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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> reporter: i've been watching coverage on line, i went out west, i saw our fox owned station in oakland, across the bay from a san francisco, extreme violence going on right now, protests very angry with the result of this election, by the way, karen, thomas, later in the show, in the last hour, without these election day stress puppies with the pennsylvania spca, i tweeted overnight, i think we need a second day for those pup toys provide a lot of stress relief. i know i could use a puppy right now here in bridesburg. >> i think that's true for a lot of people. thank you so much, steve keeley. we'll monitor all of the situations steve was referring to, reaction come in from around the count. >> i certainly a lot of
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emotions involved. let's get out to lauren johnson live in bucks count which more reaction from the voters, driving in, you saw the light on. >> working in the emergency room, black man coming from work at a taco bell, hispanic woman, who works for service master, all every them had pretty strong reactions to the news. check it out. >> what is this interview about? >> the president. >> which one? >> our new president. >> hillary? >> nope. >> really? donald? oh, god. >> your thoughts? >> we're in a world of trouble. >> why do you say that. >> because he don't got no political backgrounds. >> i guess america want add change, they got their change. >> any thoughts on it? your personal thoughts? >> no, i figure i was kind of indifferent. because there was really no
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good choice. >> not happen. >> i no? >> why? >> i don't like him at all. i mean, he's too ignorant, i mean, i would rather have somebody more mature. >> what do you think his biggest downfall will be as the leader of our country? >> the way he talks, he doesn't know how to express as a president, like he doesn't have the right way to talk to people. >> when a victory speech after 3:00 this morning, donald addressed the people. he said who have not chosen to support him in the past, saying, i'm reaching out to you, for your guidance, and help, so we can unify our great country. so the sentiment out here this morning, so far, not a lot of excitement here in bucks county but we'll keep talking to people as they show up this morning, wake up to the news, and bring you their reactions coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, it is our reality most certainly, during the speech, the acceptance
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speech, trump did talk about unity. >> here in pennsylvania, fiersely close fight for one of the seats in the u.s. senate, republican pat toomey, clearly the winner here, 48.9%, 49%, to mcginty, 47%. talking about 99,000 votes separating the two. a fears battle here, also, very expensive one. >> and we were just hearing from someone talking about control of our congress right now. when steve keeley was reporting, so let's break it right down. the election right now for donald trump means republicans will keep control of the senate. this was the most expensive contest in u.s. senate history. >> early this morning, senator toomey con grated mcginty for running spirited campaign, great way to put it. shawnette wilson more on the victory celebration. >> senator pat too much toomey called this race against katie guinta dead heat. now he's calling it a victory, as the voters elect him to another term, six more years, in washington. he said that this was a tough fight. he said, most of those attack
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ads are false, but he said the voters in the end got it right. now the celebration party continues into the we hours of the morning. shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". >> so once again, just 99,000 votes separating the two. the competition between pat toomey and katie mcginty came down to the wire. we know that toomey won the pennsylvania senate race, but mcginty remained optimist he can to the end. >> let's get right to jeff cole with the result that far. >> regardless the result of elections, that great experiment is entrusted in our hands. we thought we would finds a way through this election to help safeguard it. that didn't work. but we can't not finds a way because our country and frankly all of the countries of the worlds depend on america getting democracy right. >> it has been a joy and it has been a journey.
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dow love the people of this commonwealth. and i love this country dearly. don't know how it will be or where it will be, but i look forward to tomorrow, and being able to make some contributions for the great and good people that we are blessed to call neighbors, friends, and fellow country men. god bless all of you and god bless these united state of america. >> once again katie mcginty it, has been determined that the republicans have won the u.s. senate. we've been watching this very closely with several key senate races across the country. not much after shift. we saw some go to the democrats, especially in nevada, illinois, with tammy duckworth, still republicans holding onto power in congress. >> completely with both the senate and in congress, republicans winning both the house of representativesment take a look at how this all shook out in this race. it means we have one party
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that has control of the whole schwab ankle right now at this time, when we talk about congress. so, we will break it all down. here it is. we can take a look at some of the numbers. one of our local races. this is brian fitzpatrick beating santasiero, 54% to 46%, i tell you it, the race has been one of the most closely watched in the country, rightfully so, not just the us presidential rays, but also the shift in congress. also the house, as well. >> history also made in delaware, we had historic election for newly elected house representative, lisa blunt rochester. we will break it all down, as well, some of the first women, first african women. >> all across the country here, monitoring the situation with the latest results. we'll have that coming up there. she is. also, popular clothing store in philadelphia, and some hot water for giving the wrong voter id information. we'll explain this, coming up in just a moment. stay with us.
