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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thomas drayton with karen hepp. bob kelly joins with us a check of traffic but first we are still dealing with high wind. >> thomas, i'm glad you didn't bother too much with your hair today. >> it would have left and never came back. >> it is a day when you have to bundle up. remember, we warned you on friday, to get that winter coat out of the cleaners. you will need it. because the wind will make it feel so much colder. that was your wind advisory in effect. we have wind as high as 33 miles an hour in philadelphia, 36 miles an hour in reading and atlantic city and wildwood. those are wind gusts and they are receipt i dramatic today. so we will give you six out of ten as we get used to these chillier temperatures. busy has winter gear on blanket, coat, myth even, hat, windy and cold, the temperatures are in the 30's. there could be a flurry or two north and west of the city with that lake effect band maybe getting closer, in the city, 38 degrees feels like 28 with sunrise at 6:53 and it
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looks like a blustery day with a high of 45, but feels like the 30's all day long. so is there your weather drama, would be kelly, wow. >> good thing you left your aquanet on your desk because i was able to put an extra squirt. i'm good to go for this morning. 5:01. hold on tour hat. make sure kid are bundled up, with a couple rocks in their pocket for little will ones. we're in the 50's, speedometer readings, for major roadways. couple situations we are watching this multi alarm fire in trenton along weinberg place, which is right this between route one and princeton avenue just north of olden. we will go live in just a moment a down tree southbound 611, and in willow grove just south of the turnpike right at barrett road a barricade situation, police have have aramingo avenue closed between ann and clear field. so we will go around the block. otherwise 95 looking good pass airport, yesterday we had an hour and a half delays at
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philly international because of the wind, so if you are heading down to the airport that wind will be with us again today. it is machine morning rush hour that could repeat at the airport but otherwise we're good to go here on the vine street expressway coming in and out of the city. thomas and karen, back to you. bob, thank you. more on that breaking news, a five alarm fire has ripped through several homes in trenton. >> five alarms meaning more crews are called in. lets get out to jenny joyce on the scene with the very latest, for us, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen. i'm standing by with deputy chief carmichael. you told us when you arrived on the scene it was four houses, now it is up to eight houses demolished by these flames. >> yes, ma'am. we are still in the process of aggressive liz fighting this fire trying to keep it contained to the eight houses at the this point in time. fire fighting crews are ham heard by live wires in the street. we had to wait for public service electric and gas to get out here which they did
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get out here quickly. it gave fire momentum because it wasn't being attacked because of the safety factor of the fire fighters. john bar roane made an excellent job to make sure fire fighters remained safe, pulled them back. once public surface arrived on location, they ended up, cutting the power to the grid to the whole neighborhood. we then put our lines back in and we're in the process of aggressive liz attacking this fire and confining it to the eight houses. >> reporter: chief carmichael had explained it it wasn't wind that was the challenge, it it was these live wires, upon your arrival when there are live wires down you guys really could not do anything. >> fire fighter safety is always paramount and bat tall beyond chief barron did his wrist accessment and pulled everybody back based on the numerous wires down at that point. made a phone call to publish service, electric and gas for them to expedite their response which they did. they immediately shut down power to the whole grid here and in this neighborhood. once that occurred we were
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actually able to stretch our lines back and attacked the fire now as we speak. >> chief, i know you mentioned several transports. no word on any serious injuries at this point. it is also unclear how many people were impact. beyond the eight homes there were neighborhood evacuations as well, borders homes even though is there a defensive tack underway to prevent it from extending beyond. >> yes, ma'am we have a fifth alarm requirement here, on location, we also have numerous resources here, from mercer county, mutual aid and at this point we're still aggressively attacking this fire, confining the fire to the eight houses of origin. we are having, the street covered here. we have both lines being stretched back in the rear yard to protect additional houses surrounding these eight houses. >> reporter: last question. after a fire gains such momentum how do you get ahead of it. well, lot of g p.m. and a lot of water. we're in contact with the trenton waterworks. they will up the treasure.
