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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  November 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a cyber attack on the university of pennsylvania campus, why some students at the school fear this is just the beginning. major changes in the presidential transition team. new jersey governor chris christie removed from his role. what it could all mean as president-elect trump prepares to take office on january 20th. while some americans are celebrating. others are feeling discouraged and fearful about the future you have no how do we start to heal after an historic yet divisive presidential election? it's saturday, november 12th, 201 2016. from the fox 29 studio, this is good day weekend. welcome, hello. >> it's been a long time coming.
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you're going to do the weekend show with sean and scott and in two weeks ice had to build up to you too and i'm excited. >> i'm wondering is it safe to come out? this week was a little rough for all of us. i'm not sure if we can come out now. here we are, and you know, we got a lot of good things happening right now, sixers with the first win of the season last night >> i saw that, i was like a little embarrassed but excited. first win? and then i woke up this morning and went to walk the dog and i was like, whoa, it's cold >> diamond wasn't ready for that. we're waking up to some of the coldest air this season, temperatures in philadelphia are in the 30's, we have 20's out lying suburb, live look across the area showing the fall foliage but it is cold so bundle up if your stepping out, do 36 degrees, currently in philadelphia. winds out of the north northwest
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about six miles per hour. visibility is good. it is chilly. 27 degrees right now in millville, we have 27 in pottstown. freezing right now, 32 degrees in wilmington, look at those temperatures in atlantic city at 28 degrees. you factor in the wind, how your body reacts. feels like 20 in millville, 31 in philadelphia, feeling like the teens in the poconos. weather by the numbers, we'll give today a six with the cold air. high temperatures in center city, 50 degrees at the shore, 51 be upper 40's in the lehigh valley, but hang in there, because temperatures rebound the second half of that weekend forecast, we'll spell it outcoming up. right now here's a look at traffi traffic. good morning, everybody. saturday, and watch for possible delays on the regional rails throughout the weekend. not so much for rain or wet
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leaves of last week's rain leading all those leaves down along the tracks and they leave like a residue which causes the slippery rails, especially along that beautiful tree lined paoli thorndale line as you roll through the mainline through the weekend, expect delays on 95. here's the deal, northbound, a huge slab of concrete. the sfrech washington avenue up how to center city. throughout the weekend, 24/7, 95 could go from four lanes down to two lanes. keep in mind if you're heading home from between the's flyers game or tomorrow's eagles game. flyers are on the ice at 7:00. broad street subway running those sports compress trains to get down on time. enjoy your day, we'll see you back here again tomorrow morning for good day weekend. re >> thank you so much. happening now people at the university of pennsylvania on high alert after threatening messages, target african-american students. university officials say they're taking action but many students are concern. this may be part of a disturbing
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trend. let's get out to jennifer joyce who's on penn's campus in university city. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and students here at penn are shaken but perhaps feeling comforted now. knowing they have the full backing of their classmates. let's take a look at the penn students kneeling sign re messages, a black freshman threw an anonymous act called group me. trachld over these messages which included racial slurs, threats of violence and a calendar for daily lynching. the university says appears the account may have been created in oklahoma. on it. a references to dead trump, and trump desee pelvis. african-american students say racism has exploded after tuesday's election. >> i woke up and saw i was invited to group me. they made an event saying that
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it's lynch day and they're going to lynch, try to fiend any black person they can lynch. >> i don't understand how any, sglouft any african-american on this campus because it's not just african-americans being targeted in these last few days, but how any -- any monitor in this country could feel safe. >> reporter: black student group held the town hall which was closed to the media to meet with the university's president, offer comfort and unite in the wake of such a horrible and hateful incident and in a statement, penn tried to assure students it's working nonstop to offer support and determine the source of these messages. mayor jim kenney is calling on philadelphia's department of human relations commission to investigate. lauren? >> thank you so much. disturbing. let's take a look at this morning's top stories, police investigate a shooting that left a hasn't in the hospital. they found a man shot in the arm along east tioga and braddock street. investigators believes the man
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was in this 30's. police are still looking for the shooter. investigators say robbery could be the motive. one person taken at the hospital following an over neat fire, it happened before went:30 along the 6,000 block of north phillip. the flame brought under control a short time later. philadelphia police trying to track down whoever shot two people on the streets of hunting park. this happened along the 3900 block of north 9th street, investigators tell us someone shot a 26-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman. both are at temple university hospital in stable condition they're night in a row. people protested president-elect trump in the streets of philadelphia. >> we reject the president elect. we reject >> angry protesters say they can't support donald trump. a group are fighting for the
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lgbt to community and people of color. groups they say trump agenda ignore ignores. >> they keep chanting why, and to see that, protests like this, they think all of us are for what is essentially going to happen and i wanted them to see we're not all there. demonstrators say they want to stay peaceful. in love, they held what they call a love rallily student not enough to vote staged walk-outs in only had a nebraska. president-elect trump's transition is underway. trump is in meeting with
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perspective cabinet members and staffs at trump tower and already to think about policy as well in an interview with the wall street journal. he said he's considering keeping certain parts of the affordable care act in place and seeking compromise. trump campaigned about immediately repeeling and replacing all of obamacare. chris christie who was running trump transition team the past several months was removed from his role. donald trump announced he's replacing chris christie with mike pence. three of trump children will also play important roles. along former new york mayor rude deni giuliani. former aids to chris christie. have asked a new trial. they were charged with. defense attorneys filed for a
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mistrial last week but a just denied that request. bill cosby's lawyer say the comedian expects to be cleared in his criminal saw case and he may even start his show business career. he wants to seal documents that hold important information. the women say he has no future in show business, and won't be hurt if that information is closed. but cosby says he expects to resume his career. how cold will it get? we'll see lots of snow. are we in for a nice and easy winter? scott williams will break it down. winter weather outlook is coming up. a national day of healing. one local organization is working to bring the nation back together after a divisive presidential election.
