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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> naming names. president-elect donald trump this morning build two high level sglobz administration and chief of staff and stephen bannon as senior adviser and reince priebus what we're learn about the two men. >> an a nation still divided. from protests to racial incidents donald trump holds nothing back. >> i am so sadden todd hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this, and ail sigh it to the cameras, stop it. >> in his first interview as president-elect nothing is off limits. >> you said you knew more than the generals about isis.
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>> well, to be honest with you i probably do look at the job they've done. >> what he's now saying about building that wall and sending hillary clinton to jail. >> bloodid and bruised. terrifying moments in center city philadelphia as massive group of teens randomly assaulted people in flash mob style. the arrests this morning and plus how police plan to protect the public. >> and flying high. the eagles soar to an undefeated record this season at home and beating those other birds if a smack down. highlights plus how the eagles shut down the fall cops on twitter. moments after the game. >> all right. 7:02 let's clear up the nutria thing it's a large rodent and we have them in the delaware valley. in delaware they talk about how they all -- well they'll eat stuff in hugh lieu they eat levies. >> they have a day they go into
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the back of truck and shoot them because you know they mess up the levies and you cannot have the levies messed up. >> down by the levy. >> that's why i don't eat nutella which makes no sense. >> i don't get the connection. >> there isn't any. >> the first three letters of the word are the same. >> nut. >> i don't say nutella the way maybe be if you think nutella you wouldn't think nuta. >> there's also an seinfeld episode -- never mind it was a hat they tried to sell at mink but it was nutria. >> all that said we wasted two minutes and here's the weather. >> now here's what you really wanted to know. >> what it's going to be like today, ten out of ten and your weather by the numbers bus stop bud write is bundled up today some temperatures in the 30s and couple in 40s and also celebrating national pickle da day. we don't have any clouds in the
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area now. we will by end of day. we don't expect any rain until tomorrow, though. 37 right now with calm winds there and beautiful start to the day. chilly. 7 allentown and eding and pottstown and now 26 in lancaster and 5 millville lowest temperatures of the day because we got there before sunrise. increasing clouds later on and rain rolling in for us in philadelphia mid might and coming up. bob kelly we get sun flare today. >> we got. >> and grab an extra snack here if you want the sherman line. there's switch problems with cynwyd. and other minor delays because of slippery rails. lynn field, trap road, country kluk driver a crash, accident north east philly cottman boulevard and roosevelt and south 95 delays academy to
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bridge street. typical morning rush hour for gang up here in skippack route 363 valley forge road. that is valley forge road there at skippack pike watch for accident in the neighborhood and here we go the reverse commute folks leaving town headed uphill on this schuylkill expressway westbound in towards belmont avenue and this is new condos there off along the river and we're dealing with sun glare this morning as you roll out of the driveway. mike, alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob. >> well, donald trump is making moves over the weekend. and getting his administration together. >> slowly but surely. don't call my shirley. president-elect donald trump is putting different advisors together naming first two key personal appointments. >> republican party chairman ranked previous will welcome trump's chief of staff he's very popular among different fakes of party and worked on you nighting gop half deviceing primary. >> he has also chosen ceo as
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chief strategist and senior counselor. who will be equal partners. >> but, trump touched on campaign promises and first ipt knew. >> from healthcare to isis he's giveing a clear picture of what the trump administration will be like. at least that's what he's saying. let's breakdown the biggest moments of the area. >> let's talk about that throughout the cam pain. many times he would build that wall between mexico and u.s. and now he's slowing it down saying he's considering slowed down vering of the here's what we said during the 60 minute interview about putting up a fence in certain parts. >> are you really going build a wall. >> yes. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican coming gress. >> yes. >> would you accept a fence sgle for certain areas i would. but certain areas the wall is more appropriate.
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i'm good that. this is called construction. >> it could be pledge to deport millions and millions of up documented immigrants. >> what we'll do is get the people that are criminals, gang members, drug dealsers there's a hot of these people probably million or 3 million we're getting them out of the country or incarcerate. we're getting them out of the country i because they're here ill himly. after the border is secured -- >> everything once again it's a scaled down vering. trump talked about the supreme court right now there is one opening that needs to be fille filled. listen to what he said about appealing row versus wait. >> they'll be pro-life and in terms of the whole gun situation we know second amen amendment and everybody is talking about second amendment and they're trying to dice it up and change it they're going to be pro second amendmentmen
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amendmentmentp. but, having to do with abortio abortion, what -- if it ever wore overturned it would go back to states. so it would go back to states. >> and some women won't be able to get abortion. >> it will go back to the state. >> by states. >> perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> that's okay? >> and looking at a more conservative court. what about hireing a special 3r0s cuter me it put rival hillary clinton in jawl because of the debate. he answered this way a listen. >> are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigates ill hull hill over her emails and are he you as you had said to her face going to try to put her in jail. >> i i tell you what i'll do i'll think about it i feel that i want to focus on jobs. i want to focus on healthcare. >> she did some bad things. >> special prosecutor -- >> i don't want to hurt them. don't want to hurt them.
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they're good people. i don't want to hurt them and i will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 minutes together. >> certainly different from what we heard about the clinto clintons during the campaign and another big moment here leslie stall asked trump about isis and what he said about the generals. >> and we have great generals. >> you know more than the generals. >> i probably do. look at the job they've done. okay look at the job they've done. they have not done the job. now maybe it's leadership and maybe it's something else. who knows. all i can tell you we need to get rid of isis. >> let's talk about what's going on across the country because trump was asked about demonstrations held across the country and reports of racial be slurs and personal threats being made by both sides. here's what he said. >> i'm very surprised to hear that i would -- >> telling muslim. >> i hate to hear that. >> but do you hear it. >> i don't hear it.
