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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. today. president-elect donald trump made history with his first visit to the white house since his stunning upset over hillary clinton. the meeting was said to be successful. >> good evening, i'm iain page. i'm dawn timmeney. that meeting lasted for about 90 minutes this afternoon fox 29's brad sattin joins us in the studio. president obama and donald trump sitting together in the oval office a picture many thought they would never see. >> reporter: to be a fly on the wall during that 90 minute meeting. there is no doubt it had to be a little awkward arc little uncomfortable but both men keeping that conversation presidential and for the first time now we're hearing from the president-elect and what his early priorities may and may not be. breaking a long standing tradition the president-elect opted not to invite reporters to travel with him as he arrived at the nation's capitol for his first meeting ever with president obama.
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after more than a year of political bashing the president calling mr. trump unfit for office, mr. trump calling the president's policies a disaster, it was a respectful conversati conversation. >> i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on for lot longer. >> i want to emphasize to you mr. president-elect that we now are going to -- want to do everything we can to help you succeed f we succeed then the cup tree succeeds. >> reporter: president-elect trump and his wife melania getting a tour of washington from never before from house speaker paul ryan. >> let me just say how excited we are about these opportunities for the country. >> meetings with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the republicans in full control of political priorities for the next two years. >> people will be very very happy.
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we'll look very strongly at immigration, the border, look very strongly at health care and jobs. >> when asked if he would ban muslims from the country stopped taking questions. >> thank you everybody. >> president-elect trump saying once he's in office he hopes he can count on president obama for counsel. irony of course in all of this ran on the promise of undoing a lot of president obama's accomplishment. iain. >> brad, thank you. skyfox is over a second day of anti trump demonstrations in philadelphia. crowds of women flooding the streets right now near city hall hoping to find strength in each other. they are women of color, survivors of sexual assault and others who are angry and concerned over the new president-elect. let's get right out to fox 29's dave kinchen. dave is live at the protest. he's right there in the middle of it all. dave? >> reporter: yeah, the protest actually just moved from city hall down where these lights are you can see they're heading towards 30th street station. i'll step out here but i want to
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get you to skyfox where we can give you an above the ground view. this started out with group called our 100. a group of women who call themselves sexual assault survivors and women of color protesting the election of president-elect donald trump several other groups joined in as they started marching on down the street here down jfk boulevard to 30th street station. and they were joined by people with black lives matter signs, and protesting racism and things of that sort. ooh want you to listen in to some women we spoke with this is so personal for them. listen in. >> i got so heart broken that night but i actually couldn't even end up watching it any more. i went to bed and i asked my daughter, call me, call me in the middle of the night if she wins. i never got that phone call. >> our government is for the people and by the people. it's our turn to stand up and make sure that we as people maintain the greatness of this country. >> reporter: all right.
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as we come back live here, we can tell you this is where the blockade is part of it. philadelphia police keeping everything orderly but this group has been very civil tonight. there were protests last night it look like it was a different group last night as this group here and they are making their way to 30th street station with their message. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you keep us posted. someone is spray painting hateful messages across south philadelphia and slamming president-elect donald trump with it we first showed you this video last night at 10:00. police believe the man is behind the crimes. he left racism markings on cars and buildings throughout south philadelphia. and we're seeing another act of vandalism at philadelphia city hall. a fresco user shared this photo. someone defaced the historic building writing "not my proceed". >> discriminatory vandalism found at a bucks county high school. sky fox over council rock north high school in now town where school officials say swastikas were drawn in the boys and girls bathrooms. studentsly of also found anti
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mexican and anti gay messages. the superintendent message to parents reads in part "i cannot emphasize strongly enough how inn appropriate these actions are and they simply will not be tolerate. these incidents have been reported to the newtown township police department and an investigation is being conducted by both the police department and the school district ". we are following developing story out of western pennsylvania tonight where police are investigating a deadly shooting in the suburbs of pittsburgh. >> two officers were shot and sadly one died. it all started around thee this morning. investigators say the two canonsburg officers were ambush when they arrived at a domestic dispute call suspected gunman is now dead. >> our sabina kuriakose has been tracking this heartbreaking story for us and joins us from our newsroom. sabina. >> reporter: shock andyness over this latest deadly ambush attack on law enforcement. community members calling for an end what seems like open season on police officers. tonight, a pennsylvania cop is dead. his partner round wounded.