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and sean told us the sixers won. it's about time. right? >> how about that >> sean is here with the latest. hit us up on social media. screech
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expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. visit your neighborhood pearle vision for this offer. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. . developing story we just told you about, bill clinton students are on edge this
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morning at the university of pennsylvania. that after freshmen received an anonymous post on a messaging ap yesterday that was filled with racist comments, including threats of lynching. university investigating. mayor jim kenney also condemned the posting asking the philadelphia commission on human rights to investigate. joining us chad las at her. >> i heard this yesterday, disturbing >> this is a trend we've seen around the country, started in missouri, oklahoma, and now reached levels of the university of pennsylvania. very deplorable. but this is the climate we're in. that he is is the climate that we've seen ever since donald trump started running for president. the university of penn will be proactive to do something about this, i want to make sure that the students recognize they have support from the philadelphia region >> i saw that on social media, there was a had aing going with we have your back, from new york
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to washington, dc and everywhere in between. some people were saying why penn? do you think its affiliation with being donald trump's >> it could be the affiliation, and university of penn has an amazing vice president of security. we know it's emerging from oklahoma. we're in a climate where white spremist is going unchecked. we have to make sure we step up to the plate and speak to it and say we have to be a more tolerant society >> how do we reel people back in >> it's going to be hard. donald trump is it okayed this has gone on for a period. reemergence as white male dominance, we see the protest in new york, we know that pennsylvania became a red state overnight. that has always existed. what happened is people articulated they weren't going to vote for donald trump and
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when they pulled the curtain back and they actually voted for him. >> we all seem to have a role in this at some point to do something about it, sort of get things back to normal. we're so divided in our country. what are do we do or what can we do? some people are saying the protests in the streets of philadelphia and other cities don't matter because he is our president at this point. >> i think protests do matter. it's narrative. it's voices that need to be heard. a lot of things we need to do. we need start with ourselves. what was need to make sure we're not home phobic. and engaged in oppression. we can have these frank conversations in our classroom. we need to put the racial elephant in the room. oftentimes we want to tip toe and end grayish students. we have to have a true narrative
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around the country and the climate. which is right now, deeply rooted in a historical fabric of white supreme cy. >> i love the quote that says we have to learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. >> it's very uncomfortable. there are those of us who do this, this is our work, our calling, we're called to this place to bring humanity together. we're not so quick to get to a sense of normalize and healing but an opportunity to deal with the conflict chaos and eventually comfort will come about. >> it's a journey. thank you for your time. monday a spectacular super moon will be the biggest and brightest moon. this phenomenonal happens when the moon gets the closest to earth in it's its orbit. the best time is early monday morning before sunrise when the moon is closest to earth. the moon will like 14% bigger. 30% brighter. later time the full moon was
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this close was 1948 scott williams? >> absolutely. if you missed the one upcoming weekend, you're going to have to wait until 2034 on november 25th. beautiful weather to view. we should have clear skies across parts of the area. right now, a live look at allentown, showing you all of the sunshine, but it is cold. take a look at ultimate doppler, not finding clouds and no rainfall for that matter. across the country, look at the big area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern, sunny and cold this saturday morning, 36 right now until. 32 freezing in wilmington. 27 in millville along with pottstown we'll kind of zoom in further north and west. 26 waking up to a cold start in coatesville. malvern, phoenixville 29, doylestown below freezing at 31.
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walk to end alzheimer's taking place at citizens bank park. 911 registration, 11:00 a.m. is the walk. by 11:00, the time to walk starts, 44 degrees bundle up. weekend wendy definitely has that jacket. 50 degrees is it. the average for this time year is around 58. tomorrow a cold start. look at the sunshine, temperatures rebound to 60 degrees, so great weather for the birds. looking ahead, thanksgiving only 12 days away. can you believe it? the official start to winter 39 days away, and christmas is now only 43 days away. that weather authority seven-day forecast, showing rebounding temperatures tomorrow high around 60. upper 50's to near 60. most of next week. we do have a chance for showers. watching a coastal system monday into tuesday. we'll watch for that. it doesn't look like a whole lot of rain, we are that a deficit,
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a drought across much of the area. lauren? back over to you. >> thank you so much. we have sad news to tell you about, former temple university president david adam died. the university announced he died thursday after short illness. he became temple's president in 2000, retired in 2006. he was a professor of law and political science at university. he was 80 years old. it's that time of the school year. parents teacher conference for so many people fill with anxiety, apprehension, coming up, the questions you as a parent need to be asking the teacher and how you should approach your little ones after the big meeting. and if you're up with us this morning, you must be somewhat of an early riser. maybe you don't understand how people can sleep the entire daewoo. why some people may not be able to help they're night owls. first the winning lottery
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♪ ♪ everything hands go up.
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thank goodness. we got a win. took a long time. >> there was a staff i saw shocked me. last time the sixers won game in not of october or noefshg november 22'nd 2013. until last night. let's head down to the wells fargo and check out the action. joel embiid on the post. going up against la voy alan. bottom line is joel embiid is a monster, he had 25 points. eight second left. sixers up by four, paul george for the three, no good. sixers, how about this? they get their first win. 109 to 105. it was the beginning of a special weekend in trenton. the hockey hall of fame inducts eric lindros on monday.
7:24 am
however, before that takes place, the flyers and the maple leafs laced up for the hockey hall of fame game. t dot. they say the six. third period flyers down a goal, power play. leo, cover up. lawrence tell me a famous leo off the top of your head. >> dicaprio. >> there you go. >> flyers at the tough one 6-3. the phillies made a trade sending darin rough and darnell sweeney to the dodgers in exchange for 33-year-old how with kendricks who plays a number of positions will most likely be the phillies every day left fielder, i like that move. i like college hoops and both temple and villanova opened up last night. one team playing for a little bit more than the other. i'm talking about villanova's pursuit for back-to-back titles. a fate that hasn't happened
7:25 am
since the florida gators. you can start want to know and nova did exactly that, watch this right here by josh hart. nasty. nova never trailed this was easy, 88 to 48. head over to broad street. lasalle and temple. love that. big five match-up. overtime. temple up five, and alston with the strip. gets the layout puts the owls up seven. temple never locked back, owls win 97 to the 92. speaking of temple, have you seen the mannequin challenge it's so cool.
7:26 am
it literally looks like everyone is frozen >> and the sixers did it last night and ai was too cool. reason why i lot of mannequin challenge, i'm sorry, but the because nobody says a word. >> i love it. everyone sits still, quiet and frozen. this was a photo that made international headlines, it was a woman who said she ran into hillary clinton in the woods. everyone was is it fake? is it real? there's some reports this was staged. i can't believe this >> i called it from the jump. >> you did? >> we'll talk about it after break. first, some americans are celebrating. others a little down in the dumps about the future of our country. how do we start to heal? that's the big question, tell us what you think on social media. one group has an idea. we're going to talk about it. i wanted to show this picture.
7:27 am
she played in oc. >> loving it. loving the sand, absolutely.
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you know what that means. right >> rocky is somewhere close wby. >> this is the art museum. it's 7:30. a little chilly. it says 36 degrees outside. they're revving up for the rocky run, ten miles in this weather. that is cold for me. they're going to get it done. we'll look at pictures of more people gathered there. scott? >> it's cold. 's it's the coldest so far this season. wind are out of the north northwest at about six miles per hour, parts of the area, we have windchills in the 20's, even temperatures right now in the 20's as well. but we don't have any clouds and we don't have any rainfall, high pressure dominating the weather pattern, a lot of sunshine, both days this weekend and chilly conditions overnight. for today, high temperatures will struggle to make it to 50 degrees by tomorrow.
