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tv   FOX News Special You Decide 2016 Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 8:00pm-10:00pm EST

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aclu attorney. fox broadcast network election coverage continues with shepard smith right now. it's 5:00 on the west coast, 8:00 on the east coast. on a historic election night in america. i'm shepard smith at fox news world headquarters in new york city. on the fox broadcast network. hillary clinton, the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party, facing off tonight against donald trump, who defeated 16 republican rivals including senators and governors to clinch the gop nomination. the polls have just closed in more than a dozen states in the united states. including the biggest battleground of them all, the state of florida. right now, the fox news decision team cannot yet call the state of florida and frankly, it may be a minute. 75% of all precincts in florida
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are now reporting. hillary clinton with the slight lead. she has 3,465,00 votes. that's the early number in florida where polls closed just two minutes ago. 75% reporting. the state of florida right now, too close to call. 29 electoral votes up for grabs there. donald trump has said if i do not win florida, i cannot win the presidency. we could know in just the next few minutes. the decision desk has also not been able to call the extremely important state of pennsylvania. the numbers aren't yet in but, you know, pennsylvania surrounds itself in philadelphia. it is the philadelphia democratic machine that brought thousands out to try to win those collar counties around the city of philadelphia. hundreds of thousands of votes lead expected for democrats there. will the more rurals areas give that state to donald trump? it has been leaning toward
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democrats during this season but certainly voters will decide and pennsylvania has been showing in our exit polls to be very close tonight. it has not voted for a republican presidential candidate since george bush the 41st back in 1988. many more to call yet. no call in the battleground state of new hampshire. we're expecting this will be close. only 5% of all precincts are reporting. 54% -- 55%-40%, a 15-point spread right now. don't pay attention to that because in new hampshire, it's very early. just four electoral votes there but a potentially crucial state, especially for donald trump's path to 270 electoral votes. he's been campaigning there. he needs it and badly. we're also waiting to call some of the other big swing states that closed before you joined us in the last hour. ohio is close. ohio, of course, a bellwether for republicans. it's called the last 14 elections. no republican has won the nation without first winning ohio. right now, hillary clinton with a lead in ohio, but it's very
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early. only 16% of all precincts in the buckeye state reporting. too early to call. north carolina, i should say, this is still ohio. now north carolina. 41% of all precincts now reporting. hillary clinton with about a seven-point lead. it remains about eight points now in north carolina. this has been a heavily contested state. north carolina will be decided in the difference between the cities, raleigh-durham area, the charlotte area, mecklenburg county, and then the rural areas, the rural will most likely go largely republican. the more city areas will go largely democratic. not totally, but largely. and that will be the decision in north carolina which is a battleground state, no doubt, and one in which both candidates have been campaigning and hard. then there's the state of virginia, also already closed. virginia with one quarter of all precincts reporting and donald trump with about a 13-point lead or so, again, only 25% of precincts are reporting. virginia is decided. the difference in the rural and the city.
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it's the counties around washington, d.c., the area where so many government workers live, more liberal area versus the more rural areas of virginia. virginia is a tossup state, has been for many cycles. virginia too close to call. the state of georgia now, normally a red state, of course, but the population is changing in the state of georgia. right now donald trump with a huge lead. 3% of all stations are reporting. way too early for the state of georgia. the atlanta area will tell us a lot here. that will go a lot more democrat if history is our guide. the more rural areas of the peach state to go to the republican, but georgia, too close to call. now to some polls that have just closed now. 8:00 eastern time. the state of oklahoma is closed and fox news now projects donald trump wins the state of oklahoma. a reliably red state in no way surprising. then to alabama, alabama always known to go republican. so far, it's too close to call which mostly means we don't have
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anything in yet from the state of alabama. on to mississippi. at one point, a long time ago in this session, somebody mentioned mississippi might when a tossup. somebody was wrong. mississippi is solid red and now the state of mississippi, the fox news decision team now calls for the republican, donald trump. almost nothing in, but has been called, the state of mississippi will go republican tonight. then there's missouri. the state of missouri has just been called as well. this is brand new on fox. donald trump, fox news decision team projects, excuse me, wins the state of missouri. it's just been called. the numbers aren't on the board yet, but missouri goes to donald trump. the state of tennessee, the volunteer state with its cities, a lot of rural population area, but there was never much question about tennessee. tennessee is reliably red. has been and is. only 1% in, but an enormous lead for donald trump in the early going. it's not going to end up this far apart, but tennessee goes
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the republicans and donald trump. off to the state of illinois, illinois has just been called as well. the fox news decision team projects illinois goes to hillary clinton. the state of illinois and its electoral votes to her. moving on to the state of new jersey, new jersey has just been called as well. a reliably blue state, though for a while a republican governor who few may know, it's 14 electoral votes in the state of new jersey. will now go to hillary clinton. hillary clinton the call for the state of new jersey. massachusetts, as solid blue as they come, hillary clinton now projected to win by the fox news decision team in the state of massachusetts. then there's maryland, maryland which is solid democrat as well, and maryland already able to call, just moments after the polls have closed. the state of maryland and its ten electoral votes go to hillary clinton. the state of connecticut at this moment too close to call. connecticut also reliably democratic. seven electoral votes still up for grabs. no call yet in the state of
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connecticut, but in delaware which is also reliably democratic, only three electoral votes, delaware will go to hillary clinton. according to the fox news decision team. the polls closed seven minutes ago and that state, delaware, goes to hillary clinton. washington, d.c., where they complain of taxation without representation, where they have no voice in the congress, they do get a vote in the presidential race. they get three electoral votes and all three of those from the district go to hillary clinton. and then there's the state of rhode island, tonight it's just been called after closing eight minutes ago, rhode island goes to hillary clinton. finally, state of maine, maine and its four electoral votes still up for grabs. the fox news decision team has not yet made a call there. let's recap some of those that closed in the last hour. eastern time. fox news projects donald trump will win the state of indiana. he's up by just about 22, 23 points at this moment. fox has called that one for donald trump.
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in addition, the decision desk has called kentucky, the bluegrass state, reliably republican, and republican again tonight as donald trump, we project, will win the state of kentucky. and the state of vermont, fox news projects hillary clinton will win vermont and vermont three electoral votes will go to hillary clinton. fox news also projects donald trump will win the state of west virginia. west virginia and its five electoral votes to go to donald trump. the decision desk has also called south carolina. south carolina with its nine electoral votes. those all will go to donald trump. and here's a look at the states each candidate has won so far. this is all the polls that closed at 7:00 eastern, 7:30 eastern and 8:00 eastern. all the ones that have now been called. mississippi, south carolina, tennessee, oklahoma, missouri, kentucky, west virginia, and indiana, all of those to donald trump. for hillary clinton, illinois and a conglomeration of states
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in the northeast. massachusetts and vermont, maryland and new jersey, all of those going to hillary clinton tonight. then we can move on to the latest in the electoral vote count. as you add all of those up, it is very early and it is very close. hillary clinton with 68 electoral votes in the states we've been able to call. donald trump with 67. we'll be updating these numbers the moment we're able to call new states throughout the hour and throughout the night. now, one of the biggest stories of the night is the battle for the united states senate. it is very much up for grabs tonight. there is a belief that republicans have a chance of holding onto the u.s. senate, but it is not a sure thing and far from it, it is up for grabs and the democrats could capture it. we're watching six races at this hour in florida. marco rubio decided he would run for re-election at the last minute after losing the gop nomination. even in his home state primaries. he's facing democratic congressman patrick murphy. it's too close -- i should say too close to call even with 80%
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of all precincts reporting. in new hampshire the republican senator kelly ayotte facing the democratic governor, maggie hassan. this one had been close but in the late going, kelly ayotte has made a big serge. only 6% of the vote are in. we're not able to call that. in pennsylvania, the republican senator pat toomey trying to hang onto his seat against the democrat katie mcginty. in illinois the republican senator mark kirk facing off democratic congresswoman tammy duckworth. we have just called this. tammy duckworth is the winner in the state of illinois for the united states senate. now that is a pickup for democrats. that's one pickup on the night so far for democrats. tammy duckworth unseated mark kirk. not all together surprising. we sort of expected this but in a world where you need to pick up five if you're democrat, they've now picked up one. the first swing, the first flip for democrats has just happened. the illinois senate seat moves from mark kirk now to tammy
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duckworth. missouri senator roy blunt in a very tough race against his democratic challenger, missouri secretary of state and the u.s. army veteran jason kander. many know jason kander ran a television news ad and advertisement with himself blindfolded putting together an ar-15 saying i want to see ray blunt do that. he has been a formidable challenger for roy blunt. we believe it was swinging in the late days to roy blunt. we shall see. the missouri senate race too close to call and still no call in the state of north carolina where the republican senator richard burr is in a very tight race with the democrat deborah ross. 53% of all precincts are reporting. the republican incumbent is trailing at this moment at about 3 percentage points. we're not close to a call yet in north carolina. this one is going to come down to the late, most likely the late counties reporting and we expect this north carolina senate race will be close.
