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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> good gay, everybody, november 14. look who showed up it's karen hepp. how was the weekend. >> it was good. >> how was yours. >> trying to remember what i did. must have been good i don't remember i a thing. >> i raked levers and did things like that watch soccer games. >> the infomercial leaf sucke sucker. >> i have a blower plug in it's a pain it didn't reach everywhere. >> this is better. this thing blows but also suck
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sucks. because the blowing is easier that raking. >> yes. >> but it's just blowing it all over the place. you still have to collect it. this is vacuum. it sucks the leaves into the bag. >> i love that idea i leave them all for my husband to do. i blow he bags. >> i got you. >> here's the thing. some horticulturist will say leave the leaves. this is excuse i used to use when i owned a home when i was married. >> yeah. >> you don't have to rake the leaves. god made the trees aunt leaves fall to protect the roots is what i would say. those leaves are to protect the root system. >> in the forest. >> but not under a lawn. >> winter was coming. >> is it h does that ever pla play. >> no why would i tree in my yard be different than a forest. >> because in the forest you
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want them to cover the fwround and have all the leaves and disintegrate and make dirt and on my lawn they kill the grass and ruin it and i want my children to roll inic. >> is i love the pictures of the kids jumping in the leaf piles. >> ladies, get a run for your money. it turns out men spend a lot of carbon looking good. how guys spend stacks of money compared it women. now, so i just gave that away a little bit. i thought women spent more money than men did and on beauty products per month. i was a little stunned by how much men spend on beauty products. we'll get into that. >> okay. >> and how about you spice up your thanksgiving spread with some sides from across the world. our first stop is greece with
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twist on traditional stuffing. >> by the end of the week we'll have gone to five different countries, some people are polish or whatever you create a side dish just for them. maybe they're italian. pick a side dish just for them. today is greece. >> it's a way to make things different around the table you know? >> i like that. >> that's a surprising side dish. >> is that what it is like for you. >> i can't try that speaking of dish how about dish nation coming to philadelphia. >> i love that show. >> they're in our house now. those folks are in our green room talking poshsh and head crack joining us in the studio and you got the scoop on this one alex. >> what? >> don't you porche was rashing crashing a party. >> were you watching. >> she has to know because it's a show a lot of people watch. >> fresh info.
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it happened last night. >> you ask her about it. >> okay. >> why do i have to you ask her. >> i don't want her mad at me. >> you want her mad at me. >> she will be mad at one of us. rather you than me. >> head crack too. >> sleeping in the same -- i said that for years save relationship have separate bedrooms i know you want to cuddle. >> research to back this up. snoring, tossing and turning and blanket tug of war and the survey i found butters my poin point. 30% of people survey said their partners were reason they could not get a good night sleep. experts say poor sleep increases rick of depression, mood swings, damages skin. >> makes you look old. >> makes me look -- look at me i'm 33 and makes you less
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productive at work. solution, sleep in separate bed rooms. you can do all the [ noise ] and go to other room. >> the what? >> dodododo. >> what was the things before that. >> hehehehe. >> that's the begging. >> no. >> so what do you -- >> i agree completely. >> but do you. >> we sleep yeah i have the whole king size bed to myself last night normally i get the baby but brian slept in one of the twin beds with the kids on pullout trundle. >> was he in trouble or something. >> no he's coming in different shifts. he does a birthday party for somebody wells bigger kids and i stayed home with babies that was my reward. >> this is specifically setting aside another room to go and sleep. you leave the big bed and go to another room and sleep. >> what if you do like i love lucy have two beds there. >> that's fine with me.
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>> double beds. >> you're okay with that? >> in the past though has it ever been an issue. some women like to cuddle and have someone there. >> this is invariousably what will happen. >> what. >> you get up and try to sneak outright and hopefully the door doesn't creek or whatever. get into the other bedroom. just get a good night sleep and the door opens. what's wrong? >> you mad at me. >> why you in here? >> you mad at me. >> what's wrong. >> you think. >> i sleep better by myself. >> oh, >> and they don't take that well do they. >> you can release gas. >> but if they're sleeping they won't know. >> yeah but smell or whatever. >> who is smell when they're sleeping. >> my whole thing is -- >> it wakes you up. > that bad. oh. >> it's stuck under the covers because the covers keep it down
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and you lift it up -- >> they call that something. >> but my things is i don't know if i could go for the bed thing but on the couch cuddling is not comfortable if you try toy go to bed. having somebody arms there cuddle certain amount of time and go ahead and go on your side and sit here and i'll sit here. >> ever been in that situation your arm is under somebody. >> and you're like -- be. >> and you want out desperately you want out. but if you move it, they're going to wake up. >> oh, that okay. >> and cuddling starts all over again. >> uh-huh. >> what you do is you just chew your arm off. >> like a coyote. >> like you're a wolf reen. >> and leave it there. >> sometimes that's much better than the alternative. >> oh, god you're awake. >> and people are hot when you sleep skin to skin it cute but then you get overheated.
