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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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lot of people aren't happy about the ad. they want it moved. what's nearby the sign that has people so upset. >> a mother fighting for her life hit by driver who took off. your news is 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. in the aftermath of the election with big changes coming to the white house tension across the nation has been high.
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>> from protests to reports of hate crimes across the country and right here in our area. some are wondering if diversity itself is under siege. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. philadelphia mayor jim kenney sending the message that they are looking out for everyone's safety. fox 29's chris o'connell is live near art museum tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says simply he's just fed up with this post election nonsen nonsense. reports of racist antisemitic graffiti also reports of people getting beat up in a flash mob in center city with no apparent connection to the election. he says enough is enough, and stop with the divisiveness. >> i think just shock honestly. >> reporter: adrian is angry. you would be too if you found this carve in your car door. it's our expletive now expletive. the repulsive and sexist message referencing donald trump's off
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color comments was scribbled on her toyota for her entire south philadelphia neighborhood to s see. a big supporter of hillary clinton, she never thought it would come to this. >> it's scary for lot of people. i've lived in the city for over a deck caged it's been my home. something i never would have thought would have happened. >> reporter: coincidentally at the same time mayor jim kenney was presenting the unity cup soccer tournament award in front of an international crowd, it was diversity and inclusion taking center stage. >> calling someone by any type of slur, defacing a building or participating in flash mob does nothing to help preserve the values of the diversity. >> kenney was speaking about other recent incidents like swastikas spray painted on storefront in south philly. university of pennsylvania students getting racist and threatening messages and a weekend flash mob injuring several incident bystanders in sent city. >> to have to talk about these embarrassing things that
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happened in our city how does that make you feel? >> it makes me understand you sign up for mayor you get the good and the bad. this is lot of good and some bad i think we'll have to step back, take a deep breath. >> reporter: that's exactly what this woman thinks she worried political rhetoric is turning into threat to public safety. >> i think it's so important for our save to feel safe right now and to feel people are taking these behaviors seriously. >> reporter: mayor kenney says there's no specific plan to deal with these kinds of incidents, but did tell us tonight philadelphia police may be close to more arrests in this weekend's flash mob assault. iain? >> chris, thank you. cliff chris mentioned that flash mob incident over the weekend. it's still under investigation. philadelphia police were out scoring for you surveillance video at 16th and walnut several people were hurt in that ugly incident saturday including an off duty city detective. two teens were arrested after a group started punching and pushing people walking by. >> it's ridiculous behavior.
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i don't understand it. i mean some people want to indict parents. i talk about personal responsibility. i mean these are kids old enough to know better, and not do something like that. >> the off duty detective an his wife got punched in the face after they tried to break up some scuffles that detective has a fractured eye socket and police are looking for at least two more suspects connected to that flash mob. president-elect donald trump is starting his transition to the white house. >> and today that include add discussion with vladimir putin russia's president of course. trump transition team says two leaders discussed the u.s u.s./russian relationship. now the kremlin says putin wants to establish a quote partner like dialogue with trump. that will fit in different ways with different people. administration officials yesterday say that donald trump appointed far right wing conservative steve bannon as his chief strategist and rnc chair prions priebus as chief of
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staff. priebus came to the defense of bannon because some democrats have basically expressed fear that he's too extreme and says that he's a racist. >> so i haven't seen any of these things that people are crying out about. but, look, it's a good team. it works and i think if people saw the last few months in the campaign it work very well. >> meanwhile, the ap is reporting that former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is the favorite to be trump's secretary of state. today president obama sought to reassure the nation and the world in the aftermath of trump' election. outgoing commander in chief today spoke at length about the president-elect. president obama saying he believes trump who has never held public office would do this best to unite the nation. the president did warn his successor to keep in check with tendency to make controversial comments. >> they're going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless
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he recognizes them, and corrects them because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial it has less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. >> donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20 many. a police officer in dirt bike rider in the hospital tonight after a crash in wyssonoming. skyfox over that street around 5:00 tonight how wet street and torresdale hospital. the dirt bike hit a cop car. the person is in critical condition tonight. the crash hurt one officer but police say those injuries are minor. on your radar tonight a chilly night with little rain on the way. let's check in with kathy and a look what's coming up. >> we have these showers green on the ultimate doppler radar screen. you can see that behind me.
