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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 8, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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right now at fox 29 morning news campaigning is over and now voters head to the poles in the 2016 presidential election. >> it has been some campaign. they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking, in the the history of this country. >> i really believe that it is most important election of our lifetime because we never had a more clear choice, never. >> here we are, the presidential race not only race we're watching today, highly contested senate race of pennsylvania, could determine who controls the senate. >> big story from yesterday, of course, septa strike is now over but some people are still pretty upset about the whole thing. >> great to to have you with
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us at 4:00 a.m. on this tuesday november 8th, it is election day, great to have you with us. i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp, sue serio and bob kelly. i know you will miss campaign ads, coming up tomorrow. >> what else will we talk about. >> how burr mailbox. >> yeah. >> the flyers. >> i'm thinking i'm important getting a lot of mail. >> it will be boring tomorrow. >> well, let's talk about today. the lets talk about the weather forecast. >> it is real good. but that is a good thing for election day because, of course, weather always has an influence on voter turnout and you won't have that as an excuse. i will say this we're wearing a warm jacket this morning because there is a advisory in effect, you see all three counties in delaware, delaware county in pennsylvania and cape may county in new jersey. so, that is where we are right now with that. here's ultimate doppler radar, nothing to show you there.
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live look at the airport, it is tranquil, wind are calm, visibility is great, 41 degrees, that is chilly. sunrise at 6:38. other temperatures at freezing in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, reading is 32, 30 in pottstown, 31 in millville. another coal morning like yesterday but unlike yesterday we will recover to a high temperature of 68 degrees. nice weather for election day. of course, it it does get dark earlier 4:51 is that sunset time. we're voting for sunshine. >> yeah. >> good morning, everybody. 4:02 on a tuesday and we are back full services this morning on the buses, trains, and the trolleys, expect a somewhat normal rush hour, again, cross the board with the entire septa system backup and running. big question yesterday what about my refund, credit? go to septa web site they have all of the details
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depending upon when you bought your pass and had that pass is for and if you even used it during the course of the strike. shuttle buses running until 5:00 on both market frankford and broad street the subway. out identify we will go live look at i-95 southbound from left over construction between allegheny and girard avenue. sort of light role but right at that allegheny a avenue on ramp. be careful coming down or getting on there in port richmond. live look from the bennie from the south jersey side, no problems at all up and over bridges. things are quiet on the major roadways coming from the suburbs. we're off to a good start, thomas and karen, back over to you. you you know election day is here and they are making final push for voters even early this morning. >> democratic nominee hillary
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clinton flew to north carolina after her concert in philadelphia republican nominee donal trump talking to voters until after midnight. "fox news" has just released these numbers, latest presidential pole this has hillary clinton with a four-point lead overdonal trump, nationally 48 to 44 percent. this morning we have crews all over our area to get you ready for this election day. we have lauren johnson covering locally electricians in particular the big senate the race. steve keeley is covering presidential election live from new jersey where polls will be opening in less than two hours. let's begin with steve, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, people vote first and we will end up with puppies that are polling places in pennsylvania, so you don't have any stress, at the polling place. everybody loves puppies. they think that helps turnout by 10 percent. all right. it is dark out. nothing going on for a couple hours. i will go back in the dark ages and be only person on
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this station to admit who was president when i first went to school. we're in camden. we're at the school that i went to, when lyndon johnson was president, and decided not to run for a second term, yes, i am that old. so this is call yorkship school and sadly there are, gates on every window even little windows on doors has gates. when iowa is here that would have been to keep me in. but you don't have any idea by looking at the this school that this is a big polling place but trust me, it is, and this is where i remember my first elections back in the 60's and school is closed to day. it is nicely lit for us today. schools not opened today in camden and a lot of places in new jersey because they are polling places and they expect it the to be a busy polling place because it is a presidential election. here in new jersey we're not voting for governor, that comes next year so another big