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>> not each in the winter time? >> hot in the winter time? >> it's already cold outside. >> it's nice for five minutes. >> so. >> maybe there should be you can create a snuggle timer like egg timer you hit the kloing we're going to cuddle until that alarm goes off and i'm out of here. >> my husband calls it snausea like nausea and you get too hot. >> cuddling you makes me nawshious. >> well. >> cuddling with you makes me sick. >> god. >> that's marriage for you you. >> is that what i have to look forward to. >> i'm so cited. >> he bags leaves. >> does he bag leaves at the your house. >> yes. >> and bags, blows, whatever. >> yes. >> which sex spend more money on looking good? men or women? here's another survey. reveals men spend more than women do on beauty products and
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on their clothing. so the modern man spends average of $500 every month on beauty stuff. women spend arm of $390 so say $40 0. $100 difference frevring hair spray moisturizers faishlz footwear fashion this is from survey of 1,000 anyone 20s and researchers say men today are simply more into fashion than past generations. >> did you accepted that pic. >> yes, i did. >> yesterday i ran over to receive or aand about 6:00 in the afternoon, sephora, did you ever see soo the line 6:00 in the afternoon at sephora on khet nuingt street. for the love of god. >> is it like the grocery store for the week ahead. >> sunday, maybe people are in there yeah or you're out of
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your products and you need them for monday. >> for the workweek or something. >> i'm going to say a shou shout-out to the woman in the foreground here. thank you you i forgot her name. >> look at that. >> your facebook is better. little better. >> with the bronzer. >> they're great helping people out. every time i go ask for channel and we work together and she gets the makeup and knows what works thrt light. >> well they have jozy maron products you know i love jose jose luis guzmany maron. >> i don't know if it's her or her products. >> she's a good looking human but her products are good she uses ar goode on oil you can only get for morocco. >> anyway, when you go what do you buy. >> different foundation. >> ar goode on oil. >> is that for your hair. >> you can put tractor-trailer in your hair. it's for your face. and what -- oh,
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>> moisturizer sgle moisturiz moisturizer. >> do you know what you're getting or say get me what i need. >> i know about oil i watch qvc. >> no. >> no clue. >> do you say hey get my what i need. >> i never understood difference between pressed powder gooey makeup you know what i mean. >> cream. >> cream. >> okay. >> creamed corn i wouldn't know. so the trouble with that is if you don't have the same person every time i'll walk out of there with who knows what. >> well, i think it's interesting if we looked at the photo you got i only saw one many think it was a guy near the near side cash registers. i think it's surprising men spend this much money you're on tv normal men don't by makeup. >> i am surprised. >> the guy with the red scabbing jacket and stripes. >> i think we're spending more monday on kloming. >> shoes can kill you. >> any way the woman in the foreground found a cash
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register in her hand. >> they do that because the lines on long. >> somehow she discovered this magical device. >> is there any way i can beat the line over there. >> you have to use a card. >> have to have the card. >> nordstrom track does that too. they take you to the corner and say i'll check you out. >> they do that at the apple store too. >> they don't even have formal registers there it's all on the phone. >> thank you. >> or i would still be there. >> let's ask the men out there then f all men are going and buying products what do you buy at cosmetic stores. maybe there's something we're missing, face stuff, mascara or what. >> your husband is fashion forward. >> he gets basic like face cream. the ones for sensitive skin wow get at a drug store set afill and my secret they were showing fancy pant cream i get half that stuff tj maxx. all high end products you can get at tj maxx quarter of the
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price. >> exactly. >> i add it on moisture eyeser put it on too thick. >> but it's expensive i tried to replace something i already owned it was $95 for one stupid tube of primer. >> $59. >> i did not rebuy that one. it must not have been that much. >> i got nailed for almost $2 $200 yesterday. >> sephora. >> two oils and pads. >> a lot of good samples too. >> samples. >> those are great on the way out they make you feel better. >> speaking of dewey skin and moistureizing you have seen the pictures of michelle obama. this is in vogue magazine i guess this will be her last photo shoot. they got an exit interview from mrs. obama and as she prepares to leave the whitehouse and issue readers will get a sneak peaked in the first lady's life including better speculative on