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we struck a fifth alarm. we will get more resources here to rehab. we have signal 22 here to have coffee and make sure everybody is rehabbed and make sure everybody is safe. >> reporter: as far as you are concerned everybody got out. >> yes, that is affirmative. >> reporter: thanks so much, chief we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: karen and thomas, back to you. >> such a busy morning for crews all across the area. >> we have another fire that is also breaking right now, this time out of woodbury, new jersey. >> that is where fire crews are battling a stubborn blaze as well. lauren johnson is on the scene of that one. winds not the helping here. >> reporter: not at all, thomas. you can see the scene still very act i have fire fighters have a tough battle against them they were just trying to knock window out of that home that you see there closest to us trying to get that fire contain. you you can see it burning from that top window there and we also understand from neighbors that this home ace abandoned and on sale and on the market for quite sometime now. we will hope to find out that to one was inside that home,
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but two homes, over is where they tell us that the fire first started early this morning and they think because of the wind out here, the fire quickly spread to two homes next door. one person was seen transported from the scene, we are told at least six others, may have also been transported, when we arrived on the scene we could see an ambulance leaving with the sirens and lights on and there are several stretches out here, on the scene as emt waits for fire fighters to do their work. very active scene here. entire neighborhood wide awake. you can smell a strong sense of smoke in the air and filling the air very quickly as fire fighters try to do their work and wind continues to blow out here. we will try to get more information and get back to you in the next half an hour, thomas and karen. >> lauren, thank you, we appreciate it. developing news we are following this morning out of north philadelphia, a man is in the hospital after a robbery turned violent. victim told police someone shot him around midnight on
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north dover street. he was struck in his hand and leg. he was able to run home and call for help. he is in stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. another news there south jersey police are investigating shooting involving a child. police say a child was shot last night inside a home in oak view apartments in millville. we don't know extent of the injuries to that child and police are still searching for a suspect. also there is a massive manhunt in st. louis, missouri for a gunman who shot a police sergeant. >> police are calling it an ambush. the 46 year-old officer was sitting in his patrol car when another vehicle pulled up next to him. the man in that car opened fire at the officer shooting him twice in the the face. the injured officer was still able to tell police what he remembered before the suspect got away. the. >> the officer saw he saw multiple flashes and felt glass breaking in his window as shots came through and struck him in the head. >> the officer was able to get on the radio and called for assistance.
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>> the officer is a 20 year veteran and father of three and he is in critical condition but expected to survive. >> that attack came hours after a fatal police shooting in san antonio texas. police are still searching for gun hand who shot and killed a 50 year-old detective benjamin marconi, investigators say he was shot inn seed the cruiser while writing a traffic ticket. the witnesses watched as a driver of another vehicle got out, walk up to the officer's driver's side window and fired a shot at point blank range. shooter drove off in's is a vehicle. president-elect donald trump is continuing to court possible candidates for his national security team. today he will meet with former texas governor rick perry. perry was a 2016 g.o.p. rival of the billion air and out spoken critic of the donald trump throughout the republican primary campaign. on sunday it was a parade of political officials as mr. trump worked on building his administration from his golf course this bedminster,
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new jersey. trump met with chris christie, rudy guiliani and secretary of state criscoback. mitt romney is considered a key contender to be the nation's next secretary of state. while least tired marine court general, james math the mathis is possible pick for defense secretary. while mr. trump will move in the white house following his inauguration, first lady melania and their son baron will not. mrs. trump will remain in insuring to allow their ten year-old to finish the school year before going to washington. president obama spent his weekend meeting with world leaders for a economic sum tonight peru, it is his last foreign trip as president. at asia pacific economic summit the president faced questions from asia leaders on what trump's presidency will mean for trade policies. president reassured leaders that existing leaders ships will traps send party politics. >> i cannot guarantee that, you know, the president-elect
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won't pursue some of the positions he has taken but what i can guarantee is that reality will force him to adjust. >> president other bam a dodged a question about whether he intend to fire the director of the national security agency, saying only that admiral mike rodgers is a terrific patriot. if you are planning to fly this week, an airport strike could throw a wrench in your plans. many workers at chicago's o'hare airport are planning to walk off the job. we're talking about baggage handlers, janitors and wheelchair attendant. they are not represented by a union but they say they would like to be. many are paid minimum wage and would like a raise to $15 an hour. workers will announce the exact dates of the strike later on today. union officials say the strike will disrupt travel during thanksgiving but will not shut down o'hare. other top stories making
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news mayor of up land facing charges of driving under the influence in chester, city spokesperson says that the mayor michael size ago hit a number of parked cars and walk away from the scene early on friday morning. judge released him there jail, without bail, he will receive a summons in the mail for his arraignment date, we have reached out to up land's mayor nor comment and he has not responded. police are investigating a burglary at philadelphia's city hall. they say yesterday a man who works at christmas village called them when he saw two men climbing through an opened window of the first floor. by the time police got there the suspects got in the way. here we go eagles fans, waking up with a case of monday morning blues, mistake after mistake ending with the eagles fifth straight looks, on the road in seattle will. for a few moments philadelphia had a short lead in the first half but it all went downhill, in the third quarter. >> all right. down 16-seven carson wentz gets pick off by cam
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chancellor, the second interception of the day resulting in a wide receiver pass. doug baldwin throws it back to russell wilson. there is the pick. so it is very disappointing. the game was terrible to watch. big daddy graham listening to his way on in, what he expects will be said later today. >> he has a lot to say, that is straight ahead. also ahead coming up next hour, carli lloyd isn't mixing word when she fights for equal pay. why she feels like a second class citizen. plus also it is beginning to look like christmas we have someplace necessary our area, look at that scene right there. how that area not too far away is dealing with the first signs of winter.
