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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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five alarms, eight homes on fire, so many people without their homes just before thanksgiving, this fire is in trenton. and similar situation in gloucester county where fire spread to multiple homes in woodbury we are live with the updates. we have so many little mistakes that every weekend when we win games we have so many mistakes that just keep hurting us. >> what he said. what is going on with these eagles. another ugly loss on the road with big mistakes, causing the team points and wins. drops, drops, drops, drops. yeah. what he says too. how to fix it? how do you fix it. my goodness, we have gone purple. >> our favorite color. >> it is, but we just don't like matching. >> we seem to be to go it without planning it. >> we have of one mind. >> we are in step. >> and back street boys. >> good day, it is in 21st, what is it monday. >> it is a monday.
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>> it feels like a monday. >> oh, does it because it is monday. >> that is good. >> she feels like sue. >> she has purple too. >> yeah. >> this is week when it is hard to stay focused because thanksgiving is thursday, folks getaway day is tomorrow, today or wednesday, blah, blah, blah, but today is tough to hold on to your hat with this wind advisory now until 7:00 p.m. these are wind gusts, 21 miles an hour in philadelphia, 36 in the poconos. 29 miles an hour wind gusts in wildwood. so because of the wind and the cold, maybe you didn't even go out yesterday. it will be a shock. six out of ten. buddy can even stand upright. he is at bus stop being blown around. temperatures in the 30's. well, it was quite a weekend. anyway, we have a little activity here in our neighborhood. 38 degrees. it feels like 28 and we will get to a high eventually of 45
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but it will never feel like it because of the win. wind chills bob kelly in the 30's, all day long. >> bus stop buddy's juice box over there good morning. 6:02. on this monday morning couple situations here, the slow down on i-95 and look out all of the construction zones, high wind has potential of knocking over anything that is not tied down, couple fire locations, jenny joyce has been here since early this morning, trenton new jersey on weinberg place just north of olden avenue. lauren johnson is in wood present i new jersey where fire location is just south of 295, in bristol township route three whiz is bristol pike an accident right at edgeley road, and 422 eastbound watch for an accident right here near route 100. we had an earlier police situation aramingo avenue remains closed between ann and clearfield with some local detours. here comes the delay southbound i-95 start to see
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slow down there cottman into center city. mike and alex, back to you. two fires, crews are still working on this five alarm fire in trenton. rare we do five alarm fires at least eight homes have gone up in flames. >> so lets get out to jenny joyce, near this scene for a while now, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, even rarer to hear six alarm fire, we have an update here from the deputy fire chief on the scene that it is now up to six alarms and we know that eight homes were destroyed. that number up to nine. all nine homes on this tiny alley way of weinberg place of been destroyed, also two cars have been destroyed on the block went up in flames and we know that three houses have collapsed, other homes are on the verge of collapse, right the now, deputy fire chief is trying to get a accountability numbers making sure that everyone lives on the block is accounted for. i'm joined by two residents on the block, angelica and a rena can you explain what happened
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overnight. >> basically what we think happen was there were two home rest guys that live at the end of the block. it is an abandoned house. maybe they got cold or maybe they were smoking and then fell asleep and everything just went up in flames. everything started exploding, flames, smoke. we were just trying to get out of the house. >> reporter: so that information has not been confirmed by fire officials just yet, as far as they are concern they do not know the cause but what you witnessed was that these fires gained momentum quickly and can you tell me how it affect you, your boyfriend and your four year-old son. >> well, we basically left everything that we worked for our whole life was destroyed, computers, tv's, everything, all of the furniture, stuff that you cannot replace like photos of him when he was a baby. you know, his toys, his teddy
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bears that he had since he was a little boy. that is stuff you cannot replace. >> reporter: so sorry. i know you're angelica's neighbor a few doors down in the same situation. >> yes, i know basically it was an abandoned house and two homeless men lived there for many months, at least nine months and they were provided with blankets. as weather beer came colder, they tried to stay warm and fire started. the fire is definitely started at their place. it spread. >> reporter: spread very quickly down the block. we will work to get that information confirmed as far as a cause. right the now all we know is that this fire is still not under control. started just after 3:00 this morning. we know that is top priority for fire crews on the scene right now, now back to you.