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election in new jersey. we're always year after presidential elect where we pick a governor but here we have two big ballot questions, in new jersey, and number one, do we want more casinos outside atlantic city? two in north jersey. polls indicate no way. seventy perfect sent or more against it. other big ballot question is we had a 23 cents a gallon gas tax hike, other question voters will answer today is do you want all of that extra money you are paying for gas now you to go all the way to fix roads, bridges and for mass transportation and not be used by politicians for some other things which why is we got in that mess in the first place. if you don't play who is running for president and that will turn you off, still vote because you have all these other things to decide whether it is ballot questions or all of the other races from then. then north wildwood, how about this thomas and karen, they will vote not a binding referendum but they will vote whether to change the name to anglesea and not be a wildwood
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anymore a lot of good local ballot questions in new jersey and good store business this election outside of clinton verse trump. >> good pint. >> by the way we call it experience. we will see you shortly, thanks, steve. after stops in philadelphia, both presidential candidates burning midnight oil, hillary clinton holding her final rally in the critical swing state of north carolina she told large crowd why she feels this election is more important then any other in history. >> i really believe that it is most important election of our lifetimes because we never had a clearer choice. there is no reason, my friend why america's best days are not ahead of us. if we reare together. >> clinton adds superstar power at authenticity, lady gaga throwing her support behind democratic nominee. >> after hitting five states, donald trump makes a final
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pitch during a late night rally in grand rapid, michigan. republican nominee making a pledge to that large crowd to make america great again. >> the corrupt politicians and their special interests have ruled over this country for a very long time. today is our independence day. today american working class is strike back finally. >> tonight, trump's campaign says he has a victory rally planned in midtown new york at hilton a lot of activity here before the midnight rallies. hillary clinton held a campaign stop in philadelphia. >> just around the corner we saw this setting up yesterday morning, independent mall, so many people came out, and she got the some help from big names. here's fox 29's chris o'connell. >> with a listers like jon bon jovi. >> ♪ >> and bruce springsteen the clinton campaign pushed the
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final push of votes to tens of thousands whose packed independent mall. >> philadelphia you got the someone outstanding to vote for, in hillary clinton. >> reporter: first african-american president, hoping to help make history, again with so many star power it is clear, how pennsylvania has become a must win state. >> as the president just pointed out there is a clear choice in this election. >> yes, there is. >> a choice between division or unity, between a economy that works for everyone or only those at the top. >> reporter: and hillary clinton addressed philly, 124 miles away donald trump swung into scranton, erie, barn storming through five swing states on election eve, he is confident, he is going to win the keystone state. >> we are going to win the
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great state of pennsylvania and we are going to take back the white house. this election will deciding whether we're ruled by a corrupt political class or whether we are ruled by your selves, the people. >> that was chris o'connell reporting. we're closely watching each of our races, steve talk about some of them but one of the big once is congressional race between pat toomey and katie mcginty. >> outcome will determine which party gets control of the u.s. senate. lauren johnson joining us live from northampton bucks county. this is the calm before the rush, if you will. >> reporter: absolutely pretty dark and quiet right the now thomas but as you and karen just said this will be the most expensive u.s. senate race ever and that is why both candidates are hoping people show up here at the polls like this one. you have seen ads a all over tv and there is a lot on the line. outcome of this race could tip control of the chamber. since pennsylvania is one of the many states likely to
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determine control of the senate the two have been going toe to toe since the beginning and it has not slowed down one bit. early predictions say race is a dead heat and could go either way. they will stay hot and heavy on the campaign trail. toomey has shied away from answering questions about who he will vote for, for president, katie mcginty uses his stylings on his candidate as a ground for attack for weeks now but mcginty has not the been too available to the media. she was scheduled to appear on good day last week, she cancelled without rescheduling. pat toomey made that appearance on the show on friday. two can states have spent record money specifically on attack ads in the final days of the the race, pat toomey trying hard to reach swing voters in a state that typically tilts blue in presidential election years. mcginty plans to vote in wayne and end the night at democratic party. toomey's big election nice is scheduled near his home in lehigh county.