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now, a look at the balance of power in the u.s. senate right now. as i mentioned just a moment ago, there's been a pickup for the democrats. democrats need to pick up five seats to take control. if trump wins the white house. but they only need four seatses to control if clinton wins because the vice president is the tiebreaker. and tim kaine would be the tiebreaker for democrats. so here's new balance of power. this is of senate seats that are now won according to the fox news decision team or that remain because they were not contested in this election cycle. democrats right now have 40 senate seats. republicans have 34. based on all those we've called so far. we'll be filling in the seats in the -- i should say the presidential races throughout the hour. we're less than 20 minutes away from the next poll closing in state of arkansas. let's bring in our panel. swro joining us from the clinton election headquarters in new york city is a clinton spokeswoman -- spokesman, brian fallon. brian, great to see you. how are things at the javit
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center tonight, what are your feelings about what you learned thus far? >> thanks, shep, for having me on. we're feeling very confident right now. while there's still a lot of data to come in, we're outperforming president obama in 2012 in key battleground states, in wake county in north carolina, in fairfax county in virginia, which is a county that i think president obama won by 20-plus points, we seem to be running ahead of that margin with a small percentage in so far. and then if you look at pennsylvania, we've seen reports today from city officials in philadelphia that they expect turnout to surpass the 2012 benchmark of 78% of registered voters turning out. so in the key bellwether areas of these battleground states, we're seeing turnout where it needs to be. we think we're on a path to 270 electoral votes tonight. >> donald trump has already said if hillary clinton wins the state of florida, he cannot be the president. brian, here's what we're seeing in florida. there appears to not be as great
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of turnout in the miami-dade county area among african-americans as there had been during obama's last election. however, there's an enormous turnout of new voters, new voters mostly latino in and around orange county, over in the ft. lauderdale area. where do you think florida is right now and how important is it? >> well, florida i think is a must-have for donald trump. i think we should take him at his word because he's right. he needs to win it in order to get 270 electoral votes. and if you look at some of the critical counties around the state, we're seeing positive signs. so, yes, miami-dade is a county that has already exceeded 2012 turnout levels. we've seen a surge in the latino vote, help power that -- i think that that's something that's going to be a big story line throughout the night not just in florida but nevada, places like virginia in terms of -- also in a place, by the way, like north carolina which is not known for its percent of the electorate that is hispanic but in early voting you saw 83% increase in hispanic turnout during early
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voting in north carolina. i think that's going to be a key story line throughout the night. the other key counties in florida right now, palm beach county is one where we're rung ahead of obama's pace there. in broward county before the polls closed tonight, they set an all-time record for turnout with more than 720,000 voters there. and then in hillsborough county, a key bellwether, the tampa-st. pete region based on the early figures in there, we're running ahead of president obama. he ended up winning it with 53% of the vote in 2012. duvall county, jacksonville area, donald trump is underperforming mitt romney. from the panhandle to northern florida, to the corridor down in southern florida, it looks like we have positive signs all across the map in florida. 29 electoral votes that donald trump desperately needs. i think that gives us even further reason for confidence. >> brian, are you tired yet? >> i got three hours of sleep last night. i think that was three hours more than hillary clinton did. she went -- she landed at the airport in winchester county
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around 3:30 a.m., greeted supporters then was voting at 6:00. i don't think she took a nap in between. she's tireless. we take our cues from her. >> brian fallon from the hillary clinton headquarters tonight at in new york city. thanks so much for being here. we love to check in with your people throughout the night. we wish you all the best. >> absolutely, shep. >> fox news decision team projects in the state of florida the all-important senate race, marco rubio will win his senate seat yet again. 86% of all precincts are reporting. marco rubio with 51.5% of the vote. patrick nmurphy, the challenger 44.9% of the vote. marco rubio facing a man from a wealthy family, put about $5 million of his own money in there. decided they weren't going to put a lot more than that in. there was a time when it looked like murphy had a chance to steal the seat away from republicans yet marco rubio able to pull it out in the end.
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we don't know yet what the margin of victory is going to be. marco rubio will return as the senator from the state of florida. that means that is not a pickup for a democrat. that's hold for republicans. and that means democrats still need to pick up four more seats and not let any get away. kelly ayotte may have something to say about that. we'll be able to update the presidential race repeatedly and we believe we'll have some new calls in just a moment. the senate and the balance of power there very much up for grabs. and what does tomorrow bring? whoever wins this race, where does america head next? it's all part of our reporting on the fox broadcast night from fox news election headquarters in new york city. i'm shepard smith. we'll be right back. you bought a wig, a jersey, and overpriced nachos...
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race for the white house is on. it is as close as it can be. the electoral college count is almost even. 68%-67% right now. need 270 to win. marco rubio has just been announced as the winner by the fox news decision team in the state of florida and the presidential race is swlabsolut 100% tied in the state of florida right now. would you look at these numbers? 28 votes now separate hillary clinton and donald trump with more than, or close to 8 million vote s counted. that, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely astounding.
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48.5%-48.5%. florida is as close or closer than it has ever been. donald trump has said i must win florida or i cannot win the presidency. the chance is still there. we could know soon. florida is donald trump's second home, state which researchers in our brain room say holds the most importance for his campaign in this election. steve harrigan live in south florida right now. steve, man, it's close. >> reporter: shepard, it's just mind-boggling how close it is. everyone predicted it was going to be close. florida's been close in the past and now it's incredibly close, perhaps closer than ever before. one thing both sides agree on is just how important florida is. tim kaine called it check mate state. if the democrats win, they say they can stop donald trump and trump, himself, who has a second home here says this is absolutely crucial to his path. 29 electoral votes he needs. what we have seen throughout this campaign is tremendous campaigning by both candidates
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as well as their surrogates. president obama was down here time and time again. really signaling the forimporta of this and seen tremendous passion on both sides from the trump supporters at huge rallies across florida, you saw thousands and thousands of people waiting all day in line. and now in the last weekend, the so soles to the polls event, saw african-american churches, huge crowds as well, an incredible turnout. early voting was huge. 6.5 million people voting early. what we really could see when this is all told is the importance of the hispanic vote in florida. four years ago they underperformed, under 50%. that is quite digit this time around. they are overperforming. more hispanics voted early in this election than voted in the entire election of 2012. so that's a key demographic. the two biggest groups, cuban-americans mainly here in south florida, traditionally more conservative, but puerto ricans, a close second to the cubans, their numbers are rising
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each month through that economic turmoil on the island of puerto rico. they are coming here, voting overwhelmingly democratic. so really a battle for that hispanic vote taking place right in the center of the state. if the south is liberal and the north the panhandle is conservative, it's right there along the i-4 corridor where a razor thin battle will be won. shepard, back to you. >> appear, steve, your announcements about the latino community, the new puerto ricans, oath who are have come into florida, are one thing. that's giving an edge to the democrats. and yet the african-american vote in south florida, miami-dade county and surrounding areas, that african-american vote is way down from the last election cycle. and that could give the balance it allows donald trump to have a shot in florida. >> certainly for the democrats to win the state of florida they have to follow the path president obama did four years ago. he won the state by just 70,000 vote, a little over that. less than 1%. he did it by running up huge margins here in the south.
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in miami-dade and broward counties. huge margins among african-american voters and young voters. initially in the early voting, those two groups have underperformed. we did see heavy voting in some of the big cities last two or three days of early voting. heavy ror heavy reports, too, in broward county. a record number of ballots cast there. for the democrats to win, really have to perform well in these southern mainly democratic county, shepard, back to you. >> steve harrigan, back to you.
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>> thank you for staying fox 29 on this historic election night and we'll rejoin shepherd smith and the fox news team in four minutes. right now let's talk about some of our local races. polls just closed in pennsylvania and new jersey. if you were in lynn before that moment you still get your chance to cast your vote. thank you for sticking with fox 29. 2016 coverage i'm lucy nolan. >> and i'm iain page. one of the races we're following locally has national implications the pennsylvania senate seat. we may not know this one for some time much it is close race. skyfox live over collegeville montgomery county. you can see there's still a long line to vote. as long as people are in line they'll get to vote. >> one person said it might take until 11 o'clock at night. we've got the pennsylvania senate race cover for you.
