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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a package explosion rocks a rittenhouse apartment, one man a six two-year old hospitalized as bomb squad investigate, what was inside that package that caused it to blow up. former youth leader at a local church facing disturbing charges, police say he sexually assaulted two teens why they fear there are more victims out there. plus, an arrest overnight in the school bus crash that killed six children in tennessee, who is now facing charges. very good day, i'm thomas drayton. michael jerrick is getting his face done. >> i'm glad to be working with you you. >> good morning to you. >> you have been wearing purple flower to celebrate. >> you got the memo. >> what are you going to wear. >> he knew, sue, somehow he just knew. good morning, it is seven
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out of ten today. you may remember that yesterday was a six. we are i am loving a bit but still windy and cold and bus stop buddy is here not only to celebrate sixers winning two in a row but to let you know you still need your winter coat and mittens waiting outside for a while. because temperatures are mostly in the 30's but it feels like it is, and some of the wind chills are in the 20's, so we have wind gusts as high as 31 miles an hour in the mountains, 22 miles an hour in wildwood, no precipitation as of yet and i don't think we will see any until thursday. 40 degrees feels like 33. that is what you dress for wind chill there, 6:54 your sun is rise time. other wind chills 14 in the mountains, 27 in lancaster, feels like 30 in millville, new jersey. our high temperature we will rise in the upper 40's today, mid 40's yesterday, it is still kind of breezy, we are still child but things will change in time for turkey day bob kelly. >> my turkey sound. good morning, everybody.
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on a tuesday morning waking up to a situation here, south of writ even house square, the explosion around 18th and pine and here's is what closed, 17th, 18th, 19th, lombard, pine, views all in the area just south of rittenhouse square and around this investigation here, at 18th and pine. we will go to him this a moment with the latest but getting ready to come through and waking up this morning in this area this is what is going on down here south of rittenhouse square. septa's route 17 bus detoured this morning, a fire location in upper darby, industrial drive, at penn street. there is a fire at 4800 block of mulberry with some local detours. here's a live look at i-95, time to make doughnuts hitting southbound between cottman and center city. mass transit other than route 17 bus looking good, thomas and alex, back to you. lets get back to the area you were just talking about where within person has been
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rushed to the hospital after a package exploded in rittenhouse square. >> wild scene, we have been talking about all morning, in fact, we were first ones to break it on the fox 29 morning news. bob mentioned 18th and pine. our steve keeley out there. we are hearing something about an inhaler, steve. >> reporter: thinks first floor apartment, everybody that was in the building that was evacuated is allowed back in the building as are tenants on the buildings on each side. as bob kelly said all streets are still shut down because it is still being treated as a crime scene. they don't necessity whether someone sent this guy a bomb or he got the up hailer that he normally gets delivered and his inhaler blew up. police tell us here on the the scene that inhalers when they get delivered to you, do sometimes explode. here's chief inspector scott small. >> initial information from the six two-year old victim's roommate, was that he opened up, a package that he received in the mail about 5:00 p.m. on
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friday. package was delivered on monday. so 5:00 p.m. monday the package was delivered. the victim, didn't open up the package until sometime before 4:00 a.m. and there was an explosion when the package was opened causing injuries to both of his hand and his chest. >> reporter: it wasn't a huge explosion, man opened it up over the oven range in the kitchen that range is damaged, broken glass in the kitchen, roommate wasn't hurt and there were no windows blown out of the apartment building. i talk to the neighbor outside not evacuated but outside walking the dog across the street and said he didn't hear anything explode but his dog started barking as well as his neighbor's dog. maybe dogs had boater hearing than his human hearing. they are at the jefferson a close by hospital and he was conscious after the explosion, in fact, went to the bathroom, to start cleaning up, and there is blood in the bathroom