7:31 am
temperatures will rebound nicely back to right around 60. look at the cold conditions, 28 right now, atlantic city, 32 freezing, wilmington, 27 and pottstown, factor in that wind feels like 31 in philadelphia, foles like 20 degrees this morning waking up in millville foles like 18. that's it in the poconos mountains. planning your day, running some errands, breakfast, lunch, 46 by noon, the sun will set this evening at 4:47. dinner plans, temperatures dipping back to the mid 40's. the seven-day forecast showing a nice rebound, 60 for the high temperature tomorrow. next week, we're looking at sun and clouds, maybe a couple of showers monday into tuesday. but temperatures will remain, lauren, right where they should for most of the next week. >> all right. thanks so much, scott. celebrations and relief shock and mourning, all the emotions felt in the aftermath of the hard fought presidential election.
7:32 am
how do we heal as a nation, one local organization is giving that very notion a shot. here's fox 29's bill anderson. >> after what seems like years, honestly the presidential election is over. some are celebrating. others having a tough time looking at opposing voters eye to eye or shacking their hands, at least one bucks county organization had the foresight to recognize after all of this was done, we're going to need to heal >> this center addresses bullying, but in this case they rook they needed to do something to bring people together who have so much anger following an election. >> elections have normally split people by virtue of disagreements on policy. this has been disagreements on values. >> both barbara simmons and kate whitman dedicate themselves
7:33 am
helping people. their commitment to peace moved them to act in this election. >> if we don't move towards that kind of healing, we're just going to remain divided and that is -- you can't survive long like that. >> to try and make a difference, barbara will participate in a national day of healing. featuring everyone from dr. oz, dr. ben carson, al sharp ton and local groups like the peace center will host their own. it will be a diverse group to try and understand not judge each other. >> it's hard to try to understand that somebody doesn't necessarily have negative intentions. they're doing what unable is best >> i think very few people woke up saying -- that's not how we're kind of wider as humans. >> uniting with people you feel personally opposed you is not an
7:34 am
easy task and the personal nature of this campaign, even has people criticizing me online for suggesting that we have discussions designed to heal. barbara and kate get it but still believe that there's a bigger goal >> if we can't come together as a community, none of us will feel happy or hopeful. >> the national day of reconciliation takes place this weekend and you can get more information on or fox 29 facebook page >> in most circumstances politics is a 0 game. somebody wins, somebody loses. and there may not be conversation after that. you just go about your own way, but barbara, kate and the peace center want more than that, not just on who won, how we unite, grow and come together, for goodness sake. >> thank you so much, bill. here's something that i really love. it's new business. opening up in upper darby geared to educate and empower women when it comes to their cars, the
7:35 am
girls' auto cling, on west chester pike owned by engineer and automatic technician patrice bank. the repair shop employees women mechanics. they're called she cannics. when it comes to your car maintenance, the shop has a salon, customers can get their nails and hair done. i talked to patrice, and i said how did this come about? she said i was an auto air head, i felt like i was being taken advantage of, i had a sign on my head charge me whatever. so that's what they do. she said, i wanted to fix this and she drained her savings account. went to school and did all these different things, five years later. here's her baby >> it's not just females nervous about this. i don't know anything about cars >> when you take your car in and
7:36 am
you're like, mr. brain >> your braker filter is low, you need new felt >> i always do my research. i try and troubleshoot myself. just like, go to the hardware store and get something and fix it or auto store and fix it. i'll try and do that. but i mean, most cars are a really technologically advanced. some stuff you can't even, you know, >> my car, you have to have a key to just take the hub cap off. >> that's impressive for her to go ahead and come up with that concept. >> it's 7425 west chester pike, upper darby. >> very cool. facebook, give me a really good way to keep in touch with people. find out married have kids.
7:37 am
they may have learned that one or more of their friends has died. that's scary. causes concern and confusion. my goodness. and if you're up with us this morning, you have to be somewhat of an early riser. maybe you don't understand how some people can sleep the day away. but they may not be able to help it. they're night owls for a reason. we're going to talk about the early birds versus night owls. ♪
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♪ 7:40. 36 degrees outside. let's talk silly science. >> are you a night outline? or early bird? whether you love the night life or early morning, it may depend on your biology. sleep scientists examined people's body clocks and found no matter how much sleep people get, night owls will always be more tired than early birds. it has to do with how people are genetically wired. some people are predeposed to slope at certain times, while others sleep at other times. for me, i have to say this, this is crazy to say, i've been on this morning show six years on tv, i'm the biggest night outline you know, i can stay up until 3:00 in the morning and
7:41 am
sleep until noon >> i can't do that. i'm typically an early bird. if the sun is up, i like to be up. i don't black out curtains. i got to stay up all night. i feel like i'm going to miss something on tv, a west coast game or something like that, but then if it's 9:00 i'm up >> so you're up at 6:00. my off days i feel like i'm wasting the entire day but i feel like i'm catching up on my sleep because i get up at 1:45. >> who has a set schedule as far as sleeping, if my fiance is watching i get up 7:00, to 7:15. >> doing all the work around the house? trying to. >> speak of feeling tired, getting sleep, it may not just be your jeans. it could be something else keeping you from getting a good night sleep. coming up, the one item we all
7:42 am
know that you might the want to band from your bedroom immediately. it's that time of school, where your kids could be dreading this. parents are coming in, talking to the teachers, you're going to find out how your kids are behaving. the questions you, as a parent need to be asking the teacher coming up. brian what's up? great to see you too. >> a lot of people missed you lauren. >> molly mommy and little brother enjoyed the day in ocean city. >> everyone was at the beach >> highs there in the low 50's today >> water temperatures are in the mid 50's. >> airport feels warmer. >> no weather delays.
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7:45 am
the kids back in school two months, now it's time to meet with the teachers. see how they're doing, talk about progress. it's parent teacher conference time. what kind of questions should you be asking? how do you talk to your kids after you learn about behavior in the classroom? we needed help. randy davis joins us to talk more about this. this can be stressful for both parties, the parents, the teachers, the students. for everyone involved. >> it is. everyone gets so nervous about, you know, conference time, you know, my goodness, what's my teacher going to say?
