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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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police investigation. and as the holiday shopping season is set to get underway, businesses are very much hoping the mob attacks will not grow into on-going problem g evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. the violence is so unsettling mayor jim kenney is set to address it in half hour from now. our dave kinchen is looking most recent attacks and is live in center city tonight. dave? >> reporter: this is an tack that has so many people on edge. in fact several store managers say they had to lock their customers inside for their own safety. philadelphia police investigators tour the center city shopping district at walnut and 16th looking for surveillance video after a flash mob assaults numerous people over the weekend. the aftermath was captured on fresco viewer video. >> they were coming in from that side and that side and you get what i'm saying and came in the street and cornered them in. >> reporter: those who live and work in the area wonder what the brawling means for their
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safe teen the holiday shopping season set to begin. >> they were just hitting anybody that came near them. >> reporter: concern rising after off duty philadelphia detective and his wife were punched in the face while trying to enter 15 a mid multiple scuffles. >> i usually feel really safe around here but now i'm not so sure. >> probably we think where they are even though they're in center city it's still dangero dangerous. >> reporter: that off duty detective suffering from a fractured eye sock. >> you saw how quickly an off duty detective responded. he got seriously hurt during so but did he his job. we're very proud of him. >> reporter: commissioner ross reactioning to the saturday evening violence that injured six total and led to the arrests of two teens so far with more wanted. >> it's ridiculous behavior. i don't understand it. i mean some people want to indict parents. i talk about personal responsibility. i mean these are kids old enough to know better and not do something like that. >> reporter: many are hoping for a return to normal as the shopping district sees more tourists and shoppers in the holiday weeks ahead.
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>> i think it's a dangerous part of the city. i don't think it's a dangerous phenomenon. it just happens. gets get wild. >> reporter: police tell us they're looking for at least two more teens connected to the incident. back to you. >> thank you very much, dave. your weather authority right now live look along the ben franklin parkway and the sun is set on beautiful autumn day you might just need to break out your umbrella this week which i also think is a beautiful thing. kathy orr is outside our old city studios with a check of your forecast. you're looking mighty comfortable out there without your jacket on. kathy. >> it's beautiful. i'll tell you lucy we're still in the 50s, and that's actually where the normal highs for this time of year. i'll stole step out so you can see behind me the traffic really moving along and not heavy this afternoon. as we get the 6:00 o'clock hour underway. usually much busier in center city philadelphia. take look at the temperatures these are the highs for the day. atlantic city made it to 64. pottstown, allentown in the lower 60s. trenton philadelphia sitting at
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60. wilmington 59. the normal high for this time of year is 57 so that's above average. clouds across the region tonight with some showers moving up from the south. right along the coast. the rest of could you say see a few by tomorrow morning. because of an area of low pressure off the coast that will have little impact in our region other -- than a few clouds an few showers. right now, it's cooling down in the poconos at 43. 49 in lancaster. millville 50 and 55 in trenton. this evening temperatures will be falling through the 50's into the 40s with a chance of a few scattered showers especially through south jersey. coming up we will time the rain for tomorrow. it will not be a wash out by any means much the sun will make come back but the highlight of this forecast is 70 in mid to late november. hmm. last year it was warm as well. we'll talk more about that with your seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy, thanks. one person is in the hospital after a crash in the city's wissonoming section tonight. skyfox was over the scene around
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5:30 at torresdale and how well right now the extent of the injuries are not clear. we don't know what caused that crash. almost a week since election day and president obama took questions from the media for the first time since the election. on the eve of his last overseas trip as president he says americans must accept president-elect trump and says he's optimistic. >> despite the hard loss for the democrats president obama says democrats should hold firm to their values but that change can be good. >> i think it's a healthy thing for the democratic partying to through some reflection, um -- upping, i think it's important for me, not to be big footing that conversation. i think we want to see new voices and new 80s emerge that's par of the reason why -- i mean term limits are really useful thing. >> the president is leaving on his last foreign trip as the president he'll visit grease, germany and peru where he says he'll reaffirm america's
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commitment to its allies. meanwhile president-elect trump remains focused on his transition into the white house. so far he has named establishment backed republican reince priebus as the chief of staff and far right wing conservative steve bannon as his chief strategist. his former campaign manager announced senior adviser says more appointments are coming later this week. >> i think it's a great team. i'll continue to work for them. they compliment each other. they both have the -- [ inaudible ] >> meanwhile the republican national committee says despite opposition protests against trump the party believes people will see positive change once the new administration is actually in place. now, in philadelphia, the police commissioner says his department is taking things day by day a mid the on-going protests we're seeing. even tonight we're seeing one. philadelphia is among the cities where critics of president -- of the president-elect have held demonstrations and this is happened since really the night of the election.