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moving up through south jersey into philadelphia and a few other showers to the west that could make it into our suburbs. not a lot of rain. we do need it. but this isn't going to make a dent in any of our dry locations. right now we're looking at 45 in the poconos. 46 in allentown. pottstown and reading. 53 in the city and 47 in millville. temperatures will be falling into the 40s overnight. 46 in the city. we bottom out its at 40 in the suburbs scattered showers and some cooler temperatures on the back side of the system that's bringing the rain. so coming up we'll time the rain for your morning show you when you sun comes back and when temperatures will soar to around 70 again. can you believe it? i'll see you later. we'll check that seven day. >> i like. thank you very much, kathy. developing right now, in delaware county the family avenue hit-and-run vick testimony pleading for your help to find the driver. earlier this month someone hit a grandmother in chester then just sped off. >> more than a week later the victim is still in critical condition and can't even communicate. now the family is doing everything they can to get that
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driver in to police custody. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the chester police department and shawnette, you spoke to the victim's daughter. >> reporter: i did, and she tells me that the family has very little information to go on. so far they only believe that it was a dark colored car. so they're hoping for your help recalling what happened that night in hopes of getting more clues. >> she has two broken legs, a broken arm where the bone came through her skin arc broken shoulder, broken neck, back and spine, and bleeding in the brain. >> reporter: tammy mc neal describedescribes the traumatics her mother suffered at the hands of driver who hit her and kept going. she still in critical condition on a ventilator week after it happened. >> this shouldn't have happen to anybody. >> reporter: 65-year-old cynthia mc neal had just come home from work at bryn mawr hospital where tammy says she works in labor and delivery. it happened sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 o'clock that night. after cynthia parked her car and
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crossed ninth street in chester to go in the house. this is video of the crime scene tammy recorded with her cell phone when she got to her mother' house that night, not knowing her mother was the victim. >> i had no idea it was her. i'm thinking she at her sitter's house. >> reporter: that's when her phone rang. it was closer hospital calling about the accident. >> i was like, what, you know, stuff started clicking. like, i just took pictures from my mott's accident and i had no idea. >> reporter: tammy is now looking for help finding the person who did us that. >> the witness said it was a girl that got out screamed and said call 911. jumped back in the car and turned down barclay. nobody deserves to be left like that, you know not know who did it. >> reporter: and the other thing slowing this investigation is there are no surveillance cameras or security cameras i should say on the 200 block of ninth street where it happened. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. in south philadelphia, youth football team faced with adversity is just not giving up.