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fashion. michelle obama mentioned she's thankful there's no legislative authority when it comes to being a first lady as all are able to pick which role they will play alongsideed president and then she went on. she says "i will take the same approach leaving the whitehous whitehouse, as i did coming in" i won't know until i'm there. because you can't plan this kind of stuff. >> she alwaysn't whated to be in some way in public life. and it may not be what we're used to but she imagines always being involved. did you see the picture of her on the steps. her head is back achb i was like. >> oh, >> we deposit see it. >> no we did not. >> slay hope megan you can pull that up? >> that's the one we talked about in the meeting. the one she -- she looks like she fell down. >> and she is like ah. >> this is the december issue that will come out of of the magazine which is one of biggest ones with the holidays and this was done interviews ba
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the election. it is not about that. >> it shouldn't be. this is about here and final words and she's about to leave and what she wants to say to everybody she at one point says it's time for us to go but i love she talks about when it comes -- look at that. look at that. >> she is all right. >> she's all right. >> what do you think president obama did when he he saw these, what i mean she looks really good. i also like she talked about how do you decide what dresses you wear for state dinner she asks where is it from. are they up and coming i can help them out. do you need attention. >> opportunity career around. >> at the end she goes does it look cute. >> it has to look cute. >> it looks like the steps leading to the south lawn of white house there. >> well. >> it's of course by a faimd photographer annie leeb witz. >> she does the great ones. >> i stayed up late saturday night to purposely watch is it
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a night live first one after the presidential election on tuesday. so this past weekend show took more somber tone especially first 20 minute and so you know the actress who plays hillary clinton kate mc kinon and she dressed up as hillary, again, and started the show by singing the song hallelujah you know the guy that wrote it leonard cohen died friday. i guess that's awhy they chose. it but this is what it toupd sound like. >> doesn't look like we'll do that here actually. >> what is it? >> oh, we're not going to show sthawt. >> forget that then. >> video was great. >> and dave chappelle came kout even did 15 minutes of standup and then went to commercial break and then they had this exit where a bunch of women are sitting around. >> men too. >> one guy. >> there was a man. >> another guy came in. >> it was not all women sitting around. >> they were watching like a lot of us did watching state by state by state and they're all rooting for hillary clinton.
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>> yes. >> and showed confident hillary voters and then there was one person in the room who was a minority dave cahppelle and he shows about how the night was going. >> and donald trump has been elected president of the united states good you guys were right historic night. don't worry about. it eight years is going to fly by. >> this is crazy i mean do you even know what it's like to be a woman in this country where you cannot get ahead no matter what you do? >> gee, i don't know let me put my thinking back on and i'll get back to you. >> come on, guys, get some rest. you got a lot of big day and big day of moping and writing on facebook tomorrow. >> god this is the most shame full thing america has ever done. >> you never know guys. >> that was really good. that's the first i seen it. >> there's a build up when you
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see the build up you get it too is america race incompetent you're like well my great grandfather had something to say about that he was a slave. it was interesting to see different perspectives watching it. >> i kind of watched it the same way, like waiting for each state to come in. was this going to turn around for other side, which way is this going, back and forth, back and forth. it was chris rock by the way. you recognize him. >> that was a surprise he was not there beginning of exit. he was brought in but a lot of people are like ork this was so greet see dave cahppelle back doing monologs and they're bring the chappelle show back. >> i hope so. >> maybe he felt compelled to come back because it was election season? >> did you see the message at the end that was really interesting as he closed show when talking with people it was powerful it was his own personal thoughts i only watched it this morning on like when you review it. i can't para fwraiz him it was powerful and about his
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experience and if was really motivational. >> the end or beginning. >> i think it was end of monolog. >> yes. >> yes. >> into the whitehouse and he said he would give donald trump a chance but watch him every second. >> and demand disen franchised also does that. >> and we had a wonderful group of women in from around the country here in philadelphia over the weekend. it was the 70th anniversary of the links well should i say incorporated links incorporated and if you don't know what it is, it is a volunteer organization of women committed to ensuring cultural and survival of african-american women and other persons of african ancestory. >> and also based on friendship and service they do a lot of great things in community and they're community service based helping and doing things for others. >> and top person the president of the whole thing glend aknew well harris was
