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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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we have breaking news out of the gate at 11:00. levittown bucks county police are investigating an armed rob bro at a pizza shop. skyfox over the scene around 10:30 tonight. according to early reports from dispatchers someone and killed one of the robbers on the 900 block of veterans highway. we're also hearing a second robber is hurt and third may be on the loose. no word yet whether because a pizza show employee or customer who opened fire. it is busy night. brewery town, what happened at this house. skyfox was over the 1400 block of north hollywood street in brewery town shortly after firefighters battled back a fire. inside they found an elderly woman who had died. good evening, i'm lucy noland. tonight the tough questions are just beginning. fox 29's dave schratwieser at the scene. dave? >> reporter: lucy, firefighte firefighters still here on the scene in the 1400 block of north hollywood street in brewery town. this was a fast-moving fire and a quick response by the fire department engine 34 ladder 14
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here win a matter of three minutes knocked the fire down but unfortunately some sad news could not save the lone occupant of that house. 80-year-old woman who we're told could not walk or escape the fire. despite some valiant efforts by some teenagers on the block trying to break out window and get to her and her next door neighbors but unfortunately the fire was too hot, too smokey for them to get inside. we spoke with fire commissioner adam thiel just a few moment ago. >> philadelphia fire department was dispatched at 7:22 this evening. after very quick three minute response our companies arrived to find heavy fire showing from one of the row houses you see behind me. after 12 minute fire fight they found one objection pan on the first floor deceased again quick aggressive interior fire fight as our fighter fights always do. really a great job getting in there and getting the fire out and unfortunately in this case it appears that it was -- we weren't able to rescue this particular occupant. >> she was just the --
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>> the pillar of the enabled. >> the pillar of the unable. just like the mother of the neighborhood. she was always walking around laughing and talking. she joked all the time. she always had something smart to say. you said something to her she just got around. she was a good lady. >> reporter: now neighbors telling us that the victim in this case kept pictures of everyone whoever lived on north hollywood street on the 1400 block. she go through those pictures with neighbors all the time during gatherings on the block. real sadness on the block. her family is here tonight. did not want to speak with reporters. again, fatal fire on the 1400 block of holly wood street. the fire marshal's office is on scene. no cause at this hour. there were smoke detectors going off. fire commissioner reminded of one the weather is getting cold. make sure your batteries have been replaced in smoke detectors
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and that everything else in your house is up to snuff when it comes to these kinds of situations. again, a fatal fire here tonight on north hollywood street. lucy. >> hearts go out to the familiar, thank you dave. big step toward taking the reigns country for drum tonight. the president-elect has for the first time received the president's daily brief. he is not privy to the same top-secret level of intelligence as president obama. it comes as trump's choices for cabinets and advisers are starting to take shape. he'll have to lot to do in the coming weeks and months. he's got to choose leaders such as the next secretary of state, secretary of defense, press secretary, attorney general that you know list goes on. pundants are throwing names around for key roles including trump's son-in-law jared kushner and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani republican controlled senate will have to confirm most of his picks. reince people priebus is also talking a lot about what's going on right now as is soon to be adviser steve bannon who some
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say is racist and antisemitic. one supporter former trump arrival ben carson says he doesn't want a cabinet role. developing story in burlington county now. family members say a mt. holly woman has died after a brutal attack. relatives say 37-year-old is a night martial ex-boyfriend broke into her home and stabbed her repeatedly last night. meanwhile police say they know who they're looking for. but have not yet said its martial' ex-boyfriend. motive not clear but relatives say the former couple have had many problems before. >> all we heard was big bang. he came up the steps, my cousin tried to fight him off with bat. he immediately started swinging a knife at her when she fell from the first hit. it was like he was crazed right then and there. he was like focused on just her, like he didn't say nothing. >> neighbors say the ex-boyfriend was kick out of the home but had been back around a few times since labor day. they tell us police have had to