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shawnette wilson live at toomey headquarters but we begin with jeff cole at mcginty headquarters at the sheraton in center city philadelphia. jeff. >> reporter: so this is ahead of -- the head of pennsylvania democrats coming here to the sheraton. let's take a look at the room much these are folks they've got a little food, they've got some drinks and they're clapping every time they see any kind of projection. of course that works for hillary clinton and they were really happy to hear tammy duckworth the democrat from illinois now leading and winning that senate seat there. it is important here 'cause if mcginty wins it helps the senate democrats in the senate get to four or to five to actually control the senate. but really let me show you some quick pictures of katie mcginty. she's the star of the show. democratic senate candidate from pennsylvania trying to take out pat toomey. she voted today at a church in wayne after which she pounded toomey for not disclosing until about quarter of 7:00,
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7 o'clock tonight that in fact he would vote for donald trump. the mcginty people called that gutless. now back here at the sheraton $155 million spent on this race. it has been an absolute tv. so these democrats who are gathering here in philadelphia at the sheraton are hoping, hoping and hoping for a big win by their gal katie mcginty. live at the sheraton i'm jeff cole. back to you. >> thanks jeff. let's get shawnette wilson live at toomey election night headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: well, lucy the scene is set for what pat toomey hopes will be a victory party at the end of the night. there are balloons in the ceiling, music is playing monitors are on and behind me you can see the stage and podium are set. no word on when he'll appear later this night. we can tell you our cameras caught up with him just before 7 o'clock this evening. here's video of pat toomey vote tag polling place in
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zionville. reporters asked him the question he refused to answer up until this evening would he vote for donald trump much we now know the answer is yes, that he did. here's what else he had to say about casting that vote. >> i voted for donald trump. >> reporter: why did you make that decision there this was a tough call for me and i wrestled with this for a long time and it was easy for mee know rule out hillary clinton for a variety of reasons and i was very public about how many i also have been very, very clear for many mow months now that i had a lot of problems with donald trump i still do. i think there are serious questions about his temperament and judgment and policy positions he's taken that i disagree with. i had to weigh that against the possibility of what could be accomplished if he were president. >> reporter: and one thing he says he would look forward to is that obamacare would be repealed. lucy back to you. >> thank you very much shawnette. also fox news is projecting
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democratic congressman john impb carney will be the new democratic governor ofonties w delaware. >> more election news coverage continues with shepherd smith. this is a fox broadcast network election alert. fox news now projects donald trump will win the state of alabama. took a while to call it after the polls closed there. the reason for that is they're kind of slow getting their numbers in from the state of alabama tonight. less than 1% of all precincts reporting. enough to say only about 1,100 voters in, donald trump will win the state of alabama tonight. quite easily. the decision desk called the indiana senate race, a bit of surprise to election watchers, not in recent days but a surprise. evan bayh, democrats admit he did not run a good race, evan
8:31 pm
bayh moved out of his district in indiana, asked his address, could not remember it, had not been back to the state very much and todd young called him on it loudly and often in commercials and todd young, fox news projects wils pick up the open senate seat in the state of indiana. not a pickup for republicans, it was an open seat held by a republican previously. polls have now closed in the state of arkansas. arkansas for the republicans, for the presidential race, closed at 8:30 eastern time, 7:30 central. arkansas too close to call. solid republican throughout. arkansas not called yet. kentucky senator rand paul republican presidential candidate himself before dropping out of the race in february. he's with us now live from louisville. senator, fox news projects you will win re-election tonight. congratulations.
8:32 pm
how do you and yours begin to put things back together with the republican party? it appears the senate is very much in question. republicans could lose it. could you be a leader in put things back together? >> i think so. kentucky, a huge republican sweet, biggest victory in 100 years here. we defeated the democrat speaker of the house who's been in for 36 years. we are poised to take over the statehouse for the first time in almost 100 years. so we've had a big sweep here in kentucky maybe because we're tired of the regulations. clinton regulations killed the coal industry. no matter what the president is, it's still going to be a fight over whether or not we're going to let the president, whoever it is, regulate our businesses. you know, and i think really that's a big constitutional question. and there still will be battles in congress over that. >> the republican party, itself, senator, you got on to donald trump for talking about people and the way they look. especially during the main of the republican primaries.
8:33 pm
you've suggested that he was not a kind of leader that your party needed. what is it that republicans are going to need to do now, and what will the republican center be? what will define the republican party tomorrow and going forward. >> i just finished my acceptaiae speech for my victory. i said we need a better, bigger, bolder party, more diverse party. i said from the beginning when i made my run at the presidency, we need to be more diverse, need more african-americans, more hispanics. i spent time specifically campaigning in the african-american presinks in the western part of louisville in hopes of trying to get conversions and to the republican party and get people to believe that republicans do care about people who live in poverty and who have bad schools. and don't have economic opportunity. so i worked very hard to try to prove that, yes, republicans do care, but also electorally, that's how we're going to, you know, we lost in illinois in a pretty big way. you have to be able to compete in chicago. you have to go out there and
8:34 pm
compete for african-american votes. and republicans haven't done enough of it. and i think the party in the future to win nationally, to win the presidency again, will have to do that. >> rand paul who win again his seat in senate from the state of kentucky live with us from louisville tonight. senator, thank you so much. all the best. >> thanks, shep. >> ed rollins is with us, gop campaign consultant, fox news contributor. served as national campaign director for ronald reagan's successful bid in 1984. he's with us now. where do you see things? >> it's a very tough, very close race. obviously the democrats had great organization, turned out a lot of hispanic voters. lot of puerto ricans in florida. that's a very close race. obviously it hasn't been called yet. trump has to win that and move forward. he certainly matched that organization, that state, it's a dead-even race. the key thing here is both senator paul and marco rubio who have won re-election, both said they weren't going to run after they ran for president. those are two key senate races and they basically allow us to keep the senate.
8:35 pm
the indiana seat is also very important. >> if you keep it, they're a large part of it. >> very large part of it. obviously it's with a one or two-seat margin. it's very critical that they basically are willing to deal with the other side. >> kelly ayotte up in the state of new hampshire, that was a long, hard slog. how did that happen? a lot of money. >> over $100 million. $130 million for a state that's four electoral votes. it's a gigantic sum of money. that's more money than mondale and reagan spent in 1984 to run a presidential campaign. it's enormous amount of money. very hardly, you know, two very significant players. and we hope kellyanne -- it's still close. >> the plea from republicans has been if hillary clinton wins the senate, wins the presidency, we need a check. if you're a republican, you need a check on that white house and it would be the senate and the house that would do it. how critical is the senate for republicans? >> senate is critical. otherwise you're going to lose some seats in the house. you know, ryan is obviously going to get re-elected as
8:36 pm
speaker in this contest. if it's 50/50 in the senate or the democrats control the senate, any one senator is king. one senator can move off and take it and really have to have a loyal opposition on these big issues. so it's critical republicans win the sfat. >> do you have a sense of what the republican focus is tomorrow? >> better be about hispanics, go back and read the previous analysis of four years ago. the autopsy. because everything that we said he said in that autopsy, we didn't do. and obviously they're paying the price for it tonight. >> i remember george bush talking about how civility doesn't end at the rio grande, donald trump talking about building walls there. a large part of the republican electorate has bought into this idea that we need a wall, that we need separation, that we need to be in large part an isolationist place. that's not what's going to win votes in united states. >> equally as important, you can't basically just talk about hispanic voters. there's mexican voters, there's obviously puerto rican voters which is a lot more puerto ricans now in florida and you
8:37 pm
obviously have cubans, very strong supporters, the younger generation. puerto rican vote in florida now around tampa bay is really a very critical thing for democrats. >> florida is very much up for grabs in the presidential race. >> third largest state. the bottom line, california, texas is large, florida is a swing state. it's ten media markets. it's the ultimate media state. we have to hold it long term or we're not going to be in it. >> you know the man. coming up fox news sunday anchor chris wallace joins us to talk about the big picture from the fox news deck on the fox broadcast network. that's next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage.