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police told us. so he wasn't even unconscious. so it wasn't that big of an explosion fortunately for him and a strange case, alex, thomas because i have never heard of inhalers exploding before. i have plenty of friend that have inhalers n our news room if you you look in peoples desk they have inhalers at work and i had no idea these things could explode. especially why would it explode just opening up the package. that is something new to me. i'm sure new to a lot of the viewers today that inhalers can explode but this guy gets inhalers delivered to him and that is a possibility here. if it is not that then it is something more sinister, but you wonder why anybody would send a six two-year old guy on pine street anything explosive. so let's hope it is just an accident and nothing worse than that but until we necessity for sure, federal investigators and philadelphia bomb squad leading this investigation still here on the scene, several blocks, still shut down. >> a lot of agencies involve. you have to wonder about the item, all right, steve. we are following more
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breaking news this morning, right now you fire officials are trying to determine how this massive house fire started. >> it began just after 1:30 this morning at the a home on the 4800 block of mulberry street. philadelphia fire fighters say the blaze began in the garage and then quickly spread to the home. nearby houses had to be evacuated as a precaution and there are no reports of injuries. heart breaking scene, police arrested a bus driver in the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. twenty-four year-old jonathan walker is charged with vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and reckless driving. five people died when the bus carrying 35 elementary school children crashed in chattanuga. investigators are looking at speed as aid possible tack for. all right. those youth group leaders to bucks county is facing charges this morning, he is accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls at his church. they is right now. >> now lauren, we know there are two victims but police are saying there could be more. >> reporter: yeah, that is the concern this morning, alex,
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there could be more victims who came in contact with this youth group leader here at this church. that is the bad news that it happened here. good news he is no longer working here according to church leaders. man we're talking about former youth group leader 22-year old michael walusimbi, the bensalem man turned himself in yesterday and faces a slew of sexual charges. prosecutors alleged he attempted to sexually assault two girls, 13 and 15 years old. details are graphic. back in december, the 13 year-old told police youth group leader held her arms behind her back, bent her over face first over a table, pulled down her pants and rubbed himself against her. month later a five-year old told authorities a similar story and said man told her some day she would call him a pedophile. the girl says she was able to kick free before anything else had happened. church leaders, of course, are very shock and stunned. authorities do believe that there may be more victims and they are encouraging anyone who encountered him to come forward. judge set bail at $50,000 and
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he is expect to be back in court next week with his attorney. thomas and alex? >> wow. >> happening right now, crews are battling a big wild fire in reading. the these pictures are from the reading eagles. viewers told us that the flames could be seen from miles away. the this is all taking place, starting last night. the fire burning on mount penn, we do know one fire fighter went to the hospital with minor injuries. fire fighters say terrain and wind are making this one a tough one to fight. president-elect donald trump meets face-to-face with the people he considers his most harsh critics, the media, how did it the go? well, really depend who you ask. reaction from the off the record meeting at trump tower. plus a medical scare for kanye west, this is just hours after he cancelled the rest of his tour, why rapper had to be handcuffed to a gerney and be taken to the hospital.
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we will show you video from japan where an earthquake set off tsunami waves. you can see tidal waves along the river. waves up to four and a half feet in parts of the eastern coast. all tsunami warnings and advisories have been lifted. >> it is where fukushima power plant was. this shows the moment that the 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit japan. it is the strongest one, since the devastating quake and tsunami five years ago. more than a dozen people were injured. there are also reports of the the minor damage. now earthquake you see there shook buildings in tokyo which is 150 miles away from the epicenter. so you do not see it but you
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can imagine. >> yes. 6:11. president-elect donald trump continues hosting meetings but he welcomed unexpect group yesterday, what happens when he met with some prominent members of the national media at trump tower. eagles making a change at wide receiver, but, it is not who you think? we will tell you who they signed off practice squad that will make some fans very happy.