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welcome back, if you were just waking up just joining us, donald trump defied the pundants, the polls to the very end, defeating hillary clinton in last night's presidential election, speaking to cheering supporters, just a short time ago at his victory party in new york city. now, president-elect says it is time for us to come together as one united people. donald trump will become the 45th president of our country. >> we should point out hillary clinton has yet to speak.
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right before making one of the biggest speeches of his career, trump had a special call from paul ryan, the house speaker called to congratulate him on his victory, ryan who criticized trump during his campaign says he is eager to work with the new administration to advance the republican agenda. but first he urns the gop to work toward bringing the country together, after this devisive election. >> we also now know who won some of the big contests in our area, who will be replacing kathleen kane at our attorney general of pennsylvania. it will be democrat, josh shapiro, the winner, beating out republican contender john rafferty. you can see the celebration there, in king of prussia, at the sheraton valley forge hotel last night, along with so many friends and supporters. so let's bring in the actual numbers and see how that one all shook out in that race. how close was it? let's take a look. yes, talking about the race for pennsylvania's eighth district congressional seat here. republican brian fitzpatrick has defeated democrat steve
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santaiero. the race one of the most closely watched in the country 54 to 46% here, talking about just 38,000 vote. of course, fitzpatrick's brother, mike, is the retiring incumbent. democrats, john carney, has been elected governor in delaware, let's take a look at the latest numbers coming out of delaware, certainly strong night for democrats. john carney capturing 58% of the vote, compared to colin bonini, 81,000 votes raining the two. certainly big wins for democrats in the state of delaware. >> and taking both the governor's race and the state's one seat in congress. so we know little bit about john carney, who served three terms in congress, been around for quite some time, leaving washington to become delaware's next governor. he says the death of beau biden hit him very hard, but still inspires him to keep pushing forward. >> well, it feels like the bar is a little bit higher in
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terms of what do you have put into this. given that, you know, and i'll never forget that as the backdrop for the start of this tan just makes me ream eyes that i got to work harder. >> and history was also made when delaware elected both the first female and first african-american inch sending lisa blood rochester to washington as us representative. she said she is still trying to just grass up this moment. >> once again still watching some senate races, the numbers still coming in thinning mo, still changing so we'll update you throughout the morning. of course if you are headed out we still have to contends with the elm outside. sue serio, good morning to you. >> yes, after long stretch of dry weather looks like we may have some elements to contends, with because here comes the rain that we promised you yesterday, it is on our doorstep with a cold front, that will give us chillier temperatures than we had yesterday. and yesterday did turn out to be perfect weather, for anybody, no matter what were you doing, we've got the cold
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front on our doorstep as we said, we zoom in, show you where the rain is this morning, most of what we're seeing is up toward the mountains, maybe couple of showers around perkasie there. and then in lancaster county, seeing some rain, so eventually this will trick kneel our area, and start off as rain that's not very heavy. and it doesn't look like we will get a lot of rain, but the timing for philadelphia, looks like about 7:00, 8:00 right in the thick of rush hour, wet roadways, again, we haven't contended when this for awhile during a rush hour, so make sure to awe law some extra time today. people always seem to forget how to drive in the rain after its eight been a while. looks like this rain will be with us on and off throughout the rest of the day, we've got it moving out, the first batch, by about 2:00 p.m. but then we get some wrap around moisture, maybe a couple of heavy downpours, but probably no more than a half inch of rain for most of us out of this cold front. then some clearing overnight. we will get chillier temperatures tomorrow. as you walk out the door right now, not as cold as it was yesterday. 52 degrees in philadelphia. forty-seven in mount pocono,
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53 down in dover, delaware. for election day, our official high temperature was 69 degrees, almost made it to 70. not so warm today with 57. stay in the 50's tomorrow. then we head into the cold day on saturday, recovering, to the mid to up ear's on sunday, and that's a look at your # day forecast, so bob kelly, yes, you have to find that umbrella, maybe still in the trunk of your car? >> i don't know what happened to it. i think it was laying behind my desk there last week, but that's right, first one out of the house gets the best umbrella you know the deal. 4:19, looking live at the roosevelt boulevard, just pick up construction near the schuylkill. live look at the skyline, from south jersey, no problems at the moment. up and over the ben franklin bridge. we do have disable vehicle, south on the northeast extension, right near the mid-county interchange. so look out if you are coming from q town or lansdale. good morning to delaware. wiper wednesday, as sue mentioned, allow some extra time, and everybody seems to forget how to drive in the
