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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> boyz ii men here, remember jack a, haven't talked to her, vivica fox will be here in this area, johnny gill will be back in this hour i, shirley murr dabbing will show up in this hour, the one and only karen l help also here with us right now. good day everybody, speaking of wednesday, it is wednesday, november the 16th, welcome, from the adams family wednesday herself. high. >> good morning. oh, mg. >> wednesday was good surprise, we're surprised. >> pilgrim first, then sister mayor karen. >> i thought about mad line, the cartoon. >> cartoon character. >> you look good. really cute. >> thank you.
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>> adorable. >> time to get your shine on. now, i've noticed this around philadelphia. >> women with real shiny lips, i asked them what's that? they say hollow graphic lips, so perfect for the holiday season, holiday parties, but i'm moth sure how do you it, not very expensive, under 20 bucks. >> and look at all of the different colors in that, so cool. >> would you wear it. >> and the smell, some of them smell, i think one had vanilla things, reminds me of the lip gloss also we were kids, lonnie bell lip gloss, with they will all shine. >> i so you'll do it and you'll do it. >> ill de it. >> wonner what it taste the like? >> i don't know, we'll find out. i have advantage a trump maybe adjust g to the changes in her life. why she is apologizing for the bracelet that she had on the other night. not in this particular video, but the other night. plus, jen is on her way to see heather. >> yes, she has won multiple
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gold med alleges, couldn't find pregnancy video she likes when working out when she was pregnant. we'll talk about the new series for a spec and the mom. >> oh, look at this. >> i love hitter. >> really fun. >> alex? >> yes? >> we wanted to discuss disney films. and how they can teach us lessons, and teach our children lessens. >> oh, okay. >> shall we get started? >> sure, sounds good. any animated songs, what did you watch when you were younger? >> okay. well, i'm thinking of finding dorey. you know the director of finding do your i. it is important that movies teach children some tough lessons about life. >> kind of absorb the tough lessons while they watch the mover. >> i i understand at addition any picsar says working in animation gives him an advantage. can he hide difficult messages into a move that i kids will want to see, that adult will want to see as well.
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friends, finding dorey has messages about acceptance. likewise, walley, also directed by him, messages about the environment. >> true. >> like disguise it in a cartoon, get the message. >> because if you shut your kids down say let me talk to the teacher about global warming, the environment, stuff like that, wow, probably not going to listen to up, but absorb it by watching a film. >> makes it more fun, they can easily connect with the message. >> yes. >> also, you can talk about big issues, when doing it with animated creatures you can touch on stuff, like a lot of times it has many different levels of meaning. and you can do it more with animation sometimes. >> on the child's alone, on the planet, they have to go out. >> yes? >> all the way from whatever, bamm bee, every single one of the characters. >> cinderella have a mom? >> no. her parent died, right? that's why she had to live with her stepmother?
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>> and three ugly stip sisters mean to her. >> they talk about this all the time, how when it comes to disney movies, they tell you, oh, finds a prince, then live happily ever after, everything is okay, because you found a man. so much more to life for girls, and women, than just fine your man then be okay with that. >> i agree completely with what you are saying alex holley. but puts pressure on us guys, too. >> what pressure does it put on you guys. >> all every these women looking for a prince to ride in on a lores. >> that's different in the ages. maybe it has changed. my mother would tell you that was one -- that was always a message they got. today they are making the stars, like in frozen, no prince. and then there is character for brave. where she, same thing, no prince, her own hero. women becoming their own heroes, and new animated movie, the rock, talking about yesterday. >> yes? >> that's another female character, and i don't know what happens. mill anna. coming out. thank you. i can't say it. >> you know, coming out.
