equipment because it drowns out some of the noise that we're hearing about possible hacking or improprieties in the system. >> reporter: as an added measure the us justice department announced it will monitor voting in 28 states with investigators from the civil rights division right here in philadelphia. >> we do all that we can to have transparent well-run elections. >> reporter: at philadelphia city hall, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. campaign signs targets for
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political pranksters on both sides. will the ugliness end tomorrow? we tried to find out. in south philadelphia karl something you might not have thought possible. the case of the woman found chained in the shipping container just became even more disturbing. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. they're back! good evening, everybody. all aboard full service expected for tomorrow morning's rush hour. the buses, trollies and trains ready to roll as a lot of questions coming in right now, what do we do about the refunds or credits on last week's passes? depending upon how long you've had those passes and what those passes were actually for depends on the answer. so good to septa website of course we'll have the% day of full service bright and early tomorrow morning when we see you starting at 4am. ♪
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i miss my daughter every day. she was shot and killed in a movie theater. jessi's murderer used an assault weapon with a high capacity gun clip.
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these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting. senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ authorities have now found a body of a third victim on the property of a serial killer in south carolina. >> revelations come just days after a woman was found alive chained in a metal storage container. the boyfriend of that woman i was found in a shallow grave nearby. employees say the suspect todd kohlhepp admits to killing four people in 2003 but there's still
10:24 pm
a lot investigators don't know about the victims. >> i can't state mail or female at this time, ages, i can't state, you know, how long they've been deceased or how long they have been buried. there are a number of things i just don't know at this moment because i've got some more testing i've got to do. >> kohlhepp was denied bond yesterday on four murder charges and he's a suspect in at least seven deaths. tonight nation is reboring first female attorney general. >> january nat ren know's family says she died from complications of parkinson's disease today. she was 78. she was one of the most prominent figures in president bill clinton cabinet. one of her most memorable decisions was her authorizes of authorization of the five-year-old elian gonzales of cuba from the home of his fee am me relatives. why is a big philadelphia trash truck backed up to an unmarked vehicle loaded with construction debris and what are
10:25 pm
those workers doing right there fox 29 investigates and soon youly know. kathy is track our forecast. >> yeah, we're talking about a cold night, iain. got some frost especially in the state of delaware tonight as temperatures will fall into the mid to lower 30s. sprawling high pressure will keep us dry and warm for your election day before the rain moves in. we'll time it out coming up. >> coming up, love is all about chem tree that may not be news to you but listen to this. we've all got a love hormone, and if you don't have enough of it, you could be in for big problems in on the areas of your life. ♪
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you're looking at independence mall tens of thousands of people were tonight and they poured in for a huge rally for hillary clinton, bon jovi, bruce springsteen, the obamas were there. hillary clinton of course all right here in philadelphia for election eve what night it was in old city. philadelphia streets department opened an
10:29 pm
investigation of city trash workers in private contractor after fox 29 investigates showed the mayor what we caught on ta tape. >> investigative reporter jeff cole tells us the fallout from our probe has been swift. >> reporter: it's known as the forgotten bottom neighborhood in philadelphia's grays ferry section. >> a tiny community of small homes and businesses bordered by i-76, rail tracks and the schuylkill. it's quite here which is exactly what this crew was hoping for. >> 12:49. october 6th. >> reporter: lumbering city of philadelphia trash vehicle is backing up to an unmarked truck at the end of harmony street. the truck is chock block full of construction debris likely from a building demolition somewhere. two workers start heaving large planks of wood into the trash truck numbered 085151. as dust rises, dark bags heavy
10:30 pm
with refuse are tossed in. a city worker from the trash hall in the yellow shirt gets out to watch. on the other side the apparent leader of the demo crew pitches in. >> a lot of garbage. >> reporter: they work on and on. a toilet goes in and then another. now, what looks to be the payoff is underway. watch as the guy who looks to be in charge in the baseball hat pulls out what appears to be his billfold and heads for the city worker. look closely. as he seems to hand something to him as he reaches back to take it. the work is nearly done. another city worker appears and comes around to give the guys a thumbs up. it's over. the truck uncoupled dean part. the trash crew blows a red light and heads for south phil wrl they do a little curb side pick up for taxpayers. what's going on? >> total andly shouldn't be
10:31 pm
taking place. >> reporter: a possible violation of the city's rock hard rule according to city hall banned street department workers for pocking cash tore private trash collection much the councilman is disgust. >> to see there's some type of see employee in cahoots with a private contractor is definitely disheartening. >> what you just watched to cost the city workers their jobs and according to the mayor's office that contractor could feel the heat from law enforcement. all that construction debris will end up in a landfill at $60 a ton and it doesn't belong there. at least not on the taxpayer's dime. private demo contractors are supposed to have their own dumpster and private trash pick up. but it's a lot cheaper this way. >> what's going on today? everybody at the end of harmony knew this wasn't good. >> buddy, where you going here? come on now.