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rain. we haven't had that nor a while. so it will impact some portion of our morning rush hour. so be ready for that to cause some delays. septa, good to go. yesterday, we had that first full day of service, full service on the buses, trains, trolleys, if the questions continue to come in, what am i going do about the credit that i'm owed on my trans pans cents just go to, they've got the whole game plan listed for you. otherwise off to nice quiet start this morning on all of the major roadways. thomas, karen, back to you. >> a lot of people up late, opportunity pay extra attention, once again, donald trump, several congressmen in new jersey have won re-election, done al norcross scored devisive victory keeping his seat in the first congressional district in south jersey. looking at the latest numbers, 59% to 37%. talking about just a 60,000 vote difference here. 156,000 for the incumbent, the democrat, donald norcross. republican tom macarthur who represents burlington and
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ocean counties in the thirds district had more than 60% of the vote. let's take look at the latest numbers in that race. talking about 59.6%, 60% to 39%. just 60,000 votes in this race, as well. with 176,000, for macarthur, 114 for his opponent. >> it is 4:21, let's get to other big ticket issues a periods on the ballots in new jersey from expanding casino gambling, to how to dedicate money to the gas tax. voters let their opinions be heard at the ballots, here's what happened. let's start with what to do with the money earned from the gas tax increase. voters approved a constitutional amendment dedicating gas tax proceeds. all of the money to transportation project. that was the question on the ballot. locking in more than $1 billion a year in new revenue, new money, from that enacted 23 cents gas tax hike. this will prevent governors and future lawmakers from divert that money each year to other project they may want, and instead provide steady
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stream of money to specifically to financing a eight year, $16 billion transportation program, that includes $12 billion in borrowing, $500 million a year in pay as you go spending. >> so, let's take a look at the final numbers from that, 54%, to 46%, that was the transportation dedicated tax. so the question was could the money be divert in the no. vet ers said it could not t has to go to transportation. >> big referendum, whether casino gambling can expand beyond atlantic city for the first time, ballot question number one whether to authorize two new casinos in separate counties in north jersey. in an overwhelming response, this was a big no, people just certainly didn't want the expansion of the casinos. so, let's take a look at the if latest numbers, 78%, no, 22%, agreeing to this measure, of course, it failed. and let's take a look at the wildwoods, big question there, changing their name, the big question. it turned out north wildwood
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will keep its name after a push to have it changed. let's take look at some of the numbers right there that comes in. because the whole area, we call the wildwoods, north wildwood wanted to be called anglesea. >> certainly small amount of people signing the petition this summer supporting the proposal, but it was on the ballot. >> now to the other big issues on the ballot in pennsylvania, there was a question about whether to allow more than a thousand a pep al district judges to remain their injuries from the age of 07 all the way up to 75. the current mandatory retirement age is 706789 yesterday voters gave the big nod. they approved that measure. there it is, that was close one though. very interestingly, very close one. maybe following some of the lines along the presidential race, as well, because that was obviously a very close contest here in pennsylvania. but that was the final vote. they will expanding expands thao 75. >> so, the time now once again, 4:23, if you are just waking up, donald trump, president-elect being spoke in
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the three # hour. we have yet to hear from hillary clinton who said she will wait until later this morning to talk to her supporters. we are following the latest numbers, they're still coming in. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> we have this developing story, that's coming in right now from our olney
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neighborhood in philadelphia. two officers were injured when suspect's car slammed into their cruiser, the driver who crashed into them was speeding away from police, they say, when this collision happened, at 21st and cumberland streets, emergency crews race to the scene. >> this was about 11:00 last evening. >> the information still coming in. both officers suffered broken bones, and were taken to the hospital in stable condition. the suspect, took off, but police caught up with him short time later. he is facing long list of charges, including, two count of aggravated assault, and driving on a suspended license. >> coming up at 4:30, we have continuing coverage of you decide 2016. if you're just waking up, donald trump has won the presidential election capturing the popular vote, in the electoral vote, 270 plus. we'll be right back.