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>> i thought about this, okay, what did i watch when i was younger? of course i watched disney movies. love disney movies. one movie i watched a lot that i would get so work up about. the high princess, one of those afro classic folktales, learn about culture, about the daughter of emporer who is kidnapped by this very, very evil witch. young medical student came together and found out how to stop all of the curses, and rescue her. and for me the message was even though you're young, you may think your area confident in yourself you can change the world, can you save the princess. i used to watch that movie over and over and over again. i loved it. >> we've always got to save somebody. >> well, the girl, the young girl saved the princess. >> the young girl? >> it was like girl power all the way, a medical student. >> i love doctor robinson put the movie together that kind of thing, and over and over. and the witch, there is not a trailer of it, i guess not that widely known, but if you
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google it, there is like an evil witch. my parent said whether it could come on, i would scream and porch. the tv try to hit it and everything, i wanted to go out and i wanted to save the princess. i don't need a man. >> see, that message came across. >> and now i save princesses all the time. so it worked out. >> are we done with that? i'm done. >> we can tell you're done. >> yes? >> yes, we can. >> i was out very late. i was out until 1:00 this morning. >> did you have an amazing evening at the marion anderson awards? what is it like to be there. >> it is a gala, beautiful food, and, yes. >> cocktail hour, dinner party? >> dinner party. >> then the gala, concert, performances where people are paying tribute to the people honored. i felt like i was there but i didn't get to go. >> it was great. then afterward i went over my alma matter the university of kansas was playing the number one team in the country, duke, until that was on, that was on past 12:30 this morning. >> oh, wow. >> who won?
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>> i don't know, i don't watch kansas. >> kansas jay hawks won. take a look at these pictures from the marion anderson awards last night. i take a horrible photo. but the young man helped me out with this. we all look green. so this is after the award. so probably past midnight now. leon huff handcuff, kenny gamble, patti labelle honored. >> look good there, good lighting. so what did she say to her? >> i walk over to her, oh, i watch you guys every morning. and you know what i liked about it? you know what i love about you? you're all very honest, just blurt out. no editing, blurt/what you are feeling. >> and that's you. >> and she loved, that and she's probably watching. >> high. i can't believe it, patti labelle watches this show. >> every day. >> i would love to meet her one day. >> maybe she'll come in. >> breaking news. >> i also did this, why don't you just come into the show. of course i will. >> listen, she is allege end. she do whatever she want. we will be waiting whenever
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you have time. >> do we have any more pictures from last night? because my pictures stink. oh, this is from huey dillon our friends. >> oh, there is kenny gamble and his lovely lovely wife. >> there is neon. >> and reg a who watching the show, texts me every morning. >> and there is patti labelle. >> yes. >> just really great. i mean, philadelphia, icons, for the love. >> can i tell you one store about patti labelle? forget why i was there, covering the news, not important enough to be hanging out with patti labelle. but her house, had super cool like atrium garden, what's the place where you put plants? in a gardens. >> in your house? >> greenhouse. >> greenhouse, over the pool, that was phenominal. and so cool. and i'm still very impressed by that. >> how long ago was that? >> it's been a minute. >> i know quincy has done interviews with her in her home. what's really special about this, an award it, happens here in philly. and for the second time,
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finally, some people who are being honor who are from this area. >> i think only the second time in marion award history that a philadelphia -- philadelphians were honored. and, you know, patti labelle, gamble and huff handcuff. i think bill cosby was the other person. that was back in the day. >> i bet the music was amazing. >> it was great. is it okay to lie to your children? i mean, when they're really young? think about it. we kind of do tell white lies to your children, don't we? from the time they're born. >> well, part of it is, you know, for curb bad behavior. >> true. >> we do terrible things. >> so what kind of lies? let's get in this. >> karen, we start with you. >> let's go with some of the top white lies. >> okay. then we will see how many that she does. how many times do you say this to your kids. well, we'll see. hey can we go to disney worm this summer?