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karen and thomas. >> we will be watching closely, thanks. 4:11. >> keep it right here on fox 29 news. we will have live results as soon as they come in and our team is working all over, up in new york it is i, here in our area, and tracking all of the major elections right here on fox 29. voters head to the polls, today is the day. >> we have presidential election set to be decided later today. >> and both nominees pulled out big name stars to get their message across late last night. performances everybody is talking about this morning, coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we got each other and that is a lot for love ♪ >> ♪ my father said son we're lucky in this town. it is a beautiful place to be born. it just wraps its arms around ya, nobody crowds you, nobody goes a loan ♪ the >> political heavy hitters were not only ones to make case for clinton, secretary clinton here in philadelphia last night. >> of course, two biggest names in music, two new jersey boys, doing what they do best, john john bon jovi and bruce springsteen. we cane g.o.p. nominee campaigning very hard up until
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early this morning in michigan and madonna had a surprise concert in washington square part down by nyu last night. >> getting down to the final moments here polls open in little over an hour here. let's check the forecast, what can we expect this morning when we head out. >> fantastic weather for today, really, i mean yesterday would have been fine. it was on the cool identify, very autumnal, today it will be even milder with temperatures in the mid to upper 60's just about every where even in the pocono mountains it will be 62 degrees, plenty of sunshine, in rain. we have this cold front we're anticipating but that does not come through until tomorrow. so we will check timing and our fox few you tour cast when we can expect that rain. rain will start after midnight and see it raining through morning rush tomorrow. it has been a long while since we have had rain for the morning rush but it looks like it will not ab lot of rain but it will possibly slow you down, through about ten or 11:00 o'clock. by lunchtime or shortly
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thereafter the rain is gone and sunnies back out so it might be half and half kind of a day tomorrow. early half being rainy, second half being sunny and not a lot cooler after that cold front comes through. chilly temperatures when you get the started this morning. make sure you have enough on the kid but you have to layer up because you won't need that heavy jacket this afternoon. it is only 32 in mount pocono, allentown and reading, 31 lancaster. here in philadelphia it is 41 and it is 48 down in wildwood. calm wind. there is not a lot of wind to make it feel worse. 59 degrees is our average high, we got the to 56 yesterday, cool one but then we will zoom up to 68 degrees today. fifty-eight tomorrow, and with those showers in the morning, and 57 degrees on thursday. veterans day is friday that looks like a nice day, much chillier on saturday with a high of 50 and a low, in the morning about in the 30's for the eagles game on sunday, perfect temperature of 57 and
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a whole lot of sunshine. so in this whole seven day forecast, bob kelly, just one day after rain. >> we will take it. we can use it. good morning, everybody. it is a four, what does that say 4:18 on a tuesday morning. off to a good start, in problems at all this morning rolling out of the driveway. we will say good morning to the shaders, route 73, fellowship road in maple shade, new jersey looking fine, nice, dry roads and again with that rain coming tomorrow we're probably, excuse me have to tiehl with those wet leaves. now if your school is used at a voting place and kid got the day off today, surprise. day off for some schools, and we're also going to see unusual traffic patterns around all of the polling layses, double parking, park nothing front of the driveway to drop someone off, again, grid lock around maybe the schools or whatever the places used to cast your vote there today. live look at roosevelt boulevard left over crews.
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the this is northbound boulevard between schuylkill and wissohickon. everybody push off to what would be the left lane there. light volume, it is not that bad. in fact down to philadelphia it will be great to see normal traffic patterns return, all of the detours that were set up for last night's concert and campaign event have been cleared, everything is opened, so come on down into center city philadelphia. of course, with septa we're back full services across the board on the buses, trains, and trolleys, we expect a normal, service, morning rush hour, and big question was refund, credits on those transpasses. all of the details and instructions are on septa's web site at thomas and karen, back to you. 4:19. we have this breaking news coming to us from strawberry mansion. an intense scene when an attempted burglary turns into a police standoff. officers surrounding a building on the 1900 block of judgeson street, around 1:00 this morning. once police got inside they
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found a whole pack of guns there suspect was taken into custody but a second one got away. they are investigating. also happening overnight a woman and child are in critical condition after being stabbed, police say a man stabbed a 50 year-old woman and two-year old boy. boy is son of the man's boyfriend and female victim is mother's friend. the suspect is not related to either victim. police say after the attack the man jumped out of the second story window of a home on preston street just before 9:00 last night. that man is in critical condition. in word on what sparked the attack. meanwhile a 31 year-old man is dead after a police involved shooting in north philadelphia just after 7:00 last night. police were initially investigating another shooting in west clearfield street when they say witnesses pointed out a suspect. officers chased the man whom they say pulled something there his waist, that is when two suggests and two officers fired their weapons hitting the man, when he went down he tried to crawl toward a gun. the suspect later died in the
4:21 am
hospital. no officers were hurt. two guns were recovered at the scene. the 16 year-old boy now clinging to life after police say a man shot him in the head when there was an argument in fishtown when they got violent. police say man opened fire after a fight on the 2100 block of forbes street just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. there were at least three shots that rang out. police say gunman tried i don't convenient in the fight between a victim and a girl on the block. >> when i went out the front door i seen the kid laying there i said we should probably call the cops. everybody just started screaming. the it was real pandemonium. >> i heard kid arguing down here and i like i said i didn't pay no mind. kid are kids, you know. just thought it was, you know, kid just fist fighting. >> more than fist fighting there were guns involved. police arrested the man and recovered a handgun on the scene. no one else was injured. the 16 year-old is in critical condition at temple university
4:22 am
hospital. it is coming up on 4:22, in the logan neighborhood people are hoping that police will catch a person who shot a man near several schools, it all happened yesterday morning at broad and olney. police say there was a guy that walk into einstein hospital and he had a gunshot wound to the leg. administrators put four surrounding schools on lock down for half an hour, no arrests there. eagles still trying to figure out what went wrong on sunday, septa strike is over, and trying to balance good with the bad here. >> i know. >> doug pederson talk about some questionable play calling. >> did you see this one he got pick up in a second josh huff after being released by the eagles another team snatched him up. he is on the practice squad. we will explain coming up, and here's your winning lottery numbers. i hope you have them.