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first snowstorm to hit new york area, this is the scene just inches on the ground this is barnes corners. children there absolutely loved it and adults taking out sled and enjoying winter activities. it was obviously a huge temperature swing from what we haddon saturday with the daily temperature breaking a record of 72 and all of the wind, the difference, the water to be outside for one second. >> aim sure everyone is asking when are we getting some snow around here. >> well, we could have from this system it didn't happen in the philadelphia area but looking to the northern part of the pennsylvania this is
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lake effect snow with the cold air coming down over the lakes that haven't frozen over yet. that is phenomenon. those streamers coming, let's see, lets look closer, maybe a little bit of flurry activity in northern new jersey but that is probably about it. we're ale about the wind today, wind gusts 33 miles an hour in philadelphia, 32 miles an hour in mount pocono. 36 miles an hour in atlantic city. thanks to the wind all these temperatures in the zero's, except for the mountains over in the 20's, it is 38 in philadelphia it feels like, 28 . so, dress for temperatures in the 20's. i know, it was 70's on saturday but we warned you about this dramatic change that would be happening, over the weekend. so lets look at this friday with 70 degrees, saturday with 72. bottom dropped out as predicted on sunday with a high of 44 and at 45 degrees today and factor in that wind. 48 degrees tomorrow. forty-nine on thursday.
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i think we will get well in the 50's on thanksgiving day itself but trade off is a chance of a shower. it looks like a decent rest of your who will take weekend after that. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly here right new so many leaves, branches all over the roadways this morning. >> it is crazy, sueby. 5:17a lot of debris every where not just your drive way an inside street but we dealt with the down tree on the schuylkill expressway already this morning. good morning, everybody. 5:17. speed where they should be at this hour. light volume as we begin our monday morning. we have that fire location up here that jenny has been reporting in weinberg place multi alarms just north of olden avenue squeezed between route one and princeton avenue. watch for local detours this morning. fire location that we just heard from lauren in woodbury, new jersey right off of mehorter boulevard, squeezed between, 295 and new jersey turnpike a down tree 611 southbound right at barrett the road just south of the
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turnpike as you you head in towards willow grove. when we have that barricade situation along air minute owe avenue that is block between ann and clear field. well, saturday was certainly the day that put up your christmas lights if you are going to do so. i hope you did. if you did, snap a picture because we are ready for another year of a very kelly christmas. snap a picture of your home and then post it on facebook, twitter, or instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest. we are not only going to show lights all during the holiday season here on fox 29 but one house, per week is going to get a visit from me and my hat and the news van. we will set up on your trent lawn and broadcast live during the 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock news throughout the next couple of weeks. will all you have to does post that picks but use that #right there fox 29 lights contest. thomas, back over to you. all right, bob, thank you. 5:18. disturbing story dover woman accused of having sex with her
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daughter's 13 year-old boyfriend has pleaded guilty to rape. forty-six year-old elaine good man faces 15 years in prison. police say they received a report in march of last year alleging an inappropriate relationship between her and the minor. she was arrested last november. another story from delaware a man died in wilmington after being shot, police identified him as 26 year-old to juan bolden. police responded to the 800 block of more owe street yesterday afternoon for report of the shots fired in that area when officers arrived they were told the man was shot twice and taken to the hospital. he later died from his injuries. the cause of the shooting is under investigation. 5:19. in chicago two teens are charged as adults with first degree murder after prosecutors say they shot and killed a congressman's teenage grandson. the victim was 15 year-old jevon wilson. he was grandson of the danny davis. two teens broke in the davis home friday and began arguing with him over a pair of basketball shoes.