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we'll see. we'll see k we go to mcdonald's right snow. >> we'll see. >> no, that's what that means. >> you're in the car and you're driving. we're almost there. how many times have you heard that to your parents? >> always asking are we there yet, are we there yet? >> but lying, six, seven hours before you get there. >> i find out if you come one odd amount of time, like we will be there in 14 minute. it will be 47 minute, but some add, it pacifies them for little bit. >> good. we're 47 minutes away according to gps. >> they don't have a watch so they don't really know. >> i've done this throughout the my life. you're in the toys "r" us, in the aisle, the can i wands a certain toy. can we get it now. we'll come back and we'll get that toy next time we're in the store. >> no we're not. we're never coming back. and then i've know done. >> this just the other night it was sunday night, i heard on a mr. softee truck on walnut st. >> really? >> did you run out?
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>> no, no, i didn't have any clothes on. >> why did you not have any clothes on? >> i was getting ready for bed. it was late. >> okay. i still sleep with clothe on. >> speaking plaintiff softee. anyway. did you ever say to your kids when the ice cream truck plays the music on your street, it has run out of ice cream. that, when they play that music, it means the truck is out of ice cream. i've never heard that far one. >> basically brilliant. i'm totally stealing that one. maybe my most favorite one. that's the worth thing. i want ice cream. they running out. i never buy it. so -- >> so the ding, ling, ling. >> means they're out of ice cream. >> milky, can you look up ice cream truck, mr. softee music? did i ever tell you that i, when i was in college, one of my college jobs was i drove an ice cream truck? in wichita, kansas, one summer. >> no, i have not said this. >> yes, i lasted four days.
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>> have a loft patience, all the kids, and hear the music over and over? >> oh, over, all day long. >> why didn't it work out? >> i started giving stuff away. >> oh, look at you. >> i was let go. >> can't do that. >> i still remember the guy that owned eats cream truck. it was my second day, a tuesday. here. >> that's the entertainer. >> ♪ >> that's a lie. >> more white lies. >> walking around, and his pants are make that noise. >> so he's holding his pant. >> like that helps. >> so anyway. the guy that had the ice cream truck company my second day, a
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tuesday, and i didn't sell much at all on monday. >> because were you giving them away? >> right. so he's trying to psych me up. this will be a good day. you're going to sell a lot of stuff. in fact, you'll sell ice cream sandwiches, because mike, i believe that tuesday is san witch day. it will be san witch day. >> and what did he say? ya. >> ya, i got in the truck. i plucked it into gear, turned this on. >> no, this is exactly the music. >> all right? >> mr. softee. >> does it bring back memories? >> it does. >> i ended up driving all over the city trying to find kids. >> they're supposed to come to you. that's why you drive so slowly. >> no. soccer games, parks, sporting events. >> so blame ' saying, i was an object failure as ice cream truck driver. isn't that pat ethnic. >> but look at you now, hon. >> i oh, look at me now. >> okay, so what are we doing,
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a little bit of weather? >> we need the countdown first. >> oh, that is a new thing? the countdown. >> love the countdown. >> why don't you kick it off. >> i live for the countdown. >> good morning, waking to up chill in the air. >> we've been recovering after morning lows in the 30's, right now, up to 48 degrees, in philadelphia. forty-eight in millville. upper 40's, now, in wilmington. and look at dover. reporting a temperature of 51 degrees. so, temperatures, by the afternoon, above average. the normal for this time of year, 56. we will be at or above that by 12:00 noon for lunch, by 3:00 temperatures in the low 60s, some will set this evening at 4:44. by 7:00 temperatures dip back into the mid 50's.
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so, for today, looking at temperatures in the 60s, 60s again tomorrow. by friday, likely, 70, six of's for saturday, but by sunday, those temperatures will crash. talking high temperatures on sunday, look at this, only in the 40's, 64, for your saturday, as we look at the weekend fox, and then for the philadelphia marathon, looks kind of cloudy, cold, winnie, maybe some showers, temperatures in the 40's, we could even have some wet snowflakes, lehigh valley, pocono mountains, moving into your sunday. monday, we stay chilly, temperatures will remain in the 40's. guys, back over to you. >> okay, let's go through the list, we have your high. >> hi, good morning. >> it is the second kiss you've given me. >> one moreover here. >> oh, some white chocolate. >> i love it. i love it. >> look at you two. >> i love when you're -- >> oh, thank you for always being so supportive. and good morning, philly.
