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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us, on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. >> trump has been elected
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president of this country. pulling offer one of the biggest political upsets in american history. >> great to have you with us, thomas drayton along with karen hepp. certainly was a late night, early morning, we've been watching, saw florida go back and forth, of course the key battlegrounds state going for donald trump. we also have you that with ohio, and north carolina, as well. on top that far this morning we will be talking about the weather, rain on the way. >> there is. carry the umbrellaed. >> goo, more bob kelly, certainly will affect the traffic. >> probably do traffic and weather together. >> we'll get a check on that in a moment. a lot of us having coffee this morning, having little bit of canned. >> i and the nail flap, all bitten down. you no what we need? to have a big eagles win on sunday, to bring us altogether. >> you need a refill, too. >> yes, i need more coffee. all races from all over our area covered right now. the big news of course, is the presidential race. >> donald trump elected as the 45th president of the united state beating out hillary clinton in a close race. let's take a look at how trump
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won the he reached the goal with more than 270 electoral votes, 276, hillary clinton had 218. seeing the popular vote there with 48% to 47%. the difference in the popular vote 571,000. >> so, let's see which nominee, which one states, we had all of the speculation before. here's where it stands right now, donald trump won at least 27 state, including pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. hillary clinton won at least 19. including new jersey, and delaware. >> we talk about the emotions involved in this election, this morning, we have crews getting reaction to the presidential race, all across our area. lauren johnson is live, getting reaction to donald trump's victory. >> but first, let's start with steve keel any center city getting some reaction on this race. >> steve, good morning. >> reporter: karen, i can read your minds, what the heck is he holding in his hands here? >> oh, yes. >> at the 7-eleven in bridesburg which probably is the coolest place to be the
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day after presidential election, this historic. look, we always use all of the props we can, and you see, they have seven elections, they have coffee cups, if you didn't know, so, you can give your preference on who you wanted by what coffee cup you chose when you are pouring your own coffee. and maybe all of those pollsters that got this so awfully wrong should have came here to this 7-eleven in bridesburg, because since the election is over they went back to the regular coffee cups. but i went back into the storeroom, they only had few republican cups left over, but they have plastic bags full of left over blue democratic cups. maybe if all of those pointy heads from washington came here for cup of coffee, they would have said, hey, something's a miss, with our polls, trump could be winning this thing. so anyway, we talk to one guy buying his coffee this morning, and he was not that surprised at all. >> i just hope good things to come. he has all of the power now
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too. what says he wants to do within the first 100 days of his election. let's hope he does. >> now, do you have confidence he can get the job done, and not be an embarrassment like maybe a lot of people thought he was in the past up to now? >> oh, yes, i am definitely sure he can. i mean, you know, i remember him through the 80s, and the 90s, and all of the bankrupcies and whatever. but the thing is he always came back. >> my friends jim there, i know we had that word hope eight years ago, and but there is renewed hope we can say from the people who are meeting this morning. so, not a lot of act here in bridesburg, and we showed you the man with the trump license plate. we'll have him up in a half hour. but notice the newspaper stands here, everybody coming their get several copies of what they say are going to be historic newspapers, but no no newspapers here yet. because that deadline went way beyond the normal publishing deadline, and they are printing lot of extra copies,
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believe me, so we will be talking to more people here, at the bridesburg 7-eleven, get more reaction, and we will be having that all morning here today. >> so what you are saying it, all came down to cup of coffee. next predictions? >> not at all. >> all right, steve, thank you. >> let's get to lauren johnson in bucks county with the reaction that is happening there. good morning, lauren. >> hey, good morning, karen, so we are seeing a wave of change here at the wawa, few more trump supporters showed up in the last 30 minutes, most all of them agree that our country needed change. here's what they had to say. >> improbably the happiest man in the world right now. >> you are? tell me why? >> yes, i just think we need better for this country. hillary proven to be a liar. she's proven that she's not fit. she doesn't -- i mean, look, tonight she wouldn't even stand in front of the crowd after she lost. she left. what's that tell you? she going to do that to our county