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getting that holiday feeling yet? we will talk about the who will daze forecast coming up. we want to let you know in case you keep track of our hurricane names list is there a new tropical storm and his name is on the the owe. one of the names backward as forward but just off central american coast in the western caribbean. the 60-mile an hour wind. in threat to the united states at all. we still have cold air, coming across lake ontario, in particular, and that is bringing more snow, to places that have already gotten about 20 inches of snow in central, upstate new york, but for us it is not going to a tech us as far as precipitation. we are jumping to wednesday night. you can see included cover
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here. the possibility maybe in the morning of a little bit of mixed precipitation very early in the morning up in the mountains but it is scattered showers throughout the day and looking like it will rain when it is not raining. it is a gray day on thursday but you should be okay for football games in the morning and turkey dinner later on. wind gusts not as high as yesterday but there were gusty wind, 22 miles an hour in wildwood, 31 miles an hour in mount pocono, and temperatures are just a little bit, milder but way colder then they are supposed to be. it feels like the 20's and 30's out there. bottom line you still need your winter coat. average high is 54. remember friday and saturday in the 70's. last few we have been in the 40's. today is another one with 48 but we will see gradual rise in temperature throughout the holiday weekend. problem is we have rain in the forecast, for a thursday and new for black friday as well but keep in mind, we do need
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rain. >> black friday shopping will be done indoors. we will be okay there. 6:16 exactly. good morning, north on the freeway, slower than normal heading in toward philadelphia, all because of the disable right here near 295 interchange. the here's a live look at 422 seeing volume heading in towards that king of prussia area in towards that 202 and explosion, here in center city 18th and pine which is just south of rittenhouse square. right now folks are waking up, areas closed 17th, 18th, 19th, portions of lombard, pine and spruce, best bet south or 20th septa running a detour and that route 17. a fire in upper darby industrial at penn. also here at frankford at 4800 block of mulberry street. northbound lanes of 202 looking good as you roll into west chester. speaking of west chester here's what we're talking about, check out this house here, the lights all decorated ready to go. do you think this group was
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bus i electric meter is spinning, but that is what we're talking about because it is a very kelly christmas. i want to see your lights all decorated with the houses. do you like colored bulbs, white bulbs, twinkle bulbs, cow like them blinking? how do you like your bulbs. >> i like them blue. >> we will take it. >> but here's what we will do, we will snap a picture and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest to show you have picture on television like i just did and one house, every week is going to get the a visit from the news van. i have got a very special holiday hat that i will be wearing. >> bob will pay your light bill, no, i don't think that is in the regulation. >> back to you. >> thanks, bob. 6:17. president-elect had an off the record meeting with top tv executives and anchors from the five major networks including fox. >> kelly ann conway called the
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meeting productive while others not so much. doug lou said inner washington. this had to be awkward. >> reporter: yes, this is cover of the front page of the new york post this morning. beat the press. the and that is exactly what happened inside this meeting. it was off record but all kind of leaks what was said. it was trump, his representatives, sitting down with representatives and some of the star anchors the from the five major networks including fox and apparently it became an opportunity for trump to go after the news media which has been a pretty successful strategy through the course of the campaign. a lot of these media folks were blind sided because they thought it was coming together meeting and it didn't play out that way. >> what do you think will happen next? even throughout the election and since he has been president-elect there has been complaints about access. >> reporter: both side need each other to some degree. that has always been the
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relationship here in washington anyway, news media needs news and president generally needs favorable coverage so they are friendly toward one another. trump breaks those rules for better or worse but it is something his supporters like. the as long as that is the case he may do it. he bypassed media with his latest message about his priorities for first 100 days this was put out on you tube. he doesn't need media and is treating them accordingly it sound like. >> lets talk about this video he posted to you tube. what were some of the things he mentioned. he didn't even mention the wall. >> reporter: he mentioned immigration but in terms of the like visa reforms, there was no discussion, overt discussion about building the wall which was a central themes of his candidacy. he did talk about other things that he talk about through the course of the campaign things cracking down on trade deals, scrapping transpacific partnership, things wow do in
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the first hundred days. he is laying out reforms wow like to see regulatory reforms, energy reforms. he did layout plans for those first 100 days but not much in terms of the detail. that is something we are waiting to hear more. >> more to come on you tube, possibly twitter, twitter press conference, doug luzader, good to see you. i said sixers won and you were like, yeah, sixers. >> really. >> we're talking about the sixers for first time in years. sixers have a home court advantage. how their big men stepped up to win their fourth straight game at home last night. >> we're relieved. >> you seemed happy, advised.