10:32 pm
this private work, sir? >> huh? >> what's going on here. >> why would you let them do this. >> am i breaking the law? >> yeah. >> more from him in a moment. first, let's fast forward to october 25th. guess who is pulled up on harmony? it looks like they're waiting for the trash truck to show up. >> it appears to be the same demo crew. they wait, circle the block and return. >> here comes city trash truck number 136010. going the wrong way down one-way just after 2:00 p.m. this time it's big pieces of broken up drywall filling the contractor's truck to the top. we drive by to get a look. all of it is going straight into the city trash truck. >> back at it again. >> reporter: we can't tell if it's the same city workers we saw the last time but this guy relieving himself in a side lot looks to be the same city worker with the long hair in yellow we noticed back on the sixth.
10:33 pm
once again, watch as the driver of the demo truck pairs up with the city workers and appears to hand them money. the woman looks to have cash in her hand which she stuffs in her pock. while in the act, we tried to ask a few questions. >> hey, i'm jeff cole from fox tv. what's happening today, guys? >> this is -- this is private trash. dude -- sir, is this a private trash company? >> you guys are -- you guys are packing up for? my friend? my friend? can i ask you, did this guy just pay you? it looked to me like he may have paid you. >> my friend, let me talk to you real quickly it looked like he may have given you some money. is this a private contractor loading up for city trash work? buddy, where you going here? come on now. is this private work, sir. >> reporter: city workers
10:34 pm
hiding their faces drove off. so we turned to the contractor who refused to tell us his name. >> sir, that's the city trash truck. you're a private contractor. >> but these guys are just trying to feed they families. >> reporter: i know but they feed their families with taxpayer's dollars. this stuff can't go into the private -- new york city a public landfill. >> i don't know anything about it. they just said they'll take it so i've gate toy them. >> reporter: but you paid them. >> i didn't pay them. >> sure did you. >> reporter: did you see me pay them. >> i did, sir. >> reporter: new york city you didn't. >> what's this. i don't know what they're doing with it. why would you even meet them? you must have know something. >> what am i supposed to do and. >> there's a right way to do this stuff and there's a wrong way. this would app per to be the wrong way. you might be doing something wrong here. that's the problem. >> sir, i've seen you do it twice here. we've seen you here before and -- >> they never told me i was do anything wrong. >> it looks to me like you give them money.
10:35 pm
>> it does, sir, it looks like on tape that you do. >> fox 29 tape. >> councilman johnson could hardly believe what he was seeing. >> annal a firing offense for those workers do you think? >> of course. of course. because obviously, besides you're not actually being out there doing your job you're engaging in illegal activity. >> mayor's office declined our request to have the streets commissioner watch our video and comment. >> can i show it to you? >> if you want. >> reporter: we waited for jim kenney to finish a tour of a city school with video player in hasn't. >> we think we've seen money change hands here. >> again this is the first i've i'm seeing this. we're certainly going to look at it closely and the appropriate discipline will put in place. >> there's been fast reaction to our roaring spokesperson for the city says the streets department has identified three employees involved in these incidents and one no longer work for the city. we are told that the
10:36 pm
investigation continues. the mayor's office writes it thanks fox 29 for bringing this matter to their attention but reminds us that the vast majority of workers in their sanitation division are hard working and honest. jeff cole, fox 29 news. little did that one fellow realize jeff had video evidence. i don that. be careful with your phone. you can get a text that looks harmless but came from a sinister send. the very specific warning from pennsylvania's top lawyer. >> horror on the tracks at a new york city subway station. a woman falls to her death in front of an oncoming train and police say they already know who pushed her.
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. and criminalize women's right to choose. nsible pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood, "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors... who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about...