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there. guess what they did. >> what. >> they invited me to go. >> of course they did. >> so here? welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you, mike, we're so excited to be here sfwld how many philadelphians go we have. everybody else, welcome to philadelphia. >> are there any male links. >> no we have connecting links and we love our connecting links. connecting links are men or spouses that are connected with a link. >> then i had that once. >> absolutely. >> we engage them in helping ous to do things. they're very supportive of us and help us with the dollars. they support what we do. >> i'm happy to do that. >> we would welcome that opportunity. >> thank you, so much, mike we're thrilled and looking forward to enjoying and spending our dollars here in philadelphia. >> i loved them. i didn't realize my hair was so
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possess messed up. >> did you know links was starting here in philadelphia. >> started in philadelphia. >> and so many people are part of it nearly 14 240us. >> your mom is in. >> my mother is. she used to be the president of the dallas chapter my mother came to philly this weekend with my dad and we went to app event and they had patti austin singing. >> what. >> yeah, there we were at the dinner we had the celebration celebrating 70 years yeah 8 chapters in 41 different states. and so my mother and her workers started this organization remember we talked about sims science and technology started helping young girls get more involved and be interested in those areas. >> how this all started was fewer years ago i guess was i went to bup of their events and they made me honorary member of links. >> look at that they didn't each from male members. >> i like when there was event and you have different tables
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of all weming that support great things my links tables when you do the auctions come up big time and you know buy some of the biggest things. they contribute and give back in big ways. >> that was fun. >> okay. so if you notice certain diners in the philadelphia area especially center city are closing. that little piece that's been there forever 17 and chancellor they're going to -- that's closing little pizza is closing and they're putting up 60-story cop doe building you can imagine. it will take two or three years and we lost midtown too closed. we got to do it. it's broad south and up scale. and i ammo fish nad owe of eggs benedicts. >> love it. >> they have four different varieties of. it you have to try this after varieties of. it you have to try this after the break.
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>> i've come to main section of philadelphia broad and south street. you know the intersection. look for this. look at this brand new art install laying. isn't it cool? it's pitching and lime green and changes colors as the sun moves across the sky and it all kind of refacts are to this new deaner called sitting diner and here's the general manager. >> how are you doing, everybody? >> just say it he looks like jeff goldblum get it over he with. >> nice have you here. >> nice to have you. >> it's a brand new place. are they going to stand here? ascatter get back to work. >> thank you. >> so you know why i like this new dineer is that we've been losing diners in center city. >> yes. >> little pizza is going. >> midtown too. >> already gone. >> we felt the city needed a big bright new diner.e >> i call it up scale. but it's still a diner.
9:27 am
still a diner, classic diner menu. we got our menu drafted from the penrose diner. over the years people know i'm connoisseur of a couple things one is eggs benedict. every time i go to diner we do eggs benedict. >> they're all on the menu. we have classic eggs benedict and canadian pageon and vegetarian spinish agos and very rich and we have nova locks benedict. salty locks and creamy hol an days. this is all melting together. >> i'm going to go. >> go for it. >> grits there too. >> let's me try the grits. >> you like the grits. >> what do you think, right? >> that's gritty. >> that's really gritty. >> really good. >> okay these are not new recipes. this is stuff we per infected down the street many, many
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years. we brought the same recipes here andsh yeah, it's running all over the place. >> get in. >> get in. >> what do you think? >> what a great combination. >> classic with a twist. poached eggs. amazing. >> you got it all here. >> good 'nova locs. >> we needed new diner. >> city head to today we're here. we're the guys. we're the city diner. we're on for business. get in. >> get in. >> you got to try this. >> fresh say takeed spinach. >> that sounds good and looks good. okay, it's time. dish nation comes to philly. come on here. >> it's good to see you guys. >> we'll make room, we'll make room. can i have a hug first. good to see you. hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> hello. >> hello. >> i can finally see you in
9:29 am
person. >> i've been watching you with your cute self. >> thank you. >> we're excited we're going to make room and take a break and be altogether we're going to make room and take a break and be altogether when we come back.