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>> hey. >> so you're on in the morning, but also going to be on our tv station tonight on empire? >> yes, i am. >> cookie's sister. >> cookie's sister, and i just finished another episode last week. and just working with her and the cast is amazing, i mean, there is always fabulous fashion, there is drama. there is music. it is sexy. it is girl power. you snow and i love working with them. and i'm so honored. >> where do they shoot this? >> chicago, yes, chicago, it is starting to get just a little bit chilly. you know? so my little california blood when i go there now like okay, time to break out the coat. >> we know three episodes left this season. have at the finished filming already. >> i think close to finish. >> close to finish. >> and can i tell you, there is going to be lot of wonderful surprises. there really is. >> really? >> lot of wonderful surprises. >> oh, we will be watching tonight then, sure. >> please do. check us out. >> filming all kind of stuff. i think not the last time, the
9:17 am
time before, were you talking about how we were talking magic mike? you have your own, you have black magic. >> yes. >> i do. >> when is that going to be out. >> my gosh, black magic will be coming out, with my boy, we will be coming out january 4th. also be on wednesday night. we will be on at 10:00 on lifetime. and i take eight male exotic dancer on journey of getting them residency in las vegas. >> oh,. >> yes, honey, baby, you all want to go from empire to six packs to smiles and seeing your girl being the head in charge, check out vivica. >> oh, whose idea was this? >> well, i have to tell you that i was the brain storm. i was the brain child. because i did another film called chocolate city. and the director jawn claude, i said, listen, you have got gift that will keep on giving. you can take, make this a reality show. we can go on to up. we can get us residency in las vegas, and he says okay, well, guess who will be the boss? guess who has to go pitch all of that? and he was like you. and i was like oh, okay.
9:18 am
and we went to lifetime, our very first meeting, and they pick it up immediately. >> usually, you know what? i'm going to tell you will, i have pitched shows before. you will pitch shows for month. and you go to this network, to that network, to this studio. and sometimes they bite, sometimes they don't. but this was like literally they got, i i'm glad they got t. >> how could say no to the chocolate. >> that's rightment and i have got all varieties of chocolate too for you, girl, i've got dark chocolate, little molk, a little latino, white chocolate. all kind of chocolate. that's what i wanted was i wanted diversity. but i also wanted my girls to know that when they have bachelorette parties, just because it is wednesday parties, break up parties, vivica will bring it to you, babe. >> i vivica. >> in a classy way. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you are a wonderful human being. and what a wonderful public service. >> i had to do it, right?
9:19 am
>> had to do it. >> it is needed. >> it is needed. >> because mike, we need little more color in there. >> i so agree with you, that's the main reason why did i it. >> you know, i am sick of this justification of the male body. i get it every day. >> oh,. >> oh. >> by the way i like your outfit. >> thank you so much. >> new jeans? >> yes, i have new jean collection, avenue clothing line, called vivica fox collection. >> stand right over here. >> by poetic justice jeans. and today i am rocking my boyfriend jeans. and you like them? creative, got the little trendy tear thing, fit really good. little uh, uh, uh, have the little support and really east. >> i like six of thousand dollars? >> no, my line is very affordable. and i always ask people, instagram, if you want to check out some of the other looks, go to my instagram at miss v fox. and on there i've got, see some of the images right there >> don't you have hair stuff?