7:46 am
it's a time, take a deep breath and go, and go into this with a level head and everything will be ok. >> a lot of times, i think when you, as a parent, i'm speaking from the experience of my girlfriend and cousins that talk about these, you go in and you're sort of defensive so it's your child and you think this is high child but you forget the teacher comes from a background of child education and they sort of know how to handle these situations >> they do. you want to go in, ready to have a discussion. really ready to be a team with your teacher. and really your teacher doesn't tell you things that you may not want to hear about their behavior. because they don't like your child. they really want to help them know. and what can we do to help your child move forward? so i think that that's something that you really need to go in and be ready for. and as a parent you can say like, what can i do and how are you supporting my child and how are you taking out the unwanted
7:47 am
behavior but putting the wanted one in >> do you sometimes see behaviors in the classroom that parents are totally unaware of happening at home? does that happen sometimes >> it does happen sometimes. the other thing that happens is, parents will say how are my kids doing? they're awesome. because we're struggling >> but it is really important with the parents in my community and my preschool community. we really are a team. there's always that communication going back and forth and we're doing what's best for the parent and the child. >> when parents come back home after they met with the teachers and gathered the information and knowledge. what's the best way to approach the child now to sort of pass that information along? >> so you want to look at a parent teacher conference as sort of an information gathering session, so you're not like, ok, i heard, you know, things that were rough and tough, i heard your grades aren't great. you're grounded forever. where are you stuck and what's going on? why are you choosing these kinds
7:48 am
of behaviors? why are you struggling in math? how can we support you? how can we help you? >> ask more questions >> absolutely. you want to be a team with your kids too. >> we're all in this together. >> go team. >> brandy thank you so much. >> thank you. 7:48 this morning, scott williams, it's chilly outside. >> right now, all of us are on the same team as far as getting the cold weather this morning, i mean, temperatures really the coldest so far this season, we dipped into the mid 30's in philadelphia. 20's some of the out lying suburbs. it will be a beautiful day. allow sunshine, but above average high temperatures today, the eagles forecast those temperatures will rebound great football weather tomorrow. we'll talk about a rainfall chance with the seven-day forecast. high pressure is in full control. a lot of sunshine not only in the midatlantic northeast but parts of the southeast dealing with dry weather. 36 right now in philadelphia. look at millville, 27, 28
7:49 am
atlantic city, freezing right now in wilmington. 34 in allentown. factor in that wind. this is how you should dress stepping out the door. 20 degrees is what feels like in millville, 24 in lancaster, 27 the feels like temperature with the windchill in the lehigh valley. the walk to end alzheimer's this morning, temperatures will be in the 40's at 11:00 a.m. 50 for afternoon high and 60 the afternoon high temperature for tomorrow. tailgating weather tomorrow, sunshine, light jackets. the fall fleece should suffice. kickoff temperatures, very much, as we go towards the fourth quarter, 59. the weather authority forecast showing 60 for the high. upper 50's, right around 60, seasonal for much of next week. a coastal system monday into tuesday, could bring a threat of a few showers. >> scott, thank you so much. thanksgiving less than two weeks away, you might be
7:50 am
planning to travel for the holiday. if you're flexible. you can save serious cash. the discount you could get by changing your travel plans by just one day. and a local boxer who's overcoming adversity in and out of the ring, we take you for his inspiring story.
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♪ ♪ this is trenton, good morning, 7:53. 36 chilly degrees outside. it is time to introduce our fox 29 athlete of the week and this week one of our super star junior reporters, lexy. how are you? you and i are going to talk athlete of the week, i think the cheerleaders are athletes >> absolutely. we never feature a cheerleader that i know of. i think what they do is pure athleticism. this cheerleader, nails a back
7:54 am
flip. >> katie mcshay is not the older girl but she sets the bar high for all of her peers. >> i love cheering for my school. i love my team mates. and we have a bond. a sister bond that's i feel like this unlike any other sport >> but katie wasn't always on top of the pier mid during the first if i think game. katie tore her acl and was sidelined for the season >> i was definitely bumped. my season started and came to an end >> she didn't let the injury crush her spirit. she was out the rest of the season but came to every practice, every event. she was always there ready to go >> katie inspires her entire team at practice with her positive attitude's flawless technique, but make no mistake, this here leader is here to learn >> i'm taking classes, aps, honors and it's a lot of work >> katie says school is her top priority and her dedication to learning is contagious
7:55 am
>> katie inspires us because she shows how easy it is for her to balance school and cheering. >> katie plans to focus on law school and a career some day, but if one thing is for sure, she'll do it all way cheer worthy smile >> she comes in and ready to go, as soon as she leaves, she's hitting her books. that's why we're naming her fox 29 athlete of the week. >> she is. i love that. >> very smart girl, bright future. >> tell me this a lot of people are going to be like i think i know an athlete of the week, how can people find you >> on twitter, e-mail me. get in touch. >> all right. if you have someone you'd like to nominate post it on our facebook page just use #goodday so we can find your messages. you saw this photo. it made international headlines, a woman she did bumped into hillary clinton in the woods. now some people are saying it was fake and staged. we're i'm going to talk about that. it's not too early to start
7:56 am
thinking about your taxes. coming up the papers you need to save and the ones you can toss or shred. look at that tgood morning, love q, kathy, we all love q. >> under the blanket and you should, you got stay warm this morning. >> we love that picture we seen her. just going through the messages. thank you all for sending them and keep sending them to us. use the #fox29goodday. with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
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that's my giant.
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i we can do it withoutg blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
7:59 am
this morning students at the university of pennsylvania high alert after someone sent threatening messages to the campus targeting african-americans why young people at the school say they're worried this may only get worse. >> and dash cam video released of an officer being dragged by a suspect during a traffic stop. what investigators say happened that led the to have start shooting at that man. might not be getting the ax after all. what donald trump said could be in the works after his sit-down with president obama. ♪ . from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> we're glad to have you here >> i'm glad to be here >> everybody is happy to have
8:00 am
you. everybody on social media loving it. >> i took a break for awhile. out reporting, my schedule changed, but we're here, we're going to have fun. if you wake up this early, you have to entertain, inform, educate >> i think we do a good job, scott on the weather, i got your sports >> the sixers won. >> how about that? first time in awhile. >> i would say we're not winning in weather, because it's so cold >> we're not turning the corner in weather like we are with the sixers, but we're looking at colder temperatures, that's a beautiful shot across the area, the fall foliage, sunshine, if you're stepping outdoors, it's kind of chilly. we're looking at temperatures in the 20's and 30's, rebounding a bit after a low this morning in philadelphia of 35 degrees, the coldest so far the season. 8:00 temperature, updated 39 now, but we'll probably stay right around 50 for the afternoon high temperature. that's below the as of at this
8:01 am
time of year, which is 58. wall-to-wall sunshine with the big area of high pressure dominating our weather pattern but much of the country right now, you really have to head to the pacific northwest to see rainfall and some storm systems moving in. 35 right now, wilmington, 37, millville, 37 currently in allentown, planning your saturday, breakfast, temperatures kind of chilly, by lunchtime, 46, 50, by dinner, mid 40's, we'll talk about rebounding temperatures coming up with the seven-day forecast. rush hour, let's check in on your traffic. good morning, everybody. saturday. and watch for possible delays on the regional rails throughout the weekend. not so much from rain or wet leaves, but last week's rain leaving all those leaves along the tracks and they leave a residue which causes the slippery rails, especially along the beautiful tree lined paoli
8:02 am
thorndale as you roll through the mainline. expect delays 95. northbound got to repair a huge slab of concrete to stretch from washington avenue up through center city, throughout the weekend, 24/7, 95 could go from four lanes down to two lanes, keep in mind if you're heading home from tonight's flyers game or tomorrow's eagles game. speaking of flyers, they're on the ice at 7:00. enjoy your day, we'll see you back here again tomorrow morning, for good day philadelphia weekend. >> bob kelly thank you so much. people at the university of pennsylvania high alert after threatening messages sent to the school target african-american students. many people are concerned this could be parts of a disturbing trend. jennifer joyce is on campus with the details >> those students who are concerned and shaken gather here at huntsman hall last night.