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sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ police are trying to figure out why one woman pushed another to her death at a new york city subway station this morning. police say the women were on the platform having some type of discussion before one push the other into the path of the train and she died right there. witnesses nagged down police who arrested the other woman win minutes. >> in your money tonight, warning if you think you've received a text from your bank. pennsylvania's attorney general says people are getting messages that look like they are from
10:40 pm
legitimate fm institution. they ask users to fill in bank account information. another text message looks like it's from pay pal. both of these could be scams, though. if you've got any doubt about a text you're getting, always contact your bank. cyber monday will be more popular than black friday for the first time ever. so says a new survey. found skin% of people are planning to shop on cyber monday this year compared to 66% on black friday. last year was basically a tie. and even on black friday online shopping is just as popular now. arthritic% said they'll go to at least one store on black friday and 36% said they'll also shop online. campaign signs are targets for mitt cal pranksters on both sides. will the ugliness end tomorrow? we tried to find out. >> our kathy orr is tracking that forecast. >> we're talking about a big cool down come the morning. temperatures will soar for your election day. no excuses not to get out to vote. getting ready for a big cool
10:41 pm
down more like november for the weekend. we'll check the numbers when we come back. in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers.
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i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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>> john bon jovi bruce springsteen strumming their support tore hillary clinton tonight on independence mall. president obama, first lady michelle obama, hillary, bill and chelsea chin ton here in philadelphia for election eve. >> the day you thought would never come is nearly here and by tomorrow's end we'll likely have new president-elect. but bad water flowing under political bridges has left more broken and defaced political signs than really anyone can remember. >> is this just a sign times? fox 29's hank flynn reports. >> reporter: you want to still campaign -- steal campaign sig signs? it's legal but some people are doing it. some people are also taking count measures to make sure that you don't like putting cameras up in trees. >> it's anti trump and it's also -- so far from my house they think they can steal it without getting caught. >> reporter: ed ford surveillance camera make it clear his campaign signs aren't walking off they're being carried. political prankster climb out of
10:45 pm
the cars mostly amused with themselves grab one of ed's trump signs and off they go. seven times now it's happened and ed said it's never been like this. >> i've had campaign signs before. i had one that someone drove off the road to purposely run over but not to the extent that it's been happening this time with multiple thefts. >> reporter: campaign sign deface many and disruption destruction a tremendous metaphor fort ugliest presidential race many folks can remember. ♪ >> both candidates are dealing with it and it's not a new problem. >> my neighbor across the street had her obama sign stolen eight years ago. >> eight years ago. >> it's four years ago. >> simone says that clinton campaign signs are disappearing from the ardmore area on regular basis as clinton volunteer she's replacing a lot of them. >> i just know every weekend when we're there and every day when we're there people come in and ask for signs. >> how about that. >> because their signs are gone. i had one taken but not -- not
10:46 pm
the other one i put out. >> here's the good news. those signs are history as of tomorrow and you better vote. most of have you known who you'll note for nos now any way if you're it whatting on a plastic sign on a lawn to sway your opinion, maybe do more homework. but most people agree the political climate is ugly way beyond election day. >> clearly compared to any prior elections this is world apart, and there's a lot more animosity toward donald trump than there ever was against any other candidate that i supported. >> i'm a little scared. >> um-hmm. >> actuaactually because i don'w what -- how people are going to come together after this election. >> reporter: i don't know that they are. >> and that's your homework for tonight. think about what you gained and what you've lost this election cycle. the country's 240 some years old and we're acting like this is our first dance of aren't we better than this? hit me up on wither at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly.
10:47 pm
we're almost done, though. hours away from no more political ads on tv and radio everywhere else. >> they'll all be holiday ads. >> i can handle holiday ads, jingle bell, jingle, jingle bell rock. >> old city philadelphia looking very pretty night tonight. clear sky, we have light winds and we are down 10 degrees from this afternoon. the temperature 46. the high 56. southwesterly winds will boost those election day temperatures pretty much everywhere. 41 right now in the poconos. 38 in allentown. thought in trenton but look at millville. already at 31 degrees. you will be down into the 20s overnight tonight. that's feeling like winter. the northeast mainly in the 30s. a few 40s here and bang nor maine only 30 degrees it's a night. fair weather high pressure building in and that will create clear skies but a cold start to election day. by afternoon the high pushes to
10:48 pm
the south we get more of a southwesterly wind and temperatures climb to go above seasonal levels well into the 60s so sunny and dry for tuesd tuesday. a front moves through on wednesday bring something showers and also some cooler temperatures behind it. on the fox future cast clear to tonight into tomorrow looking clear as well as the polls open and then some clouds drifting in. some high clouds during afternoon and the rain moves in wednesday morning for your morning rush to the north and west seeing the rain it moves towards the south and the east by late in the afternoon it's out of here. clear skies in most locations by sunset on wednesday. but if you have to do anything outside, try to do it tomorrow or wait for the end of the week and the weekend. overnight, 40 in the city. 32 in the suburbs mainly clear a bit of a chill in the air but no wind and then we'll see some frost. tomorrow morning a from the advisory for cape may county, delaware counsel teen the entire of state of delaware. when temperatures will be falling into the mid 30s in some spots possibly the lower 30s.