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show up there many, many times. on your radar tonight, a warmup follow beside a cool down because that's the way it goes around here. [ laughter ] >> meteorologist kathy orr is here with your forecast. >> there are many ups, lucy and many downs to this forecast. first it's going to be on the cool side. you can see clearing skies across the region that means temperatures are going to fall fairly quickly. they already have in the poconos we're in the 30s. 40s trenton and philadelphia. pottstown and millville sitting at 37 degrees. so it is going to be a cold night through the delaware valley through new york, through new england we're talking about temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we have an area of low pressure that's moving away but on the back side of this, it is pulling down that cooler canadian air, and also a northerly wind that will keep it cool through the morning. fair weather high pressure builds in over the next couple of days and temperatures will gradually be warming as this high continues to drift toward the south and toward the east. so we're talking about temperatures warming big time by the time the weekends. overnight tonight look for a low
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of 42 in the city. 36 in the suburbs with mainly clear skies. temperatures will be warming tomorrow above average. the normal is 56. more above average for your thursday. peaking on friday and then on their way down saturday as colder air builds in. take look at the upper level temperatures. this week we'll be seeing temperatures soaring close to 70 degrees in most locations by friday. but behind it, a surge of cooler air that will be knocking temperatures down some 20 to 30 degrees over the course of the weekend. during date tomorrow the high 62 degrees with mostly sunny skies. as you look at our seven day forecast from your weather authority, we'll jump to 64 degrees on thursday. friday 70. saturday late rain comes in with a powerful frontal boundary. we could could be see snowflakes in the poconos maybe in the lee his valley. that's saturday night. sunday blustery with northwesterly winds gusting to about 30, 35 miles an hour. chilly for your sunday. chilly for monday.
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and by tuesday partly sunny only 50 degrees and that is as we head toward the thanksgiving holiday weekend. so as we get closer we'll take look at thanksgiving right now it looks like it will be cool and possibly wet. >> we'll send it back to you, lucy. pandemonium on a philadelphia street as camera captures a wild chase. someone posted this clip on youtube criticizing how a police officer responded they want this whole thing to go viral that's what they said. now this may not be clear cut, though. riding dirt bikes like those on city streets is against the law. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at philadelphia police headquarters with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, you are exactly right. riding dirt bikes and atv's on city streets is against the law, but the philadelphia police department also has a policy that prohibits police pursuits during traffic violations. this video is posted on youtube with message make it go viral. it was recorded by someone on a
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bike wearing a camera and shows other dirt bike riders breaking traffic laws while flying along torresdale avenue in wissonomi wissonoming. but the person who posted it also points out what they say is also dangerous. a police suv apparently pursuing the bikers just before one of them collided with a cop car. skyfox flew over the scene at torresdale and how well street where it happened yesterday afternoon. justin came outside just after the crash. >> laws are in place for reason. if you're going to break them and you get hit, that's not their fault. i mean, but then again a cop shouldn't be chasing them in a car. call a bike unit. i mean, there's a problem either way on both halves. on the people's half and on the law enforcement half. >> police say 18-year-old speeding on dirt bike collided police cruiser as police were making a turn other than to howl from tours dale. is the teen is in the hospital in critical condition.
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video is raising concerns about whether police should have been pursuing the biker. >> there's 10, sometimes 15 of them, they're doing wheel lease, they're going in and around the cars. you know, i just can't see the police stopping them. you know unless you have 15 cops on the street. there's no way. >> reporter: spokesperson for the police department tells me they are waiting on a full report right now from the accident investigation division. lucy. >> thank you very much, shawnette. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has signed a bill that let's beer distributors sell beer in any quantities that includes six packs the law let's bars sell alcohol starting at 9am on sundays without having to serve food. and you can now legally participate in the beer of the month clubs that ship beer direct toll your home. the law takes effect in 60 days. wolf previously signed into law another liquor law changes that allow wine sales forty one at grocery stores. would you know what to do if someone you know collapsed, stopped breathing certain skill could save them but researchers say you probably don't have it.