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this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm sean bell. on sunday staying aggressive didn't pay off for doug pederson, he failed on two, fourth down conversions in the first half. yesterday he talked about those decisions. >> i still feel strongly about those, i think the decisions to go for it, you know, just shows confidence, and belief in the guys at that time, to me, in my pin it didn't come down to those two plays. there were enough things in this game, again that cost us this football game. >> you had talent in this league nothing else hatters.
4:26 am
josh huff released from the eagles after being arrested for marijuana and gun possession was pick up by tampa bay bucks as a practice squad player. i'm sure he will get promoted sooner then later. to the sixers and jags, this year looking a lot like last, in the fourth quarter stauskus gets stripped and that leads to a easy bucket for gordon heyward. sixers had 18 turnovers, they lost 109-84, still winless on the the season. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. it is here, finally, election days. >> don't forget we are at polls before they open. we will tell you compactly what you need to know before you head out. stay with us.
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one of the hillary clinton's final rallies in our nation's birthplace how she and donald trump are spending the final hours before people vote. today is day another race we're watching very closely senate race here in pennsylvania, who is leading polls right now and we will break it down coming up. our septa strike finally over just in time with services back to full capacity but along with that release there are a lot of people who are pretty angry and what they are saying. >> once again it will be up and running this morning that is great news. time is 4:29 on this tuesday
4:30 am
election day great to have you with us, karen hepp, sue serio bob kelly, i'm thomas drayton. >> it is here. weather, there is always pressure because there is a direct correlation with voter turnout but we don't to have worry about the weather today. it is up to you. no weather excuses. we have a gorgeous day in store. we will start off with a look at the seven day forecast and what is going on with septa. >> sue, you do traffic, yes. >> yes another full day. >> strike is over, back to you. >> now who is really starting. >> you will start, go ahead. >> we will start with a look at the seven day forecast, there is a lot going on there and only one chance of rain in the seven day forecast and that is tomorrow. so today, it is not your day to worry about rain which is a very good thing. as far as weekend is concerned we have a big chill coming on saturday but in the the
4:31 am
meantime, as we look at our frost advisory it is in effect for delaware, delaware county and cape may county for this morning. the it is chilly just like it was yesterday but we expect it to be a lot warmer then yesterday. 41 degrees, sunrise at 6:38. thirty-two in mount pocono. thirty-one in lancaster. many places at or below freezing, millville new jersey it is only 31 but plan on lots of sunshine while here because sunset time is 4:51. high temperature today, i think you'll like this 168 degrees. >> you know what, i don't like this new sunset because it is dark when i get up from my nap, which throws me way off. >> is it 5:00 in the morning or in the morning. >> good morning, we are back. septa's back full service on the buses, trains, trolleys this morning. we will all be off to a good start, three cheers to the bus drivers. you'll see them this morning. we second full roll out, everybody reporting for work this morning as far as
4:32 am
regional rails, market frankford, broad street subway the whole 9 yards. the as far as refund, credits on your weekly or monthly transpass all that, the whole scoop is on septa's web site just go there at and you will be able to straighten everything out. shuttle buses are still running until 5:00 on market frankford and broad street subway. they typically to that overnight with construction, because of the election day keep in mind some kids are off from school, surprise, guess who is not the going to school today. so, we will have unusual traffic patterns and lighter volume in some areas. schools that are closed are the schools that are used for polling places and you'll have unusual traffic patterns, around all of the polling spots today. the here's a live look at left over construction on i-95 in southbound, between allegheny and girard avenue, and we are back to normal looking good downtown philadelphia, all of the detours and delays from last night's event all pick up and we are ready for a morning rush hour.