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>> unreal, a six alarm fire. i have never heard of that. thanks, jenny. fire fighters watching the show, which they always do, how many alarms can you get up to. >> how high can it go. >> i don't think we have ever reported a six alarm fire. >> listening to them talk about what they will have to go through. >> it is horrible. >> we have another fire. >> yes, this one in south jersey, raging flames. >> this gloucester county. >> there were also several people taken to the hospital. >> hey lauren, is what happening. >> reporter: hey, what is up mike and alex. it looks like fire fight in woodbury just wrapping up, they have been battling this for quite a few hours. it has not been easy thanks to the wind here. fire started around 4:00 a.m. at 729 mehorter boulevard, apparently the property is a group home owned pie a local church. six people were inside were taken to local hospitals. woodbury fire chief says that it has been a tough battle this morning because of such
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strong winds. he said embers the size of frisbies were flying across the street in neighbors front yard. when's arrived on the scene people were outside with garden hoses hoping to keep their homes safe with so much smoke and fire. since fire spread on both sides of the home crews were dealing with three separate fires here. original home that caught fire, complete thely collapsed in about five minutes, and the chief tells us that he is pretty frustrated this morning because city services have have not shown up here to cut gas and power to this neighborhood and lines are down in the street. >> public service could not get crews out here to shut the problem off. that is typical problem. we have asked why they cannot get power and gas off to the dwellings in the reasonable amount of time to protect the fire fighters. >> frustrating. >> very frustrating. >> very dangerous. so far it has been a couple hours, not getting a supervisor from public service, electric and gas. >> reporter: how do you feel about that. >> pretty upset. we will talk to the mayor and
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public service with what their problem is. >> reporter: mike and alex, i know you were just talking about the number of alarm fires. this is a two alarm fire. chief tells us it is between 75 and 100 fire fighters here on the scene and 30 pieces of equipment in case to give you an idea how big this fire fight is. >> my god, trenton and woodbury, huge fires, biggest fires we have talked about in a long time here on this show. 6:08. >> police barricade situation cade situation come to than a end. swat team swarmed 3,000 block of aramingo avenue that started around 2:00 this morning with reports of someone armed with the gun pulls up inside the home. just a short time ago a woman was released from the home, we will keep you updated as we get more information. police are investigating a shooting in south jersey involving a child. police say that child was shot last night inside of an apartment at the oak view complex in millville, no word on the extent of the injury but it is uncareer right now
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who shot that child. and then there is this more big news traveling to see, well, big names too. >> but it is creating news. >> big news and big names, there is president-elect donald trump over the weekend, when we can expect the next big announce. about a cabinet position trauma at the ama, gigi hadid did the her impression. find out how some are calling it races. gigi. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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touchdown to zach ertz. it was all seahawks from there as eagles struggled on both side of the ball losing 26-15. once again, mistakes got the best of the birds. >> we have so many little mistakes that every week, even when we win, we have so many mistakes that keep hurting us and we're leaving big plays out, leaving scores out there, you know, and just simple things we have to detail our work. >> wentz threw two interceptions in this game and we will have much more reaction throughout the
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morning. blah. >> pretty much all you can say. >> blah. >> you know donald trump, donald trump working through the weekend to assemble his team for the white house. find out who he is meeting with today, as he works to fill his cabinet, with chris christie yesterday and man, drama on broadway. i know you heard about this, cast of hamilton calling out vice-president elect mike pence over weekend in the audience. people are still upset about this. hear how mike pence is responding to the controversy. pens.