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commit commissioner ross says police are ready any too many a crowd gathers. >> we're not nay eve to believe we will not have more clearly we believe we will. try to balance it all out with those who are exercising their rights as well those who are trying to get away -- get out of center city for the day because they've come in to either visit and/or go home. they have a right not to be inconvenienced as well. >> you heard him talk about balancing things out right. he says that is quote a difficult task. but one that officers are prepared to handle. local gop leaders are condemning the racist attacks on social media that have hit close to home. joe defelice philadelphia's republican party chairman. he issued a statement today focusing particularly on the racist attacks against black u penn students that we first told you about here on friday. some claim the election of trump insighted the hate but phil po poll's gop leader put the blame on the media for its coverage of the trump campaign. he said "in our city republican we have -- party we have ward
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leaders who are member of the african-american, latino, asian, muslim, jewish and lgbt communities. our supporters and voters are diverse and can he they come from every ward in the city. our party is made up of these people how could we on the whole stand for racism or oppression of any kinds. major loss the world of journalism. gwen ifill had died. she had been quietly battling cancer and took a health leave earlier this year from pbs. she began her career as a print reporter. she later work at nbc news and co-anchor of the pbs news hou. she was 61 years old. happening now, in south philadelphia, a youth football team dealing with big problem just days before their championship game. the team showed up to practice to find their equipment stolen. >> coaches say they're not going to let this get in their way no
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how big the struggle. our bruce gordon live near the team field with 25th on moore on the with the hurdles this team now faces. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, at the risk of mixing our metaphors this is all too often par for the course when youth sports meets tough city neighborhoods. but one coach says tough times make tough players. >> not the best field. it's not the worst field. but it is our home field. >> reporter: 41-year-old anthony meadows is justifiably proud of the field his new sigma sharks use courtesy of neumann-goretti high school. it's not the playing surface itself baron in spots, lumpy in others, dog waste here and there. no it's what happens on the field for dozens of kids ages five to 15 for whom youth sports is a welcome escape from the mean streets. >> it's kind of like a beacon of hope or a ray of light. they don't have to worry about outside things. they can just enjoy football and may the game and have fun. be a kid.
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>> reporter: leave it to adults like coach meadows. >> -- we store all of our equipment, field equipment and things like that. >> reporter: to worry about those outside things like the theft last week of a trailer full of field equipment discover on the friday before saturday's semi finals. >> first down markers are the markers with the yard lines and things like that. the paint machine to actually put the lines on the field. all that stuff was gone the day before we had a game. >> reporter: what was the first reaction when you came and saw this? wow! wow! because what we going to do. >> reporter: neumann-goretti loaned the sharks enough field equipment to stage the games. to shark teams eight and under and 10 and aunt squads have now made it to the championships this weekend. meadows says they'll work around the stolen equipment. try to win a couple of titles and then spend the off season raising money 2,000 bucks, to replace the stolen gear. all part of the playbook in urban youth sports. learn to block, learn to tackle, learn to persevere.