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the team showed up to practice one day recently and discovered that thieves had stolen their equipment and to make matters worse they are just tase days away from the championship. >> as bruce gordon tells us coaches are not letting anything get in their way matter how big the struggle report roar not exactly lincoln financial we're locking at. >> not at all. >> but it's ours. report roar 41-year-old anthony meadows shows us the football field his new sigma sharks use courtesy neumann-goretti high school after their pre-game ritual. >> we literally walk to make sure there's no dog mess or anything on the feel. >> reporter: welcome to youth sports in the city of philadelphia. meadows and other adult volunteers coach kids ages five to 15 in football and in life. neither is easy. the fields are lumpy, baron in spots but the lessons are important. >> the whole concept of working with others being able to deal with tough times, be able to overcome them and sometimes that harsh reality of failure. we didn't win a game. but guess what, we still keep
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going. >> reporter: latest life lesson came just last week. >> we kind of store all of our equipment, field equipment and things like that. >> reporter: thieves cut the chain holding the security gate surrounding the field closed, then broke into a storage trailer and stole field equipment. yard markers, pylons the line painting sprayer. >> what was the first reaction when you came and saw this. >> wow! wow! because what we going to do. >> reporter: neumann-goretti loaned them equipment for last week's semi finals game. this weekend the championship round for the eight and under and 10 and aunt squads. they'll work around the equipment theft. try to win a couple of titles and raise funds to replace the stolen geared of gear. this is not track and feel but the hurdles make it seem that way. >> we've been through tough times before and we'll go through them again. one of the unfortunate life scenarios we have to teach our kids to be able to deal with adversity and push on. >> reporter: if you're in position to help the sharks out, reach out to me through my
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facebook page, bruce gordon fox 29. i'll connect to you coach meadows. in grace four wreak i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. sad news tonight. >> veteran journalist gwen ifill passed away after a battle with cancer. she co-hosted pbs news hour. the journalist moderate thed two vice-president debates in 2004 and 2008. she also moderated a primary debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in february. during his news conference today, president obama took a moment to remember ifill calling her an extraordinary journalist. she was only 61 years old. grieving widow wants to know what happened to her husband. a prison guard who died in the line of duty. >> i think they're just sweeping it away like it doesn't matter, ton me that's not acceptable. >> was david weaver a sitting target in a mack mum security prison? fox 29 investigates ahead.
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and it's a strong image with a strong message. some people in a local community are not happy at all with this billboard above i-95. why they want it taken down. what's nearby that has them so concern. ♪
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♪ if you've given on i-95 in chester recently one billboard may have caught your attention. it's a bold tie many for a gun range. >> some residents are very upset tonight. they want it taken down. they say they're mainly concerned about the ads location really. fox 29's dave schratwieser is right on the highway and parents are concerned that a bunch of
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children could see it every day. >> reporter: lucy, about 80,000 cars pass that billboard on 95 every day. that's good news for the advertisers but parents here in chester say that billboard is only a quarter of a mile from a charter school and kids have to walk by it on their way to class every day. >> kids will be afraid of that. >> reporter: the tie advertising meant to catch your attention and imposing picture of a woman aiming a rather large rival on a billboard high above 95 in chester. it certainly got neighbors attention. it has some up in arms. >> being in school zone it shouldn't be with the gun pointed at the school. >> reporter: robert miller stairs at the giant billboard every day from his post as a crossing guard just around the corner from this charter school. in a city where violence and murders have been a problem, he thinks the billboard belongs somewhere else. >> there's so many illegal guns down here and, you know,
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shootings and stuff like that. straw purchases and stuff like that. >> reporter: you don't like the message? >> no. >> you don't want a child to look at that. >> reporter: grimes says is he was troubled when she looked up at the billboard right after it was erected. she had to same thoughts miller did. >> we trying to make the kids stay in school, not think about violence. you don't want to do that. that's just -- it's uncalled for. definitely a disrespect full. >> reporter: the billboard is visible from the southbound lanes of 95. it's aimed at driving business to the new target shooting solutions gun shop and range nearly 30 minutes away in avondale. the general manager says the new range takes the community's concerns about the billboard seriously. he pointed out the facility emphasizes gun safety and training. he says tss did not know there was a school they are by when they purchased the billboard space. >> i think that they should take it down. >> it shouldn't be in a school zone. it should be somewhere place else. >> reporter: now, general