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with the dispute escalated police say one of the teens fired a gun hitting wilson in the head. congressman davis has said something has had to happen to stop this violence. >> we know thaw cannot reduce, or change social conditions overnight but a mate of emergency would say to sit sense and to the unit of government that we need to to something right now. >> a judge has denied bail for the two teen suspects saying they are a danger to the community. a pilot has died in the plane crash in burlington county. new jersey state police say seven five-year old william lindley crashed in the bass river state forest. he was from beachwood. he took from salisbury maryland saturday heading to ocean county airport but he never arrived. ntsb and faa are taking over that investigation. and the death toll in a train accident in india has
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new climbed to 145 people. the passenger train derailed about 250 miles south east of new deli, yesterday morning, more than 200 people were injured in the crash. rescuers continued to check for bodies under all that twisted wreckage, investigators don't know why that train derailed. u.s. women's soccer team has been leading charge in the sports world about equality and they have a pepping lawsuit for wage discrimination. >> several teammates spoke on 60 minutes about their fight for equal pay, carli lloyd going as far as to say they feel like second class citizens, lets take a listen. >> we feel like we're treated like second class citizens because they don't care as much about us as they do the men. >> a few weeks ago represents with the team with the u.s. soccer federation and more talks are planned. their current contract expires december 31st. 5:21. in the spirit of the holiday season how volunteers are welcoming refugees with one of
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the america's biggest traditions. speaking of the holiday season if you are thinking of shopping you may need extra cash, are you a win they are morning? here are numbers, good luck.
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well, since the election the issues is immigration and herc taking in refugees is on the mind of so many including the refugees who gathered in society hill. 200 new refugees, embracing their new country. >> city officials and volunteers welcomed them with one of the america's biggest traditions, thanksgiving. fox's joan pillegi was there as families celebrated their new beginning. >> reporter: thanksgiving coming a few days early for a group of refugees and recent immigrants here at old pine community center in society hill. >> today is our one day of the year where we bring volunteers we work with and also the refugees we work with and have a big celebration and really welcome them, and most american tradition. >> reporter: for most it is their first ever celebration of this traditional american holiday and it means a lot. >> i came here eight whose ago and now i'm working and i have
5:26 am
three kids with my wife. i have a job. i pay my taxes. pay my bill. everything is fine. >> reporter: sam kahn and his family enjoying a thanksgiving celebration, organized by highest pa a non-profit that helps refugees during their first few months in america. kahn escaped his war ravaged home land with his family and he is most thankful this year. >> we are so excited that we are very thankful for america that we have a second chance. >> reporter: with the uncertainty of u.s. immigration policy he hopes to continue, to bring hope, to refugees and their families especially at this time of the year. >> thanksgiving is about the pilgrims immigrating to the u.s. and so it is about coming together and being welcoming just like the native americans
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were. >> some of the refugees say they have been scared by new tougher calls for immigration laws but they still have to be accepted as they try to start their lives over in america. time right now 5:27. we are following two breaking news stories happening right thousand fire crews are fighting a five alarm fire as we take i live to the scene in trenton where several homes are currently, well, you see damage there fire fighters to an amazing job trying to get the this blaze under control. we saw images. this fire was fully engulfed. five alarms meaning that a lot of resources tackling this one. we will give you, the latest update on that fire out of trenton this morning. also this other fire in new jersey from gloucester county, they are battling a huge fire there, we will bring you very latest on that one as well, all that and more when we come right back.
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two breaking news stories happening right now, fire crews are fighting a five alarm fire in trenton that has destroyed several homes. we've got another fire, a very large one, that they are also battling that one, we're live on that scene as well. and, we had a glimmer of hope in this one. >> did we really.
