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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> but this is no movie, the scare for plane passengers in the sky. >> i would imagine, yeah, you would be crazy. >> yes. >> land this plane. >> land this plane. >> it would be an emergency. >> wow. >> let's see, luggage up in the overhead. good day everybody it is election day. we are 16 seconds past. lets go out here to a live shot, doors just opened here, this happens to be at fourth and race in olde city, philadelphia just down the street. look at the size of this line. so polls are opened all over the place now in delaware, new jersey opened up at 6:00 and now pennsylvania is opened up as well. if they keep walking, they will come right down, to us. >> yes, that is right there on the right. >> that is great. >> look at this, this is in northampton, that line has been growing since about 5:00 this morning as a matter of fact.
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>> look at that. >> yes. >> it is moving though. >> well what does this say to you? what do these two shots say to you, big, big turnout do you think. >> i mean, i will show you a relic here in the studio. this is actually from a voting booth in florida in 2,000. do you remember how late we stayed up until the next day and week as a matter on have fact. it was george w. bush anal gore. >> yes, are they chadds. >> chadds are in there. >> the holes, where did the holes go. >> the holes are in the back. >> yes good hanging chadds, man, take you back, will it be another nice like that night 16 years ago. we shall see. >> at least weather is fantastic, a ten. >> we could not afford better weather for an election day which is why we're in double digits and weather by the numbers. the bus stop buddy, he has a warm jacket on, put gloves on
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waiting for the bus today and folks will get their septa bus today for the first time in a week. that is a good thing too. dress warmly enough, we have a frost advisory continuing through delaware and cape may county and delaware county in pa until 8:00 o'clock with clear skies, temperatures really did plunge. 41 degrees right the now, just a 3-mile an hour breeze out of the west/southwest and looking at other temperatures 30 in mount pocono. thirty-one in lancaster. in atlantic city, in millville it is 30 degrees. look at our recovery today 68 degrees, much milder then yesterday. we still to have get used to the sunset at 4:51. >> i woke up, it was dark, already i was all messed up. 7:02 on this tuesday morning. we are seeing delays on the the schuylkill expressway in both directions, even here on i-95 southbound heavy from academy in through downtown philadelphia. a live look at ben franklin
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bridge, sun banging off the sky line here coming into philadelphia but so far so good. we're back, full services today all aboard buses, trains, trolleys, so far no reported delays at all and if you are looking for credit on your transpass they have details up on the web site at an accident in northeast philadelphia, boulevard at welsh road right by tiffany's diner and shopping plaza there. heading out of town no problems at all on the tote board at philly international. mike and alex, back over to you. election day, our lauren johnson is in bucks county where polls are opening following local races. we have doug luzader hoist covering presidential race in washington d.c., and steve keeley is in philadelphia, at fourth and race, polls are opened, steve. >> mike, good thing they have opened the doors here because that long line was around two corners and down fourth street and they were about to reach what was a line, i said what is this a mike jerrick fan club meeting? a long line and then you can
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see they have got doors opened at old reform church right across the street from the mint. greg will walk up to the door and give you a look inside because i'm sure still a wait once you get in there but people want to vote before work and that way pressure is off and everything is going smooth the here. they have got gallons of coffee they are giving away from dunkin' donuts and it looks like dunkin' munchkins to power people through their day. this is a beautiful classic church. this is where they have animals and live nativity scene where they will set up shortly after election day i'm sure how cool would it be to have live animals right now. polls are opened here in pennsylvania and they expect more maybe then the 62 percent turnout we had when president barack obama was first elect in 2008 when there was excitement in this country. so this excitement on both sides of this presidential race and, of course, even if the presidential race turned you off there are so many more
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important races, as they say down ticket on both sides of the river and in delaware where they are picking a new governor because jack markell has done his two terms. big days in our tri-state area for election day and people are coming will in here and smooth operation because it is not a long wait, now that the polls opened. we saw that long line before 7:00 and still a long line but no where near as long as we expect it to be. it will be a big day. by the way speaking of christmas with that nativity scene i come bearing gifts. it looks like i shopped on black friday i have a shopping bag and since i'm down the street we will be delivering that a box of cup cake and cream filled doughnuts from mcmilan's and mike, for you a santa claus tin fruitcake for our fruitcake himself, mike jerrick. >> thank you for that. >> i appreciate it. i hate fruitcake. but i do need a doorstep.
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whoever sent that appreciate it very much, i just can't stand fruitcake. two things, tell that kid in line he is not old enough to vote and other thing i disagree with you, i have been doing this show a long time. >> maybe it will inspire them to get to be 18. >> this is good, show them the process. >> parents take them to show them the process. >> i don't remember these long lines at 7:06 in 2012 and 2008 but you do, steve. >> reporter: yes, that is why i came here, they wanted me to go east mt. airy but polls opened in new jersey we will see voting in new jersey first, so how will cool was it to sees people in new jersey voting, but there was a line here and our friend jody hard hoist does most of the work for the show behind the scenes also remembered the line here and she doesn't live too far away and she may have stood in line herself but there was a line here before. they are putting up new buildings and turning build
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initial condos every year and that is why there is more people moving in here. when we started this show there was only two buildings you could move in around here. >> in old city now they keep building buildings. we are a stone's throw from ben franklin bridge. you you will see two big apartment buildings going up at second and race. >> yes. >> another one across the street, so yes, mike line will get longer in the future as well with more people moving in. >> how cool this is this. >> at the even of the that line looking closely enough you can almost see independent hall. birthplace of america and they are standing in the shadow of it, voting and they are doughnut holes. >> so much meaning. >> name sake of the bridge and he would be very proud of where we are a couple hundred years later on these very streets. >> his gravies right there as well. >> thank you. 7:07. >> similar scene at polling place's cross the country voters lining up make their voices her. >> turnout is breaking record i don't know how that is
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possible because it is only 7:07. >> maybe doug knows. he is in virginia. hi there, doug. >> reporter: did steve pick his location because of his proximity to doughnuts and cup cakes. >> every morning it is a decision he has, yeah. >> that is right. >> we got nothing here. they are selling bake goods outside that is good news. pretty good turnout here this morning. all of this is an total because we don't have any final numbers but thinks ultimately a turnout operation on election day and that has everything to do with voter enthusiasm. the first results are in, and dickville notch making the call just after midnight. >> hillary clinton four votes. >> donald trump, two votes. >> a resounding clinton victory four votes to two but bear in mind during primaries dicksville notch thought this would be a race between bernie
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sanders and john kasich. >> none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right. >> hillary clinton went well past midnight campaigning in north carolina after a massive rally in philadelphia which included the obama's, donald trump also burning midnight oil in michigan. >> did you ever think you would be hearing a major speech at around close to 1:00 , are we crazy. is this crazy. >> reporter: good news for trump is map is shift nothing his favor with the fox decision desk moving number of toss upstates like air zone, iowa and utah to lean republican. good news for clinton the map still favors democrats offering a number of path to victory. >> filets the one, if she hold him off in florida it is over early. >> then there is congress with republicans, likely to keep their majority in the house but senate is where action will be. democrats need to pick up just five seats to take control and republicans have more seats to defend.