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>> so whatever boundaries, speed bumps, potholes whatever it is that you hit, you just keep going. you don't stop and say, woe is me and that's the end of the world. it's not. >> reporter: now f you're in position to help out the sharks, either with donation of money or equipment if you have it, reach out to me through my facebook page bruce gordon fox 29 i'll link you to the appropriate folks. we'll see if we can help these folks out iain if they win the championships this weekend they may be on to florida. that would be exciting. >> it would be, bruce. let's hope they get some help. thank you. police are investigating a traffic accident involving a schoolbus in the kensington neighborhood. this happened near east lehigh avenue and jasper street this afternoon. witnesses tell us there were kids on the bus at the time of the crash. medic took one person to a local hospital. it's not clear yet if that that was a child. >> camera caught two men having an argument in the middle avenue philadelphia street. were one man did during the fight that sent the other guy running. and how these local college students could become the next big toy designers. the competition that's putting
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that are skills to the test. sean? iain, eagles had a lot bad calls in yesterday's game. doug pederson addresses the officiating. the flyers gm gets ticked off at the media see what got him going later in sports.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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♪ argument in the middle of the street turns violent in the city's harrowgate neighborhood. you can see one guy motioning towards someone then moment later that guy starts to fire a gun as another guy runs from the gunfire. this happened yesterday afternoon along the 1900 block of tioga street. windows from nearby barbershop were broken after the shooting thankfully no one was reported injured. police don't know who either of men are involve in the fighting but they are still looking for the shooter. so iain has been waiting for this day. >> i have for over two years. >> i know. riding septa may be easier iain page. france sit agency now letting you use prepaid car instead of tokens. what? it launched new program
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today that let's riders load cards with money and pay as they go. for now this works on all the buses and trollies, the market frankford line and the broad street line. septa slowly rolling out the travel wallet feature just in case anything, you know, not so great pops up. but we're getting there. >> we're getting there. >> it is 2016, right? >> last i check. at the philadelphia museum of art unusual medium took front and center today it was all about toys. 50 college students designed a toy for children under 10. these designers came from all over the country. some of them from right here in philly like drexel and temple, u penn and the u arts but they were innovative using the latest technologies for they're creative designs. >> we had fingers 3d printed, laser cut, they're using a lot of technologies to create their prototypes, we really had a wide range. >> the winner today was eugene chang from parsons school of design.
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this is a toy can use with a pool noodle. >> all righty. i like that. >> can't think about swimming pools right now about now. nice cool day. kathy orr tracking some it's not water in a pool but water from the sky type of thing. >> it look like this storm is going to be far enough offshore that perhaps the shore and south jersey seeing rain out of this much right now it's quiet in old city physical. just beautiful night to be outside with temperatures still in the 50's. 55 after a very comfortable high of 60 degrees with winds out of the south. now, we're watching the southerly wind draw the clouds to the north and some showers through atlantic county, mape kay county southern burlington noon ocean. right along the expressway moving inland somewhat along 30 toward hammonton we're seeing some of the moderate rainfalling and this is all associated with an area of low pressure a storm off the coast that's pulling moisture back inn land. you can see through egg harbor beach haven mystic island absecon we're seeing most of the
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rain right now. rain cooled temperatures. atlantic city reporting in at 48 degrees at the airport with light rain. pottstown 51. dry in allentown. philadelphia and trenton in the mid 50s. so this area of low pressure staying offshore. but the counterclockwise flow around it pulling in that moisture. it moves by very quickly and by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be seeing a little sunshine before sunset and wednesday looks pretty nice on the back side of this you get more of a northerly wind and that is a cooler wind for us we'll take little time to warm it back up. so the average high for this time of year 57. tomorrow right around average. wednesday we go above average. thursday by a little more. and a little more on friday. by friday, i'm forecasting high temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees with a real pleasant southwesterly wind before our next front moves in and really knocks down temperatures. this could be for good. we're rounding toward the end of november. it's quite amazing these temperatures. in the city overnight 46. the suburbs 40. mostly cloudy.