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will it be like this on thursday? probably not. we will trade off. we will get warmer, probably about 54 degrees with the the chance of a shower there for thanksgiving day, that is just looking ahead to thursday. here's what we are dealing with right now lake effect snow band moving through new york, and some heading into northeastern pennsylvania. we have not seen anything much in the way of flurries as a result but the wind is our issue this morning. 29 miles an hour wind gustness philadelphia, 36 miles an hour in mount pocono. so, these temperatures are all in the 30's this morning but
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thanks to that wind, this is what it feels like, dress for temperatures in the 20's. 28 degrees, wind chills in philadelphia right now. check it out in mount pocono, feels like 12. twenty-five in lancaster. wind chill in wildwood is 28 degrees. that is what it feels like outside right now. what a shock to the system after 70 degrees on friday. seventy-two on saturday and then what? yesterday was 44. today 45. closer to 50 tomorrow. so it will be breeze bye not as windy as today. we will crack that 50-degree mark on wednesday, getaway day and then again your trade off is you get milder temperatures on thursday but we will get a chance of the shower, bob kelly. >> always working a trade, aren't you. good morning. 6:16. good morning, everybody. 51 miles per hour not wind speed here on the schuylkill expressway slow go on i-95 south in the betsy and girard avenue. look at construction zones,
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anything thats was in the nailed down or had a big sand bag on it there was construction signs bouncing all over the place yesterday and it looks like we could repeat to it day. an accident south on route 55, just south of the deptford interchange off to the shoulder and then there was also a crash here in lower merion old gulf road at mulberry lane. look out for that fire up here in trenton, new jersey, jenny has been their life all morning long, along weinberg place squeezed between route one and princeton avenue and that south jersey fire, at mehorter boulevard in woodbury, new jersey causing for some delays. do you go with the big lights, little lights? colored bulbs, white bulbs, whatever you have, are you red i lets get ready for another year of a very kelly christmas. if you have not decorated yet this week make sure when you put your lights up snap a picture and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest. we will show decorated homes for the holidays all during
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our morning shows, leading up this christmas and once a week i will jump in the decorated news van and show up on somebody's front lawn and broadcast live during our fox 29 news during five and 6:00 o'clock, mike abe alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob for that. let's talk about donald trump and his transition team. >> the latest meeting that will be happening. >> with that guy. >> yeah. >> president-elect donald trump is continuing to court different people especially for national security reasons. today he will meet with yeah, texas governor former texas governor rick perry. >> he was, of course, a g.o.p. rival of trump. out spoken critic of donald trump throughout the republican primary campaign. >> yes. >> but they are expected to meet. >> today. >> also on sunday was parade of local officials donald trump worked to build his administration. trump met with new jersey governor chris christie, former new york city mayor
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rude i guiliani and kansas secretary of state. >> criscoback. >> mitt romney is considered a key contender as well to be the next nation's secretary of state, how about that. while retired marine core general james mattis is a possible pick for defense secretary. now, mr. trump says he will move in the white house following his inauguration, in january but his wife and future first lady melania and their son baron, they will stay up in new york. mrs. trump will remain in new york city at trump towers to allow their ten year-old son to finish his school year before that transition into washington d.c. and the white house. >> vice-president elect microphones got the a special message from the cast of hamilton. >> i'm sure you heard about this friday night in new york city, cv p elect attended hamilton with his daughter and other family members. as the show was ending, pence and his family they got up and they were leaving, with secret service, the actor playing
6:20 am
aaron buried a prepare notes saying hold on before you leave listen to this is sickling out the vice-president, elect. >> vice-president elect pence we welcome you from hamilton. we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not pro tech us. and up hold our inn alienable rights sir but we truly hope this show has inspired to you up hold our american values and to work on behalf of all of americans. >> so then microphones went outside theater and protesters met him out there donald trump responded to this on twitter, of course, on saturday, right after this happened our wonderful future vp microphones was harassed last night at the theater by cast of hamilton, cameras blazing.
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this should not happen. and then yesterday, the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is high liz over rated, should immediately apologize to microphones for their terrible behavior. those are a couple of back to back tweets. >> and then microphones also responded now. >> i have have heard remarks that were made at the end and, you know, you know, what i can tell you i was than the offended what was said. i'll leave it to others whether it was appropriate to say it but i want to assure people. >> meanwhile microphones says he respects the cast statement and reassured people president-elect trump will fight for all of americans. >> then there was trending #boycott hamilton that was going for throughout the weekend. >> that is right. >> the only problem it sold out, obviously through 2017. >> but after that they are boycotting it. >> okay. >> big boycott, september of 2017. >> okay.
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>> mistakes haunt eagles again, drop, drops, drip, drop, drop, penalty, turnovers result in an ugly loss. our coach is optimistic though, about the future, is there any shot at playoffs? nelson agholor, give me a cup of coffee, will you.