9:20 am
>> and the hair coming up. that is very affordable. and the main reason why i decided to do the line because i wanted for my grown women, and my girls with curves, to be able to be fabulous, and it to be affordable, and fashionable. >> so your hair, i follow you on instagram. i love every day shows all different types of styles, so what new thing do you have out? >> oh, my gosh. can i tell you you are like a good luck charm? last time we came and did the corn row cap. this time we have new banking pony, which is really good, really good for the girls that, honey, having a bad hair day, baby pop on that banking pony. >> pop it? >> yes, guess what, we already showed up. >> what? >> i know. >> definitely brinking it back. and we just -- you're such a good luck charm. every time i come here like whatever we're promoting for the hair collection, sells
9:21 am
out. >> i love doing hair with you. >> and let us know exact time. >> absolutely. and can i come back and maybe bring my boys in january? >> oh, yes please. >> ya, rock daddy get it, uh, get it, go, go,. >> see, mike is getting jealous. >> i'm jealous already. >> we are going to teach you. >> come on, mike. >> yeah, there go. there you go. uh. ya. >> i got it. >> about to make it rain. about to make it rain. >> might throw some change at me. >> kia come in real quick. >> kia, from my hairline. she has got -- look, look, look, yes, this here is my model right here. kia also, stop, from philadelphia, i love her, and she is our style, our key stylist for the hairline, hairstyle us. >> good to see you. >> real quick. >> in town for a little? >> all in one. it is the ponytail connected
9:22 am
with the bang, and you clip it in, then you clip. >> oh, yes, real quick. >> that's real? >> boom. >> you ladies change the hair game. >> oh, we do, right? bamm. >> yes, ma'am. >> see you in my kia. >> oh. yes. >> i love it. >> that's how we do it. >> this is how i do it. we've got to go to break, even though i don't want to. >> but you'll stay around. >> i always hang out with you guys. >> ivanka trump, maybe having trouble with just -- adjusting changes in her life, why she an apologizing for a bracelet that she had on the other night. >> that's not just any bracelet, honey. >> oh. really?
9:23 am
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remember the 60 minutes interview, donald trump, and his whole family. you see his daughter there. you see the bracelet on her left hands? yes, there, that little there? >> looks like a copper kind of
9:26 am
moment? >> yes. >> expensive copper. >> oh, i know that's right. maybe it is copper and diamonds? >> a lot of people noticed it during the interview. so critics now saying it was ann prepare re at to use her dad's political position now to promote her brand of jewelry, apparently, she put this up for sale. >> she sent e-mail blast, has all kind of fashion line purchases, saying hey, do you want this bracelet? $10,000. well, now, people since they were complaining about it, her people, they sent out statement, saying, that they are still adjust to go her new role, discussing policies and procedures when it comes to the company and its parter? >> he's not president. >> but president-elect so he is going to be president. >> you know, if you think you're going to, you know, take on that type of title, you would know what, you know, what the job requires. >> you know, just seems to me like every day it is something, where, you know, i really don't think that they took seriously that they were
9:27 am
going to win in my honest opinion. >> a lot of people think that they were just as surprised -- >> and hillary won the popular vote. she was, and i have always said this to me, more qualified. i campaign for her. in my mind she is my president, and i still will river to her as madam president. >> she won the popular vote, so in my mind she won. the people pick her. >> we will the electoral college. >> sucks. >> what if she won with the electoral college? she would have won with the electoral college and the popular vote. how about this? we found out she won more states after it was all over, correct? >> so she is madam president, what do you call donald trump? >> not my president. >> sorry. he wasn't my choice, sorry. >> i know they are telling people to move on. i still got election hang over. >> little bit. >> donald trump will be our 45th president when he is inaugurated in january in washington, d.c. by the way -- >> i have advantage a, not the one on the job. >> what do you think, is it
9:28 am
okay to sell that bright less -- bracelet? couple of guys from boys to men on the stage. >> love them. >> holiday special coming up. we will talk to them next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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and a complimentary first month's payment. ♪ >> not too hard, not the too slow. >> ♪ >> we never get tired of that show. >> okay. >> we have a couple members of the group here in philadelphia. >> yes, let's do it. >> yes. >> welcome back to philadelphia. >> are you there.