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gunman erupt brag they could react let alone reach for weap weapon. >> i heard somebody saying something about my partner is down or been shot or something along those lines. >> reporter: chaos erupting in this quiet brrr row of canonsburg, pa18 miles outside pittsburgh. 4:00 in the morning two officers who thought they were responding to a routine call ambushed by a gunman seconds after they stepped out of their patrol car. officer scott bark ham was killed this a photo of his posted to the twitter. bashioum's partner was wounded arriving swat teams finding a grizzly scene. >> a male an female subject were deceased in the residence. the male's injuries were self inflicted. >> this is at least the third shooting ambush on pennsylvania police officers this year. nationally there have been at least half a dozen cases in which gunmen have specifically targeted police. senator pat toomey weighing in on the heightened danger facing
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police. >> i'm just really beside myself about this. this is not the first time it's happened in pennsylvania much less all around the country. i do think it's important for all of us to stand up and speak out in support of the law enforcement officers. >> police officers say they're forced to look over their shoulder at every turn and their badges often seems like bulls eye. when even the most routine calls can veil a deadly threat. tonight in western pa a growing memorial for a fallen hero cut down in the line of duty. >> we wanted to make sure that we show the family, the town, all the respect we can get. >> loss for words. complete sadness. >> there's no words to put towards that. >> i just can't believe it. >> reporter: a lot of broken hearts out there tonight. now, again, the alleged shooter is dead by a self inflicted gunshot wound.
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investigation continues into his motive. officer bashioum's partner is in stable condition. governor tom wolf has ordered flags across the state to be flown at half staff. iain. >> sabina, thank you. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. a little chilly out there tonight if you're out and commuting home here's a live look at traffic on the platt bridge from our camera at the philadelphia international airport. >> meteorologist kathy orr is here now with a first look at a chilly forecast. kathy. >> you know what, guys, there's no wind out there, though, so it's really making it feel even more comfortable than the temperature. take look outside on mark street. a lot of people out and about. hey, it's thursday night. big night to be out on the town in old city. today's high temperatures in the upper 50s. this is seasonal for this time of year. so ac, wilmington, philadelphia 58. allentown at 58. trenton and reading at 57 degrees. so a seasonal november day. right now in the poconos, we've fallen only 56. 50 in allentown. 54 in philadelphia. and 43 degrees in millville. so clear skies and light winds will help those temperatures
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fall but we're going to get more of a southwesterly wind and that means temperatures will be warming big time tomorrow. so 7:00 o'clock we're looking at 52. clear skies at 9:00 but comfortable at 50 dipping into the 40s by 11:00 p.m. and turning colder overnight. coming up in the seven day a loft exciting things to talk about. first, mild again but that's going to be temporary. we get some wind over the weekend, the coldest air of the season moves in i'll show you how quickly it moves out we'll see you later on in the broadcast for with that. >> kathy, thank you tonight police are looking for the armed man who burst into the home of some temple students. masked men woke the students up early this morning in what was a terrifying ordeal. police say the two brazen robbers broke into the home several blocks from the university's campus on the 1400 block of willing ton street. now one of the victims who does not want to be identified says the pair roamed their home for about 10 minutes went through each of the four bedrooms and stole all kinds of electronics. >> it was really weird.