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>> republicans need everything to go right to hold on to control on the senate. would i say at this this point it is more likely democrats take senate but by a very, very narrow margin. >> as far as state to watch today, of course, it is traditional states that we talk about ohio, florida but also, look at where the can tait went just over the past 12 hours or so, and hillary clinton, pennsylvania. north caroline, donald trump in michigan, hillary clinton was in michigan yesterday. these are states that are really looked like will decide this election. back to you guys it is like there are two or three, they have been cloned because they have been every where. it is crazy the stamina the two of them have. you too doug, you are the man. >> after this is over i'm sure they will have a i nice long nap is that right. >> yes. >> then you have to do the job. >> reporter: we're hoping it end tonight. fingers crossed. >> why do you keep put ago this out there, why do you put
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that throughout out there. >> reporter: well... i'm the eternal pessimist. >> al gore called and he wants you to be quiet. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> he will go up to new york for our coverage tomorrow. quite a night, one block from right here, independent mall, there were humans as far as you can see. >> they were all trying to fit in that area because hillary clinton was spending her final campaign night here one of her final stops along with her, look at these people, look at these shots. >> is there a shot we have been looking for. >> sky fox doing a great job last night. man it was pack. i saw people starting to walk into this venue you at noon time yesterday. >> there was one lady in the front of the line and she was there at 6:00 a.m. my thing if you are that far back can you see anything or are you just listening. >> they needed a big monitors or something. somebody has asked me about this, who is going to clean this up in who will pay for it and all kind of stuff?
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what is the deal with the park service? it is okay to have political rally for one particular candidate on government ground. isn't that government ground? >> yes, national park. >> yes national park service. >> yes. >> i was advised there. >> president is there. >> maybe he allowed it. >> i guess so. >> bill clinton was there and i swear he was, and chelsea clinton was there. i swear she was. president obama and first lady, met 45,000 people there last night. including michelle obama. >> emotional because in many ways, speaking here tonight is perhaps the last and most important thing that i can do for my country as first lady. let me just take a moment to thank you to thank the people of this country forgiving our
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family the extraordinary honor as serving as your first family. >> teary eyes there. >> coming to an end. >> a lot of people when walking through crowd last night, when we were leaving the event, we were asking what was your favorite part. a lot of them said michelle. a lot said michelle was great. >> she has a good speech. there was music, before jersey boys bruce springsteen was there he sang and jon bon jovi was there. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> are you telling me that i
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waited seven hours to listen to this dull stuff. >> it was a somber rally. but why didn't he do born in the u.s.a. that might have been a good one. >> do you know, that he didn't? well, jen fred that she watched and he did not. >> he did not. >> born in the u.s.a. >> i think i pulled something. >> he didn't have the same star power. >> he has made it very clear that bringing out all of the celebrities and everything, he said, demeans the political process. he just doesn't want to use it. >> are there celebrities who have volunteered to go. >> we were talking about ted nugent. >> why are you looking at the me like that. >> i thought there would be a list. >> okay. >> he is all about the american people and he doesn't need fanfare. >> people would agree with that. >> donald trump campaigned very hard from scranton here in pennsylvania, to new hampshire and then over to michigan, g.o.p. nominee
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rallied with his family and vice-presidential nominee mike pence. >> oh, okay. >> we will go from the presidential race here and remember how local high steaks congressional race which is also very big between senator pat toomey and katie mcginty. >> i can say this one more time and you you already know it. they have spent more money on this campaign then any other senate race in history in the united states that is why lauren johnson is in northampton bucks county right now, lauren. >> hell other mike and will alex. take a look, this is the line i asked someone about to go up side. they have been here since about ten minutes to 7:00. we will take you down the line while we walk you through importance. there is a lot on the line. the outcome could tip control of the chamber next year since pennsylvania is one of the many states likely to determine control of the senate, they have been going toe to toe since the very beginning and it has not slowing down. race is a dead heat, either way that is why they should be happy to see these long lines.
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they stayed hot and heavy on the campaign trail, toomey has shied away from answering questions about who he will vote for, for president but mcginty used his silence on his candidate as a ground for attack for weeks now, but mcginty hasn't been too available herself stumping across the state she was scheduled to appear on good day. she didn't make that appearance. she has not come back. pat tomb difficult come on friday, still not saying much about that. but two candidates have spent records amount of money, specifically, on these attack ads, at least heard, scene in the final days of the the race, toomey trying hard to reach swing voters in the the state that tilts blue in presidential election years. mcginty plants to vote around 9:30 in wayne, in the the night in philadelphia at democratic party, pat toomey his big election night party is near his home in lehigh county. lets talk to this women, how are you. >> good morning. >> it is cold out. >> very cold. >> you cannot get here any
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sooner. >> how long have you been waiting. >> not too long, but i was here at 7:00 and line was down to the end. >> big day. >> reporter: why is it the so important to be here today. >> oh, we have to vote republican. i have to vote for trump even though he is not my favorite person in the world. >> reporter: what do you say that their vote doesn't count. >> you have to vote, you have to vote. i heard people say i don't like either candidate. neither do i but you have to come out and vote. people died to let us vote. >> reporter: mike and alex, you hear it, they are saying we have to go out and vote. there will be record numbers. we will see it in on our election coverage as it continues here on fox 29. >> you got it, 24 hours, for next 24 hours on our app, fox 29 news app. >> and web site which is fox >> make sure you watch our extended coverage, it will be a big one. we will have people live in new york with both trump and clinton's headquarters so just about a mile apart from each
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other. they are close where they are having their watch parties. >> one on the hudson river where hillary clinton will be at javitz center, and donald trump over at hilton. not very far away. >> he will not be at trump tower. >> no it will be at hilton, he will go home and sleep at trump tour. >> to you think he will sleep. >> well, it is not big, it is just a lobby. >> i have never been in the trump tower. >> anyway, that is where it started for him do you remember when he came down escalator with melania. >> i will run for president and now he thinks this close. >> he has to bring it back full circle. >> yes. >> sue. >> yes. >> i'm or toy get to you late here. >> it is all right. we have a great forecast. you could not ask for better weather you could see your breath out there, 40 in the city but by noon we are at 62. high temperature will be in the upper 60's today, so
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nothing weather-wise to stop you from voting, high pressure is in control. this cold front will come through but not until tomorrow. so, i say nothing to stop you from vote to go day. sunshine is our election today. as we time out ran for tomorrow it will indeed happen during morning rush tomorrow. say seven or 8:00 o'clock around philadelphia area. it with ill not be a lot of rain but a tenth of an inch or so, we need more than that but we will take what we can get as long as it is not on election day. it is not about all, and, here are temperature as we walk out the door, 30 mount pocono. thirty pottstown. thirty-three wilmington. forty-six in wildwood. only 31 in lancaster and 34 degrees in trenton what a recovery 68 degrees for a high temperature today, 58 tomorrow with that morning rain, sunny and cool on thursday, veterans day friday, weather looks good there. we do get a drop in temperature for saturday, much chillier with a high around 50 .