10:49 pm
tomorrow 58 degrees. sunny and mild with a west southwesterly wind and then a cross the delaware valley tomorrow as we get the vote out if you wait till about the lunch hour temperatures will be well into the 60s. grab some lunch after you get out the vote. as we look ahead on your seven day for cat from the weather authority rain for your wednesday. thursday looking good. veteran's day looks great much cooler saturday. we have the walk to end alzheimer's at citizen park. we'll bundle up for that. hope to see you l sunday 52. by next monday sun but cool the temperature 58 degrees. which is still on par for where we should this time in november. >> there you have it. ooh joy the day tomorrow. >> eagles trying to figure out what went wrong yesterday. doug pederson talks about question al play calling. sixers still in first of their first win. things are starting to look a lot like last year much that's coming up next in sports. >> my daughte
10:51 pm
pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ the eagles at the midway point of the season trying to figure out what went wrong the last couple of game. not a good spot to be in especially with the nfc east re-emerging as one of the best divisions really in football a lot of problems against the giants but it's the points they let -- they couldn't get at the end of the game. the points they let on the field sort of squander away. doug pederson went for, fourth down twice in the first half. failed both times. could have been six points on the fielder. eagles just take the field goal they probably within this game. today doug pederson talked about his decision to be aggressive and do for it. >> i still feel strong about
10:54 pm
those, um, i think the decisions to go for it, um, just shows confidence and belief in the guys at that time. to me in my opinion it didn't come down to those two place. there were enough things in this game, again that's correct cost us this football game. >> and when you have talent in this league nothing else really matters. josh huff released from the eagles after being arrested for marijuana and gun possession was picked up by the tampa bay bucks as a practice squad player. today he talked about receiving such support. >> i had the support on and off the fielder whether i was here or in philadelphia. i just made a bad decision at that time, and, um, you know, i learned from it and moved forward. my main focus right now to learn the playbook and, um, learn my teammates and learn how things are done around here. >> the sixers starting to look like the season is going to be more of the same. the sixers are more exciting to watch this year with embiid and saric we're still getting the same results. looking for their first win of
10:55 pm
the season. they took on the jazz tonight. sixers down three. joel embiid trickling a rock much this has ban problem turning the ball over. five in this game and that led to an easy jazz fast break point. sixers down by five in the second quart. okafor gets blocked right there for the rebound. and the dunk. but this game would get blown out. in the fourth quarter gets in there but he turn the ball over also. sixers had eight turnovers in many game they lost 109-85. they're zero and six on the season. zero-five at home. in college basketball this is just disrespectful right here. john calipari playing a team asbury university that's an naia school they won by 93 points. 156-63 the highest offensive output in school history. a dunk show. anything they want to do. they're ranked number two in the college basketball preseason
10:56 pm
polls. i really don't care at any point. somebody is going to get fouled hard if i'm losing by 93 points. struck held off a little bit, cal. come on. look at this. this is a dunk contest. i'm not allowing that as -- i can't let that happen. i'm sorry. >> there's no rules. >> 93 points. you couldn't backed off a little bit. >> he's got 12 guys all first round picks. >> i get. >> second string guys. >> if you're in there and they're running up the score, what are you doing. >> tripping them. [ laughter ] >> thank you, kathy. somebody going to get put on they butt. >> i don't have a problem with scoring when you're in there. if i'm sitting down i'm the second string guy you put me in the game i'm not supposed to play well? >> i agree. >> if i'm on the other send i'm stopping you any means necessary and that might be a trip. >> what about you lucy? >> i'll talk about this little diddy coming up here. big part of society count the them out these people are anything but down and they are
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:57 pm
rising above it all after doing their time. the local group making sure he can offenses get back on the right path. and your wake up weather and seven day forecast, the one, the only kathy orr. and the first five minutes. don't go away. and the first five minutes. don't go away. ♪ this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. prioriat a neighborhoods a is rerestaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat.
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i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo
10:59 pm
and i approve this message.
11:00 pm
♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. ♪ ♪ two hometown favorites rocking independence mall tonight but this was no normal concert. john bon jovi and bruce springsteen kicked off a night that featured the first lady, former president the current president and the woman who wants to be president.


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