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>> you are not seeing this. >> i saw one or two instance. >> on social media. >> small amount. >> do you want to say anything to those people. >> i would say don't do it, that's terrible. i'm going to bring this country together. >> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so sad ep todd hear that and i say stop it. if it helps i will say this, and i'll say it to the camera, stop it. >> born in this country you said things about you and you're unqualified and -- >> certainly tough to say to tens of thousands currently protesting and one lasts things trump was asked if he would continue habits of tweeting thoughts he said he would "exercise restraint" it was an outlet for him. so we'll see. >> i imagine thomas your apartment looks a little bit like trump's lavish apartment in midtown manhattan. do you have gold leaf anything moistly your furniture golds
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leaf the seat is gold yeah the shower a lot of the you know fixtures goal gold. >> that's second level third level is little different. >> i see must be nice. >> yeah. >> trump has a three-level residence he does. >> in trump towers. >> he brought in the family. i lived in new york for a year it was a shoe box. >> yeah those new york prices ork yeah no joke. >> i've done the studio there in manhattan before. thomas 7:11 not the store but time. >> we'll talk more about the interview because he said americans have nothing to fear about his presidency but that is snot stopping protests and may have been non stop since elected president. >> six nights in a row, steve? >> tonight would be six. by the way, i do have somebody with gold leaves on the brim of his hat phillies commissioner
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ross always kind enough to start his day later because we're holding him up here. we have legitimate questions a lot of citizens are asking first of all how many more nights will you you put up with allowing people to protests. >> we have no way of determining how long they'll be out there. people have a right to pretest. it has impact on what we do undeniably we'll be out there. >> it's putting strain on police department manpower. >> strain may be too strong of a word we're always prepared for things like this obviously there's other things we could be doing with manpower out there. this is what we do and what we're tasked with. saturday night while the protest were going on and your men keeping everything going peacefully we have a flash mob not so peaceful a few blocks away. would that have happened if the police were not as busy handl handling protests. >> has toward to say. when you get ridiculous behavior that like it's despicable that people walking down the street get assaulted
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for absolutely nothing. you got a police detective off duty with his wife who jumped in and did what we would want him to do and he paid a price fortune fortunately and ooh duty -- they came and and responded like they do each and every day. >> different size saidyes and different track and rudy guiliani was on last week and he said you cannot have people protesting in streets. you have fire trucks, ambulances, potentially trying to get by and lives at stake you can have the sidewalks got the seats. you guys clearly hand it will differently. >> we do but we evaluated based on merit. every situation is different and every protest is a little different than another one. and so we don't make cookie-cutter decisions how we handle them we vet them accordingly. >> you see arrest in la 195 in one night your arrest here in my count in philly are you proud of that fact. >> we're proud of it but at the
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same time we understand that there's other people who are feel taxed by it that have the to traverse the city and have to it drive around we're cog sapt of that was as well. to the degree we can coach people on the sidewalk we would prefer that as well. >> always kind enough to take the time for us and apps toug toughest questions sometimes. alex, mike, there's thoughts. a lot of people asking the same questions and that was kind of him to answer them for us. >> it was. >> grateful for commissioner roth. >> now that we brought it up why don't we bring it up with you. five nights in a row are six is that enough. should we try to get it stopped and refuse protesters to be in the street. they're still upset. we have chief inspector dennis wilson come on and also address flash mobs what do we doe on that. get on twitter now. what's the hag. >> #fox 9 "good day".
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>> how long should we let the protests going on and what can you do about the flash mod. what's causing that. so talk to chief insect pour wilson. >> let's talk more about the flash mob. >> before we talk to chief up suspect tore jeepy let united state know what happened 6:00 saturday, 16 and walnut. >> yeah that's when chaotic scene happened 16 and walnut. a flash mob of teens and preteens started assaulting people on the street here. sivrm people were hurt. two teens were arrested in connection with the mob. many more took off before police could catch them it was a busy time in city. saturday night when police say a group of teams ghana assaulting passerbys on the street and off duty philadelphia police detective tried stop the assault and teens turned on him fracturing his eye socket. detective's wife tried to intervene by throwing water on the teen and they punched her
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in the face too. shop keepers tell fox 9 that bruised and bloodid pedestrian ran for cover at nearby stores as aggressive mob rolled through. they describe a frightening any night. >> i asked someone what they're doing on the street she said please turn around go in the opposite direction. >> it changes how i will go about walking a round at night. >> i felt really sad for whoever was doing the assault. i mean there's a lot of pain. there's a lot of trauma. >> i think we need to activate our you youth f they have energy and it needs to be directed towards something positive. investigate towards are looking for surveillance footage from the area that may have recorded okay the chaotic team and involved witnesses say the mob lasted ten minute and they were mostly minor injuries. mike and alex. >> all right. 6:17 now.
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while saturday night live had a lot of fun with presidential election this past weekend's show took a somber tone. i mean right from the beginning. >> well actress indicate mckinon known for hillary clinton impression she came out as hillary clinton playing piano to start the show and ended her performance with an interesting message. >> even though it all went wrong, i'll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah, hallelujah snoet♪ , hallelujah, hallelujah,♪ , hallelujah, hallelujah,♪ , hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah♪ hallelujah♪
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hallelujah♪ i'm not giving up and timerer should you. and live from new york, it's saturday night. >> now a lot of people are be baiting what she meant by that message. >> did she choose it because leonard cohen just passed away friday the one who wrote it. some people thought i'm not giving up protesters or i'm not giving up on america move forward as united front. interesting. >> well yeah, you're right, was she encouraging the protest. is that appropriate things to do. >> maybe she intended to to be murky. it's like how you want to interpret arpt. >> like ending of sopranos. >> but dave shapel recited monolog on the show. he came back an a lot of people were looking forward to this.
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especially if you love the chappelle show. >> the only way to get him back dave chappelle from his farm in ohio or wherever he was you give me 1r5 minute ever straight standup which they rarely do. >> and it was not really anything. >> you could tell the sensors were like this he's dave chappelle if you didn't see it and if you did here's he is. >> i saw how happy everybody was that's people historically disen franchised and made me feel hopeful and proud to be american and made me very happy about the prospects of our country. so, in that spirit, i'm wishing donald trump luck. and i'm going to give him a chance and we historically disen franchised demand he give us one to.
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thank you very much. sglment. >> he wept to the white house a couple eeks ago two. there were so many after cap norpz there sdm appp hopefully they're not going back. >> it was interesting. >> first exit election night exit horks my god. >> group of women sit ago around watching he lengs returns. >> guys in there too. >> couple guys. >> well the surprise if you have not seep it a surprise guest comes on. which was great. crowd went nuts. we'll play some of that later on the show. a favorite is back. see i'm a fan of mcrib. >> who doesn't like mcrib. i for one you never had a rib? >> no i'm not a big rib person. >> if they're already off the
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bone. >> listen, this sandwich is boneless. >> it is? >> somehow me yanked the bopdz out and put it on sandwich. >> ribs are made with bones. >> which it is do you want the bone or not. >> i want the bone on there but i don't want to teet while it's on the bone. >> i got you. >> i'm a bone thug. >> in harmony let's do harmon harmony. >> in harmony let's do harmon harmony. >> my harmony is terrible.