4:33 am
thomas and karen back to you. today is election day. the as you know both candidates were up late last night. "fox news" releasing latest presidential polls, hillary clinton with a four-point lead overdone old trump nationwide 48 to 44. this morning we have crews all across the area to get us all ready for election take, we have steve keeley over in new jersey, he is covering race there and then we have lauren johnson covering our locally electricians particularly the big is that the race that everybody is talking about, good morning. >> reporter: this is the most expensive u.s. senate race ever and both candidates hoping it pays off big time today when people show up at the polls to cast their ballot. we have seen ads plastered every where, they are them on the radio. the outcome could tip control of the chamber next year since pennsylvania is one of the many states likely to determine control of the senate, the two have been going toe to toe since the very beginning and they have not slowed down at all. early predictions say it is a
4:34 am
dead heat and this race could go either way. they stay hot and heavy on the campaign trail. up until now toomey has shied away from answering questions about who he will vote for, for president. >> i have a lot of problems with donald trump. i have been very public about my criticisms and i have said so. on the other hand i think wow sign legislation that would be constructive if he would be president, like repealing obama care you are running out of time, we have five days left. >> i don't think they have opened up the polls yet. >> mcginty has used toomey's styling on his candidate on ground for weeks you this but she has not been available during her stum april cross the state. she was scheduled to appear on good day last week. she cancelled without rescheduling. path the path toomey made an appearance on the show friday. they have spent record amounts of of money specifically on their attack ads in the final days of the the race, toomey trying hard to reach swing
4:35 am
voters in a state that tilts plea in the presidential election year. so mcginty plans to vote this wayne today and end the night at philadelphia at a big democratic party. pat toomey's party is near his home in lehigh county. both of them hoping that voters show up really big today on election day. let's toss things over to steve keeley covering our presidential election, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, no new jersey u. is senate seats up but all 12 congressional seats are up but only one is close and that i up in north jersey. you have to wait an hour longer to see your first voters here in new jersey we will see them in less than 90 minutes. polls opened an hour earlier. you said why aren't poles opened up at 6:00 a.m. across the country because try driving at 6:00 o'clock and not seeing that as a rush hour already. so we, if you weren't paying attention at 4:00 we went to the school i started out as a kid, york-ship school in camden and we are now at the front of the will school. we were at the back of the
4:36 am
school depending which way you go in. this is now back of the school but this thing takes a whole city block, almost the size of the pentagon just massive, and still thriving as a school and a polling place. so no school for the kid here at yorkship today and this will be a busy polling place. right in the center of the town in the southern most tip of camden. a lot of seats are up, next year like the senate, state senate and the assembly and the governor. we've got one more year of governor christie and after president the big votes here in new jersey are ballot question, referendums and biggest is does new jersey want to expand casino gambling outside of atlantic city and put two in north jersey counties and other big question is do we want all that new gas tax cash, that 23 sent a gallon hike we started paying a couple weeks ago. go toward fixing the roads. you are saying i thought that is what it was for. it will not be just for that unless people say yes, we want it the for that and then big
4:37 am
controversy was governor, lieutenant governor disagree on saying yes or no. turnout expect to be big not just here in new jersey but across the country, it was 62 percent, a record in 2008 and may eclipse that. that is good. that is more than half and with septa back no excuse for people in philadelphia, and here's the good thing karen and thomas if you are in line at 8:00 o'clock and even though polls close at 8:00 but if you are standing in line and i will guess if you are in the parking lot waving to people you can still vote in line and after 8:00 o'clock. don't rush if you have to. if you get there in line at 8:00 a lot of people don't vote until end of the day and people might worry about that. if you are in line you are in. >> no excuse. we will let you go and vote. >> good news. >> thanks, steve. and steve was at one of the schools. a lot of the kids are off school today maybe take them to vote with you. keep it right the here on fox
4:38 am
29. we will bring you results as soon as they are called in the races. our team will be all over the place covering whatever you need to know all important races as well tracking both major locally electricians and the presidential all right here on fox 29. >> little ones are happy. well, happening right the new 4:38. septa says entire bus trolley and subway system will be up and running this morning rush. we broke news at transit agency and union representing 4700 workers reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year deal early yesterday morning evening a six day work stoppage this was septa's 12th strike since 1975 and whole lot of riders say they are angry as if feeling like they were pawns in this whole thing. >> it is fact that they keep doing it, they keep striking and it is very hard for me to earn my money. >> reporter: trying to get to more than one job. >> i work two. >> reporter: you can't get to either one on strike. >> either one. >> reporter: do you get the impression that either side
4:39 am
listens to or cares about people like. >> sometimes i really don't. >> reporter: tough for a lot of people rank and file members of the union will vote to formally ratify contract friday november 18th, full service set to ref up by this morning's rush. over in south carolina something you might not have thought possible, case of the woman found chained in the shipping container just became more disturbing we will explain.