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manager paul reid told us tonight essence tiff to the community's concerns here and he is willing to listen to them. but right now, he is not inclined to remove the billboard. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. virtual reality technology that continues to grow and we're still exploring it's potential. >> rowan university taken the lead in the technology to try and true method of attracting brain talent via video games. fox 29's hank flynn went to rowan to immerse himself. >> here's the thing. there's two different versions. throw d version you would play and then they're the 2d version which i'm going to show you. i'll play the 3d version and show you the 2d version. if i show you the 3d it will make your head hurt. >> video games you love them. i do too the one they got going right now at rowan university south jersey technology park it's called the right a different breed altogether. >> what was that? oh ! that's
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hoyer ribble. >> shouldn't we try to kill it? >> the game is the latest project for virtual reality center at $2.1 million facility that provides vr solutions for real world clients. came is fun, challenging and spooky. you can make play it alone or with a couple friends. for the facility director george, game is a means to an end one that will hopefully turn students on to tech. >> now what we do, basically we tricked them. we take all their experience they learned on this game and throwing out real engineering problem with tackle with the nasa or faa and others. this is how we round the students up, get them interested and get them to do real work. >> wow! in all about half dozen computers powered 10 screens while retroreflective markers on controllers flashlights and
10:19 pm
glasses help the system triangulate and track where you are in the lay yet. the give game is written through a program called unity but other packages come into play. >> the tracking is done by a company called art. that hands over to another program called track d that passes the data of the controllers and all the tracking into unity. we get it from a program. we just type in the rest of the system takes care of it for us. >> look, everybody in new jersey needs jobs and though the garden state is not silicon valley you got to start somewhere. >> we're not in california. we're not in texas. we don't have people here who specialize in this industry. we are bringing thible for people to get a new background in technology, high-end technology so they can get out there in the world and actually experience it. >> end of the day it's fun, it's open to the public and you might learn something. it will run you 10 bucks to play but it will take i was good half hour to get through it. not bad.
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just reach out to the rowan vr center at to make sure they've got spot in the schedule. >> help me! >> iodide. >> hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. >> so did you step outside to see the super moon because if you missed it you'll have to wait quiet awhile for your next chance. why that next super moon will be in fact worth the wait. during a time we're talking a lot about unity we'll show i was place right here in our area to make sure everyone has a chance much this extraordinary school helping students do things they never imagined they'd be able to do. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for work all this week on 95. mainly the on and off-ramps up here in north philly, woulding on the princeton and cottman of a ramps. also the working in media
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delaware county along 252 and rose tree park right there off of route 1. yo, south philly going to be working all this week as well at broad and patison right out front of the stadium complex which cause delays trying to get into the navy yard. should we need that umbrell umba tomorrow morning. sue will have the answer. i'll check the jam cams. see you at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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a georgia man will probably be spending the rest of his life in prison. >> a jury found justin harris guilty in the hot car death of his 22 month old son. the jury found the 35-year-old guilty of both mal las and felony murder. he left his son in a sweltering car for more than seven hours in 2014. harris said he forgot to drop his 22 month old son cooper off at daycare and drove straight to his job. prosecutors say he kill his son to escape the responsibilities of family life. defense attorneys maintain the little boy's death was a tragic accident. tonight firefighters in southern california are battling a fast moving brush fire in the angeles national forest. the flames which began around 5:00 this morning have spread at least 50 acres. fire official say no structures have been destroyed and there's been no vac weighing orders. dozens of firefighters are at the scene trying to get the upper hand on the fire. last check the fire was 50%
10:25 pm