8:03 am
perhaps now feeling a little bit more comforted knowing they have the full backing and support of everyone here on campus. let's interlock at the headline this morning from the philadelphia daily news, showing a picture of penn students kneeling signing messages standing in solid di after a poverty was send to black freshman call group me. the post has students pouring into huntsman hall outraged. included racial slurs, pictures, threats of violence and a calendar for daily lynching. the university says it appears the account may have been created in oklahoma. on it are references to dead trump and trump disciple. african-american students say racism exploded after tuesday's election. >> this is, of course, a tragedy, disgusting and vial, i think the sentiment is this is not necessarily something
8:04 am
surprising >> i believe we were much further along. to have something like this happen in a city like philadelphia on a campus like penn is disgusting. it's disgusting. >> reporter: a black student group held the town hall closed to the media to meet with the university's president to offer comfort and unite in the wake of such a horrible and hateful incident and in a statement penn tried to assure students it is working nonstop to offer support, and to determine a source. we also know that philadelphia's mayor, jim kenney, has reached out to the human relations commission asking them to investigate this as well. lauren? >> jenny, thank you so much. get to the top stories, police investigating a shooting overnight that left a man in the hospital. just before midnight, police found a man shot in the arm. investigators believe man was in his 30's, taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. police are still looking for the
8:05 am
shooter, investigators say robbery could be the motive in the case. one person taken to the hospital following an overnight fire in olney section. this happened just before 1:30 along the 6,000 block of north phillip street. the flames were brought under control a short time later. we don't know the cause of that fire or the condition of the have my. philadelphia police trying to track down whoever shot two people on the streets of hunting park. this happened yesterday evening. along the 3900 block of north 9th street, investigators tell us someone shot a 26-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman. both are at temple university hospital in stable condition. for the third night, people protested president-elect trump in the streets of philadelphia. >> we reject the president-elect. angry protesters say they just cannot support donald trump as the next president. a group of a few hundred people are fighting for the lgbt community and people of color. groups they say trump agenda ignores. >> i have a lot of friends all
8:06 am
over the world. they keep asking us, like why? and they don't see protests like this, they think that all of us are for what is essentially going to happen, i wanted them to see we're not all there. >> demonstrates want to keep the peaceful. philadelphia was not the only city protesting. in new york demonstrators hell what they called a love rally. designed for people who have been offended by donald trump words during the campaign. students not even old enough to vote staged walk-outs in nebraska and protesters line the streets of miami. in portland, several dozen people were arrested when they smashed windows and started fires. meantime, president-elect trump transition team is underway, he's been meeting with perspective cabinet members and thinking about policy as well. in an interview with the wall street journal. after meeting with president
8:07 am
obama he is now considering keeping certain parts of the affordable care act in place and trying to see compromise. trump campaigned heavily on a platform of immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. new jersey governor chris christie running trumping's transition team for the past several months was removed from that role. donald trump announced he's replacing chris christie with vice president elect mike pence. three of trump children will also lay put important roles on the transition to team alongside former new york mayor rudy giuliani and neurosurgeon ben carso carson. police in camden county releasing shocking dash cam video of a traffic stop in haddon township that ended in gunfire. this happened lasted month. police say an officer pulled over a pickup and while he was talking to a driver, he took off
8:08 am
dragging the officer. >> he shouldn't have took off. i don't know what was going on. in his mind, to sit there and try to take off on a police while he's hanging out the car. that's ridiculous. >> investigators say it suspect, 38-year-old edmond brown ended up crashing into a parked car. he then got into a scuffle with the officer. tried to run off. that's when the officer fired his weapon. hitting brown in the leg. the officer is on administrative leave while prosecutor determine exactly what took place. and if the officer was justified in shooting the suspect, brown now being held on $100,000 bail. bill cosby's lawyers say the comedian expects to be cleared in his sexual assault case and he may plan to restart his show business career. a lawyer representing him in a defamation lawsuit wants judge to seal documents that hold him about put compensation for performances. the women suing could see with say he has no future in show business and won't be hurt if that information is disclosed.
8:09 am
cosby's lawyer says once he's cleared he expects to resume his career. former temple university president david adamman died thursday after a short illness. he was also a professor of law and political science. he was 80 years old. it's very chichlt but only going to get colder. what kind of winter can we expect? will it be frigid? super snowy? nice and easy? scott williams is here to break it all down in our winter weather outlook. first thanksgiving less than two weeks away, you might be planning to travel for the holiday. if you're flexible with your travel plans, you can save serious cash. we'll tell you about a discount you can get by changing your plans by one day. check this out, simon says happy birthday to me.
8:10 am
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it's hard to believe, we're talking about the holidays. here we are. everyone knows thanksgiving, one of the business easiest travel times, but there's, the lifetime travel day is expected to be turkey day. the worse days, wednesday before the holiday, the sunday and monday after. so switch up your plans, leave on turkey day, return tuesday. and you're saving $200. who wouldn't want to do that? what about holiday shopping with black friday less than two weeks away, retailers optimistic. macy's and coles up beat. they expect consumers to turn from voting to shopping. more important is the unseasonably warm weather across much of the country. the national retail freshen
8:14 am
predicts sales will increase more than three and a half percent this years. a gift card is always a good option. a new survey said we like to give them more than receive. more than half of consumers say some of their presents will be gift cards this year, just over a quarter americans say, they would actually like to get a gift card instead of an actual gift. speaking of gifts, cards, let's cash in. you may not want to start thinking about it yet but it's the end over the year, you may want to begin getting tax records ready, file your 1040 as early as possible. what records do you need? are there things you should keep? some you should shred and throw out. >> i was talking to my cousin, she said i'm getting my tax stuff together. i was like, already? >> she's pretty good. >> she's prepared >> look, time to reclaim your dining room table. a lot -- let's talking to sean.