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scattered showers especially to the song south and east of philadelphia through south jersey perhaps delaware but nor likely south jersey. few morning showers possible south and east the high temperature going for 56. and on your seven day forecast, from the weather authority, few morning showers for your tuesday right now i'm thinking philadelphia about 50/50 chance of seeing anything. saturday or i should say wednesday rather mostly sunny, 60. thursday 64. i'm giving it a perfect 10. friday 70. saturday 68 degrees. and we see another front move through sunday is the day that we see a better chance of rain during the afternoon with another front and then we cool it down even more by monday as we start the holiday week partly sunny, 49 degrees. but notice those low temperatures in the 40s. every single day until next monday. remember, a week from thursday is thanksgiving. >> what? >> already. >> do you believe it? >> no, i don't. i don't. it just goes by so quickly. >> enjoy it, guys.
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>> all right. >> thanks kathy. that's the first time in while i feel like i'm talking to you after an eagles win on a monday. >> it has been awhile. >> it has been three weeks. >> it feels like a lot longer. >> it does. >> eagles get big news but luckily they get some big news with the other teams in this league also. plus, we take look at the eagles getting some bad calls during this game. doug pederson addresses all the probleproblems that might actuay surprise you how he responds. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the eagles at home could be the best team in the league. unfortunately, they don't always play at home. on the road it's something different. either way big win for the eagles to keep them in the playoff hunt despite the officiating almost giving the game to the falcons. they had two huge missed calls that resulted in miffled field goal that could have really kill the eagles opportunities. the first this obvious darrin sproles pass enter appearance right there right on his back. you have to call that. that would have gave them four more downs much this hit to the head on jordan matthews. the league trying to protect its players, the ref flat out blew one. doug pederson addressed the officiate and his response was little bit surprising. >> the officials are working
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extremely hard every week, um, you know, they -- they -- they pride themselves in doing the right thing and they don't want to be the reason for wins and losses, you know, the best games are when you don't even know they're there. um, so, you know, give them credit. it happens extremely fast a lot of times. >> that's the guy right there who doesn't get want to fined that's why he bit his tongue. the flyers getting good news and some bad news. the good news is tonight the hockey hall of fame will induct erin lindros and pat quinn. lindros played eight seasons with the flyers and seven-time all star and pat quinn coached the flyers for four seasons with one stanley cup appearance. now, to the bad news. michael one of the goalies will miss 46 weeks with a lower body injury. both goalies struggling this season. ron hex stole was asked if it's a good thing that a new goal system coming up and he didn't really like that question.
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>> we're in the business of winning games not in trying players out or seeing new players or whatever. it's not as exciting for us as it maybe is for you, you guys seem to almost want a new body, a new face like that's not our business. our business -- hang on our business is winning games. heck will put the best guy in the net he feels has the best chance to give our team a chance to win. >> for the phils injury knee hellickson accepted the qualifying offer for 17.2 million in 20 city. he was the best pitcher last year. shockingly enough he might be the best free agent pitcher in baseball this year. that means the pitching for the free agency isn't too good gre great. i wouldn't throw any shots at hellickson it's pretty bad. >> you usual val a great study out there. hellickson seven and 10. >> we got great for you when it comes to weather. >> looking good.
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a few spotty showers tomorrow especially through south jersey but -- >> give and take. >> looking like a great week. listen i'll give if i can take wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. >> there you go. >> looks fantastic. >> um-hmm. >> sunday chance of rain late in the day, monday it's cooler but it's supposed to be cooler. >> i've got to winterize my bamboo i need a good saturday to do that. i'm working friday. i'm excited. >> join to us note at 10:00. all alone in one of the state's toughest prisons. he ended up with life ending injuries. what went wrong fox 29 investigates tonight at 10:00. hope you'll tune in and join us for that. >> that will do it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10 and 11:00. have yourself a great night. inside edition is coming up. ♪
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back to work for the trumps. >> and would you didn't see in the big "60 minutes" interview. >> booties for the crew. and first lady in red. what melania is saying about her first meeting with michelle obama. and what happened to the jokes? ♪ hallelujah then, megyn kelly's shocking new revelations. >> he said he knew i must have some very sexy bras and he would like to see me in them. and are women joggers in danger? she was slain. so was she. and this super mom is still missing. what's it really like to be hassled on the street? >> did this man yell out at you on the street? plus -- ♪ the brady bunch ♪ >>


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