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>> alex and i are on the rib mack app the mcrib sand switch back and if you download this app which i did, it tells you where mcrib is available. east stroudsburg oh, man we are having a hard time. very physical. >> maybe just easier if you tell us if your mcdonald's had mcribs. how long will thb back. >> it would be. >> so i don't have any answers that you need but i know mcrib is plague hard to get. it's plague very hard to get. two years ago 75% ever
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mcdonald's in u.s. said we're selling mcrib because there's a consult favorite for this pork like meat patti right? >> yes. >> it's a consult favorite. last year 60% of mz sold it and this year almost half. there's an app in 2016 and it tells you where exactly mcrib is being sold. you ask when. they don't tell us. usually through december. it's a seasonal favorite. it's like starbucks pumpkin spice latte. >> why seasonal? meat and barbeque sauce. >> i don't know it's like shamrock shake but that make sense. >> something so popular keep it popular making you wait for it. >> wait for it. >> i have a question. >> you have ever even one. >> yes i have two times actually. >> i have --
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>> it's good. >> so you get all the crave. >> yeah i get yeah but know i go for a big mack over mcrib that is me personally. >> i don't know if it's a trut truth. >> you don't feel as guilty. that's right. every time a eat a big mack i think why didn't i get a salad. >> you have to get out of her here. >> bye. >> purpose sl my favorite color. >> mine too. >> she's darryling. >> thank you. >> what she was talking about there is mcdonald's in italy they're putting chocolate goo sauce on hamburgers. >> september it made out of hazele nut. >> nutella. >> veterans out for a motorcycle ride got quite the surprise when they ran into
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stranded rider his motorcycle shut down. is that tom hanks? >> no. [ laughter ]
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>> it's exactly 7:29. count down is on shopping for thanksgiving it started for
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many people which one is too late. >> flying high the eagles literally soared to on undefeated record at home. an a smack down. it was a question though the highlight how eagles shut down falcons on witnesser moments after the game. they did trash talking an we handled that. we got the win 1st and then handled it. >> would you rather beat them on the field or twitter. >> both. >> "good day", everybody, november 14, 016 we get into fight on twitter already. >> what else is green besides eagles cap is pickle. it's a 10 out of 10. it's fashional pickle day wo woo-hoo enjoy your gerkin today most temperatures in the 0s and 40s and chillier ones because of clear sky overnight and boy
7:31 am
what a beautiful day it is already. degrees. surprise happened 6:45 and 26 still in pottstown. now 36 in mountains and 6 lancaster and 29 millville. make sure you dress warmly enough each with the sunshine that's why we sometimes call it dpe receiving sunshine. 60 should be the high temperature today and of course sunset pretty early for 45 . so super moon is out of here. we're seeing the sunshine bob kelly and that's making for a squinty morning. >> definitely squinty morning make sure you got your shades. you'll notice how dirty your car windshield is. northbound 95 north of bridge street in construction zone right where squeeze comes into play as you head northbound to bridge street. southbound you have normal day delay from academy to center city nothing out of the order there. belmar, folks coming from new jersey into philadelphia delays on freeway and 25.
7:32 am
and sun glare coming around con hocken curve 41 minute on the clock into the is they and coming out of 4 and royers poured and am track having switch problems, septa cynwyd line service is suspended this morning and some moments they have right at country club drive a crash in north east philly and cottman and boulevard roosevelt mall. back to you. >> it definitely khaichs how i go about walking around at night. >> look said 16 and walnut saturday evening 'off duty detective had his eye socket fractured when he tried to intervene and his wife was punched in the face. police arrested two 16-year-old
7:33 am
boys in connection with the assault. >> it happened in between 15 and 16 it spilled to walnut but it is close to the apple store xshl i hop har. dep is wilson this is his xer em. >> thank you for coming in. >> fist and foremost how is the officer sdmrt officer has a broken orbital bone. >> god. >> in his wife was also punched in the face during the incident. >> and they were trying to go and stop it because they saw what was going on. >> he saw the crowd around 1, 21-year-old male ipt veepd aim bang to the first person and his wife and two additional items. >> i have to give my impression.
7:34 am
how many kids do you think there were out there. >> from what we were gathering around 50. >> 50. >> could they find the two arrested? >> we happen to have officers on bikes close by. they responded. >> slower ones. >> the slower kids. >> right. >> we caught them. >> where were they? because know a lot of these things alex and i talked about it they're normally again rated twitter or other forms of social media. this was not. >> this was not the case our flash hops in the past have been social media driven. this was not it was event at private social club. 50 individuals or whatever the number was were evicted from the club and they were in the club and put out on street and met hi going to. >> 1700 blocks. >> below 16 in between 15 and 16.
7:35 am
>> did they just start literally attacking people out of month why. >> six victims. two were deinvestigate activities and wife. >> wow. >> so this kind of stuff i don't see how you can stop it they're mad because they got kicked out of the club. at 6:00 in the evening. >> havana was 2 to. >> it was difficult it was on the street and they aid up right away tough to get aheat of that. >> how do you spop the ones generated by twitter, whoa cop staptly moper is any kind of socialing. community groups. cool administrators. we're constantly gathering information and pulling resources. >> on the other end of that, this is a video -- we'll do
7:36 am
that in a bit. for example it was not long ago we talked about temple there was a flash mob we talked to the female of one of the students there who was very upset. how do you find these people. let's say it's win things to prevent it from happening and even after it happens, i mean, 50 kids, how do you stop them? what do you do after the fact? >> we go to video and like to video but each still it amazing me what you can really see and how can you pick up people from the mip tore behind the lens. >> we piece lieu the yesterdayo and put it altogether. >> when ski there's definitely when you have crawl thak. >> protest as soon as the election of our president-elect donald trump. so five night in a row. looks like another one tonight.