8:15 am
he's got boxes all over, i guarantee he's got stuff in those boxes he does not need. all those tax returns from the first job as a lifeguard, the irs can audit you about three years, there are some exceptions they can go back six. keep a tax return copy seven years. after that you want to shred it. get rid of it. you don't need it >> you get your bank statement, credit card statement. >> time to reclaim your somewhere. when it comes to your bank statement, take a look, make sure there's no funky charges, fraud, things like that. shred it. you don't need it more than a month. especially because you probably have it online now as well. here's your credit card statement, do the same thing, you can get rid of it each month, but there's one exception. if you make a major purchase on your credit card, let's say, for example, a tv, a flat screen, a lot of credit card companies will extend your warranty free up to two years, so keep that
8:16 am
credit card statement if you have a major purchase, at least for the life of the product. >> i didn't know that. >> the a little secret. credit card companies don't advertise it much. but it's true, they give you that extended warranty for free. but you got to have the receipt. >> a lot of times they keep trying to encourage us to do paper less, is that dangerous? i get this fear of hack >> there's always that risk. that's the society we live in but i do like this paper less stuff with one exception. if you're going paperless for your bank account, credit card statement and change companies and banks, guess what? you just lost all of that history. if you're going to do that, if you change credit card, or bank statements prints off a couple of last month statements, but the real tip is there are so many good data vaults in the cloud. for example, drop box or shoe box, these are free services for the most part, free aps that you can scan in your paychecks and
8:17 am
different receipts and you'll have them forever in the cloud. and your important documents, birth certificates >> is this your original birth certificate? >> this is daughter number one, born in england. this is a british birth certificate and if you got birth certificates, marriage certificates, you'll want to keep those forever obviously in a vault at home or little safe at home or a bank safety deposit box, it's not too expensive but your social security card, important documents, you got to keep those forever and really safe. the other stuff, thanks to technology, we can start purging, scan it. invest in a good shredder. great gift. sean is laughing. shred that old stuff. get rid of it with the exception we just talked about. keep those longer >> i love the tips >> clean out that sock drawer, clean off the dining room table
8:18 am
today. >> it's chilly outside. so you can stay inside, stay warm and get a lot done. >> absolutely. stay inside. if you don't like the cold, have some chilly maybe on this kind of chilly above average day. a lot of sunshine out there. once again, we do expect those above average temperatures, it was cold across the delaware valley. atlantic city bottomed out at 27. 29 was the low in wilmington, trenton bottomed out at 30. 35 in philadelphia, that's the coldest low so far this season. numbers right now, sunshine, temperatures recovering a bit, 39 degrees right now in center city, winds right now out of the north northwest at six miles per hour, not as gusty of a day as yesterday. winds almost gusting enclose to 40 miles per hour yesterday with the front. high pressure, that will be a control for the entire weekend giving us that sunshine, then as we move toward tomorrow, that high will shift a little farther to the east. we'll get that return flow,
8:19 am
winds more out of the south, temperatures will rebound nicely. 37 millville, 36 in atlantic city, 34 in pottstown, upper 20's in the poconos mountains. you factor in the wind, how your body reacts. 32 in millville, 19 right now in the poconos mountains. we have the walk to end alzheimer's out at citizens bank park. 9:00 a.m. is that registration, the walk will take place at 11:00 a.m. temperatures chilly. by 9:00, worry looking at 39, by 11:00, 44, jackets and sweaters there. across the area for today, 50 below average in center city, the average this time of year is 58. down the shore, sunny, chilly, 51. lehigh valley only a high today of 48 degrees. >> chilly. you thought you were going to buy the home featured in the popular 90's film mrs. doubt fire, the four bedroom home has
8:20 am
been sold for $4 million. it served as a temporary some ryan to robin williams after he passed away. decorated so beautifully. love it. >> this is a talker. could a photo of a woman running into hillary clinton in the woods has been stitched? the photo went viral after the woman posted she was depressed after the election and decided to go on a hike. she is she ran into hillary clinton walking her dogs, britain's mail says the woman has met clinton before at a fund raiser and has a picture of that meeting as well. she has reportedly removed both photos from her facebook page. you told me, sean when was the first saw it you thought fake >> it was the day after the election, she got the kid strapped to her back walking the dog. i wasn't born yesterday. so that's the first thing that hit me was the timing. the story is there but i lot of
8:21 am
fact that you know now what the truth is because why would she be deleting pictures from her facebook page? >> once it starts coming down >> we're on to you. but i don't blame hillary clinton's campaign for doing that. obviously, everything is scheduled. this is the type of deal they're doing. people get paid good money. >> all the deliberate posts and interactions. i'm sure hillary clinton was sad and depressed but, you know, it's one of those things wait, you know her j. >> she's going to have to move on, i'm sure she'll do something, don't forget about chelsea. >> that's true. all right. a local boxer who's overcoming adversity both in and out of the ring coming up. we take you in focus with his inspiring story. a big facebook why the social media site is apologizing after leaving many users in the dark and concerned about people on their friends list?
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. 8:24. 39 chilly degrees. strange on facebook, should not thought some of its users were dead. here's screen shots of profiles of fox 29 employees, you can see
8:25 am
at the top of these pages, facebook posted a memorial banner urging family and friends to remember the user. chris connell? there's only one problem, no one died. there's no word on why this happened. the it went to the top memorialing mark zuckerberg? >> we're talking about football. playground put football is moving into the future. let's take a ride into the tech tank >> i'm anthony mongoluzzi and and that this is your tech flight from the tech tank football. it's over 100 years old now taking football into the modern age and let this connect to an ap. this will solve a lot of playground battles, for instance how far you're playing the ball, how fast? who has the better spiral? it's done through a little chip that actually is inserted into the ball.