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good morning i'm sean bell. the eagles have been awful on the road. they have lost five straight games away from the link and none of them as bad as yesterday's game in seattle. eagles always start off poorly on the road and they did once again, first quarter cj presise breaks one loose, gets to the sidelines and he is, gone. 72 yards to the house. the eagles, well, they go down seven to nothing early. in the second carson wentz caps off a 68 yardley drive with this 20-yard, zach ertz touchdown. eagles take a seven-six lead. in the third now 16-seven seahawks, russell wilson, baldwin, back to russell wilson, and eagles lose 26-15. devastating loss but they are not giving up. >> there is still, you know,
6:26 am
sometime here, we have got some games left in our schedule so by no means are we throwing in towels or looking to the future. we still, a lot of pride in that locker room now. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. and now we are going to head out to lauren discovering one of the two huge house fires we have right the now in new jersey. >> lauren? >> reporter: good morning. fire chief tells us the fire broke out here in the group home early this morning. six people transported to the hospital. fire fighters battling wind as well and one group never made it to the scene. now fire chief plans to call the mayor, we will have more on that but first jenny joyce at another fire in trenton, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. here fire chief tells us that nine homes and three cars destroyed, this is a six alarm fire that is still very much active, not under control, hear from these victims realizing they have lost everything this morning, coming up.
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it started in one house really small fires and just blew up because of the wind. >> six alarm fire nine homes, destroyed, just days before thanksgiving. >> unreal. and the same scary scene unfolding in woodbury, new jersey where three homes burned out over night. drama at ama's last night model gigi hadid did her
6:30 am
impression of the first lady find out why some are calling it racist a lot to cover, good day it is monday, november 21st, 2016. >> it is a monday. monday after a, what do you want to call yesterday afternoon or evening, what should we even call that? >> well, it left me with a blah feeling. >> blah, really. >> yes. >> sue, it is like you have a big heavy like a mexican dinner and you are just, blah. >> that is a different kind of feeling. >> blah. >> do you have to go. >> i probably should. >> that is a different kind of feeling, sue. >> very much so, for the rest of us, we have to worry about the wind today and in addition to various digestive issues perhaps. temperatures in the 30's, buddy is having trouble standing upright at the bus
6:31 am
stop. make sure your kids are wearing warm enough clothing because we have a wind advisory in effect all day, wind gusts in the 20's, 35, miles an hour range and they will stay that way, all day. we have snow streaming down from the great lakes in made its waste to philadelphia but northern and western suburbs you can see flurries. 38 degrees with 20-mile an hour wind make it feel like 28 r the 20's and forget about saturday when it was in the 70's, today a high of 45 degrees, sunset at 4:41, but wind chill in the 30's, bob kelly, all day long. >> you got it. 6:31. the wind will play havoc to anything that is not nailed down here especially in the construction zones and wind given the fire fighters a rough time, two big fires we are watching here trenton, new jersey weinberg place which is between route one and princeton avenue, we will get to jenny joyce in just a moment. lauren has been covering this fire in woodbury, new jersey.
6:32 am
wind advisory from philly international. they said win could impact flights, check with the airline. i know it did so yesterday causing an delay of a hour and a half. here's a live look, get a disabled right there causing a slow go and that is westbound, approaching, the conshohocken curve off to the shoulder but we are starting to see the beginning of the morning rush hour on the schuylkill expressway and then southbound lanes have of route 55, just south at deptford watch for a crash off to the shoulder and for the gang in villanova lower merion old gulf road at mulberry lane watch for an accident. mass transit looking good, so far with no delays. mike and alex, back to you. >> bob kelly is talking about this fire crews are battling a serious fire in trenton, new jersey. we now know nine homes damaged. >> and six alarms now, jenny. >> reporter: active six alarm fire here. we know that nine homes have been destroyed with three cars. this is on weinberg place just
6:33 am
off of brunswick avenue in trenton. we know that crews got off to a slow start. they were dispatched to the first block of weinberg place just after 3:00 a.m. but saw live wires down and could not medicinery attack the flames which allowed the fire to gain momentum according to the chief. pse and g were called out, they turned off grid and crews got to work. fire fighters believe everyone got out safely so there were a couple of transports, one woman taken to the hospital as a precaution for asthma. no word on any serious injuries, there were no fire fighter injuries at the all. two women say they are victims who lost everything, the fire chief says it is just too early to know a cause, right now they are working to income down these flames. >> it spread to nine houses, we have three houses on the end that have collapsed, the other six houses are in the state of collapse. we have three cars at the end of the block that were totally destroyed.