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good morning i'm sean bell. after sunday's game nelson agholor says he is in his own head but the eagles trying to headache the playoffs so they cannot really tiehl with that right now. they had to go ahead ape make a signing, they signed practice squad player paul turner, turner was best wide out during preseason for the eagles and they are hoping he can bring a spark to the squad
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because wide outs have been sub par all season long. sixers and heat, this is evolution of the big man right here, look at this joel embiid steps into a three and nails it. he had 22 points and five boards and just 23 minutes. jahlil okafor his turn to go to work, drive to the left and finishes. he had 15 points and three boards in 25 minutes. sixers win 101-94. their fourth win this season. fourth straight at home. in college, st. joes, and playing in the paradise consolation game. in the second half, ny state, paul darn nails three. hawks lose 73-63. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. lets get back to the eagles. we have an update from coach pederson on the injuries that we had from sunday against the seahawks. >> i'm devastated. every year i think it is the year. >> that is the problem. we shouldn't think it is the year. >> next year, well, they are not out yet but this is the
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year we will do it and we will get all the way. >> that is how we will play it. >> sproles broke his ribbon this punt return. he is listed as day to take. check there. running back ryan matthews left the game earl which a knee injury, he is day to take. >> offensive tackle, halapoulivaati vei tie just started to play well, suffered a mcl sprain. now what will we do? we need our team together. so, they need a pep talk from alex. >> i don't know if i can help. >> go to the complex, give them a pep talk. >> if sproles is out, we need people. maybe we should get in there. >> they will do nothing for me. villanova is moving up in the national rankings coming off their win this is charleston classic tournament on sunday. wildcats have moved up to the number two spot. they were ranked number three last week. duke has number one spot, and. it is now top ranked team in college basketball.
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could villanova do this again. could we win another championship. >> let's get you some tea for that cough. >> i will get it myself. 6:26. lets get back to the breaking news near rittenhouse square. an explosion, a man is in the hospital after opening up something he got in the mail. what police say blew up inside this package. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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an explosion rocks a rittenhouse square apartment sending one man to the hospital, what police say was inside a package that he opened that could have caused the place. disturbing charges against a former youth leader in a local church, police say he sexually assaulted two teens, this morning they fear there may be more victims out there. medical scare for kanye west just hours after he cancelled the rest of his tour. why he was reportedly happen cuffed to a gerney as he was taken to the hospital. >> so bizarre. two songs, did a rant, left, his wife running to his aid. we will have more in a moment. thomas drayton, mike jerrick will be here shortly. >> yes. >> are you enjoying this. >> he is already trying to runaway, sue.