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9:32. >> all set philadelphia. >> yes, we are. >> porche. >> ready to take over. >> good morning, philadelphia. >> hello. >> have to wait until tonight then to hear about the latest celebrity news. we love that you guys talk about, that the latest dish when it comes to things. >> we have porche, right here on "good day" philadelphia, welcome back to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> of course, and people tweeting so excite the right now. >> yeah. >> and this is a special visit. you degrees here just to visit with us. >> you guys are special, like, you know, it is like, you
9:33 am
know, whether a parent gets fuss custody? you have full custody. so we're here for this. >> yes, take advantage of us this morning. >> because last time, what did you say did you? >> you all sent me a crooked milk shake. >> oh, that's right. >> pretty much. >> and today it is porche's turn. >> no, no, no, i'm down for latte. can't do that this morning. >> bring in the worms and crick. >> the as long as we have some pork or bacon with it i might try it. that's all it takes. >> just pork grease on anything. >> absolutely. >> actually there was a test run of dish nation way back in the day. and philly was one of them. and were you very successful in philly. so the show continues to be a success. congratulates. >> the crazy thing we feel the love, as soon as we get off the plane, come to philadelphia. it means a lot to me because i have family here. almost robbed in north philly once, but that's another story. but it is just good to see how the whole thing turned around. >> where is your family? >> on the north side actually,
9:34 am
i'm related to joe phraser. >> what? >> cousins and stuff. >> are you flying. >> no. >> why would he lie about that? >> ya, he's it only one alive still. >> so do you come back and visit often? >> not as much as i would like to, i wish i could spend more time in philadelphia, like run up the stips, eat all of the philadelphia cheese steaks. >> tell us about you. >> about me? >> yes, let's learn. >> of course. >> he just performed last night. >> yes, did i a show, dc, and two days ago i was playing here in philadelphia. rap, rap, at a place called kung fu necktie, with a guy called cool keith. >> yes? >> yes. >> oh! >> okay, okay. >> well, good segway into people's personal lives. >> oh. mine's already out there. >> that is true, that is true. real housewives of atlanta
9:35 am
last night, costume parties, and everything? >> you know, just doing my thing. i was invited by the way, like halfway crasher. >> but you knew probably that kenya wouldn't like that. >> well, you know, nobody really noticed but i brought a beautiful arrangement, you know, for her. so i thought that was going to be the olive branch and make things better but she didn't prior it. so i gracefully bought out, and i left. >> did you. >> yes, did i. >> i don't know why people thought i was going to rip this woman's house up. >> because that's what do you. >> no! >> porche, just saying. >> remember the green room. >> whole rocky man taj of counseling, anger management to get her life together so she doesn't spazz out at events any more. she has come a long way. >> spazz out at somebody's house, come on, have i been that bad guy? >> no. >> (laughing).
9:36 am
>> okay. >> can you answer them this question? if you had to choose which one is better? >> true, right? >> or more manner. >> actually, they're both very beautiful. but i love co-sheray. at her house, completely finished, it is gorgeous, it is almost 20,000 something square foot, and it is just gorgeous. it is beautiful. i'm more on the traditional side. >> do you like sherabe back on the show. >> i love shet. you know, i do have run in's with people throughout the season, i'm just the sweetest one, but i have a couple run in's. none with sherat. she's mency and i'm pat. >> i if she was still on the show would she be back. >> would sherat be back? i don't think any could have stopped her from being on the
9:37 am
show and doing what she had to do. she is determined. she is so cool, calm, collect with it, it is like you know, when something is meant for you, then it is meant for you. and that's why i'm never jealous of anybody because, you know -- >> doesn't need the show any more, everything else. >> oh, well, she says watch dish nation, so we got plug the other night, i'm excited about that. show enough love. i'm good. >> don't sleep on the side, you bought your own house honey. >> yes. >> you are doing well. >> you know, i'm getting my little thing together, but i'm still struggling, so if anybody wants to help out. >> oh, looking fabulous to me. >> oh, thank you, god is good. worked it out for me. he will do it all the time. just keep believing. >> so who do you share that home with? >> with my family. it is a big house. you know, i'm not married. >> you know he is asking. >> i know he is. you are welcome to come over, by the way, i cook and everything.