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eagles game looks good with sunshine and high of 57. so, a busy seven day forecast, bob kelly, with decent weather. >> looking good, 7:20. good morning. getting up and out live look at route 309, we have plenty of sunshine. look at shadows cast by cars, and remember since we moved the clocks back over the weekend, folks that typically drive-in at 7:20 are seeing sun glare. we are at a different dashboard level. that has been a change over the last couple of days. it is delays on the schuykill expressway into and out of the city even south on i-95 heavy from the cottman in through girard. downtown we will go vine street expressway backup over toward 30th street station. any of the closures in effect as a result of yesterday's, campaign event up the street here of been lifted, road are opened and we're back, come on all aboard full service on the the buses, trains, trolleys for septa today, looking for a credit object the transpass
7:21 am
over the last couple of days they have all of the information, on the web site at because of election day on some of the schools do have the day off. aren't we lucky, right? and then watch for unusual traffic patterns, of course around all of the polling spots, alex, back over to you. 7:21. i got word that hillary clinton will be voting soon so we will get a live look at her going to the voting booth in just a little bit but what about this, samuel jackson this is real a real life nightmare for airline passengers how snakes on the plane became too real for a flight in mexico. plus we want to know who the next president will be were are were the votes are counted. we will highlight five things that have successfully predict past elections those five things we will go over each of those and have an idea what will happen. pennsylvania polls are opened, look at the line, it is still moving there even though it is a long one it just keeps growing at fourth
7:22 am
and race in philadelphia. glad to see so many people getting ready to vote. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. i miss my daughter every day. she was shot and killed in a movie theater. jessi's murderer used an assault weapon with a high capacity gun clip. these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting. senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote.
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majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. red, white and blue doughnuts from dunkin' donuts. thank you, it is coffee. >> we appreciate our sponsors for being outside, at fourth and market. we saw a story on fox morning news dunkin' donuts has a link and we will hear more about this. >> pick up tea. >> i am not sure because i was watching it from here getting ready for the shore. >> thanks for the tea, yes. >> it wasn't much tea. >> look at this, also in the anchor desk we have very same doughnuts. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> people are asking me on twitter saying alex, do you pick a certain color for reason. >> you have the blue and i have red, we wanted to be
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patriotic, encourage people to vote and red, white and blue. >> you are voting for trump? >> mike, i'm trying to be patriotic, i have a blue suit on, red tie. >> put on some blue earrings, to balance it out a little will bit. >> snakes on a plane, do you ever see that movie. >> i have not the but i have heard about it. >> samuel jackson is in it. well, it came to life. the here's a clip. >> you have this is enough i have had it with these snakes on this plane. everybody snap this i'm about to open up some windows. >> don't open up the overhead, sam, this is no reality. >> some people on the plane recently, karen, you have details. where was this plane going. >> plane is in mexico, it is going by mexico city and then all have of a sudden snake appears up overhead and it is, falling down, in the middle of it. it is straight to the video,
7:27 am
and we will take a look ate. flight between one area toward mexico city, sunday, so you can see the snake falling from the upper compartment on top of the seat, eventually. one of the the guys filming it, he grabs it and wraps it up with the newspaper, and in the blanket. so it land, they had to make a priority landing this is first one that has got to get done right now between three and 5 feet long a vapor, it is venomous. so they managed to take to it an attendant and they did get that priority landing. so they brought it done fast. people were way freaked out by that one needless to say. >> can you you imagine. >> no, would i never fly again. >> you are trapped, what are you going to to. >> you can't leave. >> can i get a seat change. >> they will try to figure it the out, where did it come from, how did it get there. >> i don't know. >> it had to be a pet.
7:28 am
how on else could you explain it. >> it is like a jungle, sliterd on. >> it is near mexico city. >> somebody had it in a bag like a dog or whatever. i want to take my snake to mexico city. >> lets go to northampton bucks county, lines are long, polls are opened, look at the this line, bucks county we will take you back there in a second. >> jen, yes. >> the kid know all about this election and you will be surprised to know who they are voting for, seriously they are pretty smart.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds
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after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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check out these lines, fourth and race here in olde city, the polls opened up at 7:00 o'clock here in olde city. ape lines are around the corner. stretching, well, there is that sushi bar right there. and look at the this line. going all the way back. >> it is still going. >> that would be race street, heading back down toward third. my goodness. is this going to be a record breaker, folks. let's check out bucks county too, alex. >> look at the this line going through here. >> this is northampton as a matter of fact. >> so this is saint john's
7:32 am
united methodist church and we are panning around, and it is not as long but still out there. people are saying they are noticing these lines, in other areas too. this is from michael in philly and said i have never seen this before in south philadelphia. i have arrived here 7:05. most years i'm number five and six. >> linda says long lines in conshohocken. carrie says longest line ever in north hampton township poll. people are noticing a lot of lines. >> that is good idea, take a shot of yourself vote to go day. not the in the booth. >> we don't want to you get in trouble. >> okay, line we normally have a camera here. this is church in mt. airy. packed again this morning. keep the pictures coming. >> sueby, 7:32. >> we have buddy ready to vote. he ties young to vote but he
7:33 am
is wanting to you vote. temperatures in the 30's and 40's and still a frost advisory for entire state of delaware and cape may county and delaware county pa because the clear skies, caused temperatures to plunge, again overnight. 41 degrees right now at the airport and in the suburbs it is in the 30's. you have seen from our pictures, from northampton, and that it is, cold out there. you can see your breath. 63 degrees by lunchtime. topping off at 68 degrees. what a nice recovery. we are seeing increasing cloud, as the evening goes by because we are getting ready for tomorrow's rain, and that is okay as long as it doesn't happen on election day. how about that sunset time, bob kelly, 4:51. >> i woke up from a late nap and it was dark, i was freaking out like what time, am i late for work? 7:33. good morning. live look from sky fox up and about. we've got the hot air balloon going on.
7:34 am
>> up in bucks county, where is it? >> pottsgrove. >> pottsgrove. >> there you go, on the way to vote, in the the air, there you go, cool shot up there, in pottsgrove. back to sky fox, septa full service, buses, trains, trolleys back at it this morning. credit for your transpasses, all that information available at wow, to wilmington line, coming out of the gate with 40 minute delays, only regional rail reporting a delay at the moment. heading out to vote in wilmington, delaware no problems on 495 or 95 as you work your way down toward delaware memorial bridge. we are off to somewhat quiet start, accident wise but we are seeing wick sun glare, do you remember this is only second morning rush hour with the time change, so, we didn't have sun glare at this time on friday, we have it now and it is hitting us early on that eastbound schuylkill from conshohocken to downtown.
7:35 am
mike and alex, back to you. >> let's have some fun. >> let's do it. >> forget fortune tellers, there are a few other ways to predict who will be our next president. some people want to wait until late tonight. >> over decades here there are five things that have successfully predict the presidential elections, and combined, we're talking about 112 years of successful predictions, here we go. >> for help we turn to the students at benjamin franklin high school, they have predict the winner for 48 years and have never been wrong in that 48 year period. this election, after studying candidates they voted, kids did and they predict hillary client would win 52 percent to donald trump's 43 percent. >> if you want things more spooky, we will head to the spirit of halloween chain the stores that are all around. they have predict the winner for past 20 years and they do it by mask that people plan to
7:36 am
wear for halloween. who is buying mask more, donald one or hillary one and this year mask buy out has donald trump ahead of hillary clinton 55 to 45 percent. >> one for clinton, one for trump. stop, stop. >> that is good. >> stop it. >> okay. >> i hope it is okay. >> monster camera. run for your life. >> yes. >> it is like stanley kubrick film. >> back. >> what is that film. >> space odyssey. >> yes. >> new film runaway camera. >> so, let's check out this monkey, it is a mischief monkey at an animal park in china it is getting in on the the action, five-year old the monkey, stop it, stop it, stop it. >> green screen.