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from. >> the country needed a change. and i think as good start. we'll see what happens. you know, hopefully it works out for everybody, you know? some people disappointed. other are hey. but, you know, we got to stay as one. >> make america great again. i'm actually happy that he is president, and not hillary. >> tell me why? what did you see in him as the candidate? >> for lack of better words, he has more u m.p.h., not afraid to speak what's on his minds, he's not going to late down for anybody. >> well, many of them praising president-elect trump for his bold and provocative nature. most everyone says he should focus first on jobs and the economy, to that ends in his victory speech, trump said i have spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in people and project all over the world. that is now what i have to do. and that's now what his supporters say they are waiting on, his campaign promise to make america great again. karen, thomas? >> it is a new morning, i'm
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sure you'll be hearing a lot more reaction as the hours go on, lauren, thank you. here in pennsylvania, fiercely close price for one of the state in the u.s. senate. republican pat toomey is the winner. >> so it is about 1:30 this morning when senator toomey came out to deliver his acceptance speech. in a packed room of supporters, he congratulated mcginty for running very spirited campaign. and those are the numb berks how this one all shook out, again, very, very close race. >> let's face it. this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was an all time record amount of money spent against us. a lot of the ads were just outright thoughts. but, you know, the voters were smart enough to figure it out as they usually are. and let me just tell you the truth about my record and my approach to government, it is really pretty simple. i don't think the government should be wasting as much money as it wastes, i don't think it should g spending as much of its money at it spends. i don't think taxes should be as high as they are.
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i don't think the better government -- >> this is one of the toughest races in the entire country, so earlier when mcginty conceded, she talked about how tough it was. >> once again, katie mcginty has lost the senate race for pennsylvania. we are talking about 99,000 votes separating the two. she remained optimistic to the very ends. >> regardless the result of elections, that great experiment is entrust in the our hands. we thought we would finds a way up there this election to help safeguard t that didn't work. but we can't not find a way because our country and, frankly, all of the countries of the world, depends on america getting democracy right s. >> in her high profile race against pat toomey, proved to be very expensive one. a record breaking one at
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$155 million. >> donald trump defined the pundant and polls to the ends defeating hillary clinton in last night's presidential election, speak to go cheering supporters early this morning, at his victory party in new york city, now president-elect says it is time for us to come together, as one united people. donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states of america. and right before making one of the biggest speeches of his career, trump got special call from paul ryan. the house speaker called to congratulates him on his victory. ryan as you know criticized trump during the campaign. now, saying, he's eager to work with the new administration to advance the republican agenda. but first, he urges the gop to work toward bringing the country together after this devisive election. >> lots of other big races were determined, in pennsylvania, who is going to be the attorney general, filling in kathleen kane's seat. turns out it will be democrat josh shapiro, beating out john rafferty. shapiro celebrate in the king of prussia at the very tan valley forge hotel last night along with so many of his friends, family, fellow
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democrats. in the race for pennsylvania's eighth district the congressional seat there republic brian fit patrick has defeated democrat steve santasiero, his brother is the retiring incumbent. >> so right back to this owes presale -- to had presidential election, the hot bed of all of it in new york. >> right out to lauren joining us from new york, it came down to these battleground states. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, karen, yes it, certainly d we're right in the middle of the thick of it, just behind me is where donald trump had his victory rally, so far he crossed the needed 270 threshold right now, he has 274. the key swing states, that put him over the edge, florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa, he even brought in states like wisconsin, pennsylvania, traditionally democratic states. , place that is hillary clinton had hoped she would