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>> now it's time to bind the wounds of division, to come together, as all republicans, democrats, independents across this nation. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. (cheers) i pledge to every citizens of our land that i
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will be president for all america and this is so important to me. >> it is over, donald trump wins in one of the biggest political upsets in the history of the united states. hillary clinton concession call, as there are sweeping victories this morning. >> topping drayton along with karen hepp, we saw donald trump speaking to the crowd shortly after 3:00 addressing the nation, hillary clinton's campaign manager, came out before that, addressing of course the headquarters there. saying that hillary clinton will not n speaking tonight, she will be addressing her supporters, addressing the nation, in the early hours of the morning. or later this morning, we should know. it is wednesday, november 9th, as we mentioned, the day after the election, we have a new president-elect, and that is donald trump. we're going to get to the weather and traffic in just a moment. but first, let's start with the new president of the united state. >> as i've said from the
4:32 am
beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs, who want and expect our government to serve as the people and serve the people it will. (cheers). >> that was donald trump, moments after winning the election, beating out hillary clinton in this election by such a narrow margin, even picking up some states known to vote more democratic. >> pennsylvania being one. we haven't seen that since 1988. so let's take a look at how trump won the president i he reached the goal winning more than 270 electoral votes with 276. hillary clinton with 218.
4:33 am
the difference in the popular vote was 571,000 votes. >> let's break it down on the state level and see who won which state. you see the big map of the red and the blue. donald trump winning at least 27 states, including those bell well ers in this one, pennsylvania, the battle ground states, north carolina and florida we new when florida tipped that would be pivotal one. hillary clinton winning at least 19 including new jersey and delaware. >> so, this morning, we have crews getting reaction to this presidential race, all around our area. we've got steve keel any center sit. >> i we also have lauren johnson live in the suburbs getting reaction to donald trump's victory. but we begin this morning, with steve keeley. we mention we have to go back to 88, 20 electoral vote here in play. and it happened. >> yes, michael dukakis, who i remember interviewing, by the way, i want to go back to 2003 now, thomas. you're in the going to believe this. and it is 4:30 in the morning, i manage to get there is the power of this show, i hold in
4:34 am
my hand a legitimate pennsylvania car registration, because you and the rest of the viewers watching our show are not going to believe this guy's license plate. that is a legitimate pennsylvania license plate. all right? chris, get down there, show it, you see the sticker on there, everything, howard doesn't want us to show his address, which i understand, but he lives close by. and you can see the plate right under the date, expiration october 31, 2017. and you see the plate it, is his plate, trump. all right? you see that there, chris? right there. all right? now, howard doesn't want his face on because we've seen people not so happy as lauren had in her first live shot at 4:00 with the results of the election. howard, you wanted him to be president since 2003. that's how long you've had this plate? >> that's correct, yes. i bought the car in 2003. and three months later i applied for the vanity trump tag because donald trump, he
4:35 am