7:37 am
>> no. >> runaway camera. oh, my goodness. >> what is happening. >> robots have taken over. >> stop it. >> you break it, you buy it. >> bad camera. >> stop it. >> you make the camera mad, what did you do to it. >> they say what happened when machines take over the world and stuff like that. >> so get back to this five-year old monkey, his name is geta, he has been spot on were not only presidential predictions but sporting event as well, like super bowl. she made her choice between two life sized cardboard cut out of the nominees and the monkey chose trump. >> so, two for trump, one for hillary. >> how about this an american university professor his name is allen and has correctly predict the results of every presidential election since
7:38 am
1984. >> did he not the choose this shot of him though. >> no. >> he would have reject it. >> it is hard to look good on screen shots. >> true. >> he has developed 13 keys to predicting election based on the performance of the party currently in the white house and he says, that he has doubled down on a trump win. >> so three trump votes and one hillary clinton vote, every selection season since 2004. >> election season. >> it makes sense to make your selection when you go to the polls. >> an election is about a selection, isn't it. >> that is right. >> yes. >> it is coming back, sorry. >> no. >> alex, run. >> this thing is a runaway. >> okay, all right. >> i think it is good, unless it is faking us out. >> safe to come back. >> if you put an s on the word election is like in that movie
7:39 am
cujo. >> yes. >> if you put a s on the word election it comes out selection. >> yes. >> the monogram shop is name of this shop in east hampton, new york. the hamptons. >> that is how i know when you talk like this, they have correctly predict the winner of the u.s. presidential election based on its sales of a reusable plastic cup. there they are right there. so, they have got logo on it. they are one dollar a cup. so, what cups did they sellout of. >> we have been trying to do this story for ten minutes now. i'm sorry, i'm not helping. >> the election over by the time this story is done. they have sold more hillary clinton cups but out of the five predictions, donald trump has three. >> somebody is going to be wrong, today. >> yes. >> just depend on who. >> make that decision, go out
7:40 am
and vote. >> very forceful there. >> we need to get forceful how about passionate. >> that is better. >> all right, i like passionate people. >> what happens when kid predict the presidency? jen fred will find out, jen. >> join thus weekend for walk to end alzheimer's. >> i will be there, final walk that we're having at citizens bank park. see who will be there, you, karen, bus stop buddy, kathy and plenty other people from fox 29 and maybe mike jerrick. >> this is where we walk around inside the park, it is fun. >> so, maybe you will show up. >> stop it.
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look at those leaves. red, orange. yes. >> that is beautiful scene. >> yes. my favorite is a sugar mapel because they can turn, you know, red, orange, purple,. >> and i never did leaf peeping until i came here to
7:44 am
do. my mother always said the changing of the leaves. >> let's go looking at the changing of the leaves, alex. >> okay. so why are we laying christmas music? because a couple in owe had had, nebraska has taken their love for christmas to a new level. >> they change their names, legally, to santa, and merry christmas clause. yes. their original names are jeff and mary but they love christmas and they wanted to do this for seven years. they posted a picture on facebook. you just can't take santa's name. >> i don't like it but her name was mary to give it, but she spells it m. merry right now. >> we know another couple who would love to do this very same thing, it is one of our top producers, that is tom loudon and his lovely wife, tar a tara looks great. >> she always looks great. >> why do you think they would like to do this, explain to the people. >> even though tom loudon,
7:45 am
producer extraordinare is one of the most cranky people i have ever met in my life, he is a miserable, miserable man. he loves christmas. >> can you really be that miserable if you love christmas that much. >> that is dichotomy of it. >> he is a dude, who lives, where does he live? he is way down there. >> aston. >> aston. >> you live in aston you know this guy. he is a big inflatable guy. >> inflatable. >> inflated santa claus, in your yard. >> yes. >> snow men. >> reindeer. >> rodolph. >> could somebody ask him, it is up in the news room, how many inflatable does he have now and has he gone to the lights you can project on to your house. have you seen that. >> snow flakes and things, dancing through. >> yes. >> or send us a picture. >> this is one of his inflatable is here, this is his yard in aston.
7:46 am
it is a big part of the city. >> yes. >> no, it is actually somebody was out for a hot air balloon ride with the wind nice and calm. okay. at one point he was up to six or seven. >> six or seven. >> driving his neighbors nuts. he doesn't know his neighbors because he hates his neighbors and he won't talk to them and you know what he did one time, the neighbor's kid were climbing on a pole that was in front of his house. >> um-hmm. >> like a light pole. >> yes, and for some reason that irritate had him. >> he went out and greased it up so they would slide off of it. >> did anybody get hurt. >> i don't nose. i don't think he cares. >> seriously. >> they are playing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of the house using the chalk, he went out and sprayed it off. >> no. >> miserable man. >> horrible.
7:47 am
>> they were playing four square and he came out with a pin and deflated the ball. >> but he loves christmas. >> what a merry house. >> can somebody show us where that balloon landed so we can tell people after the break. 7:47. it landed on earth. pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood, and criminalize women's right to choose. "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors... who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about... sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i miss my daughter every day. she was shot and killed in a movie theater. jessi's murderer used an assault weapon with a high capacity gun clip. these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting.
7:48 am
senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:49 am
ding. coming up at 7:50. we have an accident on the kelly drive right at montgomery drive. that will cause delays for
7:50 am
folks into and out of the city, schuylkill expressway running slow your normal spots all because of sun glare and morning rush hour. looking at the 20 minute delays on septa's wilmington line, all because of early morning's quip. problems. otherwise, septa's back full service on the buses, trains, trolleys this morning. all of the info on your credits for transpass is available at septa's web site. the with the time change and sun hitting us earlier we are seeing unusual delays on the schuylkill, blue route, southbound lanes of i-95, heavier from cottman to girard. here's the plea route out of the mid county heading south toward schuylkill. sunshine all day. sue has that answer in 152nd.