8:26 am
the chip is actually good for over 200,000 throws and while greek football cost 100 bucks this will cost 200, but it's going to lead to a lot of play time, fun and even turned throw aing a football into the game with the act. you want to talk high tech football. who would have thought, reach out to us, #techtank, and we'll continue the online.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we start the half hour with breaking news. at the university of pennsylvania campus with new details. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, we just got information. we do know that university of pennsylvania officials notified students early this morning about an update to the story we've been following, would he know a short time ago, university of pennsylvania officials did put information out there on social media. saying that u penn's president received a call from the president of the university of oklahoma late last night explaining that there is a basis for temporarily suspending one of its students for possible involvement in these threats made against u penn african-american freshmen. the fbi has been working with officials on both campuses to determine the origin of these threats. oklahoma, officials say they will not tolerate racism or hate
8:30 am
speech. while it's unclear if the racist threats initialed on oklahoma or another campus, they're investigating and have temporarily suspended one of its students based on information received so far both the fbi and the schools will continue their own investigation. lauren? >> thank you so much for that update. we'll continue to update you on the air and online. stay with us. on tuesday, americans made their voices heard at least some did. many americans didn't even participate in one of the most fundamental rights in our country, the rights of peace fully overthrow by voting. and bruce gordon. >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon, couldn't help but wonder as i watched 1,000 or so local demonstrators tying up traffic in the center city wednesday protesting the election of donald trump as our next president. how many were wearing those little i voted stickers they handed out at the polling places on election correct,
8:31 am
probably no more than about five hundred of them. you see, the protesters were mostly young people and the researcher said 18 to 29-year-olds turned out at about a 50% clip which means roughly half those demonstrators out there blasting donald trump and to a lesser degree hillary clinton never bothered to vote. to those folks i have a question, where have you been? and suggestion, check your calendar. the date to make your voice heard wasn't wednesday. it was tuesday. when it actually counted. those who now fear a trump administration will main mean the end of the world, you had all day tuesday to do something about it. many of these folks were no doubt ambivalent about clinton so they stayed home a symbolic gesture that almost always produces the opposite effect. exit polling suggest about eight % of millennial voters thoses
8:32 am
chose a third party candidate. one over the two candidates who actually had a chance to win, speaking of electoral postmortems, jim kenney demonstrate decided jim kenney decided to talk city workers off the metaphorical legend. >> this was a presidential election that did not go your way, no need for a post apocalyptic pep talk >> take your time to mourn and heal and let's get back to work, yes, let's. a couple of calendar suggestions for november 20-20, an election day, vote. the day after, accept the results. only in philly. scott williams, chilly out there. look prepared to run ten miles in this weather >> ten miles in the cold. temperatures are going to be above average for this time of year, topping out around 50.
8:33 am
running those steps of the art museum. live look outside of our studios, the ben franklin bridge. a lot of sunshine, temperatures recovering a bit after a low of at least now up to 39. still cold. visibility is good and winds right now about six miles per hour. high pressure prominent and dominate. giving us all the sunshine and cold air for today. by tomorrow, we'll seymour of a return flow and a nice rebound in those temps. 29 in the poconos, 34, pottstown, 37 in millville, but feels like 32 in millville when you factor in the wind. feels like the teens in the poconos mountains. so for today, by the afternoon, 50 degrees, as we move towards your sunday, high temperatures top out around 60, so great football weather. as the falcon comes into town. . as we move toward next week, temperatures right around average, upper 50's, 60 degrees, a disturbance could bring showers though monday night into your tuesday, we'll have to watch for that because we desperately, lauren, need that
8:34 am
rainfall. >> i know. it's not raining as much as it should be >> parts of the area five to almost ten inches below for the year. >> speaking of weather, the holiday season is on the way, then winter weather, what's in store for us in the winter ahead >> we've been working crunching the numbers. a whole lot tries to go into making that forecast to predict how much snow we're into what we're going to get. and we'll kick it off with sue serio >> when it comes to winter, our memories can play tricks on us. do you remember when our first measurable snow was last winter? >> early november. >> november i believe >> i think it wasn't until january. >> actually, our first measurable snowfall wasn't until january 17th of this year, and even then, all we got was half inch. >> remember, christmas? it was warm, not white. with highs in the 60's.
8:35 am
jack frost was nipping on someone else's nose. surely you remember the blizzard of 2016. january taiwan and 23rd. that one storm gave us 81% of the season's total. this season may be similar. at least to start. >> that's right sue when making the forecast, we analyzed the weather patterns and all of the data to help us predict how much snowfall our area might receive. now, last year, we saw an el nino pattern this year we're watching a building weak la nina pattern, a cooling of the pacific warrants. we'll alter the jet stream and with that pattern that will impact the flow of moisture, the temperatures and also the amount of snow. the la nina pattern means the jet stream will be most active over the great lakes as well as the northeast with more clipper like systems. now, skiers will likely love the forecast with more snow expected
8:36 am
in the mountains. but less in the big cities of philadelphia, baltimore and washington, dc. >> let's brick it down month-by-month, first by temperature, in december, temperatures will be around normal. january will be colder, and february as well. up to one degree above average each month. and then more warmth moves in in the month of march, expect temperatures to be up to one dray above the monthly average temperature. as far as snow? don't expect much if any in the month of december, we will ease into winter with mainly rain. that means only a slight chance of a white christmas again. >> january will bring more clipper systems and that will limit moisture but the month will end with greater than average snowfall. the normal is six and a half inches this is due to pattern change in late january to mid february were there will be a better chance of coastal storms with at least two storms bringing six to 12 inches of
8:37 am
snow or greater. there's still a chance of snow in march with some now sans storms, one to three inches are expected: the fox 29 weather authority is forecasting 22 to 30 inches of snow, that is above the annual average around 23. >> so it's inevitable. you know it's going to be coming. we're talking about up to 30 inches of snow in philadelphia. higher amounts north and west, lesser down the shore. looks like late january through mid february will be the most active. >> are you feeling tired this morning? it could be something simple keeping you from getting a good night sleep. the one item you may want to ban from your bedroom quickly we know it's important to keep a house clean, there may be one thing you're not doing in order to tidy up.
8:38 am
we got to think about that.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're going to talk about cleaning. keeping a clean house is important but is it really more important than spending time with your children? that's the question we're asking. according to a new study, parent spend about three and a half hours of quality time with their kids every week. get thissings they spend about
8:41 am
four hours a day house and work. >> say what >> that's right. so 30 minutes more keeping the house clean. they wish they could spend their time with their kids. when you have kids, and they make messes, you got to clean it up. >> let me tell you something. i operate a heck of a lot better when my house is clean >> i do too. my mom, she and i are very different. she's here visiting and i told her i can't operate in clutter. it stresses my mind out. when there's things, i was, i can't think >> that's a big gap between quantity time with the kids versus how much time they spend on doing things around the house. maybe, i don't have kids but incorporate things to do together? multitask. >> exactly. >> do your chores >> i believe it's a long time, four hours a day on housework? i don't think i spent that much time on housework in a long time. >> when we talk about little
8:42 am
joey put him in front of the tv screen, put a video games all of that. you got that going. >> we had a saturday ritual. you wake up, make your bed and clean your room. maybe that's what parents need to do now. >> i was ducking out. >> let us know. how much time do you spend cleaning versus time with the kids. use the hash tag, this will be good to get instant reaction >> no way people cleaning four hours a day. >> i don't think that's realistic. where did they do that study >> maybe on the weekend >> >> training for any professional sport takes a lot of hard work and dedication, we're going to show you the story of one young man determined to win despite experiencing some serious losses in life.