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8:40 pm
one minute before the hour on the fox broadcast network. the electoral numbers. clinton 68. trump with 76. she needs 270 to win the white house. we're a long way to go. it's the bellwether tossup states that are going to decide this. right now, florida, ohio and north carolina, too close. way too close to call and those are the ones that are on donald trump's path to the white house. if it's possible, it goes through those states. joining us now is the fox news sunday host, chris wallace. as tight as they can be. >> yeah, and while they're swing states we should point out they're almost must-win states for donald trump. i told you at 3:00. no republican has won the presidency without winning
8:41 pm
florida since 1924. only one democrat has won north carolina since 1976. that was barack obama in 2008, and then he was taken back by romney in 2012. and no republican has ever been elected president without ohio. so you got to win all three states and even if he does, and he wins all the other romney states, that only gets him to 253, he's still 17 votes short of the presidency. >> let's talk about those three states. north carolina is a battle between the cities, charlotte, mecklenburg county, ralei raleigh-durham area, universities around there versus the rural areas. there's a balance. >> that's true in all of these places. the states are split. like country is split. split between men and women. we're seeing a huge gender gap split between the races. split on education. and we're seeing that -- i have to stay, florida is a surprise to me because, you know, i'll give my opinion now that it's close, i expected clinton to win florida because of this huge
8:42 pm
hispanic vote. we're talking about maybe 20% of the electorate being hispanic. >> many first-time voters. >> right. but look at these -- i mean, it's florida. we're still within, like, a point. we're still within, you know, thousands of votes. not hundreds of thousands of votes. >> and the reason appears to be though there's this enormous influx of new voters, first-time voters who are hispanic, along the i-4 corridor, also down in ft. lauderdale, they were expecting a big ger turnout in duvall county around jacksonville. they've not seen that. one of the places that looks to be most disappointing for the democrats is the african-american turnout in miami-dade county. it's crucial there and the numbers are down. >> yeah, again, as i say, that was a surprise to me. i expected that trump was going to lose florida and if you look at this map tonight, he has not lost a must-win state yet. >> nope. >> and, you know, it's all within the margin of error. the fact all these three must-have states are too close to call. if he were to win all those states plus the romney states,
8:43 pm
he's at 253, 17 electoral votes away from the presidency. this is still wide open for him. >> then we talk about ohio, obviously no one, republicans must go through ohio to win. john scott, our anchor, has been reporting from ohio throughout the day and the word out of ohio is turnout is down. the weather is not perfect there. they had hoped in the state of -- in the city of cleveland, for instance, cuyahoga county for there to be a large african-american turnout. the numbers are not there from the last turnaround. >> this brings us to a bigger issue, the clinton's challenge was try to recreate the obama coalition of barack obama was not on the ballot. one of the questions we're seeing is can she get the african-american vote, can she get the millennial vote? she certainly is getting the woman vote, but can she put together all the disparate elements of the obama coalition and the answer is we don't know yet. >> if you are a president clinton in the end, if there is a president clinton, you need
8:44 pm
something on the house and the senate side. republicans have made the case to republican voters, you must help us save this senate. it's very much up for grabs. >> very much. there's a net pickup, at least at this point, last -- i saw of one which is the one we expected, illinois, but toomey -- i'm sorry -- >> burr? >> no. >> in ohio. >> portman. portman. this is interesting because a lot of people were talking about the fact that in some of these swing states that the republicans were going to be -- were going it be dragged down by trump, that he was going to be an anchor on them. we saw some republican, rubio in florida, portman in ohio who have run strong, aggressive independent campaigns have run ahead of trump and the night's already over. they've already been projected as the winners. so you can win and get ticket splitters and also todd young winning in indiana, that's an interesting one. a lot of people thought that was
8:45 pm
going to be a flip to the democrats with evan bayh. no. so, you know, the republicans may live to fight another day in terms of control of this senate. >> it appears that they may, indeed. all those senate seats are still up for grabs. when you look at this in the main, chris, in the main, we're talking about this election in a split, a different way than we have in election cycles past. the people who post trickle-down economics who have been very successful from that period to now are one side of the vote. and those who feel they've been left behind are another. there's also the split along gender gap. there's the socioeconomic split. there's the education split. these are fairly new in our election. we're not talking about evangelicals. we're talking about these other splits. >> that's right. socioeconomic. it's who you are. not what you believe in and your sense of who's going to help you and what the solutions are to a lot of -- another interesting thing you're seeing, the electoral map seems to be
8:46 pm
changing. democrats -- i mean, georgia has not been called yet. you're seeing because of the growth of african-americans and the growth, particularly of hispanics, you're seeing some traditionally red states that may go democrat. not yet definite but certainly you're headed in that direction and conversely you're seeing rust belt states that may be swaying more to the republicans because of the trump argument against trade and immigration. >> how do you see the next hour playing out? these big -- these big, important swing states, florida, ohio, north carolina, we're going to have a better idea soon, but as close as they are now, if donald trump can get the three of them, he then has to figure out a place to flip somewhere out in the middle of the country, a state that's gone blue forever, he's got to have it. >> he could probably get -- a few states out west. >> pennsylvania, colorado, he could take new mexico. got to hold onto arizona. it's tough. as i say, if he takes all of these, he gets to 253. in terms of the result, we don't
8:47 pm
know. in other words, if there's a decisive victory, if you're getting down -- i heard karl rove say a while ago, what's the difference? it's about 100,000 votes now in florida, 91%. a little over 1% in trump's favor, but, you know, if it's such a flatfooted tie, you're counting votes one by one by one as we saw in 2000 and this thing might not be decided tonight. >> calling all lawyers. florida. not yet. we shall see. chris wallace from fox news sunday on this fox station this sunday. make sure to join him. chris, thanks. >> i hope we have a president. >> i hope we will, too. we'll be right back as we search for one. stay tuned. changes to make things right. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. second, a confirmation will be sent when new personal or small business checking, savings or credit card accounts are opened. third, we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers to ensure your interests are put first.
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8:50 pm
the race for the white house too close to call. ten minutes before 9:00 on the east coast. let's look at florida. there is an opening now with 91% of all precincts reporting. donald trump now has about a point-plus lead there. 113,203 votes separate hillary clinton and donald trump. the republican, donald trump, with the lead in florida. trump's campaign has said florida is a must-win. an absolute must-win if he wants the presidency. so far so good. big picture of everything we're watching, bill hemmer with the bill board and look at florida and beyond. >> good evening to you. we first met in tallahassee 16 years ago.
8:51 pm
do you remember? wow, we going back? what do you think? >> possible. >> at the moment right now, shepard, this is a difference of 113,000 votes. trump's at 4.3 million. clinton's at 4.1 million inching toward 4.2. what is going on in florida tonight? go down just a little bit and show you, all right? this is hillsborough county. this is tampa. see what trump is doing at the moment? a bit of an edge right now as we zero in on some of these counties. what we always talk about, when we discuss florida, is where the balance of the vote is located. for democrats oftentimes it's in the southeast. broward, palm beach county. for republicans in the panhandle. they almost offset each other. what's the counterbalance in between both? oftentime it's the i-4 corridor, tampa, runs up through orange county and orlando, goes up to volusia county and daytona beach. and the trump team thought for a long time prior to this election that they were going -- mitt romney flipped two states in
8:52 pm
florida four years -- sorry, two counties in florida two years ago. one was volusia county, daytona beach area, flagler. right now trump is doing better by about five points, percentage points now, than mitt romney did four years ago. that kind of action, shepard, that's keeping this race close here in the state of florida. show you ohio at the moment, this is when we're seeing. too close to call. a difference of, do the math, 20,000 votes on the screen so far. that's what we're seeing in the buckeye state. down here in north carolina, we haven't made a call on this, either. and for obvious reasons here. a lot of this vote is still missing here in the state. a lot of people thought, hey, if you win florida, you win the white house. you win ohio, you win the white house. not so much this year. this is an interesting circumstance, shepard. it is developing in realtime. and we have not even gotten to the upper midwest. michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. are there surprises up there? stay tuned. we're about to find out.
8:53 pm
>> yes, we are. those three states and 11 others close in just seven minute here's on the fox broadcast network. if you're donald trump, you got to have florida. if you're donald trump, you got to have north carolina. if you're donald trump, you got to have ohio. all of them are swing states. all of them are too close to call. all of them are possible. big states about to close. all of those that bill hemmer just mentioned. the suspense will end as we found out whose efforts have paid off and whose have fallen short. as our election night coverage as our election night coverage continues
8:54 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. as our election night coverage continues that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes we're wired differently. as our election night coverage continues gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
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>> thanks for staying with fox 29 and we'll rejoin shepherd smith and the fox news team in four minutes we what to update you on some of our local races. thanks for staying with us on you decide 2016 coverage. i'm iain page. >> and i'm lucy noland. this is the second, the seat that was vacated by chaka fattah and there you have it 92 to 8 percent. dwight evans winning. >> pennsylvania's sixth district between mike parish and republican incumbent ryan costello. we don't have much to tell you. berks county and montgomery county included in that race. >> in pennsylvania's eighth district, you know this is has been a nasty race in bucks county between republican brian fitzpatrick and democrat
8:57 pm
steve santarsiero. we have fitzpatrick with 58 percent versus the challenger. >> the race for pennsylvania attorney general of course this is the one vacated by kathleen kane. she redesigned august 2016. josh shapiro a rising star in the democratic party leading mr. rafferty who is a state senator there pretty big in that race. >> we're following a race in the first state delaware is electing a new governor tonight this between democrat john carney and colin benini. >> they're projecting john carney's win. john markel was of course term limited. fox 29's brian satin is live in wilmington. >> reporter: no doubt a happy crowd here. the party is under way much double tree here in wilmington as we pan around you you can see the crowd. we're hearing local democratic leaders speaking. democrat john carney the projected winner.