6:34 am
there were no injuries to fire fighters, i do know that seven people were displaced and two people were transported to the hospital. >> everything just went up in flames and there was flames, smoke, and we were just trying to get out of the house. >> that woman says she's fortunate that she, her boyfriend and her four year-old son were able to get out safely, however they did lose everything including several serious momentums, baby pictures, teddy bears, and now she says that the shock is actually starting to wear off so she's getting emotional mike and alex. >> thanks, jenny. 6:34. the other families are dealing witt too, this time in gloucester county, so woodbury. >> flames started to spread through the homes next door and landed several people in the hospital. lauren? >> reporter: good morning,
6:35 am
mike and alex. we have a new vantage point. this is what is left of the house that started berk here in woodbury. you can see how close it was to the house next door, that is house neighbors say was abandon because it was for sale. you can see for sale sign in the front yard. it has been on the market for months. then the fire went the opposite direction catching two cars on fire before catching back of another home. fire fighters had a intense battle here, this all started around 4:00 a.m. this morning. apparently the property was a group home, owned by a local church. six people were taken to local hospitals. wood bring fire chief says it has been a tough battle this morning because of those winds. he said embers size of fribies were flying across the street into neighbors front yards. chief says when he arrived on the scene people were outside with garden hoses hoping to keep their home safe with so much smoke and fire. since the fire spread on both sides... >> i have asked supervisor saying why they cannot get power and gas off to the
6:36 am
dwellings in a reasonable amount of time to protect the fire fighters. >> reporter: frustrating. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: dangerous. >> very dangerous. so far it has been a couple hours since we had a supervisor with electric and gas. >> reporter: how do you peel about that. >> pretty upset. i will talk to the mayor and we will talk to publish service about what the problem is. >> reporter: we do understand since we did talk to the chief about 30 minutes ago that this power has been cut off, on this end of the street. neighbors are without power while fire crews continue to investigate and keep an eye on the burning home here in woodbury, mike and alex. >> wow. >> all right, thanks lauren. >> unreal. police in south jersey are investigating a shooting involving a child, police say somebody shot the child last night, inside of a home, this is over at the oak view apartments in millville. in word on the extent of the injuries to this child and it is unclear who shot the
6:37 am
person. 6:36. right now police in san antonio texas are searching for gunman who shot and killed a detective. fifty year-old benjamin marconi was shot in his head, while writing a traffic ticket. witnesses watched as driver of another vehicle got out of his car, walk up to the driver's side window and fired a shot at point blank range. that shooter then drove off. >> this type of senseless violence is unacceptable. >> well, authorities don't believe there is a link between the driver pulling over and that was pulled over and the suspect. this guy marconi is a 20 year veteran of the police force. well, scary moments last night for passengers on a philadelphia flight, american airlines says that one of its planes headed to cincinnati, was ready to depart when somebody reported smoke in the cabin. crews were dispatched to the plane but could not find
6:38 am
anything wrong. they took the plane out of service and cancelled the flight. fortunately nobody got hurt but it was very scary. then last night, did you watch ama's a lot of people are talking about it this, ariana grande was a big winner last night taking home artist of the year. she took on beyonce. >> as well she should. >> there is some controversy offer one of the hosts though. >> gigi hadid. >> that is ariana. >> that is one out tit. >> there you go. >> she didn't even look surprised. >> does she ever take out that pony tail. >> no, sometimes she has pigtails. >> i like that. >> there is beiber. >> love beiber. >> bruno mars. look at that track suit there. >> lets get details here. thomas, are you ready. >> i want to continue to
6:39 am
watch. >> weren't you ariana for halloween. >> yes, i was. >> that is her signature. >> i was licking doughnuts, it still horrifies people. >> really, some were turned on by it. not this guy. >> 6:39. it is all over future first lady co host gigi hadid about an impersonation of the award showing opening. she used a fake accent during her impersonation of the soon to be first lady but many people took offense to it. take a listen. >> melania trump impression. how about this... >> i love my house band president barack obama and our children sascha and mallia. >> it is spot on. >> that was spot on. >> she got a few laughs but model is attack all over
6:40 am
social media. here are some of the tweets. twitter user called her racist, racist much? question mark. other jokes donald trump will tweet demanding gigi apologize. other viewers suggested she stick to modeling. did you see that one she tried rapping. hadid has not tweeted or responded in anyway to the criticism but they think if they can do it on snl, why can't she. >> but they are known comedians and we know it is comedy and sketch is that the difference. >> what does she do again, a model. >> yes. >> and did you hear her rap, was it any good. >> i'm sorry. >> you said she was rapping, did you hear it. >> no, i was sleeping. a lot of people tweeted saying it was awful, secondhand embarrassment when you watch someone embarrassing themselves and it is painful to watch. >> well, do we not do impressions of first ladies.