9:32 am
>> what is up. >> what is up. >> by the way, alex is here and vivica fox is here. >> hey, y'all. >> what up vive use. >> you know, still doing our thing, stay blessed. >> and yes, yes, indeed. >> a new thing. >> the who. >> what is it called snowy day. >> snowy day. >> snowy day. >> yes. >> snowy day. >> snowy day. >> okay. >> what is this all about. >> well, it is about a kid who actually had our snow days but this day just happens to be on christmas eve, and, you know, kid has his traditions they have on christmas eve. he go to the nana's house to get race and things like that. ross zest of taking him home. and all things go left, and presents get messed up, all messed up like that. eventually he is taught what the real meaning of christmas is. >> i love it. >> yes. but is this based in
9:33 am
philadelphia, i hope it is based in philadelphia. >> say it again, sorry. >> based in philly? >> i'm not sure but i will tell you i did read this book when iowas this is third grade. i remember the actual book itself. it was the only book that had a black kid in it in my library in the third grade and one of the things you don't forget as a black kid. >> it stuck with you. >> you and i talking about who else was going to be in it. >> new kid in the block, paula abdul and boys two men. >> yes. >> so that is what i'm talking about. >> yes. >> yes. >> so when do you watch? >> it starts in may. >> yeah, it starts in may. may 17th i think it does in ohio. >> okay, in ohio. >> you guys have been practicing, getting ready for it, all right. >> no, we have not even thought about it. >> we will figure that out about four or five days before it is time to go. >> we have been in vegas. we perform all the time. it is that is our rehearsal.
9:34 am
>> okay, i have a question, it is a question, i will do a little boys two men history here and i will bring in a historian i have gotten to know over the years. his name is johnny gill. >> yes. >> and jonathan gillmore. >> yes, government name. >> yes. >> johnny in the house. >> yes. >> so, hey that is same guy that owe me money. >> there is a song called boys two men on the album, and what are we go to go talk about. >> um-hmm, watch outy didn't get my money yet. >> i didn't get my money yet. >> you didn't write that song. >> friendship, family.
9:35 am
>> brotherly love. >> johnny explain, where did boys two men come from. >> okay, go ahead, you explain, johnny. >> there was a song called boys two men on the album, and i remember mike coming to me telling me about these guys, that were incredibly talented and i will never forget michael and hearing them sing and it was like, man, what the heck. >> it sound like they mayo you money. >> didn't i just tell you that. >> did you hear what he just said. >> the guy has spoken. >> congratulations. >> when are you going to pay the debt. >> we will be watching, snowy day, we will see you when you get back to philly.
9:36 am
>> please do. >> amazon, check it out. >> bye-bye. >> happy holidays. >> all right. >> there is some history there >> yes. >> you guys go back 25 years. >> yeah, i remember like i said help michael and then coming in and saying please tell them, because they just want to meet you, man. >> one of my favorite people on the show heather m his its soccer star, she's with jen. >> she's a soccer star, gold medalist, multiple gold medals and she's trying to help people like this, getting mommies and babies super fit, we will talk about it after the break. >> you look good.