8:58 pm
so by the way is hillary clinton here in the state beating colin bonini carney is a congressman a three term congressman decided to run for governor after beau biden died. you may recall that biden was planning to run but instead carney did and it appears he is the projected winner here. he actually ran for governor back in 2008 against jack markell, didn't win but the second time is the charm. we are also awaiting results from the congressional race. there is a congressional seat up for grabs lisa blunt rochester could become in her first bid for elected out of the first african-american and the first woman in congress from delaware if she defeats hans riegle. too close to call the numbers are still coming in right now. senator chris coons the junior senator here at delaware is kind of leading the party here but one by one we are hearing local leaders and state leaders speaking. so far guys it appears to be a
8:59 pm
pretty good night for democrats in delaware. of course we'll stay on it and bring you more over the course of the next few hours. >> all right, thank you very much brad satin. we're following the race for pennsylvania's senate seat very closely. as you know that is the race between republican incumbent pat toomey and democratic challenge are katie mcginty. >> just before 9 p.m. here is where that race is still early, the polls closed at 8 o'clock. katie mcginty has a lead of 69 percent over 28 percent to republican pat toomey. we still have a lot to come in yet. this is early. this is probably going to go down to the wire. this has been a very difficult tough race, about $155 million spent. >> all depends are the precincts are that are reporting. that can change everything. stay with fox 29 all evening long on what promises to be a very exciting night. of course you can get up to the second results in all the local races and national races on our web site >> we'll be back here for another update in about 30
9:00 pm
minutes. we're live for you tonight starting at 10:00. :back to shepherd smithn and the fox news team in newit i york. begins right now. >> this is a fox news election alert. i'm shepard smith in new york. polls have closed in 14 states across the nation. at 6:00 west coast time, 9:00 east coast time including the battleground states we're watching tonight including colorado. colorado with no precincts yet reporting. the fox news decision desk says it is way too early to call colorado. the polls have just closed as well in the state of arizona, a traditionally red state where they've been much closer this year than previous contests, largely because of a larger hispanic population moving into the state of arizona. it's too close to call with nothing reported out of arizona. hillary clinton trying to become the first democrat to win arizona since bill clinton in
9:01 pm
1996. then there's the state of michigan where they've had so many jobs issues. donald trump has been hammering those issues since the beginning. michigan has been blue since 1992. no republican has won since 1992. donald trump has been making a push there. so far it's paying off, hillary clinton with a slight lead, only 10% of precincts reporting. on to kansas, fox news projects even though hillary clinton is leading in the early going, only 7% of all precincts reporting. in kansas fox news projects donald trump is the winner in kansas. down in louisiana, constantly and reliably a red state, so far too close to call as we have no reports out of the state of louisiana. polls have just closed, reliably red. in north dakota, the fox team projects with 1% reporting, donald trump will win in the state of south carolina. i should say north dakota. moving on, the rest of the boards we have tonight, now
9:02 pm
south dakota, the decision team has made a call in the last few seconds, south dakota will go for donald trump. republicans win south dakota yet again tonight. moving to nebraska, the corn husker state, donald trump in a reliably red state, donald trump holds nebraska and will win the electoral vote in the state of nebraska. in new mexico the race is still too close to call. a three-way race there. we have all three on the board. this is too close to call in the early going. the empire state of new york, new york has been decided. less than 1% of all precincts reporting. more than 146 people were voting while i was in precinct 1 today at 6:58 a.m. that's all that's insofar. the fox news decision team is, 100% goes to democrat hillary
9:03 pm
clinton. moving to texas, a state closer this year than in previous contests, only 55% of all precincts reporting. only a 5% spread right now. texas will not be the blowout it normally has been. texas, fox news decision desk projects will go to donald trump tonight as expected. moving to wyoming, dick cheney's home state, also reliably red, fox news decision desk donald trump will win the state of wyoming. here are some of the races we're waiting to call, big bellwether states that will be so very important. this, i have just gotten a word from a number of democratic operatives, one who calls this in florida shocking. democrats believed and have believed throughout the day that florida was in their hands, that broward county, the i-4 corridor with all of the new latino immigrants who are voting for the first time, as much as 20% of the electorate maybe latino this time, they thought they would run away with it as a
9:04 pm
result of it. why aren't they? here is the reason. in the reliably red rural counties across the state from the panhandle down the west coast, down in ft. myers, naples and lee county, are all of those republican smaller areas, donald trump is crushing mitt romney's numbers from before. mitt romney may have won with 69%. donald trump is getting higher. rural is balancing the hispanic vote in that state. african-american turnout in miami-dade county is low. some calls out of miami-dade county, about half of broward county is yet to report. it's believed broward county will go largely toward hillary clinton, but florida is very much in question now. if donald trump can get florida, this could be a very long night, and he is leading right now. 91% of precincts reporting in florida and not surprising it is as close as it can be. >> moving on to ohio, another that donald trump has said he
9:05 pm
has to have, no republican has gotten to the white house without first winning ohio. donald trump is leading right now with 40% of all precincts in. about a 2.5 point spread. ohio is too close to call. north carolina, hillary clinton has called it the state that will put her over. if she wins north carolina, he cannot win it. hillary clinton is trailing right now by the slimmest of margins. would you look at these numbers, 69% of all precincts in the state of north carolina are reporting in. remember this is the charlotte, mecklenburg county area. those are heavily democratic. more rural areas more solidly republican, the balance is on. it is .1 of a point separating. if you're donald trump, you've got to have florida, north carolina and ohio. he could get all of them. then you have to go out west and flip a couple of traditionally blue states with small electoral
9:06 pm
counts. ladies and gentlemen, this is not over. two hours ago, the exit polls that all the experts were saying, this is a night for hillary clinton. it's just a matter of when. that is no longer the case. if he wins those three states, florida, north carolina and ohio and is able to pick off a couple of blue states, this could be donald trump's presidency at this moment. it is way too close to call. here is what the electoral count looks like right now including all of those that the fox news decision team has been able to call. donald trump has 139 electoral votes. hillary clinton has 97 electoral votes. you have to have 270 to win the presidency, and we're a long way from that. for the battle to the u.s. senate, we're watching two races at this hour, fox news predicts arizona senator jain will hang on to his seat as expected, conceding to ann kirkpatrick, it was close for a while. john mccain will be a runaway winner there in arizona. in wisconsin, democrat russ
9:07 pm
feingold trying to get his seat back from the guy who defeated him six years ago, republican senator ron johnson. this is one of those tea party sort of things, russ feingold trying to get that back. if he's able to get it, that would be a democratic pickup because ron johnson held that seat before. right now it's too close to call. big picture, the senate is in play tonight. democrats are hoping to pick it off. they've picked up one seat so far. here is a look at the balance of power, democrats needed to flip five seats to take control if donald trump is the new president or four seats if clinton wins because the vp is the tiebreaker there. the president pro tem of the senate gets the tie-breaker vote. here is the balance of power in the senate, based on the races we have called, republicans with 42 seats, democrats with 41 seats and a long way to go. we're next from an hour away from the next polls closing including battleground state of nevada. let's bring in john bussey,
9:08 pm
associate editor of the "wall street journal," a.b. stoddard of real clear politics and josh letterman from the associated press. we came in tonight thinking it could end at florida, if we call florida early the rest doesn't matter, if she wins florida, there's no path. there's a path for him now. >> the toughest states are still tossed up. we still don't have word on where these states are going to go which keeps donald trump very much in the race. as you point out, if he wins florida, then picking off those other states that he's got to sweep a number of them. picking off those other states which at this hour, so close looks even possible. the question is what happens in the midwest. when those states that have traditionally gone democrat that hillary clinton feels confident about where trump has been lobbying and rallying his troops in michigan and wisconsin and minnesota isn't even possible he
9:09 pm
could have those inroads into the democratic camp. >> amy stoddard? >> minnesota right now. >> certainly is. >> he made a play for minnesota and the world laughs at him. the campaign said we're in minnesota for a reason, now we know. >> it's tight in virginia. north carolina, all the battlegrounds, it's very, very tight. but if he picks up a couple, he's going to shut her down. i think when we were talking about the latino thing, low p propensity voters, the donald trump voters are there. they weren't likely voter screens, or there are people who came into the booth, the people who have been out of cycles, came into the booth and voted for trump. >> josh, where are we? >> tonight hasn't been an early blowout for hillary clinton. even if it ends up being a close race that goes into the late night and trump concedes and
9:10 pm
clinton wins, she may not have the broad-based mandate she'd like to see from an overwhelming victory. what democrats are concerned about schephep, if donald trump close enough that he could argue that there were some type of shenanigans, this is something that could drag out and make it more difficult for the next president to bridge a very divided country. >> i want to get the florida board back up there while we talk about the other issues of the night. it's this battle of, is there enough of a hispanic vote that will come in hot for the democrats while the african-american vote is clearly lower than they had hoped. the balance of that isn't a one-to-one balance because hispanics go about 70% for the democrats where african-americans go about 80, 85% for the democrats. >> the hispanic vote that we
9:11 pm
made so much of that was part of the early voting process, signaled to clinton she had a really good chance in florida. it's been counted, metabolized in these numbers. the question is what was the hispanic vote today on election day. >> or was it already factored in. >> was that sief ended off into the early voting, pulled ahead into the early voting. half of broward county is still out. >> 131,000 separating there on the florida board. sounds like a lot of voters until you calculate close to 9 million votes are in, separated by 131,000. that's too close to call with 93% of precincts reporting. maybe it's too early to say the following thing. the rule in the state of florida is if you have less than 5%, .5% difference, you have an automatic machine recount that would have to be triggered by the secretary of state. it's a little early with half of broward county not reporting. only 7% of florida is uncounted.