7:37 am
some folks say some officials in fact i'll play the opinion of one former new york city -- you know rudy guiliani, of course, mayor of new york. he says they should not -- we should not allow these guys and women to be protesting in the streets. this is his comment. >> i said to myself, you are breaking guiliani's rules. you don't take my streets. you can have my sidewalks. but you don't take my streets. because blapss have to get through there and fire trucks have to get through there and people die when you crowd the streets of new york city with protesters. you can do plenty of protesting on the sidewalk. >> what what do you think philly is different that new york. but our protestsers are in our streets. >> well, they are. and that's a tough balance. we allow them in the streets we protect them with a lot of bicycle officers out there and
7:38 am
traffic unit throughout for every protest. we get ahead of them and try to divert traffic around them. >> our protest are normally moving in the streets. >> would it be possible -- would it be possible to keep they will on the sidewalk. >> we do that if the other night they were on the sidewalk coming become from a pep it's hartdz to keep that many people on the sidewalks. who make that decision. sglment commissioner ross few try to keep a large group like that. that could be khevringing and cause additional problems. >> and you would have to arrest anybody on the street. >> right. we don't want to do that. >> how long do you think -- >> freedom of speech they have a right to be out there. >> you can't apps this but i'll ask it anyway, how much longer will awe lou them to do this? i mean does commissioner even
7:39 am
talk about it, we'll give them two weeks until everybody cools off. >> we wept through this before we let them go out and we protect the sit descends of philadelphia and try to limit thavk m. >> this is not up usual for u us. >> dipping dnc. >> we got in middle of that one too. >> first shot on tv with us. you'll come back that was good. >> be safe out there, the eagles he keep and they beat the other bird falcons in smack down. we have highlight. now we got g cop coming in and dave u room and abetween now we got g cop coming in and dave u room and abetween shorter that's a kalamazoo
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>> we need your opinion on this as a professional football organization the atlanta falcons, tweeted about the
7:43 am
eagles game. before the game yesterday. you want to see it? have. >> let's see it. ♪ [ rocky theme♪ ♪ [ rocky theme♪ ] ♪ ♪ welcome to atlanta where the players play♪ >> that looks like something we would do on the show right? >> i love it. >> but they did it as organization nfl organization.
7:44 am
>> i think it's okay. >> you think it's okay. >> i think it's okay. >> i can't talk because we smash all sorts of stuff. >> we've done worse on cowboy cowboys. >> here's the thing, though, you better win the game then. >> yeah. >> if you're going to talk trash like that you better back it up. >> they did not. >> you big -- so of course the eagles had to respond to that tweet. this is how they did it by retweeting that tweet with a message, feel it yet? >> because they had -- we didn't say what the falcons said with it it was something like not feeling the brotherly love or something like that. i have to make sure that what's right. >> i think that is what it was not feeling the brotherly love. >> and the eagles responded well -- >> i was like how about now? >> not feeling the brotherly love today. >> how are you feeling now, falcons? >> but do the eagles ever done that? i don't think we've ever done that. >> eagles organization ever
7:45 am
talk smack like that on twitte twitter. >> official account. >> not to that extend no. >> it was pretty good though. well done. >> is that their mascot he looks friendly and cute. >> he looks anemic their colors are black and red. he looked kind of yellow. >> he was wearing red jersey he's a bird at the end ever the day. >> i thought falcons are black. are all falcons black, or brown or whatever? >> he was not a black falcon but you know -- >> we're going to take a brea break. our sports man is going to come here and figure out why they our sports man is going to come here and figure out why they did well against a 6-team
7:46 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside.
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brookside. for all your sides.
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brookside. >> good morning, everybody, 7 7:48 live look 95 northbound. another situation at academy. we have two one northbound bridge street and another northbound near academy road and coming in from new jersey north on freeway delays on the black horse pike into walt whitman coming into town sun glare and curve on in east of 42 heavy tokz king of president president bushia. dreaded slippery rails are back. dreaded 25 minute delays on west trenton line and delays as well as paoli thorndale line. service is suspended on cynwyd line because of am track switch
7:49 am
puton between kin wod and over brook stations, trap road crash near country club drive. they have a big old flea market on the weekends at roosevelt mall watch for cottman. the rest of forecast coming up mall watch for cottman. the rest of forecast coming up in 15 second. >> 7:49 cold temperatures when you walk out the doors. that's dereceiving sunshine. 26, lancastr, reading, pottstown. better in mount pocono. 36 dover. pretty chilly wilmington as well. clear skies we had overnight and we'll see increasing clouds during the day. but it should be a nice one with 60. and then the rain we get tomorrow will be in the mornin morning.
7:50 am
57 degrees. and 59 as we dry out on wednesday. thursday, friday, maybe some late day rain on saturday. not sold on that completely wret. all in all a pretty nice autumn week. mike, alex. >> sue, eagles win. eagles win 24-15 our esteemed panel is back but first one of the first highlights. jordan matthews had a break out game. why was he so successful yesterday? >> what did i just say. >> jordan matthews. >> well i'm fascinated by fatally lip and bleeding. >> geez. >> opposite line did a great job and won the battle up front. that takes pressure off carson went. tlus they were able to control the ball and troll it time of possession and sxlos ev offense off the field that was their
7:51 am
game plan. >> i deposit introduce you and i should have. dave is back. would you aagreement. >> its is a lot forehead cope of dug speeter sop to go what you is to play both running backs. ryan matthews allowed that to happen. >> sproles got a lot of touches. >> i love why he deposit play the past two weeks. it was a too many. he had a tooth issue good the to you poise. >> so race got in there and made a minimum up and paeing taking plague that much at 33 he won't be able to go all season. >> i never sat out bras of too
7:52 am
many you hit where you are head app you hit people and if you got a too many prob almost way up in eded in could fet to your pain the. eric ma'am use it looked like hel note helmet. >> helmet to chin too. >> i don't know how they missed that. they're following the ball. how do you miss that. somebody takes a hit. you know those guys are graded after every game they get a bad grade for that they're supposed to be protecting the players something they emphasize. rightfully show that should be posted everywhere today not just in philadelphia as a mess am the league gets to get more serious. >> i can't stand east replay
7:53 am
there's no way something like that can be left okay sdm you'll get dip m. >> is the player is going to get find. but to dave's point there should be apilt to look at the replay and retro throw a flag andp say 15 yard penalty leading with the your head similar to the college football game. >> now, afterwards, jordan did mention a locker room that he thought the refs were eager to get over to chickie's and pete's for the crab fries. >> i don't plame the refs. >> would he be fined for sglat yes. any time you got owe.
7:54 am
>> you can't do anything like that. >> i would expect -- the flag. >> i saw a guy with one of the games kansas city chiefs he kicked the ball into the stands he got so excited it put them out of field goal position and forced over time. they would have won and instead that bonehealed penalty. >> that's ridiculous they pep lies something theta that. >> with uver -- when is the band yaing won. >> i never left. >> you're on the wagon. >> i didn't get off really. >> i want to know why he looks ike rookie on the road and pro at home. he looks like rookie on the road. >> the team plays getter against better team more note vaited and focused and played better against better poment. >> the other ce has great teams, dallas cowboys great team and washington redskins playing well and.