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4:41. authorities have found bod of the third victim on the property of the serial killer in south carolina these revelations come just days after a woman was found alive chained in the metal storage container, boyfriend of the woman was just found in the shallow grave nearby, police say suspect admits to killing four people back in 2003. but there is a lot investigators just do not the know about those victims. >> i cannot the state male or female at this time, ages, i can't state how long they have been deceased or how long they have been buried. there are a number of things i just do not the know at this moment because i have got more testing i have got to do. >> he was denied bond on four murder charges. he is a suspect in at least seven deaths. it is election day and here's other good news you get some stuff for free or
4:43 am
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behold our greatest opus! welcome back. we have a big walk this weekend. most of the whole gang will be there. will you be to this one. you have been to a bunch of them. >> sue is if thing down this morning. yeah, we will to have get bunled up, yeah.
4:46 am
and wind. >> and, to take, i wish the walk was happening today, and we have temperatures in store for you that will be in the upper 60's, thanks to high pressure moving off shore. what will happen after today, this cold front will come through so tomorrow morning's commute could be a wet one. not the a lot of rain in store from this cold front. there is not even any thunderstorms because air behind it isn't drastically colder, but that is tomorrow, lets get back to election day to day, with temperatures our high should all be in for the most part mid to upper 60's. lower 60's in mount pocono and wildwood. just an ideal weather take. after you vote you can just get out and enjoy it ahead of the short period of time we have daylight. here's fox future cast to give you timing of the rain. we will see today probably some cloud by the end of the the day, rain holds in just in time for morning rush hour
4:47 am
tomorrow maybe five or 6:00 o'clock in the northern and western suburbs and seven or 8:00 o'clock here and it will continue probably through lunchtime maybe even early afternoon but then rest of the day there will be sunshine. just about 10 degrees cooler, more like yesterday, then today, in the wake of that cold front. that is the future cast, only rain we're expecting this week. layer it up today because we will need warm jacket waiting for a bus, that is right, a bus today, strike is over, but the jacket the you won't need later in the afternoon. we have temperatures in the 30's and 40's, not too windy, average high is down to 59 degrees and we were below that yesterday with a high of 56 but we will go well above average today with a high of 58. down to 58 tomorrow with that rain mostly in the morning. 57 degrees, on thursday, and veterans day friday looks great, high of 62 degrees but there is the chill for our walk to end alzheimer's at citizens bank park saturday
4:48 am
morning. we will be layering it up but there will be plenty of sunshine and we love about the walk to end alzheimer's and folks will show up. it will be fine and chilly, bob kelly. >> we will get rain, get it taken care of tomorrow and good to go for rest of the week. good morning, 4:48. they are doing work on the pennsy turnpike both directions between downingtown and morgan town they will be out for another ten or 15 minutes. but for gang down the shore absecon at illinois avenue an accident took down power lines so just watch for local detours as you roll out of absecon this morning. for the gang in westville by pen queen diner right at route 130 watch out for some construction delays, again through the midday, otherwise we're in good shape, this problems on the blue route, schuylkill expressway, looks fine in problems down i-95. we had construction overnight at girard avenue, bam, coming into downtown the sky line all lit up. we have art museum lighting it
4:49 am
up, this problems yet in or out of town on the schuylkill. we're back. everybody is back. full service on septa's mass transit system today, regular services on the buses, trains and the trolleys, if you are looking for a refund or credit for your transpass from last week all of the details and what to do and how it will work out is on septa's web site just go to and maybe another ten minutes or so they are using shuttle buses on both market frankford and broad street subway but those trains will role at 5:00 . back over to you. time right now you 4:49. new castle county delaware police are looking for person who shot a woman sleeping in her bed. bullets came from the outside of her home, officers responded to the sparrow run community early sunday morning in bear, delaware. investigators said they found a 38 year-old woman shot, medics rush her to the hospital and she's expect to recover. bullets also struck several other homes and cars nearby
4:50 am
and they are offering a $20,000 reward for information to headstone arrest and conviction. an attempted robbery at a target in port richmond that happened last month, store over on castor avenue. here's the security video. there is a file who is stealing an electronic item. he to leave the store without paying and a store guard says in the so fast and it lead to a struggle. investigators say then the thief comes back with a knife and he goes right at that guard. runs away without taking anything. no one was hurt. more video from voorhees, new jersey where police are hoping someone will recognize that by right there. images from surveillance video he is wanted for a gas station robbery it happened on the citgo on route 561 on sunday. if you know who that person is call crime stoppers. you can stay a none house. i know it is early, waking up blah, you know, it may not be all lack of sleep.