6:41 am
>> do you have a run up and in the do it after january 20th? a lot of questions remain, mike. >> question, yes, no answers. >> 6:41. >> u.s. women's soccer team has been leading charge against women athletes getting equal pay. >> true. >> they filed a lawsuit for wage discrimination. >> several teammates spoke about their fight for equal pay, carli lloyd, going as far as to say that they feel like second class citizens. here she is. >> we feel like we're treated like second class citizens because they don't care as much about us as they do the men. >> um-hmm. >> few weeks ago representatives with the team met with the u.s. soccer federation and more talks are planned. their current contract expired december 31st. >> time is running out. the eagles road struggles, they continued yesterday, didn't they? the latest loss has them at 500 now, is there still a chance to make the playoffs?
6:42 am
i don't know. we have two or three guys coming into talk about them.
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning everybody. montgomery township right at country club drive we have a down pole blocking the roadways and scenario in the neighborhoods where some down tree branches, trash collection day was over the weekend, debris is every where. it looks like throughout the day this wind will stay fired up. mother nature keeping fan on here throughout the day, so
6:45 am
watch it in the construction zone, an accident in upper moreland county line and pine hers road. wind will impact, flights in and out of philadelphia international. we had over one hour delays yesterday on a sunday because of the wind, i think i can imagine what it will do today. check with the airline and be ready for a delay heading down to philadelphia international. outside we will go curb check schuylkill expressway is there your curve, as you head westbound up the hill. little delay because of a disable right there smack in the middle of the curve, and that is on that westbound side, that is off to the shoulder, i hope, hope you put your lights up over the weekend. saturday is definitely the day to do it. we are ready for another year of a very kelly christmas. reallies i, put up your lights, snap a picture and post to it facebook, twit error instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest, we will show the lights all season long, and once a week i will visit someone's house and broadcast live, on their front
6:46 am
lawn, during the five and the 6:00 o'clock newscast, all of the details are up on our web site at fox and in order to put up the lights you need good weather, right? sue has the best day to do it in 15 seconds. so, what is happening here is this low pressure system that has been stalled, since yesterday, to the north of us, high pressure is trying to build in, we're in the middle. we call this pressure gradient where wind are very, very, very high. that is making it feel colder then it is. that cold air moved in over the weekend. what a difference between saturday and sunday. could see a flurry or two north and west of the city. we are watching out for that, maybe around mercer county but
6:47 am
that is unfortunately these wind gusts have been, very terrible for folks trying to fight those fires in new jersey that we have been talking about all morning long, so with these wind gusts and these temperatures in the 30's, it actually feels like it is in the 20's out there. you really do have to make sure the kids are bundled up when it feels like 28 degrees, in philadelphia. 45 degrees today. forty-eight tomorrow. finally into the 50-degree mark by wednesday which is getaway day for a lot of people. wednesday night into thursday, thanksgiving day we do expect a shower or two, but at least, guys, wind will die down and temperatures will be better. >> sue, would you like to look at a rare photo. they are fun. >> yes. >> look at this. there is a picture of nelson agholor holding the ball. >> my god. >> look at the headline nullifies a t dutch, drops a
6:48 am
20-yard pass and then scores two points. look at that. dave uram is here. he predict this loss. >> yes. >> i almost got the score right. >> i redick 28-14. i was three points off. >> excited about it. >> no, i have been wrong all season wrong. wayne of the rare moments i was right. another thing i have been right about, nelsonnal who will or stinks. >> what do you do with him you need to cut him. >> would you cut a number one draft pick. >> he is number one draft pick mistake. he was a band-aid for not least signing maclin forgetting rid of desean. he has been a giant mistake. >> but what do we do without him. >> actually, it is i want to see paul turner. he didn't make the team. he is on a practice squad. his suck sees came against a backup. he cannot be worse than agholor. that is like, the game what's effectively over when he got called for that penalty. >> let's run that play. this is one to ertz.