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hold on for, we're still waiting to hear about michigan. but at this point this is trump's race, folks definitely turned out to the polls this year for him. >> lauren, what's happening in new york right now? you have this is where both the candidates headquarters were. what's the re there is? what kind of things are you seeing on the streets and are people saying? >> reporter: right now it is just about 5:00 a.m. here in mid town manhattan. it is an odd mix, people are not only going to bed right now but they are also waking up. soap the city kind in this odd area after flux between people who are still celebrating trump's win, and those who are, you know, sad because their candidate, hillary clinton, didn't win. a lot of people out this morning, my producer and bring notice ago lot of cars on the street. so this, a lot of horns honking, the streets were full here around fox news just maybe an hour ago. >> and lauren, quickly here, are we hearing anything more from the hillary clinton camp? >> yes, so last night, it was
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an interesting move. we didn't hear from hillary clinton. we have heard from her campaign chairman john pedesta. they ended up calling trump and conceding the rales. we are spec to go hear from hillary clinton later this morning, we don't have an exact time or location yet, but we do know she is still in the sit. >> i all right, lauren, thank you so much. whenever that happens of course we'll bring it to you live out there. thank you so much. we appreciate that vantage point there at the fox news headquarters, it is 5:12,. >> much different scene from what we saw president bark ac owe became a, saw people celebrating in the early morning hours, certainly not the case here. time now 512:67:89 local politician breaking barriers in delaware. the historic election for newly elected president lisa blunt rochester. >> and also, from so many questions that were on the ballot, as well, really important ones that affect you and your community from expanding casino gambling to
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how to dedicate the money from gas tax, we'll tell you how you voted on all of these big ticket issues affecting our area.
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>> 5:15, your wednesday morning, our number of the day is a five. that's half of yesterday's number. why is that? because we've got rain on the way. and we're not used to it, it has been very dry year. as we mentioned, yesterday, the whole year, deficit of about 5 inches every rain, and specially this fall, it has been very dry. so we could use rain.
5:16 am
we're just not going to get a lot of t the problem is it will come right at the morning rush hour when it will be very inconvenient. so talk about where the rain is right now, see it moving across the state of pennsylvania here, we have rain mostly in our northern and western suburbs, right now, mount pocono, also, getting some rain there. we have sadsbury, lancaster, down east nottingham, chester county, seeing rain start to move in there, as well. future cast, does have rain coming in to philadelphia. maybe 6:30, 7:00. is when we start to see rain along the i95 corridor. maybe heavy at times, but not lasting whole long time, the heavy rain, not speccing it to add up to whole lot. it will be annoying us on and off throughout the day. just remember how much we need the rain, any rain, we get. so you see 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon, will affect both rush hours today that rain, doesn't really get out of here until about 10:00 or 11:00 at night. skies clear overnight, back to
5:17 am
chillier weather again. so future rainfall totals just have us at half inch at the moment from whole day of rain. 52 degrees, is our current temperature, 49 in wilmington. 46 degrees in mount pocono, and 57 in wildwood. here's your seven day forecast, up ear's again today. about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. and that 58 with the sunshine returning tomorrow. here's veterans day friday, high of 60, then we lose 10 degrees again on saturday with another cold front that comes through. we will be off to very chilly start on sunday. temperatures in the 30, a but for the eagles game it looks like temps in the mid 50's, if you have tickets, then warm back into the lower 60s, by tuesday of next week. so, just one day of rain, bob kelly, and that one is today. >> you got it, having some rain, how about some scrapple with your rain? it is national scrapple day. ya or nay? talking growing up in the neighborhood, ya, sundays morning was mass, breakfast with eggs, scrapple and
5:18 am