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what you're riskin risking how n change all of that. eighths city block struggled to recover from one of the most notorious days in philadelphia history. the lifeline that may have just received from city hall.
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students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. >> sick months after
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pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana the state's first pot doctor has opened his doors. dr. matthew roman has been prescribing medical marijuana for the past year in delaware. he's now beginning to see patients in his new office in old city. even though he will not be able to recommend pot to patients in pa for another year, he is trying to educate new patients and fellow doctors who up until now have been in the dark in regards to medical cannabis. >> really would like to teach physicians about it because they don't know where to begin, and it makes it very awkward for them when want to discuss it with patient. >> to qualify for medical marijuana card in pennsylvania a parp patient has to be battling something from a list of ailments which includes cancer, aids, glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and ptsd. the state department of health is still in the process of adopting guidelines for its medical marijuana program. more than 30 years after it happened, the move bombing and the resulting fire parts of philadelphia history. it all happened in neighborhood that's now home to abandone abad boarded up homes.
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but all of that may be about to change. fox 29's hank flynn has the story. >> reporter: jackie cooley was behind the wheel of his blue cadillac when he found out courtesy of neighborhood gerald all these years after the move bombing and a fire that wiped out a neighborhood city hall is fielding redevelopment proposal for osage avenue and pine street one block over. >> all the houses are fairly, you know, new. new piping everything. love to have new people in the community that would enjoy, you know, a nice home. >> reporter: as block captain, gerald was probably first to know. >> well, i'll tell you first of all, i was overjoyed. >> reporter: okay. >> i was overjoyed. i out working my wife connie said we got e-mail from mr. heller the executive director of the redevelopment authority stating that the requests are online. >> reporter: injury al has
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been pleading with city hall for years to do something, anything about the houses on osage avenue. that's where philly police ended a 1985 standoff with the radical organization move by dropping a bomb on the move's house in the middle of the block. 11 people died including five kids with more than 60 houses demolished in the fire that ensued. the houses were rebuilt but not very well. >> one of the fellows i talked to he's been on the block for more than 50 years said there's a good reason these house are deserted cracks in the walls, bad plumbing the city half assed when they rebuilt it for it to be anything at all it will have to get torn down again. gerald says that's also been the message from city hall for years but he says it's simply not true. he called the army corps of engineers. >> they came out unofficially. we took them on a tour of the houses, and they were able to determine that for $20,000 or
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less these houses all could be individually brought up to code. >> reporter: per unit. >> 20,000 per unit. >> reporter: saving the houses could be what happens the. the city owns the boarded up properties but the others are privately owned and they're connected but the city's request for proposals also includes language in demolition and new construction options should remain on the table. good is that something that gives you pause or gives you any cause for worry at all? >> well, we would object. >> reporter: the city also asked that developers be respectful of the areas challenged history ton avoid or prevent work that would advers adversely affect private properties leak gerald when city hall created the situation with the bombing and butcher the aftermath how do you like the odds of their fixing things now tweet us at hank fox 29 or at fox 29 philly. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor.
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iain, what do you have? >> lucy, fresco user emma we know well takes us to the scene of house fire in morton, delaware county. the flames broke out around 7:00 tonight on the 100 block of broad street. fire officials tell us they were able to get the fire under control in about half hour. there are no reports of any injuries. we don't know where yet where the fire started or why it started. residents in our area are taking a stand again the controversial dakota access pipeline project. fresco user clifford takes to us rally at the thomas pain plaza where demonstrators stood in solidarity with the people of standing rock. it's one of many demonstrations across the country calling on the president to reject the pipeline project. active visits worried it could pollute water supplies and destroy historic sites. >> big group of nurses picked outside suburban general hospital. the company that recently bought the hospital.