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>> yes. >> just a glimmer. >> the birds came up short. we will break it down. what we can take away from that. >> good to have you with us on this monday i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. the it is down right cold. we have a check of the forecast. good morning to you real quick. >> we were up by 1.7-six. >> we can hold on to that. >> we had that. >> good morning. >> all right. wind blew in yesterday and they will in the go anywhere today. wind advisory continues through 7:00 o'clock tonight where at times we could see winds gusting as high as 45 miles an hour. we have 32 miles an hour in mount pocono, 33 miles an hour in philadelphia, 36 miles an hour in wildwood. what this does is make it feel colder then it actually is. so a six out of ten, poor bus stop buddy is having trouble standing up so we need cold temperatures are in the 30's but it feels like the 20's out there. no snow around but there could be a flurry or two north and west of the city keep your eyes peeled for that but i don't think anything will be
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hazardous. in philadelphia right now we can see it is dry and 38 degrees but we have 18-mile an hour wind that make it feel like 28, sunrise time 6:53 about a high of 45. yes, it will be a blustery daze with wind gusting up to 40 miles an hour, and tonight, still windy cold one too, 32 degrees feeling like the 20's, so bob kelly, extra blanket on the bed tonight too. >> good snuggling weather. good morning everybody. good morning. hate to interrupt your snug he will, but 5:32 on a monday getting up and out. hold on to your hat, wind knocking over construction signs, branches, some trees, the whole deal, so be ready for that this morning as you roll out of your driveway. along with that we have fire location in trenton, new jersey along weinberg place which is just north of olden avenue between route one and princeton avenue. we will go live to jenny in a moment. also lauren covering this fire in woodbury, new jersey, mehorter boulevard just off
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295 and new jersey turnpike. a down tree southbound 611 just south of the willow grove interchange. we had a down tree on the the schuylkill that has been cleared but in all of the construction zones be careful this wind that sue mentioned we will deal with all day until 7:00 o'clock tonight knocking over construction signs, anything in the construction zones, that wasn't tied down, or put down with some of those sandbags has that potential to be flipped up and over the barrier. in chester county hallow road shut down, this is a rough one for morning rush hour because of some bridge damage from over the weekend, thomas and karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. >> lets get over to that breaking news happening right now in trenton. >> you can see video right there crews responding to a five alarm fire, just telling you how intense this fire is, eight homes have been tam age. jenny jobes joyce on the scene. where do we stand with getting this one under control. >> so fire chief made it clear a short time ago this fire is not under control, two and a
5:34 am
half hours and still burning, it is up to five alarms, eight homes demolished. fire fighters preventing fire from spreading. crews got off to a slow start dispatched to the first block of weinberg place just after 3:00 this morning but they saw live wires down and could not immediately attack the flames which allowed the fire to gain momentum. pse and g was called out and called the grid off and crews got to work. the fire fighters on the scene believed that everyone got out safely. there were emergency transports. one woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution for asthma. no word on any serious injuries. about but one man says his home backs up to the fire. he has been watching the flames intensify over the last couple of hours. >> 3:00 a.m. we wake up, we look, we smelled smoke, we look outside and we see one house on fire ape we get everything like situated what is going on and then ten minutes later two more on
5:35 am
fire. and thousand they are all on fire. >> fire fighting crew where is hampered by live wires down in the street. we had to wait for public service, electric and gas to get out here pretty quickly. but due to the fact that gave the fire momentum because it wasn't being attack because of the safety of the fire fighters. lieutenant chief john barron did an excellent job making sure fire fighters remained save, pulled back, once public service, electric and gaza arrived on location they ended up, cutting the power to the grid of the whole neighborhood, we then put it back in and we're in the the ross zest of attacking this fire. >> we know that several local businesses have opened up the doors to the several people who are displaced from the fire and there were neighborhood evacuations and the number is not the known at this time. deputy fire chief also tells me that they are working to get ahead of this fire is increase water pressure, trenton waterworks is working and they said they need what
5:36 am
the tore get this fire knocked down. thomas? >> yes, quickly here, jenny we talk about the eight hems destroyed. series of row homes and one surrounding the buildings, currently on fire. >> reporter: it is a series of row homes. really tiny back alley way, we had an initial vantage point. we have since gotten pushed a couple blocks away so it is really hard to even see. it is a super tiny little street. i don't even know how many row homes are along that strip but i necessity there are additional homes that are okay and fire fighters want to keep it like that. >> fire crews spread out a couple blocks, jenny joyce in trenton. thank you. we will go from the scene of that fire to another fire also burning and also in new jersey. >> this one also stubborn one crews currently bat telling one. lauren johnson on the scene, what can you tell us this morning, lauren.