catsup, and then a bag of donuts from holmesburg bakery. that's what we did on a sunday morning, right now no problems at all coming into the city nifty 50 on the schuylkill expressway. crews did not work on the vine street expressway last night. so opened up there. good morning to wilmington, delaware, we got fire location right at riddle and mill road just off that 202/95 interchange, but no problems up and down 95, or 495, good shape this morning, as sue mentioned, we got rain on the way, so grab that umbrella give yourselves some extra time as we get into the rush. everyone will get there little slower than we did yesterday. and as you roll up through 202, or any of the construction zones, just look out, if you are headed to the airport, expect weather delays at philadelphia international airport. nothing right now on the tote boards, but as that rain moves in, it is not only going to impact here in philadelphia, but also the new york airports and of course that will just cause domino effect for the rest of the day. septa, back in business, full service, bus, trains, trolleys, just had some minor little delays yesterday. but today i think we will see
5:19 am
some weather delays on the regional rails, especially that paoli line, that gets the slippery rales from all of the leaves that have fallen recently, and if you are looking for your credit for the transpasses from the strike days, all do you have do is go to their website at thomas, karen, back to you. >> thanks for the info, bob. >> to other races right now, democrat john carney has been elected governor of delaware. >> big wins this morning, for democrats, in that state. >> yes, they've won 58 to 39%, of course, taking both the governor's race and the state's one seed in -- seat in congress. we talked about john cash high served three terms in congress, leaving washington to become delaware ace next governor. he said the death of beau biden hit him hard still inspires him to keep pushing forward. >> it feels like the bar is a little bit high nerve terms of what you have to put into this, given that, you know, and i'll never forget that as the backdrop for the start of this, and just makes me
5:20 am
realize that i've got to work harder. >> history was also made when delaware elected both the first female and first african-american in sending lisa blunt rochester to washington. democrat mike herr ski has won the mayoral race in delaware. >> so let's take a look at the control of the house right now. and how that all shook out when we take a look at new jersey. we had some big moves there not necessarily expected. >> some congressmen in new jersey won re-election, norcross scored devisive victory keeping his seat in south jersey, 59 to 37 press. republican tom macarthur who rep sense burlington, ocean counties in the thirds district more than 06% of the vote winning his re-election. >> we also will a lot of very important ballot questions affecting our area, talking about expanding casino gambling in north jersey thousand spends that monday that i we will have from raising the gas tax. so we will breakdown how you
5:21 am
voted on these very important issues. >> plus, where marijuana is gaining popularity. we are seeing this across the country. we'll explain after last night's election. >> but first, are you waking to up some money here is a look at the lottery numbers. good luck.
5:22 am
5:23 am
welcome back on this day after the election, so many issues we're waking to up and dealing with. start with issues that was a ballot question specifically
5:24 am
in new jersey. >> from expanding casino gambling how to dedicate money to the gas tax, voters let their opinions be heard at the ballots yesterday. let's start what to do to do with the money from the gas takes? voted constitutional amendment dedicating to transportation project. locking in more than $1 billion a year in new revenue from the recently enacted 23 cents gas tax. you see right there, 54% yes, 46% no. this will prevent governors or legislators from diverting the revenues each year instead provide a steady stream of revenue to finance a eight year, 16 billion-dollar transportation program that includes $12 billion in borrowing and 500 million a year in a pay to go spending. we showed you the numbers, 54% to 46% no. here is another big referendum, big issue to deal, with casino gambling outside of atlantic city specifically they wanted to throw it up there in north jersey, the first time they had this ballot question there. number one asks whether to
5:25 am
authorize two new casinos in separate counties in north jersey. and the response on this one was overwhelming. people voted no on this referendum. >> yes, 78% no, 22% yes. so certainly a clear decision there. >> not passing. >> let's talk about wildwood. looks likes thing will the stay the same in wildwood. north wiped wood will keep its name after a push to change its name, the change to city name he will to anglesea, more than 100 people signed a petition this summer supporting the proposal, doesn't seem like large number but it was on the ballot and certainly did not pass. >> take a look at big your use facing just pennsylvania, there was question about whether to a lay more than court judge basically happen pell al court and district judges to remain in their jobs it the age of 75. now the current mandatory retirement age is 70. so yesterday, the voters approved that measure to extends that age for them to stay in offers from 70 to 75.