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when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom and get paid. >> that's right. cold hard cash. thank you very much iain. >> reason to forget about yo-yo dieting repeateedly losing and regaining weight may increase heart disease and death along most penn mow pause sal women. women who lot and three gained weight were more likely to die from sudden cardiac death hadn't significantly higher risk of coronary heart disease seth all that being said researchers have a lot of work to do but as with most things this is probably something you want to talk to your doctor about. meanwhile, the older you are, the less likely you are to know cpr. two studies presented at the american heart association's annual meeting found fewer one in five american adults are trained to perform cpr that rate is lower under older adults immediate cpr after sudden cardiac arrest can double even
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triple a person's chance of survival. so if you want to learn or rush brush up on your skills super easy red cross and american heart association offer cpr training courses. so sb is in the house. it's not sean bell. it's sean brace. >> hey, hey, lucy. i got my take on everything that is happening with phil jackson and lebron james. coming up next my commentary about the sports world being in an uproar and how phil jackson needs to choose his words a little wiser coming up next.
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♪ sean brace takes on phil jackson and his controversial comments about lebron james. his commentary in 152nd. ♪
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the sports world is in uproar with knicks team president phil jackson in an interview with espn the magazine he gave his how lebron james received special treatment while in miami. no surprise there. phil gave in depth description about time lebron stayed the life in clef land and the ref of the team went on to the neck city. jackson said the following "you can't hold up the whole team because you and your mom and your passe want to spend an extra night in cleveland". of course, lebron and company are upset with the word passe. lack i understand how there are code words that certain people use but that doesn't mean phil jackson is a full blown race seive. if you turned on sports talk today that was a picture painted about jackson. phil needs to choose his words better. no way should he even tip tow around words like that let alone use them. in my opinion, jackson was defined a situation told by him bee his friend pat riley.
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still doesn't make it right. ly doesn't mean we need to shut everything down and call for phil jackson's job. he made a mistake and he needs to come out and apologize to lebron because the use of the word passe and let's move on. also, i can't wait for lebron to drop 50 the neck time they play the knicks. >> dwayne the rock johnson having bitty good year. a few months after tops forbes list of the highest paid actors he is the second yesterday man alive. people magazine says. the title went to david beckham and chris hemsworth back in 2014. i thought we were mentioning chris just so i could look at him but we're not. >> look at the rock. >> yeah, okay a list musical acts. britt oh mayor had lit the road this march on a massive -- bruno mars will have a world tour in support of his upcoming album.
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new kids on the block are teaming were you boys two men and paula abdul. >> wow! >> for a north american tour kicking off may 12th in columbus ohio. good thing sean bell is not here because he would be unhappy about that. >> thinks we have a shelf live as people in entertainers. >> not us. >> we're not entertainers in any way shape or form film i'm happy the rock is pulling it in for the bald guys. that's all i'm saying. >> we'll continue this on social media. >> bald is in. >> to be here with sean bell you have to be bald. is that how it goes. >> quincy, myself and sean bell. >> and the rock. >> you know what, i think calendar would be excellent -- >> bald men of fox 29 coming to you soon. >> oh, my. >> bob kelly and sue serio at 4am.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: real estate trophy goes to cindy crawford and rande gerber. they just made $10 million in a year, and didn't even sell the full property they bought a year ago. >> i feel like for $60 million, i want to walk out my door and stand in the ocean. harvey: for 30 seconds, you're rande gerber. now, you have a choice -- >> i will take 30 seconds with cindy crawford, thank you very much. >> what will he do the next 25 seconds? [laughter] >> we got a copy of dream kardashian's birth certificate. the ob/gyn delivered all of kim's babies, all of kourtney's babies. harvey: he's all up in all of their business. >> he's seen all of their vaginas in their worst possible state. >> he sees the one-month checkup. >> the one-month checkup is gross too. >> no, it's not. >> is it? you have a kid. [laughter] >> re -- we got rae sremmurd.


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