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i was just laying in bed watching tv and then like i thought it was one of my roommates because the door opened very slowly we didn't hear him come in or anything until i saw a dude with gun coming at me. um, put it in my face telling me shut the bleep up. where is the money? >> thankfully no one was injured. the victims say that they have lived in this area for a few years and have never been victimized like this before. disturbing crime in north philadelphia where police say a woman walked into the family dollar along 1900 block of allegheny avenue last saturday and suddenly pulled a gun on a worker. police say she demanded cash. at one point according to investigators she grabbed a young child in that store and held a gun to its head. that child was not hurt. the woman took off with some cash. there are changes coming to the way philadelphia police handle officer involved shootings. what will happen now every time an officer fires a weapon. and is philadelphia running out of phone numbers? what's going to happen once all the 215's and all the 267's are
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gone? >> sean? dawn, carson wentz has definitely had his ups and downs through the first half of the year. his offense suv coordinator breaks down where carson is at this point in the season later in sports.
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>> scary moments april side a university city cell phone store. all caught on the security camera. this happened last month at the t mobile store at 34th and chestnut. police say an armed man pulled a gun on workers and demanded money from all the registers. police say he forced all the workers to the back of the store before taking off with the cash. philadelphia da seth williams is rolling out new protocol for investigating
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police involved shootings. >> he says the da will conduct independent -- diss trek attorney' office will conduct independent investigations to make sure that their work is transparent. >> these new procedures strike an important balance between protecting our community, protecting police and protecting the public. >> williams says those procedures include having someone from the da' office present at the scene of police involved shootings. he also says information will be made public win 60 days of the investigation being completed. philadelphia's first responders and top government officials gathering to say goodbye in west mt. airy tonig tonight. >> attended funeral services for former fire commissioner harold hairston. mourners gathered at the new covenant church this morning. he was the first african-american to serve as philadelphia's fire commission commissioner. mayor ed rendell appointed hairston as the head of the department back in 1992. he served for 12 years until he retired back in 2004. he passed away last week at the
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age of 76. if you planning on get new phone number soon say good with to the 215 and 267 area codes because people in our area are running out of numbers with those two area codes. they'll issue a third area code but we don't know yet what it will be. the pennsylvania public utility commission approved that proposal yesterday. all right. so for the 411 -- [ laughter ] >> -- op your weather let's get to kathy. >> kathy, not bad out now. >> um-um. >> not bad tomorrow. >> good day tomorrow. nice day to be outside actually tomorrow. saturday not so much. eagles game sunday, looking better. so it's kind of on and off weather you could say. up and down. take look at the satellite. we have few clouds rolling through the delaware valley but otherwise, skies are expected to be mainly clear during the early morning hours overnight. temperatures mainly in the 50s. some spots already falling into the 40s like millville and atlantic city look at the poconos very similar
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temperatures with mainly clear skies and light winds. as we widen out you can see patches of cold through upstate new york and into new england but 50 in southeast parts of canada that's pretty unusual for ottawa for this time of year. turning blustery during the day on saturday. so this is the setup. area of low pressure moves away. that's our front that's departing. high pressure builds in during the day tomorrow. ahead of this front, a surge of warmth up the coastal plain and that means temperatures will be mild. but that front swings through and we are in for a blast of cold and some windy conditions. so high pressure builds in. and it will be sunny but it's going to be pretty windy. take look at these future wind gusts northwesterly wind by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night gusting to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. but south parts of jersey and delaware gusting to 36 miles an hour late friday into friday night. so the cold winds of change move in tomorrow night much different story over the course of the
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weekend. so let's talk about those changes. scott has been locking at all the numbers friday is nice. saturday is cold. and then we rebound little bit for the birds. >> yeah, that's certainly right, kathy. just that roller coaster ride that we continue across the ar area. temperatures for tomorrow will be pretty nice. but drier, colder air well to the north and west. that canadian air is headed right to the delaware valley to kick off the upcoming weekend. so far the coldest air of the season has been 38 degrees. the low temperature objection 26th in philadelphia. the forecast on saturday morning when you wake up, we're talking 34 degrees but it will feel open colder when you factor in those winds. in fact take a look at future wind chills by 7:00 a.m. on saturday morning, the walk to end amounts heim mers running some errands we're looking at feels like temperatures in the low to mid 20s as we move hour by hour, by 10am, feeling like 34 degrees. look at that in philadelphia. that is how you should dress moving toward the afternoon