5:26 am
>> also, at 5:25, a lot every us talking about this one. >> already talking about it on social media. >> yes, maybe adding levity to the morning, marijuana what just happened out there in california. >> yes, voters there have made it legal to smoke marijuana. recreationally there is means, adults older than 21 years old can legally possess to up an ounce of marijuana, now the vote passed about 64%. also, voters in florida and north dakota have approved medical marijuana measures. >> there you go. and there is that one. all right, 5:26. lots of surprises, certainly that we are all waking up to morning, and continuing coverage of all of the development and the latest information on the races. >> there go, the next president-elect, donald trump, coming right back.
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>> to all republicans, democrats, independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. (cheers). >> i pledge to every citizen
5:30 am
of our land that i will be president for all america and this is so important to me. >> it is a new day. donald trump winning one of the biggest political upsets in the history of the united states. hillary clinton's concession call as the republican party celebrates sweeping victories this morning. >> all right, good day everybody. as we wake up on this day after the election to very interesting developments and news, so many races to cover. but the big story of course is this presidential election, we'll get to all of our weather answer traffic in just a moment. let's start with this big headline this morning. >> right there. trump has won the president. presidency. there are the latest numbers right there. it is basically almost a dead tie. but he certainly did pull it out whether it came to the electoral vote. this is what it is like, pennsylvania was so pivotal in this race. >> we saw number of these states starting with florida then north carolina, ohio, and then coming down to
5:31 am
pennsylvania, as karen mentioned, doug luzader joining us outside of trump tower in new york this morning, no doubt the celebrations continue. twenty electoral vote helping to push him over the edge this morning. >> pretty amazing, and yes, trump tower is behind me. as soon as this truck moves, but yes, still celebrating inside the tower this morning. this was amazing. you know, we've said all along that trump would have to win every toss up-state and then pick up some states that was leaning democrat. and we talk about the potential of michigan, especially, pennsylvania, it seemed like it would be, well, we new it, would be very, very difficult for trump to do. that will it seems almost impossible. yet he pulled it off. going to be fast nature to go see the divide across the state of pennsylvania to see which areas supported trump the agree to which the philly suburbs specially have played a role in this. yep, what an amazing election night for to watch. just these results were coming in, the fact that we got so
5:32 am
much kind of last minute drama here, and we're still waiting for some final results to trickle in. >> so what's the mood like? what are you seeing and hearing thereon spree of new york? certainly both headquarters based. >> yes, look, i think there is a great deal of disappointmentment obviously from the clinton folks, but goes beyond that, because they're simply stunned. i think so much confidence that the clinton team had heading into this. i mean, you look at the plans they made for election night specifically. using the gaff its sent near new york which has glass sealing to symbolize the fact they were about to elect the first woman president. and also, there was a planned fireworks show. i mean, they nixed those plans earlier in the day because they thought that that would be kind of going overboard to, you know, kind of count your chickens before they're hatched. but i think they are absolutely shocked at the outcome here. as are most pollsters this morning, frankly. >> certainly so. any word on what we can expect
5:33 am
from either camp this morning, doug? >> reporter: well, we know that folks inside the clinton campaign say that we should expect to hear from her making a public statement at some point later this morning, of course, we did not hear from her last night, although, donald trump did say that she called to offer her congratulations, donald trump said some gracious things about her, so we'll see what she says this morning. but there is no indication that the clinton team is going to contest the result here. so beyond that, the next step for donald trump will be to meet at the white house presumably with president obama. i mean, typically that happens within 48 hours or so after an election called. >> that's hillary's cam main manager, we saw there just a moment ago, addressing the crowd telling them they'll hear from hillary clinton. busy morning there at trump tower. doug luzader, always good to see you. >> thank you, doug. all right, so, a loft people are just waking up just
5:34 am
finding out the news because this went so late into the night as we were watching those states come n so let's get out to steve keeley right now. because he is talking with people and has some of their reactions as they're just getting some of the morning papers, morning coffee. good morning, steve. >> well, they want to get the morning papers karen, in fact they opportunity buy ten copies because they want to hand as one guy said a cop to up his grandchildren, because they're going to say, hey, i was alive when this happened. but there is no new newspapers still on the racks here at the 7-eleven, because the newspapers are scrambling, and i wonder if there is any dewey defeats truman headlines out, there remember all of the expert, all of the pollsters had hillary clinton winning. they didn't have her even winning close. so i wonder if there is any newspapers being destroyed, where clinton questions trump. something like that. anyway, here here is another person who was somewhat surprised, went to bed early and had like a pinch himself after he woke up when he turned on the news. >> surprising.