9:38 am
>> do you? so that means, your man, he's there, isn't he still there. >> , no i don't have any man living with me. >> okay, but there is a man in your strife. >> well, you know, i am dating. >> okay, mingle. >> i'm dating. >> you want options. >> guess what? until you are married you are single. okay? that's how that works. >> how come there aren't any of these reality shows about men? >> because i don't think men have the time for it. you know? >> hey! >> wow. >> what would really bring men in on a reality show? is it a reality show about dudes lifting weights? you know? >> basically they're all boring is that correct what you are saying? >> ya, you're boring. >> we don't throw wine at each other. >> we throw punches. >> man's reality show is jersey shore. >> true. >> laundry. >> we're so bad at reality shows, kevin hart created a fake one. >> right. >> that's right. >> a fake one. >> be like three part episode
9:39 am
about a guy going in for his first prostate exam, you know? how traumatic. >> i haven't had it yet and i'm terrified. >> here. >> what? >> what? >> you wear many hats. i didn't know you wore that one. >> men couldn't do reality show. you have to be able to switch it over. you have to sit in, chop your head off, or chop one's head off, and go to a party with the same person. men, you know, if you buck to up a man, you know, if men are bucking at each other, that's it, they'll never befriends again. >> true. >> the beef is on, the beef is on forever with guys. >> okay, i have something to do this afternoon, ready? we are they built a maze over by city hall, so you go in there, try to find your way out. >> oh, i love that. >> yes, it is kind of weird. let's see what it looks like. i haven't seen it yet. >> let me take a look. >> howie lab rate is it? there is jenny.
9:40 am
>> oh, man, mike, you messed up my tees. i was going to tell you you have to get what the newark tray sean was going to be, everyone knows here about rothman ring at dilworth park, we'll show you the awesome maze coming up next.
9:41 am
what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
9:43 am
♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ there was a twitter beef yesterday between atlanta and philadelphia. >> it was. >> football. >> you guys need to calm down. >> hey, hey. >> i'm glad i started. >> i'm going to fight for atlanta, and i'm not even a fan. >> philly fans are so diehard. >> right. >> and the way they riot for the eagles, you got to love it. because atlanta falcons fans are very fair wetter. >> yes, they are. >> i can't believe we're even getting a new stadium in atlanta new stands win
9:44 am
championships. we're getting new stadium? >> we will make it now. >> being awarded for something you've done so well. >> they've come so close, and their quarterback is from philly. >> matt ryan. >> oh,. >> second place people, they just don't -- >> oh, ya? >> all that matters, who won the game. >> we did. >> eagles won the game. so i want to hear more about this maze? >> yes. >> okay, they're kind of fun. there is one, it is a city maze basically at city hall and jenny, i'm sorry i blew your tease, but we all kinds of knew it was there. >> reporter: yes, good morning, mike and alex. if i didn't already tell you where we were, you probably wouldn't guess we were at dilworth plaza because we are in the middle of the maze. rhetorical question for people at home, philadelphia, what are we, are we the healthiest city, are we the nicest city or we the city with the most guardsmen. >> that's correct, that's correct. the philadelphia region has more arboretum and gardens than any other place in the
9:45 am
country. >> so, nancy golden berg, if we can walk and talk here, we new we would be walking through a maze, i thought it would be a game all morning long. how will we get out. that's not this kind of maze. this is beautiful maze for a garden. >> that's correct. the center city district this year partnered with greater philadelphia gardens to bring something new to dilworth park this winter. and we've created this wonderful garden. it is designed by grounds swell design group. and it was supported by the william penn foundation. it is beautiful example of how even in the winter gardens are just, just lovely. >> and guys, dow want to show you, chris, if we can come back over this way, show the man with his dog sitting on the bench here, enjoying a serene morning on in this maze. come this way. people can come out here, the maze officially open, also at dilworth park, we do have the rock man ring, we have the cabin, and beginning on saturday, we are going to have that holiday village set up,
9:46 am
as well. >> that's correct. made in philadelphia village will be right here, right around the maze, and everything is free. everything is free. so, really, come on out, whether you're a guards nerve or not, you're going to love it. >> wonderful, thank you so much. again, everything is free. jenn fred, everything is free. >> as you know, if it is free, it is for me. all right, we are celebrating thanksgiving with different families, different backgrounds, going greek this morning. so come on back to opah, tell you what we're having for turkey day.