9:12 pm
it's way too close to call. >> i think it's going to take a long time. i think it looks like a recount is very likely. >> one of the factors, also, is we're not really sure, with the democratic registrations came in in the early voting, you pointed out early in the broadcast, a lot of this is about disaffected economic feeling in the voter. that goes across republican and democratic lines. that's why you've seen some of these forays and progress for trump in the midwest. our findings were, if you looked at the census between 2000 and 2015 and saw those counties where there was the greatest immigration of latinos into the counties, those counties during the primary went trump. it wasn't just republicans, sometimes it was a crossover democratic vote. how many of those democratic registered voters, early voting and on election day are voting for trump? >> one moment. let's 2k3we9 back to clinton
9:13 pm
democratic headquarters. debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much for being here. one democrat said to me on text message tonight, this is shocking. >> it's not shocking. anyone who has followed florida politics, particularly at the presidential level for at least 20 years knows that florida comes down to the wire in every one of these. i'll tell you that i am feeling cautiously optimistic given that 50% of my home county, broward county is still out. most democratic county in the state, about 200,000 votes left to be counted from today's voting in person. so i know we're going to have a good, strong infusion of votes for hillary clinton when broward is fully reported. it's going to a nail biter. >> it looks like about a 2% advantage in the state of florida. in florida that's a landslide. 2% doesn't appear possible for
9:14 pm
hillary clinton. have you been able to look at the map. is it miami-dade african-americans haven't come out, is it that the hispanic vote isn't factored in, is it that donald trump is surpassing any numbers that mitt romney had in the rural areas? how do you see it? >> well, we had record setting turnout in south florida in our three main counties. >> miami-dade, the palm beachs and broward. >> right. those three counties usually have to put up huge pluralities for the democratic nominee to make sure we have a shot at carrying florida. we've achieved that. it's still close because it's going to be close regardless. it does appear that the margins, even though the vote total is small in the turnout, the margins in the panhandle, for us we always have to keep it close in the panhandle. we've got to win the i-4 corridor and really run up the score in south florida. we're going to wait and see how
9:15 pm
it all shakes out. regardless, we're all close and this is not a surprise to me. >> left out of your equation there was southwest florida, lee and collier countys, naples, ft. myers, immokalee, up into charlotte county, port charlotte and the rest. it usually leads republicans. i wonder if you think that's part of the balancing. >> it more than leans republican, that's a red part of the state except for the sarasota area, yes, most definitely that would factor in. the question is in every presidential election, you have the panhandle, southwest florida come together to cancel out the votes in the big your gan counties that run up the score for democrats. we always have to have enough of a turnout in those counties to be able to be in a stronger position. i feel like we've done that. but we're going to have to wait a little while to see. >> still a narrow path, of course. if donald trump is able to win florida in the end, win north
9:16 pm
carolina, win ohio, a tall task, we're not able to call any of those yet. we then shift to the midwest. i wonder what your assessment is for the midwest and how it looks for democrats and republicans today? >> keep in mind hillary clinton's pathway of 270 electoral votes is still a much wider variety than donald trump. donald trump has to win my home state tonight in order to get the 270, hillary clinton has a number of other pathways. again, i think in what i'm saying, i think we will ultimately -- we're going to end up with enough states in our column to make hillary clinton president of the united states. you can see the turnout patterns that are going on. >> real talk, real count. recount in florida or are you going to avoid it? >> there's varying types of recounts. i'm not ready to go there yet. a machine recount, shep, is much different than a manual recount. we have the ability to go to a manual recount. machine recounts are much less
9:17 pm
of a deal than the manual recounts. we'll never have another experience like we had in 2000. >> debby wasserman schultz, thank you very much.
9:18 pm
. if you were expecting a runaway tonight, you were wrong. the three big states that donald
9:19 pm
trump must have. florida, ohio and north carolina, all up for grabs. and if we wins them, and he could, it's going to be a very long night. trump supporter matt sclapp is with us, chairman of the american conservative union, former political director for george w. bush and has been watching this thing closely. democrats thought they had florida. as it turns out, republicans vote on election day and they're making it up. >> that's exactly right. there's all this talk about the early vote and everything that happens with it. the fact is, until all the ingredients are in the bowl, you don't know how it will turn out. it's very positive for trump. i'm cautiously optimistic about trump. >> very positive for trump. the one downside would probably be broward county. though broward county has an older population that's lived there for a long time. there's also the population west of interstate 95.
9:20 pm
the affluent counties vote and vote republican and they normally vote day of. your hispanics and older population will be a balance today. >> that's right. the other thing about florida, you always have to look at the recount question. right now it looks tight enough where we could be in that position which makes tonight very interesting. >> if the difference is less than .5%, .5% of the total vote, the first thing they do is an automatic machine recount which just sort of happens. anything after that, if they find -- first of all, you've got to talk about where we are. he's crushing mitt romney's numbers in rural florida. how did they do that? >> as republicans, think about it. we haven't won a battleground state in 12 years. the fact that donald trump is actually competitive in all these states you've been talking about tells you that this race is a whole different race for republicans. we're used to winning the ruby red states and losing these other ones close. if we can start picking these up tonight as we move west, this is
9:21 pm
incredibly good news. how did we do it in the rural communities? he connected with the ordinary guy and gal out there who feels like this country is just on the wrong track and they don't feel like they're getting ahead economically. >> she was relying, and her team, on political science. lay the table, get your ground game in there, get them to the polls. all of that happened. he was relying on his rallies, relying on a movement. he believed there was really a movement. a lot of the smarty pants on all the big networks, all the pundits said a movement doesn't win an election, a ground game does. they may turn out to be right, but not yet. >> she has the mechanics, he has people's heart. the enthusiasm gap, people say what does it matter? if you're enthusiastic for your candidate you're at those polls. if something comes up, maybe you don't vote. it looks like they didn't hit
9:22 pm
their numbers on the hillary clinton side. >> north carolina it's a battle of the cities and the rural areas. charlotte-mecklenburg county, raleigh-durham area, there's a balance there. >> that's right. a still a lot of the rural areas to come in. my understanding is there's still durham county to come in. wade county is in. it's a little mixed, but i think on par there's more rural counties that could come in that would be good for donald trump and richard bird, important senate see. >> ohio, cuyahoga county, you've got to have it if you're republican trying to get to the presidency. a large push is made at the end. what are you doing in cleveland? now we know. african-american turnout is low. he's going to win ohio. >> this is a big news. this is my opinion. my opinion from my contacts is
9:23 pm
trump looks very stout in ohio. >> to what do they attribute that? same thing? >> in ohio the same kind of nrnl. they've seen their energy jobs at stake, their manufacturing jobs flee and they don't know where to turn. trump is giving them a lifeline. >> the lifeline it is. very much up for grabs tonight. thanks so much for coming by. >> thanks for having me. we're about to close polls
9:24 pm
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
>> ♪ >> we'll rejoin shepherd smith and the fox team in four minutes. polls closed at 8:00 in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. thanks for sticking with fox 29. you decide 2016 coverage i'm lucy noland and. >> i'm iain page. one of the races we're following closely is the senate seat in pennsylvania. here's where the race between republican incumbent pat toomey and katie mcginty now stands and still early but mcginty holding a 62 to 35 percent lead and this was a nasty race. >> shawnette wilson is live at toomey's headquarters but we begin with jeff cole at the sheraton in center city philadelphia at mcginty headquarters. >> reporter: yeah, mcginty headquarters is headquarters for state democrats. you're hearing the clapping behind me but frankly the mood
9:27 pm
isn't quite what they hoped here. trump is doing fairly well and that is pushing the enthusiasm down. the state democratic chair is here says this will be a very long night. he says it is clearly a highly polarized electorate. he said dwight evans has won in the second congressional district and they're very happy about that but as for the fate of katie mcginty, they think it's tied to how well hillary clinton will do. if she does well, they thing mcginty will do well. that's what they're hoping for here tonight at the sheraton in philly. folks. >> thanks much jeff. shawnette wilson live at toomey's election headquarters shawnette. >> reporter: lucy right now not too many people paying close attention to the monitors but behind me you can see some of toomey's supporters up on the podium sharing some words about him. we have been told moments ago that pat toomey is here in the building. however, he will not come out until the appropriate time. so we assume that is a victory is what he is fighting for to hold onto his seton night and
9:28 pm