7:51 am
ideal weather, every where, everybody is getting sunshine, 62 is your high in mount pocono. sixty-eight in philadelphia, just perfect high pressure is in control with all that sunshine we did have clear skies overnight so we had 31 in lancaster. forty-one in the city. thirty-seven in hazelton. thirty-three in reading. in millville it is 30, medford lakes it is 34. heading down to delaware it is 40 degrees in lieu is. our high temperature today what a recovery 68 degrees after morning showers tomorrow it is cooler, and then stays that way on thursday. starting to warm up a little will bit on friday, veterans day and then 50 is all we will get for saturday and that is your weather authority forecast. sunnies shining on washington square park, but jen can tell you it is chilly out there, jen fred, i hope you dressed warmly today. >> i did dress warmly and so did my friend liam, good morning. >> i know you are scared of me
7:52 am
but look what he did, guys, look what he did, he voted. >> yeah. >> do you want to tell us who you voted for. clinton, trump, either one. >> but if we weren't so tired and chilly. good job, buddy. >> what is your first name. >> heidi. >> do you know, who either of these people are. >> that is hillary clinton and that is donald trump. >> okay. >> if you were 18 and who would you vote for. >> hillary clinton. >> if were you eight and which one would you vote for. >> donald trump. >> really. >> why. >> because he is cool. >> who are you voting for. >> hillary clinton. >> yes. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. hillary clinton. hillary clinton. hillary clinton. >> why, why hillary because she wants to give everybody free college. >> donald trump want to build
7:53 am
a wall and i like the people in our society. >> which one do you want to vote for. >> you are going hillary. where are you from. >> do you guys know who these two guys are. >> donald trump and hillary clinton. >> so none of you are 18. >> no. >> so if the election happened and were you 18 who would you vote for. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary. >> hillary. >> do you you know who these people are. >> who are they. >> what does your badge say. >> hillary. >> so if the the election was today and were you 18 who would you vote for. >> hillry. >> what do you like about her. >> he is not scared. >> sound like you want hillary. >> i don't want to more wall i want more can i. >> do you know who these two
7:54 am
people are. >> yes. >> who are they. >> donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i'm assuming you are not 18. >> in. >> if were you 18 who would you vote for. >> donald trump. >> why. >> because i'm a republican and i just like him better. >> hillary clinton is a better person then donald trump. >> all right. so liam is not telling who he is voting for but liam met, look at that, hillary clinton were the katie perry concert last saturday night. so if you voted for her, i think that would be okay because you met her. way to go, thank you for being so supporting. go out and vote
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:55 am
she ate like a pig. trump has said and done... you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and republican brian fitzpatrick supported trump. look, we just can't vote for fitzpatrick or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. at a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
7:57 am
7:58 am
so i guess we're in football season high school football season. >> we are. >> when you watch your kid play, no concussions, please. so what we have been looking for, is a simple blood test, to determine if somebody has a concussion. >> so doctor mike, give us the details on the the blood test. >> revolutionary is the word, revolutionary, folks, a blood test researchers have found a way to, within 27 hours of trauma to the head. your kiddies taking a whack to the head. how do you know if they accurately have a concussion or not? blood tests, looks at 174 parts of the blood that show how the machinery is working. instead of the looking for one protein or one test, they look at all of these, and they look at pattern and 90 percent accuracy is found. >> huge.
7:59 am
>> huge. >> because usually when we see don't you need tests on the sidelines, asking questions and that kind of thing. >> yes. >> remember when kids, it is critically important we make that diagnosis because most of these kid will to have use their brains for a living. >> that is true. you like you said, how many fingers do you have up, you are not the sure if they have a concussion or not. blood test, 100 percent accurate. >> you took a tour of the white house not the long ago. >> in the long ago. i'm in a store, about presidents and things, all the of the things white house, it is a gift shop. what do i hear? i hear mike jerrick's voice. >> at the white house. >> i thought i had finally flew the coupe. but it was not, it was true. we have video of this. >> i was asked to produce, and star in a tape called presidential bloopers, this was in probably the late 90's.
8:00 am
so, we collected film from all over the united states of presidents doing things and kind of screwing up. >> okay. >> total mike jerrick assignment. >> here's a tiny part of it. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states . >> hail to the chief indeed. hi everybody i'm mike jerring and welcome to this light hearted look at american presidency. >> this will last about an hour or whatever. we're in d.c. for a couple weeks, taping this and of course i screwed constantly. would you like to see a blooper tape of a blooper show. >> yes. >> here it is. >> so famous author like,
8:01 am
albert... haha. >> shut up. >> we're wanting to make it the white house. >> you seem like the paper, basically. >> i hate myself. i hate everything about myself. everybody seems to love bloopers. you guys have to yell. >> god help me. >> bush could use some help with it. it was so long ago i had white hair. >> nothing has change. we're doing reporting, things. he is doing the exact same stuff. >> i don't think anything has change, not one thing. >> i'm a one trick pony. good to see you thank you for sharing, that was great. >> good day, it is tuesday, november 8th, 2016. election day.
8:02 am
it is d-day, decision day, it has been some campaign. they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. >> i really believe it is most important election of our lifetimes because we have never had a clearer choice, never. >> americans casting their ballots for the next president of the united states, but what you can expect as you head to the polls whiz are now opened, all over the delaware valley. let's play a game of pick the president? we have a cast of fury characters in the studio this morning from a bearded lizard to the tour us and the hair, mr. trump won round one. new details on brad pitt and angelina jolie in the divorce court. why brad may not be getting what he wants at all. from make up to glamorous,
8:03 am
the hot beauty apps to transform your look and save you money at the beauty counter. so this will be fun next couple hours. we will have animals predict the presidency. saw in that clip there we had a dog dressed as uncle sam but what we're looking at right now, that looks like bill clinton and back of his head. i believe that is former president. there is hillary clinton our candidate on the democratic side. they are voting. i'm sure this is close to their home in west chester county, new york. i don't know if they have receipted yet but they are greeting supporters there. so this is, it. it is finally here. >> wow. >> how long has she been running for president. >> some say since she was born but certainly since she was in the white house as the first lady, with her husband. >> are they go to go get privacy or she already cast her vote. >> it looks like she's done. control room do you know if she has already voted or is
8:04 am
she headed toward. >> they are getting up close, aren't they. >> they are. >> look at those glasses, you need a set of those glasses. >> she must be going up to vote. >> there she has her little ballot. >> okay. >> a lot of people around. >> that can't be the voting booth. >> look at her. >> really. >> what about a curtain for god sake. >> maybe it is not. >> no, it can't be opened like that. >> then is she writing a letter or something. >> a love letter. >> it has got to be something. >> she's buying stamps. >> now they are pushing people back. >> they have a divider, you can really see who she is picking. >> you are right, that is not the a voting booth. >> there is a little blue table there. >> she's signing in. >> it is romantic booth
8:05 am
together. >> of course, when donald trump goes to cast his vote we will carry that as well. >> sure. >> donald trump. >> if they are not voting then what are they doing. >> filling out a questionnaire. >> that is a ballot, look at her hand. >> do you see that. >> all right. >> i have never seen an open booth like that. >> all right. >> people to have weigh in. half of the people in the city think that is a voting booth and then other half. >> she kind of mouthed i am going to go place my vote. >> do you think she shows an id, because they ask me for my id every time i vote. >> yes. >> i was a pole worker and we did it in texas. they were very serious about different rules and going through protocol. i hope they did. that is what they need to do. >> she says she hasn't driven
8:06 am
a car since 1992. >> but you can still get an id. >> that is true. >> in case you have to rent a car. >> maybe she's going to i bar to get carded. >> now where do you live, ma'am. >> so there you go. as soon as we donald trump, i believe he is voting in midtown manhattan we will take you there as well. >> there is voting just down the street, has lined stretched down to our studios at fourth and market because at fourth and race it is panning, lines are not all the way down here yet, hi there, steve. >> we are right around corner from bet thecy ross's house. >> we can hear you. >> all right. i was getting wrong signals from my cameraman. anyway, here's race street. give these people a sense of where we are, greg, come with me, across the the street that is back of the u.s. mint and to the right is ben franklin bridge. you will note that is crater,
8:07 am
that lovely grand canyon we have a new thing for olde city tourist. who knows what that will be but that is where that building collapsed whether he they were knocking it town. we will walk briskly with this this line. it doesn't look like it is halving but steadily building. problem is you are not the just voting for president. toss this voter look familiar to you at all. >> i knew it good day refugee dave kinchen. dave, we will give dave a tardy pass, everybody has been late for work because of the septa strike. no septa strike. don't be surprised if people are late again because of lines like this and if you're a boss give everybody a pass if they tell you they were vote to go day, you cannot yell at somebody for being late for work if they were in line for rocketing. you should be used to everybody being late because of the septa strike. we have snaked around. we are at old first reformed church and this is great church that a couple weeks will have have the live mannivity scene coming back to life with the live animals. great place to bring the kids
8:08 am
we always stop on the way to feed those animals carrots and celery. you see this classic old church. greg will go as far as he can without bothering anybody. poke around the corn are. the as long as that line is, it is in the just because two people. they have a hundred or so plus voters inside here as well. the good news is, the rain is holding off until tomorrow. can you imagine fit was pouring tomorrow, sue serio, good job, and beautiful sunshine. so greg will come out now and everybody, everything going smooth, right. >> yes, very smooth. >> good job. >> very smooth here. we are having some problems in other places like on north fifth street. by the way we will go where they have dogs provided, to take the stress off, but this is a dog friendly voting location a lot of dogs going in to vote with their owners, and does this dog, look democrat or republican to you.