5:35 am
>> how surprising? >> well, i didn't think that he had that much support. and really when woke up this morning, i went to bed early. i woke up and i ayman al-zawahiri he won. i was really very much surprised. >> has it sunk in yet? >> no. it has sunk in because i saw who the winner was and i accepted it, and now, you know, i'm just trying to fix a blame to something. you know? surprising again. going to be a fun first four years, let me tell you. >> why this is so surprising, you can say that donald trump's results are like shooting stars. and coincidentally, we showed you the guy with the trump license plate, howard, how is this for a lexus, custom done, by a local person here in bridesburg, exact art fabrications, and i mention shooting star. look at the roof, the interior roof, and keep your eyes on all every those little light. it is like a galaxy in there.
5:36 am
and look, shooting stars going across as you drive this lovely lexus down the street. and that's just part of the custom interior that exact art did, showing me some fascinating people out here, all shocked about the election results, and all cruising around in very interesting cars today. so there you go. so if you want a ceiling like that, thomas, exact art here in bridesburg does it. >> i heard there is a wait list but apparently not. and all coming out to see you this morning, what's that same about you, me? >> reporter: it says i should have ran, and i might have squeaked by if there was third party candidate in there? >> thank you. we appreciate it with our surprising cars and price willing -- surprising results, at least the pollsters certainly out there. >> so let's get out to lauren johnson in bucks county. a lot of people happy. let's face it there are some tears this morning, as well. >> reporter: that's true, thomas, a lot of people stayed up late or woke up early to finds out about the news. many divided opinions here
5:37 am
about the president-elect. some supporters say they're ready for donald trump to make america great again. while others say they are a little worried about the future of our country. take a listen. >> what's this interview about? >> the president. >> which one? >> our new president? >> hillary? >> nope. >> really, donald? oh, god. >> your thoughts? >> be in a world of trouble. he's incredibly successful business person. and i think he's well suited to get the company, country, back on its feet. >> what do you say to the people he may not have enough experience to be the leader of the free world? >> i think he will surround himself by the elite people, i really do. trump got where he is by fighting hard and not giving up all day long 24 hours a daggle said in his victory speech now time for all every us to come together. due buy that as sincerity? >> none, no, because import rican, and the first thing he's going toughie vocal of the citizens us from. so that's zero for me.
5:38 am
>> also in his victory speech no team is too big, no challenge to great, nothing we want for your future is beyond reach. so many people are hoping that he will be able to unify a very decided country pi point in our history. thomas, karen? >> thank you, lauren. it is a reality so we do have to try to find a way to all come together. >> taking control of the senate right now, pat toomey has take end the pennsylvania senate race over katie mcginty. here are the results. he won this very close one, very tightly contested, 49% to 47%. here's what he had to say. >> let's face t this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was an all time record amount of money spent against us. a lot of the ads were just outright false. but, you know, the voters who are smart enough to figure it out as they usually are, and -- >> earlier in the might when mcginty conceded she mentioned
5:39 am
it was a tough one. >> regardless, the result of elections, that great experiment is entrust in the our hands. we thought we would find a way through this election to help safeguard it. that didn't work. but we can't not finds a way. because our country and, frank lip, all of the countries of the world, depends on america getting democracy right. >> in this high profile race considered a record breaking campaign, a 155 million-dollar spent on both campaigns battle this one out. >> all right, 5:39 is the time. so we're going to continue to breakdown who won, who lost, where you live and all of the big issues that are affecting so many of us right now. >> but first, got to talk about sports. sean bell with sports in a minute. that's straight ahead.