7:55 am
>> new york on the road. >> and they're 0-3. >> good teams think play atlanta, minnesota, who else? >> hot home, at home. >> to beat pittsburgh like that. come on. way better against better team that's the difference. >> that's not all of the difference. >> it's one of the key sivrns sivrnss. >> comes back to be where you play, doesn't it. >> part of it part of it. play, doesn't it. >> part of it part of it. yes.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
snrvt countdown is on shopping for thanksgiving is not too late. did you buy your produce. it's tricky when it buy the produce. >> there's some things can you buy now and it will be okay. >> yes, okay, so we have consulted the experts. we have jimmy, good morning. >> good morning how are you doing/. >> and vinny. >> good morning how are you doing? >> one of these guys will be the whatnot to buy.
7:59 am
don't buy yet and one of the guys will be buy. so you'll be don't by yet. >> don't buy yet. >> mike and alex are you paying attention you're part of this quiz. >> we're totally ready. >> we're going to begin rapid fire you ready for this. >> ready. >> let's go with potatoes what do they do bye or not buy. >> buy them now you know what they hold up well and store well keep them in a dark place and you'll be fine. any color. >> next one. string beans. wait for the answer. >> string beans. >> yes. >> no. wait, >> no, >> no. >> make up your mind. >> wait. >> now. >> okay. >> fine. >> wait. >> okay. >> what do we do. >> don't buy because you want them as fresh as possible green and you want that snap. >> you're two for two now broccoli what do you say. >> seems to me -- wait. >> i say now.
8:00 am
>> we have to decide together. >> productly lasts forever you. >> say now? >> i say now. >> jimmy? >> no. no. it doesn't last forever. sorry. don't buy it. >> don't buy. >> all right. let's go with collared greens. >> wait. >> ew. >> i didn't do that just because you're black. >> jimmy can we buy them now or no? >> yes, you can buy them now they hold up great. you have to prepare them. look for nice purple leaves. you love t. nice and fresh. >> and how about this is something i love, i love to have fruit with cheeses. alex and mike what do you say, fruit, buy now or wait. >> wait. >> no you wait. >> wait. >> all right what do we do. >> i would say you can buy fruit now. >> what. >> you said you can buy now. >> no you can't buy strawberr strawberries or blueberries you have to wait for them built you can buy oranges and apples and pears, yes.
8:01 am
>> okay. all right. next. your hard squash we have hard squash hereby it or wait. >> i don't know mike now? you. >> can buy it now it will lost months. >> when we say you have to wait do we wait until monday, tuesday, how long do we have to wait. >> monday you're fine tuesday is best day i think to grab everything. you guys did good i'm proud of you. seriously, this guy, he's number you're nine. >> i'm number ten. >> you're number ten. >> i'm six. >> middle child of ten people in the family. >> wow. >> wow. sfwlp no wonder he's so patient with jen. >> how many siblings do you have. >> five. i was raised with four sisters that's why i work well with you
8:02 am
and all women. >> really? >> yes. >> i'm 7 imaginary siblings. >> imaginary. >> math mary friends. okay. >> only child. >> "good day" monday, november 14, 2016. >> i lost a year. >> talking through a divided nation. >> i would say don't do. it that's tear ill. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> president he leblingt donald trump takes a stand in his first interview sibs the election. >> what we are going to do is get the people that criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers there's a lot of these people probably a million or two we will get them out of the country and incarcerate them. >> his opinion on marriage equality is irrelevant at this point. >> racist.
8:03 am
>> it's very scary. >> what's being done in philadelphia to combat the growing tension. >> last minute plane flip your future? you may have to dig into your wallet. but it's not all bad news for hall day travel. the weeks you should book right now to get half off the price. >> the electricy and trimmings a fully frozen bird to your thanksgiving table with no defrosting. getting your pip and running smoothly before the holiday. >> how do you get it disabled if you don't disstroingt the bird. >> let's go to number of day. it's a ten. as many syllables as the world has. >> seizure. >> we're off to chilly start
8:04 am
this national pickle day. temperatures mostly 0s and 40s although we're seeing a few 20s out there this morning and the sun is taken care of things a little bit. eventually we'll see clouds but it's gorgeous to start. clear sky. 40 degrees in it the city and let's see where we are, in the mountains, 32 millville. high of 60 today. clouds later on. used to sunshine now bob kelly. >> another minute there. 8:04. good morning, everybody, accident county line doyle town. sun glare right at the bash board level. crashed stacked being he aid down to the schuylkill. schuylkill inbound cook out there this morning. slippery rails on west trn ton
8:05 am
lane one ring 25 minute delays this morning and gat are the lane that could be lip isry and it was cuss accepteded on the amtrak lane this is kinked with and ever prook station and great north tleeingt at cottman and boulevard. also, modern lay it on bennie coming downtown. 8:05 monday. >> donald trump, president-elect donald trump, gave first interview since whi whipping election. on 60 minutes last night he touched on a number of campain promises and top priorities especially for first 100 days one issue he will not take up as president. marriage equalilty. though a major concern for lbgtq. >> in his words it'sel owe consequent. i'm trying with this.
8:06 am
>> violent report herbs from coming from both side traumap shared this mess answering about people upset about the elect. >> tatdpied is hear that i say stop it, if it helps. i will say this and say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> and you want to go back about the marriage equality he doesn't take was ill irrelevant there's no much he can do abou about. >> well the type of rate that trump would about owe philadelphia keeps coming up tonight will be sixth night in a row when it comes to -- protests are different. but then we're having also
8:07 am
incidents happen agron the area. let's start villanova university. an african-american student says she was assaulted by several white men as they ran trump and assaulted her. she was knocked to the ground and hit her head and she was not seriously hurt. >> even more recently racial threats were made at a prern man group me. and with threats was under waim daily lynching. and of course of course tem pourly suspended. >> executive director from the philadelphia commission on human relations, here to help us dissect this things. now does your office if somebody halls to a student or anybody in the philadelphia area, do they come to you? and then you investigates it? >> well, we certainly want to know about any acts of hate or bias happening in the philadelphia area. it's really important that the commission get the handle on this. but, some of the acts you've
8:08 am
seep a lot of them you have seen are criminal acts. right. it's very it's vanitylism, harassment, assault. he's are. >> bias on hates, relimbon, homophobia. >> when somebody is going trump, trump, trum itp, trul trulping it's not dweps the law is it. >> it's tworn to distinguish free speech from hate speech from acts of hate grimes crimes. . >> is the that i fine line. >> not what we've been seeing recently it's certainly not a fine line. what weaver been seeing recently. what we've about seeing recently are criminal acts that are probably hate crimes and shoulding charged as such. we protect free speech in america and if there's basic hate speech the way to counter is that the with more speech. protests. other accounts of putting the
8:09 am
-- >> what is your office doing? some people need to call polic police. you guys come in say hey should this be somewhere else. >> we work nandipati hand with the tlees all the time we resolve community tension we tried to get the community to back to where they were before the incident happened. we sls created as soon as you rib last year be, a severed pi pig's head being thrown outside of a mosque in philadelphia. we created a sivlt rights happen id response team. we have coalition together with lay enforcement. local, state, and federal lawen enforcement and community groups and religious and when an act happens we can resummoned right on top with a coordinated response. i think that was more.