8:09 am
>> democrats or republican doggies what they're wondering. >> democrat. >> this is a hillary dog, mike. >> by the way for our viewers, one lady said she was going to vote for hillary but she's so determined to see in her red pant suit she change her vet to trum top help win over and switch to a red pant suit. >> so mike comes in red pant suit tomorrow if trump wins, a blue women's pant suit if hillary wins. so that is reason enough to watch this show tomorrow for the entire six hours. >> hello, butter: hello. butter. >> we will have dogs in our next live location too, we will go out to wynnewood and show you dogs providing a stress free voting day. >> hello butter. >> is that awesome or what. >> i don't like hair on my butter, talk hair. >> so if you were not watching
8:10 am
earlier, two hours ago i agreed to wear a woman's apartment suit so i need a couple things. well, it depend on who wins. if trump wins it is a red pant suit in honor of pant suits. >> i guess so. >> that wouldn't make sense if trump wins. >> just to see new a pant suit. >> it is a thing that steve has. >> anything in woman's clothing. >> he has this feddish, he wants to see me in women's clothes. >> we have a psychologist standing by for steve. so if trump wins it is red and if hillary clinton wins it will be blue and she likes powder blue. i don't necessity where to get a female apartment suit that would fit the you, yeah. >> well, not like that. >> i'm just saying. >> well, you know. >> where do you get pants that is fitted properly. lets get out to cherry hill, sky fox is up to today
8:11 am
lets see how that is going in new jersey. >> that is worst shot i have ever seen. megan, explain this shot for me. >> we actually took this shot. >> this is interesting because this istive rent from what we have seen all morning. we have seen long lines, getting tweet about long lines. >> people clamoring to look at dumpsters this morning. >> camille collins said she waited an hour at the her polling place in bucks county and she has never had a line were this year. >> couple of interesting ballot issues there in new jersey, what to do with the 23 cents per gallon gasoline tax now, where should that money ab pope eighthed. also should they be allowed to build big casinos up in north jersey, far away from atlantic city, taking more jobs and money out of atlantic city. >> we have some movement. >> we sure do. >> shot of the lifetime. >> all right.
8:12 am
and seriously call the emmy people, this is the show. this is it. this will put us over the top. unprecedented move, prince harry, confirms his relationship with the american ago rest why he felt come pulled to release an official statement, he is in longer single. but first the custody agreement, new details this morning on brad pitt and angelina jolie's divorce, why brad may not be getting what he wants from this situation. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds
8:13 am
after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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i'm frank lobiondo i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:15 am
northampton parking lot. >> okay. let us necessity how your voting is going for you what the polls are looking lake use the #fox 29. >> to you think, we will ab live when we figure out how to get this done instead of having these ridiculously long lines. you know, some day it will be electronic voting, you do in your underwear in your house. >> you you are wondering we can do everything on our
8:16 am
phones, right here. >> i cannot even log in without putting in a pass word, eventually it will get to that. we will see unusual traffic patterns on the roads, today because what we just saw there, folks making a pit stop, before they go to work. last hour in front of the polling spots, that it is going to be hit and miss. live look at the schuylkill eastbound coming into downtown, stacked up from city line into center city. in the bad up and over ben franklin. what a change, now that septa is back on track. buses, trains, trolleys running with no delays. we will see unusual patterns because of the septa toll accounts back on the buses but then another sign we will have some unusual traffic patterns because of election day. that is right here, long kelly drive, right at montgomery drive. so sunshine though how long will it last? sue has got the a answer in 15 seconds.
8:17 am
dry weather today for election video is ideal. it is upper 60es a. warmer then yesterday. plenty of sunshine and in rain. even in the mountains we will be in the the lower 60's, so yes, eye tiehl. chilly to start though, 37 degrees in mount pocono, mid 30's in lancaster, pottstown, 44 down in dover, millville only 38 degrees, 45 in the city but nice recovery 68 degrees our high today, with some morning rain we will get the to 58 tomorrow, 57 on thursday, and, just when we are getting backup in the 60's well get a big chill on sat the day but eagles game looks good with highs in the mid 50's, mike and alex. >> hi, sue. >> 8:17. >> well big news involving angelina jolie and brad pitt. >> it appears that the couple
8:18 am
is -- the couple has, the couple has, singular, the couple has reached a custody agreement regarding their six children. karen,. >> appearances can be deceiving. the it depend whip camp is talking. they had problems and fall out. big announcement that just broke overnight according to angelina's camp is all six kid will stay with her. that was big bomb shell announcement from that side. she will continue to have sole custody her people say but brad is a loud to have therapeutic visits with them. that is an agreement that they reach last week, according to their people. but on friday he had just filed to have joint custody so that does in the seem likely. that is end of the matter on this one. they filed for divorce in september they had that whole incident on the plane where he alleged to have possibly hit one of his kid, oldest one of his children. so anyway there is no official announcement or agreement on this but this will be probably more to come on this while
8:19 am
they are still investigating it all. the agreement through the investigation, because he want to have some custody of his kid. >> all right, karen you are not a psychologist, i know that. maybe you need to see one but you are not a psychologist. >> particularly parents don't give up custody of their children for almost any reason, yeah. >> what is therapeutic visit. >> before it had to have a visit with a therapist, there. now i think there will be a visit that are helpful for children so they can recover and not be traumatized. >> never to be left alone with him. >> that was understanding. >> wow. >> we will see. >> they have been together 12 years. >> married for two. >> yes. >> it is really none of my business so we're moving on. it is election day, of course and we are conducting our own stupid, unscientific pole. this is 6:00 o'clock hour. >> because mike no longer has any faith in humans. >> i have given up on humanity
8:20 am
after this two years of campaign. >> i given up on myself but not the you, the viewer. in the 6:00 o'clock hour, i know it was two hours ago but we are trying to pick up this theme of animals choosing the next president of the you had. we had a dog on, dressed as uncle sam. >> cute. >> his name is mick. this little mick, the dog, uncle sam, he chose donald trump. because we have their faces on the floor which we will show new a matter of seconds here. why don't we do it now. now we have a lizard. i have known lizard. >> not just any list air. >> this is a bearded dragon. >> bearded dragon. bearded dragon. your name sir, i have forgotten all right. >> hearty where are you from. >> upper darby. >> upper darby. >> what is the name of your place. >> delaware valley reptiles and i won the east coast reptile super expos and we have a show coming up on the 12th. >> this sat the day.