5:37 am
lauren, good morning, can you hear us. >> this is woodbury still a active scene. >> good morning to you, thomas this fire fight is still in fully affect as you can see, right between these two fire engines here, fire fighters are trying hi can you guys hear me? good morning to you guys. we are here, as you can see... >> this is happening in woodbury two buildings currently on fire. been a very active morning all across the region but once again this is happening in gloucester county. we will get back to lauren. there is a lot going on crews battling this fire. she's trying to get more information and communicate as well. as soon as we reestablish
5:38 am
connection was her we will go back live the scene but also happening right now, police are looking for the person who shot a 22-year old man in north philadelphia. victim told police he was robbed on north dover street when gunfire erupted around midnight. he says he was able to run home call for help, he is in stable condition, no arrests have been made in this case. 5:38. a child has been injured in the shooting in south jersey, a child was shot last engine side a home at oak view apartment in mill view. we don't know how badly that child was hurt and we don't know who opened fire. all right. let's bring so good news, another big victory for villanova defending ncaa champions defeated the university of central florida last night for the charleston classic title. wildcats led 35-23 in the half. this was down in the td arena forcing nine turnovers. the final of the game 67-57.
5:39 am
team is heading back home facing college of charleston on wednesday. speaking of sports, we do have to discuss with what happened with our eagles. it was an ugly loss. we knew it would be tough in seattle. we will break it the down, can we fix it? can we do better. >> yes, we can.>[]
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles came into sunday as a
5:42 am
second most penalized team in the league and that continued yesterday, mistakes, killed this team's chances, to winning in seattle. in the second quarter down 13-seven doug pederson called a perfect play, right back on the screen, to zach ertz and he goes in for the touchdown but wait a minute, it is not that easy, illegal formation, that killed eagles momentum. after that they could never get anything offensive liz going. carson wentz had two interceptions on the day, one of those right there to cam chancellor and a fumble. eagles lose their fifth road game in a row, 26-16. the his takes are killing this teams chances to win. >> we have so many little mistakes every weekend when we win games we have so many mistakes that keep hurting us and we're leaving big plays out there, leaving scores out there. they are just simple things we have to just detail our work. >> that is sport in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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good morning, at 5:45 on a monday, to problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, schuylkill looking good. we had that down tree but now you we're checking out this fire location that we have been dealing with this morning in trenton, new jersey. weinberg place which is right there just north of olden avenue watch for local detour, mehorter boulevard where lauren is set up in woodbury, new jersey covering that multi alarm fire. detours around two big fires and now an accident eastbound
5:46 am
lanes of 422, right at route 100 coming in toward pottstown and town tree 611 south the at barrett road. we don't have any down trees on the major roadways but there is debris, there all of the wind that we have been dealing with, and pay special attention in the construction zones like 95, 422, and portions of the turnpike, those signs were not weighed down with those sandbags, chances are that sign is nice an easily being able to be flipped up and over that barrier when we get high wind. the saturday was definitely the day to put up your christmas lights. i hope you did because i'd like to you snap a picture as we get ready for this years version of the very kelly christmas. we need to you snap a picture of your home and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram, use that #fox 29 lights contest. we will show pictures on air and one night each week we are going to visit somebody's home and broadcast live from their front lawns during the five
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and 6:00 o'clock newscast. what is the forecast like for tonight? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds starting to prep for the big dinner on thursday but what about the traveling, to grand mom's house. it looks like a chance of a shower, maybe not a deluge but temperatures will have recovered by then to 54 degrees. we have cold air moving across great lakes that there are lake effect they band. in of them reaching us at the moment, not out of the question north and west, but we are dealing with wind gust from his 32 to 36 miles an hour, throughout the area, which makes these temperatures that are in the 30's, feel like it is in the yeah, 20's. this is wind chill map.
5:48 am
so in reading it feels like 24. wilmington feels like five. here it feels like 28 degrees. so dress for temperatures in the 20's. kid will have to be bundled up, look at the drop we took between saturday's high of 72 and yesterday's high of 44. today is 45 degrees, starting to feel very much like yesterday. forty-eight tomorrow. we will see those temperatures start to rise a little bit into thanksgiving day and stay in the 50's, over the weekend, guys, back to you. >> eagles win this week, is all i want for thanksgiving, sue. eagles, came up short on the road this time hurting themselves with costly mistakes a against seattle. including this touchdown that was called back because of an illegal formation penalty. the bird lose 26-15 to the seahawks. >> let's bring in big daddy graham. i have a house for your very kelly christmas your house has four christmas trees. the it is five but one is like this big. by the way, sue, i prepped for
5:49 am
thanksgiving too. i started eating over the weekend. >> good, stretch your stomach out. >> non-stop. >> i'm glad we started off with that ertz play because that is the play, right there. it looked like momentum was starting to shift and it was a terrific play by wentz and ertz. the formation, you have the referee telling them during their own formation which is kind of insane. if you were seattle you wouldn't be that happy with that. referee had to be telling them they are not in formation and greg lewis completely loses his mind and assistant coach greg lewis lysing his mind on the side line, see there he is right there, at that point referee is now saying, my god i have to throw this flag. the assistant is going nuts and then pederson turns his back on it. it was bad. agholor follows it up with another classic agholor drop. he has to go.