6:49 am
>> yes. >> great play, great draw by doug pederson, great execution all the way in for a touchdown. would have made it 14-13. but, it is called back. it is called back not because of a hold or a block in the back but called back because nelson agholor didn't check the with the ref that he was in the on the line of scrimmage. >> where is he. >> he is behind the line of scrimmage, greg lewis, this is coaching. it is just yelling at him. greg lewis is yelling at him. greg lewis never get angry. he is line up, too far back. he is lined up too far back. he never checks with the referee, on the line, referee is telling him to move up. pederson is telling him to move up. simple thing you should do every single time. liking nothing to your car and not turning on your lights at night. that is how stupid that was. >> one of the worst analogies. >> i thought it was a good one. >> you go in your car.
6:50 am
>> you go into your car, it is dark outside at night and turn it on and start driving without turning on your lights. you need your lights. >> i thought it was good. >> all right. >> you need your lights. >> you need the lights. >> get your lights. >> do you think they will cut him though? they have in the yet. >> no, i don't think so. they will continue to make excuses for him. they will continue to say he is. >> he is a talented receiver. and, it is mental, go to a school goodies. >> he can catch like nobody. >> have you seen him with glasses. >> yes. >> well, no, not really. >> doug pederson says he is good at practice. >> yeah, great. >> when i relately counts if you cannot do it in a game. but tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it really fall. >> if he catches the ball in practice but no one sees it, does it count.
6:51 am
>> whoopi, whoopi. >> yeah. >> that thing was over yesterday the second that penalty happened. it was so deflating. you know eranology? what is more deflating when tom brady took air out of the football. >> that was a horrible analogy. >> agholor is horrible. >> if the trio owe. >> if it does it make a noise if no one is there to hear it does it still make a noise. >> yes. >> it does, doesn't it if in one is there to hear it, no one can vouch for it. it is like it never happened. >> it is in his head. he can catch the ball. >> he knows how to catch a ball. >> he took accountability for yesterday. >> it was in his head. >> i mean. >> dave, you ever have a mental block. >> you are ready to go, is there a beautiful women. >> what do you mean. >> nelson agholor, you know how awfully am with women.
6:52 am
agholor is worse, i'm awful with women. agholor is worse then i am with women. >> this never happened before. >> yeah. >> him catch a ball and actually complete it. >> the whole ball reference. >> with do we go here. >> come back next hour. >> i will. >> forty years ago you know what happened 40 years ago ladies and gentlemen. >> what happened. >> rocky the movie came out. so, today i want to know do you think bob kelly can do the rocky steps at the art museum 40 straight times. >> does he know we're doing this. >> how many times. >> he has to do it 40 straight times. >> forty. >> you didn't tell me 40 times. >> you have two hours to do it starting at 8:00 o'clock. fortieth anniversary.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
philadelphia just got a huge grant in the name of improving the city.
6:56 am
william penn pen foundation just gave philadelphia 100 million-dollar to renovate parks, libraries and recollect centers. the foundation says money will fuel mayor kenney's vision of rebuilding community infrastructure. one hundred million-dollar gift is the single largest grant in the foundation's history. chair woman for william penn says she hopes this investment in philadelphia will serve as a national model for community reinvestment. >> william penn, you know my number, a hundred million-dollar. >> yes. >> it is going to the community. >> yes. >> by the way, did anybody win the power ball? it is 350 million or something? staff? anybody know? >> i guess they don't know. >> i think we would know if someone did. >> i bought a couple tickets. >> lets get an update from one of the big fires we have been covering this morning, this one in trenton a six alarm fire. it has ripped through nine homes. several people were hurt. it is a live look there they are still working to get this together. crews are still on the scene. we will update it live from
6:57 am
there. >> whole block burning down
6:58 am
6:59 am
breaking news overnight two massive fires in new jersey, leaves dozen of people, just before thanksgiving. >> everything that we worked for, our whole life was destroyed. >> eight homes burned, in a five alarm fire, in trenton. several houses, also burning in woodbury, new jersey.
7:00 am
what may have caused both fires. drama of a different kind on broadway. >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> yes, we're still talking about the cast of hamilton singling out vice-president elect mike pence at the end of the show. but was it the right venue? a closer look this morning at the ongoing debate sparking a fire storm. holy meeting. a young girl battling cancer has a you this alley on her side, pope francis, how this seven year-old got to meet the pope. you'll meet her. and we have seen it before, we will probably see it again, penalties, drops, and turnovers. the eagles can't get out of the way of themselves, and lose to the


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