contain. around the globe everyone's eyes on the super moon which has in fact been rather super. it hit its peak in the us early this morning. it is brightest moon in nearly seven decades. it's the closest a full moon has been to the earth since 1948. making it look way bigger than normal if you missed the site you'll have to wait awful long time to seat next one. >> the next super moon that will be closer actually than this one is going to be in november of 2034. so not that far off in the future but longest enough to start clearing your cal enter. >> clear your calendar now and mark that one down. if the clouds part tonight you can look outside to catch a slightly less super version when the moon will look about 15% brighter and bigger than usual. what happened to prison guard david weaver all alone in one state of's toughest prisons he sudden life ending injuries. what wept wrong. fox 29 investigates ahead. our kathy orr is tracking
10:26 pm
that forecast of your. >> we sure are. we're talking about clouds and rain as the storm just brushes by the eastern seaboard. behind it cooler air for now. but not for long. going for 70 degrees in the seven day when we come back. >> and coming up at 11:00, turning symbols of hate into something beautiful. how some local moms have found a whole new way to fight antisemitic graffiti. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> the grieving widow of a pennsylvania corrections officer fears she may never know what happened to her husband. gravely injured inside the walls of the one state's toughest prison she's come to fox 29 investigates for answers. >> tonight jeff cole reports there are some serious questions about the death of david weaver. ♪ >> he was a funny guy. >> reporter: on a shelf in a small montgomery county home -- >> he was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his
10:30 pm
back. >> reporter: -- mow moan toes of a life are placed with care. >> he wore his heart on his sleeve. >> reporter: they mark david weaver's live, a husband, a dad, a navy veteran is goodman says his grieving widow. >> he just really enjoyed this family and his friends and really loved his job. >> reporter: his job was to patrol the toughest blocks in the state. weaver was a prison guard in pennsylvania's big house, graterford maximum security prison. it was where he fell from injuries which later took his life. >> five weeks today. so it's still very fresh. very raw. >> reporter: september 17th, 1:30 in the afternoon weaver, 59, with 13 years on the job is guarding dozens of inmates in outdoor yard. suddenly he falls backwards striking his head against a concrete wall. according to an autopsy, his skull is fractured and the hemorrhaging is extensive. a prison nurse scams mince him and weaver is taken by ambulance
10:31 pm
to paoli hospital in delaware county. nine days later, he's dead. >> my husband went to work and never came home. i don't want that to happen to someone else and not be able to know and to live with the uncertainty i have to live with. >> reporter: tara weaver is right. she does not know exactly what happened to her husband. inside the walls of graterford. in fact, no one can be certain. because other than the inmates who were playing football at the time, fox 29 investigates has confirmed that weaver was all alone when he fell. and despite the department of corrections refusal to answer our questions on the topic we've also learned there was no security camera rolling either. in fact, there was no camera. fox 29 learned of the death from tara weaver who came to us complaining she couldn't get answers. >> i think they're just sweeping it away like it doesn't matter, and to me that's not acceptable. >> reporter: fox 29 has peaced
10:32 pm
together what happened from documents and interviews with state police, the corrections officers union and the department of corrections which refused to allow to us interview anyone on camera. >> who are the witnesses in this case? >> inmates. >> they're inmates. >> they're inmates. that's the first concern i have. >> reporter: graterford is in state representative mike vereb's district. he says he learn of the death after weaver's fellow guards alerted him, and he is outraged he was alone in the yard. >> i'm a little appalled that one corrections officer would be out there with multiple inmates. >> reporter: again, state corrections refused to provide an official to answer our questions on camera. in a statement a spokesperson wrote, "weaver was seriously injured in trip and fall accident adding he stumbled on uneven ground between the sidewalk and the grass area and fell backwards hitting his head" asked why weaver was alone in the yard corrections wrote, officer weaver was stationed in
10:33 pm
the single officer post. all doc institutions have single officer posts. this is not uncommon. >> in my 24 years of doing corrections, i have never walked in a yard by myself. >> reporter: jason bloom is the president of the corrections officers union. he says, single officer posts make guards sitting targets. >> make my staff as save as you possibly can. if we had two people in the yard in this instance, we would know exactly what happened. exactly. >> reporter: in that statement, corrections writes, weaver fell backwards while trying to avoid a flying football during a flag football game. it learned that from inmates in the yard willing to talk to investigators from the department's prison based safety team. bloom argues inmates are not going to come clean if an attack can you occurred. >> does that mean, then, this member of your union could have
10:34 pm