actually does a lot of good. gives awe lot of good ideas, how to make money, stay alive. >> so i ask your reaction, you're from the bridesburg area, i wondered what kind of reaction you get when you drove around specially lately with him running for president? probably before you got ignored, but now probably getting a lot of ring? >> i get a lot of thumbs-up, you know, couple maybe single fink else, but mostly thumbs-up. it has all been positive. >> have you been awake watching this all night? did you see his acceptance speech, his victory speech? >> yes, i did, i stayed up all night with my stepson terrence, we stayed up, he actually just went to bed, but i'm still up. so i figure i would come get a sandwich, come see you. >> what do you think? were you surprised by his victory? all of the polls had him down. pollsters san the washington heads know nothing? >> i think that's correct. my wife said that it is all going to be silent. and you're just going to see one big blast, you know, and that's the way it happened. it was all just dead silence,
4:36 am
you know, couldn't find a sign if you wanted one, and all the sudden ten came out of no where. you know, just cinderella guy, cinderella. >> now you have a very special plate there, howard, and again, i wish i had some bet some money on you in 2003, i'm sure you're pretty good at picking football games too on sundays? >> actually, no, i do better on the lottery. two numbers came out tonight. i had i the three digit and the four digit. >> if donald trump saw that plate, i'm sure, what is that, a buick sky lark? >> grand marquis? grand marquis, sounds like a trump kind of car, there is the registration back, keep it, by the way, you will probably be frame that, too, so hopefully the next four years, maybe eight years goes, very smooth and get thumb up from everybody fours year from now rather than maybe middle finger now and then. howard, thank you for waking up, enjoy your 7-eleven sandwich, can you believe it, karens, thomas? how about that for 4:30 interview?
4:37 am
>> and he hit the lottery? that's one of those people you just put him in all of the polling place toss figure out and predict what will actually happen. >> specially with the stock market ready to tumble any minute when it opens. maybe howard is the guy to invest in, instead. >> we saw the world markets react as well, up and down, mostly down, but we will be monitoring that throughout the morning as well. steve, thank you for. that will avenue feeling we'll see a lot more of those license plates, trump one, two, three, so for the. >> lauren johnson in bucks county one of the 67 counties in pennsylvania, good morning to you, lauren. >> good morning, thomas. still trying get reaction from people here at the wawa in bucks county. really hard to find a lot of people who are excited about the news of donald trump being our president-elect, but we did talk to some people. here's what they had to say. >> happy. >> tell me why? >> he's who i supported. i thought the other side was really problematic, and not honest. >> did you agree with it? do you like it? do you not like it. >> well, i don't like it, no.
4:38 am
>> why not? >> because everything that i heard from him, what he say, i don't like that. >> not good for him to be our president. >> are you worried? >> yes. >> about? >> what the outcome will be, the next four years. what he's going do for the poor people. what's his move? what is he going to do? >> when you find out, i mean, most of the country voted for him, does that make you feel anyway? >> i guess i'm a little surprised. because a lot of people didn't vote, vocal eyes their opinions, but then again, it could run either way. >> but it went the way where donald trump won 27 state. off camera one man told us he's just too discussed to speak. in his victory speech the president-elect says we'll see common grounds, not hostility, partnership, not hostility t he went ton say i've gotten to know our country so well, tree
4:39 am
tremendous potential, it will be a beautiful thing. that will message could be the beginning of his promise during his entire campaign to make america great again. now we'll have to wait four more years to see exactly what happens, and that's what everyone here at the wawa says they're wait to go see. thomas, karen? >> all right, the word from the wawa, thank you, lauren? we talked about this briefly just moment ago. popular clothing store in philadelphia pretty hot watt for giving the wrong voter id information. >> usually controversial urban outfitters, right after the break, also a check on the world markets and our local markets, as well.