5:40 am
past .
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5:42 am
>> good morning, i'm sean bell. the sixers headed out to an end ann, a the flyers at home, against the detroit red wings, in a world of advice. >> don't fight, second period, simmons get into it. look at that left hook. drops him on to the grounds. light out. >> this game will go to shoot-out. dave voracek with the chance
5:43 am
to be a hero, but it is a miss. and with that miss, that gave a chance to win it all, they cash in right here. the flyers lose three to two. >> and to college football ranking, playoff start at today t would be alabama, clime son, michigan in the surprise team of the week, right here; washington. ohio state the next team up at number five. and the penn state nittany lions cracking the top ten, they can very well sweep the rest of the season and end up ten and two. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> it is real election reaction. >> i would have a first gentleman, a second, and third. >> today at 11:00 a.m. on fox 29.
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5:46 am
>> good morning, 5:46 on a wednesday. live look at i95 right near philadelphia international airport. roads are dry for now. all going to change as we move in the next couple of hours. live look here at the ben franklin bridge. skyline looking good. no problems there. down in wilmington, fire location, at riddle and mill vote. watch for some low detours, right off 202, and i-95. now, rainy rush hour, on the way. so give yourselves some extra time, first one out of the house gets the best umbrella and expect slower the speeds today than we had yesterday. so, just be ready for that, especially if you are leaving the house right at the moment.
5:47 am
it is not raining right now, but it is on the way. sue's coming up in a second to give us the run down, weather delays expected at philadelphia international airport. once the rain moves in certainly will impact travel times throughout the entire rest of the day. septa looking good. full service, buses, trains, trolleys with the rain on the way, probably going to have some slippery rail delays specially on the paoli line. and for the whole time line on the rain on the way sue is on the way in 152nd. >> was stop bid i, cloudy in the city right now, but temperatures are milder at least than they were yesterday. but there is some rain on the way. and it is all due to this cold
5:48 am
front that's displacing the high pressure that gave us such gorgeous weather. we almost got to 70 degrees in philadelphia yesterday. but, today, it is much needed rain that we're going to get. and you can see, the leading edge of it, moving into our northern and western suburbs, you see it in bethlehem, up around mount pocono, we've got some rain, and now we're in tredyffrin township chester county, also dane around east nottingham, lancaster still getting some rain. mostly light rain, but just enough, at the very least, slowing you down, here the rain continues in future cast, throughout the rest of the morning, but, 7:00 we should start to see the rain here in the city. and then it will continue on and off throughout the day, when it is not raining it is just going to be kind of dreary and cloudy, and we're looking at rain continuing through about 3:00, 4:00, it will actually affect both rush hours today. the morning and the evening. and it is not really gone until about 10:00,
5:49 am
11:00 tonight. then the clouds will clear, and have sunshine again tomorrow. how much rain? .2 of an inch of rain, we could use a lot more than that, 252 in philadelphia, 46 up in mount pocono, 50 lancaster, 54 dover. pretty mild in wide wood, 57 degrees. # day forecast, up ear's today being tomorrow, drop in temperature on saturday, our altzheimer's walk at citizens bank park in the morning. just wear some layers there, at least it will be sunny and for lincoln financial field, on sunday, high of 56 degrees, perfect football weather, let's hope we have a good game. >> you know, bus stop buddy smiling, i feel good about that. >> thank you, sue, wildwood still wildwood. here's what else america decided, donald trump has now been elected as the 45th president of the united state. beating hillary clinton, in a very close race. in the end, pennsylvania
5:50 am
helped to push trump to victory. >> twenty electoral votes: s stock market has last been affected by the outcome of this presidential election, dow jones industrial average, dow futures here down 800-point overnight. that's about 5%. right now, they're down about 300 points, world market also down, london fell over 4%, and hong kong almost 3%. >> so many people surprised, pollsters got it all wrong, so many people saying i'm going to move to canada. so many people trying the canadian immigration website, it crashed as a result coming in. twitter reporting the website down. >> 500 internal server message, never good sign when you get that. people talking on social media that if donald trump wins they'll be moving to canada, apparently they went to that site and it did crash. still talking about it this morning. >> talking about it right now. certainly on social media, all