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feeling like 41 degrees. so definitely dress for temperatures feeling like the 30s and 40s for much of the day. saturday's high temperature 49 degrees. moving toward sunday, we're looking at those numbers recovering for the game right around 59 degrees for that high. so take look at the forecast as the birds take on the atlanta falcons we're looking at tailgate weather low 50s. kick off temperatures right around 57 and then a high temperature by the end of the game right around 59. kathy. >> that's not so bad, scott. i'm glad they're not playing saturday. so as we look at trenton we have clear sky. it is going to be a very pretty night but once again, friday is mild. saturday gets chilly. overnight tonight in the philadelphia area, temperatures in the 40s. we'll go upper 30s the suburbs seasonal for this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow for your veterans day looking gorgeous. mainly in the 50s and 60s. 61 in philadelphia. we peak at 62 in millville and dover. atlantic city 63. little bit cooler to the north
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and west but mainly upper 50s and less mentee of sunshine. take a look at the seven day forecast from your weather authority. saturday temperatures bottom out. sunday near 60. monday the same. tuesday another beautiful day. some showers wednesday and then by thursday partly sunny and 58 degrees. we hope that weather will help the eagles. sean bell. yeah, hopefully it does, because -- >> we need a win. >> they'll need little more than weather to fix figure out matt ryan and julio jones. that will be a problem this weekend. luckily the eagles will get a little reinforce many on the defense as bennie hogan is back and he talks about what he can bring the second half of the season much plus the sixers don't like november and november doesn't like thing is sers. i'll tell you why the relationship is so so bad next in sports.
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furniture. hhgregg ♪ at the midway point of the season the eagles a c. they sort of that's what they are and that's what the record sort of says they are. four and four not bad but not great. the season could still go either way and that's hand in hand with the quarterback that they have. carson wentz shown pure greatness but signs of being a rookie. wentz thrown for 180090 yards. nine touchdowns, five interceptions. 64 completion percentage which you have to sort of judge on curve because for a rookie that's a great start. >> there's been lot of really shining moments, you know, like all of us like everybody in this room who goes out and works every week to prepare for these games, you know, i think he's done well. he's made mistakes but we all have. he'll just glad he's on our team and i think the future is very
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bright. >> the eagles defense getting an extra boost just in time for the falcons bennie logan will play after missing three weeks with a groin injury after watching all this teammates grind out the last couple of weeks, he's ready to jump in and give the d an extra pop. >> very frustrating to me and very just, you know, stressful for me just watching instead of being out there, you know, helping and contributing. these next week i'll be out there i got to bring a lot of energy. those guys have been going nuts this past weeks. it's my turning to out there and lift them up. >> tune in to gym day live on sunday at 10:00 a.m. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the game. great couple header after that. eagles and falcons followed by the cowboys and the steelers. >> the sixers if they're not great they're great at tanking. so much so brett brown is in less than four years broken the record for most losses by head coach in franchise history. in the month of november has
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been the worst. get this. sixers haven't won a game in that month since november 22n november 22nd, 2013. they lost 44 straight games in the month of october and november. it's been that long at first i really couldn't even believe it. brett brown must be the most patient man alive. 206 total losses and am of games that he's coached hasn't even been close to these other guys. yet he has the record already. just three seasons and some change tanking. superstitions do best i guess. that's unbelievable after coming from the spurs can deal with that. >> he's going to turn it around. >> i like that. >> eventually. >> that does it for you here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. //www.evert]
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>> mr. trump goes to washington. the handshake seen around the world. but what did they really think about each other? neither one of them makes icon tact. >> security nightmare. >> the secret service wants the president-elect and his family to move out of trump tower. >> is this where they will stay? and chaos on the streets. rubber bullets. and how these guys tried to keep trump from getting a good night's sleep. >> that is just sick. >> and late night comics. what happened to the jokes? >> it is easy to say throw in the towel and we're going to leave. >> then, actor brad pitt's first red carpet appearance since angelina filed for


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