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>> i'm having so much fun with alex here. >> alex holley story. >> yes. >> fascinating. >> you know, it is still windy and cold. not quite as biting as it was yesterday but you still need winter coat, kids still need to be bundled up at bus stop. sixers won their game, two in a roast now. we're celebrating. so hold on to your hats still. it is 40 degrees in philadelphia with 12 miles an hour sustained wind it feels like 33. sunrise is coming up soon 6:54. we will start off with clouds like yesterday and then entry the sun will break through. these are your wind chills this morning. not the actual temperature but way it feels outside. feels like 33 in philadelphia. twenty-seven this lancaster. in the mountains it feels like 4 degrees. wildwood, new jersey feels like 30. wind chill is 31 in wilmington. eventually we will see that sunshine. it will be breezy today. high temperature of 48 degrees, the warming trend, continues, through the holiday, we will tell you when we will get some rain, coming
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up, bob kelly. >> hi, sue, good morning. coming up at 6:31 on this tuesday morning. the get reading toy grab your coffee, keys and head you go out the trent door. that explosion has been top story all morning long, the location at 18th and pine. we will go out to to steve in a moment to get the latest but it sound like they are eating up on these street closures but 17th, 18th and 19th were closed. i did see traffic moving on 18th street. pine is definitely shut down between 18th and nine street, at the moment, and the route 17 busies still, on a detour. an accident on the 42 freeze waste coming in toward philadelphia, right at north bound ramp for 29 five it is off to the shoulder, but it is cause ago this beginning of the morning jam, coming in towards philadelphia, up to upper gwynedd we go, hancock road and prospect avenue. good morning, up and overcoming in from south jersey we are seeing pockets of volume as we begin our tuesday morning rush hour. remember with this being a short week we will see some
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unusual traffic patterns, i think everybody is got to report to the office to daze, so you can leave early tomorrow. you have to be on good terms with the boss. south on i-95 heavy from academy in through girard avenue and mass transit looking g alex and thomas back over to you. lets get back to the breaking news right now. one person is rushed to the hospital after a package exploded near rittenhouse square. >> investigators as bob mentioned has part of the 18th and pine shut down. lets get out to steve keeley, we broke this story first on fox this morning, and as soon as they get to the radio, in 202nd, they will reopen every street except this block. it is not a problem, we will reopen every hit, near the 1800 block of pine street. so, good news, for morning commuters, and especially the people who live and work around here, now as far as the other things go, they still don't know whether this was an
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accidental explosion or somebody intentionally sent this six two-year old guy something to blow up when he opened up his package that he had delivered yesterday. we got here soon after the explosion happened, just before 4:00 a.m. and what happened was this guy got a package delivered yesterday and he is on medication, 62, he has a 36 year-old roommate and among medications he taste, inhalers. we are told by veteran, bomb and explosives investigators, here on the scene that inhalers are known, it is rare if it is a freak accident but do explode sometimes and that may have been what happened here. here's chief inspector scott small with the very latest there police. >> relimb nature i information is that there was a package, we believe that conntained, they believed to have contained some or the of medication. it did explode. but at this time they don't know whether or not this was a
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intentional explosion. we don't know whether this was a bomb mailed to the house in order to explode and do injuries or whether was a freak accident where something like an inhaler, just exploded >> reporter: you can see a back to our live scene here a lot of police here on pine street. we are at 19th and pine. there is traffic commander i just talked to. he has not got into his car and radio to tell everybody, that they are going to reopen the streets here but we are still seeing investigators here arriving from the postal inspection service and from atf, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, philly bomb squad handling this but jared will spin back around and reyellow caution tape the area with a smaller perimeter around this apartment on the first floor. it looked to be four story buildings here these anxious mansions all divided mostly into apartments. this happened in a first floor apartment and they had
6:35 am
evacuated everybody from that building and both row house buildings on the side of it but all those people were allowed back. so until we know for sure whether this was an accident or something intention ago, you will see at least this block shut down and investigation continuing. guys? >> thanks, steve. how about this youth group leader in bucks county is facing charges, he is accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls. >> right there, police want to know if there are more victims, lauren johnson in bucks county, for us, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: church leaders shocked and stunned about what happened here on church grounds. former youth group leader facing serious sexual assault charges for instance dent investigators say happened here over the summer. they ledge 22-year old michael walusimbi had similar encounters with a 13 and 15 year-old girl. details are disturbing. young victim said he held her arms behind her back pushed her over table, pulled down