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>> welcome back, time now 4:41, urban outfitters apologizing this morning. >> over a tweet they sent out. it was about voting and what you needed to do in order to vote, the followers say contain false information on what you need to vote. in the tweet it claimed voters would need an i.d., and registration card for before casting a bol the. not true. no states require a registration cards. eight states can ask voters for government issued id. pole workers in pennsylvania and new jersey may not ask for id unless a vote is her casting a ballot for the very first time. >> company now apologizing on twitter saying, quote, we're deeply sorry about the error in the voting guide. it has been correct. now includes link to state by state requirements. warning the reactions happening in our area around the world certainly, to all
4:43 am
every these races, and even financially, has been big swings, dips overnight. >> talking about the us stock market. being affected by the outcome of this presidential election, we will break down the numbers, the nikkae, as well, coming up in just a moment. sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside
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remember your umbrella, yes, you're going to need it today, which is why we're giving awe five out of ten in your weather by the numbers, it will be chillier with temperatures, and with this cold front coming through, it will take about all day for that to happen. you're going to get on and off showers. some of them have already started, in our area, as you see, on ultimate doppler radar, and we zoom in, it is mostly the northern and western suburbs, getting light rain at the moment. so if you're up in the pocono mountains, you might be seeing light rain, lancaster, berks county, around reading, around lancaster, around sadsbury there, probably very light rain at the time, but here's the future cast showing you rain in the middle of the busy part of rush hour, here 17:00 a.m. there is some heavier rain moving, in not deluge, but it will be annoying throughout the rest of the morning, early afternoon, and then, as we see the rain start to pull away, see some wrap around moisture, basically on and offer, even though it won't be in total a lot of rain, it is going to be
4:47 am
with us for most of us throughout the rest of the day. it is really not until here we are at 8:00 still seeing some dribs and drabs there, about 11:00 that it is all gone. but, maybe half inch, .4 of an inch, when all is said and done, so not as much as we could use, it is really much needed rain that's coming today. and it is not as chilly as yesterday at this time. 52 degrees in philadelphia, 47 up in the mountains, 57 in wildwood. we're headed to a high of 57 degrees, now, we got close to 70 yesterday. that's going away. fifty-eight tomorrow. veterans day looks good, high of 60 degrees, with increasing clouds. another cold front really chills things out for saturday. high around 50 degrees, and a cold start on sunday, but nice recovery for the eagles game with a high of 56. and that's your seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> sue, around the clock, election coverage would not be possible without the candy basket. now take a look here, we refilled this kim of times. but this box of nerds
4:48 am
continues to remain in that basket since last week. we've now switched from the peanut fun size m and m answerer, now have the regular m and m's that popped to the top. but this box of nerds has stayed there since last week. >> i95 and the turnpike, no problems at the moment. outside we go, good morning to the schuylkill expressway, disable here, this is right on the schuylkill, right near montgomery, but all of the construction pick up and we have dry roads right now but a rainy rush hour on the way. sue just mentioned. so factor in some extra time. expect some slower than normal speeds this morning. watch yourself on all of the construction zones. it is always difficult to see those lane markers, especially now, that we get some rain before we start to see some daylight. that's going to throw folks for a loop. we'll have some weather delays, of course, during the day as we get ready for take off here, down at philadelphia international airport. so just check with your airline again before you actually head down there.
4:49 am
probably going to sigh delays up and down the east costes the rain moves in, as we get into the height of our rush hour, septa, full service, buses, trains, trolleys, rolling without a problem. yesterday we had few glitches on the line here or, there but knock really out of the ordinary. watch for weather delays, though, that certainly will impact, especially, the regional rails, they have all of those leaves that have fallen out on the paoli line, then if you are looking for your credit from the trans passions, you just go to the website at september thomas, karen, back to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:49. >> and let's take a look at video that's just come into our news room. this is donald trump arriving at the trump tower in new york city after his major upset and win in the presidential election. >> his headquarters, hillary clinton's headquarters just a mile and a half apart. so let's take a look at some of the newspaper headlines here at 4:49. the day after the election, just to cover of the philadelphia daily news with the headline i can't look. certainly a devisive election, a loft emotions in play.