5:51 am
over twitter, and facebook. so we know who we go to for that. >> our jenn fred, joining us this morning to weigh in, good morning. >> use the hashtag fox 29 election, peel all over the country talking about this election. so from my facebook page people talking already, you want to see what they're saying. here you go. first of all we have jamaican princess young god help us all. patrick hughes, total shock. i think a lot of people are surprised by these result. an user named bergang, why jenny, why. and lastly, joan m thomas says: so i'm making a prediction for the next four years, when trump screws up this country, it will still be the democrats fault somehow or other wait and see. so a lot of people are talking about this. the celebrities talking about this. fellow politicians, reporters, who followed this all, you know, during this crazy election season, so we will be sharing all of their thoughts.
5:52 am
again we want to be able to show everyone's opinion specially you guys in the delaware vale. we want to hear from you in new jersey, pennsylvania, and delaware. so, use that hashtag fox 29 elections. >> all right, and one of the things that's trending right now hashtag he's not my president. the big question, how can we all come together? because he will be the president, so how does everyone become unified? how do we all bring us together after all of this? >> we heard trump earlier this morning talking about unifying the country. a lot of people waiting to hear what hillary clinton has to say later this morning, as well. jen, thank you. we will check back in you with you later to see what people are saying on social media, as well. >> take a look, so many of are you vogue, also saw, that everyone tweeting out facebook, pictures of them saying i voted. skyfox over just few of the polling locations, in our area. such high turn out, student sailing they were wait to go vote past 10:00. so, we're going to continue to bring all of the latest information in for you when we come right back. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural.
5:53 am
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>> live look at the white house, where donald trump will take over as the next president of the united states. 2016 presidential campaign was historic campaigning tense moments lasting into early morning hours, after hours of close vote count, upsets favoring donald trump, the republican nominee emerged victorious. in the end trump pulling off
5:56 am
the victory to become the 45th president. donald trump celebrating victory early this morning. >> but it was a late night for many people across the country. in fact, skyfox over just a few of the polling locations that experienced high voter turn out, including in west philadelphia, collegeville, and gilbertsville. polls closed at 8:00 but but in line your vote counted. no reason you should have been turned away. this was the case all across the country. >> in fact, take a look at tweet by temple student. according to the student some people were waiting in line well after the polls closed, this one says 10:00 last night. they were still in line. we've heard that countless times. donald trump wins in one of the most historic political upsets in the history of the united state as we mentioned. hillary clinton's concession call as the republican party celebrates sweeping victories this morning. more election coverage coming up on good day in just a moment. stay with us.
5:57 am
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>> i just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us, on our victory, and
6:00 am
i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together, to all republicans -- >> it is over, donald trump wins in one of the biggest political upsets in american history. the stunning call overnight, as the next president rides a wave renewing the republic control of congress. >> good day everybody, it is november the ninth, the day after the election, 2016. we'll check your weather and frack just a bit. but if you are just waking up and you went to bed last night before the election returns were finished, donald trump wins. trump wins. he'll be your 45th president. here is donald trump arriving at the trump tower, his place where he slept last night. in new york city, mid town manhattan, after winning the presidential election 2016. >> he made his speech telling crowds and the worlds that hillary clinton did call him


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