been killed? >> could have been. >> he could have been knocked over. >> could have been. >> could have been pushed over, attacked. >> absolute. >> no one will know that. >> no one. no. no one is going to know. >> reporter: remember fox 29 has confirmed from a law enforcement source there was no security camera trained on the yard. corrections says, it does not discuss security measures. and there's one more thing. state police here at the skippack barracks are now investigating david weaver's death. how did they learn of it? not from the state department of corrections. tara weaver told them of her husband's passing about 30 days after he hit his head when she realized corrections hadn't. she says she wanted objective investigators. asked why state police were not alerted to the incident or the death corrections writes, we follow protocol by having the safety team investigate a work-related injury. the department's own safety policy says, all individuals are
10:35 pm
to be interviewed as soon as possible after an accident. tara weaver says, the state police investigator told her the inmates weren't interviewed until four days later. representative vereb says he'll ask the state's inspector general to take a hard look. when you have an injury of this magnitude where there's one corrections officer an few dozen prisoners, i feel the state police should have been called when that gentleman was on the way to the hospital. >> reporter: tara weaver battles it her grief, her loss, and the unknown. >> i still don't have a hundred% closure as to what really happened. i don't think i ever will. i still dope have my husband. >> reporter: state police based on what they now know believe that weaver's death was an accident. the department of corrections has determined that he died in the line of duty. corrections writes, it is deeply sorrowful for weaver's death and extends its sympathies to his family. graterford prison has twice
10:36 pm
released press releases when inmates have died. but so far nothing for the fallen officer. jeff cole, fox 29 news. easier to ride septa. the piece of plastic that will soon allow to you toss those tokens. and new zealand is cleaning up after a powerful earthquake shook the country over the weekend. today a aftermath an image we won't soon forget.
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♪ we're following breaking news tonight. police in virginia believe someone abduction add four-year-old girl and could be head to go new jersey. annabelle dorothy hope richardson was last seen 24-year-old dylan james richardson in charlotte county. he's the girl's father but he doesn't have custody. the two may be driving in a 1985 burgundy chevy van. police say the girl is in extreme danger. if you see anything please call police right away. strong after shocks continue to rattle new slammed after 7.8 magnitude earthquake literally cracked a part the ground. look at these stranded cows gives you an idea how powerful that force was. the quake triggered landslide an small tsunami. two people were killed. military helicopters and ships are being used to rescue someo someone.
10:40 pm
thousands trapped tourists and residents in coastal town of kaikoura. >> hopefully they can get to the animals as well. in your money tonight a new way to pay for septa. forget tokens, iain, i know you love your tokens. transit agency finally making it more convenient to page you can now use pre-paid cards on certain routes. iain has been advocating this for years now. septa launched new program today that let's riders load cards with money and pay as they go. for now. for now. this works in all buses and trollies and market frankford and broad street lines. septa is slowly rolling out the travel wallet feature just in case any issues pop up. you know during a time when we're talking a lot about unity, we're going show i was place right here in our area that is making sure everyone has a chance. >> i love it. >> this school is doing something extraordinary. the students are very special
10:41 pm
and they are serving them. >> kathy orr is back with your forecast. >> that's right. a water vapor behind you. where you see the pink that's the moisture and the dark gray and black that's dry air moving in. we'll warm it up chasing 70 degrees. plus your weekend weather and sneak peek no thanksgiving when we come back. ♪ ♪ my hero zero. ♪
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♪ who can forget the viral video of a young woman named katie opening a scholarship letter for college. katie is wanted to go to arcade cade today university for as long as she can remember. 25-year-old dream to go to college came true. she's not alone. >> local university is giving college aged students with disabilities an incredible opportunity to be like everyone else. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney spent the day on campus with them. >> i wanted to go to college but i didn't think i would go to normal college. >> but 20-year-old natalie will montgomery who has a learning disability is thriving at college. >> she's in her second year at arcade today university in glenside. >> just being here, i love it. >> reporter: arcadia is one of
10:45 pm
a handful of colleges in pennsylvania that has special two year course for students with intellectually and developmental disability called the real certificate program. >> the program to their strengths. we support their interest in passion. when i was younger i didn't really talk to people. but now i talk to everyone. ♪ >> reporter: natalie admits she was totally afraid when one she started here. she didn't have classroom aid to help her like she did in high school and worried if she could even handle it. >> now, i'm like i don't need an aide, i'm good. >> 19-year-old kayla is on the autism spectrum. she wanted to go to college but it was just assumed she would not. >> in high school told me i really can't go to college. >> how did that make you feel? >> kind of bumped like everybody else gets to go to college. have fun. experience it. i can't. >> reporter: kayla's mom knew about the program at arcade today ya and thought it was worth looking into.