9:37 am
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so she's certainly someone who knows how to look good on the soccer field and off the soccer field. she has won several gold medals as a soccer player if that was not good enough she married her dream boy quarterback whom we all love and new she has two adorable babies, young man and young lady and we are so happy to say how ya doing heather mits. >> thanks, jen, that is so sweet. >> one of the things we will show thinks video that you have done. good morning. you look amazing. you were pregnant and you wanted a way to work out and feel better not just during your pregnancy and after but during your delivery, right. >> right. >> you could not find anything. >> there are limited options so i was in the city before i was into pillates during my first pregnancy and i ended up here and i didn't have many choices. i went on line. i beast came frustrated there
9:41 am
weren't that many options for pregnant women. i said hey, i will do this. i will make my own video. that is what it is. best parties there is so many health benefits, so i know it is hard for pregnant woman to get motivation, energy to work out. meg's already working out but just to help other ones that may be need other options out there. >> i love like she's has her third baby, you look amazing. we will put you into service, i'm sorry. some of the things are routine for non-pregnant would hand but some women might be nerve bus these moves. >> all of this is acog recommended. so it is safe. i had, a 23rd of pregnant woman end up suffering from that. all of my core exercises which meg is to go right now a side planning, all of the core exercises are very safe for pregnant woman and anybody who has, this problem. >> good to know. >> you hear about that a lot with twins but not so many
9:42 am
with the single pregnancy. i have seen your bikini pictures after and you still look really good. >> thank you you have moves with weights, right. >> next one we will do is upper body. we did core which works on the strengthening of your pelvic floor to help you have a quicker delivery. every woman wants that. and we will work on upper body. bring your arms up, and, out, and then down, and then backup, and then together, and then down. so we're working through three muscles, right there, all within your shoulders and the the reason why i did upper body, the second time around was because this is where i gain my weight for the first time. i wanted to make sure i continue to work on that, tone it, your shoulders, your chest, your back, all those things that i gain my baby weight. >> where do you find videos. >> heather just go on line and buy those videos. they have single ones, they have the entire thing and one
9:43 am
shore thing that we will have, meg do if we have time. >> sure, yes. >> working on the lower body also, because god knows the mini had my son, i lost my butt. so we need to continue to work on strengthening those glyou thees but i love doing pliass and what you are doing every time you are going down in a squat position you are opening up your cervix up and that will help having a better delivery, quicker delivery, all these things every pregnant woman wants to hear and you're strengthening up, for after, and. >> your booty looks good. >> you are working on your circulation. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming here. >> so much fun. you are looking amazing. >> thank you. >> karen. >> yes. >> this is the goal. >> wow. >> are we beautiful. >> amazing. >> she looks absolutely fabulous. i want to show you this, this is also fabulous. we want you to be fabulous.
9:44 am
they are who will graphic lips. get your shine on. this is latest holiday trend. how much do they cost. we will do it. hollow. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
9:45 am
9:46 am
♪ >> what are you trying to do? get ready, philly bruno mars announced is in tour and he is stopping at wells fargo center. it kicks off in march.
9:47 am
he will not be here until october 10th. so we have to almost wait a year but i will wait because i'm ready for this. tickets faux on sale monday, new album drops friday. go take a look here. >> um-hmm. >> yes, it is called 24 carat gold. >> yes, it is gold. >> this is latest beauty craze. hallow graphic lips like mine, what do you think. it is on instagram. we have jason here. because this is really inspiring women to try something new, different. you don't to have pick one color. >> no, they come this different varieties. great thing last season we saw math lipstick. we are moving out of the matt lip zone and moving back into high shine. >> so meredith, from the q, glad you could join us. >> meredith is wearing a mixed one that i got from ulta, and she's having wearing sigma beauty lip wash. the cool thing is it looks like a galaxy, inside of the tube.
9:48 am
it has a nice smell to it. >> i don't know if we can, get in there because if we look at it, it is so cool. you turn it, see different colors. >> it comes in a variety of shade. the it comes this gold, green, it comes in red, a variety of different color to keep that nice lip. >> so key here is getting a nice base and then putting that on top. >> different ways to do it. you can do a nice base, or mix two together to get that high shine. >> show us on karen. karen is excited. everybody is volunteering. they wanted to be part of the segment because they were so excited. >> okay. >> right now i'm using matt cosmetics frosting lipstick. it is a white matt lipstick to use it as a base. >> okay. >> you want to make sure you put it on the lips. >> will this be a white color or are you covering that. >> i will cover that up and then karen, press your lips. >> is that to make sure the color is true. >> yes. >> concealer.