8:10 am
>> was at the answers to this the. >> when you have the incidents what can do you to make sure the community can come togethe together. >> it's not an easy task. right now we uncovered layers of prejudice and racism and homophobia and zena phobia that exist aid long time. but has not been showing as much of their ugly faces befor before. >> so you have investigated and it's only been since last tuesday. >> yes. >> is think a thread running through this this is the comment i get more than anything else. >> the people that are yelling and aking out feel embold entered that this man. >> and this is all happening out of here. they do make you field bold to
8:11 am
speak and this is not the end we're seeing now. it's important we do what we can do to resolve to community tensions. i would say bring up people closer and tell them that we want to make them safe and most importantly. >> you seem nervous something bad is about to happen. are we at a boiling point here. >> we're boiling. there's no doubt we're boiling. but, here's the important thing, people need to stand up, they need to act. they need to speak out. speak out against racism. i'll say it roud loud and clea clear. white people like to stand up like we never stood up before call out racism and speak up and tem people when iment actions were inappropriate. report it, report it we have a lot line. women are -- we have a close relationship with the police. if you have not seen that --
8:12 am
>> i think right now the most -- bad acts happening are coming from -- >> they're from investigations what you observed. >> throughout the country. >> or what we've seen. it's what we've been seeing about -- for example what happened to fen was kids from oklahoma. >> what are they saying because maybe in the campaign they use words like this i can use it now. >> if as all over social media people feel embold entered and they can do and say whatever they want to do and this is their america. >> if someone knows of instance happening this their community can they reach out to you and help find a way to resolve it how do they get in touch with you 215-686-4670. >> that's on our web site. and our hot line is 1r5-686-on our web site, 2678 i believe.
8:13 am
>> go to to get the numbers. real good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> good luck out there. everybody calm down. wow, 8:13. >> turkey and trimmings a fully frozen bird to thanks giving table with no defroggin defrogging. doctor oz getting your kitchen running spoomly before the hospital. >> how do you deet the. >> there's another way to do it apparently. it apparently. >> oh.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> you know a like a good steak. man it can be expensive. doesn't have to be. dr. oz says it does not have to be good he's going to take us to the supermarket. help from a celebrity chef. >> shopping for steaks at super markets can be exhaustin exhausting. with all the different choices and cuts and grades it can be a little bit overwhelming. that's why today i'm investigating supermarket steaks. we'll figure out what is good. what is bad and what you should be looking for. >> that's good because i have no idea what i'm doing dr. oz in meat department at any grocery store.
8:17 am
so chef robla wonderfully talented chef and he happens to do what my son learned to do only 17 in lis because a lot of folks they trust taste buds will make right decision. it turns out buying fill a min john fwhoot big chefs do. they don't think there's enough zest of fat in there. skirt steak is the chef's favorite. it's what teens all over america like inexpensive cut we will give you mar naidz because chef will wake it up with and we'll ask to you cook it the right bay. we have other little tips on the show and show you how to see the meat was not frozen or change the sell by date there's something going on that are not ice and once you understand those things make the wiser donation. >>.
8:18 am
>> every year we do the same segment. they defrost the turkey. >> no. >> the reason it's a battle if people don't defrost the turkey correctly they allow bacteria to grow. the test kitchens did a experiment. do we have to defrost it all. why not cook the darn bird. turns out just as g literally here's how do you it take bird out of freezer and put it oafe oafen. 25 degrees four hours halfway through you pull the bird and stuffing and gib let's out and whatever you put on it put on the skin and make it crispy and put it back in no chance for back yearia growing and you save time and mess and get great result. >> i love had crispy skip. >> wouldn't there be water all over the oven. >> no we show you how to put in rack.
8:19 am
you can suspect it if you don't have a rack with aluminum foil we have cool ideas how to do thanksgiving. if you do it right you save heartache have a great experience and don't waste a lot of time post people ghaen they'll potatoes to enough them out. chick peas, sluving, avoid simple carbs. all these hacks will help you eat great food that taste fabulous without wasting time or money and it still taste great. >> you make cash free gravy and replace the usual flour with den tin gum. it makes it get that little body to it and taste fab. we talk about this on the show. >> what did you just say, gum. >> zanthum gum. >> xan, xanthum gum.
8:20 am
>> thanksgiving hacks. >> and plus we love chef robe lay. >> don't forget thursdays we have a study guide for you. big report from surgeon general about addiction in america number one cause of accidental death by young people. talk to young wounz about. it that's what thursday sniingt about. >> in other words i should watch every day this week. >> yes you should. >> i'm on it. >> i'm on it. >> thanks, dr. oz. >> mannequin challenge continues. temple university put together a massive challenge. but it's attempt by toddlers that people cannot quite get enough of here and jen is helping with our vegetarian freendz coming over for thanksgiving dinner. help us. >> yeah and the thing is we want to make it a little more exciting than just mashed potatoes.
8:21 am
of course we're in the best place you could be high street down the street from our station talking veggie size. down the street from our station talking veggie size. we'll wow them.