4:50 am
heard it at one of the wawa's coming into work in south jersey. people already talking about this one, the good, the bad and moving forward. >> this one, i take a look at the new york papers up there, good headline writers, "house of horrors" from the daily news, they did not want trump to win. they came out certainly for hillary clinton, that's their front cover today. >> and the new york post with the headline president trump. of course we heard from president-elect trump during the 3:00 hour addressing the nation saying it is time for us to move forward and work together. funny looking at twitter looking at facebook, a lot of people reacting after this long election season with emojis. >> yes. >> i don't know if they're fatigued from staying up late in early morning hours, but it is a happy face, indecisive face perhaps, but we do have a new president-elect this morning. great to have you with us. >> so many of the pundants and the polls got it so wrong that we're going to be breaking this down, going over what happened, and trying to get our country back together again in terms of unity, that's what everyone --
4:51 am
>> a loft people holding ton their vote, not necessarily telling the pollsters prior to the election telling who they will vote for, we that you late last night into the early morning hours. >> 45:00; donald trump's family gathering around him very tightly as the results were rolling in. >> their earing full every nail biting moments. >> this photo, watching the numbers come, in of course, some of the first returns at the trump tower, like many voters, they watched the coverage obviously on television, and then it turned to jubilation later as they realize they had numbers to throw them over the top. >> course the markets reacting, that straight ahead. >> one of our top stories this morning, the us stock market has been affected by the outcome of the presidential election, the dow jones industrial average fell 792 points, this is the dow futures overnight, by 5%. world markets also down, london, stocks fell for over
4:52 am
4% in hong kong, the nikkae, falling 3%. >> it's been roller coaster. watch it, it will change before the open this morning. >> the canadian immigration website has crashed. >> as a results began to come into, twitter exploded with posts that the site wsa was down, as the results, as we mentioned, came in, twitter exploded with posts that the site crashed in both english and french, the message that the page could not be found was all over the internet. visitors saw that. they saw the 500 internal server error message, which is the message we often again when a site goes down a lot of people talking about leaving the country, now that donald trump has been elected the next president. >> that's so interesting. all of the people actually looking into maybe doing that when show saw those numbers, they wanted to see can they i am great to canada. well, that's an interesting one, it caused a crash. >> skyfox was over just a few of the polling locations in our area that experienced high voter turn out.
4:53 am
>> let's take a look at this view, where pole watchers say the students waiting until well past 10:00 evening to vote. >> this was a scene from our area. we're going to continue to stay on top of all of latest numbers, and the reaction, how we're all getting up and dealing with this news as we begin this day. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. >> welcome back, there you see it, so this one is already in the books, and we had so many
4:56 am
tense moments lasting until the early hours every this morning. >> after hours of close vote counts and consecutive upsets, favor org donald trump, the republican nominee emerged victorious. donald trump celebrating victory early this morning. tuesday evening started offer well enough for clinton as vote totals began to come in. clinton's lead in several key states began to sling giving way to a lead for donald trump. we saw this in several battleground states like ohio, florida, and north carolina. and then trump pulling out ahead taking more key state like arizona, and pennsylvania, in the end, pulling offer a victory to become the next president, the 45th president of the united states. >> we saw it all over facebook and twitter, so many of you voting out there. let's take a look from skyfox over a few of the polling locations in our area, with some pretty high turn out. >> this was the scene in west philadelphia. we also had this looks like west philadelphia, we also had skyfox over collegeville, and also look at the lines there,
4:57 am
all of the way stretching back, you know, four people across there. we also went to gilbertsville. now, of course, all of those polls closed at 8:00. but we all know if you're in line, then your vote can count. and that is the situation all across the country. >> you saw this all over social media. take a lock at this, tweet by a temple student. according to that student, some people were waiting in line well after the polls closed. the time given here was about 10:00. we heard that from several polling stations, the lines were about 90 minutes up to two hours wait. >> steady all day long. the time right now, 4:57. when you wanted your voice heard it, has been, snow is the decision, that the greater part of america has made, how are we all going to come doing now that we have this new president-elect? we will give you the reaction, and the local races in our area, and how the math will play out with the senate and the congress, as well.
4:58 am
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>> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us, on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together.


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