9:49 am
>> yes, now i will use this, it cost $22. get it from matt when you go over it, it now gives the lip a nice feel, as you guys can see. >> um-hmm. >> yes, that is nice you want to be careful because if you use too much you will have it be difficult on your face. >> what is this line here just a little. >> less is more with any make up rod you can. you do not want a whole lot. >> a dab will do you. >> yes, correct. >> but you guys, press your lips, you guys get to see live, watch what the it does. i will use this lip brush, and i will go on, and as you can see as you go across, it adds that nice color to it. so, basically what this trend is all about is high shine. so it is all about nice shiny wet, looking lips. >> more than that it seems like it is also about the
9:50 am
color. >> the color is really important. >> what about the top of her lips then. >> we will blend this all in. >> yes. >> yes. >> wow. >> it really does, it really does look like shiny. >> nice, shiny. >> how does it feel, karen. >> i don't know sometimes you put on lip gloss you can feel it on you. >> it is very light weight wait, and gluten free, so you don't have to worry about it being too sticky but it gives it a nice look. >> it smells like vanilla. >> yes. >> that lip smacker back in the day. >> that is what i was thinking of. >> look who else is in on the trend. >> mike, you look, let me give mike some gloss. >> high gloss. >> high gloss. >> you are gloss i all right. >> how much does this cost. >> retail, this is $14, mike. >> i will give you 15 to get it off of me.
9:51 am
>> it looks good. >> thanks very much. >> jason on his instagram page, he is on facebook as well. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> we're in the done yet, we have a lot going on. we have the cast of momma's baby boy here in the studio. we will talk to them next. mike, do you like your lipstick. >> okay, all day. >> okay. >> yes.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
okay. now the show has, gone off the rails again. okay. welcome back to philly. turn around. everyone wants to see you. >> all right. >> look at that. >> yes. >> vive use is still here. hi there. so now all four of you in the
9:55 am
play. >> absolutely. so jackie, we're a private detective. we work at the station together. that is johnny gill who plays my ex-husband. and, this is my future mother-in-law, the fabulous miss shirley. >> great to have you here. >> yes. >> that is right. >> excellent singing. >> that is right. >> my gosh, the singing, acting just a wonderful play with a wonderful message and wonderful thing for people to come out and get to see us in person. you have seen us on the screen, on tv, johnny on tape, you know, so. >> real quickly put up the graphic. there it is, momma's baby boy. >> yeah. >> so we are here. >> yes, starting opening night tomorrow night, thursday, and we have shows on friday, two shows on saturday. >> who is the best at their lines. >> that is me. >> vivica can't remember her
9:56 am
lines. >> yes. >> you guys seem to have so much energy. it must be a lot of fun behind the scenes. >> it is a lot of work. >> yes. >> vivica fox is a professional and they know what i mean. >> they say that about me too. they think it is all fun and games you are a professional. >> how are you. >> i jump but i don't play. >> a lot of people don't know but jackie has jumped in the directing ring annie work with her on a television show. they are like jackie is directing i was like what. she's a wonderful, wonderful trek or and the beauty of having jackie and myself and john i is we all bring our special gifts, that we collaborate together so it is like one big happy family. >> in that regard too is there a sister sister reunion. >> i hope so. >> you want that to happen. >> yes. >> yes. >> they won't leave me alone.
9:57 am
go back, you know, look, you know they are real smart. >> you are okay to make a second. >> we would love to see it happen. >> yes. >> me too. >> you are right a lot of shows are to go remake. >> yes, yes. >> the reboot. >> yes. >> you have your own reboot, broadcasting christmas. >> you saw that, right. >> hallmark channel. >> yes. >> we have a christmas show coming out, too. >> unaudible. >> come on, drop a couple of tunes. >> it is entitled ho, ho, ho. >> ha, ha, ha. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> welcome back to philly. >> johnny gill. >> yes. >> this is on saturday. love you philly.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's theñi "wendy williams show" >> don't judge. but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy!ñiñiñi >> wendy: say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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