8:22 am
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(laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
8:24 am
>> watch this to the end. >> the end is impress every because we were able to lift you. we showed up three different times in the video every time the camera is away we tried to get to the next spot. >> if you've been on mars explain mannequin sglenk okay that's challenge going around where people kind of freeze in place and someone with camera goes around and shows everybody cool and different positions in that kind of thing. it's random. a lot of people -- when we post today they don't get the point. >> there is no point. >> there is no point. >> you can stand still for however long. >> everybody is trying to up each other one up each other and so the 4 years you're about to see here if one step ahead learning centers that's a
8:25 am
daycare center in east orange, until energy. they tried their own and who would think you could get these little kids toddlers to freeze like this. let's play a little of it. >> they're trying. >> they're trying you're right. >> i saw this video but i didn't know. >> it's from new jersey. >> awe look at her. >> that's so cute. >> you know that's probable hi one way to get the kids to settle down and not be loud. >> okay let's play the quiet game or catch a bubble and you had to go. >> what's catch a bubble. >> you never heard of that? >> i've seen kids catching bubbles. >> everybody catch a bubble you have to be quiet because if you on your mouth you lose the bubble. >> you never played that game. >> no. >> are there actual bubbles. >> no, mike. >> imaginary bubbles. >> you catch imaginary bubbles
8:26 am
and then close your mouth and be xwiet and then if you on your mouth they're released. >> i defy anyone to tell me they of heard of it. >> you didn't know about the abc. >> maybe it's a texas thing. >> this is a conference between a and b. c you later. >> yes. >> okay. >> what is that one of you is tree and i'm a branch so why don't you leave. >> that's another one. >> i learned a lot of them now. i can use them any point. >> this is x and z conversation why y are you still there. >> i'm january, february, who why don't you just marched out of here. >> i'm done and tapped. here's a problem. i do this every year i'm going to see my children and grandchildren for the thanksgiving break. >> wonderful. >> you have bought your ticket. >> you and i are working thanksgiving morning. >> that won't work. you will get there by dinner time time. >> by dinner time out west.
8:27 am
>> what timing is your flights dubai your ticket. >> i don't know what time my flight is. >> why not. >> i haven't purchased it. >> am i as they say in the travel business screwed. >> apologize. >> that's what mark murphy says. >> if you booked, also the best time to travel is the month of december there's certain weeks there. month of december there's certain weeks there. we'll explain
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> you what juan a good night sleep. get your partner out of bed. sleeping alone is best for your mood, looks and career. >> i've been saying that for years. >> kick them out. >> this dish nation comes to philly. foster williams and craft will be joining us live in the studio in a bit.
8:31 am
what porche ahas to say of her latest party crashing any housewife fans. if you have any questions tore them tweet us. >> how often if you have questions forehead crack, tweet us. >> i love head crack he's great. >> here's bob. >> 8:31 good morning, everybody, a live look at 295. sun glare coming at us. south jersey inbound to freewa freeway. same deal in delco. slippery rails. 25 minute delays on west trenton line. minor delays on paoli line and restored service here and cynwyd line earlier amtrak signal products and east 4 heavy oaks to king of prussia. how long is the sun glare going last. rain on the way. last. rain on the way. the apps in 15 seconds.
8:32 am
answer in 15 second >> the surprise has been up since 6:30. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and national pickle day. bus stop buddy has mittens onment you're tapping outside for a while you will need to be bundled up. clouds south of us start moving in later in the day and not expecting rain around here until tomorrow. beautiful start to day. 40. five mile an hour winds out of west, southwest headed to high of 60 later on with sunset time 4:45. >> no, no, no, no wait this is christmas season of perpetual halt i don't carefy have to get out and hitchhike. if i have to sell my clothes to
8:33 am
the devil himself i will get home. >> i may have to do that sell my soul to the devil. >> in order to get home for thanks givening. >> i you don't have my ticket why you want to go to where, california. >> san francisco. >> and you work in the morning. >> and not going to happen. >> the problem you have not bought your ticket. if you need a last minute flight there's good news and bad news. we'll bring a travel expert mark murphy sdmri mark, save m me. i'm going to travel on thanksgiving. which is a "good day" to travel. >> yes. >> and there's still tickets available. >> are you going to san francisco a tough ticket out of philly. if you want to go to ft. lauderdale you could go ow down
8:34 am
under $00 non stop round trip. maybe change and go down and hang out in ft. lauderdale with me. >> i would rather hang with you than my sticking family. i'm just kidding. >> you told me a week from today and week from tomorrow will be cheaper than plying on thanksgiving. >> it's unusual usually thanksgiving day and christmas day is cheaper now days leading up are cheaper. one of the things i like to do is use a travel agent for complicated itineraries. see calendars you get google flight and it will give you price each day whether outbound or returning an if do you that it will give you good picture of timing when is the best time to travel. >> what is yellow mean here. >> in this case the yellow means that is probably best time of year any tile of year any year in history to travel. here's why. everybody is home thanksgiving week and there's a big lull and they pick back up christmas time. if you can travel in that range you get 50, 60, 70% off where
8:35 am
you go. >> i'm not a travel expert. but i think it's logical to figure that out. nobody is traveling they're all staying at home between thanksgiving and christmas. you're not going to some location. >> exactly and that's why hotels will drastically discount. cruise lines will drastically discount. if you want to go on cruise and drive to royal caribbean and go out of new york city norwegian you will see a dramatic drop between now those date and huge spike over the christmas break. >> this is great for people that don't like families. >> or don't kids. >> don't have kids. >> orchids are grown. >> another year they're gone. >> praise the lord. we can do and do whatever we want. >> before the graphic distracted us with the yellows, week from today and week from tomorrow if you need to travel for thanks giving weekend still good deals. >> best thing to do take a week go out tuesday and come
8:36 am
back following tuesday. avoid wednesday at all costs. avoid sunday at all costs. everybody is going to be traveling those days and that's when the ticket prices are high eingts. i don't care where you're going in the country. >> what's that? >> today is national pickle day. mark what is your favorite. >> i grewp with gerkins and now i transitioned into the dilz. maybe should choice changed. >> i like the sweet gerkin and a dill there's certain dills i don't like. is it -- i can't remember what the name of it is. they're sweeter. >> you can get them. >> i like bread and butter. >> you can get pickles in airports and if so which sglaerpt can you? >> do you know that? >> no. but if they rated airports paced on pickles they would be zeros, you cannot get them unless you get on sand wivrp a little slice. >> i'll sometimes go to a wawa and they have a dill floating in the sauce.
8:37 am
>> are you the guy that sticks the hand in the jar. >> you use a tong. >> no, i put my face in there. >> bobbing for dills. >> this could get ugly. >> every bob for a pickle. >> no comment. >> i think i got the job. >> anyway, here is a -- it's dill pickle and it's it's from oh, snap isn't it down the street. we have these in our own cafeteria. this is yours to go. it's a parting gift. >> thank you. >> this is how much i make every time i come on the show. i got a pick toll go. >> usually i gets it in the green room. thank you. last time i got a flu shot. >> flu shot ape pickle. >> life is great. what else do you need. >> mike, get out. >> i got to go. >> thank you. >> some veterans out for motorcycle ride. the guy on the right there in the brown coat his motorcycle broke down.