again supporters here listening to some people on the podium speak about him. meanwhile very few people keeping an eye on election results. you can see people just sitting around the room enjoying the music and now listening to speakers. that's the very latest from here. we'll check back in with you soon. >> this is a seat vacated by chaka fattah. let's take a look. we have dwight evans 94 percent. this is not a surprise at all much of course he's a democrat in the district. >> pennsylvania's sixth district between democrat mike parish and republican incumbent ryan costello. parish has a 61 percent to 39 percent over costello. >> let's get on over to pennsylvania's eighth district. this has been a nasty race in bucks county between republican brian fitzpatrick democrat steve santarsiero. 52 to 48 percent and whole lot of money dump need that race. >> race for pennsylvania attorney general this was the seat vacated by kathleen kane
9:29 pm
and democrat josh shapiro a rising star in the democratic party has a substantial lead over the state senator rafferty 67 to 33 percent. >> delaware governor is also fox news is projecting in the delaware governor's race john carney won that race. so, let's see how the senate race here in pennsylvania is shaping up county by county. >> bruce gordon is in our studio analyzing all the numbers as they come n bruce. >> reporter: yeah, let me tell you our math is somewhat behind the numbers you saw just a moment ago but what it does seem to reflect that huge katie mcginty lead seems to reflect that some of the vote totals are coming in from philadelphia earlier than some other places. we can tell you early on with just 6 percent of the precincts reporting in the city of philadelphia the numbers out of philly 30,000 plus for katie mcginty under 7,000 for pat toomey so again the expectation would be that the the numbers that we're seeing so far and that huge lead for mcginty which seems out of whack for what we would expect that suggests that the vote totals early on are coming from the city of philadelphia and we see some
9:30 pm
of that right here. so, the gains that the democrats are trying to make could come in pennsylvania but we're not sure yet. too early to tell. >> ♪ >> it's 6:30 on the west coast s 9:30 on the east coast now projl win the state of arkansas, reliably red no doubt. the early numbers weren't enough. with 42% of all precincts reporting and donald trump with an approximately 22-point lead, donald trump declared the winner in the state of arkansas. now to some of the races we've been waiting to call, here is the state of florida. now 94% of all precincts reporting, donald trump with 140,028-vote lead. still waiting for about half of broward county which has a large hispanic population. much of that hispanic vote had already come in in early voting. there's votes out of miami-dade county outstanding as well.
9:31 pm
but otherwise sprinkled around the state, florida, way too close to call, donald trump with the edge. if someone has a real edge in florida late in the game, that someone, if you had to pick one, would be donald trump. on to ohio. no republican has won it without winning ohio first. 53% of all precincts reporting, donald trump with an approximately seven-point lead in the state of ohio. again, just about half of the precincts reporting. donald trump with the edge in ohio, and he has to have it. on to north carolina, north carolina still too close to call. 76% of all precincts reporting. donald trump with a point and a half lead. wake county in north carolina, one of the more urban counties with a larger hispanic and african-american vote, wake county still outstanding. this one could be a little deceptive because of those that aren't in yet. north carolina is too close to call, as of the precincts
9:32 pm
reporting now, donald trump has a slight edge. it might actual be a hillary clinton slight edge. we're just not sure. big picture if be ear donald trump, you have to have florida, you have to have ohio and north carolina. you have to win all three before you go out west and try to pick up some blue states. right now he has the possibility of getting all three of those states, just as an aside, the upshot from "the new york times" which had this as large as a 91-9% lead for hillary clinton at one point back before the fbi stuff. more recently today, i believe it opened at 85% for hillary clinton, 15% for donald trump. as i went to vote this morning at ten minutes before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, that is where we were. right now the upshot for "the new york times" has it at 50/50. we're waiting and waiting for election returns to come in. the balance of power in the senate is still outstanding. the presidency is very much up for grabs. it's going to be a long night
9:33 pm
here on the fox broadcast network. less than an hour away from the next poll closings, 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific. among them, the battleground of nevada. nevada where the unions that run las vegas, the restaurant unions have come out in enormous numbers for hillary clinton. but where donald trump has beenable to make inroads in some of the more rural counties, the same story we've been telling all along, the hispanic vote is very much up in nevada. nevada is still too close to call, closing in just 27 minutes. watching the balance of power in congress. the entire house of representatives and a third of the senate up for grabs. james ar kin from real clear politics joins us live. one of the things we were expecting, waiting to see how many pickups would the democrats be able to get. by our count tonight so far it's one, that's not enough. >> right now if you're a
9:34 pm
congressional republican, you feel very good about where things stand. obviously it's still very early. carlos core val la came out early against donald trump. this was a district of democrats early on that they were going to carry. carville la won it early in the night. that's sort of a sign of good things to come for republicans. they feel pretty good about where things are. just one pickup so far for democrats. >> the house of representatives, we haven't called it. it almost goes without saying that the republicans will be able to keep it. do you see on the democratic side, in the race for the senate, do you see a spot where you can put the pickups together where the democrats could take over here? >> i think the democrats still have a couple of different paths to the senate majority. they've already put one seat with tammy duckworth defeating mark kirk.
9:35 pm
republicans very happy about that, but when you look at pennsylvania still outstanding, new hampshire still outstanding, democrats have high hopes for their possibilities in missouri, a state ha is going to go to donald trump. they think jason candor can win there. there's still an opportunity for democrats, still a narrow path to the majority. >> it certainly is, given the way the presidential race, james arkin, thanks a lot. our panel again, juliery ginn ski, tom bevin and morgan or take gas is a republican strategist. florida is my focus at the moment. i've just gotten a tweet. tony fabrizio who is rick scott and trump's pollster has tweeted he believes donald trump will win florida. fox has no call on florida right now. florida is too close to call with 94% of all precincts reporting. donald trump with an edge there
9:36 pm
as you see on your screen, somewhere around 130,000, 140,000 votes. tom bevin, how surprised are you? >> we knew it was going to be tight. it ended up -- it probably could have gone either way. it looks like it's leaning slightly to tum. he's having to win these states and it looks like he's getting there. even if he wins florida, north carolina and ohio, it's not over. keep an eye in virginia, he's leading by two points with 88% of the vote in. if he loses north carolina he might be able to replace that with virginia which would be something nobody saw coming. >> north carolina looking very, very close. based on the counties and precincts that have not yet reported, though there's an edge on the screen right now for donald trump, there is reason to believe that based on the counties that are no longer reporting, north carolina is a lot closer than this would appear. 74% of all precincts reporting
9:37 pm
in north carolina, donald trump with about 1.2 point edge. your notes on north carolina, julie? >> depends on where the outstanding ballots are. virginia sbrestingly enough, i remember this four years ago, northern virginia came in really late. that makes a difference, the d.c. suburbs of virginia. what's interesting about tonight is, if donald trump manages to pull this off among an diverse electorate, among a surge in latino voters, a looting of polling, white college educated voters. everything we know about modern campaigns is out the window. i except saying for the last year math is math and math is with her. it turns out math may not be math. a lot of people in the business and who are political scientists will have to take a look and see what exactly happens in a
9:38 pm
largely diverse country how you have enough wife exigent voters. >> it's enough to make this a barn burner. >> the mood was very different two hours ago based on the exit polls. in the past two hours, trump is making this is a real contest. the one thing i want to say, we keep talking about the white voters voting for trump. while that's largely what we're seeing in the polls, i don't think we can insult minorities that are voting for him. clearly they're breaking for hillary, especially hispanics in florida and nevada. it's not like that's the only vote he's getting. people who are political scientists, we have to respect the voter and respect the people of america when they're speaking. i would say that message any time in enthusiasm, trump's all of the get-out-the-vote efforts and the brain any things you want to do and if trump pulls this off, it's because he had a message and hillary never found
9:39 pm
one. >> virginia, 79% of precincts reporting donald trump leading by half a point. there you go, right at 1/2 a point lead. the pollsters missed something. >> it looks like trump is overperforming his polls, certainly in virginia. hillary clinton was ahead and it tightened at the end. she had that state by three or four points. it's interesting. this is coming down to tens of thousands of votes. go back to north carolina, baem won wake county by 54,000 votes. that's about what the margin is between trump and clinton. we could be looking at recounts in multiple states. >> we may not know tonight, that's right. jill stein has 50,000 votes in florida. we say every vote counts. this is 2000 again. we're near the time when more polls are going to start closing.