8:21 am
>> i'll be darned. >> you have been around reptiles for so long you are starting to look like one. >> laughter. >> i'm telling you, you cannot make this stuff up. >> let show the two head here. we have hillary clinton and donald trump. marty, lets go back over here by karen. >> no, don't get out of the shot. you can improve the shot. you can put the lizard down and see which head the lizard goes to. thousand this may take a few days. is there anyway to get him to move. what is the name. >> spikec. >> yes. >> okay, mikey says move, spikey. >> we could see. >> let's move him up a little bit. >> don't influence the the election, mike. >> what does he like to eat.
8:22 am
>> cockroaches are his favorite. >> well, maybe he will go for the... no. >> mike, don't influence the election. >> what, what do you mean. >> you cannot move it up and tell him where to go. >> we only have two hours left. >> lets give his little friend. >> the lizard has a little friend. >> what about you, marty, do you have a little friend. marty, are you married. >> no. >> really? >> who is this. >> who is that, marty. >> that is tiny. >> i get the whole point there. >> tiny is smaller than spikec. >> we will keep an eye on it. jared, can you stay on this and let me know if tiney or spikey makes any kind of move. would it be route if i stump my foot. >> that won't bother them at
8:23 am
all. >> people will get mad at twitter. should we put food near the the head. >> well, the problem is the floor is cold right now. >> well, excuse me. >> so they are willies are chilly. we will keep an eye on that. >> as i told you, the emmy people need to be alerted. >> 8:23. we will check back with them then. unprecedented move, prince harry. >> yes. >> are you okay. >> fine. >> prince harry confirms his relationship with an american actress. he released an official statement. we will tell you why he did that. claim your women. >> that is rights. >> ironically her name is tiney.
8:24 am
8:25 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. brooat a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty,
8:26 am
and i approve this message. i miss my daughter every day. she was shot and killed in a movie theater. jessi's murderer used an assault weapon with a high capacity gun clip. these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting. senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:27 am
dunkin' donuts out there on this election day. i need this. there is a hot, what are we doing? >> okay. well, we're talking about the polls and people are getting out to the polls. so i got a tweet from michelle pearlman and, she says i just have to go downstairs to my apartment complex to vote. >> that is convenient. >> that is easy thing. i aid girl, you better not have any excuse to get out of the bed. >> i just went down in my pajamas to vote. the easiest trip to the voting booth. >> when i lived at saint james at eighth and walnut they would have tables to register to vote in the lobby. i had in excuse. the it was great. >> where did you have to vote. >> two blocks away, tenth and locust. >> i thought whenever you vote, you don't have to, but, that is how it works. post innings tour and say i voted. someone said, they have and.
8:28 am
>> look the at you. >> look at you. >> okay. >> you speak so quickly i can't understand a thing thaw just said. >> check in with the the lizard? all right. >> lets get to the action. >> now, some people have said this makes sense, because this is the manikin challenge. >> we will in on the joke now. >> "good day philadelphia" coming up at 9:00 o'clock hour. >> we did do it after the show. what they are trying to do, they are sitting around the floor in the studio here they are trying to make their way to the heads of hillary clinton or donald trum top choose the president of the you had. how far away are they. >> that is not going well. >> can we try putting food at the end. that is not good. we have, to blow these off,
8:29 am
the entire chicken and rabbit and hamster ready to go and they are tired of waiting. >> that is true. >> yeah. >> yes. >> he is ready to go, ready to move. >> going in where fast. >> i need this app, my face looks like a catchers mit. >> he is trying to post a picture and asking me what filter, and glamorous when post continuing, right. >> i do, it is a new you app that air brushes your picture, that is, perfect. if i just looked like this in real life. would look better. anyway it is an app that air brushes your face, that before you post it.
8:30 am
i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
8:33 am
so spikey didn't move during the break there. but marty the handler says that the floor of the studio is too cold and he says it is and here's the solution. >> are they right in the middle. >> yes. >> so, alex, we will keep an eye on this while we talk to stephanie. >> thank you so much, mike. >> we're trying here. we're trying here. >> and so glad you are here. >> you don't need this. >> we have all have time to get all dressed up and that kind of of thing. when it comes to posting on social media, you want to look glamorous. how about down loading a boot the eye app, it can save you
8:34 am
time and money and also know what works for you. >> wait. >> because i know we have a whole cost heat i cans graveyard in our house with colors that don't work. that is beauty part of technology, coming in the try because it gives you that opportunity to costumized, for each individual. owe first app is perfect 365 and i love this one because it really gives you a good idea of how you would look in different make ups. we will take a earlye of you. >> my gosh. >> okay. >> and here's yourselfe. >> yes. >> there we go. >> now we have the selfie. so now you can, actually, go through these beauty looks at the bottom. >> preset. >> and they will show you, how you look, this these different looks. >> i like that one. >> yes. >> it is flirty, that is orangey, thinks oh, natural. here we go with another one, green. >> cool. >> but they also have how too in there. if you see a look that you
8:35 am
like it will show how to apply it. >> yourself in real life. >> yes. >> it will show you which different cosmetics you should buy for that particular one. if you want to be sultry. >> always looking at you tube video, and thrills. >> exactly. >> it shows you what glasses to get, make up to get. >> tell you where to get that. >> tells you where to buy it, gives you all of the information you need and save this, up load it to social media with your new look. >> now what if i just wanted to do one or two things. i'm breaking out. can we smooth out a pencil or this full on look. >> we will give you full on look. do it with the selfie but what i also love is you can to live make up as well. here's me, live. >> yes. >> and adding a little something. >> look at the that snapshot. >> it is very snap chat app with the filters. >> you look fabulous in everyone. >> you can do it live and get the a feel for how would you look in this. again, you can pull up how too it will give you inspiration
8:36 am
how to create this make over. videos included in some of them. really cool way to test it out before you make commitment. >> i like it. >> what is the next one. >> we have our make up done, now we need our nails and opi the has you covered with this. we will go in the nail shops and trying to bond, and always trying to paint on one of the fingernails. >> exactly. >> this way you can eliminate need, change skin tone of the hand here to kind of better match your own. >> i like that? change the length of the nails if you have longer nail and then you can pick your colors and just go through their over 200 colors this this app and you can go in if you want blues, yellow, neutrals or anything like that. you can get that feel for what the that i will polish will look like. they have great names as well. >> it will tell you names, too. >> yes. >> i want never have too many friend. >> you can never have too many friend. >> you can never. >> we are glad you are our friend stephanie.
8:37 am
thinks opi app. >> yes. >> they are both free, but they are both for iphone. >> yes. >> maybe it will go to android sometime soon but thanks very much, we appreciate it. we will be looking glamorous out there. it is an unprecedented move, prince harry did you know he confirm his relationship but at first it was rumored. he is with the american actress. yes felt compelled to release an official statement on this. the studio floor is too cold so we thought this felt will help. can you you move spikey, real quickly. >> i don't want to scare him. warm up the carpet with this hair dryer. we will have some movement after the break.