6:36 am
her pants and rubbed himself begins her. fifteen year-old said same thing happened to her but instead he whispered to her that she would one day call him a pedophile. she was able to fight him off and getaway. police say walusimbi at mythed to the attacks in an interview with police and now he has banned from the church. bucks county d.a.'s office says there could be more victims. they are asking anyone with any helpful information to come forward. walusimbi has hired an attorney. bail was set at $50,000. he is expect to be back in court with his attorney next wednesday. thomas and alex. >> horrifying details here. we will see where this investigation goes, lauren, thank you. police have made an arrest in the deadly school bus crash, in ten he see. >> the driver of that bus was facing serious charge these morning, including vehicular homicide. >> karen hepp is joining us this morning, 35 kids were on board that bus. >> reporter: just breaks your heart any parents that thinks about this and wondering what a tragedy to have happened. we know five children were killed on the bus, six people all together, carrying
6:37 am
elementary school students yesterday afternoon. new that bus driver, as you mentioned is behind bars. the prosecutors charged 24 year-old john anthony walker with five counts of vehicular homicide reckless endanger many and driving. bus was carrying 35 children when it crashed in chattanuga wrapping itself around a tree. police say the ages of the students ranged from kindergarten through fifth grade. it took emergency crews nearly two hours to pull all of those children from the bus. >> bus crash involving school children it is every public safety professional's worst nightmare, but it is also a thing that we all train for and we have police, fire, e ms and our partners out here doing everything that they can. >> you can see the tree actually cut that bus in half, more than 20 children were also injured in the crash, and we don't know the extent of their injuries. police say bus driver may be facing additional charges. they have in the said what the
6:38 am
causes but they are looking at speed as a possible factor and certainly there are counselors in that community right now. back to you guys. >> for sure, it is necessary. >> horrible story. >> thanks, karen. police have a suspect in custody for deadly shooting of the san antonio police officer, 31 year-old otis mccain faces capitol murder charges. mccain told reporters he was angry about a child custody battle and lashed out at someone who really didn't deserve it. mccain killed 50 year-old detective benjamin marcone sunday when he pulled up, behind the officer's patrol car and shot him in the head. well, big change in the cat rick church, pope francis is allowing priest toss forgive abortion. historic announce. came from the vatican yesterday. pope francis made the declaration in the letter after concluding the holy year of mercy. pope will, allow rank and file reeses in the the just bishops to extend the act of forgiveness to any woman who confesses to having an abortion. it establishes the pope's vision of the merciful church.
6:39 am
>> it is not a get out of jail free card. you have to do penance. you have to be sorry. you have to confess. confession is not the easy for many people. the pope is trying to make it more easy by saying you will come in, the sin will be forgiven, the penalty of ex-communication will be lifted and you can continue your life. >> the catholic church has been on the front lines in the fight against abortion. so they say it is a big change. happening right now she wasn't doing anything but just sitting at a kitchen table a teenager is hurt when a bullet rips right through her great grandmother's house. ten shots were fired monday evening at 4400 block of gratz street. the four year-old girl was sitting in her, great grandmotheres kitchen when she was shot. it happened several hours at 25 shots were fired just a couple blocks away at 15th and venango. those bullets killed one man and critically wounded another man. police do the not have a motive for either shooting bye a suspect is being questioned in the 15th and venango
6:40 am
shooting. still no suspects or mote think of morning in the case of the 12 year-old boy shot in the leg. police say that a stray bullet hit him just after 7:30 sunday night. he is outside oak view apartments in millville where he lives when police say a witness told them that someone fired five to seven shots from a car driving by. the parents say they warned officials that something like this would happen to the child because of the increasing violence in the city. we were there when they attended a commission meeting last month when they talked about the violence. >> something has got to be done f this isn't the wake up call that the city and commissioners needy don't know what it will take. >> police believe they do not believe the child was the intended target. he is in stable condition right now. well, model gigi apologizes for her impression of future first lady melania trump. we have talk about this yesterday. why she says she didn't think what she did was offensive. she said that she says. >> she should apologize for her rapping, you asked did i
6:41 am
see it. i saw when i did get home. >> it wasn't good. >> get your picture taking, you want me to rap? >> that is probably worse then what she d not everyone can rap. >> kanye west whether you like him, whether you don't like him, well, he is spending the night in the hospital after a report that he is spiraling out of control. you will remember that rant from a couple days ago in sacramento is this we will have an update on his condition, stay with us.