8:38 am
the brown coat his motorcycle broke down. recognize that guy
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> you know i have nothing to hide in any life. i don't mind who listens to my phone or looks at phone texts, whatever. if you want to look. i got this text from my friend linda i've known linda she's one of my breast friends, 20, 25 years producener new york. she sends me this text. if you read he this while you were like a girlfriend of minor something it might upset you this is what is says. i love you in a space where there's no space in time. i love you for my life cause you're a friend of mine. remember when we were together, we were alone and i was see ever singing this song for you. would that upset you, if you saw that text from linda. >> i mean friend really? thank you.
8:42 am
>> who died yesterday. >> all of that is lyrics. >> yes, why did she send me this now? >> the when we were alone part -- >> and then i realized those are leon russell lyrics a man she and i have seen in concert together. and why did you send that. and then go to twitter, he's dead. that's why she sent. it so yeah, rock and roll hall of famer leon russell died. here's a reminder of his music. ♪ ♪ he was master of space and tim time. leon died in his home in nashville yesterday after dealing with a string of health issues. when i would go see him he never looked that healthy. he was recovering from heart
8:43 am
surgery at the time of his death. leon's music career spapd 50 years and what the amazing beard he had. he had collaborations of bob dillon, elton john. rolling stones. hits indlud aid song for you the one we were talking about and tight rope. he was 74 years old sometimes this seemed not good right when you first looked at it. >> and it's still not good because she's telling you he died it's not good for different reasons. looks like she was pouring out her heart to me. remember when he with were together. >> were you excited for a minute there. >> no, i recognized it and said i never went there with her when we were together, what? >> so what did you say back. did you send lyrics back to her. >> i simply said, sad. >> that's a typical mike response. you write him a paragraph and
8:44 am
he gives you one word, if he respond at all. >> but isn't that enough. sad. >> yeah. >> it is sad. >> i was just having this discussion yesterday with friends. di ever cry when a musician died because somebody died -- oh, i was watching documentary on what happened in 2009 in same couple days in late june of 2009 rjs farrah faucet died and mark sanford governor of south carolina right mark sanford went to appalachian trail when seeing his miss snres argentina and michael jackson died. i said i never cried over news of death i went to teddy pender fwras's funeral i wept like a baby. >> you had a personal relationship with him. >> true. >> the ones that upset me tina marie, luther van dros dying
8:45 am
and somebody else i can't remember. >> leon russell. >> okay. so, you have conveniently tearians coming over a week from thursday for thanksgiving. >> it can be stressful even on the sides you can end up with meat in there in dressing and stuff sausage in there. >> chicken juice, turkey juic juice. >> what do you do if you want to make sure you're making all right for your friend and family. >> no the veggies are invited. can you guess the secret ingredient in all these items. we'll be back. ingredient in all these items. we'll be back. come back here
8:46 am
my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at
8:47 am
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8:48 am
>> little help iny out there this morning. cute picture this morning on twitter is he of the super moo moon. this person must have had a good camera. that's a good shot. that's from 5:0 this morning. temperatures 40 in philadelphi philadelphia. only 29 in lancaster. go little further north 38 mount pocono and 41 hazele ton and southern new jersey 32 in millville. 45 lewes delaware. that's what it's like when you walk out the door.
8:49 am
then it's try the rest of week. probably into the weekend, alex. >> we had our opportunity to see -- >> i think it will be cloudy. you may see a few breaks in the clouds. we're expecting rain. >> okay at least we have the pictures guys, right something. >> that's right. >> 8:49 if you host thanksgiving this year god bless you fist of all and what if you have a vegetarian coming to eat or family member or somebody likes veggies you used to deal with this with billy. >> my husband is a conveniently tearian yes. >> what can sue do to be creative and offer parts of the male. >> there's a ton, right, here at high street good morning to you. there's a lot of people in the world that are vehicle tear yaps. one thing you told me off camera there's a way to do
8:50 am
veming tearian -- >> at one of our restaurants in town cauliflower gravy and roost it and pure a with cream so you get a nice silky text tour and it's juney. >> really yummy. >> sure? >> pot. >> we said there's a secret up greed ept. i take them from here put them in everything and you say that's a good place to start. >> long hops in my mind it's a fully stable. long hot peppers pickle them and jar them we use them everywhere in vegetables sides and base for salsas and then also put them in sandwiches unadorned. >> these brussel smouts are so. >> you start with righted brussel spots here.
8:51 am
>> let's make it. >> okay we roingt east in the. >> and drizzle that in. >> the chunky things are garlic. >> garlic, lemon zest and a little bit of a hot pepper. >> this is maple syrup. brussel sprouts are great with an element to it and they're going to balance spice and lemon. and finish with fresh herbs in all the conveniently tearian dishes to bring the full flavor. >> you have them leftover because you were stuffing the turkey. >> you have them for everything around the holiday. right here minute and basil, this right here looks like it is i'm a situation but i couldn't see further than that. >> we serve that at the market at dinner time that's squash
8:52 am
hum us. roasted winter squash. pure aed, folded with a little tahini and top here with long hot sal a. long hot, lemon juice, olive oil and juices. >> what you scoop that on piece of bread or eating like mashed potato kind of thing. >> however you want. you can serve with crew detea or a to kick up the sweet potato and mash melo dish take this and fold on pacari no and bake it into the on. >> you're awesome. your stuff is a weird take you say it's. >> non traditional deemed esoteric. >> it's good you can impress the out lots with this let's not be embarassing and press
8:53 am
it. >> i love the idea of the squash hum us and brussel sprouts and maple syrup, yum, yum, yum. >> and the ice skating is dilworth plaza by city hall. and the new free attraction that will you have trying to figure out well how to get out of the place. i know it sound waerd. the kids will love. i know it sound waerd. the kids will love. it ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪
8:54 am
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>> coming up on 8:57. good morning everybody. not bad coming over the benny. sun glare off the sky line. "good day" coming from south jersey. headed out of town westbound on schuylkill heavy city up to
8:57 am
belmont. slippery rails for the west trenton line. 25 minute delays there and same paoli line and service restored on the cynwyd line after early morning amtrak switching problems. stay there we're coming right problems. stay there we're coming right back
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♪ and nobody really knows... ♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> good gay, everybody, november 14. look who showed up it's karen hepp. how was the weekend. >> it was good. >> how was yours. >> trying to remember what i did. must have been good i don't remember i a thing. >> i raked levers and did things like that watch soccer games. >> the infomercial leaf sucke sucker. >> i have a blower plug in it's a pain it didn't reach everywhere. >> this is better. this thing blows but


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