8:41 am
so, i think we have warmed up the carpet now, you see spikey, the bearded dragon which i call a list air, spikey is a heal. >> yes, a male. >> but he is a lizard. >> yes. >> put him right there. >> we are trying to pick the president of the united states and spikey doesn't like cold surfaces so we have warmed up this carpet now. so alex, i will keep an eye on him. >> one of the viewers has a suggestion, help say their daughter said lizards are obviously third party voters. >> we should have gary johnson here. >> this is from 2,000 so thank you for that. i will continue while you are working on that. a line has been crossed is what kensington palas says about paparazzi's treatment of prince harry's new girl friend. we have talk about this he is dating megan merckle. well, paparazzi tried get private information about her by bribing ex-boyfriend and co-workers. her rap singer mother, in
8:42 am
trying to sneak in to their apartment. she has had to call police after all of this. in an unprecedented step the prince has confirmed his relationship with her, and lengthy statement and also condemned paparazzi this is same statement. here's the statement. it is long. the prince harry says he is worried about her safety and deeply disappointed he has not been able to protect her. he says it is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that she should be subjected to such historic, comment taiters will say this is the price she has to pay and price that this is all part of the game, but he says, this is not a game. is that how he confirmed it. i don't know they were expecting something more romantic. yes, this is my love. yes, she comes to london and we go away together. she will be my future queen or something. instead he is like yeah, i have been with her a few months. >> you know what they should do? what do they call it, hey sue, when somebody or some royal
8:43 am
person gives up the thrown, to go off with somebody. >> adequate. >> do you think he should do that. >> no. >> you don't want to blow that man, all that money. >> chicks every where. >> i'm just kidding. i mean he you are a prince, don't give that up. >> they were reaching tout to siblings, and saying bad things. they were half siblings. her mother, and like stars just coming out of the driveway. you think about it, it can get out of control. >> it is not easy being with a famous person. >> some people say you put it out there, people have some information, hold ton that but i guess does he mean he is happy, does he to have put all his business out there. >> hey marty, is this lizard a live. >> i think we will call this, and bring in the turtle. >> maybe it is a tie, we need
8:44 am
a recount or something. >> maybe it is florida, or something. >> i love megan, punch yourself up, seriously. she said, no, the chicken is next. we have to stay in order. the order that it was produced. the chicken is next. >> yes. >> the chicken or turtle. >> yes. >> all right, lizard. sorry, spikey, you are out. >> jen, can you please help us out because there are election free byes and if tiny gets to vote maybe we will get a friday bye. >> you have to vote before you get any of this from day care to doughnuts, free rides to a dollar a pint, and we have to vote. i alone can fix it!
8:45 am
bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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prioriat a neighborhoods a is rerestaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
8:47 am
it is 8:47. as far as election day's go, this weather is just about perfect. it is the latest an election day can be on november 8th and for temperatures in the upper 60's ideal. it is four in lancaster.
8:48 am
thirty-seven mount pocono. forty-five here in the city. we will see our breath when we go outside but that is not the case this afternoon, with a high of 68 degrees, before we get sunset at 10:05. it is 58 for tomorrow sunny and cool on thursday, veterans daze on friday, 63 degrees, and then a big chill on saturday with a high only around 50. sunny and cool on sunday, for the eagles game. so only one chance at rain, alex, and that is tomorrow morning. >> as long as it is not today we want to make sure people are outside voting. thanks, sue. you have plenty of reasons to smoke, participating in democracy and free swag. jen, you are delivering good news this morning about all of the election free byes we can get right now. >> yes. >> you have to sign up for the app before you get the free bye here. it is sign up for the april
8:49 am
am. are you sign up. so get a coffee for free. >> i was buying a coffee regardless. >> i'm just saying. >> thank you. >> did you vote. >> not yet. >> you are supposed to vote. there is a lot going on. just tell them you voted. go vote. a lot of these, free byes by the way depend on whether or not you have voted. they want to see your sticker right on your shirt. so we will hold them to it. you have to vet later. just say you will vote. you voted. she voted already. yes. 7-eleven you have to sign up for app and get a freeze coffee of any size. chuck e cheese if you go after you vote you get a personal pizza after you buy a pizza. slotkeys you buy a mack you get the a mack free. i'm a beer guy. 1 dollar-pint, that is pretty cool. gold's gym you get the a free pass to work out. many ymca's are doing free daze care while you vote for little will kid.
8:50 am
and this sip car tonight between 6:00 ape 10:00 p.m. if you have to get tour poles. most close seven or 8:00. you take that sip car the to the polls and that is what you do. again all these are free, mess of them you have to vote first, and then check your local location before you go in there. >> some people are upset because i get comments and tweets that people are not getting their stickers. >> yes. >> i guess there has to be another way. >> it is an outrage. >> i asked for it, they said they didn't have any. >> yeah. >> it is little thing but still, you have to have the sticker. >> what? >> well, that is a tough problem. >> when it comes to our election, can we move on to the next voter. obviously they are not sure who they are voting for. >> lizard is still undecided, it is 8:50 in the morning. >> so lets go to the chicken, hoist up next, justin has brought chicken in. does the chicken have a name,
8:51 am
justin. >> just a farm chicken. >> yes. >> maybe we should name it. >> you guys keep it, we will keep the name. >> we will put the chicken to the test, up next. will he vote for donald trump or hillary clinton.
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8:52 am
pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:54 am
join us this weekend, it is this saturday at citizens bank park. i will be there, sue, karen, bus stop buddy, karen, and other fox 29 people. i got a tweet there marcia logan. he said i would love for to you do stuff on alzheimer's disease. my mom has it. it can be horrible. this is why we have events like this, reason why our
8:55 am
station is a big sponsor for events like this, get awareness, raise money to end this disease. >> we will see you there saturday. >> we have been having animals pick the president of the you had. we had a dog pick trump in the 6:00 o'clock hour. then we had spikey the lizard undeidentified could not make a decision. now we have a chicken who has no name, we will name it little jerry from seinfeld. >> little jerry, the chicken. the justin is here, he has his chicken, who is now named jerry and your daughter's name is lorrainea. can you put some chicken feed on each persons nose, can you company that. >> yes. >> what kind of feed is that. >> just a hatch and layering feed. >> a little feed on her nose and feed on donald trump's's nose. >> it is time to pick the name, pick the next president of the you had.
8:56 am
>> right over here, jerry. >> chicken, don't choke like the lizard did. never good. >> there is a lot going on in the studio. >> does this chicken like you, lorrainea. >> it follows you around the barn. >> maybe lorraine should be moving. >> maybe if he saw the list air and thinking i don't to have move here. >> hanging out with the list air influenced the chicken. >> he is trying. >> hey, listen colonel sanders called and if you do not move.
8:57 am
>> yes. >> you will be in the 12 piece box. >> is the studio cold. >> does it have cold feed. >> no chickens live outside. >> okay. >> can we put the chicken in the box, are we supposed to go to another segment. >> didn't we get pony from you guys too. >> yes. >> i see a theme here. >> yes. >> we will keep an eye on the chicken, lorrainea is making a move here, lorrainea why don't you just pick one of the candidates. >> she doesn't want to do that. >> i will watch this during commercial break we will record it in case anything happens. don't move.
8:58 am
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