9:40 pm
right now new mexico, fox news now projects new mexico goes to hillary clinton with 39% of all of the pre sengts reporting, new mexico goes to hillary clinton. further, the state of louisiana, louisiana now 14% of the vote is in, reliably republican. donald trump wins the state of louisiana. they're all coming in. three big ones are still missing on the east coast and in the central time zone. florida, north carolina and ohio, all still too close to call. donald trump must win all three of them to move his way west unless all of a sudden and frankly out of nowhere virginia. if donald trump is able to pick off virginia, certainly the counties -- the cities outside washington, d.c., the bedroom communities outside washington, d.c., some of those polls are not yet in. but if donald trump picks off virginia, it's a whole new ball game. the presidency is very much up in the air. this is fox broadcasting coverage throughout the night.
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
17 minutes before the hour. at 5:00 eastern time this afternoon we got exit polls in. we don't talk about them a lot on tv. it gives you an idea where the night is going. they tell us don't pay too much attention. it's a good thing we didn't. the trump campaign was paying attention and they were, quite frankly, down in the dumps. they are no more.
9:44 pm
this race is turning and barring some new turn, it's going in a direction no one anticipated. let's bring in fox news contributor ed roll lens, heads of a pro tum super pac, director for president reagan's re-election bid. >> i thought when i saw the exit polls, but the reality is this could be the biggest upset ever, ever. >> bigger than truman and dewey. >> the irony is, this is unconventional. he tapped into something in this population that nobody else got. the rural numbers were dramatic. winning a state like florida, the ultimate swing state today. >> fox news has presidents said that -- >> they haven't said that, i don't mean to get ahead of the decision desk, but it's certainly trending that way. certainly north carolina and ohio which are the three he had to get going. doing well in virginia and
9:45 pm
elsewhere. my sense is, this could be a long night because it could be a lot of very close elections. you could end up with a recount. at the end of the day, he has shoktd everybody. certainly, he's worked hard for it, i couldn't be more pleased. the comeback is what's amazing. >> florida, 95% of all pre sengts reporting, donald trump with 100,011, 758-vote difference. right at 9 million votes are in. that's the separation. it is just about -- in fact, it is 1.2%. different kinds of counties, dinkt pre sengts from across the land still to report. look at the state of ohio. ohio, which we thought would be very close, hillary clinton is trailing in ohio by 10 points, 61% of all of the pre sengts are now reporting. donald trump with a ten-point-plus lead in the state of ohio.
9:46 pm
ohio is too close to call. the other one we've been watching, north carolina, charlotte, mecklenburg county, some of that is still out. wake county in north carolina, some of that is out as well. largely african-american and hispanic, that could tighten things up in north carolina, but north carolina still too close to call. the state of virginia, which a couple of weeks ago we really had off the board. it looks as if hillary clinton had it won. it's tightened yet again. 87% of precincts reporting out of the state of virginia and donald trump has a .3% lead in virginia. he's close in minnesota, close in the west. dana perino is joining us, one of the co-hosts of "the five," former press secretary for george bush 43rd, in the middle of all this for a while. we've been watching it closely. this is not what the smarties thought was going to happen. >> certainly a lot closer than the smarty smarts thought.
9:47 pm
i was cautioned it's early. you could be here for a long time tonight, shep. do you have a call to make? >> we don't. i was looking down to see where these counties are coming. it's too close. >> i think one thing you know for sure is rural america and specifically in virginia, minnesota and also possibly pennsylvania and then that part of north carolina, they have come out in a big way for trump. one of the things trump said about eight months ago, organization was overrated when he was criticized for not putting together his own organization and relying on the rnc to do it
9:48 pm
many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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states we're watching, still too close to call. florida as close as it can be. i can't see the monitor because of camera four. if we can look at florida, florida is 1.2% difference, donald trump leading in the state of florida, 95% of the votes in, and it's too close to call. next, north carolina -- i should say ohio which we've been watching all night. this is a stunning number. 65% of all pre sengts are reporting it looks as if from this board that donald trump has a 10.5 point lead.
9:51 pm
it depends where the outstanding counties are, but we'll know soon enough. ohio is still too close to call. north carolina, 79% of all precincts reporting, donald trump is holding on to his lead. wake county, north carolina, still outstanding. that will be, most likely, a large hillary clinton difference, but he's winning there, and in the state of virginia, by .3% with 83% of all precincts reporting, donald trump with a lead in virginia. the close tounts outside washington, d.c. which normally skew blue are yet to be tallied. ed rollins is here, dana perino is with us. what's the biggest surprise for you. >> if the spread is ten points in ohio -- he was favored to win ohio. clinton's polls must have been wrong earlier on, because they went back there several times to
9:52 pm
try to get that enthusiasm vote up for her. one thing about virginia, in 2014 when ed gillespie was running for the senate in virginia, it got to be about this close and ed gillespie almost won it. guess what killed it at the end? the towns right outside d.c. i don't won't know those until later tonight. >> the establishment walked away from gillespie, otherwise he would have been a senator. he was a great chairman and no one believed he could win there. a lot of people didn't believe trump could win. i think no matter what happened, he has basically proved his medal tonight. people like me who think they know how to run campaigns, totally irrelevant. he tapped into something in this country that none of us saw early on. >> down in florida, it is obviously still too close to call. we're not really -- donald trump is showing surprising strength
9:53 pm
down there. i guess it's african-americans aren't in, and the hispanic vote came in early, and the rural counties are crushing it for donald trump. >> i think that's the story everywhere. outside the big your gan areas, these people basically feel they've been neglected, pushed aside, they've been coming out in dramatically larger numbers than for romney four years ago. >> small town america, small rural america, the backbone of this nation. rural america is speaking in big voices tonight. still too close to call. this could go
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
i'm trace gallagher, more special election coverage from fox news headquarters in new york. polls will close at 10:00 eastern time in very crucial swing states. we'll be keeping a close eye on iowa, nevada and utah. here is a look how the presidential race is shaping up in north carolina where polls just closed nearly an hour ago. donald trump surprisingly has more than a 2.5 point lead in north carolina. some of the big counties yet to come in. it should be noted, extended some of the polling there in some of those precincts by an hour. polls were supposed to close at 8:00. instead some closed at 9:00. those numbers will be coming in a bit later on. we all know north carolina is a
9:57 pm
very big swing state. president obama won it in 2008, but mitt romney flipped the state red in 2012. in the battle for the senate, florida senator marco rubio held on to his seat. he was up against democratic congressman patrick murphy. if you think back, marco rubio said he didn't want to run for the senate in florida. he wanted to focus all his attention on the presidential race. he dropped out of that and rubio changed his mind, got back into the senate race. it was very close in polling until a couple weeks ago when marco rubio started to inch away, marco rubio holds that senate seat, key hold for republicans in the senate. it looks like there's a possibility they could hold the senate in total. in a hotly contested match in indiana, democrat ev bye lost to young in the senate seat. he was close in polling, but even democrats conceded that he
9:58 pm
did not run a very effective campaign. we are also keeping an close eye still on florida where steve harrigan is live for us in miami. what's it like down there, steve? >> trace, still too close to call in florida, of course, the biggest swing state and a key prize with 29 electoral votes. the key for democrats to win florida in the past has been to run up big margins in the big democratic counties in the south, miami, dade and broward county. that's what hillary clinton has done, running up more than a 500,000 vote advantage, in those two counties, more than double what president obama did four years ago. so far that has not been a enough. with more than 95% of the pre sengts counted, donald trump still has a 100,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. what is puzzling some at this point is amazingly strong
9:59 pm
support for donald trump outside of the big cities, outside of miami, outside of ft. lauderdale, outside of orlando, especially along the panhandle, just the small towns coming in huge for donald trump, giving him the lead despite huge democratic margins in the south. a couple of key questions, president obama won by less than one percent tan point four kbreers ago with a heavy townout from young voters and african-american voters. early on there were concerns that those two groups were underperforming for hillary clinton. in the final days of early voting, we saw a shift in that in the souls to the polls event at african-american churches. record turnout in parts of florida, still not enough for hillary clinton to take the lead back from donald trump.
10:00 pm
♪ you decide 2016 down to the wire with results from our local races and the nation's focus on what's happening right here at home. the vote count change brag our eyes right now. >> we've got reporters everywhere. your live election coverage in 302nd. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. election night 2016 finally here. it has basketball political


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