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we want to update that wild fire early in reading. tough battle from fire fighters. they have been dealing with the flames, trying to keep it under control but wild wind, we are looking at pictures from the eagle reading showing what they were up against. once again, this is the forest fire on mount penn, you see fire fighters and number of fire fighters out there trying to get this under control. latest update, they contained this small fire. >> and lets look live, right now, doesn't look like we can see much from here. the sunnies coming up. it is kind of dark. but crews were working overnight, fire is out and we are looking at mount penn right now. fire fighters say train and wind we have been dealing with made it tough to hand this will one. fire fighters went to the hospital with minor injuries, last night. >> yes, sky fox will give us a better advantage throughout the morning as the sun comes up and we will get a better look at the situation there but fire fully contain. fire fighters doing a great job on mount penn. we will keep you updated.
6:45 am
but first, good morning, bob. >> good morning. we will call it 6:45, exactly right now, a live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. i think everybody will be reporting to work today. you have to go to work today to be on your best behavior, and make sure boss sees you, so that tomorrow, when you do want to move out early, you will be okay. live look at freeway coming in toward philadelphia, delayed because of an earlier accident at 295, how is your curve doing. schuylkill expressway, slowing down here at conshohocken curve, brake lights from king of prussia on into the curve. here's the latest on that situation this morning 18th and pine, as we heard from steve a few moments ago, pine street is all that is closed, between 18th and 19th. so, we will go around the block, just south of the rittenhouse square, septa also still at this moment detouring the route 17 bus. fire in upper darby, industrial drive at penn street. watch for slippery rails today an both west trenton and paoli
6:46 am
line, winners in that department. all these leaves that have fallen over past couple days they leave that residue behind on the rails and that causes the problem, and if you are going out of town for the holiday and doing that today philly international says no delays at the moment but allow extra time to get your self through security lines. staying home what will you do. you have to put up your christmas lights. >> we will get ready for a very kelly christmas. when you put your lights up, snap a picture of the house decorated and pretty and post it, to facebook, twit error instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can show your house on television and one house, per week is going to get a visit from santa himself, really me in the santa outfit but we will broadcast live from somebody's front lawn, one night, each week all the details are on our web site at fox how is that forecast looking like for the decorators, sue
6:47 am
has it this 15 seconds. all right. it is a little rowdy in here, i think there must be a holiday coming. indeed, there is. lets give you the forecast for next couple of days, for tomorrow it will be about 50 degrees, and it looks like it will be a mix of sun and cloud. and then on thursday, thanksgiving day itself, yeah, is there a chance of showers but it is milder, so is there only rain in the forecast, and new we add a chance for black friday showers as well. there is more cold air coming off great lakes, ontario in particular but they are piling up more snow in upstate new york, on top of what already happened. so that is where you are traveling make sure you have good tires on your car. now we have for us we have to jump april head to thursday
6:48 am
morning, really early in the morning, mix have of precipitation, in the mountains, scattered showers, throughout the day and they will be widely scattered but very cloudy, in between, when it is not raining. as we mentioned, we have said that chance of rain into friday as well, quite a few clouds, still windy but not as windy as yesterday. 22 miles an hour in wildwood, 31 miles an hour in mount pocono, temperatures are in the 30's and 40's degrees in philadelphia, 20's in the mountains but the wind chill you still need that winter coat because most of our wind chills are at or below freezing. for today we will get to a high in the upper 40's, for tomorrow it is 50. fifty-three. we have went through black friday and then we have no saturday or sunday with ideal weather, for this time of the year. unaudible.
6:49 am
>> what was he saying, kanye was making headlines this morning, rapper has been hospitalized just days after going off about jay-z, beyonce, hillary clinton, the whole election. law enforcement says police responded to i call for a welfare check on west, yesterday afternoon. >> doctors have been evaluating him for sleep deprivation and someone decided he needed to go to the hospital. law enforcement says west had to be handcuffed to a gerney because he didn't wanting to. and remember we talk about this yesterday because after that rant rapper cancelled remainder of his tour. so, his wife kim kardashian was supposed to attend i gala last night in honor of her father and says that she rushed to the hospital to be with kanye.