9:47 am
9:48 am
9:49 am
>> we're all young got up this morning to see the supermoon. now the sun will wake you up. very bright. 45 degrees in philadelphia. so it is getting better. thirty-nine in lancaster. 47 degrees in dover. 42 degrees up in the mountains. 54 degrees in wildwood. here is your seven day forecast, 60 today, oh, oh, rain for tomorrow. actually we need the rain. but it is just a one day special by wednesday, it is back to sunshine. and it stays that way pretty much through the weekends. but we do cool off a lot on sunday. mike and alex? >> you know what i like, i like something different.
9:50 am
>> when you go to thanksgiving dinner, and they have a side that you haven't seen before, instead every just the mashed potatoes, green beans, things like that, because america is a melting pot, trying to all come back together. >> yes. >> we decided to break it down into five different nationalities, you know. >> culture? >> culture. for instance, what's weird, not weird side, but different side would you have on your thanksgiving table? >> my side, pretty basic soul food. so, you know, collard greens, yams. >> mac and cheese? >> yes, mac and cheese. >> yes, i can change -- >> potato salad. >> like if you make home baked macaroni and cheese before it is done, ten minutes before it is done, take some frosted flakes, crush the frosted flakes on top of the macaroni and cheese, put it back in the oven, it will be the best mac and cheese you ever had. >> frosted flakes? >> frosted flakes. if you do cornflakes, it will be weird. it is the frosted flakes that make it sweet. and it balances with the whole
9:51 am
sugar thing. >> so five different nationalities, cultures, et cetera, and we will start with if you were going to greek family's thanksgiving. >> what would the sides be? >> opah. >> you know what i say, go greek or go home. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> so, you obviously have like 35 to 70 people at every gathering. >> right. >> so thanksgiving has to be the same. >> of course. >> let's go through what some of these things are. am i allowed to point things out with the fork and then eat each time? >> yes. >> all right, chef, let's start with that stuff. what's that? >> chestnut stew. >> hold on. very yum. >> i yes. >> and this would be like a side dish, before? >> these are all side dishes here, basically, yes. >> i have to say, by eating a chestnut right now? >> you are. >> pretty yum. >> i it is. that's why we put it there. >> so i say opah. what is this stuff right here? >> that's like a greek
9:52 am
inspired stuffing. it has got shareki. >> what's that? >> really good. it is like a traditional eastern bread usually but we like it for this, works really well. it has feta, fresh herbs, some celery, onions, pretty simple, some butter, olive oil. >> he is laughing. we have 45 seconds. >> this stuff right here is not hummus. it is? >> it is, this is, pure a. >> this stuff right here? >> sadsiki. >> you put that on everything and everything? >> everything. >> this? >> like a garlic spread, garlic and almond. >> seems like these should go together? >> they should. >> i love going to greece, all comes with a block of fit at sides of your head. >> that's the couldn't meant, on every greek table. >> the last thing right here, what's that? >> butter nut squash pizza. it is fileo dough. >> all right, what's this thing right her?
9:53 am
>> that's pork right there, delicious. >> i think of thanksgiving, i think of turkey but you say? >> pork goes in everything, and greek is everything. >> all right. listen, (speaking greek). >> see, i speak greek? we'll eat some of this, be back right after the break. again? (speaking greek)
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
having so much fun in the commercial, so much fun. >> oh, you know, i one from another, okay, this is respect your girls. >> oh, my gosh. >> listen to. >> this listen to this. bruce springsteen is his
9:57 am
motorcycle broke down there is guy saw him, stopped to help him out. if you saw somebody by the side of the road, who would you get excited? what celebrity would you get excited? >> brad pitt. finally single again. yes, i've had a crush on him since legends of the fall, and you know when he was married to angie, he looked a little weathered. but, i have to say, now he has a glow, he's got a glow that's just so beautiful to me. >> if alex holley was broken down on the side of the road, i would make a seat on my dash, and run like a clydesdale. i would totally carry. i would even do the shoulder carry, like, sitting on top, like a relay. >> oh, a celebrity? yes, you are. >> oh,. >> awe. >> (laughing). >> good to have you here.
9:58 am
>> and q next? >> wait. you're getting rid of us in. >> see him at noon on "the q". >> awesome.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge -- but we're judg judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers ] >> wendy: hi. welcome to a good time. thank you for watching. [ cheers ]


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