10:46 pm
>> when she came to interview for the program she didn't say a word to anybody. >> not one word. kayla and her mom had to come back two more times even after kayla was septembered it was a tough transition. >> i would not speak when i came. i would start crying. highly nervous. >> reporter: college helped kayla come out of hershel. she's made lots of friends. she loves hanging out in the student center, and enjoying her classes. good i like to study theater, musical stuff. i have actually an improv class i'm taking. >> she has surprised me in every way. i never thought she was going to drive. i never thought she was going to go to college. now she's just blossoming, doing all of that. >> reporter: arcadia prides itself on embracing all studen students. >> our row gram has three parts. 53 occasional, social and am academic. >> full inclusive programs. students can enroll in any under
10:47 pm
graduate classes they're interested. >> i'm in choir g this is 22-year-old anna greenberg's first year. anna has autism and was home schooled. she never had any type of classroom experience until now. >> i was really, really real, really stressed because i didn't understand schedule my coordinator gave me. i didn't understand the assignments. >> but the professors worked with the students. they also have fellow students who act as peer mentors and now anna is feeling much more at he's. >> i'm very happy to be here and this is really helping me. i've overcome a lot of challen challenges. >> reporter: anna loves music and is an accomplish piano player. she's not sure exactly what the future holds for her, but knows this was the right move for her academically and socially. ♪ >> what's the best part about this? >> expanding my world totally expanding my world. >> people with dissables are not
10:48 pm
different. >> it makes sense -- >> yes, they mitt have challen challenges but they're not different in the sense that you can't be a friend to them. whoo! [ applause ] >> right now real certificate students spend between 20 and 30 hours week at arcadia but the university is hoping to offer a reasonable element in the future will students can live on campus and get the full college experience. dawn tim 93 fox 29 news. that is so inspirational and so incredibly important. i'm like smiling a mile wide right now, kathy orr. >> it's just amazing. when she sat down at that pian piano -- >> unbelievable. >> amazing surprise. fantastic. >> i love it. >> our best goes out to all those students at arcadia. take a look outside a few raindrops on market street all because of an area of low pressure off the coast but close enough to bring clouds and a few spotty showers. it's 53 the high today 60. winds out of the north at
10:49 pm
3 miles an hour. that means the system has passed by and we're getting the wind on the back side of it. you can see some showers streaming up from the south. no the lot of rain. we need it but we wouldn't get it out of this system. right now temperatures in the 40s to the north and west and even in millville and ac. philadelphia still holding on to 53 and dover it is 50 degrees and wilmington the same. so watch this area of low pressure passing by on the back side of it you get that northerly wind component. it will be cool tomorrow than it was today, the clouds will clear out and then by wednesday, the temperatures will begin to build again. the average high for this time of year is around 57 degrees. tomorrow right around average. wednesday, thursday and friday we go above average. not just the 60s, but in many locations touching 70 by the end of the work week. so 40s overnight with mostly cloudy skies. and some scattered showers. during the day tomorrow, looking for high of 56 degrees. morning showers afternoon sun and that cool northerly wind.