8:43 am
8:44 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we' offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, st in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, all at the same time. gary. only fios offers 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds,
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tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year; plus a 150 dollar visa prepaid card with a two-year agreement. visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. . septa moving forward with the tap and go keycard program. it will begin mailing out key cards to senior citizens next week, riders 65 and over will be able to use the cards on busses, subways and trolleys instead of having to show an id to a cashier or driver. it will still let people show id through the transition period. it's time to take you in focus this morning. we take a trip to a boxing gym in philadelphia. where one man is overcoming adversity in his career as a
8:46 am
fighter. at fox 29 reports, he's using boxing ring to help him get through some really tough times. >> a bright shines on an otherwise dark northeast philadelphia neighborhood. >> you go outside and you explore the neighborhood. you don't see the drugs and the addicts around here, it's impossible. >> 13 years old. you may have ten kids come to the gym and they will start out. before you know it, in a year, you're down to one >> 122 light weight is the one kid who stayed behind. >> it went from fighting in the street as a four-year-old kid to putting on a pair of box gloves with kids in the neighborhood. >> the rock ministry gym has become his second home. his train is helping him train for an upcoming fight >> he's got a strong fortitude, character, good work ethic and
8:47 am
that goes no what you need to be a champion >> for him to become a boxing champion, he must overcome adversity, his older brother irving. >> i said how far do you think i can go in boxing? he said you can go as far as you'd like yourself to go. that will stick with me through the my career >> the week before his first professional fight, manny's irvine was killed >> you see the caution tape. you see the employees out there and i remember i can see my brother's foot hanging out of the door. >> against the advice of others, manny decide to go on with the fight. >> just getting myself moving and i see my brother's, i see my fans but i don't see my oldest brother there that hit me harder than any punch ever could >> he now wears his nickname
8:48 am
neek on his boxing trunks during the fight. he is giving back to the community that helped him through the darkest times >> i want the kids to know that just because you come from an area and you see certain things that doesn't mean you have to adapt to that type of lifestyle. you have a choice >> bill rohrer fox 29 news >> manny is also a philadelphia police officer helping build a bridge between his community and police, also he is eight and 0 after knock out his opponent in the first round last night. >> let's check in with scott with a look at our weather >> it is beautiful but it is chilly out there. live look right now at the wilmington waterfront temperatures in wilmington, we're in the low 30's around freezing this morning. high temperatures should top out around 50 degrees. live look outside of our studios look towards the ben franklin bridge, we're looking at sunshine and look at the numbers, still a chilly 39
8:49 am
degrees, winds out of the north northwest at about six miles per hour. perfect visibility. jacket, sweaters, don't forget the shades if you're stepping out as well with the wall-to-wall sunshine that high pressure just really in control of our weather for the weekend. 37 in millville, 38 dover. 35 now in wilmington. 34 currently in pottstown. you factor in the wind. windchills right now, right around freezing in millville, dover feels leak 19 still in the poconos mountains. 35 is what it feels like in philadelphia. the walk to end alzheimer's kicking off. the walk starts at 11:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 40's, by that time. 50 for the high temperature, 60 degrees for tomorrow, temperatures looking great for the game. counting the days, thanksgiving, 12 days away, the official start to winter, 39 days and christmas now only 43 days away. 50 the high. below average center city tlow 50's at the shore, upper 40's,
8:50 am
that's it in the lehigh valley. that weather authority seven-day forecast showing the nice rebound on sunday, a high of 60. upper 50's through the around 60 much of next week, we'll watch a coastal system that could bring clouds and showers monday night into tuesday. we really need that rainfall and hey, tomorrow night into monday, you got to check out the super moon, we've been talking about it. last time we saw one this big was back in 1948. we call it the perigee, the moon the closest to the earth, it will appear larger also brighter, check it out. great viewing weather for this large moon. next time it will be this close by the way is november 25th of 2034. what do you think you'll be doing in 2034, lauren? >> good question. i don't know what i'll be doing tomorrow. scott thank you so much. private jets expensive to charter and often costing thousands of dollars, right now they're used by the ultra rich to get around, but as fox's
8:51 am
ashley a growing number of aps are trying to reduce that cost >> imagine looking forward to a trip to the airport? these days hiring a private jet is almost as quick and easy as booking an uber >> celebrities like it. music fans like it. business owners look it. wealthy families like it. it is expensive. but it's a fraction of the cost of chartering a private jet. >> you tell it where you're going. you tell it when to take off >> if you can afford to travel in style, instant booking private jet companies combine free scheduled flights. last minute deals and charted flights all in one ap. >> our starting point is $15,000. we've lowered the lower level cost up to ten times, then if you want more flexibility you can create your own fights but you're still saving a significant amount. >> the jet ap has been
8:52 am
downloaded nearly 800,000 times and has a membership renewal rate of 90's %. >> it is an expensive service, certainly not for everyone. the original objective is to make it more affordable to the masses. right now, it's for the wealthy individuals who want to make the travel experience easier. >> also flying into the instant booking private jet space, are companies like blue star jets, which promises you can be deploying anywhere world wide with as little as four hours notice. $2000 month, beacon offers all you can fly private jet service in the northeast of the california subscription as far as surf offers unlimited travel for $1750 per month. and private fly have customers in the air within an hour, it's record is about 43 minutes. it's making flying fun again. it's making the journey exciting. today you go to a commercial airport it's a chore
8:53 am
>> you can go anywhere in world on these planes, order it up on your smart >> jet smart well-known include kim kardashian who tweeted about it to her millions of followers, the company's servers jammed up shortly after. i'm ashley webster, fox business. >> really? a private plane? i'll take commercial. i can't afford anything >> it's a good thing kim kardashian -- >> when i her her name, i was tuned out. using your smart phone or to be let before bed can ruin a good night's rest. the more you're glued to your device, the poorer your quality of sleep. it's a new study from the university of california san francisco. a correlation between a spike in insomnia and sleep disorders. you know what? you're going to have to, the blue light suppresses melatonin. when we're in this business, we're always glued to these things, we have to stay on top
8:54 am
of alerts, weather, traffic. i don't know about the droids, but the iphone has a >> the night shift >> i have mine, set for like 7:00 p.m. >> i'm guilty of having devices around my bed. i have a tv in my room. >> me too. >> it's hard. >> it's hard to disconnect. >> i, in fact, dom look at social media after, >> about an hour before i know i'm going to bed this way i know i have something do re to do, i unwind 20 minutes and i'm able to go to bed. let's wish celebrities happy birthday, kneel young, 71. megan, molly, 58. ryan goes ling 36, anne hathaway
8:55 am
is 34. ryan goes ling 36, anne hathaway is 34. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ . great weather outside, little chilly, walk to end alzheimer's is today. >> you're going >> i will be there. looking forward to it. can't wait. temperatures during the walk will be in the 40's, high of 50.
8:58 am
>> bundle up. everyone have great saturday. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 7:00.
8:59 am
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