4:51 am
people with the low levels of the so-called love harmone action i toes inn may have less sympathy for others. >> researchers are looking for people with medical conditions that lower levels of the oxytocin, and they did, it turnout much worse on tap on the awareness of other peoples feelings. as a result researchers say it may be wise to consider medical conditions that carry a risk of low oxytocin levels when looking at a persons empathy. researchers will present society for end chronology annual meeting in england. do you have a love/hate relationship with shopping, sign are monday will be more popular then black friday for first time ever, so says a new survey the it found that 69 percent of the people say they are planning to shop on cyber monday this year compared to 66 percent on black friday. last year it was basically a tie and even on black friday on line shopping just as popular now. 36 percent said they will go to at least one store on black friday, 36 percent said they
4:52 am
are going to shop on line. >> i love shopping on line. i'm doing to it day. if you need a way to get to the poles, another good tiehl out there for people, uber, lyft, google, sip car and all are offering special discounts or promotions for election day ride. what you do is request your transportation to your polling place, using an in app feature and get those discounts on uber, google. , going dark, which broadway musicals are closing their doors so people can go outside and vote. we will be right back.
4:53 am
4:55 am
a concert will be held at penn state's beaver stadium. >> it is first time ever country music star blake shelton will be head liner. recently expanded football stadium opened back in 1960 but never hosted a non-penn state event. so this concert will be called happy valley jam slated to be held july 8th. other acts along with blake shelf even include kristin young, and tickets will go on sale in 16th. >> you know what to good heather right. lee daniels is bringing more a list musicians to the small screen. film legend gladys night the night signed on for guest appearance opposite queen latifah in daniels new drama series star. star premiers right after empire here.
4:56 am
all choke up about it on december 14th on fox 29. not too many things that will have broadway go dark but it is happening thanks to the drama of the presidential election. eighteen shows will go dark tonight which, goal, to encourage cast and crew and the audiences to vote. so, phantom of the opera, wick, cats, king can i boots, school of rock, the big show taking night off but interestingly, some other theaters, added shows when they are normally dark, metropolitan opera, it is closing this evening. performances will resume tomorrow. one notable exception one of the biggest all year hamilton will be going on as usual. >> you have to squeeze in as many performances as possible. in case you haven't heard, it is election day, fox 29 has you covered. good morning to you, lauren. >> hey, good morning to you thomas and karen. today is a big day for u.s. senate race, the most money spent ever, on a campaign we will break down what each candidate has been to go in the last days to get your
4:57 am
vote, coming up after the break. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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4:59 am
right now on fox 29 morning news campaigning is over and now voters head to the polls in the 2016 presidential election. >> it has been some campaign. they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of
5:00 am
this country. >> i really believe it is most important election of our lifetimes because we have never had a clearer choice. never. >> a lot of back and forth but the presidential race is not only race that we're closely watching this morning. highly contested is that the race in pennsylvania could determine who controls the is that the. that is just septa strike that is finally over but people are still mad about the whole thing in the first place. >> you get that extra hour of sheep not getting up early and land the day how willie get to work and school, you know, kid out in the school. great to have you with us, it is election day i'm thomas gray ton with thomas hepp. >> a lot of the kid will be off. is us and tough. >> austin has cool but noah's off which we just found yesterday what do you mean you're off from school. what is this. >> if your school is a polling place. >> that is going to happen. >> at least we won't have


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