10:50 pm
on your seven day forecast, from the weather authority, wednesday and thursday looking like tens. friday the same. saturday mild again. rain chance late sunday with a front and look at monday. looks cool. partly sunny the high temperature 49. so what about thanksgiving? we know it's a week from thursday this is long long range. but right now looks like temperatures will be in the lower 50's with mostly cloudy skies and just a chance of a shower, of course, it will be even more accurate when we get win seven days. but for now, that's a quick look. we'll zen it over to you, sean. kathy, a lot of hoops tonight villanova survives a scare. sixers deal with a james hardin onslaught. plus the flyers dealing with injuries at least they get to see one of their all time greats induct flood the hall of fame. all of that and more coming up next in sports.
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♪ the eagles with a great bounce back win yesterday but they're still at the bottom of the division and if the giants take care of business tonight the birds will still be last in the nfc east. so still a lot of work to do. somehow, they have to figure a way out to really take their home game on the road. four-zero at home. one-four away from the linc everyone plays better at home, i know, but two totally different teams for some reason. i don't think the players really understand why. but they have to figure a way
10:54 pm
out to bring that energy to seattle. >> i did notice it was loud out there. it was sometimes hard for to us communicate on defense. i know that's affecting the offenses we play, um, and i think whenever our defense is playing lights out our team has really great -- really really good chance of winning. so i guess hats off to our fans. >> i think we kind of hear ya'll talk about us losing because all ya'll pick up to lose. i don't know, man, that's what i'm saying we needed to bring that energy that we brought in practice this week because it was a home game and take it and carry over to, you know, to these away games. >> to the sixers they finally got first within a couple games ago. but the sixers are still being the sixers that. need to duplicate that somehow because they're still the worst team in basketball right now. the restrictions for the are killing their chances to win gamegames, but against the rocki don't think that mattered because james hardin was just cooking, giving them anything that he wanted to.
10:55 pm
drive to the rack. step back, jumper. look at that. it's just sweet or he'll give you the fast break. three ball. it's that easy for hardin. he had 23 points in the first quarter. eight to eight from the field. the sixers never had a chance after that he ended with 33 points, nine assists and seven rebounds. sixers lost 115-88. to college hoops number three hill villanova in tight one with 15th ranked perdue. look at this perdue trying to tie it up with seconds left. air ball right there. they get one last shot at it, but off the side of the backboard right there. nova survives 79-76. nice early season top 25 win for the wildcats. to the flyers, goalie michael neuvirth were miss four oh six weeks with a lower body injuries. the goalies haven't been playing too late whole ron hextall was glad to see a new goalie come up he didn't really like being asked that question. >> we're in the business of
10:56 pm
winning games. not in trying players out or seeing new players or whatever. it's not as exciting for us as it maybe is for you. you guys always seem to want new body arc new face. that's not our business. our business -- hang o our business is winning games. hack will put the best guy in the net that he feels has the best chance to give our team a chance to win. tonight the nhl inducted eric lindros to the hall of fame. he played for the flyers for eight years, six all star appearances while being a flyers. seven total and the league pat quinn who coached the flyer flyr years into the hall. i want to go back to the six social security and that james hardin. real easy when you got a super star, okay. real easy. right now the sixers have zero. joel embiid should become one right now unbelievable. >> we got hope, though. lucy what's coming up at 11. >> speaking of hope coming up at 11 turning symbols of hate into
10:57 pm
something beautiful how local moms found whole new way to fight antisemitic graffiti. your wake up weather and seven day forecast speaking of beautiful we've got beautiful days coming in the first five minutes. ♪
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. since donald trump was elected president, we heard a lot of talk in america about how we're divided and just as much talk about how we need to come together. no matter what you -- side you're on here and where you see things from, it is hard to ignore the tension from the protests to reports of hate crimes. victims of those attacks say they dope feel safe right now. good evening, i'm lucy noland. and tonight philadelphia's mayor is trying to reassure them. let's get straight to fox 29's chris o'connell near the art museum and, chris, you talk to the mayor about what's going on. >> reporter: sure did, lucy. says it plain and simple. just dial it down. urging every philadelphia to call out bigotry to do it wi


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