6:50 am
it was to be her first public appearance since the robbery incident in paris. >> we aired kanye west rant a second ago he did drop the f bomb so we apologize that. still early in the morning. something you do not want to wake up to it. >> we will not air it again f we do air it, that won't be in there. kanye west, what is going on. >> yesterday when he cancel the tour, they say he is being kanye trying to get attention. it seems like this is something serious he has been doing. >> it has to do with losing his mom years ago. i don't think he has ever been a same. such a great loss. the with the holidays coming up. maybe it is hard to handle. >> with what happened with kim kardashian he stopped having shows after that. he needs to take a break. >> yes, canceling his tour. >> wasn't that by -- >> i do not the know.
6:51 am
>> i do not know. >> you know what, maybe it was. >> look at you. >> yes. >> okay. >> okay. >> could be a mixture of singles. >> a lot of wrappers that is what you do. >> your dad pulled it out. >> yes, i will text him and ask him. >> does he like the new video. >> you know what, i think he does. >> yes. >> in the background. >> how about gigi. >> she's apologizing over her melania trump impression. >> many called the model a racist and bully when she used an european accent making jokes about the future first lady. this all happened during hadid's opening mono log during american muse ache ward. lets take a listen. >> melania trump impression. i got to do it. >> i love my house band president barack obama, and our children sascha and
6:52 am
mallia. >> spot on. spot on. >> that was spot on. >> gigi apologized on twitter with a handwritten note. >> let's read it. i was honored to host ama's last night and to work with the most respected writers in the business. i script and whether you choose to see it will remain was not in good humor and with no bad intent. a pol guys to anyone offended and only best wishes for our country. so was that a full apology. she's basically saying she didn't think it was that bad. >> she took time to write it. it is a fine line. where do we go with the first lady to we wait. as i mentioned until after january 20th, when president-elect is, sworn in or is it kind of open season. we see it on snl every week. >> donald trump has complained but how they have been handling it. >> yes. >> that is right. >> i feel like people say, i'm sorry, you tiehl that way as
6:53 am
opposed to i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry you are in such i bad mood this morning. you will see past it at well. >> at least she did it, that is right. >> it is time of the year when thieves target shoppers trying to get the best holiday deals. we have tips to keep yourself, safe on line and dealing with all of these crowd at the stores, stay with us. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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6:56 am
medal of freedom award later today, monk those honored are michael jordan, kareem abdul jabber, also bill and melinda gates, tom hanks, ellen degenerous, robert deniero and cecily tyson being awarded from the music world we have bruce springsteen and diana ross. let's get back to this explosion, where a package exploded near rittenhouse square, steve has been on it. we have a guy in the hospital and we have pine street still shut down here, just off rittenhouse square, we will update you with the latest information.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
first on fox, an early morning explosion, rocked a rittenhouse apartment sending one person to the hospital. the bomb squad is now on the scene and what blew up at 18th abe pine just hours ago. and, an arrest in the tragic accident in tennessee. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare. >> six children killed when a school bus spins out of control and slams in the tree. what police say the driver was doing when the bus crash. and, plus a medical scare for kanye west.
7:00 am
the rapper rush to the hospital, after reports of him spiraling out of control, could it all be caused by lack of sleep? and protecting yourself and your information on black friday, it is time of the year when thieves look to target you at stores and on line, and how you can shop safely, so you don't become a victim. that song plays constantly on the radio. >> yeah. >> does it. >> yes. >> it has been a while. >> hi everybody, it is tuesday, right. >> it is tuesday. >> november the 22nd. >> november between the second, 53 years ago today. >> yes, such a big date. >> november between the second. >> welcome to good day philadelphia we have a seven on ten scale today. >> yes. >> look at you. >> better than yesterday. >> somebody is paying attention. >> i did walk in. >> it is getting better, you still need your winter coat. >> the wind, sue. >> windy out there.


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