5:50 am
it is time. >> we are seeing a tail of two teams here. different team away, different team at home. what is going on here. >> they are not going to be i have different team at home against the packers, if sproles isn't playing, if ryan matthews isn't playing, if vaitai isn't playing. in sproles, no matthews, they have no receivers. now you are taking away their runners. >> they have a guy by the name of paul turner who caught everything near him during training camp and the preseason. bring him up. they are not going to go to the playoffs. eagles fans, you have to get this out of your head, they are not going to the playoffs. lets see what this guy turner can do. that is in the me saying he will be great, i'm just saying let see what he can do. pederson yesterday said agholor is having a little bit of a dry spell.
5:51 am
yeah, a 23 game dry spell. that is his entire career by the way. i have nothing against the guy, it is going to be good for everybody involved, just let him be good somewhere else if he is good somewhere else, we will see with treggs and paul turner can do here. it is time. >> we know it is tough in seattle, we knew in that stadium it would be tough. it sort of played out not too differently. but it was in the completely unexpected. >> we saw a stronger russell wilson. >> he is unbelievable. he does not get accolades that he deserves. he has the monster contract, he has super bowl ring, he should have two, he has super bowl ring and still under rated. he made that team yesterday. you cannot game plan against this guy. he does think pass first. even when it looks like he is rolling out of the pocket he
5:52 am
is always thinking pass first. he made a play yesterday with that little flip against his body to graham. he is an amazing talent. i'm glad you brought him up, thomas, he is under rated. i know he is on the or team. >> yeah, right. >> speaking of amazing talent you are pretty talent had your self, you have a couple dates coming up. >> what a segway that was. parx casino on wednesday night december 7th with the great joe conklin and come on out to parx. it will be at big daddy, to get your tickets. >> what do you think we will do. >> they will lose if those guys aren't laying, if those guys aren't playing they will lose. >> good to see you my friend. >> thank you. >> i didn't see this maybe did you last night, we can break it all down drama at ama's last evening, model gi give. i hadid to her impression of future first lady but not everybody is amused we will that have coming up on good
5:53 am
day. lots have of allegation was that one. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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time right now 5:55. happening today dozens of students across philadelphia will learn from the pros when it comes to that. later this morning middle school students will get the a chance to meet with the eagles player at the link. player who had not the yet been announced will talk to the students about exercising and healthy eating. it is all part of the the national initiative to promote healthy lifestyles for kid. philadelphia receives a history making gift, all in the name of improving the city. william penn foundation is giving 100 million-dollar to renovate parks, libraries and recreation centers. this is single largest grant to the foundation's history. foundation says money will fuel mayor kenney's vision of rebuilding community infrastructure. chair woman for william penn said she hopes it will serve as a national model for other communities. time right now 5:56. five alarm, eight houses on fire, really disturbing video,
5:57 am
so many people without their homes just before thanksgiving we will take you back live to this fire in trenton. similar situation in gloucester county where fire spreads to multiple homes in woodbury, a live report from that scene as the winds certainly not helping hatters this morning we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
five alarms, eight homes on fire, so many people without their homes just before thanksgiving, this fire is in trenton. and similar situation in gloucester county where fire spread to multiple homes in woodbury we are live with the updates. we have so many little mistakes that every weekend when we win games we have so many mistakes that just keep hurting us. >> what he said. what is going on with these eagles. another ugly loss on the road with big mistakes, causing the team points and wins. drops, drops, drops, drops. yeah. what he says too. how to fix it? how do you fix it. my goodness, we have gone purple. >> our favorite color. >> it is, but we just don't like matching. >> we seem to be to go it without planning it. >> we have of one mind. >> we are in step. >> and back street boys. >> good day, it is in 21st, what is it monday. >> it is a mon


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